A wonderful evening with Peaches
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A wonderful evening with Peaches

Something was up. I knew it as soon as I had my key in the door lock. Call it intuition, call it a sixth sense. Maybe things were sounding different, or smelled different… I couldn't tell but something was up.

I barely had enough time to get the door shut behind me before she had pinned me to it and was nuzzling my cheek… yep, I guess it's her time again. Horny time.

Giving her ears a gentle kneading I chuckled as she continued her nuzzling, "Ok Peaches… I know what you're after. But how did you get into the main part of the house all by yourself?" I was sure I had shut the door to her room before I'd left for work, so I gently pushed her off me and went to check the place for damage or a break-in.

Padding along behind me as I wandered about, I couldn't help but smile. Part of me hoped it was someone trying to break in and being greeting by something wholly unexpected – a very oversized "housecat"… Not everyone has a cougar living with them. At least not around here.

In fact, it's supposed to be wholly illegal to have one just as a pet. Then again, I guess they're like Pringles so you can't have just one… which is why I have the fur-farm permit to breed them. Well, the state doesn't have to know what other kind of breeding goes on here, too… What they don't know won't hurt me, so they say, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Having satisfied myself that no one had smashed a window or taken a crowbar to the back door, I went down to the basement to have a look around there. "Well… that answers that one, doesn't it." I look to her with a false disgusted look, but couldn't hide the pleased smile for too long. The door of the basement stairs was ajar, and I figured I knew what I'd find when I got down there.

Sure enough, the outside cellar hatch was unlatched and Peaches casually wandered up the old stone stairs and pushed it open to her outer yard, then showed me how she lifted the one half with her paw just enough so she could stick her head under it and skitter through. "Well, that's certainly creative, girl." The smug look on her face told volumes… something like "Yeah, I know. It's far more comfortable in your part of the house. Far softer, too."

This time she headed up the basement stairs before me, secure in the knowledge that she hadn't really done anything wrong. And, truth be told, she hadn't. There wasn't any real disturbance in any of the rooms she had access to – no huge pile of TP like how housecats like to use as a teaser-toy, no shredded couch cushions (at least, not yet), nothing knocked off the shelves, no dismembered refrigerator… I knelt down and gave her a hug as I shut the basement door behind me. In return, she licked my ear and then pushed hard against me in a rub-by, reminding me of what she was really after.

"You sure you want that, hon?" I asked as I scritched down her spine and loosely grabbed her tail as she finished her rub-by. She turned and gave me a look that clearly said "I'm unsure, but I certainly want to try again."

I smiled, and inside a doubt showed it's ugly head again. The same doubt that troubled me from time to time. Was she doing this to please me? Am I reading too much into what she's trying to say? Does she really enjoy this despite the problems and, perhaps, pain?

My teeth slammed together, nearly enough to chip them as a headbutt from her stirred me from my doubt-induced stupor. Regardless of the reasons, she was wanting to try it all again. Giving her another hug around her neck, which was returned in her own way with her chin pressing against my shoulder and back, I stood and headed for the mudroom just off the kitchen.

There, hanging just where it had been left the previous day, was the typical red rubber bag with white hose. She leaped up and put her forepaws on the old cast-iron wash sink and nosed the bag before looking to me. Eyebrows raised, I'd imagine it'd be curious to think, but not impossible, that a cougar would like having an enema… Perhaps my Peaches is far kinkier than I expected. Either that or she really does enjoy what happens later.

Quickly filling the bag and attaching the large black plastic nozzle, I stoop down to her level once again. She scrunches up her nose as the sound and smell hit her simultaneously from the KY squidging from the tube. "I know, smells odd… but you know how it helps," I say, somewhat absentmindedly. Her eyes seem to reply, "Yes, I know… smells weird but feels so good."

Without any instruction from me, she passes by my front and stops just in the right spot, tail partially lifted. Wrapping my left arm around the front of her chest, I use my right thumb to gently coax her tail a little higher before putting the tip of the nozzle at the right spot. She arches up a little bit and grunts as the bulge of the nozzle makes its way into her back passage, my left hand scritching her chest the whole time. As soon as it's in, her tail relaxes some and she straightens out more. I lean to the left and direct her face to mine, kissing her sweet nosie. "Thank you, hon. Are you ready for what comes next?" I ask. She returns the kiss with a lick and, to my surprise, lowers her chest to the ground, leaving her rump high in the air, and looks back to me, then straight forward at the door, as if to say "I'm ready… as ready as I'm gonna be."

