Kiara & Vitani

Kiara & Vitani

Kiara walked up to the cave. She had just gotten back from mating with her father. At first she was afraid, but after her lesson, she gained experience in sex, that she didn't have before and she wanted to test out her newly found knowledge on another lioness. Kiara then looked inside the inner cave of pride rock and found the lioness she wanted to fuck.

Vitani was lying on her back, asleep in the quiet and cool cave of Pride Rock. Her hind legs strangely parted on the smooth floor of the cave. Her muff was clearly visible.

Kiara smiled as she walked inside the cave. Some of the other lionesses were off on a hunt, and she knew that any would be intruders wouldn't be back until night fall.

Kiara eyed Vitani's muff. She wondered how Vitani would react when she awoke licking it. The curiosity of what Vitani would do was just pecking at her mind, and she wanted to find out.

Kiara moved right in between Vitani's hind legs and took in her aroma. It smelled nasy and tasty at the same time. After this she salivated her tongue and licked Vitani's muff to it's full extent.

Vitani awoke suddenly as she felt a cold draft move up her muff. She then looked down and found Kiara licking it.

"Kiara....what are you doing..." Vitani said while taking in the pleasure that Kiara's tongue had started.

"Fucking you." Kiara answered as she continued to lick and put her paws around Vitani's waste and grabbing her belly for leverage.

"Well, keep doing it." Vitani replied as she moaned as she parted her hind legs further out to give Kiara more room.

Vitani was taking this all in, she hadn't expected to have sex that day, but she was more than willing to get a good fucking, since she never had sex very often.

Vitani put her paws on Kiara's head and pushed her down into her muff, wanting her to get as close as possible. Kiara felt smothered but, she enjoyed feeling close to Vitani's muff and continued to lick for all it was worth and Vitani continued to moan and groan. Vitani came after about three minutes, her juices flowing out of her muff and Kiara tasting them with pleasure.

"Kiara...." Vitani said trying to catch her breath.

"What?" Kiara asked.

"Come closer...." Vitani replied motion with her paws to come up and lie across her body.

Kiara then got up and sprawled across Vitani, snuggling down on her chest and her hind legs going limp on the floor and covering vitani's muff with her stomach. Their warm bodies snuggling against each other, Vitani put her paws around Kiara and held her close.

Kiara then early began licking Vitani's furry chest wetting it with her saliva and taking in the loose fur and digging into it with her tongue. Vitani dug her claws into Kiara very gently at this action, moaning through her teeth. Kiara then licked her way up from Vitani's chest to her neck.

Kiara then nibbled at it with her teeth and Vitani cringed.

Suddenly before Kiara could think Vitani, flipped over and pounced on her. Vitani staring down in Kiara's eyes.

"From now on you'll call me...teacher." Vitani said as she laid down on Kiara's body.

Vitani's warm body felt good against hers. And Kiara put her paws around Vitani's back, awaiting to take her in.

Vitani then kissed Kiara on her muzzle and drove her tongue inside, forcing her head down to the smooth floor of the cave. Kiara was pinned against the floor as she felt Vitani's tongue massage her mouth, teeth and tongue.

Vitani rubbed her body of fur across Kiara's as she continued to kiss Kiara. Kiara dug her claws into Vitani for leverage and felt all around her back as Vitani shoved her tongue into the depths of her throat making her gag to an extent.

Vitani then broke the long and over bearing hold and Kiara let out a big sigh of relief as she was finally released.

Vitani then caught her breath and then moved down Kiara's body having full contact with hers as she went down to Kiara's muff. This action made Kiara tingle all over and made her eager for more as she parted her hind legs for Vitani.

Vitani then smelled Kiara's muff.

"You smell nice." Vitani commented.

"Thanks, how good are you?" Kiara asked.

"I'm pretty good. I've fucked your dad, and he says I was one of the best lionesses he's ever got fucked besides Nala." Vitani answered.

"Well, maybe I'll say the same after you've fucked me." Kiara replied.

"OK." Vitani answered, and then started licking Kiara's muff.

"...Ohhhhhhhhh......" Kiara moaned as she felt Vitani's wet and curious tongue against her sensitive area.

Vitani then put her paws on Kiara's chest and clawed her gently all the way down as she continued to lick her muff. It tasted hairy and strange yet very good to feel how Kiara was reacting to her every motion. Her movements were summoning innermost desires from Kiara that were secretly being locked away inside the depths of her mind.

Vitani wanted to bring those feelings out of her, and see how well she could be fucked.

At this thought Vitani forced herself deeper into Kiara's muff and Kiara put her paws on top of Vitani's head feeling her and pushing her further inside her.

"Ahhhhhh...." Kiara groaned as she felt her orgasm building from inside her. She forced her self to fight it, to hold it in as long as she could, to make it last.

"Vitani.....fuck....." Kiara managed to say as she felt the orgasm build even more.

"Kiara....?" Vitani said with her muzzle buried in Kiara's muff, still constantly licking it to it's fullest extent.

"..........Fuck Me Hard......." Kiara said breathing hard with her eyes and teeth tightly shut and her paws forcing Vitani into her more and more with every breath.

"I'll fuck you hard." Vitani managed to say as she then put both of her paws on Kiara's muff and rubbed and licked her most treasured area at the same time.

After this motion, Kiara exploded.

"FFFUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!" Kiara screamed as she came into Vitani's mouth.

Her head jolted back and she breathed hard as she delivered her juices.

Vitani then licked them up, tasted them with glee and then spread them across the exhausted body she had just fucked. She licked her way up Kiara's stomach chest, neck and finally to Kiara's hungry mouth, were she kissed her gently, and felt her warmth. They both nuzzled each other.

"Can I fuck you now?" Kiara asked catching her breath.

"Only if you can fuck me as hard as I did with you." Vitani said getting up.

"I will." Kiara replied getting up as well.

Vitani then crouched down on her hind paws and lifted her ass into the air ready, and waiting to take Kiara in.

"Did you ever fuck my dad?" Kiara asked as she walked up behind Vitani and moved her tail aside.

"Yeah I fucked Simba. I was kinda surprised he let me fuck him. He said I was the best fucker of the pride besides Nala. Guess he was surprised that I lasted longer than he did." Vitani replied as she shook her ass a little to get a reaction out of Kiara.

"He showed me a few things." Kiara said admiring what Vitani was doing.

"Show off" Kiara thought.

"Like what?" Vitani asked.

"This." Kiara said as she then began licking Vitani's ass.

"Ohhh...." Vitani moaned as she felt Kiara's cold tongue.

Kiara quickly picked up the pace grabbing Vitani's back with her paws for leverage, and forcing her tongue up Vitani's sensitive ass. Kiara felt Vitani buckle when her tongue entered her.

"Ahhh....Fuck....." Vitani muttered as Kiara moved inside her.

Kiara took in everything that Vitani offered, as her tongue connected with her asshole and moved into up inside her. She wanted to lick her dry and more.

Vitani clawed the ground as Kiara advanced moving faster and faster into her ass.

"YES!!" Vitani screamed.

Kiara then rubbed Vitani's muff with her paws and kept feeling around inside her with her tongue. This cause Vitani to go into spasms, she couldn't believe how well she was being fucked. She could feel a huge orgasm growing inside her as a result. And soon she wouldn't be able to hold it.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Vitani screamed as she came.

Kiara then moved her tongue out of Vitani's ass, happy to have tasted all that another female lioness had offered her.

Vitani collapsed on the floor, exhausted and breathing the blessed cool air of the cave.

Without warning, Kiara pounced on top of her and laid her body down on top of hers. And they nuzzled and kissed for at least an hour.

"Hey, tell me something." Kiara said still on top of Vitani.

"Sure what?" Vitani asked.

"Have you ever had sex with a member of your family?" Kiara asked.

"Sure, I fucked with my Mom, I fucked with Nuka when he was still alive. But I haven't fucked with my youngest brother Kovu yet." Vitani replied

"Well, maybe you should give him so more pointers, because he didn't fuck me very well." Kiara said pointing to her cut leg.

"Oh I see." Vitani replied.

"Don't worry I'll see if I can fuck him to get ready to fuck you better." Vitani replied.

- End of Chapter Five -