Barbara - Chapter 6 to 10
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The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read this, then Don’t Read It.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This book is being posted now, in spite of the fact that Kathy Carlson is not yet complete. I had intended to add three chapters or so to Kathy, but that’s not the way it worked out. It’s long and getting longer. At any rate, here is another book that - hopefully - will tide you over.

Barbara Copyright © By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically written eight years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete references. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with it; it’s too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and in time follows Cynthia Martin by about 5 years. Because of the fact that there are other stories that overlap in time, some readers may find references to events they’ve never heard of. With luck, you eventually will.

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Chapter 6

When Barbara awakened the next morning the bed was empty. Since it was Sunday, she knew that no one had to do anything that day. Looking around the room, the only article of her clothing she could find was her shirt. Slipping it on, she padded out to the living room and found the apartment was empty. In the kitchen she found a note from Marie telling her to use the toiletries laid out in the bathroom and that she and Ken would be back from church by twelve. Looking at the clock she found it was a little after eleven.

After taking another shower and brushing her teeth, Barbara picked up a hairbrush and started stroking her wavy hair. As she did, she walked through the apartment. She smiled to herself when she realized what the dwelling really was. Although in terms of location and external appearance it was the normal sort of apartment for a struggling married student, in reality it was anything but.

In addition to the living room, dining area, bedroom and kitchen, it had a library and an exercise room. She noted that the machines each had two presets which she assumed to be the weight levels Marie and Tom used. Setting one of them at Marie’s setting, she was startled to find that she could scarcely budge the weights. After cutting the weight in half she found she could now move them, but barely. It was only after cutting them in half again that she found she could actually do exercises. All the settings did was confirm what she already knew: Marie was in magnificent physical condition - and this in spite of being pregnant!

Marie found her in the exercise room when she returned home. Telling her it was Tom’s turn to make breakfast - their contribution was risking starvation or ptomaine poisoning - she disappeared and soon reappeared naked. While Barbara moved her weights, Marie set another machine to her preset level and started to move the weights effortlessly and quickly. When Barbara asked her about it, Marie admitted that she didn’t feel right if she didn’t work out every day.

After companionably sharing another shower - this time Bobbie carefully scrubbed Marie’s body and shuddered at all the scars she carried - they went to the bedroom to dress. With a grin Marie gave her a pair of Levi’s and a shirt with the comment, “I’m sure these will fit you.”

“How can you be so sure?” Barbara asked skeptically. “I don’t have any clothes here except the junk I wore last night and I’m sure any size markings wore off them years ago.”

Sticking out the pink tip of her tongue Marie replied, “Because you’re Clifford & Jamison standard, silly.”

“What in hell is that?”

“You’re not nearly as observant as I thought you were,” Marie said. “With a handful of exceptions - my sister, Celeste, Joan Clifford and me - all the other girls are a dull sameness. The coloring varies a little, but that’s about all.” Pretending to be disgusted she snorted, “They’re all the same size, give or take a small fraction of an inch - interchangeable parts! And you’re one of them.”

Although Barbara laughed, when she put on the clothes she found that they did fit perfectly. Going out to the dining area she found that Tom had, in fact, prepared a magnificent Sunday brunch, complete with spicy Bloody Marys. When she saw them, she rolled her eyes and said, “Here’s where I get in real trouble. As a lawyer, I’m an officer of the court. As such, I have a responsibility to uphold the law... And here you teenyboppers are drinking... alcoholic beverages!”

With a snap of her fingers, she exclaimed, “That’s it!”

“That’s what?” Tom asked, puzzled at her outburst. Usually he and Marie were so attuned to each other that they almost shared each other’s thoughts. This time, though, he was baffled.

Instead of answering Tom directly, she looked at Bobbie and asked, “What are your living plans now? I don’t know if you remember anything from last night, but your landlord, Mr. Smith, has resigned from the University and is gone as of now.”

Barbara just shook her head. She had no plans at all, and Marie had been correct: She hadn’t remembered anything from the night before. Then Marie smiled warmly and asked, “Would you care to live here with Tom and me? At least until our baby comes? I guess that will be around February.”

When Barbara started to protest, Marie interrupted. “Wait a moment, Bobbie. We learned that you deal in rather... unusual... rent arrangements. Our arrangement would be a bit unusual, too. Are you interested?”