With that I release the clamp and the water begins to flow into her. She shifts about on her back paws and I rub her tummy and lower abdomen, figuring it'd make her a bit more comfortable as more and more water fills her. In reality it's not that much… only about 20 ounces or a little better because the bag is only about a third full, but I'd imagine to her it feels like someone is trying to make her a water balloon.

Soon the bag is back to its flaccid state and I close both clamps on the tube and disconnect the nozzle from the white tubing. Petting her back, I adjust my position some to get up, causing her to look back at me. Her vision appears to be somewhat unfocused and as I keep ahold of the nozzle's short tube, I can feel her inner muscles twitching some. "Just let me know when, hon," I say as I scritch under her chin – one of her favorite spots.

Surprisingly, she didn't leap up to go out to relieve herself of the pressure, instead she lowered her rear and rolled onto her back and spread-eagled herself. Looking curiously at her face, I cautiously put my right hand on her lower abdomen, which was somewhat swollen from the fluids. She put her forepaws on my left arm and pressed a bit, putting it to her chest and she closed her eyes. I took this as consent and started gently petting her belly, working from her ribcage to her pelvic girdle. This at first startled her a little and she raised her head, then settled back down and started purring…

Yes, cougars are the largest of the cats that can indeed purr just like a housecat. Well… like a baritone housecat, but in the same manner.

Satisfied that she was happy, or at least content with the goings-on, I continued until she again raised her head with a somewhat questioning expression, then looked to the door. "It's up to you, honey. You can continue to lay here or you can go out if you need to," I commented.

She seemed to ponder which she'd prefer for a moment before then awkwardly horsing herself over onto all four paws and took the few steps necessary to bring her to the door.

Opening the door, she padded slowly down the steps and, without any direction from me, waited at the edge of the stoop for me to pull her cork, as it were. Petting along her back I once again took hold of the base of the nozzle and smiled, both inwardly and outwardly, as her tail raised high, she arched up, and I watched her opening spread widely around the size of the retention bulge. After it spread widely, the rest followed quickly and she moved off to relieve herself, a little stilt-legged in the rear.

I went back into the house, knowing she'd be a little bit in doing her business and would let me know when she wanted to come back in. Soon enough there was a muffled thumping at the back door, so I hurried back down the stairs to open it for her. Pressed up against the glass, her whiskered mug was smiling at me as I grabbed for the handle to open it. In she fell onto me, causing me to stagger a big and then we "danced" as I turned and closed the door behind her. Her tail was wriggling behind her as her forepaws were on my shoulders and she was licking my face quite happily.

"Aren't we the anxious one now, huh?" I quipped to her as I vertically snuggled her.

Her eyes told volumes as she seemed to say "Yes, dear. On to the next course, or shall we cuddle some first?"

I smiled and stood there holding her as long as she wanted. Soon enough she dropped onto all fours again and started for the kitchen, then she looked back at me as if to ask if I was coming.

I couldn't help but laugh at her expression. "Sure thing… you lead the way."

She seemed to nod and then casually padded into the kitchen, into the entryway and then headed up the stairs to the guest bedroom with me following her. It wasn't hurried, but she seemed to know exactly where she was headed and exactly what she wanted there. Rounding the corner at the top of the stairs she bounded into the room, covering the distance in only two leaps before landing on top of the "bed".

Now, first off, calling it a guest bedroom is somewhat of a misnomer. Yes, a guest could sleep there, but really the furniture and decor that usually graced it was something of a "play room". The bed was more like a very large padded bench that could take the weight of a couple big cats and a human, with a safety-glass mirror on the wall ahead of it for visual purposes. There was a small nightstand there, but no clothes in it. That's where the adult toys were kept… well, the ones small enough to be in a drawer. Thankfully the way the house was set up there was a storage space over the kitchen accessed by a midget door, so the room could readily be changed from play room to guest bedroom without too much effort, and no one would be the wiser, unless they got curious enough to pick the lock to the storage space.

Peaches was up on the bed, spread-eagled and waiting for me to give her more of those delicious tummyrubs as soon as I made it through the door, shutting it behind me. Even when she wasn't in an intimate mood, she still adored contact. Perhaps all cats do, though I can't rightly say one way or the other. At any rate, I was there and sitting on the edge of the bed, this time petting well past her pelvic girdle towards, and then cupping, her slightly swollen feminine folds, which elicited a loud purr and some pelvic muscle twitching from my lover.

