Kovu & Kiara

Kovu & Kiara

Kiara walked out onto the surrounding fields of Pride Rock, looking to catch some stray gazelle for dinner no doubt.

"Hey Kiara!" A voice called from behind.

Kiara then turned around and was surprised to find her love Kovu walking up to her.

"Hey, Kovu!" Kiara called back as Kovu ran up to her.

"Say Kiara.....you wanna try what we did the other day again?" Kovu asked.

"You mean fuck?" Kiara replied.

"Yeah." Kovu answered.

"Right now?" Kiara asked again.

"Sure, are you doing anything at the moment?" Kovu asked his lover.

"Well, I was just about to go practice my hunting skills....but I guess it can wait....besides I wanna fuck you so bad!" Kiara grinned as she began to feel horny for Kovu and his dick.

"All right. You know a place a little more private?" Kovu asked.

"Yes, there's a little field that's hidden from Pride Rock a little ways south. It's the perfect place to fuck." Kiara answered.

"Well, let's go there!" Kovu replied as he secretly eyed Kiara's figure.

"You lead the way." Kovu insisted.

"Ok, but I'll fuck you first!" Kiara laughed as she raced off to the field.

The fields were smooth with green tall grass and the sounds of nature all around them. The sun was high in the sky and the air was warm with a cool breeze flowing through the fields. Kiara was the first to arrive and she looked back to watch Kovu catch up, but instead of slowing down Kovu picked up speed and pounced on Kiara as he ran up to her.

They both rolled down the hill and landed with a thud on the grass, with Kovu looking down at his beloved. His mane flowed against Kiara's fur and he nuzzled her with bliss.

"I love you Kiara." Kovu whispered into her ear as they nuzzled.

"I know." Kiara replied as she put her paw around his mane and pulled him close to her.

"Your my lion now, so make love to me." Kiara whispered into his ear.

Kovu licked her on her cheek. He could feel his dick hardening on Kiara's stomach, yearning for Kiara's touch and love. Kovu got up and crouched his hind legs, positioning himself right above Kiara's face, his dick a few inches from Kiara's muzzle.

"Is it just me, or has your dick grown larger?" Kiara asked as she eyed Kovu's long and healthy shaft.

"I think it has grown, maybe because I fucked a lot with Simba, Nala and Vitani." Kovu answered.

"Oh so you fucked your own sister? How was it?" Kiara asked.

"It was fucking great. What about your time with Simba." Kovu asked,

"Well, I'd sure like to fuck him again, it was the greatest fucking I've every gotten." Kiara answered.

"Well, I bet I can do better." Kovu replied.

"Well, let's see." Kiara said.

With that Kiara took Kovu's dick into her mouth, feeling all the hair and shoving it into the back of her throat. Taking as much of it in as she could. She put her paws around Kovu's back hip, motioning him to pull closer. She wrapped her tongue around his dick, yearning for the wonderful taste of his seed, smell and love.

Kovu with his hind legs spread moved closer when Kiara motioned for him to come, giving her more leverage and more to touch. Kovu felt his dick being massaged by Kiara's wet tounge. it felt so good, as she continued to advance.

Kovu gritted his teeth as he felt and orgasm growing and forming inside him. He held it in as Kiara beckoned for him to cum.

"Wow, he's improved. He cummed easily last time, he must have developed some endurance. Well, I'll see what he can take." Kiara thought as she continued sucking on Kovu. Wanting him to cum.

Kiara then put her left paw on Kovu's balls and felt them.

"OOOOOOOHHH...." Kovu moaned as she felt Kiara touch him further.

Kiara the moved her paw down more, finding her way to Kovu's asshole.

"I wonder." Kiara thought still sucking his dick.

Kiara felt around the surrounding flesh and fur which was sweaty and hot.

"Kiara.......uhhhh......ohhhh.....uh....fuck....." Kovu moaned with his eyes shut tight as Kiara continued to feel and touch his most treasured areas.

"I can touch you anywhere I want." Kiara thought.

Kiara then pushed two of her claws up his ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......" Kovu groaned as Kiara penetrated him.

"Kiara.....ohhh...." Kovu managed to say beginning to breath hard with every motion and every throb and sucking of his dick. Kiara kept this motion up for at least two more minutes.

Kovu ordered every muscle in his body to fight the orgasm, every motion was bringing him closer and closer to cumming. He mouth went wide open and salvia dripped down onto Kiara's head who was fucking him for everything he was worth.

"Come on, give into the pain, the pleasure, the desire Kovu." Kiara thought as she continued to fuck him.

Kovu knew that it was time, and that he couldn't fight temptation anymore, he quickened his pace. Kiara then saw that he was about to come and pulled out, his dick right before her.

"RRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kovu roared with pleasure as he finally came. His seed shot into Kiara's mouth and all over her fur, chest and neck. Kiara finally tasted his seed, it felt sticky and hot. She swallowed it and it felt good in her throat, she then took was was left and spread it all over her body with her paws, wetting herself and fur with it.

Kovu breathed hard, his body drenched with sweat he plopped down on the ground, right next to Kiara.

Kiara who finished off what was left of Kovu's seed went over to Kovu. She laid down on top of him, their warm and furry bodies rubbing against each other.

"I want to fuck your face." Kiara said as she was nose to nose with her lover.

"All right." Kovu answered still particularly catching his breath and opened his mouth.

She then kissed him, pushing her tongue inside his muzzle and felt his teeth, tongue and hot mouth. Kovu enjoyed this and he put his paws around her head, pushing her down. They locked muzzles, their tongues wrestled with each other around the hot space, they kissed for at least two minutes before they released. Filling their lunges with the blessed air.

"Oh Kovu....." Kiara said.

"What?" Kovu asked.

"Fuck me." Kiara whispered into his ear and rubbed her head down his dark and attractive mane.

"Ok." Kovu replied.

Kiara got up and she crouched for Kovu, ready and willing to finally take him in. Kovu then got up, his dick hardening once again.

Kovu eagerly mounted his mate and lover he allowed her to adjust to his weight then positioned his hard dick and moved Kiara's tail off to the side. Then slowly he pushed his dick up Kiara's ass.

"Ohhh....." Kiara moaned as she felt Kovu push his way inside her. Kovu breathed hard as Kiara eased and tightened around his dick. He then began to slowly move in and out of her.

"Ohhh Kovu...." Kiara groaned as she felt him.

Kovu began to pick up the pace moving his dick in and out of her ass. Kiara moaned and breathed hard with his every motion, it wasn't long before sweat appeared on her face and her back side, wetting Kovu's chest.

Kovu then put his paws with his claws out under Kiara. He then felt along Kiara chest, stomach and muff. Kiara gritted her teeth and groaned when he did this. She wanted to feel him touch her and fuck her in so many ways. Through all this she felt an orgasm, her body reacting to Kovu's love and motion. Kovu was causing her to feel these things flowing up from inside her, and she wanted him to make these emotions and feelings full blown with every touch he made.

"KOVU!!!!" Kiara screamed as she neared climax.

Kovu also felt an orgasm building when he heard Kiara's screams of pleasure,

"God.....oooohhhhh...." He moaned as he continued to fuck her. He then used his claws to pull Kiara closer to him. They moaned with pleasure at each motion they produced and sweat dripped from their warm bodies, Kovu continued to push further and further into Kiara.

"HARDER....HARDER....KOVU...HARDER....!!" Kiara screamed with pleasure as she felt her ass full of him, and she only want to feel him more with every breath she took, she was in heaven. It was the most blissful feeling she could every hope for. Her lover and herself fucking together!

Kovu could feel it, his balls tightened and he quickened his pace, and with one last super thrust he managed to say.....

"Kiara........AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Kovu screamed as he exploded inside her. His seed shooting up inside her. He kept pumping until all of his seed was gone from his dick.

"Ooooooooooooooohhhhh....." Kiara moaned as she cummed alongside Kovu, the juices flowing from her muff and she collapsed on the ground as she fulfilled her orgasm.

Kovu dismounted Kiara and laid down in the grass next to her. Both exhausted from the effort.

About 5 minutes later both were rested and ready to go again.

"Ohhh...." Kiara moaned as she felt her ass with her paw. It was red and tender from Kovu's dick.

"Hey Kovu, you've gotten better." Kiara complemented.

"Thanks." Kovu said as he rolled over to face Kiara.

"Ready for more?" Kovu asked.

"Sure." Kiara answered.

Kovu then moved to Kiara's backside and Kiara parted her hind legs for him, her back against the soft grass and vision to the blue sky above. Kovu eyed Kiara's muff and smelled it.

"Smell's nice." Kovu said.

"Thanks...now..." Kiara replied and chained her hind legs around Kovu's head.

"Let's see if you can make love like a lion...." Kiara said and parted her hind legs once again.

Kovu then buried his face into Kiara's muff, licking up the fur, the scent and sensitivity of Kiara. Kiara moaned as he licked her, she put his paws around his head and shoved him down into her. Kovu continued to lick and loved hearing Kiara's moans and groans to his motion, he wanted to fuck her good.

Kovu then took a page out of Vitani's book and proceeded to shove two of his claws up her ass. Kiara screamed as she felt him inside her once again. He then clawed her stomach and Kiara moaned to the heavens.

