A Magical Night
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A Magical Night

Hermione Granger stepped out from behind the pillar and started to descend the marble stairs leading to the main hall at Hogwart's. Tonight was the Yuletide Ball and she was dressed to the nine's.

Hermione GrangerHer dress was an exquisite blend of chiffon in a hourglass shape with layers of soft pink and lavender cascading down to her ankles. It accentuated her feminine qualities exponentially. 

She wore her dirty blonde hair partially up, secured with a hair stick and had done her makeup with soft hues to bring out the pink in her cheeks and lips.

When Victor Krum had asked her to the Ball last week, she leaped at the chance for a fun night out. Especially since Ron Weasley hadn't shown the least interest in asking her to go with him.

Victor met her at the bottom step and presented his arm to her. She slid her arm through his and he escorted her toward the hall entrance.

When she saw the envious looks of the other girls as they passed, she knew she had made the right decision to come with Victor. He was after all a champion competing in the Tri-Wizard Cup this week, and by no means was he tough to look at. He had the chiseled good looks of his Bulgarian homeland, and was a perfect gentleman when he was around her.

Victor made sure he was at her side the entire night. He brought her around the entire circumference of the room, introducing her to all his friends and visiting dignitaries from his country. He laughed at all her jokes, and spoke to her as an equal. And they danced…boy did they dance.

The Durmstrang Institute was know for their rigid and calculating training, and that translated onto the dance floor. They were a whirlwind of movement with each song.

When a slow dance finally started playing, Victor snaked his arm around the small of her back and pulled her close to him. As they waltzed around the dance floor, he pressed himself against her body at every opportunity.

As the music reached a crescendo, he held her so close she could feel his heart beating through his chest, and something else…much lower.

"Is he getting a boner?" she thought.

Earlier in the evening, she'd overheard some of the other girls talking in hushed circles about what they were going to do tonight. Most of them were planning on having sex with their dates!

They were describing what they were going to wear, how their bedroom was decorated. They giggled when someone brought up a sexual activity they were going to try.

"My god,"Hermione thought, "this is like senior prom in the muggle world!"

She had never looked at this dance as such an event, and none of the other girls in Gryphindor ever brought the topic up around her. Granted she spent a lot of her time in the library by herself, and she had the reputation as being a squeaky clean student.

She was well aware of her own sexuality of course. Over the years, she blossomed into a beautiful young woman, and was no stranger to sexual desire. She'd read all 10 volumes of Erotica Versillica (the kama sutra of the wizard world) and stimulated herself under the bedsheets at night to see if she could replicate the descriptions. 

Was Victor expecting more from this night?

She looked up into his face and could see the answer there. She blushed a bright crimson in her cheeks. 

Luckily, the band switched to playing a very wild version of "Do the Hippogriff", and she could separate herself from from his hard body for a few moments. The song ended and the band took a break. 

Victor took her hand and kissed it, promising to return with drinks for them.

She turned and saw Harry & Ron sitting at a cleared table with Padma slouched next to Ron. She dropped down in an empty seat next to Harry, worn out from the dancing and her thoughts of Victor.

"Hot, isn't it?" She asked. In more ways than one, she thought to her self.

They returned mediocre smiles.

"Victor is getting us drinks. Care to join us?" She hoped they would, to delay Victor's eventual advances.

Harry began to answer, but Ron cut in. "No, we wont join you." He answered sarcastically.

"Whats got your wand in a knot?" She retorted.

"You. Your fraternizing with the enemy!"

"Enemy? "You were looking for his autograph when he arrived!" She regained her composure and continued. "The whole point of the tournament is for international magical cooperation. To make friends."

"Looks like he's got more than friendship on his mind." Ron snorted back.

"I can take care of myself."

"Doubt it. Plus, he's way to old."

Hermione stood up insulted.

"Well then, you know how to fix it. Next time have to courage to ask me yourself, and not as a last resort!"

"Well, um that's just, er …" Ron looked at Harry for assistance. "Girls. They get mental when they get older, eh?"

Hermione stormed off, looking for Victor. Whatever inhibitions she had earlier were gone. She was definitely going to shag his brains out tonight. Screw her principles, if anything this'll piss off Ron even more.

She went in the direction she last saw Victor, but didn't see his dark red uniform in the crowd. She asked a student they'd see him and they pointed toward the library wing. That's odd she thought.