“Yes!” the girl replied quickly, but then added with a note of skepticism, “At least I guess so. What arrangement do you have in mind?”

“It came to mind when I made my usual crack about Tom being a teenybopper. You see, I’m a little strange. I love to carry the marks of the person I love on my body. I would have branded the initials, T C, all over me except Tom persuaded me that first, I’m scarred enough, and second, he doesn’t like it very much.

“However, what he does do - or did do - is spank me black and blue. I keep track of which cheek is next. We sort of have an informal penalty schedule. For example, a simple crack about being a teenybopper is one spank. I pull down my pants and bend over his leg in whichever direction makes it easier for him to spank the correct cheek. Higher levels of insolence or disobedience receive more spanks.”

With a shake of her head and a grimace she continued, “But last week Tom knocked it off. He says I’m a masochist - he’s probably right - but there’s no sign the baby is, too. Although I don’t think it could hurt the little thing, I certainly can’t make a case that it would benefit from it, either.”

With a wicked grin she continued, “This is where you come in. You substitute your ass for mine. Whenever I make a crack, you take the punishment. If, by some chance, you do something that is deserving of punishment on our little scale of values, your own punishment is doubled.” Looking at the girl with an eyebrow raised she asked, “Is that an off-beat-enough rental arrangement for you?”

To Barbara it was virtually perfect. She desperately wanted to be punished for her obscene behavior and realized that it was–at least in part - an element in her accepting the vile arrangements with Smith. The one proposed by Marie was far better, though. This way she would be explicitly punished rather than merely allowing herself to be degraded. “I accept!” she exclaimed, sticking out her hand to shake.

Rather than taking the girl’s hand Marie quickly shook her head and said, “There’s more. Don’t be too hasty.”

“More?” Barbara asked skeptically. “How much more?”

“I don’t really know how much, hon,” Marie replied candidly, “Because it really depends on me, not you.

“You see,” she said with a smile, “We all carry babies pretty easily - it’s due to lessons or inspiration or something from Tom’s mother, Hank. You saw Joan the other day, for example. Incidentally, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He’s going to be William Harrison Clifford, III. Anyway, I happen to know that Bill fucked her silly just that morning before going in to the hospital. Furthermore, she’s just about my size although, to be honest, Bill is substantially smaller than Tom.”

Then she interrupted her narrative, grinned and continued, “You learned something else when you were at the office from the children. Most of the women are nursing infants and have older children there, too. Anyway - and this may be Hank Conroy’s influence, too - we are all wonderful milk producers.”

She grinned broadly now and interjected, “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ali had a breast milk competition at our Christmas party this year.” Continuing her story she said, “I think that Kenny or Andy probably told you about nursing at their mother’s breast after the baby has eaten its fill. You see, we all want our milk to be as fresh as possible for our babies so we want to be sure that our tits are completely drained.”

As Marie spoke, Barbara was looking increasingly puzzled. She certainly knew about the children nursing at their mothers’ breasts and thought it was utterly wonderful. Kenny told how his mother took the opportunity to hug him, stroke him, and love him.

But still she could see no connection with Tom and Marie, and her lack of comprehension was obvious.

Now Marie grinned and said, “You’re looking baffled. The reason is obvious. Why am I talking about emptying a mother’s tit when I’m not a mother yet? Well, the answer is related to nursing, but a little different. You see, Bobbie, Tom has massive balls to go with his gorgeous cock. I guess I started something seven years ago when he was only twelve and just reaching puberty. I already told you I went down on him with his parents watching as he became a man. What I didn’t tell you was I did it a second time, and then a third to completely drain his small balls. I guess I figured that his body should get used to producing a lot of his glorious semen.

“Anyway, the second part of your job is to ensure that Tom is drained completely dry every day. Of course, I’ll do all I can for as long as I can, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to take him inside me - in my cunt or in my ass - for the full duration of my pregnancy.” With a wicked little grin she added, “I’ll tell you a little secret. One reason I take him in my ass - aside from the fact that I adore the feeling - is that I can take limitless quantities of his cum in there.”

Then she looked thoughtful and added another point. “That reminds me: It’s the old ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’ thing. While I can take any quantity of his cum in my ass, it comes at a price. You see, while he’s cuming in my ass, I’m cuming, too. As he is quick to tell anyone who cares to listen, I’m a very wet little thing. The problem is, without his cock in my vagina, there’s no plug.”

