A day at the Zoo
© by sexygirl76

A day at the Zoo

The year is 2215 and the world is very different from the world we know today. Public transportation is a thing of the past; everybody flies around all the time. Money is nonexistent and has been replaced by plastic; people actually live on Mars nowadays.

Our story takes place just outside of LA, Violet is a 19 year old that decided to spend her day off from work at the zoo.

Now this is another major difference. The zoos in this time are nothing like the zoo's we know now. For one thing, they don't have regular animals caged up. They have many different mystical creatures. Many creatures that many people swore up and down didn't exist.

They have centaurs, griffins, satyrs and even a dragon or two. What makes this zoo so popular and special aren't the mystical creatures themselves. Oh no, it is the attractions they put on for the people who visit the zoo.

See these creatures put on sexual acts for the paying customers. About once a month or so, the curators from the zoo will travel through across the country to different towns and pick up women, mainly homeless women that no one will miss. They drug them then shove them in the cages with the creatures. By the time the drugs wear off, most of the women have already been penetrated by the creature's cocks.

This seems to turn the crowds on, watching helpless women being raped over and over by centaurs, satyrs, dragons and whatever other mystical creature they can find.

Now Violet is a slender girl, 5'7" with beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has never been fucked but always been curious about the zoo's attractions. She had heard stories both good and bad and decided to finally check it out for herself.

She paid the 50.00 admission price then stepped into the arena. She walked around, exploring many of the attractions while she sipped her diet soda that she had bought from a vendor. She stopped for a minute and watched a full figured women being impaled from behind by a huge dragon. The woman was screaming but whether it was in pleasure or pain, Violet couldn't be sure. The woman was full figured with dirty dark brown hair that hung over her face as she was forcefully pulled back and forth as the dragon slammed into her.

The people in front of the cage were cheering and screaming as they watched the action. A couple of the guys even had their cocks out and were stroking them furiously as they watched.

She checked out some of the other attractions and by lunchtime was horny as hell. The zoo was packed as was usual on a Saturday afternoon.

She bought a hot dog then wandered towards the end of the arena looking for a place to eat and maybe play with herself in peace. She had watched a woman laying on her back while a satyr shoved his cock down her throat and Violet's pussy soaked her panties. She watched the woman gag on the hard cock shoved in her mouth while the satyr moaned..

She found a quiet area and was about to sit down and eat when she heard voices not far away. It sounded like two men arguing. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she followed the voices.

She stopped about five feet from them and hid behind an abandoned cage as she watched. There were two men standing outside a cage covered in glass walls like the others. A griffin paced inside the cage, its 13inch cock slithering over the ground as it growled and paced restlessly.

"We've got to get a woman in there." One of the men was saying as he eyed the upset griffin.

The other man looked at him fearfully. "I know, but what do you want me to do? Pickings were slim; many of the homeless women are in hiding because of us. It's not easy to find many of them anymore. I found just enough for the other attractions. I forgot about him."

Violet was curious about what they were talking about, so she moved silently closer emerging from her hiding place. When she accidentally stepped on a twig on the ground, she froze. Both men looked directly at her. "Um…I'm sorry." She said quickly when she saw their eyes light up. "I was just looking for the bathroom."

The older man, who had been talking first, moved his eyes over her body. "She's perfect; she'll be great to add to the attractions."

The other man was taller and bigger around then the other one. "Yes she will. Come here honey." He said silkily as he moved towards Violet.

Violet didn't know what they were talking about but somehow she didn't think she would like it. "Um…that's okay. I really have to get back." Her hot dog and soda fell to the ground as she turned and started to run.

The bigger man chased after her and grabbed her by her long blonde hair. Violet screamed as she was suddenly pulled back against his hard body. "You ain't going anywhere but in with that griffin." He growled as he lifted her struggling body up into his arms and over his shoulder.

"Noooo…" She screamed kicking her legs and beating at his back. "Let me go."

The big man held her easily over his shoulder. He had one hand wrapped tightly around her waist as she struggled against him. When he arrived back where the older man was standing, he smiled.

The older man had opened the door to the griffin's cage and was holding it while he watched the other man carrying Violet.

Violet was still screaming and beating against his back when he suddenly threw her into the cage and slammed and locked the door behind her. "Let me out." She screamed beating at the door.

The griffin had been pacing the cage where he was held restlessly. The drugs the men had given him to increase his libido had driven him into a horny frenzy. He needed to fuck a pussy and he needed to fuck it now. Hearing the woman scream, he turned his lion head to look at her. His yellow eyes moved over her slender body. Growling loudly in his throat, he didn't notice the cage was moving towards the main arena. All he saw was his salvation.

Violet tensed in fear when she heard the loud growl behind her. Turning fearfully, she looked into the yellow eyes and the razor sharp teeth. "Oh…please don't hurt me." She begged as the griffin advanced on her.

Her attention was taken from him for a minute when she heard a bunch of yells and catcalls coming from outside the cage she was in. Turning her head, she gasped as she saw a group of men and women staring at her through the Plexiglas.

"Please, help me." She whimpered when she felt a talon rip at her spandex sundress. "Noooo…Please," She begged when the sharp claw cut right through the material and pierced her skin slightly.

The people outside were cheering the griffin on while she stood paralyzed with fear. She watched as the griffin tore her clothes from her body as his yellow eyes moved over her. She wasn't sure but she could have sworn he smiled when he saw her naked.

She felt the claw move gently over her flesh then suddenly a long arm wrap around her waist. "Oh god, no," She cried when she was suddenly pulled against him with her back pressed against the feathers of the griffins' body. She whimpered in fear when she felt his hard cock probing at her body. "No…I've never done this before." She cried praying someone would help her.