When she got to the library door, she noticed it was open slightly. And low voices were coming from inside. She peeked through the crack and barely restrained herself from screaming in anger.

She could see Victor leaning against one of the library desks, his pants down around his ankles. Paloma Pavarti was on her knees in front of him, her head bobbing over his penis.

She turned in frustration, and made her way up the stairs. She yelled at the top of her lungs up the winding stairwell hoping Ron would hear her. "Ron, you ruined everything!"

She collapsed on the stairs and sobbed into her hands. She let herself have that moment then stood up to hurried to her room.

Hermione slammed the door closed as she stormed into her bedroom. She gestured sharply at the locks and shouted. "Securitas!" All three locks swung their latches closed, ensuring no one would see her in her current state.

She threw herself onto her bed and began crying into her pillow. All the frustrations, anger, and other emotions erupted from her.

She had wanted this to be a perfect night, and it all fell apart. All because of these stupid men! 

She lifted her head to wipe away some tears, and saw a picture on her bureau. It was of herself, Harry and Ron from their first year at Hogwarts. 

They all had their arms around each other and smiled at the camera.

She grabbed her wand off her night stand and aimed it at the image.

"Fireas" she yelled, and a small fireball streaked from her wand and struck the image, burning a perfect hole where Ron's head used to be. 

A loud, scared yowl and a mass of fur leapt from behind the picture frames, knocking all of them to the floor.

"Crookshanks! I'm so sorry!"

She'd forgotten that the bureau was her cat's favorite sleep spot.

She slid off the bed and picked him off the floor, cradling him to her chest.

She laid back down on the bed, Crookshanks nestled on her bosom.

"Why do men have to be such assholes?" She asked her familiar. She closed her eyes and began sobbing again.

She felt Crookshanks cold nose a second before he ran his tiny tongue against her lips. She laughed it off, and Crookshanks began kneading his paws against her dress, his claws extended just enough to lift the material around her breasts. 

"Stop it. You'll ruin it."

She placed him next to her on the bed. She noticed that her nipples had gotten a bit hard from Crookshank's impromptu massage. She laughed at him. "You've gotten further these last two minutes than any boy in this school has tried this year."

Then a dirty thought entered her mind. She had been ready to give her virginity to some stupid immature wizard, and was even thinking of saving herself for Ron. But they both screwed everything up. well the night isn't over yet.

She rolled onto her side and looked at Crookshanks.

"You've been my familiar for over 6 years, and know everything about me. You've been faithful and stood by me always. Could you do me a personal favor? An intimate favor?"

Crookshanks eyes sparkled as her meaning sunk in. 

"Well not in your current form of course. Something a bit more size appropriate."

Interspecies mating wasn't unheard of in the wizard world. With so many creatures, and non-human species, it was a matter of time that the cross breeding would eventually happen. Wizards and witches were so much more open to alternative lifestyles.

Hermione never thought her first lover would be anything but human. But tonight she was thinking outside the box, partly out of frustration and revenge, but also dirty, repressed sexual desire. 

She stood up taking her wand, and pointed to a spot on the floor. "Stand over there."

Crookshanks leapt off the bed and sat on the floor.

"Hm, what would work? She could use a polymorph spell to turn Crookshanks into any animal temporarily.

So what should she loose her virginity to? A dog, bear, a horse…she started feeling so turned on by the naughty possibilities.

CrookshanksShe smiled as her decision came to her, she aimed the wand at her cat and spoke. "Animus Leonis."

In a sparkly puff of smoke, Where Crookshanks the cat had been, stood Crookshanks the powerful, majestic lion. His thick mane engulfed his head, and his body extended to a full 8 feet. His muscled body stretched out in front of her showing off his new form. "Not too bad," she thought.

She waved her wand over her head and the lights dimmed to what she hoped was the appropriate level for a romantic evening.

She returned the wand to the nightstand, then sat on the edge of the bed. She lifted up her dress and removed her panties. They were already damp from her body responding to her new, wicked thoughts. She tossed them to the floor in front of Crookshanks playfully, he sniffed at them and huffed approvingly. 

She thought about removing her dress, but decided to keep it on. It only added to wickedness she was building within herself. 

Hermione climbed onto the bed and scooted over to the far side. She patted the open side she just vacated. 

"C'mon over." 