With a grimace she added, “On our island we were naked all the time and it was no problem. I just watered the sand. But here, back in civilization, I flood out the bed every time. So the third element of your rent is the use of your mouth to drink my cum when he takes me in my ass. Do you think you could stand it?”

Instead of answering, to Marie’s astonishment Barbara rose from her chair, went to Marie and quickly lifted her up from her chair. Marie squealed as she was carried to the sofa and deposited there. Then Barbara straddled her, undid her belt and quickly stripped her Levi’s and then her bikini from her body, baring her lovely hairless slit.

Going down on her knees between Marie’s legs she placed the girl’s legs over her shoulders and pulled the girl’s body closer.

While Tom watched in amazement she gently ran her tongue up the girl’s slit and immediately tasted the sweetness she instinctively knew would be there. Then Bobbie used her tongue as a small cock and drove it into Marie’s vaginal passage. When she did, she felt the girl’s body shudder in a small orgasm and a stream of sweetness reached her lips. Then she focused her attention on Marie’s clit. In no time she had the girl’s pelvis writhing on the sofa as she began to cum continuously.

Still Barbara neither sped up nor slowed down, but just maintained her in her orgasmic state. Minutes passed and Bobbie just kept swallowing the sweet flow. By now Marie’s whole body was shaking. Her arms were waving uncontrollably, her head was flopping from side to side and she was emitting a steady wordless scream. Finally, Bobbie bit the girl’s clit hard. The sudden violent sensation coming on top of the minutes of orgasm was too much. With a sharp scream, she reached an ultimate orgasm and fainted from her sensory overload.

Now that her whole body was limp it made it much easier for Bobbie to carefully go over her entire crotch to ensure she had captured all of the succulent syrup. When she finished, she flipped her head, undid her pony tail and used her loose hair to dry Marie’s crotch. Finally, she lifted Marie up and moved her back on the cushions, then returned to her knees and waited.

After a period of minutes Marie’s eyes blinked and then she opened them with a start. She stretched languidly and said softly, “Wow!”

Bobbie’s face was impassive as she asked, “Marie, you asked if I could eat your cunt. Was that what you had in mind?” All Marie could do was slowly nod. Then Bobbie looked very sad as she continued, “I was afraid that’s what you would say. You see, if that’s what you meant, I guess the answer has to be no. I can’t do it. I don’t know how.”

Marie yelped and then began to howl with laughter. Finally she calmed down and asked, “Bobbie, do you accept our housing proposal?” The girl grinned and nodded. “Beginning right now?” Again she nodded.

“Great!” Marie exclaimed. Then turning to Tom she asked, “What’s the penalty for lying, Tom? Ten strokes, isn’t it?” He agreed and Marie said, “Remember, for you, it’s double. That’s twenty.”

She snapped her fingers and said, “Oops, I nearly forgot. My teenybopper crack was directed at both of you, so that counts as two. That makes twenty-two.” Raising an eyebrow, she pointed towards Tom’s lap.

With some trepidation Bobbie slipped off her jeans and bikini, then bent over Tom’s large leg. He whispered softly, “Bobbie, make your ass as soft as possible and keep it that way. I don’t want to hurt my hand unnecessarily.”

The girl did. His hand came down on her right cheek hard. She bit her lip to keep from screaming with the pain as he hit her again and again and again. By the time he reached eleven, she was nearly unconscious and was lying limply across his leg. Slowly she regained her senses and got up from his leg, moved to the other side and lay over it again. When he finished this time, Bobbie was unconscious and just lay there limply. Tom just waited and finally he could feel the girl stir.

Carefully she got up although she was still reeling. Tears were pouring from her eyes and blood was streaming out of her mouth from her lacerated lip. Although she could scarcely stand she said, “I’m sorry for telling you a lie, Mistress and Master. Thank you for disciplining me.” Then she took Tom’s strong right hand brought it up to her mouth and softly kissed it, then licked it. “I’m sorry for hurting your hand, Master.”

Tom pointed to his leg where she had been lying. During the punishment her clit had been on his leg and the stimulation had caused her to cum in a flood. Kneeling down, she carefully licked off her juices. Then she looked up at him. As her face started to form a little smile, she suddenly collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Rushing over to her, Marie looked accusingly at Tom and said, “Tom, did you have to kill her? That’s much harder than you ever hit me, and I’m used to it. She’s not. Just look at the poor kid!” Her injured asscheeks were already turning color and blood was still streaming from her mouth. When Marie rolled her on her back and opened the girl’s mouth with her fingers, she gasped as she saw the damage the girl had done to herself. Moreover, the flow of blood was much greater than they had thought.

