by Kovu


The sun was getting ready to set in the Pride Lands, a big orange and yellow ball slowly descending towards the horizon. Down in the jungle a human was looking for food.

"I'm a lucky guy," thought Chad as he wandered through the jungle. "Not many people can say they live in a paradise. Hmm, almost sundown. I should get back to Pride Rock before dark."

Chad turned around and started to head back to Pride Rock still deep in thought. Something was missing; he felt he didn't quite fit in with the rest of the pride, that he wasn't really accepted.

"I suppose that's to be expected," he thought. "This may be a paradise, but I'm human." The pride had only ever heard bad things about humans from animals that had barely escaped. "Yet you'd think after all these years I've been with them, I might be considered one of them. I've benefited Simba's pride in so many ways, and I do understand them. You'd think they'd see me as different from other humans, as one of them."

Something caught Chad's attention just then. He could have sworn he'd heard something. He wasn't sure what, but it was something that didn't quite belong. It seemed to be coming from the little clearing ahead. Slowly Chad approached the clearing, being sure to keep upwind and hidden as much as possible. When he was sure he was as close as he could get he slowly looked out from behind the massive tree he had hidden behind and nearly gasped aloud. Of all he expected to see, THIS was not one of them.

In the clearing Chad saw Simba and Nala, and it was fairly obvious what they were doing. Nala was slowly passing below Simba's chin, rubbing her entire back along his jaw as she did so. Simba was obviously enjoying the attention, but also wanting more as his erection told. They were both purring so loudly it sounded as if a distant thunder storm was approaching.

"Simba's even luckier than I am. What I wouldn't do to have someone like Nala around for me." Chad thought wistfully.

After finishing her pass under Simba's chin Nala started a pass down his side, rubbing her entire body along his length. She ran her tail down Simba's under side, and his breath caught as the fuzzy tip ran over his member. Then, walking off a few paces she looked at him over her shoulder provocatively.

Simba started to follow, with his nose just under her tail inhaling deeply, obviously enjoying the scent originating there.

Suddenly Nala turned around and started another pass under Simba's chin.

This time, though, she didn't complete it. As her shoulders passed under Simba he quickly turned his head and grabbed the nape of her neck in his teeth. He was not biting hard, and Nala obviously enjoyed it. With a sigh of happiness she closed her eyes and crouched low to the ground. Simba quickly took up a position straddling her. She moved her tail aside and he immediately positioned himself to penetrate her.

Chad was too fascinated with the scene in front of him to consider leaving, and it was having an effect on him too. He couldn't believe it! In just a few seconds they would be....

"Sire!" squawked a voice from directly above Chad.

"Damn that bird!" thought Chad as Zazu flew into the clearing. Simba and Nala weren't too happy to see Zazu either. Although they hadn't continued their coupling, neither did they make any move to disengage. The annoyance was obvious on both their faces.

"What is it Zazu?" Simba growled.

Zazu, seemingly unaffected by the scene in front of him, replied. "There are hyenas poaching in the Pride Lands Sire!"

"So, they can wait a little while," Nala answered as Simba slowly licked the back of her neck to her obvious enjoyment.

"Yes, why don't you come and get me after sun down," Simba said, diverting his gaze to Zazu.

"Sire, I don't need to remind you of your kingly responsibility to your subjects do I? You know perfectly well that problems like these must be taken care of as soon as possible. If you let the hyenas hunt here today, who knows what they will try tomorrow!" Zazu finished, almost hysterically.

Simba sighed, turned his head back to Nala and gave her another slow lick along the neck followed by a little nip. Nala sighed with a combination of pleasure and frustration.

"I'll meet you at Pride Rock a little later," Simba said as he reluctantly, almost painfully dismounted from his position over Nala. "Follow me, Sire!"

Zazu cried and took flight. Simba followed, a little stiff-legged at first, but managing to work up a run before he left the clearing.

