Animal Injection
by -MWE-

Animal Injection

He sighed, thinking to himself, not noticing the face that stared at him in the bathroom mirror. In the bedroom, she stirred in her sleep. He loved her so much, wanted the rest of his life to be spent by her side, and she felt the same! But she was an ice queen, she couldn't bring herself to do anything but cuddle and smooch when he wanted to consumate their marrage. She couldn't get around the feeling of taboo that had been breed into her as a child.

He was frustrated, frustrated to the point of almost hurting his new wife just to get into her body. He shuddered, no, that wasn't in his blood, and certaintly not in hers. Sighing, he decided to try his last resort, reaching for the surynge he'd brought home from work. He had wanted to do this from the start, but he hadn't known how to broach the subject with her, and he wanted her to agree to do it of her own violation. He sighed again, and headed slowly towards the bedroom.

She awoke slowly, her head still reeling, and took another belt from the bottle she still had in her hand. It burnt going down her throat, like wild fire. Her dazed sences cleared enough for her to see that her freinds had left her. Where? She pondered inside a booze thickened skull before breaking out with a giggle; she couldn't remember. She stood, trying to gather herself, but as much as she tried to straighten herself, the world around her spun all the more. She took another belt from the bottle before realizing that it was empty. Damn, she swore, and threw the bottle out into the darkness.

The world spun around more violently and she sank to her knees to retch. She wept tears held back from something as her insides spuwed onto the ground. She couldn't remember why she wanted to cry. After the heaving stopped, she swept her dirty blond strands of hair from her eyes and tryed to stand. She felt a little more clear-headed as she wobbled around. She remembered her freinds, and the drinking, the bar hopping, then... Then the zoo? They took her to the zoo?

Yes, that's where I am, the zoo, she whispered. She looked around, her eyes finally adjusting to the light of the nearly full moon. She was in a cement-walled area, with large rocks placed about haphazzardly and a cave nearby. The walls were too high for her to climb, and she doughted she could make it over the fencing at the top. She wandered about, finding that the walls made a cercle. Thinking the cave to be the exit, she made her way to it. Inside she found dim lights lit the interior of a large, smooth walled cave. She turned a corner and spotted a door on the far wall, and, eyes focused on it, lest it should disappear if she blinked, she wobbled towards it. It was an odd door, with bars and a big lock...

Too late she realized she was inside a cage, and she spun about hearing a low growl behind her. A large shape loomed before her, knocking her down and standing over her. She was too frightened to scream, she lie there under the beast shivering. A large furry nose snuffed her face and hair, and worked it's way down to her breasts. She gasped as her nipples hardened unexpectedly. She squirmed her way out from under the beast, backing herself to a cave wall. The beast followed her, a low noise coming from it's throat.

It stopped in front of her, and, as she clung to the wall trying to become part of it, the beast sniffed at her crotch. To her own horror, her body betrayed her, and her unmentionable parts became arroused. She stood there, part of the wall, and shivered as the huge cat examined her.

Then the unexpected happened; he walked to the center of the room and lie down. She sank, quivering, to her knees and for the first time braved herself for a long look at her captor. He was huge, even for a tiger. Black stripes roamed over his lean muscled red body. She felt a type of awe blossom inside her at his beauty. She was confused between the two feelings.

As the large tigher watched her, she gradually calmed. She thought that half the night must be over, and that dawn must bring rescue. Her head began to clear, the booze in her system vanishing from the sobering effects of the fear. She thought that the tiger must be tamed, it was raised in the zoo after all... That's why it didn't attack.

After she'd calmed, the tiger padded back slowly towards her. She felt some of the fear return, until she heard the low grumbling sound coming from the beast, and realized that he was purring. Smiling almost fakely, she reached her hand out to stroke the big beast's ears. She was rewarded with a louder purr. The tiger liked the attention, and lie down at her feet like the cat he was.

Braved by the cat's actions, she marveled at the soft fur under her fingers, and played softly with the stripes on his forehead. She traced the long whiskers, and stroked the beautiful fur on his neck, and, reaching almost to hug the beast, stroked his back. She felt the animal's nose pressed up against her breasts again, the warm breath heating her skin, and she gasped as her nipples hardened again. She was startled by her reaction and leaned back. But the tiger didn't move, it just stared at her with those big, beautiful green eyes. She played more with his face, and stroked his chin. She even felt bold enough to slide a finger into his mouth and feel the length of his teeth.

She was no longer afraid of him, but he evoked strange feelings from her. She felt calm, almost a feeling like the one she got from being with her husband. But there was another feeling that confused her. She couldn't name it, not until the tiger put his nose on the spot. He sniffed at her crotch again, and through the tight denim jeans, she felt his breath on her skin. She sat back, pushing herself into his nose, enjoying the odd feeling. Her mind wasn't working, the sensations coming from her body blocked out all rational thought. She just let it happen.

She came as the tiger licked at the crotch of her jeans, pushing against her forcibly to taste her juices. He was rewarded with a large musky dampness that soaked through her clothes. She twitched, lost in the feeling of her first orgasm, moaning and growling softly in the cave. She felt like an animal as the glow flowed through her body. She sighed, purring and sat to bask in the feeling.

