Barbara - Chapter 1 to 5
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The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read this, then Don’t Read It.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This book is being posted now, in spite of the fact that Kathy Carlson is not yet complete. I had intended to add three chapters or so to Kathy, but that’s not the way it worked out. It’s long and getting longer. At any rate, here is another book that - hopefully - will tide you over.

Barbara Copyright © By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically written eight years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete references. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with it; it’s too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and in time follows Cynthia Martin by about 5 years. Because of the fact that there are other stories that overlap in time, some readers may find references to events they’ve never heard of. With luck, you eventually will.

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Chapter 1

It was Tuesday and only the second day of classes for Tom Conroy.

After four months alone with Marie it seemed strange to be around so many people again, particularly since they had been off the island for less than a week. In fact, he thought with amusement, he had only managed to get a haircut the day before on his way to school.

He had an afternoon class on environmental issues that now really amused him. For the first time he realized how little his classmates knew about the environment and how romanticized their beliefs were. After four months of living by their wits and their hands, one thing was certain: Nature was neither kind nor benevolent.

It was six o’clock and he was at a table in the corner of the student union snack bar. He had agreed to meet Marie at six and had arrived early. As he was about to take out a book to read, a shadow fell over the table and he looked up to see Barbara Dawson, a classmate of his. Barbara was five feet eight and a very pretty blonde. She was in Tom’s afternoon environmental issues course and had been watching him from behind all afternoon.

Also a sophomore at USC, she knew Tom Conroy from the previous year but scarcely recognized him when she saw him that day for the first time since the previous school year. She was amazed at the change in him. First, she had never seen a deeper tan on anyone, although his face seemed significantly lighter than his neck and arms.

He seemed so much bigger, too. She realized that his shoulders and arms were much heavier than she remembered. All in all, she decided that he could be worth cultivating. “Hi, Tom,” she said brightly, “May I join you?”

“Of course. Please sit down,” he replied.

She sat across from him and took advantage of the currently accepted behavioral standard. “How about having dinner together sometime? I would like to get to know you better. Whoknows...”

His reaction astonished her. She knew she was one of the best-looking girls on a campus loaded with good looking girls, so she couldn’t understand it when he looked at her with amused tolerance and said, “Thanks Bobbie, but I’m really not interested.”

“But why not?” she asked, unable to control her surprise. She was a girl who had never been rejected by a man, let alone so bluntly, in her life.

“Principally because my wife wouldn’t like it,” he replied, rising from his seat.

He had just seen Marie appear and he stood up to wave. He felt a wonderfully warm feeling seeing her again, even if they had only been apart since the morning. Their honeymoon, he realized, had been a truly remarkable experience. It wasn’t possible for two people to get to know one another better than he and Marie knew each other after being together constantly for four months. She saw him, grinned, waved, and came over to the table. Taking her in his arms, they melted together in a passionate kiss.

When they parted, she said softly, “God, have I missed you!”

“Honey, I would like you to meet Barbara Dawson,” he said. “Bobbie, this is my wife, Marie.”

The girl’s jaw dropped and she shook her head. “But I don’t understand,” she stammered. “I don’t remember you even having a girl friend last year. What happened?”

Marie slid into the booth and then Tom sat down beside her. Marie looked like a beautiful urchin, wearing her Levi’s with her usual washed-out work shirt with the sleeves torn off. She had visited Henry Hall the day before and he had neatened up her hairdo. He referred to it as her ragged urchin cut, but they both liked it very much on her. She appeared to be about seventeen years old, and was wearing no makeup or jewelry. The one enhancement to her outfit was a wide belt made from the belly of the Great White shark.

Replying to Barbara’s question, Tom said, “I guess that’s sort of right, Bobbie. You see, our first real date was when we were married. Actually, I met Marie years ago when she used to babysit for me.”

Now the poor girl was hopelessly confused. How could this girl, who is obviously younger than Tom, have been his babysitter, she wondered. She looked at Marie closely and could make no sense out of anything. Being honest with herself, she admitted that the girl was incredibly beautiful, with the same unbelievably rich golden tan that Tom had.

Her figure was perfect, but there was something else - something she couldn’t quite place. Then she realized it was the way she moved, like a dancer or... an athlete. That’s it! she thought. She has the same incredible muscle development that Tom has.

He explained that Marie worked at the resort as a maid. They had known each other for years and he had proposed to her in the spring. The girl asked where they were living and Tom said they had a small apartment near school. Then she asked Marie what she did for a living.

“I have a job now,” she replied, “but I’ll be quitting in a few months when the baby comes. Then we’re going to have to make it on what Tom brings in.”

“But... but... you can’t be pregnant!” the girl exclaimed.

“Okay, I’m not pregnant,” Marie said agreeably. “On the other hand, the little thing growing inside of me is going to be terribly disappointed when I tell it.”

“Why don’t you just get rid of it?” Barbara persisted. “I mean... with all the people in the world, and you’re so young... You aren’t established... Say,” she said brightly, “there’s a Planned Parenthood clinic that could take care of things for you.

And there’s no charge. They take care of the fetus–“

“Baby!” Marie interrupted. “It’s a tiny baby that’s growing inside me as fast as it can. It’s Tom’s and mine, and we’re looking forward to my having it.”

“But... but, how can you ever get established? I mean, there is day care and that stuff, but what about your life? Yourcareer?”

Then she sat up straight and added, “Besides, you owe it to Tom. He’s in college and his wife will be important later in his career. You don’t want to hold him back because you’re uneducated, do you? Why don’t you get an education? There’s a good community college nearby...”

She slowed and stopped because she couldn’t understand the reaction she was getting. She had seen Marie bridle at the idea of an abortion, but now as she was talking about education, the girl just looked subtly amused.

Barbara changed the subject. She told them about a group she was involved with that was focused on preserving the environment. It was being organized and led by the professor who was teaching their environmental issues course.

“Harriet Dobbs is simply brilliant!” she said. “In fact, tomorrow we’re meeting with the top law firm in California. They’re going to work with us on a case we’re bringing to force the California Coastal Commission to cease issuing any new building permits.”

Tom appeared interested and asked what firm it was. “It’s Clifford & Jamison!” she replied. “That’s where I’m going to work,” she stated proudly. “It’s an all-women firm. Harriet is a friend of one of the partners, Sandra Harris. They worked together in the anti-Vietnam movement in the seventies. She told us she’s sure that Ms. Harris will take the case because she was active in all those things.”

When she mentioned Vietnam, she had seen a change in Marie. There was something in her eyes... almost a coldness. She said, “Marie, are you Vietnamese, by any chance?”

“I am an American, Barbara,” Marie said firmly. “But yes, I was born in Vietnam and escaped to America.”

The girl looked puzzled. “But why did you leave? I mean... the imperialists were defeated. You have your country together again, and they need help to rebuild it. The people have their country back. Ms. Dobbs says...”

“Why did I leave? For freedom,” Marie replied coldly. “And frankly, I don’t think I give a damn what your Ms. Dobbs says. I do know that I watched as my parents were both shot dead. My father’s ‘crime’ was to be mayor of our little village.

“They came into the village, rounded up all the people, made my father kneel in the village square and then shot him in the head.

When my mother ran to him to hold him as he died, they shot her in the head, too. My sister and I were forced to watch it all. Then they took all my schoolmates from our girl’s school and one by one, raped and tortured them until they were all dead.” Marie’s eyes were cold as ice and her voice was harsh as she said, “I guess I don’t care for that brand of liberation.

“After being tortured ourselves, my sister and I were rescued–by American imperialist aggressors, by the way - and eventually made our way to the States.” Looking at the girl she added, “I think I have a much better understanding of what freedom means than you do, and I believe I appreciate what we have in this country far more than you do.”

She then changed the subject. Tom told her that Bobbie had asked him out for dinner. Marie looked amused. Then she wiggled her ass on the seat and winced. When the girl asked if there was a problem, Marie just said that her bottom hurt. The girl looked puzzled and Marie said, “It’s just that Tom hits hard, and I don’t really have much padding there any more.”

“He... he struck you!” she exclaimed. “Why... why... that’s abuse! That’s terrible! Why, on earth, would he ever do a thing like that?”

“To maintain good order and discipline in the household,” Marie replied casually. “Besides, I always ask for it. You see, I guess I am a little strange, but I like to carry the marks of the person I love. It doesn’t really hurt that much - it’s just a couple of bruises - and it reminds me of him and his love.”

Then she brightened as the girl looked totally lost at her reply and said, “Why don’t you join us for dinner tonight? I’m sure there’s enough for three.” She looked at Tom and asked, “Is that all right with you? I mean, it could be sort of a date, and she did ask you out.”

The girl was very puzzled but agreed. As they walked to the apartment, Barbara told them more about the environmental movement. It seemed they had lined up a number of people who would front a class-action suit. Since they had a lot of friends in the Coastal Commission, what would appear to be an adversarial action would, in fact, be a device for the Commission to get a court to order it to do some things that it wanted to do but didn’t have the authority to do. They believed they could achieve it by appearing to defend the suit while actually throwing it to the plaintiffs. Marie appeared interested but said nothing.

When they reached the apartment, Marie said that she was going to get more comfortable. She disappeared into the bedroom and reappeared moments later, naked. The girl was utterly amazed. Marie had said she was pregnant, but there was no sign of it at all. Her figure was absolutely perfect, and when her naked body moved it showed the muscle development that the girl had guessed at. Moreover, the deep tan was over every inch of her body.

The girl looked thoughtfully at Barbara and asked, “Would you like to undress? You see, Tom and I are used to being naked all the time and now it really feels more natural. I don’t know... Maybe the skin breathes or something. But maybe you would be embarrassed being that way?”

Barbara sensed she was being subtly challenged and she responded, “I don’t mind at all. In fact, I guess it will be fun–assuming Tom joins us, of course.”

He just grinned and went into the bedroom while Marie helped the girl undress, reminding her that she worked as a maid and was used to doing it. When she was bare, Barbara revealed a very attractive body. Her breasts were full with small pink nipples. There was a band of white across her breasts and her loins. Her pubic hair was just a slightly darker shade of her golden hair.

While her figure was good, it was quite soft. Her breasts already showed a tendency to sag - there were telltale lines under them indicating that before many years they would be sagging unless well supported by a good bra. She was taller than Marie by about seven inches. As the woman helped her off with her bra, their breasts were almost touching and the girl was intrigued.

She had never seen a woman with breasts as full and as firm as Marie’s with such beautiful tiny pink nipples which were already showing signs of enlargement.

Without conscious thought her hand went out and she touched the tit. Marie looked up and said, “I’m not breakable, Barbara. If you want to feel it, feel it. Give it a squeeze. Your touch is really quite pleasant on my skin.” The girl did and was amazed at how firm the tit was. It was almost solid. Marie grinned and disappeared into the kitchen to begin dinner as Tom reappeared.

Barbara involuntarily gasped, “My God, you’re gorgeous!” she exclaimed.

Like his wife, his deep tan was over his entire body. Even his semi-erect prick was deeply tanned. Marie turned to go into the kitchen as Tom came into the room. Although Barbara had been looking at Tom, something about Marie’s back caught her eye.

While she liked to think of herself as liberated, she was blushing now that she was naked in Tom’s presence in spite of–or perhaps because of - the fact that her nude body did not even give him an erection. To escape, she followed Marie into the kitchen. With Marie standing with her back towards Barbara, the girl immediately saw two things: First, two bruises on her very tight ass that were the size and shape of Tom’s hand; and second, a mass of scars that covered her entire back, buttocks and thighs. Coming up behind Marie she reached out and touchedthem.

Looking over her shoulder, Marie said, “Those are souvenirs of the People’s Army of Liberation. The bruises on my ass are Tom’s but you already knew that.”

