Nuka & Vitani

Nuka & Vitani

"Well, looks like Kovu got the girl." Vitani remarked.

She and her brother Nuka sat on one of the far hills away from the fire they had set and saw that Kovu got to the other side of the river with an unconscious Kiara on his back.

"Yeah, too bad I wanted a roasty toasty princess!" Nuka replied.

"Oh come on, you really think Mom is gonna make your life anymore worthwhile, with that attitude?" Vitani asked.

"Oh Kovu is always on her mind!" Nuka replied.

Vitani was beginning to get annoyed with her brother's behavior. She knew if they headed back home he wouldn't stop complaining. She didn't want to deal with him that evening and she did want to have some fun as well.

She looked at her brother who still had his attention on bad mouthing Kovu from a distance.

"Hey Kovu..." Nuka yelled out.

"Hey Nuka..." Vitani said in a deep intimate voice.

"What?" Nuka said agitated that she stopped him in mid sentence.

"Do you wanna have some fun and stop complaining?" Vitani asked.

"Well,..." Nuka thought for a moment.

"....I guess." Nuka decided.

"Then follow me." Vitani said putting her head up into the air.

Vitani then made her way back to the Elephant Graveyard with Nuka following reluctantly behind.

After a while they both stopped at a large crater full of bones and giant walls.

"This spot is good." Vitani called out to Nuka who was trying to keep up.

"Good for what?" Nuka demanded as he caught up.

Without warning Vitani went underneath Nuka's body, rubbing her back against his mane and fur until she came to his small dick between his legs.

"Uh, Sis?" Nuka wondered out loud, trying to get an idea of what Vitani was about to do.

"No wonder mom likes Kovu better!" Vitani said as she stared at the size of his dick.

"What?" Nuka asked.

"Haha." Vitani laughed.

She then promptly took hold of Nuka's dick, with her tongue and licked it. It felt unusual in her mouth but soon felt Nuka's muscles cringe at her touch.

"Ooooh....Tani..." Nuka said as he felt the sensation building up from within his body.

"So this is what she wanted to do!" Nuka thought with some excitement.

Vitani then crouched down on her back legs, so that she could get better leverage on her brother's dick.

Slowly Nuka's dick started to grow in mass in her mouth. It grew longer and steadier and it reached to the back of her throat. She could feel the head of his dick touch her tonsils, making her gag.

"That's good Nuka." Vitani thought.

"" Nuka breathed as silently as he could since the walls, could echo sounds off them easily. He didn't want anyone who was in the area to know what they were doing, but it made it all the more harder, because his body's reactions to his sister fucking him were betraying him.

Vitani then stopped to talk to Nuka, she pulled his dick out of her mouth with her left paw to do so.

"Come on fuck face, let me feel what you taste like." Vitani commanded and she continued to suck on her brother's dick.

Nuka could barely contain himself. His sister kept sucking on his dick and he felt he was going to give way at any moment. He kept breathing hard as the sensations kept building and soon, he exploded.

"OOOOOOOHHHH" Nuka roared as his seed shot out of his dick and into Vitani's mouth. The sound echoed off the walls.

Vitani didn't seem to mind, though that their activities might bring attention to themselves, she just enjoyed tasting her brother's warm and creamy cum, and it felt good in her throat as she swallowed it.

Nuka breathed hard as his body suddenly became drenched with sweat.

Vitani then moved out from underneath Nuka, and walked a few feet away from him.

"How did you like that?" She asked.

"Oh, that was great sis!" Nuka answered as he struggled to stay on his four paws.

"Well, I need to have my muscles stretched after all this hard work I've done today, you think you could supply that?" Vitani asked as she laid her back down on a pile of bones.

"Y...Yeah!" Nuka replied with a look of excitement on his face.

"Come on, and put your muzzle her." Vitani then put one of her paws between her back legs and on her muff. She then touched herself in plain sight as Nuka watched.

"You wanna get inside me, don't you?" Vitani asked as she watched Nuka's eyes react.

"You can get inside me if you want. I'll be submissive, you can trust me. You can have yourself a good fuck." Vitani badgered her brother, as she continued to masturbate in front of him.

"Your making me hot, sis." Nuka replied in a shallow voice.

"Am I hot Nuka? I bet I could get any lion to fuck me. If I can talk right, I can be better at getting anything I want." Vitani said.