Nala was left in the clearing watching after Simba with the desire obvious on her face. Chad, coming to his senses after several moments, decided he'd better leave before he was discovered. He started slowly moving away, in the opposite direction that Nala was facing.


Nala spun about. "Who's there?" she called looking around.

"Damn!" thought Chad. Making a quick decision he called out "It's me!" and stepped into the clearing, trying to forget what he had just seen so as to lose his own erection. His clothes didn't hide it too well, being little more than a crudely made loin cloth. Any real clothes he had brought from the 'civilized' world had long ago worn out. "It's almost sun down. I was just on my way back to Pride Rock." he explained, feigning ignorance. "What are you doing here?"

"Simba and I were out for some quiet time together. We have very little of that anymore, and what we do have is usually interrupted," she replied almost bitterly, looking off in the direction Simba had gone with the same look of desire on her face. Apparently this wasn't the first time they had been interrupted like that.

"I see," he replied, unsure of what else to say. "Well, protecting the hunting ground of the pride from the hyenas is very important."

Nala spun her head around and fixed Chad with a steely gaze. "How do you know he's off chasing hyenas?"

Chad knew he had made a big mistake. "Uhh, well... What else would he be doing that would make him leave you alone here?"

She eyed him speculatively but didn't pursue it any further, seeming to accept his explanation. She again looked in the direction Simba had left, deep in thought.

Chad just stood there, unsure what to do next. A moment later Nala turned toward Chad and a small smirk crossed her face, almost as if she had come to a decision. "So, Chad," Nala said "After all this time here, how do you like the Pride Lands?" She stood up and walked towards him.

Caught off guard by the question, Chad replied hesitantly, "Uhh, well, it's great. It's about the closest thing to paradise I've ever seen in my life."

"Yes, it is wonderful here. I bet you miss your kind though."

"Why would I? They never did me any favors."

"Well, years of living in the Pride Lands alone must be difficult. Surely you must wish you had a mate," Nala said, rubbing along his leg like an over grown house cat.

"Uhh, well, yes. Sometimes," he confessed a little uncomfortably. He had to admit, the fur brushing against his skin felt good.

Nala started purring again. "I can just imagine what it's like. There are many times Simba is taken away from me to do his 'royal duties' as king. The difference is, I know Simba will be back sooner or later. It must be much harder for you as there is no chance of another human coming here." She made another pass by his legs, this time holding her tail high and running it across his belly as she passed. Chad could feel himself starting to harden again.

"Uhh, Nala," Chad started. "Simba could be back any minute and, uhh, I don't think..."

"No, he won't be back for a long time. That's the problem. The hyenas never come very far into the Pride Lands so he has a way to go to get to them," she interrupted, passing between his legs and arching her back to make as much contact as possible. Thankfully his makeshift clothing took away most of the effect. However Nala's purring caused a vibration that was impossible to ignore. Still, he couldn't let himself...

Nala stood right in front of Chad and looked him over slowly again. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Well, you're married."

Nala laughed. "I don't know if you've noticed this, but marriage among lions doesn't mean the same thing as among humans. Look at the pride; there are a dozen lionesses and only one Simba. When their heats come he mates them all. All our marriage officially means is that I have been chosen to represent all the lionesses in ceremonies, and the cubs I bear must be the king's."

"It's survival and nature," he said, deciding to make this an issue on which to focus. "Any cubs you bear from another male would be killed on the spot, so we can't..."

"Chad, you're human, I'm leonine. There can be no cubs." Nala said, placing a paw between his ribs and left leg and starting to slowly lower it along his skin. A wave of pleasure washed over him, but surely he must resist.

"Exactly! You're a lion, I'm a human. I can't....", focusing instead on species differences.

Suddenly her paw stopped moving. "I'd expect that from any other human but not you Chad," she reproached him. "Of all people you should know that other animals are not the simple, unfeeling creatures they think we are. Is that all we are to you? Just lions?"

Chad stammered for an explanation. "N.. n.. no, but it's wrong for a human to force himself on..."