Tom ran to the kitchen for ice cubes. Giving them to Marie, he picked the girl up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom where he deposited her face-down on the bed. Marie put a towel under her face to catch the flow of blood, then took a painkilling ointment and began to work it very gently into the deep bruises on the girl’s ass.

Finally, Bobbie blinked once and then opened her eyes. As she did she could feel the cooling warmth of the ointment working on her terribly bruised bottom. With her face still resting on the towel - she did not even have the energy to lift her head - she whispered, “Master and Mistress, next time could I have a piece of rubber or leather or something to bite on? I think I destroyed my mouth.”

Then with a wry grin she asked, “Could I interest you in urinating into a bowl so I could drink it, instead? I suppose it’s a lot more degrading, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt as much.”

Then her grin broadened as she looked at Tom and said, “Master, I take back everything I said about your glorious body. Why can’t you just be a wimp like all the other guys?” Then with a wink she added, “On the other hand, now I know that you could have taken my asscheeks off with your bare hands if you wanted to. I suppose I should thank you for being so gentle.”

With that the pain and exhaustion overtook her and she just dropped off to sleep. Marie carefully covered her with a light blanket, then turned off the light and left her sleeping.

Chapter 7

“Your bottom really hurts a lot, doesn’t it?” Andrea Cartwright asked Barbara. The two were sitting at a window seat in the restaurant above the Clifford & Jamison offices having lunch.

When she finished up at the meeting with the Smiths and their attorney, Homer Biggs, Barbara Dawson had gone to the playroom, found Andy by herself - Kenny Clifford and his mother were out shopping - and invited her to lunch. The meeting was still in progress in the conference room with Marie and Sandy Harris settling the details.

Barbara had shivered when she saw the ice-cold look in Sandy’s eyes directed at her adversaries. When Marie had said that her partner detested rape, she had not been exaggerating.

Bringing herself back to the little girl’s question she suddenly wondered how she knew. “Has Marie been blabbing again?” she asked.

“Of course not, silly,” the little girl replied with a bright smile. Then she frowned and added, “I hate it when my mother spanks me.”

“I guess it really hurts your little bottom, doesn’t it?” Bobbie asked sympathetically.

“Of course it doesn’t... No, that’s not right. I guess it does, but that’s not the problem. You see, the only time Mommy spanks me is when I’ve been naughty and I deserve it. The problem is with her.”

“With her...?” Bobbie asked, puzzled.

“The last time was the very worst. It was early last week and I was very bad. Mommy took down my pants, put me over her knee, and really spanked me hard. Of course, when she finished I thanked her for her love. Then she put me to bed - it was time for my nap - and went to her room. I couldn’t go to sleep, though, listening to her crying. Well, I got out of bed and padded into her room. Poor Mommy was hugging a pillow trying to muffle her tears.”

As the little girl spoke tears came to her eyes as she remembered. “I took her in my arms and kissed away her tears. I thanked her for giving birth to me and for loving me so much. Can you believe it? She hugged me and kissed me and thanked me for being me. Then I went to sleep while I was being held in her arms.”

Looking into Bobbie’s eyes she added, “You saw last week how beautiful my mother is and what a wonderful thing it is to see her smile when she’s happy. Well, I guess this is the opposite.

“You see, when I’m bad, Mommy knows she has to punish me. I guess it was over me and punishment that caused the closest thing to an argument my parents have ever had,” Andy said sorrowfully. “Daddy knows how much it hurts Mommy to have to punish me, so one night he came home just as she was about to spank me. When he offered to do it, Mom flatly refused. Do you know why?” the little girl asked.

“No. Why?” Bobbie asked, puzzled.

“The answer was so typical of Mommy,” the girl replied with a bright little smile. “She said that she wouldn’t allow him to be the ogre. Since I had disobeyed her, the responsibility was hers. Anyway, when I heard that, I took down my pants, went to her and asked if she would please give me my spanking. I guess my tears were flowing, but it was like nothing compared to her tears when she finished. I guess it was pretty funny, really. There we both were crying our eyes out while we hugged each other for dear life. Do you understand now?”