Crookshanks stood up and made his way to the bed. She was glad that she had a large king size bed, but it still creaked under the full weight of this massive animal. Crookshanks lied down on his side, his massive body reaching the bottom of the bed frame. Hermione's petite body barely reached half.

She reached out and took his large head in her hands. She closed her eyes,and waited expectantly, her lips slightly apart.

When nothing happened, she opened her eyes. Crookshanks was looking at her confused.

"My first time is supposed to be special. We go slow. So that means we start by kissing." She closed he eyes again.

Crookshanks shifted his body and his head moved in. Instead of the slobbering wet mess she was expecting, he gently pushed his large lips against hers. His tongue extended out just slightly to make contact with her lips.

Her lips curled into a smile at Crookshanks gentleness.

She leaned back in and opened her mouth more this time. When his tongue came back out, she met it with her own. The sheer size of it dwarfing hers. She sucked at the end of it, her saliva mixing with the lion's. She pulled away to catch her breath, her eyes still closed. She felt his breath against her neck as he began to lick at the nape of her neck. The roughness of his tongue surprised her, but she leaned her head back in pleasure at the sensation.

She let out a moan of pleasure as he continued, his drool making small rivers that snaked down her neck and between her breasts which had escaped the confines of her dress during their shuffling.

Crookshanks began moving down her body as his tongue found its ways to her breasts. He licked earnestly at one, then made his way to the other. Her nipples responded to the attention, and hardened with each brush of his tongue.

Hermione's hands caressed his head as he continued south, but suddenly he stopped just shy of her clean shaven mound.

Due to their incredible size difference, he couldn't reach much further down without straining himself.

"Hm, we just have to just adjust." she said.

She got to her knees on the bed, and took the pillows and threw them to the floor. Crookshanks sat on his hind legs and waited to see what she was going to do.

She stood and leaned against her headboard which was just wide enough for her to rest her buttocks on. Balancing on one arm, she curled her dress up to her stomach in her other hand exposing her vagina to the beast on her bed. His massive head leaned in, and her sniffed at her crotch, his hot breath against warming her clitoris. She lifted her leg to rest on his shoulder, then did the same with other. His powerful frame holding her against the wall.

He began lapping at her pussy vigorously, his scaly tongue covering her labia with drool within seconds.

Hermione gasped at the incredible feeling. She had never thought of any boy doing this to her, and here she was with this massive animal giving her the most awesome feelings she's ever experienced.

With every lick, she thrust herself against his tongue, grinding herself into his face. She could feel the familiar tingling in her body as he continued. She whimpered in ecstasy as her body shuddered in her first orgasm with another person/creature. Her toes curled into his mane as her body spasmed against his muzzle. Crookshanks kept licking as more fluid flowed from his mistress. 

Hermione collapsed to the bed, her breasts heaving as she recuperated.

Crookshanks nuzzled next to her waiting for her to regain her strength.

"Wow! That was unbelievable." She whispered, stroking his fur. "I guess I should reciprocate…"

At this suggestion, Crookshanks rolled over onto his back, legs splayed out ready.

She looked down his belly to the large set of testicles and the sheath that housed his penis. She had never performed fellatio on anyone before, but she knew that she had to get him warmed up. She ran her fingernails up and down his belly, as she made her way to his privates.

Hermione rested her head against his stomach as she reached out and gently massaged his testicles with one hand. A deep purr reverberated through Crookshanks body as his obvious enjoyment showed. After a minute the tip of his penis began to poke out of his sheath. With her other hand she began to stroke the sheath, exposing more and more of its size. 

She was gripping at least 13 inches of lion cock in her hands, when he finally stopped growing. It was around 2 inches thick and a deep purple/red color.

She wasn't sure if a Polymorph spell mimicked the exact anatomy of a transformed animal, but she was definitely impressed.

She leaned forward and opened her mouth, her tongue touching the base of his cock. 

She slowly licked upwards to the head and smacked her lips when she reached the top, testing the new taste. It wasn't disagreeing with her.

Hermione parted her pink lips and took the first couple inches into her mouth. The intense warmth and hardness of his prick surprised her, but she slowly began moving her head up and down his shaft. She moved her tongue around Crookshanks shaft hoping he found enjoyable. He responded with a satisfied purr, so she knew she was doing something correctly. She always was a apt student. 