"You aren't exactly forcing me Chad," she smiled in reply, starting to lower her paw again. When it got to the top of the loin cloth she gently extended her claws and continued to pull down. The makeshift clothing started to follow the paw down his leg. His resolve started to waver with the feeling of her claws gently raking down his skin.

"Well, what about me then? I'm not a lion so I'm not a member of your pride."

He was searching for reasons now.

"You are wrong there, you are a member of the pride. You're invaluable to it with your special skills. You pose no threat to Simba's kinghood as there can be no cubs. It is also nature that when a female comes into heat the first male of the pride to find her, mates her. I may not be in heat but I do desire a mating, and you are a male of the pride," she concluded as her paw reached the ground along with his loin cloth. The evening air on his naked body was wonderful, making him feel truly free.

She again passed through his legs, arching her back. This time no cloth was in the way to inhibit the contact and he swore he could feel every strand of fur making contact with the loose folds of skin where his legs met. She passed her tail down his chest as she went through. His breath caught sharply as the tip passed over his manhood and an intense wave of pleasure crashed over him. So that's what it felt like! It almost drove him crazy.

Chad lost any thoughts of trying to resist. He reached out and ran his hands along Nala's back as she passed by again. Her purring became even louder as she walked in front of him and turned around. She sat down and looked at him, letting him make the next move, and he had a good idea what she liked.

Walking over to where Nala was sitting, Chad knelt beside her. Reaching out with both hands he started at her flanks and slowly ran his hands through her fur, working his way up along her sides. When Chad got to her neck he grabbed two handfuls of her nape and gently started kneading it.

Nala closed her eyes let out a long, ragged breath. "Simba can't do that," she whispered, almost in awe.

Chad moved up in front of Nala so he had a better angle at her neck. Nala stuck out her tongue and started to lick Chad's torso. The feeling was electrifying, pushing him even further. "To get a bath from that tongue!" he thought. He took one of his hands off her neck and started to rub it slowly through the fur on her chest. The vibrations from her purring were most intense there.

After several minutes Nala stood up and passed her whole body across Chad.

Still kneeling, this put his member at the perfect position. As Nala passed by it was gently brushed through her fur and the sensation almost sent him over the top. Suddenly he was very glad he was no longer wearing the loin cloth.

Nala walked off a few paces and looked back at Chad. Imitating Simba as best he could, he followed on his hands and knees, his nose very close to the base of her tail. The scent emanating from there was completely indescribable and extremely arousing, like pure need. It was very easy to see how Simba might be addicted to it.

Suddenly Nala turned around and began to make a pass by Chad again, rubbing from head to tail. She dragged her tail along Chad's back as she went, and the feeling as the furred tip passed through the crack of his buttocks made him insane. He didn't know if he should be doing this, but he knew it was right. To others, it may have appeared that he was having sex with a lion, but he knew better. He was making love with Nala.

Nala positioned herself directly behind Chad. She forced her nose between his thighs, and it came to rest close to his manhood. She started inhaling deeply, becoming as familiar with his scent as he was with hers. Her cold nose and hot breath on his member sent a shock through him, building his desire with each breath. After several seconds she withdrew and made a pass towards his head.

As Nala's shoulders passed him on her return trip, Chad reached out with one hand, grabbed the back of her neck and started kneading again. Nala let out a very long sigh of pleasure. After a few moments he stopped, and she turned her hindquarters towards him. She moved her tail to one side, presenting herself to him. In the dim light as the sun set Chad could see her opening, swollen from desire and need.

Chad crawled over on his hands and knees and inhaled deeply. He couldn't imagine anything that could possibly smell better. Rising off his hands, he positioned himself behind Nala and placed his manhood at the her entrance, but stopped before penetrating.

"Nala?" he asked. "Are you sure about this?"

In response, Nala moved back ever so slightly so his head was pressed against her opening. It took all his willpower to resist penetrating her while he waited for an answer. "Yes Chad, I am," she replied and pushed back a little harder, forcing his head to slip into her.