Bobbie just slowly nodded her head and said, “I think so, but it makes you the most remarkable family I have ever heard of. What you’re telling me, Andy, is that when you make your mother happy, she beams at you like sunshine. But when you’re naughty, she’s even more miserable punishing you than you are being punished. Since you can’t stand to see your mother unhappy, you try your best to be good. Is that right?”

“Mostly, Miss Dawson.” Then with an impish little grin she added, “Sometimes I’m naughty just so Mom will spank me and I can then get in bed with her and comfort her the way she always does with me.”

Changing the subject she said, “You know, I guess I was pretty lucky to be born. There are so many children who are being aborted every day, I’m one of the lucky ones. You see, Mommy says that the most beautiful part of being a woman is to be able to give birth to a child. She says she was never so happy in her whole life as when she found out she was expecting me.”

Looking at Bobbie she said, “You know something? I guess I believe her. She was certainly gloriously happy when she learned she was pregnant again with my baby brother.”

Looking at Barbara she again slightly changed the subject. “Last week, when we met for the first time, I remember you asking about the children and coming into the office. Well, Kenny and I were not completely truthful.” Holding up a hand to cut off Bobbie’s protest she continued, “We didn’t lie to you, Miss Dawson, but we didn’t tell you the whole truth, either. You see, we get along with each other so well because our families are all so much alike. Unfortunately, that makes us different from most other children.

“Take lovemaking for example. Miss Dobbs went berserk at the thought of children seeing their parents make love.” With a wonderfully warm smile Andy said, “It’s the very best part of my life. My mother has a perfect body.”

Her eyes widened as she interjected, “She was a stripper before she met Daddy. The men must have really gone wild seeing her naked body on stage!”

Returning to her thought she said, “Dad’s is perfect, too! You should see the two of them in bed. It’s a riot. First of all, Dad can’t resist teasing Mommy. Last night, for example, he had been caressing Mom’s body all over. He stroked her tits, her inner thighs, her ass - she’s terribly sensitive there - but mostly her clit. Well, Mom was writhing on the bed in agony waiting for him to enter her. All he kept saying was that women are very slow to warm up sexually, and he didn’t want Mom to have a painful experience. He said in the most reasonable-sounding tone of voice, ‘After all, my darling, my cock is very big. I don’t want to hurt you by entering your cunt before it’s fully warmed up’

“Do you know what Mommy said?” the girl asked with a little grin.

“She said her cunt was already so hot it could ignite asbestos and to get it into her before she cut it off and did it herself! Daddy stopped teasing her and when he went into her, he went all the way in to the root with one push. Boy! The look on Mommy’s face was one of the most incredible happiness. Well, Daddy took her and took her and took her. I guess she was unconscious at least twice last night. Anyway, as a big thrill, Mommy let me sleep beside her in their bed.

“When he turned off the light, Daddy went right to sleep with his hand cupping Mommy’s gorgeous tit. Then she put my head on her shoulder and whispered to me. She said that I was created that way: Dad’s glorious cum poured into her cunt and flooded her insides. A sperm found my egg, and with the help of God, I was conceived.

“She said it almost certainly happened the same way as it did last night: she was probably unconscious at the moment of conception.” Looking straight into Bobbie’s eyes she said, “Seeing my parents make love is the most beautiful thing imaginable. They just worship each other.” The girl’s face was just glowing with joy as she talked about it.

Then she grew serious and again changed the subject. “I guess there’s still a little more to our extended family, though. You see, I guess we’re all a little strange. We don’t see it, of course, but I guess we’re all extremely smart.” With a little grin she said, “Kenny and I don’t see anything strange about reading, but I guess a lot of people are pretty impressed. I don’t understand why, though. It’s really not very hard... not nearly as complicated as cash-flow analysis, for example.”

“You do cash-flow analysis?” Bobbie exclaimed. “You’rekidding!”

“Not really,” the little girl continued with her forehead knitting up in the cutest way. “I had to learn it to defend myself against Kenny. He accuses me of making investment decisions purely on gut feel and instinct - no facts. Well, I couldn’t listen to a lot of woman’s-intuition garbage, so I had to learn cash-flow and financial analysis to back up my choices with some stupid numbers.”

“Do you have any idea what your IQ is?” Bobbie asked in awe.