"Ooooohhh Kovu....fuck me." Kiara ordered.

Kovu quicken his tongue lashings of her muff, he felt her muscles tighten and spirit soar as he continued to lick, paw and shove his claws up inside her. It wasn't long before Kiara gave into temptation once again and cummed for Kovu. Her juices flowing out of her insides again. Kovu tasted them and licked them up eagerly. He then moved up to Kiara neck and bit down on it gently. Kiara moved her paws through his black mane and as he pushed his way down, she closed her eyes and felt him move down her body licking and feeling everything below her neck.

Kovu then got up and walked over a few feet away from his lover.

"Huh...Kovu....?" Kiara asked puzzled.

Then Kovu turned around and smiled at her, he then crouched with his tail moved to the side and his ass in clear view and his head down toward his paws.

"Ohhh..." Kiara said with a dreamy look in her eyes, getting the picture.

Kiara then moved behind her lover. She grabbed his backside with her paws for leverage and started licking it.

"Ahhhh...." Kovu groaned into his paws.

Kiara slipped her pink tongue into his ass and felt and smelled everything that he offered her. Kiara kept licking for up to ten minutes. By that time Kovu's ass was very red and tender as he had hoped it would become.

Kiara then obediently crouched for Kovu, and Kovu did the same thing. Feeling her ass his lips and tongue and smelling the sweetness of where his dick had been a few minutes ago. He licked Kiara's ass for at least 15 minutes. She had moaned more times then he did.

Kovu then laid down in the grass, his dick already hard once again, ready for more action.

"How much more are you gonna give?" Kiara asked.

"I think I can fuck at least two more times before we call it a day my love." Kovu said still admiring Kiara's body.

"Ok, I'm ready." Kiara said.

Kovu parted his legs, and motion for her to touch his dick once again. Kiara moved closer and took hold of Kovu's shaft once again, she felt his paws on top of her head and continued to suck it in her mouth until Kovu finally came in her mouth. This time Kiara moved up to her lovers face and they kissed again. This time tasting the seed from Kovu's body together. When they were done, their lips were covered with the white cum.

"Ok, now my mate it's your turn to fuck me." Kovu said.

"Really?" Kiara asked.

"Yes, I feel that I have to be more polite to the lionesses if I'm going to be king." Kovu replied.

"You mean your going to let every lioness you fuck with fuck you as well?" Kiara asked.

"Sure, the females never get any action when it comes to fucking us." Kovu replied.

Kiara then moved her ass right above Kovu's hardened dick once again. She then eased into it and tightened around it once again.

"Ohhhh Kiara...." Kovu moaned as he watched and felt his mate crouch on to his dick.

Kiara then moved up and down on it, glad to have him inside her. She moaned as she continued to move on it, she looked down at her lover and saw that he was doing all he could to contain himself.

She laughed at this and began to feel his chest, mane and neck with her paws.

"Ahhhhh....." Kovu moaned as she felt her move her paws across him.

"Don't be afraid, just come for me...." Kiara said in a soft voice.

Hearing this really turned Kovu on again. He then grabbed Kiara and shoved her down toward his face, and shoved his tongue inside her mouth once again. He then rolled Kiara over on his side. He was now on top of her with his dick inside her.

With that he began to push inside her more than he did before, he was hungry, and determined to give Kiara the best fucking he could managed.

"Ooooohhhh.....damn....Kovu!!!" Kiara screamed as he forced his way inside her with more force then anticipated.

Kovu closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and shoved his dick in as far as it would go. He then kissed Kiara's mouth and felt her with his paws in one complete motion. This sudden action set Kiara on fire with passion and yearned to feel and touch her mate with every motion. Kovu shoved his tongue and felt an orgasm growing like he had never felt. He continued to pump his mate and felt more and more all around her. It was driving him crazy. He fucked her and fucked her until he finally came.

They roared in unison at the site, Kovu exploding in his biggest climax and most cum inside Kiara. It was extreme bliss for both. Kiara held on to her mate by his black mane as he finally expelled all of his seed inside her.

They both breathed hard and collapsed on each other, exhausted from the 3 hour effort.

"Ohhh.......that was the best fuck ever...." Kiara managed to say, burying herself in Kovu's mane.

"I guess we'll have to thank Simba." Kovu said through his hard breathing.

"How should we thank him?" Kiara asked as she looked down at her lover.

Kovu just smiled with a sense of wickedness in it.

"Kovu.....?" Kiara asked.

"I think I know the best way to thank Simba....." Kovu said with a horny glance.

"Oh.....you mean....?" Kiara said returning the glance.

".....Yeah...." Kovu replied.

- End of Chapter Seven -