The Adventures of Lucy and Tharion - Chapter 01
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The Adventures of Lucy and Tharion - Chapter 01

Lucy cringed and froze in place after a small, dry branch below her right foot cracked quite loudly. "Damn it," she thought and looked up worried, cursing her clumsiness. The three giggling night elf girls she was following since they had left Darnassus about fifteen minutes ago had just reached a hidden clearing deep in the forest, but whispering nonstop to each other obviously didn't recognize their tiny gnomish stalker. Lucy fixed her long black ponytail nervously and took cover behind a nearby bush as quietly as she could since the elves seemed to have reached their destination. To Lucy's huge disappointment the elves were talking in their own language which Lucy couldn't understand, but at least the rumors that had made her follow them in the first place appeared to be true, as the two slightly taller elves started to undress the shorter and apparently younger third one who suddenly seemed to be almost as nervous as the nearby hidden gnome watching them carefully.

Since Lucy had accidentally stumbled across a night elf couple some weeks ago and got to witness the noble male bending the immaculately beautiful woman over a table, fucking her furiously in a way the gnome had never imagined elves would be capable of, she was quite obsessed with elves. Thus Lucy was giving it a try when other gnomes claimed that at dusk elves would be doing nasty things in this very forest. Consequently she was now cowering here, breathing fast as she watched the taller two elves eventually undressing too and guiding the younger one to a low stump in the middle of the clearing dimly lit by the setting sun.

"This is going to be interesting,"

Lucy thought, smiling wickedly. She was not completely sure why night elves were suddenly arousing her so easily, yet she was enjoying the show with great pleasure. Crawling carefully a tiny bit forward inside her hiding bush, Lucy was watching the young elf girl being lain down with her back on the stump, the silhouette of her small breasts being drawn against the dark trees behind the scene clearly visible for Lucy. Lucy gasped when the other two elves knelt down — one at the head side kissing the lying girl softly on the lips and caressing the small breasts with her fingers, and the other between the lying girl's thighs, kissing her belly.

Lucy was breathing heavily and took her robe off, cowering there only in her underwear. The evening was warm enough and the gnome started to feel quite hot anyway.

"Oh yeah! Do her, nasty elves. Make her moan,"

Lucy whispered to herself although she would have preferred a male elf joining the party. But even without one it was incredibly exciting to watch. Lucy was mesmerized and her right hand went slowly down to her panties.

She didn't see it coming at all and there was not the slightest noise to be heard, when all of a sudden a huge animal charged her from behind and knocked her down flat on the ground. A black furry paw with sharp claws held her down in place firmly and whimpering completely terrified she felt the panther's furious breath in her neck. It was hard to believe the elves didn't notice something like that happening nearby, but obviously they didn't care so much at the moment. The lying elf had started to pant intensely and Lucy would have loved to see the reason if she wasn't expecting being clawed and probably torn apart any moment. She closed her eyes and held her breath for what seemed to be an eternity, but the panther didn't hurt her at all. It even seemed like the animal was watching the elves as well, since the huge cat's panting started to sound somewhat excited and the pressure from the huge strong paw in her back reduced noticeably. Very slowly Lucy turned her head to catch a glimpse of her attacker and to her great surprise the huge panther had the marks of the druids in its fur and in its eyes this unique, bright elfish glow.

She took a deep breath in relief for she was quite sure night elf druids wouldn't kill gnomes even when they caught them in such … circumstances. Since the druid didn't show any signs of releasing her from her quite uncomfortable position soon she cleared her throat and whispered,

"Excuse me, Mr. Druid. Could you perhaps consider climbing down? You're quite heavy and… you know… I have done nothing wrong!"

while she tried to sound very convincing especially with her last sentence. For some seconds the druid didn't react at all, apparently still watching the three elf girls ahead. Then he looked slowly down on Lucy, smiled with his sharp teeth exposed and finally stepped aside. Lucy sat up, straightened her ponytail and examined the panther curiously. She felt a little uncomfortable sitting next to him only wearing underwear, but had to admit: This feral-druid looked awesome. She was already about to talk to him again, hoping he might change into a shape allowing him to communicate, when she finally saw something under his furry belly between his strong hind legs: Glowing wet and in deep red color there was undeniably a huge, swollen feline cock. She stared at the dripping pointy tip completely stunned and wide-eyed. When the druid at last recognized what she had discovered he quickly shifted into his night elf form and smiled cheekily. Now in the shape of an elf he was wearing a dark silken robe and had long dark-blue hair. If Lucy didn't know that he had been a very aroused cat only seconds ago, she could have assumed he was the most modest elf on whole Teldrassil by his innocent look. Probably trying to distract Lucy from what she saw, he whispered immediately:

"So… you did nothing wrong? I suppose, you just accidently stumbled half-naked across those three elves over there and didn't even remotely plan to watch how the older ones teach their little sister to be a good girl, right?"