“About the same as the others, I guess,” the little girl replied with complete unconcern. “We’re all somewhere over 180. I guess past that it doesn’t matter very much.”

Realizing that the score was the very top of the scale, Bobbie’s mouth closed with an audible click. “I heard about your investments from Marie,” Bobbie said. “I understand you borrowed the money from your grandmother. What do you think of her?”

“Kenny’s Mommy?” Andy asked with a brilliant smile that reminded Bobbie of her mother and Ali. “She’s great! Incidentally,” she interjected with a winsome grin, “To me, she’s Kenny’s Mommy, while to him, she’s Andy’s grandmother. We have such great fun with her! You won’t believe what happened when she took Kenny and me to see Bambi!”

“What happened?” Bobbie asked.

“When Bambi’s mother died, she started crying so hard Kenny and I had to help her out of the theater. We went into an ice-cream shop, sat her down and tried to tell her it was just a story. She looked at us skeptically and asked, ‘Are you sure?’ We assured her that we were, but she kept pushing. Finally, she just winked, grinned and swept us both onto her lap to smother us with kisses.”

Then the little girl shook her head and said, “But that wasn’t the funniest thing. That came when the waiter came over - it had been a nighttime movie - and asked if our parents approved of the babysitter taking us to a movie at night.”

Andy smiled brilliantly and added, “Of course she was wearing her Levi’s and a T-shirt and had her hair tied back in a ponytail. I guess she looked like she was about fifteen.” Looking at Bobbie she added, “Actually, she was a big movie star years ago, and is really a very fine actress. I adore her, and so does everyone else.

“You know what I love most? Kenny and I talk about it a lot. We’re convinced that when Grandmom does something with us or takes us somewhere - whether it’s the zoo, or the circus, or a movie - she enjoys it at least as much as we do. We’re convinced most of the time that we’re taking her! She’s absolutely great.”

“There’s one thing I don’t understand, though,” Barbara asked. “I’m surprised that you and Kenny are so busy chasing money. I would think you have enough as it is.”

Andrea Cartwright looked utterly adorable. Although they had offered her a booster seat when they entered the restaurant, she had rejected it outright. She had accepted a fat Los Angeles telephone book, though, with a very warm smile.

Now she sat up as straight as she could and replied, “Of course we do! Neither of us care anything for money - we just use it to keep score.” With a cute grin she added, “It’s more fun than matchsticks, after all. But you’re right of course. We’re loaded. In fact, Granddad always pretends to give us a hard time. He always teases me by asking why I can’t develop some skills that would be useful to the Clifford and Cartwright families... Like learning how to spend it.”

She smiled brilliantly and said, “He pretends to grump at me and asks whatever happened to the Valley Girls who were so good at spending money. ‘Where are they when you really need them?’ he asks. The fact is that I guess the family is pretty good at making money.” With a very cute little shrug she added, “We’re loaded.”

Then she looked at Barbara intently and asked astutely, “Why did you want to have lunch with me today?” Then with the warmest smile yet she added, “Thank you so very much for taking me, though. I don’t want you to think I’m not enjoying it because I certainly am.”

“There are two reasons, Andy,” Barbara replied. “First, I was so impressed the last time we ate together. I marveled at your poise, your self-assurance, and frankly... at your table manners.

You’re utterly exquisite. The second reason was to concede defeat. Andy, you’re going to be the perfect wife for Kenny.” Then she pretended to cry, but Andy could easily see the glint in her eye as she wailed, “Just think! I’ve been thrown over for a younger woman - and I’m just eighteen!”

“That may be true, Miss Dawson, but I may lose him to a woman who’s younger still - your daughter, for example. She is going to be an incredible beauty with your eyes, golden blonde hair, a body a man would kill for...”

Then she looked serious and added, “You know, platinum blondes have a reputation for being cold in bed. I think I’m going to be... pretty hot - certainly my mother is, and she’s platinum–but the reputation... Golden blondes are the hot tickets that the guys want to bring home to mother.”

“Daughter? What daughter? And could you seriously see Ken becoming interested in a girl born out of wedlock to a mother who’s a whore?”

Andy just slowly shook her head. As she did, Bobbie realized that she had forgotten the little girl was only five. She had a level of maturity beyond that of her own college schoolmates. Then she said, “Miss Dawson, you heard it from Ken: Before we reach the age of eighteen, you will have three children... by a husband who adores you and who you adore!”

