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REFUGE OF LAST RESORT - © 2000 by Wotan

Times of late had not been good to Sarah. In the space of one week, she had had her third boyfriend of the year leave her for the new flavour of the month, her job had been made 'redundant', and she had written off her car on the way home from work four days ago On what would have been her third last day on the job. In her stress, anger, and worry about all that was happening to her, she had let her attention wander, where it magically seemed to find the City Bus that she broad-sided seconds later. In her only real stroke of luck, she had gotten out of her car pretty much in one piece, some cuts, and bruises aside, and a feeling that she had done some sort of insult to her left wrist, which ached horribly, but which the paramedics assured her was not broken. She didn't think of good luck as she looked at her former car that now resembled one of the beer cans that her last boyfriend used to crush on his forehead when he had had a few too many of said beers, she thought instead of her lack of luck.

Sad it is that sometimes in times of crisis, we cannot see the bigger picture. Eventually, after the hospital had finished with its poking, and prodding of her, Sarah managed to rent a Chrysler Neon short term, and made her way home, sore, tired, and sporting bandages in several places including her forehead. All Sarah wanted was a hot bath. Nothing more.

To her such a simple thing seemed like some sort of huge dream, almost unattainable.

* * *

In many other ways, the last seven years had been quite good to Ms. Sarah Cabrella. Always independent, always a doer, she had left home at eighteen, finished High School less than a year later, and had been accepted into a good Computer Sciences program at a relatively prestigious University. As a professional woman entering a male-dominated field, she had six employment offers before she had even received her Bachelor's degree, finally settling on an upstart Internet Company called Jode Infotech, which quite impressed her. And they paid her quite well for her position of 'Creative Consultant' A title she never quite figured out. But for the kind of money she was getting, she would never complain. Problem was that Jode Infotech committed the cardinal sin in the Infotech industry of trying to grow too far, too fast, building for itself a financial house of cards that was now starting to tumble. One of the first cards to fall being Sarah Cabrella.

However, before Sarah became redundant, careful handling of her money had enabled her to pay off her student loans within a year, and within three years she had been able to buy a fairly decent car (no longer, alas), and what she felt was her dream starter home.

The home was not all that large, and it needed work, which she was having done to it little by little, but the old farmhouse, though worn down a little had tugged at her, as had its wooded location in the foothills starting about ten kilometres from the city had. Her first realisation was the FRESHNESS of the air, and the quiet. The thirty three kilometer drive to work didn't bother her in the least. And she was truly happy here, sitting on the sagging verandah at night (which had new boards within six months), she could hear wildlife, bobcats, raccoons, and perhaps the odd bear, or even cougar. One idyllic, mist-shrouded morning, she had looked out her back window to see a herd of deer grazing on her back lawn, her asshole ex-boyfriend Harold scaring them away seconds later as he walked nude into the kitchen, letting a monstrous beer belch.

She may have dumped him right then and there if he hadn't found his fancy piece in the City less than a month later.

Oh, the bitter tears she had cried at his lies! And as the front tires of Sarah's rented Neon finally crunched on the gravel of her driveway, she realised that she didn't care anymore. To hell with him With ALL men for that matter! Right now the bath is the important thing.

* * *

Sarah walked through the back door of her house, and flicked on the lights. She sat on the refinished church pew that served as a place to sit in the hallway when whe removed, or put on her shoes. Sarah glanced at the stained glass windows that had just been installed two days prior. As she removed her shoes, looking at these windows, and the newly refinished hardwood floors beneath her feet; beholding her slowly unfolding dream, the very real possibility that she may soon lose this dream fell on her like a sack of potatoes, and at that all of her hurt, all of her pain came out of her as a flood, and she sunk to the floor, sobbing.