As expected, Lucy needed some time to completely understand what he was telling her. Slowly she turned around toward where she believed the three elves should still be playing with each other, muttering puzzled, "Those are sisters? Really? I mean… literally sisters?"

As if somebody had turned the sound on again, Lucy heard who was according to the druid the youngest of those three sisters moaning loudly, while sister number two was licking and fingering her pussy with great pleasure. The third elf girl was nowhere to be found at the moment. The druid giggled naughtily and put his right hand onto Lucy's shoulder from behind.

"Oh, sure they are. You have no idea what this place is about, right? Elves — and especially elfish women — go here regularly to get some very special treatment. And it seems like this cute little girl over there has been brought here by her older sisters to have a first try with this very treatment." The druid smiled when Lucy turned back toward him, staring in disbelief.

"By the way: My name is Tharion. And which gnome would happen to be here, watching my people without permission and according to your cloth — or should I say 'lack of cloth' — amusing herself shamelessly?"

Lucy looked at the elf's hand on her shoulder and back up into his face thinking briefly about a flimsy excuse but in the end decided to try a different approach:

"My name is Lucy and … come on, Tharion! I'm not the one of us sitting here as an animal with a huge boner thinking about fucking a cute innocent… I mean probably somehow still innocent… elf girl. That's disgusting and they would never let you do such a thing!"

Tharion seemed to be really impressed by her reaction and to Lucy's surprise started caressing her shoulder tenderly with his hand.

"Excuse me; you are right about the panther. But I fear I have to disagree with your last conclusion. Look over there, the third sister is back."

Lucy briefly thought about pushing his hand away but turned around instead to see what he was talking about; and at first she couldn't believe what she saw. The second elf girl that had been playing with her little sister's pussy all the time was now standing directly behind her lying sister's head holding her firmly in place, talking calmingly. The third sister had just come back and brought with her one of those gigantic wild cats that were living in these forests. It was not very hard to guess where this would be going and Lucy gasped in a combination of shock and excitement. Sure, there were rumors about elves having a "very close relationship" to nature and especially nature's furry creatures, but witnessing it first-hand was quite a different story. Tharion, even though still in his elfish shape, started to purr like a cat again.

"Don't worry, she is old enough and they even made sure her pussy is wet and somewhat stretched. I've seen girls do way nastier things here. And believe me, she will love it. All our girls do."

Lucy held her breath as the huge cat immediately mounted the shaking girl, placing its forepaws behind her shoulders on the stump. Although the sun had gone down minutes ago the moonlight enlightened the scene well enough for Lucy to see the cat's huge cock stabbing furiously between the petrified girl's thighs trying in vain to find his tiny kitten's pussy to mate. But the wild animal didn't have to aim for very much longer. The smiling elf kneeling next to his side carefully grabbed his cock and guided it into her little sister's tight cunt. The cat growled lustfully and with a hard thrust forced his cock deep into the crying elf.

This surely was a view most male elves would have enjoyed greatly, but at the moment Tharion was not watching the animal mating the still screaming elf at all. He had seen a lot of these naughty games before, although usually he was the feline participant. Instead this time his eyes were fixed on the gnome sitting in front of him – curious about her reaction. To his great pleasure Lucy once more stared mesmerized at the now ferocious scene panting silently. This little gnome was clearly aroused by what she saw and even spread her legs intuitively a little bit. Tharion smiled, put his right hand around her waist to sit her down on his lap and without even asking started caressing her belly and little breasts, while whispering seductively:

"His huge cock is still swelling inside of her, stretching her even further and filling her slowly with warm sticky animal pre-cum. Can you imagine how awesome she must feel right now, being his tight kitty in heat longing for being inseminated by her strong male?"

Catching a short glimpse of the orgy ahead he had to gasp as well. This cat did a good job pounding the little night elf unceasingly. She was still screaming with every brutal thrust but seemed to be quite passionate by now. Even her naughty sisters were enjoying themselves greatly, encouraging the wild animal to do her faster and deeper – one of them even petting the cat's furry balls.