She could only take a few inches in her mouth due to it's sheer size, so she wrapped her hands around the lower half of his large cock and began to move them in synch with her mouth.

Hermione continued churning his cock for a couple minutes when she felt his cock tense up, and a second later her throat and mouth was flooded with lion sperm. Taken by surprise she gasped, forcing more spunk into lungs. Hermione gagged on the amount, and it spewed from her nostrils and around his shaft. She withdrew the throbbing penis from her mouth, her chest heaving, trying to regain air. 

She reached down for one of the bed sheets and wiped some of the jizz from her face and looked at Crookshanks with a half smile. "I was so not expecting that. Well, I mean, I knew you'd cum, but I was expecting it later, and at least we wouldve fucked me."

Crookshanks leaned in an licked at a glob of lion sperm that she missed on her face and nuzzled her, directing her eyes at his still rock hard penis.

"You mean your still good? Wow, that's one hell of a spell."

She kissed his nose, excitement building in her voice.

"Ok, your going to have to stay like that. You're way to heavy to be on top of me, so I get to be on top. So move over to the middle."

Hermione stood up on the bed as Crookshanks shimmied over to the middle. He opened his legs again, his still rigid member sticking straight at attention. "There's no way I can take all that, especially my first time." 

She stepped over him, her body straddling his. "Ok Crookshanks, were going to do this very slowly, so no funny business. This is going to hurt me for a little while, but thats Ok. your not doing anything bad. Just follow my lead."

She lifted her dress so she could position herself directly over his cock. Her pussy was more than wet enough between her legs, so when Crookshanks cock head was snuggled against her entrance, she let the dress fall so it cascaded around her body. She loved how dirty this looked.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly exhaled as she lowered her petite body down on her lion lover. At an inch she tensed up his girth beginning to stretch her vaginal walls. Another half inch and she clenched up. The head was definitely hitting her cherry now.

Crookshanks lied very still, waiting for his mistress, not wanting to make it any more uncomfortable for her. 

Her breath quickening, Hermione braced herself and lowered her body down. She felt her hymen snap and she yelped at the sudden pain, her eyes watering up. She quivered for a minute with one-third of his penis in her, a small stream of crimson leaking out and down the length of his shaft.

She steadied herself and began to rock up and down on his dick, the pain subsiding with each thrust. She managed to get 6 inches into her and she was quite content for her first time. Especially with a non-human, she wasn't going to push it.

Crookshanks was more than happy to get what he could into his tight mistress, and was enjoying every minute. When she appeared to be getting comfortable, he would start to thrust up a bit, just to get a little more into her. He wasn't sure what a human could accommodate, but she didn't seem to be hurting anymore.

Hermione began to get more vocal as she began to impale herself onto Crookshanks cock. Slurping sounds came from under her dress as her pussy milked the warm, hot penis. 

Hermione pulled the top of her dress lower and grabbed both of her breasts as she hammered herself onto him. She could feel herself building up to cum soon.

Crookshanks could sense his mistress was reaching her orgasm, so he paced himself to climax at the same time that she did. He began to thrust more intensely into her.

Her body began to tremble as her orgasm began, and Crookshanks could feel his balls swelling with his seed. They began to simultaneously climax, her mouth open in a loud "Aaaaaahh" as Crookshanks roared.

Just as they reached their peak, a loud crack came from the bed. The entire frame collapsed dropping them a foot to the floor.

The impact caused Hermione to lose her footing, making her impale herself on the entire 13 inches of Crookshanks cock just as he started to ejaculate. She squealed in pain at the surprise penetration and she felt the tip of his penis crash into her uterus as it began to fill with the intense heat of lion sperm.

Crookshanks balls pulsed as the full penetration drove him over the edge. He couldn't stop himself from cumming completely into his owner.

Hermione involuntarily convulsed on top of him, her body twitching from orgasm after orgasm as his seed coated every crevice inside of her. 

Her body finally stopped shaking on its own and she collapsed onto Crookshanks chest. Her arms encircling his neck as she hugged him. His penis slid out of her with a audible plop, as the contents of her vagina emptied onto them both and soaked the sheets.

She kissed his bottom jaw. "You are truly are the best familiar anyone could ask for. And this was the best night ever." 

The air around Crookshanks shimmered and in another puff of sparkly smoke, he returned to his previous kitty cat form.