* * *

Reality forced her back after a little while. The fundamental truth for one who lives alone is that no one hears you No one feels your pain. You have to deal with it yourself. Eventually, she found herself in her bathroom of Italian tile, steam slowly rising from the bathtub, and she examined herself in the full length mirror. Apart from the bandages, the sunset bruises rising from her arms, legs, and trunk, she was quite an attractive woman. Not by the Kate Moss / Cindy Crawford standards of feminine beauty, but attractive nonetheless. Her long, curly black hair spilled over her shoulders, her olive skin without blemish leading to her full, firm breasts with their nipples the colour of café au lait, moving down to her slight Eve-like pot belly, and her triangle of womanhood beneath. Sarah idly touched her nipples, and even with everything else that had happened, this caused a bit of a shiver to run through her body She slipped into the hot, silky depths of the bath, and the shiver ran through her again, making her realise that she was more than a little horny. Her fingers found her secret places, and moments later, she sunk deep into the warm water with a sobbing sigh.

* * *

Much later, Sarah lay in her bed, and dreamed strange dreams of running free with the animals, with the cougars she heard from time to time Through the open windows a cold wind began to blow, trailing the curtains behind it. Sarah, sleeping the sleep of the just noticed it not, merely giving a sigh, and sinking deeper under the covers. Outside, rain began, some stray drops pattering to the floor of the bedroom, and the intruding noises incorporating themselves into her dreams of cougars, and bears, and the sight of a noble female cougar fighting for her life against a marauding bear that she caught in the process of eating her cubs. The screams, and snarls seeming incredibly real to her in her sleep. And a final banshee-like shriek, and then silence.

* * *

In the land of sleep, many times dreams can have many levels, and one ascends to a level that they think is wakefulness, only to find that it is another dream And sometimes still more levels before waking. Sarah felt herself ascend to a new level to find herself seemingly wakened in her bed to an intruding noise. Through her open, but unseeing eyes, she saw that her clock radio was annoyingly blinking 12:00 12:00 12:00 Goddamn power had gone out again!

And then the intruding noise again Something that sounded like a weak baby's cry, and a weak scratching from the direction of her back door. Sarah got up out of her bed, and walked towards the back door, naked, and with fear sending misty tendrils through her chest She got closer to the kitchen, and heard the noise again, a weak baby-like cry, and a weak scratch on the door. Sarah walked down the hallway, her unseeing eyes wide open, still somehow guiding her. Without the normal waking precautions that one might take in such a situation, she opened the door.

It was the blood she saw first. The small amount of light that pooled from the open door first showed her the wake of blood that trailed up the porch steps, across the new porch boards, and towards the door step. It was then that she looked down, and saw the mound of fur at her feet. Sarah must have made some sort of sound, because the mound of fur at her feet suddenly moved weakly, and a good-sized pair of quickly dimming yellow eyes looked at her. Wordlessly Sarah bent down, and stroked the animal, and then she slid her arms under the animal, and picked it up, not noticing how her back screamed at her as she did this, and she closed the door with her foot, and carried the animal into the kitchen. She tenderly laid it upon the floor, and she got a bucket of warm water, and a small dishrag, and she bent down over the animal, gently washing the blood away, inspecting it to see if any of the wounds were still bleeding. Fortunately, the worst had seemed to stop already, and as she tenderly ministered the animal, a weak, rumbling purr vibrated its frame, and a rough tongue like sandpaper licked her hands. Sarah moved lower on the animal, noticing first the swollen vulva, and then the nipples on its belly, bare of skin around them.

Sarah gave the animal a bowl of water, which it greedily, if weakly lapped at, before sinking its head to the floor, and passing out.

* * *

Sarah awoke to the full light of morning streaming through her window, and as she lay in bed, she noticed that she ached all over, and there seemed to be some sort of heaviness at her left side. Something that felt not quite natural She lifted her hand to find her glasses, and as her hand passed her face, she saw that it was red. Bright red. Sarah brought it closer to her face, and saw the smear of blood on the palm Heaviness still at her left side, Sarah cursed that she must have removed a bandage in her sleep Her hand found her glasses, put them on her face, and as her eyes adjusted, this same hand moved down to investigate the heaviness at her left side. The heaviness that now seemed to be weakly vibrating? Sarah's hand touched something furry Something furry, and LARGE. As she touched the large, weakly vibrating, furry heaviness at her left side, it moved, and then what felt like warm, wet sandpaper was dragged across the back of her hand.