The tiger senced it was over, and padded back to the cave's center to lie down again. He curled into a ball, licking at his stomach. She realized finally just what he was licking and felt the same lust that dampened her thoughts before. Slowly she slinked over to him, crawling on all fours. With mischevious hands, she pushed his head away, and looked to behold a large furred sheath. His balls dangled hugely between his legs, and delightedly, she traced her fingers around each before running them up his shaft. The tiger lay fully on his side, sighing at her ministrations. She smiled at the sound of his consent.

At the end of the sheath, she found a wet patch of black fur, a small opening in the end of it. She kissed it, smelling and tasting the musky scent of the tiger. Lovingly, she opened her mouth and probed the furry opening with her tounge. She was rewarded with entry inside his sheath. Seaching deeper, she found the tip of his member, and, face burried in his fur, stroked it with her tounge. Her hands still working his sheath, she felt him begin to get hard, and soon was able to suck the tip of his member into her lips. She worked him slowly erect, marveling in his odd taste and loving the feel of the rough hairs on his shaft. He began to thrust at her, spewing hot precum from his cock. She loved the taste, and swallowed every little bit he could give her. She could get him all the way into her mouth, he was the perfect size, the length of her fingers, and the thickness of two.

He shuttered, thrusting his fur further into her face. Jets of cum flowed into her mouth, and greedily she sucked it all down, feeling the sperm burn a trail down her thoat. She suddenly realized what she wanted. She waited until he finished, sucking his cock clean before she stood. Hands quivering with a new excitement, she lowered her jeans to the floor, her panties following. She dropped to her knees again, this time pointing her soaking cunt to the big cat. She prayed that she was getting her point across..

He mounted her, completely burying her in his soft fur. His paws on either side of her shoulders, and his chest brushing her back, he found his mark. One thrust, and he burst her cherry, and began to mate this hot little female.

He'd senced her heat when she came in, and had played with her for just this reason. He'd been alone for so long, it was lonely here. But now, he knew he could mate with the other creatures that fed him here. He thought of one that liked to play with his penis, but he had been confused. He would not be next time.

Her scent overwhelmed his thoughts, and he began to thrust deeply into her, mating with her wildly. She responded with matching enthusiasm, and as he came into her, both roared with the release.

She returned looking very frazzled, and wobbled through the door. She'd been drinking, the first big binge I'd ever seen her do. Oddly, she was sober now and looked like she had been for a while. I closed the door behind her.

Without speaking, she headed to the bedroom and collapsed, asleep before her head hit the pillow. Concerned, I examined her, and then pealed off her filthy clothes. They were torn in several spots, rent as though claws had torn them, but her skin showed nothing. I wondered what had happened, but I figured it out before too long. There was semen dripping from her cunt. Hmm, I smiled to myself.

She'd left me three nights before, angry because I injected her. She was even more angry when I explained what it was. She yelled, and swore that I'd never be the one to take her virginity, then she left.

She awoke the next morning, feeling very odd, but remembering everything. Strangely, she was pleased with the result. She loved her husband strongly, but she couldn't overcome her feelings that sex was a dirty act, and so couldn't please him. Then, when he injected her...

She didn't feel like she'd been unfaithful, she'd done just what he'd wanted, she'd rid herself of her prudeness. She felt free now, she wanted to have him make her pregnant, and wanted his sex as often as he could give it to her.

In the darkened room, she realized that she could see clearly, and glanced at her naked form sitting on the bed. She was stunnned by what she saw, but somehow it fit. She snickered, he didn't know what he was going to get. He was in trouble...

She stood, her legs long and narrow, unused to the digigrade feet that felt strangly stable to her. She strecthed her arms wide, spreading her fingers in the air. She felt long claws extend from the tips. Her tail twiched as she yawned, the long sleek muzzle gaping to reveal long canines. She idlely licked her whiskers with a long tounge. She rubbed her paws down her furry sides thinking what she was going to do to her husband. Her cunt grew wet with the thoughts.

She found him making breakfast in the kitchen, browning a pound of hamburger. He saw her and frose. She stalked up to him, her striped fur rippling over sleek muscles. 'So, is this what you want?' she purred.

He began to quake, an awed, excited look in his eyes. 'Yes', he answered, reaching out to stroke her red hair, her long ears and down the side of her face. 'Oh, yes...' 'It worked beautifully', he whispered. 'The animal hormones...'. She dropped to her knees, and with glee, ripped open his shorts. She took his already hard cock into her muzzle and sucked him, running her course tounge over his shaft. His knees trembled as he shot a load into her mouth. Idlely she noticed that he had the same course hairs on his cock as the tiger did, and wondered if he'd given himself the same shot. She stood, close to his body, the fur on her breasts stroking his chest. Not saying a word, he kissed her, twinning their tounges deep inside her muzzle, while his hands roamed over her six pert breasts. She felt her nipples harden, and six inch-long cones of flesh protruded from her fur to rub on his body.

She pulled away. Slyly, she whisipered, 'you won't be my first.' 'I know', he answered, and pushed her to the floor. She turned away from him, crawling on all fours, tail raised high, beckonning to him. He covered her with his body, touching his penis to the entrance to her womb. 'But', he whispered into her ear, 'I'll be the one to give you your litters.'