Then she smiled warmly and added, “You see, we are really strange. The fact is that Ken can see the future... He does in the future what I do in the past - we’re both strange, I guess. For example, that’s how I know Tom spanked you very hard. He really hurt you, didn’t he? But then, that’s really what you wanted. You wanted to be terribly punished for your sins.”

Now the girl looked deeply into Barbara’s eyes and said, “Miss Dawson, you couldn’t be more wrong about your own past. I know you feel that you’re so immoral you’ll sleep with anything in pants - and I guess from time to time you have. But that’s self-punishment, too. It really all began when you lost your virginity, but you can’t remember who took it or how it happened.”

Now her emerald eyes were bright and incredibly piercing as she dropped a bombshell: “The reason you can’t remember is it happened the same way your rape almost happened Saturday night: you were drugged and repeatedly raped. But it was even worse, Bobbie. That time the guys were assisted by a few girls who couldn’t stand the fact that you were so good. In fact, if the loss of virginity comes with the piercing of the hymen, you lost yours to a girl!

“Two girls were holding your legs wide apart while a third jabbed a finger up your vagina and broke your hymen with her fingernail.

Then the guys took turns raping you. That’s really what happened - and it was only two years ago, wasn’t it?”

Then the little girl looked embarrassed and said, “Please excuse me, Miss Dawson. I called you by your given name and that’s unforgivable for a small child when speaking to an adult.”

Barbara Dawson was thunderstruck. My God! she thought, I never knew it but... But it all fits. Even the girls who told me at school what a whore I was... They were probably the ones!

She shook her head as if to clear it and then said, “Andrea Cartwright, you’re going to call me Barbara or Bobbie! Unless, of course, you want me to call you Miss Cartwright!” Pretending to glare at the little girl she asked, “Clear?”

The little girl’s eyes were very bright as she replied, “It’s very clear.” Then she slid off her chair and ran around to Bobbie’s side of the table. With her arms outstretched she asked, “Bobbie, would you hold me? Please?”

Barbara reached out and scooped the little girl up in her arms and sat her on her lap. As soon as she did, the girl wrapped her arms around Barbara’s neck and proceeded to kiss her. It was the most incredible kiss Bobbie had ever experienced as the little girl moved her lips on hers like an adult. At the same time she felt the most incredible flow of love from the little girl she could ever imagine. Bobbie held her tightly and tried her best to return the love with her lips.

Finally Andy moved away and murmured, “Thank you, Bobbie.” Then with the greatest love in her eyes she added, “I love you very much. And I think Ken is making a mistake waiting for me. He really should marry you. You’re so incredible, it’s beyond belief!”

Then she jerked up with a start, looked up at Bobbie’s face and asked, “How can you stand it, Bobbie?”

“Stand what?”

“It’s back to the first question I asked about being spanked. How can you stand to have any extra weight on your bottom? For that matter, how can you even sit? You were brutally beaten, but Tom didn’t really mean it. He just has no idea of his own strength.”

Looking deep into Bobbie’s eyes she said, “You were beaten so badly you lost consciousness, didn’t you?” Although she didn’t answer in words her widened eyes answered for her. The little girl snuggled against Bobbie’s chest and said, “I was reminded of it by your lips. When you kissed me I could feel all the cuts inside. You almost bit yourself into pieces to keep from screaming, too.”

All Barbara could think about was what an incredible person this little girl in her arms truly was. Then she added, “Don’t worry, Bobbie. It won’t happen again.” Andy said it with a note of certainty in her voice.

“How can you possibly know that?” Bobbie asked.

“Now he knows how badly he hurt you,” she replied.

“But how can he?”

“Because I communicated the excruciating pain you felt to him,” she replied simply. The little girl smiled up at Bobbie and said, “I guess I’m really strange. You see, I have some rather strange mental powers. Since I’m so young, I’m still exploring them - actually, I don’t know what the limits are. I’ve known for a while that I could concentrate on a person and go back in time in the person’s brain. Sometimes - the rape of your virginity, for example - I can even know things that the person involved - you - doesn’t consciously know. You never knew about your own rape until I told you, because you had been doped up. Nevertheless, deep in your subconscious, you did know what had happened.”

Bobbie just shook her head slowly. Now she knew that this lovely little girl was, indeed, an incredible person with incredible powers.