"What do you want?" Nuka asked with his mind in puzzlement.

"What I'd like is for you not to be miserable when we head back. I won't put up with your whining tonight. So if you want you can fuck with me. Will that keep your spirits up?"

Nuka thought for a moment.

"Well, mom never gives me the time of day for anything anymore. So yeah, I'll take your offer!" Nuka responded.

"Ok, now that it is settled, put that face of yours right here." Vitani said as she continued to touch herself between her legs.

Nuka then slowly walked up to his sister and laid down in front of her crawling up the rest of the way. Vitani then spread her legs and beckoned for her brother to come closer.

"Now turn that frown upside down." Vitani ordered.

Without reply, Nuka put his paws around Vitani's back and brought his muzzle on his sister's muff. His paws then firmly gripped around Vitani and he smothered himself in her.

He started licking her slowly to inhale her sent and taste of her most treasured area. Vitani then pushed his head closer to her muff with her paws.

Nuka then got the message that she wanted more, and started licking at a stronger and more gentle pace. Her muff felt warm and furry, as his tongue explored further.

"Oh....ah.....that feels so good Nuka." Vitani said as she began to feel sensations rise up from within her.

Nuka could feel his sister's muscles begin to tighten in her stomach and legs. All of her senses were alert now and he continued to lick her muff further. It tasted incredible since he rarely had the chance to taste another lioness.

Vitani's fur started to come undone with sweat. It felt so good to have another body touching her, and she didn't want it to stop.

"Uhg...uhge...uhge...ughe...." She breathed in unison with the impending orgasm building from somewhere in her body. It had been a full five minutes since Nuka had started fucking her, and she continued to hold it all back, since her body was a temple that couldn't be robbed of it's riches so easily. She wanted Nuka to make her cum.

"Lionesses....ugh..." Vitani moaned through her clenched eyes and teeth.

"....Can' So easily..." Vitani challenged her brother.

"Oh, is that so?" Nuka looked up into her pleasure and pained stricken face. With two of his paw fingers he jabbed them into her ass, and let them feel around inside her.

"Ahhh....." Vitani groaned as she felt her brother penetrate her.

She finally let it out of her.

"RRRRRRRRROOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!" Vitani moaned as the juices flowed out of her, and Nuka greedily lapped them up with his tongue and moved his paws out of her.

Vitani breathed heavily with the blessed cool air filling her powerful lungs inside her.

Nuka also took a moment to relax his tongue and enjoy his slimy reward.

After Vitani had got her strength back she spoke to her brother.

"I bet you still wanna still have something before we go back." Vitani said.

Nuka looked up.

"Yes, I do." He replied.

"Cum inside me, then." Vitani invited him.

Nuka with an eager look in his eye then reproached his sister on the pile of bones and laid his lion body against her's. They both felt the heat generated from their contact. Nuka's dick eventually found his sister's ass, and they slowly joined together as one.

"Ohhhh.." Vitani moaned into Nuka's mane and grabbed hold of him with both paws as he penetrated her.

"Ahhhh...." Nuka groaned with his teeth gritting as he pushed his dick inside his sister.

Then Nuka started to move in and out of Vitani, his shaft diving inside her and out again.

Vitani moved her paws up and down her brother's lower body as he pulled his way up inside her. She could feel herself tighten around his dick and she got hotter and hotter as they continued to rub against each other.

Through this they both started to breath faster and faster, and after a full ten minutes of penetration, feeling each other and wetting each other with their juices, Nuka exploded within his sister.

"ROOOOOOOOAAARRR" They both roared in unison as they celebrated their sexual involvement with each other.

"Are you happy now?" Vitani said as she caught her breath.

"Yes, can we do it again sometime?" Nuka asked.

"Sure, if you can improve." Vitani replied.

"Can't you give me some lessons?" Nuka said as he brought his muzzle close to his sister's face.

"Well,...." Vitani started.

Nuka then pulled his sister close and let his tongue flow through her mouth in a quick lion kiss.

"Do that again." Vitani commanded.

Nuka did it again.

"Come here." Vitani then wrapped her paws around Nuka's head and they kissed and felt each other all over for close to an hour. Each cumming twice before they stopped.

After a few minutes of rest, Vitani made her decision.

"Sure, we'll do it again." Vitani replied.

"All Right." They embraced once more.

They soon headed back to the pride. Awaiting their next adventure.

- End of Chapter Twelve -