A very different ending to The Lion King
by Chaser Wolf

A very different ending to The Lion King

Everyone already knows the legalities. I don't own the characters, and you have to be able to legally read this story.

Simba returns to Pride Rock to reclaim his right as king. With him are Timone and Pumbaa, and Nala his once best friend now future queen. He sends the meerkat and warthog to remove the hyena sentries, while he and Nala head toward Pride Rock. After seeing his mother Sarabi get hit by his uncle Scar he jumps in. Scar is confused because he believes he is seeing Mufasa. Simba goes over to his mother and nuzzles her. She sees who it is and is happy he is alive.

Simba confronts Scar and Scar tries to defeat his nephew by having him admit to killing his father. Which wasn't true. After a brief struggle Simba ends up in the same situation as his father and Scar whispers the truth to Simba about how his father really died. When he heard Scar admit to the killing he jumped at Scar and forced him to confess the atrocity so that all the lions around them could hear. Simba then gave him the chance to leave the Pride Lands and never return, but Scar was deceitful and so the final battle between them began.

All over Pride Rock their battle waged. Until finally Simba had Scar pinned. Scar tried to place the blame on the hyenas, citing them as the enemy. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed overheard and Simba saw how angry they were and knew what they would do if they got ahold of Scar.

"I'm going to give you three choices, Scar. One: You can run away and leave the Pride Lands forever, and keep running from the hyenas who now want to kill you. Two: I can hand you directly over to the hyenas and let them kill you now. Or, three: You can remain alive and here at Pride Rock. But you must submit to my whims every time. It's up to you, uncle".

Scar was too weak to resist. He knew that he could not escape the hyenas if he left the Pride Lands. He figured the hyenas would make his death slow and painful. He only had one option.

"Alright, Simba. I will submit to you" he said.

"Louder, Scar, so that everyone can hear you" Simba commanded.

"I, SCAR, DO HEREBY SUBMIT TO MY NEPHEW, SIMBA, FOR WHATEVER HE MAY NEED!" he shouted so that he was heard over the thunderstorm.

"Now get up!" Simba instructed.

Scar got up weakly and faced Simba. "No, uncle. Turn and face the Pride Lands".

Scar slowly turned around as ordered and turned his back on Simba. He then felt Simba mount his back. He thought it was a dominance mount to display to the rest of the pride that he was now dominant over his uncle. But Scar discovered it was not what he thought when he felt his nephew's paws grab him around the waist. He let out a roar of pain as he felt his nephew's large erection forced deep into his virgin ass. He then realized what Simba had meant by 'my whims'. But he was too weak to put up a struggle.

Simba wasn't gentle either. Every thrust was deep, driving his long and thick erection in to the base, and he did it fast. Each thrust in caused his balls to slap audibly against his uncle's. He kept up the grueling pace for a couple of hours, secretly enjoying devirginizing his uncle. He then felt his orgasm building and he increased his thrusts but still managed to shove it all inside his uncle's now loose rectum. When he felt his juices arrive at the tip of his cock he drove it home, and as he flooded his uncle's bowels with his semen he roared in pleasure and satisfaction. As he shot his load the rains came pouring down, putting out the fires that surrounded Pride Rock. He collapsed upon his uncle, his uncle fell flat onto the rock as he couldn't stand for another moment. Simba remained inside Scar making sure every drop was inside and let his cock slip out on its own.

But Simba wasn't done yet. After his cock was once again covered by his sheath he got off Scar. He walked around and looked at Scar's face. Scar had his eyes closed and a smile on his face. Simba knew that once his uncle got used to it that he would start to enjoy it. It happened the same way for him when he first let himself be fucked. Now he was going to do something that would ensure his uncle wanted to submit and be his.

Simba's desires weren't just in fucking his uncle. Oh no, he enjoyed everything. He wanted to do it all with his uncle. He turned back around and standing beside Scar he lowered his head and began licking the tip of Scar's now erect cock. Sar opened his eyes as waves of pleasure flowed over him. None of the females had wanted anything to do with him and so he was always left to his own devices. Never had he thought of maybe finding another male. Now, here was his only nephew doing something he had only dreamed of. Scar quivered with delight as he felt Simba gently take a couple of inches into his royal mouth. He could feel his nephew's long flat tongue stroke the underside and the ridges of the roof rub against the top. He knew that with one bite his nephew could take it all and swallow leaving him a eunich.. But he also knew that Simba wasn't going to do that and so he didn't dwell on it.

With such treatment more and more of his cock extended from its furry home until he was fully erect and very aroused. Feeling the heat his body instinctively took over and he began to pump his hard tool in and out of Simba's mouth. He felt the tip hit the back of Simba's throat and then slide on down into it. He was amazed at how Simba was able to take it all. He may have been short on brawn but he certainly was gifted in the cock department. Yet his nephew deepthroated without gagging once.

Simba knew that his uncle would be unable to keep his body from doing this and so he just let it happen. Why do all the work?

It took only half an hour but he soon felt his uncle's cock pulse and it began squirting his jism down Simba's throat and his nephew greedily gulped it down. Never had he felt such pleasure. He either had to stroke himself off with his paws or reach down and suck it with his own mouth. Scar admitted to himself the first time he took it between his lips and soon after tasted his own cum that he liked it and wished he had a male to suck besides himself.

"Maybe," Scar thought "Simba will be able to trust me enough to suck him".

After it was over his cock slipped back inside his sheath, but Simba noticed a drop squeeze out and quickly licked the hyper-sensitive tip causing his uncle's body to shiver.

"Now, Scar," Simba said to him "Will you resist when I go to mount you?" Scar shook his head.

He spoke up, "I will let you do whatever you want with me. Fuck me like a female. Suck my cock. Whatever you wish I will do".

"Good" Simba replied. "Let's head back to Pride Rock. There, you will do one more thing before I release you until I have need for you again".

"What is that nephew?" Scar asked.

"I want you to fuck me. I've tasted your length and thickness, now I want to feel it. Ever since tasting it I've desired to have it inside my ass".

"As you wish" was all Scar said.

'It seems I'll enjoy this after all' Scar thought to himself as he pictured mounting his nephew and wondering just how tight Simba's anus would be compared to a female's mating hole. Well, he was about to find out.