Sarah was instantly wide awake, and she leapt out of her bed with a breathy hoot that tried hard to be a shriek She tangled in the blankets a little, and sprawled to the carpet, giving her back a bit of a sickening wrench in the process. Sarah laid on the floor for quite some time, it seemed, although it was in reality a little less than a minute. Perhaps waiting for a pounce that never materialised. Instead, with the morbid curiosity of a child, Sarah raised herself up on her elbows, ignoring her now aching back, and she peered over the edge of her bed.

Sarah found herself staring fully into the eyes of an adult cougar The cat made a weak meow, but did not move.

Sarah's dream of picking up the cat the night before came back to her with that, and she realised everything. And at that her fear turned to pity.

* * *

Slowly, gingerly, Sarah eased herself back onto her bed, and laid herself to the cougar, at the same time wondering just why she was doing this, and why she was taking these sorts of chances with a dangerous wild animal, and most importantly, how did this injured cougar end up here in the first place? Sarah gently stroked the cougar's side, eliciting a continuing weak purr that vibrated through the cat under her gentle hand, and as she once again saw the swollen nipples, she reached still further into her dreams from the night before, and realised that this cat had been rendered childless, and had sustained her injuries trying to protect her small family.

Sarah found her eyes leaking like a spring rain as she stroked the cat's velvety side, cooing 'You poor, poor darling'

The cat did her best to snuggle against Sarah, but she soon fell asleep like a stone, due to the sheer exhaustion, and nothing could, or would rouse her. Sarah got up from her bed, and saw the trail of blood drops leading from her kitchen to her bed, and she realised that this cat, this WILD animal had in all likelihood used up the last of its strength to seek her out for comfort last night. And Sarah felt pity wash over herself once again, and her own problems seemed still further away.

The first thing Sarah did before making herself breakfast was to get another bucket of warm water, and gently bathe the cougar's wounds again, and she then used the same water to wash the blood drops from the floor, and the larger blood trail from the back porch, and hallway. With that finished, she looked at the cat still sleeping on her bed, and pondered over a coffee about what to do now. Sarah wasn't sure if she were breaking any sort of law to have this cat here, and to be caring for it, and she wasn't sure if she should call a Veterinarian, or not.

In the end, though her human instincts railed against it, some more powerful voice told her not to call anyone.

Sarah went down to her basement, and she removed about fifteen pounds of good meat from her freezer, and she put it in the sink to thaw, hoping it would be enough, or that the cougar would even be able to eat it. That done, Sarah performed her mundane household chores, checking on the cat from time to time as morning turned to afternoon, and still the cat hadn't moved. With nothing else to do, Sarah lay on the living room couch, and read a book. Strangely enough, in all this time, not a single thought of her current situation, her lack of a job, of income, her failed love life entered her head at all. Her telephone never rang, and she never even considered turning on her computer to check for e-mails. Instead, her entire attention was diverted to the cat. The cat that continued to lay on the bed, dead to the World, drawing in her shallow breaths.

* * *

Around 4:00 PM, Sarah heard a rustling noise from her bedroom, and a moment later, the cougar came slowly limping into the living room. The cat looked at her for a moment, and gave a scratchy, weak meow, and continued into the kitchen, as if she wanted Sarah to follow. Sarah got up from the sofa, and she followed as the cat led her down the back hall, and looked at the back door expectantly. Wordlessly, Sarah opened the door, and watched as the cougar limped down the porch stairs, and relieved herself upon the back lawn as if she were a dog. Moments later, the cat struggled its way up the porch stairs, and limped towards the door, and promptly sinking to the kitchen floor, panting in pain.

Sarah kneeled over her, and gave her another pan of water, which the cougar drank from greedily this time, and some meat, which the cat merely nibbled at. It was at this time that Sarah knew the cougar would eventually heal. Whatever had brought her here, it appeared that she intended to stay for a while at least.