"You like that, don'tcha girl? Yeah, I know you do. Was kinda surprised that you'd want to so soon again, but I don't mind. Perhaps this time we'll get a little closer, huh?" I droned as I massaged the warm puffiness of her pussycat pussy.

She, for her part, lounged out, raising her head to seemingly nod at my last question… I guess she really does want to try to go further this time. Laying her head back down she did her best to flatten out and melt into the furniture as she was manually pleasured. When I shifted some to get more comfortable, she responded by grabbing the seam of my jeans in her teeth and tugging a bit, then looked at me with an inquiring expression.

"Oh, you want me to take these off? Ok." I smiled at her and stopped my caressing to undress. She watched me, as usual, and I couldn't help but wonder what she thought of me wearing clothes as compared to her life in just her fur. That'd certainly be something worth finding out some time, if science progressed to the point we could actually communicate in some comprehensive manner.

Soon enough I was nude and back sitting on the edge of the bed with her, rubbing her tummy. But soon she had other plans and grabbed me with one of her forepaws.

Thankfully, she kept her claws sheathed as much as possible while she pulled me over to cuddle with her, so they only left little pinpricks on my skin when I laid down next to her as she rolled onto her side. Mindful of her hindleg and doing my best to have it positioned where my skeleton wouldn't put undue pressure on it, I cuddled up close front-to-front with her, my groin in her soft bellyfur. I kissed her nosie and she licked my face as I grabbed two pillows for us to lay our heads on. Lifting hers to put the pillow under, she seemed to smile and closed her eyes in blissful satisfaction. I couldn't help but smile and enjoy snuggling with my would-be lover.

How long we lay there together I couldn't say, but it was dark by the time she shoved against me, nearly pushing me off the bed. I laughed and moved as she got up and shifted about, rump at the edge of the bed and facing the mirrored wall in a mating crouch. Her tail raised in a fairly high arc and twitching a bit at the end as she gave me a wonderful view of her rear.

"Guess you're ready, huh?" I said and smiled as I moved and scritched at her tailbase, eliciting anxious padding with her rearpaws and more tail twitching.

Reaching over to the nightstand I grasp one of the vibrator-like toys, only they're not quite vibrators. They're actually medical vaginal dilators, all laid out and a glop of KY on waxed paper so they can be quite easily lubricated with one hand. Behind them stand a row of anal dilators, all standing up on their safety bases, with the tube of KY floating in hot water in one of the smaller stainless-steel water buckets I use for the animals. Everything ready for the rest of the night's fun. Dipping the tapered tip of the smallest dilator in the lube with my right hand, I bring it to her puffy pussy as I use my left to gently spread her labia. She's staring at my reflection in the mirror and her rear is shifting about in anxious anticipation of the first entry of the night.

The plastic slips smoothly into her, bringing a mewl from the other end as her eyes glaze over in pleasure. It's not stretching her much as it's only about the size of my thumb. Something quite easily taken, even for a cougaress. I work the toy in and out a bit and then switch hands, using my left to manipulate it (and her, by proxy) and grab the next with my right hand, dipping it into the lube like it's sibling was.

Working quickly, the larger plastic rod was swapped for the smaller, and she barely reacted to the change. Her eyes opened a bit wider, a bit more focused, as the inch-diameter instrument slid its way into her. It took only a little more effort than the three-quarter-inch one, and she again settled into her bliss as I gently rocked it in and out of her, my left hand scritching at her tailbase and petting along her spine after setting the smaller dilator down on a paper towel.

"You like this, don't you sweetie?" I asked. The only response was that lovely purr eminating from her front and her muscles twitching within her rear.

Soon enough I switched hands once again, using my left to thrust the inch dilator within her as my right lubed the inch-and-a-quarter one. This time I stopped completely, drawing the inch-thick one out and setting it aside. She raised her head and looked back at me, rather than using the reflection of the mirror, and watched me intently as I spread her labia with my left hand and centered the tip of the lubricated toy with my right. She snapped her head to face forward, stretched out her neck and tensed up a little, digging her claws into the cloth-covered cushion a bit as the thicker dilator made its way slowly into her.