“But what did you do?” the girl asked. “What was your crime?”

“Crime?” Marie asked. “Two, I guess. First, we were supposed to be the most beautiful girls in the village, so our rape and torture was going to be special. Second, we were the daughters of the mayor.”

Then the girl saw something else. The initials, K C, were branded into her left buttock. She touched them and realized they were burned in deep. Feeling the girl’s fingers on the scar, Marie said casually, “My sister did that. The brand I gave her is on her right side. It’s a lifetime reminder of the people who saved us from death and later restored us to life.”

Barbara realized she was in a state of complete shock. Nothing in this household seemed to follow any comprehensible pattern. Then it registered that Marie was moving around the small kitchen with an incredible economy of motion while preparing dinner. When they sat down to eat, it was steak with a marvelous sauce, french fries and a salad.

Marie said, “Tom, we’ll start to economize tomorrow, I guess. But it’s been so long since we’ve had any beef.”

Barbara was torn. On the one hand she was trying to be a vegetarian. The animal-rights people had convinced her that it was the way to go. On the other hand it was the most marvelous piece of beef she had ever eaten in her life. When she complimented Marie on it, the girl just shrugged and said, “I’m getting there, but there’s still a very long way to go to get in the same league with my teacher. For her, this would rate as mediocre minus.”

At dinner they continued to talk about two things: the court case and Marie’s education. Barbara thought she had them almost talked into Marie going back to school, but while both Tom and Marie seemed interested, they remained noncommittal.

Finally at eleven, the girl got dressed again and left the apartment. When she did, Marie went into Tom’s arms and melted. Then she whispered, “My darling, I love you so much.” Then grinning brightly she said, “And I was so proud of my teenybopper husband! Your beautiful cock didn’t even rise to salute that blonde.”

She bent over and pointed to her left ass cheek - Marie kept track of which side was to be spanked next. Tom lifted her up after patting it lightly and said, “Darling, I think we should wait until the baby is born before there is any morediscipline.”

Grinning he added, “I know my wife is a masochist, but I don’t know if the baby is. What do you think?”

“I think my cunt is going to start leaking all over the carpet, is what I think.” Then she smiled a brilliant smile and said, “That’s one of the problems with civilization. On the island I just watered the sand.”

Tom picked her up in his arms and carried her to their bed. Marie teased him because it was only less than a week earlier that they had made love in a bed for the very first time. She said they had a lot of ground to make up and he replied he was trying his best.

Chapter 2

The next morning Barbara Dawson was wearing her best suit when Harriet Dobbs picked her up near the apartment to drive downtown.

While they were driving, Harriet admitted that she hadn’t seen Sandra Harris in years, but she was certain that Sandra could persuade her partners to go along with their plan. Although there was a garage in the basement of the building where they were going, Harriet felt the parking rates were terribly high so they found an outdoor lot and walked back to the building. Checking the directory they found that Clifford & Jamison was on the thirty-eighth floor. When they got off the elevator, they saw the most impressive office entrance either had ever seen. When they opened the outer door, they saw a reception area that was even more impressive.

Sandy Harris came out to greet them and escorted them back to her office. The day was another of the Los Angeles rarities: It was crystal clear and there was a clear view through the glass wall out to the Pacific. The two women stood at the window and just gaped at the vista. Then, when Sandy cleared her throat, they were jerked back to the present.

They took seats on the most comfortable leather-covered sofa Barbara had ever seen. Although her parents were quite well-off and her father was a very successful executive, nothing she had ever seen was a sumptuous as this. When Sandy called for coffee, a girl brought it in.

Looking up, Barbara realized that she was one of the most beautiful young women she had ever seen, with a golden tan, brown eyes, and the most incredible hair coloring that ranged from brown to sandy to blonde to white. She did not see Kathy wink at Sandy when she served.

After Sandy and Harriet chatted about old times in the peace movement for a few minutes, they finished their coffee and went into the conference room. Sandy had said that it would save time if Harriet only had to explain the plan once to all the relevant partners. Barbara had told Tom and his wife that she wanted to work for Clifford & Jamison, but all she really knew about it was its reputation. Now that she was in the firm offices for the first time, she was certain that she did.

The conference room was in keeping with everything else she had seen. Several women were waiting and Barbara almost fell over when she looked at them. Without exception, they were the most beautiful women she had ever seen, and no one looked to be even thirty years old.

In fact, she was puzzled. Harriet spoke of Sandra Harris as a contemporary yet Harriet looked to be about twenty years older. Sandra looks so young, so beautifully alive and vibrant, while to be honest, she thought, Harriet looks very middle-aged and frumpy.

She met Mrs. Clifford and Miss Jamison, the two name partners. Allison Clifford, she decided, was the most beautiful human being in the world. When the meeting began, Sandra led off by telling the group how she had met Harriet Dobbs in the peace movement but hadn’t seen her in years. She explained that Dobbs was now an associate professor of environmental studies at USC.

When they were seated around the conference table, Barbara realized that she and Harriet had become physically separated, and it almost seemed to be by plan. As Harriet began to speak, the door opened and another woman came in.

Barbara’s jaw dropped when she saw who it was. Before she could say anything, Ali Clifford introduced Marie Trang as the firm’s tax partner. “In fact,” Ali said, “Marie is our professional professional. In addition to her law degree, she has her MBA and is a Certified Public Accountant.” She grinned and added, “The CPA designation was a little tough to arrange because Marie never worked for an accounting firm, but we managed.”

Marie was wearing a hand-tailored white silk suit. She was the picture of a young professional as she carried a purse and a portfolio both made of what appeared to be sharkskin. It reminded Barbara of the belt she had been wearing the day before.

Suddenly Barbara wanted to crawl into a crack in the floor remembering how she had been babbling about Marie going to a community college. Then she also realized that Marie must be far older than she had thought or could even believe. But two advanced degrees plus the CPA designation took time.

Harriet, meanwhile, explained how they were going to organize the foundation, and, using the people they had lined up, were going to initiate the colluded action with the Coastal Commission. Finally, she ended her long speech - she had been talking for over an hour - with a plea for the environment.

At that point she looked at Marie and asked icily, “Is that leather sharkskin?”

Marie looked up from her notes and said coolly, “Yes, it is. In fact it’s from the belly of a Great White shark.”

“But... but... but that’s inhuman! Don’t you realize how few Great Whites there are left in the world?”

“Well,” Marie replied coolly, “It was him or us, and I like to think of myself as being higher on the food chain.”

At that point Ali Clifford broke in and said, “Miss Dobbs, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll donate ten million dollars to your organization on one condition. Are you interested?”

Stopped as she was about to retort, the woman just gasped and said, “Of course I’m interested. And I am prepared to do anything to get that kind of money.”

“Great!” Ali replied. “All you have to do is what Marie and her husband have just done.”

The woman looked at Marie in surprise as Ali continued, “You see, they have just returned - less than a week ago, in fact - from the most remarkable honeymoon I have ever heard of. As an environmentalist, I’m sure you will be interested. Do you hike? Camp out? That sort of thing?” The woman said she did.

“Then maybe you’re the one to do it yourself. You see, rather than going to some hotel somewhere to lose her virginity, Tom and Marie were dropped off a boat about a thousand yards off the beach of a tiny island cove. They were naked, of course, and had three knives, a few fish hooks and some line.” Looking up for a moment, Ali grinned and said, “Oh, I almost forgot. They each carried a few matches in waterproof containers in their anuses. That’s all. They spent the next four months alone on that island. They were picked up last week.”

Now her blue eyes blazed with blue fire as she said, “That poor endangered shark you spoke of? It swam into the little cove and, to say the least, interfered with their fishing. They went after it. They estimate it was small: only 1,500 to 2,000 pounds. When it started after Tom, Marie killed it with her knife.” Turning to Marie Ali asked, “Have you decided what to do with its teeth yet?”

Marie grinned and replied, “No, Ali, we haven’t. I’ll tell you one thing, though. I’m not planning on eating shark meat again anytime soon. Tom and I were really getting sick of it, and then to top everything off, we had to bury the remains of the dumb thing to keep it from stinking up the whole island.”

Harriet was aghast and astounded. “Do you mean to say you actually hunted down that poor creature!?”

Marie looked at her calmly and asked, “Have you ever seen a Great White up close? You do realize, I hope, that Tom and I were completely naked. All we had were our knives. Given that it outweighed the two of us combined by a factor of at least five and we were in its environment, not ours, I think it was a fair fight. Of course the thing is sort of stupid...”

“That’s impossible!” Harriet exclaimed. “I mean... It’s just utterly ridiculous...”

“Okay,” Marie said agreeably, “then its all a figment of our collective imaginations. So there’s nothing to be concerned about, is there? My honeymoon souvenirs must be somethingelse.”

While the discussion of the shark had been going on, Sandy Benson had quietly excused herself. When she returned to the room, she was carrying a baby in her arms, and the jacket of the cord suit she was wearing was unbuttoned baring her full milk-laden breasts.

Returning to her seat, she played with the baby - a lovely boy with light hair and blue eyes, about four months old. She lifted him up in the air and the baby cooed and laughed while his little feet kicked out. Once he stepped on Sandy’s tit.

Barbara had been watching in utter amazement and couldn’t control herself. Rising from her chair she went around the table to get a closer look at the baby. He was the happiest little thing the girl had ever seen.

When she said so, Sandy cracked, “You would be happy, too, if you were standing on your lunch!”

After nuzzling the baby to her face, she cradled him in her arm and put him against her left breast. The baby’s mouth locked on her nipple and he began to pat her beautiful tit with his hands. Only then did Barbara realize that Sandy’s breasts were as tanned as the rest of her body.

While the baby was suckling, she said quietly, “Harriet and Barbara, this is John Benson, junior. I was finally able to beat Jack into submission on his name.” Rolling her eyes she said, “It took me nearly two months, too - and I’m supposed to be good at persuading juries. Shit! I couldn’t even persuade my husband and he loves me.”

“Harriet,” she said with venom in her voice, “you and your radical friends nearly destroyed my life with your ‘women as a depository for a man’s sexual fluids’ bullshit. Somehow - and I have never really found out how - the two name partners in this firm were able to save me from myself.”

Looking down at her chest she said, “I was always kind of proud of my tits. But it was only when our oldest, Laura, was born five years ago that I found out what they’re really for. Look at Johnny! You may have noticed that you didn’t hear a baby cry.”

With a wry smile she said, “Believe me, it’s not what you might think. This room is not soundproofed and there must be...” Looking at Ali she asked, “What? Maybe five infants today?” Ali just grinned and shrugged saying that since the joint was always overrun with curtain-climbers she could never maintain an accurate count so she didn’t even try.

Sandy shrugged and continued, “You may think this is a law office. Actually, it’s a combination nursery, cooking school and playground, with a little law on the side. But back to babies crying. It seems that there are a number of fairly standard things around here.

First, our girls - and we like to think of ourselves as girls, thank you very much - come in assorted colors, with a little variation in height.” Grinning at Marie she interjected, “As long as you don’t count Short Stuff over there and her sister, that is.”

“I’m only a couple of inches shorter than Joan Clifford, smarty,” Marie interjected, sticking out her tongue. “Can we help it if the firm insists on hiring Amazons?”

Sandy stuck the tip of her tongue out at Marie, winked, and continued, “The second thing is that our husbands all come first... and second... and third. Then our children.” She shook her head and said, “I’m wrong. I apologize. God is first, then the rest of the sequence. I guess our law practice ranks around number fifteen or twenty or something.”