* * *

Over the next three days, the cat slowly, gradually gained some measure of strength back, and slowly regained her ease of movement as the gashes covering her slowly scabbed over, and began the process of healing. And every night, the cougar would join Sarah in her bed, indeed, she refused to sleep anywhere else, seemingly needing the comfort at this time. Sarah assumed that the cat would soon return to its woods, and Sarah would just have this wondrous experience to always remember Wondrous, now that she was sure that the cougar would survive, and that she would heal.

It was on the fourth night that the cougar's purrs, and licks became much stronger, and the cat actively rubbed against her soliciting attention. Sarah laid closer to the cat, and as she did, the cougar looked her directly in the eyes, and licked at her face. Sarah grinned, and said 'Oh, hon, you are so sweet.' As Sarah said this, the cougar licked Sarah's face again, and then pressed her nose against Sarah's lips, and blew a gentle, sniffing breath into Sara's open mouth.

Without realising it, Sarah sucked the cougar's warm breath into herself, and as soon as she did, she suddenly felt very weak, and faint, and everything around her lost definition for a moment, and then came back into focus. As it did, the cat meowed weakly at her again, but this time something was different about the sound. It was evolving to her ear somehow Almost as if words were forming within the sound

* * *

'Mrrrowr!. MrrrGive you giftrooowr! Mrrr My life you saved, I always grateful rrrowr!'

Sarah looked at the cougar, thunderstruck. She rubbed her eyes, not believing the information her ears just gave to her. 'Yuh yuh you can speak uhhhhh.'

The cougar looked at her again, and it meowed once more. 'Mrrowr This surprises you? We all can speak. It is you who hear us not. Humans lose ears to hear, and soon we no longer friends, no trust. Only one man I ever trust, he gone now. My mate gone now, kittens gone You help me, I give gift, give back ears, give back mouth. Special gift for special woman. So tired, must sleep nrrrrow!' The cougar licked Sarah again, and gently purring, she drifted off to her stone-like sleep once more. Sarah stripped off her clothing again, and she lay next to the cougar, falling asleep with her warmth against that of the cat. As Sarah slept, her breathing seemed to catch in her throat, and then to vibrate Slowly, surely, impossibly, a quiet purring began to emanate from Sarah's throat, growing slowly louder to compliment that of the cougar as both slept.

* * *

In her sleeping state, Sarah, and the cougar were not silent, but were within each other's dreams, and Sarah saw, and felt what the cougar felt, was with her when she was strong, and now in body while she was weak. And she learned the cougar's self-name was Gemari.

* * *

The passing days quickly turned into two weeks, Gemari healing, and growing stronger, and Sarah left the property but once; venturing into Town to buy herself, and Gemari some groceries, pay a few bills, and mull over her savings which were now melting away like spring snow. Yet none of this really mattered, did it? The whole time Sarah did her mundane, HUMAN things in the town, she ached to be with Gemari again. To soon see her in health

Two weeks had passed, and Gemari seemed to have no intention of leaving her home, still sleeping on her bed, and truthfully, Sarah had grown to love her To love her with a love that was deeper than that she had ever possessed for any human, even her own parents. This particular evening, Sarah came inside from tending her small vegetable patch, and Gemari lay on the back porch. Gemari stood up, and stretched as Sarah mounted the porch steps, giving a simple 'hello' meow, and rubbing Sarah's legs, purring. Sarah's own throat caught, her purring in return at once (she had learned to get used to this strangeness by now, and quite enjoyed it, to be honest). Other changes had occurred with her as well, though they were a little less noticeable, even to her Her senses of hearing, smell, and sight had improved, and she seemed more agile, and fit than she had ever been. She also half noticed that her teeth had perhaps become a little sharper than she was used to, and a strange, phantom ache, and itching in her lower back None of these things were yet at any sort of level to cause her alarm, though.

Gemari rubbed against Sarah, and some thing, some strange smell that she could not place reached her attuned nostrils, and Sarah felt as if a bolt of electricity travelled her spine She felt ALIVE.