Then Andy continued, “Anyway, I just found out that I can be active sometimes, too. You see, Bobbie, while we were eating I learned of your beating and how it happened. Well, I guess I invaded Tom’s brain or something. Anyway, he has now vowed never to hurt you - at least not that way - ever again.”

Then she just snuggled closer in Bobbie’s arms and reflected, “You know, this power really isn’t a whole lot of fun.” When she looked up at her, Bobbie could see tears in the corners of her eyes. She said, “Sometimes I wish I could be just an ordinary little girl and Ken could be just an ordinary little boy. Neither of us are, of course. But I love him so desperately, and it’s going to be at least fourteen or fifteen years before we can do anything about it.” Now she started to cry as she added, “It’s really terrible to have adult wants and feelings in a child’s body.”

Then she kissed Bobbie warmly again and added, “That’s how I know how bad it is for you.”

The tears flowed even more as she reached up and wrapped her arms around Bobbie’s neck and kissed her again. Then she whispered in her ear, “Darling Bobbie, I’m so sorry for you! It’s going to get so much worse, you will be wishing to be beatenunconscious.”

When they went down to the office, Bobbie went into Connie Cartwright’s office with Andy. The little girl launched herself into her mother’s arms and told her about the wonderful lunch she had just had with Bobbie. When Connie raised an eyebrow at Andy’s use of Barbara’s nickname, she was told that she had to. Otherwise Bobbie would call her Miss Cartwright. Learning that Ken and Ali had returned, Andy shot out the door to look for him, leaving her mother and Bobbie alone.

“Your daughter is the most remarkable little girl I have ever met, Mrs. Cartwright. She is an angel. You are truly blessed.”

Connie looked at her and said softly, “I guess you learned about some of Andy’s odd powers, didn’t you?” Bobbie just nodded. “All I can say, Bobbie, is that you may be right. She just might be an angel come to earth. Her father and I just bask in the love she has for us and we adore seeing her radiate in the love we have for her.”

Then with a shake of her head to clear it Connie said, “Ali would like to see you for a minute before you leave. She’s in her office.”

After knocking on the door and being invited in, Bobbie found Ali with her son. Bobbie dropped to her knees and held out her arms.

With a small yelp Kenny rushed to her and wrapped his arms around her neck. After the most loving kiss she could imagine, she released him and said with tears in the corners of her eyes, “Are you sure I can’t wait for you, Ken? You’re a woman’s dream... And when you grow up...!” She just let out a low whistle.

The little boy just beamed and said with a little grin, “I will wait for you, Miss Dawson, but you won’t be able to wait for me.”

Then he looked at her and his eyes became piercing - anything but a child’s look - and he said softly, “There’s something else you should know, Miss Dawson. I told you last week that by the time I’m eighteen you will have three children. I guess you should know that the first won’t come until you’ve been married for at least six years.

“You, your husband, and the fruit of your womb will accomplish incredible things. I’m so happy that I’ll be around to see it happen.” With that he ran out of the office to find Andy, leaving Bobbie on her knees with a baffled look on her face.

Looking up at Ali she saw an expression on her face that she couldn’t read. Slowly she got to her feet and found herself in Ali’s arms. She had come to realize that Clifford & Jamison was one of the strangest firms on earth. Now she knew that there was an intensity of love that permeated everything.

Then Ali kissed her and it was even better than the time before. When she pulled away, Ali said, “Barbara Dawson, you are, indeed, a remarkable person.” Then she said, “I’ve already spoken to Marie. We would like you to join us over the Christmas holidays on Maui.” With a grin she added, “We like to bring our own babysitter... And you’re elected. Unfortunately, we can’t even count the number of children you’re going to be taking care of, but...”

When Bobbie headed back to the apartment, her head was spinning.

Chapter 8

It was mid-December and Bobbie was packing the few clothes she had that still fit for their trip to Maui. As she did, she reflected on the last few months and on the words Andy Cartwright had said at their lunch. The little girl had been precisely right: Now she wished that Tom had beaten her into unconsciousness every day. What she had been experiencing for the last few months had been far worse.

The worst times were the two trips to Hawaii Marie had made in the fall. The first one lasted three weeks and the second lasted two. Both were occasioned by Harriet Dobbs’ efforts to win the ten million dollar prize that Ali had offered. Both attempts ended in failure. