The Animals in my Life
© 2004 by biglion

This is the first chaper of the first story I have every written about this. I hope you like it.

The Animals in my Life. Rated XXX.

Part 1 – the lion; morning workout

I live by a mid-sized Amusement Park over beside their huge parking lot on the west coast. I am a caretaker and owner of around 15 lions and about the same number of tigers, jaguars or leopards and a couple of Kodiak grizzly bears, elk and some Clydesdale Draft horses. The lions all live in an open enclosure about one acre in size. Same with the jaguars and the bears and other animals live on the opposite side of my compound that was in no way affiliated with the park.

My favorite time of the day is when its time to feed and play with the lions. I feel real happy to be with them yet afraid of what people might think. I guess it got heightened when I saw a school buss pass by with all the kids staring out the windows. The doubled 20’ high cyclone fence had a buffer zone between the street and the fence of thick woods and brush and the road went down a hill but the sanctuary was on top of the hill and level so I wasn’t sure if they saw me. I had a permit to keep them but was unsure of possible attacks by AR groups.

I love petting the lions and eagerly enter the enclosure each day and they are always happy to see me. The jaguars are content as well. This is my day and it’s great. All the feed and medical supplies were always delivered. If I have a major problem, I have a vet on call that is specializes in large carnivores and well as dogs, cattle, and horses. How do I make money? Simple. I have a regular day job as a engineering consultant working out of my house.

One night As I was asleep I woke to the sounds of rustling leaves and cracking of twigs like some thing big was running around outside like a deer, coyote or a loose dog. Normally night is pretty quiet. But something was not right. I went downstairs with a flashlight and opened the sliding glass door and shined it into our fenced in yard. –Nothing. Then I shined it over to the “field” area where there is no fence. There; running and bounding around playing with a large stick was a big adult male lion – Fred. He’s the biggest one of the bunch and is like a puppy more than a lion. He’s huge too at 550 lbs with a full jet-black mane like a Barbary lion. He was kinda tall for a lion too at just under 4’ at the shoulder and 10.5’from nose to tail.

I went outside in the fenced in area to investigate. The lion stopped playing and dropped the stick, panting has he did then crouched down still panting. There was no sign of agitation, anger, or fear on either the cat or me. He just looked at me with more of a playful and at ease look. So I went up to the fence saying in a calm and soothing way, “good boy, nice cat.” Etc. He then calmly rose up and walked up to meet me at the fence and rubbed his body up against it. I pensively touched him. This lasted for a couple of minutes and then I let him into the fenced in yard. He came up to me and I petted him some more then we both got playful and he growled then reared up and jumped on me with his paws on my shoulders knocking me down and we wrestled and played. Not once did he ever reveal his claws or tried to bite me. It was all just play and we had a good time.

From that point on I allowed full contact with him unlike some of the others. I trusted him fully and even allowed him into the main house and even into my bedroom and share the bed with him. Sleeping next to this lunk is something I can’t describe expect the heat he generated was amazing I just snuggled up to him and no blanket was needed as he rocked me to sleep with his panting

One time I awoke sleeping on my back and his front leg went across my chest and my head was entangled in his mane and was tickling my nose. His tail was lazily draped across my legs. He was happily sound asleep. I reached with my right hand and patting his leg, and said, “good morning boy.”

Well it was morning that we both would never forget. You see I normally sleep in the nude. He rose his head and chuffed and released me and took his paw off my chest and rose his as his leg moved in front of him. His shaggy mane flopped widely as he shook his massive furry head, waking himself up as lions do. Then he opened his jaw really wide curling his long tongue out and yawned revealing his ivory sharp canine teeth that with one bite could sever your spine with surgical precision. Those teeth are massive. They got to be at least an inch and a half long. Then he smacked and licked his lips then looked at me with a look of like – “what do you want and get me some breakfast.” (No I’m not breakfast). This morning I did have a sheet on and I threw the sheet off me and got up. His eyes followed my every move. I went to the bedroom door dang it, I forgot to turn the light on. Big oops.

I walked back to the bed to turn on my nightstand light and tripped on my boot and landed facedown on the bed with my knees on the floor. I looked up and saw Fred’s enormous balls and his dick. Fred lay on his side with his head up and facing me. He looks so regal; so majestic. My heart was pounding. The last thing I wanted to do is startle the lion into doing something really dangerous. Fred flopped his tail around my neck like he was inviting me to service him. I winced at the thought. But then said to myself, let’s see what he will do. So I gingerly reached over and touched them. They felt fuzzy like peaches but not as hard. He looked over at me and our eyes met. I said, “you like that, don’t you big boy. huh?” He swished his tail up and down my back. It was unreal.

I took his balls in my hand and rolled them around and he growled in pleasure. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked them. His scent, and lion’s musk, sent me over the edge. It turned surreal. Fred was enjoying it and he started panting and beads of drool dripped from his lower jaw next to the exposed lower left canine. I saw his pinkish red penis appear from its sheath and got hard. I then put my tongue on it watching out for a sudden jerk or kick. Nothing came he laid there enjoying this new found attention. So I took it in my mouth and licked and drooled all over it. His wimpy growls turned into strong moans, groans, and throaty growls. His penis spasmed and his stomach flexed. His penis then quivered in my mouth twitched and cum spewed forth down my throat making me gag. Then salvia sprayed forth from the lion’s mouth has he cut loose a house shaking roar that makes the MGM lion seem like a house cat meowing.

Then he rose to his feet and jumped of the bed. I turned and sat on the end of the bed and watched this beautiful huge and dangerous cat move. His muscles rippled up and down his body as his mane flowed around his head, chest, shoulders and belly. This made me hard and my heart was thumping loudly my ears began to ring.

He came up to me with his mouth agape with more drool dripping while his tongue was moving between his lower canines has he panted softly. Then he placed his front paws on the bed on either side of me. He stretched out his body and shook his massive head above me. I can’t believe this is happening to me and I was a little scared. I petting his sides as he lowered his head next to mine and rested his muzzle on my shoulder. This immediately had a shockingly calming effect and then he went back to the floor and placed his nose in my crotch which did not. Scared again that he might mistake my tool for a sausage I tried to close my thighs but it was to late. He was down there. His hot cat breath in the most sensitive area of my body made me melt with fear. His large whiskers made my thigh twitch and his mane flowed around my legs. The sensations where getting more surreal by the second and my mind started to fade in and out. His breath on my dick was hot and wet. I hugged his head then hung on as he licked my dick and balls in shear panic and pain. I grabbed fistfuls of his mane as his rough sandpaper tongue torturously rasp along and up and down my penis I couldn’t believe it. He was returning the favor. I thought this could be really dangerous. But I didn’t care. I as getting off on this. My dick was at full attention of this beast and I let the lion finish pleasuring me. I grabbed more fistfuls of his mane as he engulfed my whole dick into his cavernous mouth. He held my dick between his canines and felt them rub up and down my dick. My whole crotch was wet with his drool. I couldn’t hold back and shot my wad as I clenched my jaw. He kept right on going and I was not knowing that I had another ready in the chamber blew another and another. My multiple orgasm made my eyes roll and collapsed back on the bed shaking. No woman has ever come even close to what this lion did to me that morning. I slide off the bed and sat on the floor. He circled around licking his face clean. I through my head back and said that was awesome and no blood!

A few moments later I got up and pet his side as I walked passed him going out of the bedroom and then he reached out with his front paw and grabbed my side knocking me down to my knees with my backside facing him. I guess he wanted to play.

I felt his wet sandpaper like tongue smack and dart around my anus. Cat drool dribbled down my balls and dick. Pretty soon my whole butt and privates was wet with the lion’s siliva. He then let out a long drown out guttural moan. He started to straddle me.

He paused for a moment and then licked the small of my back which made me quiver. “What the hell is he doing?” I asked myself. Then he moved toward me and put his chin on my shoulder. His tail was flying around wildly. He put his front paws next to my knees like he was going to mount me. Well, why not. I saw him mate before and he didn’t bite like some do when they mate. So I lowered down and he moved forward growling as he went. “Ok, Fred I’m ready for you,” I said wincing in fear. His soft belly fur ticked my back and then he started to place more of his weight on me. I strained and then he shifted his weight some more and it got better. He then jackknifed his back and commenced licking my head then moved forward some more. My head was now in-between his large muscular front legs. I was shaking in fear now. “No one has ever done this,” I kept reminding myself. “No one has ever done this and lived to tell about it.”