A keening sound replaced the purr and I pet her back consolingly, pressing the instrument in with only a gentle pressure so she could take it as slow as her body would allow. "That's it, girl… you're doing fine… Good girl," I droned. She made no move to get up apart from moving her left hindpaw some to spread her legs a bit more, presumably to adapt to the larger penetration. She even pushed back some herself as I eased up on the pressure. Soon it was completely within her and I started stroking it in and out like I'd done with the others. When it was fully in she relaxed and when the movement started the purr returned, along with an open-mouth panting. I smiled at the positive reaction. "You did very well… very well indeed," I commented as I pet her back. She refocused her eyes to seemingly smile at me in the mirror at my comment, then went back to her unfocused bliss, her tunnel gripping the toy every so often. She was well on her way to an orgasm.

I looked over to the other dilators there on the nightstand. The inch-and-three-quarters and two-inch ones were certainly too big for her right now… Dare I try the inch-and-a-half? The pressure wasn't that much for me to get this one into her but would the next one be too much?

I must have stopped moving the dilator inside her as I was thinking because before I knew it a tail bapped my face and I looked down to see the instrument half out of her and me just standing there. She was looking back at me with a questioning expression, as though asking "What's up? I'm not done yet, and neither are you." Her gaze passed to my partially erect phallus that was almost close enough to tap her tush. I chuckled as I looked back at her.

"Think you can try one more? I don't want to hurt you…" My expression was one of concern but apparently she didn't share it. She squeezed her muscles and pushed the stationary toy out of her, then looked forward, tailtip twitching in anticipation. When nothing happened right away, she looked back to me with an expression that could only be read as "come on, dammit. Just do it!" before she looked stratight forward once again.

Wasting no time, since she was clearly willing to try, I lubed the tapered plastic dilator that was an inch and a half diameter. Still smaller than my own shaft, but massive compared to what male cougars have to please their mates with. Spreading her lips once more, I put the tip to her and press gently. Again, her claws dig into the cloth and she keens some. It's quite a tight fit, and I'm somewhat surprised she's not jumping up from what must be internal discomfort at the very least. To my surprise, she shoves backwards, plunging something close to two inches into herself in one go, and roars out in reaction.

Quickly I withdraw the toy a fair bit, and see a couple streaks of red on the white plastic, but start thrusting it in and out, pressing firmly on each in-stroke as she alternates between keening and purring until it's completely within her. Once it was as deep as it was about to go into her body, she relaxed and I realized that I'd been holding my breath. Together we breathed a sigh of relief as her stretched inner muscles twitched spasmodically, causing the base to twitch and bob. I leaned over and kneaded from her neck down her spine to the bottom of her ribcage. "That was amazing, girl. That was VERY good."

She turned her head and I guided it to my face stretched myself an extra bit to kiss her. She seemed to smile and relax some as her insides adjusted to the massive object within her twitching twat. I leaned back a bit and started caressing her other rear opening.

In the mirror I could see her face take on an expression that could only be defined as a smile and she lay her head down some and hiked her tail high. I guided it up my chest to drape over my shoulder. This part of things was starting to be "old hat", so to speak, even though she enjoyed it a lot.

Feeling how loose she was from the earlier enema, I decided to skip the smallest two of the anal dilators and dipped the tip of the middle size in the puddled lubricant, knowing it wouldn't be too long. Her anus was puckering along with the twitching of her inner muscles as I put the bulb-like tip to her and eased it in. Apart from the purr getting louder when the larger diameter was stretching her sphincter, she gave no reaction and didn't even move. I wiggled the toy teasingly within her and her eyes closed to small slits and her smile seemed to grow larger.

There was an audible slurp as the toy exited her tailhole and the next took it's place. This one, an inch and three quarters in diameter at its largest, caused her to tense up a little as the largest diameter spread her widely. Wriggling it inside her like I had done with the other brought about a series of whole-pelvis clenches that squeezed both fleshtubes tight around the plastic penetralia within them. I then eased that one out of her as well. She raised her head and looked back at me as her slightly-stretched tailhole twitched in an erotic display of heightened arousal. The base of the vaginal dilator continuing to wobble as though her insides were milking the plastic "cock" inside her.

Her head shot up straight and her whole body tensed as I teased her some by popping the bulge of the last anal dilator – the two-inch one – into her with a single motion. She keened and then her tongue lolled a bit as her whole rear went into orgasmic spasm, clenching HARD on both toys, her whole abdomen going rigid repeatedly from the sexual stimulation, tail tense and tip twitching uncontrollably.

Here's where the female would usually roll and swat at a male, but for some reason she never thought to do that, and in fact remained firmly in place as I started stroking the vaginal toy in and out of her again, pinkish lube and girl-juice dribbling a little from the bottom of her tender opening. Using my right hand to wiggle the anal toy inside her as well, she went back to her panting bliss as clearly another orgasm started to build, given the periodic tightness of her twat tunnel.

I was now at full erection and, leaving the anal toy alone for a moment, grabbed for the tube of lube floating in the bucket. Her ears perked and eyes snapped open hearing the click of the tube's lid, but her eyes slitted again and she scrunched her nose as the scent hit her as the gel made a splut sound exiting its container onto my cockhead.

Having been in the hot water for warmth, I didn't have any problems with the first contact and quickly I was ready for action. Putting the tube aside I reached under her tail and gently removed the largest of the anal dilators from her stretched pink pucker. I put my gel-covered cockhead against it and pressed inwards. The whole thing brought no outward reaction from her, but for a slight change of facial expression and ear position. Inwardly, though, her rear seemed to try to suck my cock into it like a milking machine does a cow's teat. Once my glans popped in, her purring increased tenfold as my thickness stretched her back passage.

Being inside her just a couple inches, I started rocking my hips, thrusting deeper into her each time until my balls bopped the butt of the toy in her twat. Both tunnels twitching and trembling around their respective shafts. I can tell you without any doubt that it's such a unique experience, and a tender one, too. A being that could shred me without any meaningful effort at all not only willing to put up with sex outside her species, but seemed to WANT it, perhaps even CRAVE it, even if it meant discomfort or even perhaps abject pain.

Having let her tail fall to one side, I leaned over her and caressed down both her sides simultaneously while I remained buried deep within her back passage. I could feel her purring from both outside and inside. It was wholly unbelievable, even though we'd done parts of this a number of times before. Each time was something unique, something different, and even though in many ways the same, still something new and amazing as well.

She lifted her head and I held her gaze with the help of the mirror, me semi-laying atop her, cock being squeezed by her rectal muscles, the hardness of plastic easily felt below the thin barrier separating her tunnels… I started rocking my hips some, just a little. I don't think I was even moving an inch in and out as her expression spoke volumes without words. I felt the overwhelming need to kiss her deeply right then, and I would have had I been a foot taller or we had been positioned differently. I had to sate my love with just reaching forward around her neck and giving her a hug from the rear. She craned her head back as much as she could to try to rub it against mine in what could only have been an effort to return the affection.

After a few moments of that I slid back a bit and started working her in earnest. Again, her body tensed, including her paws and claws, but this time her neck stretched forward and her purring stepped up a couple notches in volume, her mouth agape, eyes wide open but unfocused as she seemed to be drawing a lot of pleasure from our coupling.

Internally she was squeezing tightly in both tunnels, and it sort of twitching or shivering in between the tight squeezes, as though she was building to a massive, body-shaking orgasm.

For my part, I wasn't just picking my nose, either. Her insides twitching, the feel of myself sliding slickly along her hot passage… I was getting closer and closer too.

She hit her climax first, roaring out loudly, causing the others in the yard to sound off as well, and gripped my cock with a tightness that seemed to want to pull it off of my body and keep it within her for all time. This readily triggered me to fire off within her, so I grabbed her hips tightly and shoved as deeply into her as I possibly could, shooting pulse after pulse of my seed up inside her, which seemed to cause her to double her efforts, twitching and squeezing all the more.

Again, she didn't leap away or roll to swat at me. She seemingly understood mating with me was far different from with a male cougar, for which I was thankful. Then agian, she had never been with a male cougar so perhaps didn't think it necessary at all.

She didn't object as I sort of rolled her to her side and laid down on the bed with her, still coupled and with her bent slightly archery-bow shaped to maintain the penetration. The butt of the toy in her vagina was against my pelvis and I could feel her still squeezing on both it and me as I cuddled her head towards mine and put a pillow beneath her, then my, heads to rest. Even though she would likely be horny again in an hour or so, she allowed us to stay laying like this even after I deflated and slipped out of her.

Together we snoozed for awhile, both minds awash in post-orgasmic bliss and the intimate love we shared.

"Thank you, Peaches, for such a wonderful evening."

She smiled back, lovingly, in mute reply.