Lucy was moaning in a low voice. This elf knew how to make her horny and at this very moment she would have done a lot to get her soaking wet little pussy stuffed. Unfortunately a full-grown elf couldn't meet her needs appropriately. Although gnomish pussies were far more flexible than one would assume, she had seen elfish cocks and they were well beyond her capacity. As if he had guessed her thoughts his large hand went slowly down inside her panties and Lucy immediately spread her thighs whispering,

"Don't stop, Tharion. You won't break me, don't worry,"

while watching the cat after countless brutal thrusts now lying calmly on the little elf's severely twitching body, his cock still buried balls-deep inside of her. Purring with pleasure he was probably filling her up with his seed right now to make sure she got pregnant — at least if she was of his species.

"But why should a cat care as long as the female was tight and wet? And why should SHE care about Tharion being an elf?"

Lucy thought shortly before one of his fingers slid into her pussy stretching her little hole desperately longing for attention carefully and drawing a lustful cry from her lips. Tharion was still purring while pushing his long finger slowly deeper into the moaning gnome. Lucy was as tight as expected considering her size, but nevertheless her cute little cunt stretched surprisingly well and was unbelievably wet and hot. Moving his finger passionately back and forth he whispered in a trembling voice:

"Remember, Lucy, you owe me something. If it wasn't for you I would have been mating with the cute little elf instead of this other wild cat. You know what I mean?"

Lucy wasn't sure if she completely understood but at this very moment she didn't care too much. She had closed her eyes and, breathing heavily, was deeply enjoying the treatment her pussy was getting. Finally, after thinking about an appropriate answer, she moaned,

"Oh, just undress and we will see what I can do to compensate you for your losses,"

turning her head to Tharion and licking her lips provokingly.

Tharion smiled meaningfully, withdrew his finger carefully from Lucy's pussy and sat her down on the ground facing him.

"And I thought you had already guessed which kind of play I favor most. It's completely your choice HOW you satisfy me; but don't expect me to be in this shape. To be honest: I avoid it as much as I can usually. And no excuses! I was here when you were watching them – I know you'll like me furry."

And with these for at least some time last words from him, Tharion changed back into the gorgeous panther, purring softly and smiling with his sharp fangs exposed. Slowly he came close to the still sitting gnome and started licking her stiff nipples with his warm, long tongue.

Lucy was staring at him, breathing heavily. Very slowly she reached out with her right hand and started to pet the fur behind his ears. It was wonderful! It felt like warm velvet and Lucy couldn't resist thinking about how great it must feel to cuddle up to his belly completely naked.

What was she doing here? Sure, she could try to convince herself he was technically still an elf. But to be honest: She was about to touch an animal cock and who knew what would happen next? With a dirty smile she kissed him on his head and sat down next to his right flank. His big feline cock was fully swollen already and coated with pre-cum. She examined it carefully: The tip was small and pointy, but the diameter grew almost as large as her forearm's shortly behind. Yet his cock was significantly smaller than this wild cat's she saw moments ago – perhaps even small enough for her?

What was she thinking… Lucy blushed, but her wet pussy shivered for a short moment. Carefully she touched his huge member with her right hand. As expected the panther's cock felt wet, warm and was very hard. With great caution not to hurt Tharion she started stroking it, holding her breath with excitement. Its surface was a little rough and the tip started dripping immediately. The strange sweet scent was quite arousing as well and giggling naughtily she began to jerk him off with both hands gripping his cock strongly.

Tharion was whining like a fearful little kitten, scratching franticly with his claws in the forest's soil. Lucy was doing her job way better than he could have imagined. With his eyes closed, shaking and drooling he was at Lucy's mercy. Soon he would cum, oh yes… if she only kept on…

But she didn't. Whining pitifully he opened his glowing eyes to see why she stopped. Right in front of him there was Lucy, crawling now completely naked on all fours and purring almost like a female cat. With a venomous smile she looked at him and whispered:

"I thought you would perhaps like to show me how this elfish girl felt. You sounded quite convincing when you described how she loved what the cat was doing to her."

Tharion froze in place for a moment staring in quick succession at Lucy's face and inviting backside. This tiny gnome had to be crazy! She wouldn't want a huge panther to mount her, would she? Yet there she raised her cute little butt and he could smell her wet pussy. And why on Azeroth couldn't she stop purring like that? Instinctively he stepped behind her. With her thighs being spread he could see the tight little hole between her small inner lips still standing slightly open and shining wet.