* * *

She entered the house, and she removed her clothing in the bedroom (first washing the dirt off her hands in the bathroom), Sarah having the full intention of a warm bath. Gemari padded silently behind her, rubbing against her now naked legs, and then laying upon the floor. Gemari looked up at her.

"Mrrrow! Cuddle me I want hugs."

Obligingly, Sarah sunk to the floor, and laid next to Gemari, snuggling the velvety cougar fur, Gemari instantly purring, and Sarah purring in answer, the itching in her lower back becoming more intense at the same time, but Sarah barely noticing it.

"Mrrrowr! Good woman, special woman My love" Gemari licked at Sarah's face, and without thinking, Sarah licked Gemari's face in return, not noticing her tastebuds being more prominent than was normal for any human In the mingled chorus of their purrs, Sarah licked Gemari's cold, wet pink nose, then her black lips, and then around her awesome canine teeth. Sarah, still purring, itches, and aches throughout her body becoming more maddening all the while, Sarah licked, and nibbled at the back of Gemari's neck, Gemari shuddering under her, and suddenly moving slightly forward, lifting her back end, and turning her tail to one side. The smell that Sarah had noticed earlier suddenly assailed her nostrils, and she found that it held great interest for her, and was exotic, and intoxicating. Almost helpless to stop herself, she found herself gently sticking her face under Gemari's tail, as Gemari purred still louder, and slightly treaded with her back legs.

Sarah first sniffed at Gemari's earthy-smelling anus, and then lower to her swollen vulva, glistening, and moist, and source of the exotic, tantalising smells. Sarah felt as if goosebumps suddenly sprouted over her entire body, but did not see, or notice the tawny hairs sprouting from these supposed goosebumps Still helpless to stop herself, Sarah began licking at Gemari's vulva, shivers, and chills coursing through her purring, changing body. As Sara's tongue entered Gemari's warm, silky depths, her nose filled with the intoxicating musk of Gemari's heat, and the wondrous taste of her essence, all other thoughts drifted away.

And as the two lovers laid in each other's embrace, Sarah's body began to change more rapidly, a tail suddenly protruding itself from her lower back, more tawny fur sprouting, and growing in all over her back, her arms, and legs, and her still human vulva moist, and glistening. The nipples of her still human breasts were straining, and erect as her hands which were quickly becoming paws gently fondled them, making her purring hitch from time to time.

Suddenly, Gemari pulled away from Sarah as Sara's tongue suddenly became too rough to be comfortable, and erotic to her any longer. Gemari looked at Sarah with sensuous eyes. 'Rrrowr! Want kittens. Want you to give me kittens' Sarah, not quite fathoming Gemari replied:

"Rrrrowr! I can't give them to you, hon"

"RrrrrOh!, but you can I give you one more gift"

As Gemari said this last, Sarah felt a strange sensation deep within her womanly parts, without thinking of it, she did what was seemingly impossible for a human to do, and she lifted her back leg behind her head, and began to lick at her hard clitoris, and moist pussy, shivering at the electricity that passed as she did. As Sarah gently licked at her tingling, itching clitoris, she felt it lengthen under her tongue, and she nonchalantly flicked her new tail at the new sensation.

Her clitoris lengthened, and tapered until it was about the same thickness as her pinky finger, but a little longer, and underneath it, the lips of her vagina bulged out a little, the hair around her pussy turning from curly black to tawny, and velvety Her vagina closed up, and formed itself into a scrotum, which soon filled with the heavy warmness of two testicles, and Sarah licked her new, erect cougar penis, as a small sheath also formed at its base. Finally the changes were complete, and Sarah would have licked at her new penis a little longer still, but she felt a paw on her back.

'Rrrrowr! Want kittens! Give me kittens!'

Sarah came back to reality, and stated with wonder in her new cougar voice, human words being far more difficult for her to make now 'You made me male!'

'And a beautiful male too, Saroth. Mate with me'

* * *

Not sure what he was to do, Saroth nevertheless found himself getting up, and stepping over Gemari's body, as Gemari arched her back end upwards, and again turned her tail to the side. Under Saroth's body, his penis strained forward like an accusing finger, drops of watery pre-ejaculate spilling from the pointed tip.