She looked at Harriet and asked rhetorically, “Do you know what the very best day of all is for my family?” Answering her own question she said, “It’s Sunday. You see, we all sleep with our husbands nude and in the same way: with our head on his right shoulder and his hand cupping our right tit. Every Sunday about six, I get up and go get Johnny from his bassinet. After changing him and powdering him, I bring him back to bed with me.

“Now little Laura climbs out of her bed and comes in, too. Jack goes back to cupping my left tit while Johnny feasts on my right.

Laura - also naked, of course - gets in bed next to her father and rests her head on his left shoulder.” She smiled fondly thinking about the scene. “Last week she asked if she could have a pair of tits for Christmas so Daddy could have something to hold with his other hand.”

Then she went back to her narrative. “When he’s finished nursing, I change Johnny again - he’s always sound asleep by this time - and bring him back to the bedroom. Laura gets out of bed and comes over to my side while Jack holds the baby. It seems Johnny loves to nuzzle into Jack’s neck. Anyway, Laura gets in bed with me and drains the rest of the milk in my right tit. Then we rearrange again. Johnny sleeps on me with his head between my breasts. Laura is back beside Jack, and we all go back to sleep. When we wake up later, Jack takes me.

“He got one of the biggest thrills of his life last week. When I was unconscious from my last orgasm and Jack was just holding me in his arms, little Laura gave him the sweetest kiss and said, ‘You’re the best daddy in the whole world. You made Mommy so happy! And it isn’t even Mother’s Day!’”

Sandy smiled warmly, remembering. Then she said, “Later, she was ecstatic because she got to take a shower with Jack and me. She even washed out my slit and loved working the soap around Jack’s magnificent prick and balls. Then we all went to church, came back home, and had breakfast.”

Harriet Dobbs was now utterly aghast. “But Sandra,” she exclaimed, “you can’t be serious! Allowing your daughter to watch you and your husband... fornicate?”

“That’s because she’s too young to help yet,” Sandy replied casually. Then she looked at her watch and noticed it was eleven thirty. Rising, she said they would take a break for lunch.

Dobbs didn’t know what to do. The reception at the law firm was totally different from what she expected. Sandra was increasingly antagonistic, so she really wanted to leave. On the other hand, there was Mrs. Clifford’s offer of ten million dollars, and she hadn’t heard all the terms of the offer yet. Reluctantly she accompanied Sandra back to her office.

When they rose from the table, Marie came around to greet Bobbie Dawson. There was an apologetic little grin on her face as she extended her hand. Taking it, Barbara was amazed at the strength in the smaller woman’s grip. “Bobbie, are you sure they would take me into the program at the community college? You don’t know anything about my high-school grades.”

“Oh, yes, Marie, I’m sure,” she replied with a bright smile. “They’ll take anyone!” She had remembered something from looking through law-school admissions materials and asked, “You’re a twin, aren’t you? And you graduated from USC Law?”

“Sure did,” the girl replied agreeably.

“And you and your sister set some sort of all-time record there. You were co-valedictorians, weren’t you?”

Marie just shrugged and asked if Barbara would like to look around. “After all,” she said, “you’re planning on joining the firm, so you ought to see what you’re getting yourself in for.”

Before moving, the girl asked, “Marie, how old are you, anyway? You look to be about seventeen - or at least you did yesterday, both at the Union and even naked. Dressed the way you are today, you look a little older...” Grinning, she cocked her head and said, “Hell, today you could almost pass for twenty-one!”

“I’m twenty-eight,” Marie replied. Then with a warm smile she said, “I’m getting all kinds of flack from my partners, of course, about robbing the cradle. On the other hand, I insist that they’re just jealous because I have a young stud while they’re all stuck with old men!”

Chapter 3

Marie and Barbara Dawson went back to the conference room and the girl was astounded by the change in the room’s appearance. The paneling on one wall had been folded back revealing a full-scale gourmet kitchen, where the girl who had served them coffee was now preparing food assisted by three others. Meanwhile, two other young women who were naked were setting the big table with a great many places. One of the girls looked exactly like Marie but with longer hair. Marie told her it was her twin sister, Celeste.

The other girl was about five feet three or four with a gamine haircut. Bobbie could almost swear that the girl’s abdomen was visibly convex. When she asked about her, Marie replied casually that she was Ali’s daughter - and daughter-in-law - Joan Clifford, and indeed she was pregnant. “In fact,” Marie said, “I think she will deliver any day now.” The girl just shook her head in disbelief.

Then, looking at Bobbie, Marie said, “Please don’t mind what you’re about to see. I will assure you, though, that I haven’t completely lost my mind.” With that she went to the girl who was supervising the kitchen and knelt down in front of her. It was only then that Bobbie noticed that the girl was barefoot. Marie bent low and kissed the woman’s feet.

Looking down, Kathy Carlson said, “Marie Conroy, will you kindly knock off that shit!”

Rising to her feet, Marie just said softly but firmly, “Of course not, Lady Kathy. You know I cannot stop worshiping you.”

With that she tipped her head up and cocked it slightly. The other woman’s face came down and the two sets of lips merged in a kiss that Bobbie thought was beautiful beyond belief. She realized that she was almost literally seeing the purest love flow between the two women.

When they parted, Marie asked softly, “How would you like to punish me today, Lady Kathy?”

“I’ll have to think of something,” Kathy replied, and then gave one of Marie’s cheeks a very hard pinch.

Marie yelped in pain, then slowly rubbed the injured spot and stuck out the tip of her tongue, but her eyes were gleaming. Then she said, “Lady Kathy, I don’t believe you have been introduced to Tom’s classmate from USC, Bobbie Dawson.”

Turning to the girl she said, “I would like you to meet my savior and inspiration, Katherine Carlson. She is also one of my partners. She is the principal secretary at the firm, she’s the research department, the firm’s expert on contracts and the construction and real estate industries. In addition, she’s the finest female golfer in the world, the strongest woman alive, and the source of my life and my love, as well as being my inspiration.”

Pointing to her left flank she concluded, “The initials branded on my flank stand for Kathy Carlson. The reason for the location is that during their honeymoon I had the great pleasure and good fortune to be able to warm Kathy’s right side while she warmed her husband, Ken.”

When she asked what was for lunch, all Kathy would do was assure her it would be edible.

Then they went out another door and entered a hitherto unseen area of the office. It was like a very large segmented nursery filled with children ranging in age from about five years old downward to just a few months. Bobbie was amazed to see so many of the young women she had seen earlier in the conference room helping all but the very youngest get dressed.

Marie continued to show the girl around the offices and then they returned to the conference room. There they were greeted by Joan Clifford and Barbara was shown to her seat which was indicated by a place card.

Barbara asked Joan about her pregnancy and was utterly dumbstruck by her reply, “Oh, it’s fine. The contractions are coming about every five minutes or so now, so I guess I’ll check in at the hospital after lunch.” Then with a little grin she added, “I’m afraid Bill will have to get his own dinner tonight.”

“You can’t be serious!” Bobbie exclaimed.

“I’m afraid I am,” Joan said with a wry grin. “The bureaucratic jerks that run those joints never let us go home to cook while we have a baby in their nursery.”

When Bobbie explained that she was referring to being in labor, Joan just winked and said she knew that was what she meant the first time. Then she said that the girls, for some reason–maybe instruction from Hank Conroy - averaged about thirty seconds of hard labor: one hard push and it was over.

Then she asked, “Would you like to feel? A woman in labor feels sort of... strange.”

Bobbie stood behind the smaller girl and put her fingertips on her abdomen. She could feel the motion inside as the birth process was well along. As she did she noted that Joan, like Marie, had no pubic hair and asked her about it. Joan told her that she had worked nude as a waitress - only wearing a tiny apron, net stockings and high heels - and the management insisted. She had gotten used to it and her husband, Bill, claimed to love her cunt that way. “Besides,” she finished, “I don’t have to worry about those idiots slicing up my groin trying to shave me this afternoon.”

Bobbie took her seat and was strangely relieved to find that Harriet was seated diagonally opposite at the long table - about as far away from her as she physically could be. Just then a boy and girl, each about five years old, came up to her.

The little boy had golden blonde hair, vivid blue eyes and was wearing a short-sleeved white shirt and blue short pants with a little belt. He was scrubbed and his hair was neatly combed and brushed.

The boy held out his hand and said, “Good morning, Miss Dawson. My name is Kenneth Clifford. I am Ali Clifford’s son, and I’m very glad to meet you.” With an incredibly brilliant smile he added, “I am very pleased to be sitting next to you at luncheon today.”

She shook his hand gravely and he continued, “Miss Dawson, it is my pleasure to introduce my niece, Andrea Cartwright. Andy is my sister Connie’s daughter, and will be sitting next to you, as well.” Then with the warmest smile Bobbie had ever seen he added, “Our family is a little odd with the ages of children.”

Andy Cartwright had vivid emerald-green eyes and hair that was so blonde it was almost white. Like everyone else present, the two children were both deeply tanned and Barbara was certain that it was all over their bodies. The little girl made the most beautiful deep curtsy Bobbie had ever seen.

Then with the greatest aplomb, she held out her small hand and in a beautifully modulated voice said, “How do you do, Miss Dawson. I’m very happy to meet you.” Then with the most impish grin Bobbie had ever seen, she said, “Thank you for introducing me, Uncle Ken.”

Bobbie found she couldn’t resist. She scooped the little girl up in her arms and held her tight, then kissed her full on the lips.

What followed amazed her. The little girl moved her lips on Bobbie’s while the purest love flowed between them. When they separated, the girl just looked deeply into Bobbie’s eyes, while Bobbie looked into hers.

She realized that she was looking into the most love-filled eyes she had ever seen, and the girl just exuded goodness. Remembering the line from years before that the eyes are the window of the soul, she noted that there was nothing there but love and sheer goodness. She put her down and repeated it with the little boy and achieved the identical result.

When she put him down again, he said, “Thank you for the kiss, Miss Dawson. It was wonderful. You’re a very good person.”

Then the little boy escorted the little girl to her chair and seated her, then sat down at his own place. Bobbie realized she had never had such an experience in her life. She was encountering a level of manners she thought had become extinct around the turn of the century. Yet the children were bubbling, vivacious and clearly enjoying themselves and the situation.

She asked the children about it after first asking them to please call her Barbara, or, better yet, Bobbie.

Ken Clifford looked at her skeptically and said, “I would like to, Miss Dawson, but Mommy says it’s disrespectful to call an adult by her first name.”

When Bobbie asked them about the luncheon they both said that it was a very special treat for them to eat lunch when the firm had professional company. The reason the children were so well-behaved was that if they were not they were barred from the office for thirty days.

“Oh, I see!” Bobbie said. “That means that your mother has to get a babysitter to stay with you while she’s at work.”

The two children looked at her with a puzzled expression on their faces. Clearly, what she had said was totally foreign to their experience. Then Andy, who, it turned out, was older than Kenny by about three months, shook her head and grinned saying, “Oh no, Miss Dawson! If we can’t come to the office, our mothers don’t come in either. Since they’re all happier here together, we all try our very best to be good in order to make them happy.”

“You see, Miss Dawson,” Ken continued, “all of our families work pretty much the same way. Take my mother, for example: For her, the sun rises and sets in Dad. There is nothing she will not do to make him a little happier or to create a little more pleasure for him - and that’s utterly regardless of the cost to herself in doing it, of course. Then there are the children: Did you see Mom nursing my sister this morning? It’s the most beautiful sight in the world to see her cradling the baby to her tit and loving her while she drinks Mom’s luscious milk.”

With a wonderful warm smile he added, “I often get to drain her tit when the baby falls asleep so I know how delicious her milk really is. And you know what else?” he asked. “While I am nursing, she’s stroking my head, my face and my body while telling me how much she loves me. And she really does!” he added emphatically with tears coming to his eyes.

“So you see, we have to be good because it’s the only way we can possibly show our mothers how much we really love them. That’s because we can’t give them anything or do anything for them, ever. But when I’m being really good, Mom gives me her sunshine smile and tells me how happy and proud she is of me. If you have ever seen my mother’s sunshine smile, you know how wonderful it feels when it’s aimed at you!”

It was all Bobbie could do to keep from fleeing the table. Here were these two very young children teaching her what motherhood was all about. She felt so humble and realized her attitudes had been so incredibly wrong before that she wanted to run away.

The meal was served and it turned out to be the most spectacular omelette she had ever seen. Looking towards the cooking area, she realized that Kathy was producing six at once and appeared to be a juggler as she dexterously handled all six pans with omelettes at various degrees of completion. As she flipped them out one after the other, Celeste and Joan added soufleed fried potatoes and a salad and quickly served them.

Bobbie still couldn’t believe how quickly Joan was moving in spite of actually being in labor. Ali announced that, in view of the fact that omelettes quickly got cold and they had to be made individually, please eat when served.

When she was served, Harriet Dobbs made a small scene. “But... but these are... eggs!” she protested. When Ali pointed out calmly that omelettes usually were made with eggs, she said, “But all that cholesterol!”

“I live on Kathy’s omelettes - whenever I can bludgeon her into making them, of course,” Ali Clifford replied. “Ms. Dobbs, I’ll bet you $1,000 that my bad serum cholesterol level is lower than yours and my good cholesterol level is higher. Do you want to take me up on it?”

“Well!” Dobbs huffed. “Of course you’re so much younger, so what could I expect.”

“I’m reasonably sure I’m older than you are.” Looking carefully at the woman she said, “Although you look to be about fifty, my guess is that you’re about thirty-eight. I’m forty-four. Now how about the bet?”

All eyes were focused on the two women when Sandy told Harriet not to take it. She added with a grin and a wink at Ali that she was just trying to prevent trouble between Ali and her husband, Bill.

When Harriet looked puzzled, Sandy said, “Harriet, Ali is married to Bill Clifford, one of the very richest people in the world. His - or more accurately, their - net worth is now probably in eleven digits. Since you’re not an economist, to save time I’ll tell you that’s a number larger than ten billion!

“The result is that the way to really ruin Bill’s day is to tell him how much money you made for him - he claims he can’t come close to spending what he already has.

“As far as the bet is concerned, Ali Clifford has a good cholesterol level higher than the average person’s bad, and a bad cholesterol level that doesn’t even register in the test.”

Then with a tone of steel in her voice she added, “Harriet, eat the damned omelette! I guarantee you will never taste one nearly as good in your life. Furthermore, this is in honor of the return of Marie Trang - or more accurately, Marie Conroy - to the firm. You see, being on that island for four months, there were no hen’s eggs and she and Tom never really developed a taste for the eggs that they could find.”

Bobbie agreed with Sandy’s characterization of the meal: It was the finest food she had tasted in her entire life. While she was eating, she noticed that the children flanking her were sitting up straight in their chairs with their hands folded, patiently waiting for their food.

When they were served, she noticed that they were neater eaters and had far better table-manners than her classmates at school. After a magnificent creme caramel was served for dessert and was then followed by coffee, everyone rose from the table.

Ken Clifford made a little bow and held out his hand. When she took it he said, “Thank you very much, Miss Dawson, for allowing us to join you for luncheon. It has been a real pleasure.” Andy Cartwright said essentially the same thing.

As they were turning to go, their mothers came up behind them, scooped them up and held them tightly in their arms. Bobbie noted that both children instantly nuzzled their mothers’ necks and then kissed them.

With Kenny in her arms Ali Clifford said, “Thank you, Barbara, for dining with my son. It looks like he and my granddaughter behaved themselves.”

The girl slowly shook her head and said, “Mrs. Clifford, you have to be overflowing with pride - or you certainly should be. I was thinking as we were eating that I never see table manners this good at USC - anywhere! And Kenneth Clifford is the most handsome young man I have ever seen.” Then she looked up at the ceiling, counted on her fingers and said with a wonderfully warm smile, “In fifteen years, I’ll only be thirty-three. Would that be too old? Could I wait for him?”

She was then dazzled by Ali’s sunshine smile that her son had told her about. It virtually melted her to the floor.

Hugging the little boy tightly, she whispered loudly enough for Bobbie to hear clearly, “Kenny, Miss Dawson is wondering if you will marry her if she waits for you. My darling son, you must have been extra good today!”

With that she hugged him tight and Bobbie could see the little boy’s ears turn red as he nuzzled Ali’s neck. Then he pulled back and she gave him her sunshine smile saying, “Kenny, you have just made me so very proud of you!” She looked into his eyes and said, “You know, Ken, mothers always have a very special place in their hearts for their firstborn sons. My darling, you’re a delight.”

As she said it, Bobbie could see in action precisely what the little boy had said to her at lunch: He was almost bursting with joy.

Then Andy’s mother put out her hand and said, “We haven’t been introduced. I’m Ali’s daughter, Connie Cartwright. Thank you for taking care of Andy at lunch today.”

Bobbie found herself looking at the most stunning silver blonde she had ever seen. It was clear that Andy was going to be the image of her mother. Bobbie repeated essentially what she had said to Ali.

Then Andy said, “Mommy, I was trying so hard to be good so you would be proud of me. Were you, Mommy?”

“Oh, my darling Andy, how could I not be?” Looking directly into the little girl’s eyes Connie said, “You have made me so happy and proud, my darling!” Then she kissed the little girl full on the lips.

Bobbie could see an incredible flow of love between mother and daughter. When they parted the little girl told her mother what she and Ken had said to Miss Dawson. When she did, Connie Cartwright unleashed a sunshine smile so bright that it rivaled Ali’s in intensity. It was now so obvious to Bobbie that what the little children had told her was the absolute truth: The pinnacle of their happiness was to be able to do things to make their mothers happy. It was a very humbling thought.

When the mothers put their children down, Bobbie got down on her knees and hugged and kissed both children. Then she looked at them both and said, “Thank you so much for demonstrating to me so vividly the joys of motherhood.” Then she looked at Kenny, knelt up straight and said, “If I work hard to improve my appearance and then wait for you, will you marry me in fifteen years?”

His answer absolutely stunned her. “Of course I will marry you, Miss Dawson.” But then he added with a merry light in his eyes, “The problem is that in fifteen years you’ll already be married with several beautiful children of your own. A woman as loving and as beautiful as you couldn’t be allowed to wait that long.”

Her hands just dropped to her sides and with a gleam in her eyes and tears in their corners she said softly, “Ken, since you’re tossing me over, could you at least give me a goodbye kiss? For old time’s sake?”

The little boy responded in amazing fashion. With his hands still at his sides he stood close and put his lips on hers. The flow of love between them almost knocked her down. Then, as much to keep from falling as anything else, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. When she did, he put his arms around her neck and hugged. Their kiss just continued.

When they slowly parted, she saw tears in the corners of the little boy’s eyes. He said, “Miss Dawson, thank you so very much. I will cherish this day forever as the day I received my first kiss from a beautiful woman.”

“Ken,” she replied softly, “you will be a woman’s dream come true. I will pray that you find a woman worthy of your love.” Then she said with a wry little grin, “Since I gave you your first adult kiss, could you please call me Bobbie? Just once?”

He burned her with another kiss and then retreated to his mother’s arms but then said, “Thank you for the marvelous kiss, Bobbie.”

Then Barbara repeated it with the little girl, Andy. She said, “Andy, you’re the image of your mother. You will grow straight and tall and be the same shapely vision of female perfection that she is. Thank you for your company - and your kiss.”

The little girl went into her arms and gave her a kiss of the purest goodness and love.

When they parted the little girl said, “Thank you, Miss Dawson.” Then she added softly, “May the good Lord bless you and keep you.

May he make His light to shine upon you, and guide you and keep you safe forever and ever unto the end of time.”

Bobbie found she couldn’t take it anymore. The little girl’s words caused her to begin to bawl.

Ali put her son down, took Bobbie into her arms and whispered, “Bobbie, what’s wrong? What happened?”

With the tears still streaming from her eyes the girl replied, “Never in my life have I met two people so good and so pure as your son and granddaughter. They make me feel so humble and insignificant. Then when Andy gave me her blessing...”

She just began to cry her eyes out while Ali held her tightly. Connie took the two children by the hand and led them away leaving Ali alone with her. Finally the girl regained some control and said, “I am so vile and dirty and they are so clean and pure!”

Then with the pain she was feeling showing in her face she said, “Now I know that you weren’t kidding at all this morning. If I were the mother of either of those children, I would burst with pride. Both of them are as close to being perfect as God has ever made.” The anguish was audible as she added, “No wonder being a lawyer ranks around number twenty-five or so with you women! Giving birth and nurturing children like that is an accomplishment that makes the most important legal problem look insignificant!”

“Consider yourself hired when you get out of law school,” Ali said softly. “Now I’ll tell you something about Kenny and people. He never misses. And I mean never! Moreover, I don’t know what it is - his age, his upbringing, or what - but he is incapable of telling anything but the strict truth. What you heard, Bobbie, is a prophecy. You will have at least three children by the time he’s twenty. Regardless of who you are or what you may have done, you’re still pure of heart and that’s plenty good enough for me.”

Ali took a tissue, wiped the girl’s eyes, and helped her to her feet. Then she took the girl in her arms and gave her the most incredible kiss Bobbie had ever experienced in her life. It was the adult version of the one she had received from each of the children, communicating a depth of love and goodness that was beyond belief. At the same time she could feel Ali’s lips moving on hers while her arms were holding her tightly to her body.

When they parted, Ali gave Bobbie her sunshine smile, full blast.

The girl found it to be overwhelming as she looked into Ali’s incredible blue eyes and just saw them radiating love.

Softly she whispered, “My God! Who are you people? You... You can’t be human. Your goodness and your smile can light up the whole Los Angeles basin!”

“You sure got that right,” Joan Clifford said softly from behind her. “How do you think I felt when Ali adopted me as her daughter? My heart almost burst that day from sheer joy and happiness.” Turning to Ali she asked, “Would you mind if I ask Fred to take me to the hospital? They’re coming a little less than two minutes apart now.”

Ali winked at Bobbie and said, “Good grief, daughter! You and your sisters do this to me every damned time. Don’t you think Fred has anything better to do than to shuttle you to the hospital just so you can drop another baby? I mean... Really! He does have important things to do.”

But then she stretched out her arms, and the girl ran to her to be wrapped in her mother’s arms. As their bodies pressed together, Ali could feel the contractions through the girl’s abdomen.

With a wonderful warm smile she said, “Dad and I’ll come by the hospital in a couple of hours to see our newest grandchild.” Then her eyes grew serious and she said, “Take care, darling!”

With a wink, Joan hurried off saying, “If I drop the damned thing on the floor, Bill will give me forty kinds of hell. He says it’s bad for his professional image!” The girl disappeared through the door.

Ali turned back to Bobbie and said, “Well, let’s get the show back on the road. You haven’t seen the end of the fireworks. Sandy hasn’t even gotten warmed up yet!”

The people gathered again around the conference table. When they did, Bobbie realized that Joan had worked with Marie’s sister to spotlessly clean the room before she left for the hospital.

Before returning to her seat she mentioned it to Ali who only grinned and said, “The record, I think, is held by Tom’s mother, Hank Conroy. She defended her Hawaiian Women’s Amateur Golf Championship, accepted the trophy, had a glass of champagne and delivered less than an hour later. She says that the damned kid even caused her to miss an easy putt on the eighteenth green by kicking at the wrong time.”