Lucy had finally decided that she didn't care if she couldn't walk for the next few days or whatever. This was by far the most perverted thing she had ever done. And now, since she had gone this far, she would stay the course no matter what.

"Come on, my strong male. Time to mate!"

This was too much provocation for an aroused animal. Tharion growled in a deep voice and climbed on Lucy's back. He could move his body on top of hers with ease and even without pushing her down, since she was so tiny. Lucy was held in place between his hind legs behind her thighs and his forepaws in front of her shoulders. Tharion panted excitedly, but was still trying to keep control:

"Perhaps he could stick his cock at least a little bit inside the gnome? Just a touch so that she got what she wanted but he didn't hurt her too much? Horny as he was it would be surely enough for him to cum. Oh yes… this tight gnomish pussy had to be filled up generously."

Although Lucy was considerably smaller than his usual females, his plentiful practice in fucking elves helped him finding the right spot instantly. As careful as possible for an aroused cat he slid the small tip of his cock into Lucy's tight pussy, making the gnome moan loudly. Her pussy felt even tighter than he had imagined, yet it stretched surprisingly easily. Pulling back slowly he panted heavily.

"Just a little deeper, yes,"

he thought, pushing his strong hips forward way harder than he had planned, forcing half of his gigantic cock into Lucy. Her lustful cry crawled into his ferocious mind, and instantly his animalistic instincts took control: He started pounding the tiny gnome mercilessly.

Plentiful practice in fucking elves...Lucy was shaking ever since he had trapped her between his legs. But she had known before that there was no way to get away once the panther had started doing what nature demanded. And how he did! With every hard thrust he pushed his huge cock deeper into her pussy, stretching her further than anybody had done ever before. The rough surface of his cock stimulated her pussy in addition to his mere diameter! She could even feel his pre-cum running inside unceasingly and lubing her up, although her pussy was dripping wet anyway. It was vicious, it was dirty! But she loved every deep thrust even though the tip of his cock was eventually pushing somewhat painfully against her cervix.

Short of breath she was moaning and panting patheticly, when suddenly there were lots of footsteps nearby – the three night elf girls were on their way back to Darnassus. Tharion was looking up briefly and growled; he would not let anyone interfere here. But the elves were just passing by, giggling and even mocking Lucy in the human language that Lucy could understand:

"Having fun, little girl? Hope your druid won't kill you. Don't worry, he will be done soon. He is already drooling on your hair."

Tharion growled again, this time sounding really threatening. He even tried to claw one of the girls with a fast strike with his left forepaw, missing her only slightly. Nobody would hurt Lucy, she was his female and he would protect her! Yet he didn't stop pounding his gnome's pussy violently in the meantime – by now forcing his huge member so deep into her trembling cunt that with every thrust his furry balls were slapping against her swollen clit.

Lucy was short of breath – this treatment was far beyond imagination and with one really wild thrust she finally came, screaming loudly. Her whole body was shaking and her well-stretched cunt clenched forcefully around her furry lover's cock.

This was by far too much for Tharion. He pushed his huge member as deep as possible into her pussy, forcing the pointy tip once more a little bit into her cervix. Sealing her cunt off completely with his even more swelling cock, he came – panting and shaking as well. Huge amounts of hot, sticky animal-cum were forced directly into Lucy's womb with high pressure. This was well needed to successfully inseminate female cats, but for Lucy it was just another pleasant surprise. She grabbed his forelegs with her hands and a cute little sigh escaped her lips while she felt being inflated.

Tharion was still shaking when his balls were empty, his dick still buried completely inside his trembling and panting kitty. Only very slowly the elf hidden deep in his bestial mind got back control and Tharion had to smile. Lucy was unbelievable! He just hoped that he hadn't hurt her severely. Carefully he tried to pull his still swollen cock out of his kitty, but Lucy held his forelegs in place and whispered completely exhausted,

"Please don't go away! Stay with me, Tharion."

He wouldn't go away, that was sure. Licking her neck carefully he kept his dripping, slowly shrinking member inside Lucy's pussy for several more minutes. When he eventually pulled out, her pussy had already tightened again so far that to her great pleasure most of his kitty-seed was kept deep inside her womb. Lucy cuddled up to his warm, soft fur still naked, breathing slowly and smiling happily. Tharion put one of his forepaws gently around her body to keep her warm and safe, for the nights on Teldrassil could get quite cold at the moment, and he would protect her against any harm.

She was his kitty.