Scar & Zira

Scar & Zira

Scar walked inside his cave looking to get some sleep for the next big meeting with the Lionesses and Hyenas in a few hours.

For the moment the lionesses were obeying his orders and the hyenas were getting their fill. With that Scar laid down on the smooth stone suface that he used as a resting place.

Just before he was about to doze off he heard another lion coming into the cave.

"I told you I don't want to be disturbed!" Scar shouted at the intruder who was shrowded in darkness by the cave shadows.

"There's no need for that Scar," the lion replied in a slightly evil voice.

"Oh it's you Zira." Scar said as he recognized her voice.

Zira then came out of the darkness and came into Scar's view.

"Are you tired?" Zira asked as she looked into Scar's face.

"I would have you know Zira that I'm only exhausted from my duties as King." Scar emphasized.

"Your only tired because of that?" Zira asked as she moved closer to him.

"Yes, but I'm not tired to do this!" Scar said as he got up and moved around Zira, nuzzling her.

Zira closed her eyes as Scar nuzzled her with his body, he felt fuzzy and warm.

"Now that's what I like about you." Zira replied.

"I know." Scar said.

"Now, Scar I'm getting tired of sleeping alone in the other cave with Nuka and Vitani." Zira sneered with a devilish look in her eyes.

"What do you want? Your own cave?" Scar demanded.

"No..oohh.." Zira groaned.

"What is it?" Scar said with concern.

"My cub just kicked me." Zira explained.

"Oh, when do you think it's due?" Scar asked.

"Soon." Zira replied.

"Well, then maybe you do need your own cave then." Scar answered.

"Yes, I think it would do wonders for the cub and myself." Zira said.

"Agreed, but I want something in return." Scar replied with a devilish look in his eye.

"Oh, I see. Just so you know that I've fucked with more lions and lionesses when I'm pregnant then when I'm not." Zira explained.

"You fuck when your pregnant? Isn't that a little dangerous? I just wanted a blow job." Scar replied.

"No, it's not, having sex with another lion or lionesses is even better when your pregnant. It's like having an orgasm from within. Nuka and Vitani came out healthy when they were born and I've always done it more when I'm pregnant then when I'm not. I just find this fetish better than normal sex because I've only got four moons to enjoy it before birth." Zira explained.

"I'm a little afraid I might hurt the cub..." Scar said.

"Don't be, I'm not." Zira said.

"Ok which one of us should go first?" Scar asked.

Zira didn't answer, she just proceeded to lay down on her back on Scar's stone.

"Come on my love, fuck me." Zira seduced him.

Scar could feel himself becoming aroused when she said that. His hairy dick became long and tense, desperate for attention.

"All right." Scar replied.

Scar then laid himself on top of Zira, feeling his mane rub against her chest. Zira put her paws around him, and she shifted her body to make the correct adjustments so that she could feel Scar move across her making full contact with him.

Scar then kissed Zira full force. He stuck his tongue to the back of her throat, feeling his body temperature rise as he did so.

Then without warning Zira used the force of her body and rolled herself over, making sure she was on top of Scar with him pinned to the cold cave floor.

Scar was surprised at this and just looked up at the sex crazed lioness that had him pinned.

Zira could see him getting sweaty from the ordeal. She then moved her claws across Scar's mane and down his dark and warm furry body.

"Ahh..." Scar sighed as she felt him.

"You like that?" Zira asked.

"Yes, but you lied." Scar accused.

"Yes, I like lying to get what I want. What I desire now is you." Zira said looking down at Scar who was mounted under her.

"Oh then be my guest." Scar replied in a humble voice.

Zira then began to lick Scar's chest and work her way down, tasting his hair and scent as she went along until she encountered his hardened dick.

Scar moved his hind legs aside, urging for the attention he was about to receive. His dick pointed straight out at Zira's face.

"Don't you think this region should get more sun?" Zira asked.

"Well,...." Scar started puzzled.

"Of course it should." Zira replied.

Zira then began to hog down on Scar's lionhood. She felt Scar cringe and come alive as she first made contact with her tongue. She could feel him move his hind legs furtherout and she then moved one of her paws down Scar's stomach.

Scar felt Zira wrap her tongue around his dick inside her hot and wet mouth, and the ever present deadly teeth that nibbled at his surrounding flesh and balls. He felt as if he were in heaven. He closed his eyes as he felt the orgasm build inside him, and clenched his sharp teeth as he fought it back.

Zira sucked on Scar for all he was worth. She wanted to taste him in a way no other lioness had.

Scar then moved one of his paws on Zira's head and pushed her down toward his shaft as he felt his cum advance through his system. He breathed faster and faster as Zira continued to keep up fuck him. The whole ordeal lasted a long three minutes before he finally came, his seed shooting up into Zira's mouth. Scar roared with pleasure as he came.