Bobbie just shook her head in amazement, but after what she had seen today, she believed that it had actually happened.

Harriet Dobbs had used the time during lunch to organize her thoughts and she believed she had identified an opportunity. She started off by saying, “Mrs. Clifford, you are going to give me the ten million dollars without this insane contest.”

“Oh?” Ali asked quietly. “Why will I do that?”

“You will if you and these other... people... want to keep your children,” she declared with a triumphant smirk. “When I tell the Social Services people about the immoral environment in which you’re raising them...”

“You say one word to them, Harriet, and you will pray to God that you had never been born!” Sandy interjected.

“You’re threatening me!” the woman exclaimed.

“No, Harriet. Would it be a threat if I were to say that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow... No! Let me correct that statement. Would it be a threat for me to say that the sun rose in the east this morning?”

“Of course not,” the woman replied, “but what does that have to do with anything?”

Sandy looked up at the ceiling pensively and said softly, “You do know - or should - that women are inherently much better at cruelty than men are. Women like to maximize the total pain... They like to experiment to see exactly how much pain they can maintain while the subject remains conscious, just screaming her guts out.

“With the exception of our husbands, we care for nothing as much as our children.” Looking at the woman with fire burning in her eyes she said, “Make one move against our children, and I repeat: You will pray to God that you had never been born!”

Then she changed the subject and said, “This morning when I was interrupted by my son, I was telling you how I hate you for what you did to me. You see, I am forty years old now and only have two children. Of course the doctors insist I’m only twenty five, but what do they know? You and your fellow lesbians made me almost destroy my life and I will never forgive you for that.

“But there’s more.” Turning to Marie she asked, “Would you and your sister please undress? You know what I want them to see.”

Marie and her sister quickly stripped off their clothes and then stood face to face with their arms together and stretched high over their heads. Slowly they moved in a tight circle together as they did when they were suspended from the wooden frame in their village square being whipped. Posed in this fashion it was easy to see how the scars came to be.

Kathy Carlson gasped because, as often as she had seen the girls naked, they had never done this before. As a result, she could now see where a whip scar on one girl’s body continued on the other’s. “That’s what the agrarian reformers did to these girls!” Sandy exclaimed.

Then she said, “Celeste is married to the son of one of the richest and most influential of the overseas Chinese. His family has incredible contacts and information sources throughout southeast Asia. At lunch today, she told me something they had just learned. Remember I said that these girls were forced to watch as their schoolmates from a Catholic girl’s school were taken to the center of the village square one by one? There they were repeatedly raped and tortured until they were dead.

“We just found out that these young women were martyrs. You see, they were pressed to renounce their faith and swear adherence to Buddha. They refused and each died an incredibly painfuldeath.”

Sandy’s eyes were even more fiery as she said, “The Chans are also Catholic. They are taking steps to get more testimony. You see, they are moving to have those lovely young girls canonized as martyrs and saints! Their murderers are the people you supported!” Sandy shook her head and added, “I did, too! And that was largely the fault of you and your friends and the lies you told to the rest of us!”

Turning back to the girls she asked, “Marie, show Dobbs the bottom of a foot, please.” She lifted up her foot and Bobbie gasped as she saw for the first time that the sole was terribly scarred, too. Sandy said, “That’s what a woman’s foot looks like after walking 150 miles through the jungle... barefoot!” She nodded and the girls dressed and returned to their seats.

Sandy continued, “There’s more, of course. There are others here who would love to get their hands on you, too! For example, take one of Ali’s daughters, Connie Cartwright. Her brother-in-law, Bill Cartwright, was in U.S. Army Special Forces.

He was captured and imprisoned for fourteen years! Never has one man been tortured the way he was. He was tortured to make him confess to war crimes. Later, it was just to break him. They never could.

“You see, his wife - another of Ali’s daughters - was with him when she was only ten years old. She could testify to a great many things - including Americans who came to look at Bill when he was in prison. Harriet, you went to North Vietnam back then. Were you one of them?” The expression of guilt and shock was all the answer Sandy needed.

Then she said, “By the way, Dobbs, I don’t know how insular you are. You see, the press is - to put it mildly - rather liberal in its orientation. Therefore, when something happens that makes the Left look bad, it tends to be ignored. But anyway, did you ever hear of ten men in a fight in Chicago a few years ago? It resulted in a ten million dollar judgment against them and one of the left-wing foundations.”

Motioning towards Celeste she said, “While Marie is our tax and accounting specialist, Celeste, here, is our corporations expert.

You see, not surprisingly, the foundation tried to hide assets. Well,” Sandy said with an unpleasant grin, “between having babies, Celeste has made it a labor of love to trace the money and trace the corporations. You see, not only have we collected nearly ten million so far, but since we’re always able to show a conspiracy to hide assets, we’ve also won a series of punitive judgments, too.”

Now she showed a real smile but her eyes were still blazing as she added, “It’s sort of a legal loaves-and-fishes thing. We think it’s just great. You see, although we have collected nearly ten million on a ten-million-dollar judgment, they still owe us more than twenty-five!” Turning to Celeste she asked, “How are we doing now?”

Celeste showed a mirthless grin and said, “Great! Guess what we were able to do? We’ve just tracked it to several West Coast foundations. Checking my records at lunch I found that Harriet Dobbs is on the board of trustees of all of them. And do you know what? The liability runs to the directors, individually and severally. Isn’t that neat?” Celeste’s eyes were cold as ice as she added, “Ms. Dobbs, I’m going to get you.”

At this point Ali interrupted and said, “Celeste and Sandy, I’m sure that Ms. Dobbs is now persuaded that she would much rather keep her mouth shut. However, there is still the challenge for ten million dollars.” Looking at Dobbs she asked, “Do you understand how it will work?”

The woman was now quivering with fear. While the women had been speaking, she could feel her world collapsing around her ears. Now she said, “Not really, no. We form an expedition and live on this island for four months. Is that right?”

“Well,” Ali replied, “the term, expedition, seems a bit pretentious for only two people, but if it makes you feel better...”

“But what about the support camp?” the woman protested.

Ali just shook her head and turned to Marie. “Honey, maybe you better explain again just what you and Tom did. Ms. Dobbs seems to be a little slow in getting the message.”

“It was really very simple,” the girl replied. “Celeste dropped us off at the cut in the reef, and Tom and I swam to the beach. That night he took all of my virginity and I took his. We were so pleased that we had it to give to each other. The next morning we began setting snares and traps.”

Looking at Harriet she said, “I urge you to bring a very virile man. You see, for most of the first five days or so, we could only get enough food to keep one of us going. Anyway, Tom ate the food while I lived on his glorious cum. It’s reputed to be very high in protein, you know, and I guess I’m living testimony that it truly is. I’m pregnant now, of course, because there was no other recreation - not that either of us were very interested in anything else.

“You see, there is no support of any kind. There is no means of communication.” She grinned and added, “We couldn’t even float a note out in a bottle, because we didn’t have a bottle... nor did we have paper or pen to write a note if we did. Miss Dobbs, my husband and I had three knives, a few fish hooks and line and some matches. That’s absolutely all. We had no clothes–no nothing. Am I clear? Now do you understand?”

The woman just went white. She said, “But that’s utterly impossible!”

Ali closed it off by saying, “You have two weeks to agree and begin. Otherwise, the offer is permanently withdrawn. Personally, I don’t think you’ll make it, but do you want to try?”

The woman replied that she would think it over and let Ali know. Then she looked at Barbara and said, “Bobbie, it’s time for us to go. And I may need your support to testify if we move against these people.”

“Support to do what?” Bobbie asked.

“Why, you will testify that we were told of small children in bed with their naked parents while they fornicated...”

“I will happily testify to having lunch with the most beautiful, the most lovely and loving small children I have ever met in my life. I will testify that they have exquisite table manners and were the very pictures of health, both physically and mentally. As for being naked in bed with naked parents making love, I don’t have the faintest idea what you could be talking about.

“On the other hand, I think we did learn today that you have a rather... flexible... working definition of truth.” Turning to Marie, she asked, “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, do you mind if I wait and ride home with you tonight?”

Marie instantly agreed as Dobbs stormed out of the office.

Chapter 4

It was after four o’clock when things finally wrapped up and they went down to the garage. Bobbie’s eyes widened when she saw Marie open the door of her sports convertible and put the top down. When the girl got in, Marie just grinned and said, “If you say one word to anyone on campus about me or my car, you’re dead!” Bobbie just nodded and reclined her seatback to enjoy the ride.

As they were driving, Marie asked her what she thought Harriet Dobbs would do. Barbara opined that she would try to get someone to try but she didn’t think they had a prayer of success. “That’s without cheating, of course. What I do know she will do is to try to figure out some way of beating the contest because there’s no way in hell she could perform the feat fairly.”

“There’s one big advantage we have, though,” Marie continued. “She doesn’t know where the place is, other than in Hawaii... somewhere. You know,” she said with a big grin, “you wouldn’t believe how much water there is in the Pacific - or how spread out the State of Hawaii really is!” Then she changed the subject. “Why did you characterize yourself as vile and dirty when you were talking to Ali? You seem like a pretty good girl to me.”

To Marie’s amazement, the girl began to bawl. She rolled her body up into a ball with her face toward the door and began to cry her eyes out. Since they were traveling main roads there was nothing she could do for the girl nor was there anything the girl could do to herself for that matter. She knew that Tom had a late lab that day and wouldn’t be home until nine.

When she pulled up at the garage that she had rented near their apartment, she eased the car in, shut it off, and opened the passenger-side door. Effortlessly, she lifted the larger girl out of the car and half-carried her up to their apartment.

Once inside, she stretched the girl out on the sofa, then went to the kitchen and came back a moment later with a tumbler full of cognac. Giving it to the girl she said, “Drink it. Take a big slug.”

The girl did and almost choked. Marie muffled her grin because it had done what she wanted it to do: It had brought Bobbie’s crying to a sudden stop. The girl looked up with tears in her eyes from the alcohol that had burned her throat, replacing the ones from her emotions.

With a gasp, she said hoarsely, “If the objective was to get me to stop flooding out your apartment with my tears, I guess it worked.”

Marie had brought a tumbler of cognac for herself, too. She clinked her glass against Bobbie’s and said, “Damned teenagers! You have to gulp everything. Try sipping it, hon. I think you’ll like it.”

The girl looked up suddenly and asked, “What did you just call me?”

Marie was taken aback and had to think. Then she shrugged and said, “I guess I said hon. Why?”

“Hon is short for honey. All it shows is how little you know about me,” the girl replied. “Marie, today has been the most unbelievable day of my life. I learned about motherhood... My God! Did I ever. I guess I never really thought about it much before, but I just sort of thought that these days a woman’s place is in an office or a courtroom or wherever.

“Well, today I found an office loaded with brilliant, beautiful, witty, highly-educated women... whose principal interests are their husbands and their children. Harriet said that Sandy is probably the top trial lawyer in the state, yet I have never seen a woman look so fulfilled as when she put her baby son to her breast. I could almost feel it myself as the baby drew the wonderful warm milk from her tit. Against that, what’s a trial? Any good actor can do it, I suppose. But being a mother? Only women.

“Then I just could not believe those two small children! My God!

They have a level of wisdom and maturity that would do credit to a person of fifty, let alone five. But it’s so much more.”

She looked down at her hands holding the glass and seemed to be organizing her thoughts. Then she continued, “I remembered something from long ago - when I used to go to church - that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Until today, I thought they were just words. Now I know that it is the unvarnished truth. I looked into the eyes of those little children - do you know what I saw?” she asked. Recognizing the rhetorical nature of the question, Marie merely shook her head.

The girl continued, “I saw the most incredible purity, goodness and love. Those children are graceful...” She looked up at Marie and continued with a note of discovery, “Of course! ‘Sanctifying grace’ - another concept lost in the black reaches of my brain. Those children are full of God’s divine grace! They are truly blessed.”

Then the tears started to flow again and she said, “Wasn’t there something about ‘suffer the little children’? Anyway, that’s who they are.

“Me? I think of them looking into my eyes and seeing only filth and sewage and rot! I am a walking disgrace to the human race; why my parents didn’t leave me out on a high mountainside somewhere to die of exposure and provide food for a couple of wolves, I’ll never know.” Now she sat up straight on the sofa and held her head up as she said, “They did have the good sense to disown me, of course.”

Then she looked at Marie and said, “I haven’t seen them since I came to school as a freshman. Every month there’s money deposited in my checking account but that’s all.”

Looking at Marie she began to cry in earnest, but this time she continued to hold her head up and just let the tears stream down her face. “Today I heard you say that it was on your honeymoon–on the beach - that you lost your virginity to your husband and he lost his to you. Yesterday, I would have thought that was the funniest thing I could possibly imagine. Today, I think it’s the most beautiful!” She looked into Marie’s eyes, but couldn’t make out her expression.

“Let me tell you a little about myself. I am the most immoral, amoral person on two feet. Do you know what I was trying to do yesterday afternoon? I was hoping for a pleasant early-evening fuck! I was hoping to block out my rent-paying experience of the previous night.

“What do I hear today? I hear about high-school girls who are virgins and martyrs!” Again she began to weep while just making hopeless sounds. Finally, she struggled on. “I thought that was a relic of the first or second century. Today I find out that your schoolmates... your schoolmates...! sacrificed their lives for the God they believed in.

“Good Heavens! When you and Celeste stood face to face I could imagine you turning slowly from a hook on a scaffold while you’re unmercifully whipped. I could see scars on your back continue in a straight line to hers... Your legs... Your buttocks...”

With a look of near-hopelessness in her eyes she asked, “Could you tell me more about it?”

Before answering, Marie rose from her chair, sat beside Bobbie on the couch and took the anguished girl into her arms. Then speaking softly into her ear she told her about the fateful day:

“They entered the village at dawn. The villagers were rounded up and made to surround the square. I told you how my father was taken, made to kneel and then was shot in the head. When my mother pulled free from a guard and ran to him so he could die in her arms, they shot her in the head, too. After quickly erecting a scaffold-like structure in the center, they suspended my sister and me naked and made us watch while, one after the other, they took our schoolmates out to the square, tortured, raped, and ultimately killed them all. With the bodies still lying all over the square and with all the villagers still being made to watch, they tied us face to face and began to beat us with bull whips.

“At the same time they were heating a branding iron red hot to brand us in different spots so they could tell us apart for purposes of their betting. They were betting which of us would live longer. A man was waiting with a sharp knife. They had decided that after whipping us back to back, the next thing they would do would be to cut off our tits, barbecue them and eat them, or make us eat them - I was never sure which. I do know they were going to use the iron to cauterize our chests while they thought about what to do to us next.

“As they were about to retie us and whip our breasts, bellies and cunts, all hell broke loose.”

She smiled and said, “It was Kenneth Carlson and Carlson’s Rangers. Ken is Kathy’s husband and she was his inspiration. She wrote hundreds of letters, all in blue pen on blue paper that came to be known as Kathy-grams throughout Vietnam. She provided the motivation for him to perform an endless series of superhuman feats.”

Hugging the girl tightly and caressing her lovely wavy hair she continued, “That’s why I kiss Kathy’s feet. You see, working with the inspiration she regularly provided, he saved us from death that day.

“Then seven years ago, he and Kathy were out in Hawaii on their honeymoon - she was already working for Clifford & Jamison at the time - and they restored us to life. You see, Bobbie, from that day in the square until seven years ago, my sister and I were utterly dead from the waist down. Then they brought my sister and me to the most incredible orgasms I could ever imagine. We’ve both been fine ever since.”

She eased the girl off her shoulder so she could look into her face. Then she said, “Tom is the son of Hank and Jim Conroy. Jim is also a great American war hero and Ken Carlson saved his life, too.”

Looking at the girl, Marie’s eyes were gleaming as she said, “Can you imagine? Jim had been shot down and seriously wounded while deep in the jungle. He was found by an enemy patrol that had no intention of carrying a wounded American miles through the jungle. The officer had his gun at Jim’s head and was tightening his finger on the trigger when his hand disappeared. As he stared at the bleeding stump where his gun hand had been, a third eye appears in the center of his forehead. Before the men in his patrol could even raise their weapons, they were all dead, too. Of course it was Ken who shot off the officer’s hand and put the bullet in his head.

“Tom and his older sister, Samantha, used all of the money they had saved in their lives to buy a tray to present to the Carlsons. They now have it in the place of honor in their dining room. You see, they acknowledged that if their father had died, their mother would have been dead within sixty days, too.”

There were tears running down Marie’s cheeks now, too, as she said, “You know something? They were absolutely right. You see, it was the intensity of the love between the Conroys and the Carlsons that inspired me.”

Then with a grin she said, “You claim you’re dirty and filthy? I’ll bet I’ve done something you would never even think of doing.

I went down on a twelve-year-old boy and brought him to the first orgasm of his life!”

“It was Tom, wasn’t it?” Bobbie asked hoarsely. She had cried so much she could scarcely talk.

“Of course,” Marie replied. “The funny thing is that I did it on the foredeck of a yawl with his parents watching as we were cruising to the island cove where we just spent our four-month honeymoon.”

With her head up straight she said, “I didn’t speak to him again until last spring. He came to my apartment and announced we were getting married that weekend - and we did. I guess you know the rest of it.”

Bobbie’s natural high spirits reemerged and she said, “That’s cheating! My God, where would women be if we were allowed to look over all the twelve- and thirteen-year-old boys, mark the one we like, and then put him back in storage until he growsup!”

She glared at Marie and said, “No wonder you got Tom instead of me! You trapped him out of season. I mean... There are size limits, after all. If they’re undersized, you’re supposed to throw them back but not with a line attached to them.”

“Really?” Marie asked with her eyes wide. “That must be another quaint American custom I missed in my citizenship courses.”

Pretending to glare at Bobbie she said, “In Asia, a woman’s life is difficult enough. Sportsmanship is a luxury we cannot afford.”

Changing the subject Marie asked, “But tell me about the evil Barbara Dawson. What have you done?”

“What haven’t I done would be a much shorter list.” Looking at her now-empty glass she asked, “Would you mind contributing to the delinquency of a minor a little more by giving me a refill? Then, with a little luck, I’ll end up so out of it I won’t be reminded of what I did two nights ago.”

“What did you do?” Marie asked with both her voice and her face impassive.

“I paid the rent,” she replied. “You see, I already told you I was thrown out of the house by my parents - and for damned good reason. The last straw came one morning when Dad opened the front door to pick up the newspaper. There I was, lying in a crumpled heap, bare-assed naked with just my sweater spread over me. It was where the guys who had been using me that night dumped my body. I was out of it on booze, drugs, or both. My whole body was covered with dried or drying semen.

“That was the last - and the worst - occasion of its type at home. Since school was starting in just a few days, that was it.

Of course, since then I guess I have taken on whole fraternity houses in a night. At least that’s what I’ve been told and some days my cunt has been so sore it could have happened.

“Anyway, in order to save money - to have more for booze and drugs - I live with the person who gives me the best deal. The current guy has me ‘pay the rent’ once a month. It takes the form of me doing anything with anyone for a whole evening. It has become progressively more disgusting and degrading.”

With a rueful, self-deprecatory grin she added, “He’s becoming more creative. Two nights ago, he had a couple of his fraternity brothers over. They made me go down on them, but instead of swallowing their cum, they shot it all over my body. Then I had to go through the contortions of a cat to try to lick it all off.

Finally, they all urinated in a bottle and poured it all into a dog’s water dish for me to lap up.”

“What did you do?” Marie asked quietly.

“I knelt down and lapped it all up, then thanked them for the delicious refreshment,” she said with a note of obvious self-disgust in her voice. “Isn’t that disgusting!?”

Suddenly, the girl began to weep uncontrollably and screamed, “And today, Marie, you ruined it all! I met those two children who are so pure and so good... I thought I had become immunized against any of this stuff, but it wasn’t nearly enough.”

Slowly she regained control and asked again, “Could I have a refill, please? It might anaesthetize me enough... and I may be able to get out of myself for a while.”

Knowing how much cognac she had poured, Marie knew the girl had already had the equivalent of about six drinks. Nevertheless, she refilled the tumbler to the brim.

After having another sip she said, “I apologize, Marie. This is luscious. It’s cognac, isn’t it?” The girl just nodded. Bobbie continued, “Of course, I never had it before because it’s not one of those alcoholic milkshakes I usually drink. It’s real... And it warms my insides. Usually I get smashed on alcoholic concoctions or gallons of beer.”

She looked into Marie’s eyes again, but still couldn’t see anything. It was as if the woman was making her beautiful grey eyes opaque. She resumed her narrative: “I can’t remember how I lost my virginity, or to whom. Perhaps that says it all. I have slept with everything in pants that looked like he might have a cock of any size at all. I have even gone to bed with men I disliked!”

She shook her head and grinned saying, “Of course no one I have ever seen or heard of is built the way Tom is. And he really knows how to hurt a girl, too. I couldn’t even give him a hard-on! But you...! You even lived on his cum for days. It’s... it’s...”

“’Great’ is the word you’re searching for,” Marie interjected, with a haughty look on her face that was belied by the gleam in her eyes. “Of course you don’t even have your bachelor’s, let alone a couple of graduate degrees, so your vocabulary...”

“Bitch!” Bobbie exclaimed while scarcely able to control her laughter. “You really have to rub it in, don’t you?”

“Of course,” Marie replied, pretending it was the only possible way for her to act.

Then she said, “By the way, I was very impressed with the way you behaved with Kenny and Andy. You really like them, don’t you?”

Like?” Bobbie exclaimed. “Adore is a lot closer. They are incredible.”

Smiling warmly Marie asked rhetorically, “Can I let you in on a little secret? Those two are both millionaires... in their own right!” She went on to say that both children were incredibly smart. In spite of being only five years old, both could already read very well. As a result, the two children had a personal investment competition.

Borrowing one million dollars each from Ali, they had invested the money, beginning about a year earlier. Kenny believed in market fundamentals, while Andy followed her intuition. With a big smile Marie said, “I happen to know that they repaid Ali in full, with interest, over three months ago. Now they have a personal net worth from their own investments of about five million each.

“Incidentally, I’m afraid Andy has Ken Clifford roped and hogtied. She’s going to marry him.”

“But... But she’s his niece!” Bobbie protested. “That’sincest.”

Marie smiled warmly and said, “It’s correct that she’s his niece, but it’s not incest. There is no blood relationship. You see, Andy’s mother, Connie, is adopted. She is one of a number of Ali’s adopted children.” Shaking her head she continued, “But please don’t misunderstand! Ali loves them as if they came from her own womb.”

Interrupting her narrative, Marie said, “Ali is funny. You see, she was thirty-nine when she gave birth to Kenny. Before that she had long since given up the idea of ever having children of her own. Now, not only is she an incredible mother - she’s still having them, by the way - but she is all of her grandchildren’s favorite person. They will confide things to her they won’t even tell their own parents - and I guess you saw how close they all are to their parents.

“I happen to know that Andy confided in Ali, telling her she was going to marry Kenny. What do you think Ali’s reaction was?” Bobbie just slowly shook her head. Marie continued, “She was ecstatic, and of course promised Andy she would never tell a soul... particularly Kenny. Why was she so ecstatic? At the idea that their child would be both her grandchild and great-grandchild. It’s the sort of humor Ali loves.

“Anyway, quite by accident last spring, I went into Ali’s office the day Andy was asking her about marrying Kenny. You really should have seen it. There was this little girl, just four years old plus a few months, sitting on the sofa. Ali is sitting on the side chair listening intently. The fascinating thing was the way Ali was treating her granddaughter like an important client with very important things to say.

“It was only when their conversation was over that she took the little girl into her arms, gave her that sunshine smile and hugged and kissed her.” With a bright smile of her own she added, “And I know you now know what Ali’s sunshine smile is like. It absolutely lights up the place.”

With the warmest smile Bobbie had ever seen Marie continued, “Those two kids absolutely adore one another. It’s the funniest thing I have ever seen. Whenever there are teams, Kenny and Andy are on the same one. However, one-on-one, they compete against each other fiercely. No matter what happens, though, their day always ends the same way: They kiss each other. Although they are only five - or perhaps because they are - there is just the purest love flowing between them. They are truly remarkable children.”

Glancing at her watch, Marie realized it was getting late. Bobbie kept her company in the kitchen as she prepared a dinner for the two of them. Again, as in the previous evening, the girl was astonished at how quickly and skillfully the older woman moved around handling the food preparation.

While they were sitting at the table eating another superb meal, Bobbie happened to mention that the worst of all was coming up on Saturday: Her boyfriend had ordered her to come to his fraternity for a pig party. “I’m the pig-in-chief,” she concluded.

Bobbie left before Tom returned home. When he did, Marie prepared his dinner and then asked about fraternities. “Do you belong to one, darling?” she asked.

Tom looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face. The answer was that he had been asked to pledge a house but had just turned the bid down. The fraternity was having a pig party that Saturday, and as a pledge he would have had to bring someone. To his surprise, she asked if there were many pig parties scheduled for the weekend, and was told that this fraternity’s was the only one.

“Do it, honey!” she exclaimed. “It sounds like fun. Can I be your pig?”

“But darling, you don’t know what you’re saying,” he protested. “The girls have to strip to the waist... They’re really degraded. I couldn’t!”

Marie pretended to cry saying, “It’s just because you’re ashamed of my body, Thomas Conroy! I know you!” Then she grinned and stuck out the tip of her tongue.

“Well...” he said, instantly picking up on her mood, “You really are sort of... scrawny. Then, of course, your back is pretty beat up. You’re too short...” Shaking his head, he said, “Darling, you should quit while you’re still ahead.”

“We’re going!” she exclaimed, then melted him with a kiss. Since he had finished his dinner already, Marie held her arms up to him. Sweeping her off her feet and into his arms, Tom carried her to the bedroom and deposited her on the bed. That night, their lovemaking lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

Chapter 5

On Saturday evening at six-thirty, Chet Curtis knocked on the door of the Conroy’s apartment. A few moments later, the door was opened by the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Since Chet, like Tom, was six feet three, he found himself looking down at her face. The girl grinned up at him and said, “Oink!” For some reason Chet thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

The young girl looked up at him, cocked her head and said, “It is a pig party we’re going to, isn’t it? Am I appropriately dressed?”

Marie was wearing her usual garb: skin-tight Levi’s and an old work shirt. Suddenly the young man blushed. His face was lobster red when Tom arrived at the door. Chet said with the dismay obvious in his voice, “Tom... I’m afraid we’re going to have a problem tonight. I know you and Marie are married and all, but the drinking age in California is twenty-one... But... You see, USC has a sort of understanding with the fraternities. Neither the school nor the cops bother us as long as we confine the drinking in the house to people over eighteen. And since your wife...”

At that the young girl squealed delightedly, jumped up, grabbed him around the neck and gave him the warmest, most loving kiss he could ever imagine. When she released him, his head was spinning.

Putting out her hand she said, “Welcome, Chet Curtis. I’m Marie Conroy, and that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in days!” With a grin she said, “You see, Chet, I’m twenty-eight.” Then raising an eyebrow she added, ”I’m fully legal!” Hearing the words, he looked at Marie hard. They had been moving into the living room and the young man nearly collapsed on the sofa.

Tom disappeared to go and make drinks while Marie just grinned at his friend. Then he looked at Marie closely and confirmed his first impression. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Slowly shaking his head he said, “Mrs. Conroy, I think we should forget about tonight... I mean... A woman of your beauty, doing some of the things...”

He then shook his head rapidly and said, “Absolutely not! It’s out of the question.”

“Like stripping to the waist?” she asked. Still standing in front of him, she stripped off her shirt, then her Levi’s and stood in front of the astonished young man wearing only her bikini. Turning her back to him, she looked over her shoulder and asked, “Do you do this to your pigs?” Chet almost became ill as he saw the scars that still crisscrossed her back and thighs.

Then she turned so that the brand on her left cheek was to him and said, “I did this to myself.” Then with her eyes innocently wide, she asked, “Do you brand your pigs? As long as it’s Tom’s initials, T C, I would be happy for you to do it.”

Chet Curtis was in a state of near-shock. He knew his mouth was gaping but there was nothing he could do. Finally he regained control and realized that Marie had dressed again but was still standing barefoot in front of him. Then she said, “There’s more.” Standing on one foot she showed him the sole of her other and said, “This is what comes of walking a hundred and fifty miles through the jungle, barefoot.” With her eyes wide she asked, “Do you make your pigs do that, Chet?”

Sitting down beside him on the sofa she grinned and said, “I guess I owe you an explanation. You see, Tom and I have an arrangement. He wanted a rich wife and I wanted a young, virile husband.” With a little pout she added, “I get a lot of flak from my partners, but that’s just because they’re jealous.”

Then looking him straight in the eye she asked, “Do you still think I couldn’t take it? Do you really torture your pigs?” Then with a grin she added, “Of course, if anyone breathes a word to my partners of what I’m doing tonight, he’s dead!”

Showing concern, Chet sounded alarmed and asked, “Would... Could you lose your job?”

“Good grief, no!” Marie replied with a merry laugh. “It’s just that our firm is the largest collection of teases in the Western World! I would never live it down. I can see them now! My office would have the greatest collection of pig paraphernalia the world would ever have seen: pig statuettes, books on raising pigs, ears of corn...” Shaking her head she giggled, “My God! It would never end.”

Suddenly Chet’s mouth formed an “O” and he said, “You’re a lawyer, aren’t you? A partner in a law firm?”

When she nodded her head once he slowly shook his head and said, “My dad is on the Board of Trustees of USC’s law school. I remember him talking about the greatest graduates in the history of the school: twin sisters from Vietnam. Marie, you’re one of them, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, Chet,” she replied without a giggle this time, “but I truly hope you’ll keep our secret. In case it’s not very obvious to you by now, I’m desperately in love with my husband and I’m now convinced he really loves me, too.” Then she told him about their honeymoon and ended by saying, “So you see, Chet, if I can take on a Great White shark naked with just a knife, I think I can survive a pig party, too, don’t you?”

He whistled softly and said, “I think this is going to really be a night to remember. Marie, I think you’re going to clean up!”

The threesome had drinks and then Marie excused herself to finish the dinner. When it was served, Chet marveled at it saying it was the finest food he had ever eaten in his entire life.

With a warm wink at Marie, Tom replied, “That’s all very well for you to say, Chet, but I have to eat it every day! There’s no let up. Can I ever have a plain hamburger? A... a hot dog? Don’t be silly! All I get is this stuff... Oh! And Great White shark cooked more different ways than you can count.”

Shaking his head in feigned sadness, he added, “That’s the trouble with killing one of those things by yourself. I guess we’ve both been too environmentally sensitized about waste. You wouldn’t believe how big a fifteen-hundred pound shark is until you have to try to eat the whole damned thing with just one other person to help.”

When they walked over to the fraternity house, it was nine o’clock. The first thing they were told to do was to take off their shirts. When they all did, they went to the basement where the party was getting underway. Everyone present was bare to the waist. Tom put his arm around his wife and lightly squeezed a tit. When she looked up at him, he lowered his lips for a kiss.

Then she whispered, “Squeeze harder, please.” When he did, he was rewarded with a wonderful warm sound from deep in her body. Looking up at him she whispered, “Tom Conroy, I love you so very much!”

Chet had gone to the bar and returned with three beers. Soon the competition got started and it turned out to be fun. First, the girls - in spite of the name - were anything but pigs. They were all very attractive girls, most of whom seemed relatively unconcerned about their partial nudity. None of them had figures to compare with Marie’s, though. Looking around, she did not see Barbara Dawson and wondered about it. When the competition began, she forgot about Bobbie and just had fun.

The first competition required a man to be blindfolded and then pick out his date from a group of four girls, using their sense of feel. The guys all loved it because it provided the opportunity to feel so many tits. When it was Tom’s turn, Marie was the third in line. When he felt her very solid tits, instead of announcing her as his pick, he lowered his lips to hers and she melted into his arms in the most passionate kiss anyone present had ever seen.

Finally they separated, and he said thoughtfully, “Well, this one is sort of close...” Then he took her in his arms and kissed her again. When they broke their embrace, everyone else in the room was cheering.

After he shed his blindfold Marie whispered, “I’m going to fix you for that ‘sort of close’ crack, Thomas Conroy!”

“I’m sure you are, darling,” he replied with a grin. Then with a wink he added, “I can hardly wait!” She just grinned and winked back.

The competitions were good-natured and the young people all seemed to have fun. Between Marie and Tom they won every competition there was. In the only coed competition Marie beat Tom and everyone else. It consisted of lapping up beer from a dog dish on the floor with the competitor’s hands tied behind his back with the competition being judged on the time it took to lap up all the beer. When she just edged Tom, she stuck out her tongue and said, “You should have done better than that... On the other hand, you didn’t spend all the time in the jungles of Vietnam that I did, either, did you?”

It was now almost eleven-thirty, and there was still no sign of Bobbie. Then a tall young man came down the stairs supporting a girl who seemed nearly unconscious. It was Bobbie. Half carrying her, he went to a table in the corner and sat her onit.

Quickly he stripped off all of her clothes and announced, “Okay, guys! Now the party can really begin. Who wants to follow me in fucking this slut?”

Marie had seen that Bobbie’s eyes were glazed. She appeared to be drugged, yet she was still trying to cover herself in spite of her enfeebled condition. She could hear the girl mumble, “No, Cam! Don’t!”

Ignoring her pleas, he forced her legs apart, took his cock out of his pants and instantly had it probing at her loins. It was obvious to Marie that Bobbie was resisting to the limits of her impaired ability.

Dashing across the room, she slapped the boy across the face with all her might. “Stop it!” she cried. “Leave this girl alone!”

Cameron Smith was shaken by the hard slap. Because of her physical condition, it almost knocked him out. Turning on her, he exclaimed, “Why you little bitch! I’ll fix you...”

As he took a roundhouse swing, Tom interposed himself and leveled the older boy with a short right to the chin. It was a knockout punch and Smith collapsed in a heap on the floor. “Not my wife, you won’t!” Tom said as he stood over the boy with his body visibly shaking from emotion.

Meanwhile, Marie had ignored the whole thing. Knowing Tom could take care of the situation, she had picked up the pieces of Bobbie’s clothes and dressed her again. When she finished, she looked into the girl’s eyes and could see that she was sick. Guessing that Barbara had been drugged, in spite of the girl’s larger size Marie easily carried her over to a sofa and laid her out on it.

Having noticed a telephone in the corner, she placed a call. Then she rejoined Tom who was still standing over the now-reviving Cameron Smith. Rubbing his jaw, he slowly got up to a sitting position. After waiting for his head to clear some more, he finally looked up at Tom and asked, “What did you do that for?”

