Tame Camp
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Tame camp

"The animals are tame," the native guide told Sally. "They don't hurt you if you don't try to hurt them."

How does that happen? How do lions, and hyenas and other creatures become so safe to touch that the camp can advertise them as "tame?"

She found out. The camp consisted of a dozen connected campsites, each far enough from the others that a screen of vegetation offered some privacy. Trips to Africa are not cheap. She made the most of this one. After a long hike with the guide and other tourists Sally returned to the camp, washed herself briefly under a warm camp shower, and stretched out atop her sleeping bag. She dragged it, and its thin foam pad, out of the tent and was sunbathing face down when the lion appeared.

She didn't know that lying naked in the open was a common thing at this camp. Or that the local wildlife, much more experienced in these matter than herself, had learned that this was an invitation.

So silent was the great cat that her first indication he was there was a sandpaper wash of tongue on her ass. Sally yelped and looked over her shoulder. Impassive amber eyes framed by a magnificent mane looked back at her. Sally froze.

She was naked. There was nothing between her and the lion. It could kill her with one swipe of its claws or one bite. Instead its muzzle dipped and the tongue tasted her again.

"Oh g-g-g-God." The lion went right for her pussy and its powerful tongue was like a rasp, scraping over her delicate sex. It felt like nothing she'd ever felt. And it felt good. Back home, her boyfriend Carl – he couldn't get time off work or the money to join her on this once in a lifetime trip – wouldn't put his tongue there. The lion was not so restrained. Another long wash of its tongue and Sally's toes curled.

Instinctively she spread her legs, wanting more. Shaggy mane brushed her ass, then her back as it stepped up over her instead. Muscular haunches straddled her hips as he got into position. She had only a few seconds to react and still dazed by the sandpaper tongue she didn't realize what was happening until it was too late.

a lion surprise for SallyA lion atop a human should by all rights not know what he was doing. This lion did. A feral growl rumbled out of his barrel chest as he mounted and suddenly Sally was full of lion.

"G-god!" He wasn't any bigger than Carl, maybe not even as big, but she was so horny she didn't care. And on his first back stroke she learned why alley cats yowl in the night. Sally yelped as the lion's barbs dragged along the sides of her vagina. It hurt. It hurt again and again as the lion went to work. It was too late to protest. Four hundred pounds of lion had her pinned to the sleeping bag and fangs grazed her neck as its barbed cock pistoned in and out.

It was noisy. The lion growled, Sally yelped. The campers at the next site heard what was going on. No one showed up to see what was happening. They already knew. The animals here weren't 'tame'. They just knew what they wanted and that they didn't need to hurt people to get it.

Thankfully the lion was quick. Less than a minute after entering her he snarled. He arched atop her as his lashing tail whipped her legs, then suddenly dismounted. With a last stab of pain her pussy was empty of lion, unless you counted his semen. He'd definitely left that behind.

Sally watched wide-eyed as the lion sprawled out next to her, reaching out a carefully claws-hidden paw. It was so huge, so powerful, but its rough pawpaws were gentle on her breasts. Playful.

Having sex with a lion hurt. But just the same, he radiated sexuality. Tawny, demanding sexuality. The great muscles of his forelegs pulled her close and a sandpaper wash of tongue caressed her nipple. He could have a meal of her right here and she couldn't stop him. Instead he just licked. He didn't want a meal. He just wanted her.

Each pride of lions only has one or two males, she remembered. Younger males are driven away as they mature. Most lions never get a chance to mate. Only the toughest and the strongest get to bed lionesses.

And that was what the camp was for, she realized. The animals were 'tame' because they were horny. By being nice, they got what they wanted from a succession of tourists. She was probably the only one who didn't know what was going on when she came here. That's what she got for not reading the fine print.

It wasn't just lions. A footfall caused her to turn and past the shaggy mane she saw a spotted hide. The hyena stepped into view and she saw his unsheathed cock. He'd been watching her fuck the cat and was horny too. He was hung bigger than the lion, at least as big as Carl.

The lion didn't care that his lifelong enemy was here. The camp was a place of truce. He was still licking her breasts when the hyena stepped forward and straddled her hips. Erect hyena slid into her and this time Sally pushed back against him as he mounted. No barbs this time, but tight. She was wet enough that it made no difference. She didn't care it was a beast mounting her any more than the hyena cared about getting the lion's sloppy seconds. Sex was everything.

As the hyena began to hump the lion reached out a massive paw and pushed. The hyena's forepaws went around her as it lost its balance. It held on, not even pulling out as it went over on its side. Sally ended up on top, rough hyena pawpads rubbing her back as she bounced in his lap. The hyena looked up at her and giggled.

The average male hyena gets even less action than the average lion. The females are in charge, she remembered. They only mated with a male if they chose to do so. Bigger and stronger, they had their choice of submissive males.

This male was making the best of his encounter with a less dominant female. Hyena cock at least as large as Carl's moved through her pussy. Lying on his back, he was still humping. Soon she'd be full of hyena cum. That should disgust her, but she was as horny as he was.

That was the way of this camp, she learned. An animal would show up, see you are willing, and it would happen. Sometimes female animals showed up too, but mostly it was males. And they were not picky. A horny lion would fuck a man just as happily as it would a woman. A giraffe doesn't care what gender of mouth is wrapped around its cock. Once you venture outside your own species, everything was fair game.

She was bouncing in the hyena's lap when the brush of mane against her back told her the lion wasn't just watching any more. A forepaw the size of her head pulled her against the lion's shaggy chest as it stepped forward.

She had a moment to resist, and the lion might even have let go if she had. She didn't, and then it was too late to argue. Sally yelped as the lion's barbed tip found her asshole. She was pinned between two furry chests, each moving as they thrust.

The lion growled, the hyena giggled. Sally yelped and moaned, stuffed full of two animal cocks at once. Bit by big she got used to the pain. A lion's cock is not a cheese grater. Those barbs won't rip you open, merely sting. Even when its up your ass, it turns out.

A rumble built up in the lion's chest and the hyena gripped her hips, thrusting up against her. Each was at the camp looking for just this sort of encounter. Each was about to cum, the lion for the second time in ten minutes.

The sound Sally let out then was heard at the far end of the camp. It was almost growled out by a coughing roar and a triumphant hyena cackle. Each got what they'd hoped for when they walked into the camp. And though she hadn't known what she was up for when she booked the trip, at that moment, so did Sally.