Saroth found himself hunching his back legs, and his hips, and he sighed a little as he gently started to thrust, feeling the tip of his penis touch Gemari's back end, and Gemari shift a little underneath him to bring him into line. At the same time, a low, raspy yowl started in Gemari's throat, sharpening a little more, the closer the tip of Saroth's penis came to her vulva. Saroth heard, and felt her cries beneath him, and they too helped to guide him and a few seconds later, he had an impression of moist warmth as the tip of his penis snagged on Gemari's vulva, and her gravelly yowl beneath him sharpened a little.

Saroth felt the tingling of an orgasm approaching through his entire being, as a far off freight train that can be heard for miles across the desert. Saroth gasped a little as the tip of his penis entered the warm wetness of Gemari's honeypot that suddenly seemed to pulse under the head of his penis, almost trying to draw it in. The tip of Saroth's penis touched Gemari's clitoris, causing her vulva to pulse more strongly still, and causing her yowl to ascend to a scream as her own orgasm started to build beneath him. And with this, Saroth lost all control he may have had, and he suddenly jabbed forward, thrusting his pointed cougar penis in to the hilt, his orgasm exploding through him like an H-Bomb. Beneath him, as Saroth rammed in his penis, running its entire length over Gemari's clitoris, her own orgasm ripped through her, causing her voice to raise into a raspy shriek, and she squeezed her eyes shut, and pushed her whiskers forward in her ecstasy, her vagina pulsing harder on Saroth's penis dancing deep within her as it sprayed its load of warm, watery cougar semen deep within her Gemari could feel his warm seed patter against her cervix, as her vagina tried to milk every drop from his penis it could get. And above her, finally Saroth leaped away from her with a small snarl, and a hiss, the last drops of semen pattering against her rear end Gemari snarled a little, and swatted at him. She rolled a few times as her orgasm died down, and then she lifted her back leg behind her head, tasting, and smelling Saroth's semen mixed with her own essence, and the new life soon to grow within her.

* * *

Saroth lay a short way away, his own back leg behind his head as his still erect penis retreated to its sheath. After a few moments, Gemari got up, and walked over to him, purring with supreme bliss, and satisfaction.

"Good mate beautiful mate" She licked the furry back of his neck, sending chills through him again, and she lay next to him, and they groomed, and cuddled each other.

Within fifteen minutes, Gemari again rose into her mating position, for which Saroth needed no further encouragement.

* * *

They didn't stop mating for the next four days, until finally Gemari's heat died away as the first of Saroth's sperm took hold, and she caught pregnant. Finally, Saroth collapsed on the bed that had been his as a human woman ages, eons ago. And he slept. Slept as a stone for three days. As he slept, Gemari figured out how to open the back door, and she left to hunt.

* * *

Sarah awoke on the third morning, and the first thing she did was to put her hand in front of her eyes And she was somewhat saddened to see that it was again human, and almost hairless. The first thing she did was to look for Gemari, but she was nowhere to be found. And yet somehow, Sarah knew that she would be back.

She did her mundane human chores, what little there was to do, and then for no reason in particular, she turned on her computer. And it was then she had an idea that stunned her in its simplicity Why could she not use her skills, and experience to start her own freelance web page design? Why indeed not?

Inspired, she got to work, typing, making phonecalls, and barely noticing the scratch on the back door some time later. The scratching was repeated, a little louder, and Sarah got up, and let her mate in. Her mate that was full of life, and energy.

Gemari raised herself onto her hind paws, and she wrapped her front paws around Sarah's shoulders, and proceeded to lick her face, Sarah responding with licks of her own, not noticing the hairs once again sprouting all over her body. Gemari stared into her eyes with love shining from her own. 'My mate, my love Soon you learn to control your change'

And as Saroth cuddled his mate, he put his head against Gemari's belly, and their brood growing within, and he reflected on all he knew as both Sarah, and Saroth, and he felt at peace.