As Chad felt himself start to enter Nala he pushed forward slowly himself.

He watched with fascination as he slowly disappeared into her depths. He could feel their bodies gradually merging, but more than that, he could feel their souls merging as well.

When Chad was completely submerged in Nala, neither moved. They were linked together in a way words could not describe, and he couldn't believe the sensations! The warmth was incredible, the tightness was staggering, the vibrations caused by her purring were unbelievable, her furred hindquarters against his bare pelvis was astounding, and her scent continually filled his nostrils. He wasn't sure how long he would be able to last. If he was in paradise before, this must be heaven!

After a few minutes Nala started to squirm a little causing waves of pleasure to wash over Chad. He leaned down low over her back and, using one hand for support, used the other to massage and knead her neck. The purring increased, intensifying the sensations on his manhood. Chad started thrusting with slow, gentle strokes. Occasionally, Nala would pass her tail over his body. Chad decided he liked that best when she played the tip across or, even better, up his buttocks. He soon felt the need for release start to build in the pit of his stomach. Chad began to thrust faster as the feeling grew. Low moans began escaping from his throat.

Nala's purring continued, joined by a low, deep throated growl. The growl slowly became louder. Suddenly, she stopped. Chad wondered why, but didn't really care to find out at the moment. He was very close to his breaking point, and moaning loudly with each thrust he made.

Nala let out a long, mighty roar that almost deafened Chad. She pushed back hard against Chad causing him to be buried deep inside and almost pushing him over backwards. Her position made it impossible to move at all while leaned over her back. The vibrations from the purring were augmented by her roaring, and spasms around his member. This was more than he could bear.

Chad straightened his back again, grabbed Nala's hindquarters with both hands to support himself and steady her, and started thrusting as fast and hard as he could.

The orgasm took him like a pouncing lion. Creeping up on him quietly so that by the time he realized how close it was, it was on top of him. With a cry he made one final lunge and plunged as deep as he could in her. Chad exploded violently, pouring all his being into Nala as pleasure tore through him like claws. Her continual purring helped support it, and it seemed to last for hours.

When the orgasm finally ebbed away, Chad slumped over Nala's back, exhausted. They stayed like this, connected with neither saying anything, for several minutes until Chad softened and slipped out. He rolled off Nala and lay sprawled on the ground. Nala lay down beside him and he snuggled in close.

"That was wonderful Chad," Nala said, still purring loudly and slowly teasing his body with her tail. The soft tip playing across his bare skin felt wonderful. "Simba can't do some of those things."

"I'm sure human females can't do some of the things you did," Chad observed with a small smile, slowly caressing her side. "They don't have tails."

"You know, this means you are now completely a member of the pride."


"You've been with the pride for years with the king's acceptance, helping us out. Now though you have mated one of the pride's females, so by tradition you are completely a member of the pride. Regardless of whether or not you are a lion."

Chad thought about that for a minute. "I can live with that. I may even learn to like it," he replied with a grin. A thought struck him, "What do we tell Simba?"

"The truth, what else? What I was saying earlier was the truth Chad. The first male of the pride who finds a female mates her. The reason why I'm special that way is because all my cubs must be the king's. With you, however, there will be no cubs."

Chad broke out with a big smile, suddenly realizing his place here. After a few more minutes he said. "Lets get back to Pride Rock. It's dark and they will be wondering where we are. Besides, Simba will be waiting for you!"

Nala looked at him intently. "So you did see us."

"Uhh, yes," he said, embarrassed by the revelation. "I was heading back to Pride Rock and..."

"No Chad. You don't need to justify anything me. Another thing you have to learn still is that we lions don't have the same peculiarities you humans do when it comes to natural acts."

Again, Chad smiled. He grabbed her neck and kneaded again for a few seconds, and Nala ran her tail down his chest once more before they both got up. Chad found his loin cloth again and caught up with Nala, now a full member of the pride.