Simba & Vitani

Simba & Vitani

"Hey Nala, do you know where Simba is?" Vitani asked as she walked up to her just on the out skirts of Pride Rock.

"He went on patrol." Nala replied.

"Oh, well I just think I'll catch him later." Vitani said as she turned away.

"What could she be thinking?" Nala thought to herself as she looked toward Vitani who was heading away from Pride Rock.

"I'll fuck him better than the last time!" Vitani thought to herself as she broke into a run to the borderline where Simba was sure to be patrolling around that time.

Meanwhile Simba was lost in thought as he patrolled the borders.

"Hmmmm by now, Kovu must have fucked Kiara....." He thought.

"I wonder how he's feeling after that experience....." He continued to think as he continued to make his long trek across the borderline.

Just then he heard a noise behind him. He turned his head quickly yet he found nothing there, except some tall grass. Yet he knew a pair of blue eyes were watching him, and he already knew who else had blue eyes besides Nala.

"Vitani! Quit playing with me!" He called out.

Just then he heard something coming from behind, he turned around just in time to see Vitani, running toward him and leaping at his face and making contact.

"Ohhh." Simba groaned as Vitani leveled him to the grassy meadow that he was walking on.

"Vitani....." Simba moaned as she faced him while on top of him.

"Surprised ya huh?" Vitani laughed.

"What do you want?" Simba demanded.

"Well, I just fucked your daughter and my brother. So I think you owe me a little something in return." Vitani smiled wickedly as she got comfortable on top of him letting her furry body rest up against his. Simba was reluctant of this because he was pinned down and that she was doing something against his will.

"Now hold on, just because I liked it, doesn't mean you can fuck me whenever you please. It doesn't work that way!" Simba said.

Vitani just smirked and let his dick grow under her heavenly warm stomach, feeling that he was going to fuck her no matter how much he resisted.

"Now get of----" Simba started. Yet as soon as he said those words Vitani pressed her muzzle against his, and forced her tongue through his lips. Simba tried to resist, yet he soon gave into the temptation that Vitani was causing inside his mind.

"Why do you have to act like a bitch?" Simba thought as he returned the favor and stuck his tongue into her mouth and locked muzzles. He then put his paws on Vitani's head and pushed her head down so that he could get his tongue further into her mouth so he could reach the back of her throat. He felt her teeth, hot tongue, and the back of her throat to the point of which she could almost gag on it. They locked muzzles and held it for two minutes before finally releasing themselves to the blessed air.

"You really want a reward for fucking Kiara & Kovu?" Simba said to Vitani who was still catching her breath.

"Sure, didn't you like the fucking you got last time?" Vitani asked.

"Yeah, so I guess I have to repay you for that as well right?" Simba asked.

"Absolutely." Vitani replied.

"Ok, it's going to get dark soon...." Simba started again.

"Oh, don't worry about it, I think it's kinda romantic, don't you ever fuck with Nala when the sun goes down? Vitani asked.

"No." Simba replied.

"Well, you should. It's really something to see when your mate is fucking you while being reflected in the sunlight." Vitani explained.

"Oh, well I think I'll do that with Nala on our next outing." Simba replied.

"Well anyway, I think I'll just relax for the moment." Simba said.

"Ok." Vitani said in a low voice.

She then bit down on Simba's neck through his soft red mane, and nibbled at his throbbing pulse.

"Ahhh...." Simba moaned as he felt Vitani's powerful teeth and tongue.

Vitani then worked her way down Simba's body, starting at his chest and wetting his fur with her tongue and saliva. She also felt around his stomach and chest and back with her claws and rubbed her warm body against his, making sure they both had full body contact.

"Ohhhh...." She moaned as she rubbed her body against his.

She then continued to work her way down, feeling Simba's dick slide against her body as she moved toward it.

Simba shivered as he felt his awaiting dick grow hard and tender with Vitani's chest and stomach rubbing against it. It wanted attention badly and he was eager for Vitani to start sucking on him. Vitani reached his dick and Simba parted his hind legs to give her more to look at and fuck.

"I've been waiting for this." Vitani thought to herself.

She then put her mouth on Simba's dick and took it all in, sliding it back to her throat, and sucking it. She felt Simba shiver and move as she did this.

"Oooooh..." Simba moaned to the heavens as Vitani began to fuck him.

Vitani quickened her pace and began to nurture Simba's balls with her paws, and Simba clenched his teeth together as she did this. She moved her paws with her claws out all around Simba's stomach and hind legs. And slowly put her two claws into Simba ass.

Simba grunted as he felt Vitani start to penetrate him, he tightened around Vitani's claws and moaned endlessly for more. He could feel an orgasm building. He felt as if he were going to burst, but fought it with all his might. He wanted to keep it inside him, he wanted Vitani to keep on fucking him, it just felt too good, to let it end. The orgasm kept growing and growing inside him. He wanted more so he pushed Vitani's head down on his shaft wanting her to suck his dick, and fuck him.

"Come on Vitani FUCK ME!!!" Simba moaned and groaned.

Vitani kept her motion up, she knew he would cum any moment and the look on his face was that of a lion who was full of pleasure and pain.