This just seemed to turn the crowd on more. Hearing that she was a virgin sent them into a frenzy. They were yelling and chanting for the griffin to fuck the shit out of her. As she felt the griffin's cock press against her entrance, a loud male voice outside the cage yelled, "Fuck the bitch."

Violet turned her head to see who had yelled. Her eyes widened when she saw her exboyfriend Mark standing there leering at her while he had his cock out in his hand and was stroking it. "You wouldn't give it to me Violet, now you don't have a choice in the matter." He grinned.

Violet whimpered as she pulled at the arm holding her tightly against the griffins body.

The griffin turned his lion's head towards the voice. He growled loud in his throat then slammed his hips forward burying himself deep inside her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…" Violet screamed in pain as she was suddenly impaled by the hard flesh. "Oh god, it hurts." She cried as her body was lifted off the ground as the griffin slammed hard into her body.

The crowd outside was cheering and screaming in pleasure as they griffin thrust hard and fast into her helpless body. "Oh please, stop." Violet cried as she felt her body shake with the strength of his thrusts. She could feel him pushing deep into her body, hitting places that nothing had ever hit before.

Her hands dug at the feathered arm, while her legs dangled uselessly below her shaking body. She felt the griffin pounding her battered pussy with his hard cock and couldn't stop the screams that were torn from her throat.

The griffin was purring in contentment as he slammed his cock hard inside her. He managed to slide all of his hard length deep into her body even as the woman he was fucking whimpered in pain. He growled low in his throat as he thrust continuously into her helpless body. As he moved closer to orgasm, he let his tongue lick at her cheek as he panted heavily in her ear.

"Oh…What's happening to me?" Violet suddenly cried as the griffin thrust harder and faster into her. Her back was pressed tightly against him as one of his claws brushed roughly against one of her nipples.

She whimpered as pleasure coursed through her body. She didn't understand what was different about the pounding she was receiving but her body sure did. Her hips were pressing against his hard thrusts, her pussy was leaking juices like crazy and she pressed her breasts against the claw that was brushing against her nipple making it harden.

She didn't notice because of her fear but somehow one of the griffin's claws had drifted down between her legs, holding her tightly against him as he pounded into her from behind. As her body jerked against him, one of his claws kept hitting against her clit, sending shivers of pleasure coursing through her body.

As she was impaled again and again by the horse cock buried deep inside her, she felt her orgasm rising quickly. "Oh my god…It feels incredible…fuck me…" She whimpered suddenly as her eyes widened in awe and she slammed her body down against him. "I'm gonna cum."

The griffin didn't understand why the woman he was riding was suddenly thrusting her body hard against him but he liked it. He growled louder as he pounded her harder then before.

The crowd loved the action in the cage, when they realized that she was getting off of it, they started yelling and cheering even louder. Several of the men and some of the women were masterbating furiously as they watched.

The griffin was going crazy, the woman's pussy was tightening around him and the calls and cheers from outside the cage were driving him to new heights. He slammed Violet down onto her stomach on the hard floor as he slithered his cock deeper into her body then before.

Lying like this, Violet didn't have the stimulation on her clit, but she was so hot that she didn't need it. Her breasts were pressed tightly against the floor and her nipples rubbed back and forth against it as she slammed her body back against him. "Fuck me you animal." She cried moving to her hands and knees as she slammed hard back against him. "Make me your bitch. Make me cum on your hard cock."

The griffin growled menacingly as he dug his talons into her back while he slammed his body furiously against hers. He was so close to cumming that he could feel the cum building in his balls. He pressed harder against her then before and heard her shriek in pleasure as she felt his feathers pressing against her ass.

Violet screamed in pleasure and pain as she felt his talons dig into her back, and his feathers brush against her bare ass. "Fuck, your all the way inside me. Oh god, I'm gonna cum. Fuck me." She humped forcefully against him as she lifted one hand and brought it under her body so she could grab at her clit.

She pulled at her clit and screamed as her orgasm washed over her. "I'm cummmmiiiiinnnnngggg…" She screamed as she heard clapping and whistling coming from outside the cage.

The griffin let out a loud, animal howl as he suddenly filled her pussy with his seed. Violet cried out with him as she came around him once more.

For the next six months, Violet lived in the cage with the griffin. Her pussy was filled with the griffins hard cock at least 6 or 7 times a day to the thrill of the paying customers. Her wounds were taken care of whenever he got to enthusiastic.

Once a week, she was released from the cage to give her body a chance to recharge. She was constantly on a sexual high it seemed and enjoyed the time off. Unfortunately, her lover didn't agree. The men tried bringing other women in but the griffin wouldn't touch them.

He would glare at the women cowering against the side of his cage and prowl around restlessly until they were removed. Then he would roar and pace until the carriers finally sedated him until it was time for Violet to come back.

She got to know some of the other women in the attractions and learned that even though they fought it at first, they really enjoyed being the main attractions.

After she was healed up and rested from the sores he gave her occasionally, she would go back in with him and he would mount her. She loved feeling his cock slithering in and out of her body as he brought her to four or five mind blowing orgasms before he finally let himself find release.

After six months, the men told her that they were going to let the griffin go, they needed some new attractions and were in the process of buying a unicorn or two. When they asked if she wanted to continue on with the zoo, she just shook her head. "I don't think I could handle anything else." She said looking lovingly at her griffin lover.

She paid them a huge amount of money to let her take him home. For the rest of her life, she spent her days and nights being mounted over and over by her griffin lover. And she loved every minute of it.

The End