Ancient Zoos PART X. Out of Africa

Acent Zoos in Africa

Being an Introduction to Ancient World Bestiality.

The Danish Baron Bror of Blixen-Finnecke (*1886), husband of Karen Blixen, the lady who wrote the famous novel "Out of Africa" was a big game hunter in Africa. In his book "Nyama" Blixen gives us a more complete outlook on their life in Africa. Most of us have seen the gorgeous film with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. The film is based on Karen's novel but this book gives only an incomplete picture of the reality. Fact is, Bror Blixen shared Karen with his close friend the British big game hunter David Finch Hatton and Karen got banged by both of them on a regular basis. The guys had no problem on doing that because they were friends and worked close together.

In 1928 the two arranged a Safari for the Prince of Wales. About the spring of 1925 a Negro found a little lion only a few days old and brought it to Blixen. The Blixen's raised the lion and at the age of six months he was a fine big cat named Kom. Kom loved a ride in a car and used to stand inside with his pawns on the front seat. The lion used to sleep in Blixen's bed: "The bed was his sanctuary; he slept in it at night and crept under it by day when he felt his security in any way endangered" (Blixen, B.: Nyama, Big Game Hunting in Africa, V.).

The book doesn't tell if Karen got licked by the lion once but from my point of view the chance is pretty high. Nobody can answer this question but we know that Karen had not only the honour of being shared by two wonderful men she was also one of the very few women who shared her bed with a lion.