Simba's commanded every muscle in his body to fight the orgasm and hold it in but Vitani's was too tempting. After about holding the orgasm in for about 4 minutes, he finally came.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Simba roared with pure bliss as his seed shot out of him and into Vitani's wet and caring mouth.

Vitani licked up Simba's seed and then spread it across his body with her tongue she then kissed Simba on the mouth again letting the juices from his dick flow down his throat. This was turning out to be one of Simba's favorite things during sex. After Simba tasted his warm and life giving seed, he got up and ordered Vitani to crouch for him.

"Ok, but I get a seconds!" Vitani laughed.

She then crouched for him, showing him her asshole and Simba mounted her. He let her adjust to his weight and positioned his now hard again dick right in front of her asshole. He moved her tail aside, and then proceeded to slowly shove his dick inside Vitani's warm body.

"Ahh..." Vitani yelped as she felt Simba inch his way inside her, feeling his enormous weight, warm fur and mane brush against her backside as she eased into it. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she felt herself tighten around Simba dick. It was amazing to feel him inside her.

Simba gritted his teeth as he began to pump in and out of Vitani. While he did this he felt all around Vitani's lower regions with his paws and felt her muff as he continued to fuck her in one continuous motion. He felt hot as his body rubbed against hers as he pulled her closer to him for more leverage, she felt so tight under him.

Vitani began to moan as she felt Simba feeling her with his paws as he moved in and out of her ass. He was so warm and hard that she began to beg for more.

"HARDER....HARDER DAMMIT!" She groaned as Simba began to pick up the pace.

Simba began breathing hard as his balls tightened, and felt the orgasm growing to it's peak. Every motion he made with Vitani beckoned for it to be released, and he continued to fight it with every thought.

Vitani felt her time was coming too. She felt an orgasm growing, ohh she wanted to hold it in for as long as she could, to get that wonderfully blissful feeling that came with every fuck.

"Ohhhh Simba!!!" Vitani moaned hard into her paws as Simba started to thrust in and out of her at an alarming rate.

Simba knew it was time, so he began to thrust in and out, faster and faster until he just couldn't hold in his seed anymore.

"RRRRROOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!" Simba cried as his seed left him and shot up inside Vitani. He then quickly felt Vitani's muff and rubbed it all around as he delivered his seed.

Vitani felt him explode inside her, and with Simba feeling her muff she climaxed. Her juices flowing out of her and dropping to the grass, painting it with a warm an mellow odor.

"OOOOHHHH!"" She moaned to the heavens as exploded.

When they were done fucking. Simba dismounted Vitani and laid down in the grass for a rest. After about 5 minutes they were both ready to go again.

"Ok my turn!" Vitani said eagerly.

Simba then got up and crouched for Vitani. He put his ass up in the air and put his head down toward his paws, ready to take her in.

Vitani then put her paws on Simba's backside for leverage and then began to lick Simba's ass dry with her wet pink tongue. She continued to advance by shoving her tongue inside him.

Simba cringed and moaned as she felt her lick him dry. He breathed hard and felt sweat overtake him with every tongue lashing she made to his ass, it felt so tingly and warm to feel her tongue inside him and on his most treasured areas.

This motion continued for 10 minutes, by the time Vitani had stopped Simba's ass was red and tender from the experience. Vitani then Kissed Simba on the lips letting him taste his inner sweetness and awfulness. Simba took it in and dwelled on the taste and smell of his ass, in only motivated him to Fuck Vitani more.

"Ok, now me." Simba ordered.

Vitani obediently did the same thing and Simba started to lick her out with his larger tongue. He licked Vitani out by shoving his tongue deep inside her and Vitani moaned and groaned with ever lick Simba gave, she tightened around his tongue, and Simba continued to shove his face and muzzle side her even further.

This action continued for 15 minutes and Vitani was exhausted from the ordeal Simba gave her, she felt as if her ass was going to bleed if Simba kept licking her ass, but it just felt so good too. She then collapsed on the grass wanting a rest.

But Simba wanted more. He then forcibly rolled Vitani on her side facing him. He moved her hind legs and tail aside and shoved his dick inside her once again, this time with a lot more force.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Vitani cried out in pain when she felt him.

"Come On Vitani, you wanted me to FUCK YOU!!!" Simba yelled at her as he thrusted his dick in and out of her at a high speed.

"Damn You Simba." Vitani cried out as she moaned with pleasure as Simba continued to pump her full of him.

Simba then felt Vitani's chest with his paws and then proceeded to kiss her on the mouth as he continued to force his way inside her. There muzzles were locked to together once again as Simba was intent on Fucking her until he could fuck no more. He felt an orgasm growing faster and faster as he felt all around Vitani in one continuous motion.

This persuaded him to lock tighter around Vitani's mouth and fuck her faster. He did this until he finally came again. Shooting all of his seed inside her again. After he stopped cumming he released Vitani from the kiss, and they both gasped for the blessed air. Simba then collapsed on Vitani's soft body, tired of fucking her. They both laid down to rest in that meadow until it was nightfall and it was time to head back to pride rock.

"Damn that was great." Vitani said as she got up.

"Yeah, so I guess you got what you wanted eh?" Simba said.

"Yeah, I'll be looking forward to next time." She smiled devilishly and ran off to Pride Rock.

"Yeah, Next Time...." Simba thought to himself as he took off after her.

- End of Chapter Eight -