Simba & Nala

Simba & Nala

Nala was busy attending the weekly hunt with some of the other lionesses out were the wilderbeasts grazed. It was a challenge to keep up with the herds because they moved constantly in and out of the pridelands. It was part of the lions job to keep any other predators out of the pridelands, for like the outlanders at one time, they would threaten the balance of power for the right to the food that the lands provided. It was part of the Circle of Life, protect your life and home or someone else will seek to take it from you.

Nala had been thinking about this for most of the morning. It seemed that Simba who was her lion was being taken from her. Most of the other lions, including her daughter Kiara and Kovu had been taking Simba for a ride on their extremities for most of the month. Just the other week, Vitani wanted to fuck him again and she asked her where he was so she could have some fun.

"Well...." Nala thought to herself as she watched some of the lionesses from the pride start to approach a herd of wilderbeasts from the tall grass.

"....Besides Kovu, Simba is the only one here who has dick that is in need of constant use." Nala realized.

"I guess he must be really satisfied for all the extra work he's put in for training Kovu and Kiara. But that reminds me, the last time me and Simba made love to eachother was about Eight Months ago.....just after Kiara had been born and was still just a cub..." She realized.

All of a sudden she felt the urge to go back to Pride Rock and make Simba hers again, at least for a while. It had been a long time since they felt connected. After watching the first few attempts at a catch, one of the lionesses knocked down one of the wilderbeasts and the rest of the pride moved in for the kill.

"I guess everything is ok here." Nala thought to herself.

After inspecting the kill, she left one of the lionesses named Luca in charge and she left the fields for Pride Rock.

When she arrived she saw Timon and Pumbaa inspecting some of the more rare grubs they had just discovered under the base of Pride Rock.

She went up to them hoping that they would know where Simba was.

"Hey guys, have you two seen Simba?" She asked.

"Well my queenly queen," Timon curtsying as he replied.


"Pumbaa who is the brains of this outfit!" Timon demanded.

"Uh..." Pumbaa thought.

"My point exactly. Nala Simba went to the Jungle to take some RNR from the pride, he's leaving you in charge, and he said he would be back in two days. Oh and he took the short cut across the desert that I showed him, he should make the trip in less than two hours." Timon explained.

"Oh so that's where he is! Great total privacy!" Nala thought.

"Ok thanks for telling me, now I have a job for you, tell Kovu he's in charge and I'll be back with Simba in two days!" Nala told Timon.

"Ok, my queen!" Timon answered.

Then Nala ran off, she knew which short cut that Timon had mentioned. It was still early in the morning and she knew she would reach Simba sometime that afternoon.

After some time Nala finally reached the Jungle. It was the afternoon and the sun was shining brightly.

"Where could he be?" Nala thought to herself as she searched the endless abundant green plants around her.

Then she picked up his scent, it led right to the waterfall that they had passed by during their last visit. It was right near the pool where Simba pulled her in and tried to make her swim.

She came upon the same path they had traveled down the first time and it took her right under the waterfall. There she spotted Simba, he was lying on his back enjoying the warm sun beating down on him. He was feeling very fuzzy and warm.

Nala crept up slowly but she made a mistake and made a rock drop into the surrounding water, which awoke Simba.

"Oh Hi Nala." Simba said as he recognized her.

"Hello Simba." Nala replied as she walked up to him.

"I thought you'd enjoy some time away from me." Simba said.

"I think I've spent enough time away from you." Nala replied.

"How so?" Simba wondered aloud.

"Can you recall the last time we fucked?" Nala asked him.

"Uh Eight Months ago?" Simba remembered.

"You have a very good memory." Nala replied.

"But wait Nala I came here because I was tired of having Sex from moment to moment." Simba started.

"I'm supposed to be yours Simba, you can fuck just about every Lion and Lioness which include both Kiara & Kovu and yet you can't find the time to be intimate with me anymore." Nala complained as she looked down upon him.

"Well, honey I only have one dick and it seems that Kovu is the only one besides me who can secure the future of the pride, so I've been trying to train both of them and keep Vitani happy at the same time, so even though it's unfortunate, I have mating responsibilities, that I can't break even if I'm king." Simba explained.

Nala was getting pissed.

"Well, what about your responsibility to keep our friendship alive." Nala said as she went up and licked the side of his face.

"Friendship? Of course were best friends, we'll always be best friends." Simba smiled as he felt her tongue on his face.

"Well, we have to have sex to save the friendship." Nala said in a soothing voice in Simba's ear.

This surprised Simba.

Nala then put one of her paws on Simba's chest and rubbed it, feeling the heat that his fur had collected from the sun.

"My you feel warm." Nala complimented.

Simba felt aroused by this.

"Let me make you feel warmer." She added quickly.

She then rubbed her paw down his mane, chest and stomach, and went she reached his dick, she wrapped her paw around it. She then watch Simba react to her touch.

"Oooooo..." Simba purred as he felt his dick spike up.

Nala laid herself across his body part way, her chest on Simba the rest of her body off to the side. She then put both paws on Simba's lionhood and began to massage it, forcing him to moan in pleasure.

"Nala....hek....ha.....ha...ha...." Simba breathed as he felt Nala take hold of his lionhood.

"Do you like that Simba? I know how much you feel like cuming." Nala said as she turned her head and watch Simba's facial reaction.

"I love to watch you cum." Nala whispered.

"Na....Na...Nala....oh....oh..." Simba whimpered as his dick became hard.

"It's one of the reasons why some lionesses like having sex so much. Seeing a lion give his seed to them as a gift is as much of a present as a diamond ring is a gift to a human, only the rewards are much greater." Nala whispered.

Simba clenched his teeth as he felt Nala continue to foddle with him.

"You know you make so many different faces before that stuff inside you comes out. The one your making now is really funny." Nala whispered as she licked his pleasure filled face.

"Na....La....ohh...ahhh...." Simba groaned.

"What Simba?" Nala asked still holding his dick.

"" Simba moaned through clenched teeth.

Nala stopped and released him.

Simba's dick was rock hard now and just about ready to cum.

Nala gave Simba a moment to catch his breath.

"Now look what you made me do, I can't stay hard like this!" Simba complained.

"You said you wanted to save the friendship." Nala answered.

"Alright, I guess I can show you now why your the only one I can love emotionally and physically, now and forever." Simba replied.

"Thank you." Nala said to Simba.

"Your welcome now all you need to do is hop on." Simba insisted.

Nala then got up and positioned her ass down on Simba's dick her body still upright and she put her paws on Simba's chest for leverage. Simba split his hind legs, and put his paws on Nala's thighs to help guide her.

Nala slowly allowed herself down on Simba and she felt her senses, muscles and fur tense up as she felt Simba's mass flow up into her, she grunted and opened her mouth for some air as she looked down at Simba's face to see that he felt alright. When they felt fully connected, each of them stopped to look at eachothers faces.

It had almost a year since they were connected like this and for the briefest of moments they knew that this was what they wanted from the time they were cubs.

"Nala, I love you. I know I don't get to say it much, but now that I finally have you to myself, I want to let you know that." Simba said.

"Me too Simba." Nala replied.

She then instantly started moving up and down on Simba's dick. It felt great to be having a dick moving inside her again. She didn't have sex to much and the next two days she was going to get as much cum out of Simba as she possibly could.

Simba tensed up and buried his claws into Nala's thighs as she moved her body up and down on his dick. He then used his paws to push her down further with every motion. He could feel his dick move more up inside her, feeling her organs and intestines, her fur and her spirit. It was a connection that he wanted to last.

Nala grabbed Simba's chest with her paws and braced for the orgasm that was building inside her. They moved in unison, each wanting to be closer to the other with every breath they took.

"Oh Simba." Nala moaned as she felt Simba tighten his claws around her and felt that his dick was about to explode. Simba fought with all his spirit to force the seed inside me a little longer, and he was able to keep it from happening for another full minute. In that minute Nala had quickened her pace and had bobbed up and down on him a total of 23 times. After Nala had done this Simba finally let himself go.

"ROOAAAARRR!" Simba roared as he felt his seed shoot up inside Nala.

Nala felt the Seed from Simba flow up inside her and some of the cum flowed out of her and back onto Simba's dick.

They both breathed hard and took a moment to recover, each still connected.

Simba had his own ideas about what they were going to do next.

"Hey Nala?" Simba said.

"Yes," Nala answered still recovering from their fuck.

"Do you like water?" Simba asked.

"Huh?" Nala wondered.

"Of course you don't." Simba replied.

With that Simba, put both of his paws around Nala's paws and pulled them apart forcing Nala to fall right on top of him their faces nose to nose. This also caused them to disconnect from eachother and Simba took advantage of what he did.

Before Nala could react her mouth was fully connected with Simba's. Simba moved his tongue to the back of her mouth so that he could feel her tonsils, this caused Nala to gag a bit and Simba pulled his tongue away from her tonsils. Simba moved his paws up and down her body and he wrapped his hind legs around her the best he could.

When Simba was sure he had Nala in his grasp, he rolled over sending both of them into the big pool of water beside them. They made a big slash when they hit. Nala broke free of Simba while they were underwater, the water depth was about 5 feet in that end of the pool and she raised herself to the surface quickly moving franticly to get back onto dry land.

"I hate water!" Nala thought to herself, as she neared shore.

Simba had other ideas.

Just as she was about to set herself on the shore, Nala felt Simba's paws on her thighs again and suddenly Simba pulled her away from the bank and back into the water, she struggled to the surface where Simba met her and he pinned her against the bankline.

Her fur was soaked and the water was freezing cold, and she shivered from the dampness. Simba had his paws against her chest with his claws ready to dig into her if she tried to move.

This time Simba had the same smile on him that she had come to know him by.

"This time we play by my rules. I'm your king remember." Simba said in a sly voice.

Nala could feel Simba's claws digging into her chest.

"Simba your hurting me." Nala whimpered.

"I know but since you've ruined my RNR time with this silly test at wanting to have my dick inside you again, I think you better let me have sex with you my way for once." Simba said still tightening his grip on Nala.

"Ouch..." Nala cried as he felt his claws dig in further.

"Your right, I'm sorry." Nala pleaded.

"Listen Nala, I've been wanting to pin you since we were little, and the only reason I won once was because you let me. Now I want to win for real!" He said as he pulled his muzzle closer to Nala's.

He could see that she was becoming frightened by his behavior, and that was good, because he always wanted to do this.

"Simba...." Nala started. Before she could say anything else Simba moved in and they locked muzzles again. Their tongues fought for control, feeling eachothers teeth and gums, even some of the salvia that was building in their mouths fell out of their mouths. Simba still had Nala pinned against the bank as they performed this exercise in the water.

After a few moments of their muzzles locked together Simba released his lover.

Nala gasped for air, surprised at how long she had been kept away from the blessed air.

Simba regained his composure quickly. He was eager to take Nala for his own again.

"Simba....can you let me go?" Nala pleaded.

Simba loosened his grip but didn't let her go entirely.

"I will, but only if you agree to do it with me in the water." Simba replied.

"I hate being in the water for any long length of time." Nala replied.

"Then go home." Simba answered.

Nala didn't know what to do at this point, her mate had hurt her a bit, and in a way she had it coming. She ruined his two day vacation because she wanted to have sex with him, and he had been fucking almost non-stop for the past few weeks.

"Ok, I'll do it." she agreed.

Simba smiled.

"Let's move over to the other side of the pool where it's shallower." Simba said.

Nala nodded and they both headed over to the other side of the pool. It was only a few feet away from the waterfall and the sun was shining down brightly, it was a beautiful day to be outside and Nala realized this as she followed Simba.

Simba saw a very smooth rock nearby that curved up and was perfect for lying down on.

"Hey Nala...lye down there, I think you know what I want to do next!" Simba called.

Nala did as she was told, she didn't want to provoke Simba any further with disobedience. They had fights, it was typical of any relationships, it only made their relationship stronger.

Nala backed herself onto the rock, the sun shown down on her, drying her fur and complexion and for a time she felt better since Simba clawed her chest which was now red from the punishment. She let her lower half of her body underwater, for she knew what Simba was going to do next.

Simba came over to her once he saw she was ready. He dove down underwater with a big gulp of air and went right up to Nala's muff. Nala moved her hind legs apart and Simba came up between them. He put his paws around her thighs again and then buried his face in her muff underwater.

Simba licked at Nala's muff with his tongue and it really felt different with all the water around him and it made the experience for him a lot more enjoyable. He could feel that Nala was reacting to his tongue above water so he increased his advance. Soon he put his entire mouth on her muff and nibbled at it lightly with his teeth.

"Ohhhh!!!" Nala cried out as she felt a jolt of pleasure run through her nervous system. The water below her slashed up as Simba moved her lower body up to the surface and onto the rock, Nala was now completely out of the water but still Simba kept licking.

Nala clenched her teeth as she felt Simba move his tongue around her. She hadn't felt this way in a long time, she realized. After a few more moments of licking Simba stopped and let her slide down toward him, into the water.

"I'll tell you what, I think you've learned your lesson. Get up on the bank and I'll help you dry off." Simba said.

Nala's eyes brightened up.

"Really?' She asked.

"Well, as long as we've established that your going to be submissive to me throughout the time we're here." Simba said.

"Simba that's unfair." Nala protested as she got up on the bank.

"Ok, I'll be submissive to you as long as you apologize for making me hard when I didn't want to." Simba said.

"Ok I'm sorry, I'll never do it again." Nala apologized.

"Alright now go lye down on the grass." Simba ordered in a calm voice as he got up on the bank.

Nala laid down on her bank in the soft grass. The sun was also shining down on her drying her off very slowly. She enjoyed the warmth from the sun and she was eager for Simba to take her again.

Simba went up to Nala and whispered to spread her hind legs again. She did so and Simba moved in. This time his dick was ready to go again. He put his hind legs in front of Nala's and moved his dick into her asshole again. This time their roles were reversed.

Simba moved in and he started pumping away. He humped her for about 5 minutes and in that time he had pulled his dick in and out of Nala around 40 times before he came again inside her.

After that he pulled out of her and laid down on her drying body. They snuggled against eachother for their body heat and in the hope that they would both regain their strength for another round.

Nala was the first to rise up after a ten minute break.

The first thing she asked was.

"Simba can you cum again?"

Simba nodded and he allowed her access to his dick by splitting his hind legs again. She moved in on his dick and after lying down on all fours she took hold of him with her paws and started licking and sucking his dick.

Nala watched his facial reactions as she sucked on his dick. It had been a long time since she had Simba in this position. During her cubhood she often wondered were cubs came from, and why she always had some physical urge as she grew older whenever she saw Simba. This she always wondered until the day they found eachother again.

Anyway as she sucked Simba made many interesting faces and sounds as she continued. She knew for certain that he couldn't keep himself together for long. After sucking him for quiet a bit he finally let himself go again. She gathered up all of his seed and then began to spread it throughout Simba's body, and even gave him a taste of it for a treat.

They locked muzzles again as they tasted the seed together, they never seeming to get tired of one another and it they wouldn't have to be back till the day after tomorrow.

"You still think we can save our friendship?" Simba asked.

"Yes I believe we can." Nala answered as she lay her head across Simba's red mane.

"Tomorrow I'll show you some new things I've learned." Simba said

"Say Nala...who did you leave in charge back at pride rock?" Simba asked.

"I left Kovu in charge. Besides he needs experience in leadership." Nala replied.

"Well, you and I know their going to act like teenagers and have a party. But I think they'll be ok." Simba said.

"Yeah!" Nala replied as they locked muzzles once more.

- End of Chapter Eleven -