“For rape,” Marie replied quietly. “I think you’re going to leave USC right now.”

The other members of the house were still standing around dumbfounded. Initially, no one had moved. Now the others were quickly dressing and a few were slipping out of the basement, heading home. Finally Chet Curtis came over to Marie and told her in a whisper that the boy Tom had hit was Cameron Smith. Cam’s father was a wealthy University trustee who always bought him out of the jams he repeatedly got himself into.

When she heard the story, Marie merely smiled mirthlessly and said, “Not this time!”

Smith’s face was florid with rage as he lightly ran his fingers over his swelling jaw and exclaimed, “I’ll fix you for this! I’ll get you thrown out of the university! You can’t do a thing to me. My dad has a battalion of lawyers who will just crucify you!” With a wicked smile he added, “I can hardly wait!”

“Then I suggest you call him at once,” Marie said. Glancing at her watch she added, “It’s now eleven forty-five. If this isn’t settled in fifteen minutes, I’m calling the police and charging you with felony rape. That’s a major-league felony in this and every other state, Mr. Smith. Now, do you want to call your father? The phone’s in the corner.”

When he called his father, his father asked for the telephone number of the pay phone and said he would have one of his lawyers call the girl who was causing trouble and settle her hash on the spot. As for the boy who hit him, he would take steps to ensure he was expelled from the University.

A few minutes later the phone rang. Cameron answered it and spoke to the other party for a few minutes. Then with a smirk he held the receiver out to Marie and said, “My lawyer wants to talk to you.”

Taking the instrument she said, “This is Marie Conroy. To whom am I speaking?”

“This is Homer Biggs,” the voice said. “I am Cameron Smith’s attorney. What are you trying to do to my client?”

Marie recognized the name. Biggs had been the attorney for Pacific Properties when Jim Duffy took the relationship away from his firm and gave it to Clifford & Jamison seven years earlier. Subsequently, Marie had heard the story from Ali, Ginger Conrad, Sandy Benson, and, of course, from Kathy Carlson herself.

Smiling to herself she said, “Mr. Biggs, you’re familiar with the laws regarding rape, I assume?”

“Of course I am. Who do you think I am? For that matter, who in hell are you, young lady. Are you presuming to tell me about the law?”

“Of course not, Mr. Biggs. I’m sure you know that in law the crime of rape is consummated by penetration, however slight. I am prepared to testify that your client raped my client, Miss Barbara Dawson. Now, do you wish to defend a felony rape prosecution?”

“Your client? And who, may I ask, are you?”

“As I said before, my name is Marie Conroy. I am a partner in the firm of Clifford & Jamison. I believe you have heard of us. You see, Mr. Biggs, before Smith called you I called our litigation partner, Sandy Benson.”

“Who’s Sandy Benson?” Biggs asked with condescension in his voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Marie replied feigning embarrassment in her voice. “I suppose you know her better as Sandra Harris. I believe you have heard of her? It seems that rape is Sandy’s least-favorite crime. In other words, Mr. Biggs, she is going to go after your client, young Mr. Smith.”

After pausing for a moment to let her words sink in she added, “In addition, of course, we will be going after you and the senior Mr. Smith. It seems there are a number of other young women willing to testify to the fact that you and Smith, senior, bought them off when they were going to swear out felony complaints against the son for rape.”

Again she paused and listened to Biggs’ heavy breathing. Obviously, he was now scared. “You do know, I’m sure, that such behavior makes you an accessory after the fact to a felony. You sought to suppress it, which arguably makes you guilty of obstruction of justice, as well. Both, of course, are grounds for your disbarment. Since the statute of limitations has not yet run...” Marie allowed her voice to trail off and just waited.

Finally Biggs asked, “What do you want, Miss Conroy?”

“I want young Mr. Smith to withdraw from USC... permanently. I want a payment of damages to my client in the amount of five million dollars. There will be other payments to young Mr. Smith’s other victims, but the total will be in the range of ten to fifteen million. Agreed?”

“My God!” Biggs gasped. “Miss Conroy, you can’t be serious!”

“I never joke about money like that,” she replied. “And by the way, it is Mrs. Conroy. My husband gets upset when people refer to me as miss, particularly now that we’re expecting a baby.”

“Could we think about it and get back to you?” the attorney asked.

Glancing at her watch Marie replied, “Of course, Mr. Biggs. Take all the time you want... as long as you give me an answer before midnight. That’s in four minutes. I’ll be waiting,” she said as she hung up the phone.

Three minutes later the telephone rang again. This time Marie answered it and identified herself. “It’s a deal,” Biggs said heavily. “What do you want us to do now?”

“I want you to speak to your client and tell him what’s going to happen. Then I expect to meet you and both your clients personally in our offices at ten-thirty Monday morning. Clear?” Biggs said it was. “Agreed?” she asked.

“Agreed,” he said softly. Then he asked, “May I speak to my client, please, and tell him what is going to happen?”

“Why of course, Mr. Biggs,” Marie replied lightly. “He’s right here.”

Giving the receiver to Smith, she stood back and watched. The boy’s jaw fell and he began to argue but was quickly silenced. It was apparent that Biggs was not sparing anything in telling him what he was to do, and what would happen if he failed in the slightest particular. When he hung up the phone, he was grey.

When he asked Marie what he was to do, she said, “I think the first thing you should do is apologize to Bobbie... profusely! Don’t you agree?”

By this time Bobbie had regained consciousness but was still groggy. Marie helped the girl to sit upright on the sofa. When Marie asked her to take off her pants and bikini, the girl did it without a thought. Turning to Smith, Marie said, “I think it would be a very nice idea to get down on your knees, between her legs, and apologize.

“Then I think you want to eat her cunt very carefully to be sure that none of your sperm is still there.” Smiling brightly at him she added, “Don’t you think that’s a wonderful idea?”

He did as she said. Before he began to east Bobbie’s cunt, though, he protested, “But... but it’s dirty! I... I could get a disease or something!”

“Nothing other than what you may have given her, Mr. Smith,” Marie replied. “Besides, I’m not even asking you to drink her urine... yet!”

Bobbie, not knowing anything that had transpired, was amazed to hear her tormentor on his knees begging her forgiveness, then running his tongue up her slit and then into her vagina following Marie’s explicit instructions.

Finally he finished to Marie’s satisfaction and he knelt back on his heels and said, “Miss Dawson, please forgive me. I was a pig. I criminally assaulted you and I should go to prison. However, I am withdrawing from USC and resigning from the fraternity. I hope you can find it in your heart not to prosecute. Except for our meeting Monday - I don’t know if you will be there or not, Miss Dawson - I’ll be out of your life forever.” When he looked up at her face, Marie felt he actually looked sincere as he asked, “Will you forgive me?”

Bobbie was still groggy. All she could do was nod once and then lost consciousness again. After reviewing arrangements for Monday morning with Smith, she asked Tom to carry Bobbie back to their apartment.

“Boy! The things a guy has to do to keep his wife happy!” Tom exclaimed. Then he added with a wink, “But she’s your guest, Marie. Why don’t you carry her?” She winked back and asked him since when was it a hardship for him to carry a beautiful blonde in his arms? After rolling his eyes and grinning, he picked the girl up and carried her the six blocks back to their apartment.

As they were entering, Marie looked closely at Bobbie’s face and asked Tom to carry her on into the bathroom. By now the girl was looking as if she were about to become violently ill.

With the girl in his arms in the tight confines of the bathroom Tom looked lost. Marie grimaced and muttered something about useless men. Then she winked to take the sting out of her words and asked him to put her on her feet. When he did, Marie put Bobbie’s arm around her neck. By now the girl couldn’t even stand unsupported. After asking Tom to leave and close the door, Marie lifted the toilet seat and eased the girl down on her knees with her head over the bowl.

As her head lowered, Marie heard a characteristic rumble from the girl’s stomach and a moment later she vomited up everything in it. When she did, Bobbie almost instantly felt better - at least well enough to support herself over the bowl with her own hands.

It wasn’t over, though. The girl’s retching continued and soon turned into the dry heaves since she no longer had anything in her stomach. Leaving her alone for a moment, Marie raced to the kitchen, grabbed a large mixing bowl and rushed back to the bathroom. This time she lowered the toilet seat and helped the girl to sit while she held the bowl under her chin to catch the remainder of her vomit.

As Marie had anticipated, the girl’s bowels opened and she emptied them as well. It was clear that she was now thoroughly miserable, and equally clear that Cam Smith had administered something to the girl earlier, something to which her body was now reacting violently in an effort to rid itself of it. Again Bobbie regained enough strength to hold the bowl by herself. This time Marie wet a washcloth with cold water, folded it and put it on the girl’s forehead.

When she did, Bobbie weakly smiled her thanks. Slowly the retching stopped and then the last of the bowel movement. Finally, she weakly passed the bowl to Marie who rinsed it out and set it on the floor.

As she did, Bobbie lifted her head and murmured, “Wow!” Then shaking her head slowly - it was starting to pound with a throbbing headache - she said softly, “Well, I guess this is the all-time record.”

Looking up at Marie, tears came to her eyes as she said, “I’m in your apartment again, aren’t I?” Marie just nodded and smiled warmly. The girl made an effort to get to her feet as she said, “I’ll be out of here in just a minute.”

Marie could see tears in the girl’s eyes as she added, “I can’t thank you enough or apologize enough. My behavior is disgraceful.”

Ignoring the girl’s words, Marie asked, “Do you think you can stand up without getting sick again?” Bobbie said she thought she could, but it proved to be impossible for her to stand unsupported. After telling her to remain seated, Marie disappeared into the bedroom and returned a few moments later, nude. She took off Bobbie’s shirt which was the only garment she was still wearing.

Then she turned on the shower and helped the girl into it. Gently she washed the sweat and stray bits of vomit off the girl’s beautiful body. When Bobbie weakly tried to reciprocate, Marie just told her she would have her chance some other time. By this time Bobbie had regained much of her strength and could move around a bit under her own power. When she saw this, Marie smiled and told her to kneel and then shampooed her hair. She helped her out, dried off her body and then dried her hair, finally tying it back in a ponytail.

Although by now Bobbie was much steadier on her feet, Marie still assisted her out to the living room and sat her on the sofa, still naked.

Looking up at Tom she said, “I apologize again, Tom. I look like something the cat wouldn’t dare drag in - it would have left me outside.” With a wry grin she added, “And I still look so sexy, I can’t even give you a hard-on!”

After eating some dry toast and taking some medicine to settle her stomach, the three went off to bed, although it was over Bobbie’s protest. She claimed she could sleep perfectly well on the sofa. Although more than half-asleep by now, the girl then watched in utter amazement as Tom made love to Marie.

In spite of the difference in their sizes, it was apparent that the smaller girl took her husband into her body without the slightest difficulty. When they both collapsed after Marie had been in continuous orgasm for almost ten minutes, Barbara whispered, “Now I know the difference between making love and fucking.”

With a very small smile she added, “Only you two don’t even make love. Rather, you worship each other’s bodies. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

As she said it, there was an obvious catch in her voice and she quietly started to cry. After Tom turned out the light and positioned Marie’s head on his shoulder Marie lifted Bobbie’s head onto her own. Turning the girl’s face towards hers, she kissed her warmly and lovingly as she whispered, “Good night, darling Barbara. Sleep tight.”

Then she added, “But you’re going to have to work for your rest tonight. If you’re going to share my bed, you’re going to have to be productive. That means molding your body to mine.”

The girl smiled in the dark and snuggled as close to the right side of Marie’s body as she could and then felt the girl’s hand cupping her tit. She went off to sleep smelling the glorious fragrance of the Vietnamese girl’s body.

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