Zira licked Scar's shaft dry and stored all of his seed in her mouth it tasted warm and creamy and satisfying all over. She then put both of her paws up and let half of the cum spill out of her mouth and into her paws. She then rubbed her paws all across Scar's stomach, chest and mane. Zira knew that cum was hard to get out of fur.

Scar was too much in heaven to notice, he just wanted to lie there for a moment to catch his breath when Zira laid down on him again and kissed him, forcing her tongue inside his mouth sharing the cum he had just sprouted from with him.

They locked muzzles letting thier tounges feel their lovers teeth and hot mouths in every corner. They did this for two minutes straight. Zira was the first to release from the kiss.

"Well, how did you like that?" Zira asked, her lips stained with cum and saliva.

"Very good. Now I'm going to make you pay for getting me dirty!" Scar declared.

Scar then got up and moved around to Zira's backside. Zira could see what he was about to do and obediently crouched for him. She loved this part, especially when she was pregnant, it made the experience so much more thrilling, to have a cub inside her kicking, and male outside fucking her at the same time.

Scar's dick was ready to go again and he then mounted Zira making his dick just right about even with her ass and moved her tail aside. He then grabbed Zira's waist for leverage and then proceeded ever so slowly putting himself inside her.

Scar waited for Zira to slowly ease into it before he went any further. Zira felt his mass slowly go inside her and cringed and moaned like a child as she felt him, she then got a little grin on her face.

Scar then breathed hard and began moving his dick in and out of Zira. He closed his eyes and clutched her tight as he picked up the pace.

"Ohhhhh...Scar...." Zira moaned as Scar held her.

"Ohh.." Scar continued to moan as he moved faster and faster. He also began rubbing Zira's body with his paws as he felt his balls and muscles tighten.

Scar held his cum in as best he could for a lasting 4 minutes before he finally exploded inside Zira. The cum spewing out of his dick.

Zira breathed hard as Scar slowly stopped.

Zira allowed Scar to dismount her and lie down on the cave floor for a much needed rest.

"Scar, I want more." She demanded.

"No enough for now." Scar replied.

"Oh no you don't!" Zira said.

Zira then proceeded to walk to the front of where Scar was lying down. She then walked right over him, placing her muff right on top of his nose and lying her whole body down on his warm fur and mane. It felt very good to be lying on Scar's body, it felt like a furry cushion that was alive with the blood flowing through.

Scar was surprised by this, and eventually gave into Zira's demands and took in the aroma coming from Zira's most treasured area.

"This is better than the all those times when Mufasa, Sarabi, Sarafina and myself would fuck each other all those nights when everyone else was hunting!" Scar thought to himself.

Zira felt Scar put his paws above her backside and pinch into her fur with his claws moving her muff closer to his muzzle and ever curious tongue. She then parted her hind legs giving him more room to fuck her.

Zira then eyed Scar's aroused dick once again. The hair was ever present and wanted to be felt all around. She felt Scar moan into her muff when she ran her paws right through the under brush of hair that surrounded his dick.

Zira smiled as he heard him moan.

"Get Ready." Zira thought.

She then began to suckle scar's shaft again, his dick was a lot more round this time and it throbbed inside her mouth and wrapped her pink and wet tongue around it, wanting to taste the life giving seed that was inside him.

Scar tensed up as Zira began to fuck him once again. He breathed hard and fought down his majestic orgasm that was building inside him. He then began to fuck Zira. He grabbed her ass and forced her muff closer until Zira's parted legs where at there furthest distance. It felt hot and smelly and alive being under Zira.

Scar then began eating Zira out, sucking her muff, licking the surrounding hair and feeling around her neither regions with his paws. He eventually moved his paws down passed Zira's tale and around her asshole. Thinking quickly he began pressing his claws inside Zira's hole. So far he was only able to get two of his claws inside her and began moving them in and out of the hole, while fucking her muff with his muzzle.

Zira released Scar's dick and roared throughout the cave as Scar shoved his claws inside her ass.

She then fought to compose herself, breathing fast and hard while sweat poured out of every gland on her fur. She was in heaven!

After a 10 second rest of enjoying the fucking she was getting, she began sucking on her lover once again, this time, Scar moved his hind legs away giving Zira more room. This allowed Zira to get some revenge by reaching to the back of Scar's dick and began shoving her claws in and out of his ass.

Scar Groaned and roared when this happened. Making him want to fuck Zira faster and faster.

"AHHHHHHHHHH.........YES...YES....!!" Zira moaned.

He was the first to cum, spewing his seed into Zira's mouth. He roared to the heavens as he finally came. Then soon after Zira came shooting her juices out of her muff and waited for Scar to finish eating her out.

After swallowing the cum that Scar had given her, she the got up and moved toward Scar's face again. They locked muzzles again for the longest time.

Zira then released from the kiss and laid down on him once again.

"It's ok, if I can take a rest?" Zira asked as she snuggled against Scar's black mane.

"For the night?" Scar asked.

"Yes." Zira replied.

"All right." Scar agreed and he let her sleep with him for that night.

- End of Chapter Nine -