Artwork Index
Updated: 09th May 2021
Furry / Yiffy / RealLife
Random yiffy/erotic/pornographic (big) kitty pics... (yiff/erotic)
Furry pinup girls and boys... (erotic)
Beautiful real life (big) kitty pics... (erotic)
Living with a lion in the house... (© LIFE Magazine 1970s)
Furry/Yiffy Artwork by specific artist or theme
Anchee big cats / genitalia / stuff... (yiff/erotic/art)
Cats with HUGE packages... (hyper)
Mangas (***=imho the very best one ever!)
Femio Tenma: Alive (f/tiger)
Chikiko: Bestiality Class (English) (f/tiger)
Chikiko: Juukan Bishokuka No Shokutsuu (English) (f/tiger)
Hattori Mitsuka: Soil Flower (f/tiger/snake) (warning: mutilation!)
Love Love Sex With Big Cats (English) (f/leopon)
Mizuiro Megane: Heraclena (English) (f/lion)
Nagaredamaya: Dragons Crown - Fukkatsugo (English) (f/worms/sabertooth)
Takahashi: 2015 Summer Notes (English) (f/tiger)
*** Masato Tsukimori: Caged Love (English) (f/lion)
Midnight Panther Kei (English) (f/panther)
Mitarashi Kousei: A cat repaying kindness (English) (m/catgirl)
Takeichi Okome: Circus Panther (English) (f/panther)
Kaenbyou: Furious Mating Season (English) (f/cat) (warning: necrophilia!)
Sprint Lovers (English) (f/cheetah)
Tiger Girls (f/tiger)
ToWeR: Savannah Girl (f/lion)
Ruu Honjyo: Sweet Memories (f/f/tiger)
Junjou Inju - Tiger and Flower Days (English) (girl/tiger)
Dokuri Tugurentai: Bloody Roar Uriko (girl/tiger)
Help Me (catgirl/tiger)
Tiger Temple (f/tiger)
Kyouran Kazoku: Nikki (girl/lion)
Various Manga Style Artwork (girl/tiger)
APEX product testing log (f/transformation)
Black-Kitten Knots! (f catwoman/m dogboy)
Elina Queens Blade (f/tiger)
Masters of the Universe Comic - THE HUNT (f/tiger)
Mixed Comic Pages (f/cats/big cats)
Kyattsu Dirty Cleanup (f/tiger)
Phil Foglio: Cat of the Curse People in English (f/panther)
Strega: The Tiger Hunt (f/tiger) warning: mild vore!
The cats of Ulthar (comic horror story)
The Pound in English (comic)
Alicia Boros: The Magic Amulet Yiff Fun in English (comic)
Tiger Island in English (f/tiger)
League Of Legends: Top Lane Troubles (f shapeshifter/m hunter)
C. Sawyer: Prey for Me in English (comic)
Russ and Kathleen (f/anthrotiger)
3D Artwork (Renderings)
Alicecry 3D Artwork (f/mounts)
Anim8her 3D Artwork (f/leopards)
Anji 3D Artwork (f/black jaguar)
AnnaZoo125 3D Artwork (f/f/leopard)
Arguebus 3D Artwork (f/leopards)
Mongo Bongo 3D Artwork (f/felinoid)
A Young Park 3D Artwork (skyrim f/sabertooth)
Canis Three 3D Artwork (f/leopard/tiger/lion)
DarkSoul 3D Artwork (f/panther/tiger)
Drages 3D Artwork (f/tiger/lion)
FunFish 3D Artwork (f/big cats)
Hatton Slayden 3D Artwork (m/feline anthros)
Iko 3D Artwork (f/lion)
Jsbach 3D Artwork (f/m/lion/tiger)
MoonKing 3D Artwork (f/leopard/sabertooth/tiger)
Skyrim Sabertooth Pet (f/sabertooth cat)
Tapiko 3D Artwork (f/m/lion/panther/tiger)
Vaesark 3D Bigcats (f/panther/lion)
Vedora 3D Artwork (f/f/sabertooth)
Various / Mixed Artist 3D Artwork (f/m/big cats)
ExtremeX World Wild Princess (f/tiger)
Xays 3D Artwork (f/sabertooth/panther)
XnassyX 3D Artwork (f/panther/lion/sabertooth/tiger)
Various Stuff
Sharon & Larry Welz: Cherry dances with Dolphins in English (f/dolphin)
Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt: The Werewolf Contract (f/werewolf)
...enjoy and have lots of fun ;-)