I put my head down and raised my but to give him full access to my ass and braced myself for what could be my last breath. I looked down between my legs and saw his big tail come into view and his massive balls swung down and ball sac rubbed ball sac. I let out a big moan as he shifted his enormous weight onto my hips. “This is it”, I said. He moved forward a little more and placed even more of his weight on my hips then he started rocking slowly back and forth as his penis came out of his sheath. With small poking motions on my butt, he kept hitting my scrotum then I lowered my but a tad then kaboom – target acquired. “OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOSH” I let out a yell has his cock stretched my anus. “GNAWWWWWW!!!!!!”

Sensing this, the 550 pound lion’s dick got hard and harder with each thrust deep into my rectum. The beast’s mane draped over my head and his body length was much bigger than my I held onto his front legs as he plowed deep into me. All the feelings where there and sent me over the edge. Everything in and on me was touched by the monster quivering above. The heart of his body, The lion’s pulsating penis stretching my butt, the drool from his moth dripping on me, His love licks on my head, my prostate, my anus, my anal wall getting stretched by his ever growing penis. His dick was about the same size as a man’s but tapered down to a point from the sheath. Talk about sensory overload. I had has one powerful orgasm after another and yelped out in pleasurable pain. The two of us quivered and quaked in a mass of fucking bodies like we were molding into one creature.

The lion’s hips didn’t move a lot but his penis was like a jackhammer and his stomach flexed and tightened into a rock. His hips though was more like a vice grip holding my body still and was getting tighter and tighter with each thrust of his penis. Then Fred let out a screeching roar and I looked between my legs and saw that he stuffed me good and saw that his sheath skin formed a roll around my but. He kept going and then arched his back really high and shifted his weight practically smashing my face into the floor. His hot wet cat breath was on my neck. Beads of sweat dripped of my head. Then I felt 4 teeth clamp on my neck. Normally he doesn’t do this and he was not clamping his jaw. I guess he was reminding me to stay still. This then gave me my second orgasm as fear of being decapitated shot through me. Then he let go and his penis twitched and I felt a warm sensation enter into my rectum as he came. Then he wildly roared again then jumped off my back. His still hard penis scraped my anal wall as it came out with a sucking wet pop. This gave me another orgasm and I flopped to the floor like a violated rag doll as gallons of lion cum rolled out of my ass.

The massive majestic animal that fucked me widely, playfully flicked his tail up and down standing next to me very satisfied and softly chuffed., moaned and growled a bit and I got up holding on his body, then hugged his neck and said I love you big boy. I told him, “That was great and would love to do it again” and I kissed him on his nose. He loved this affection. He then walked around me in circles again and I was sporting an erection thanks to his dick rubbing back and forth massaging my prostate. Then he stopped with his but in front of me and I grabbed his tail and spat on my fingers and rolled his balls in my hand again. I then stuck my fingers in his anus. With a throaty growl from him he started to loosen up. I then spat on my dick then entered him slowly with the greatest of ease. His soft ass fur was like velvet. He jumped a bit and I coaxed and calmed him back down. I tried once again this time being successful. I entered him and moved tail to the side. His but tightened up greatly then was like a vice grip. I then slowly moved more of my dick in and out until my entire stalk was buried. I grabbed his sides and yelled out as he growled. And for the next 15 minutes I slowly moved and swayed in and out of him. I then laid my body over his and rubbed his sides. I kept on thrusting deep in him as he growled with each penetration. His anus was hot and velvety inside and was actually clean. My orgasm hit and I shot my seed into him. Then we uncoupled and I fell back and he then padded over to a corner and with a moan he flopped down and cleaned him self off.

I thought that was pretty amazing and probably the only person in the world who has successfully mated with a big cat. Talk about being lucky.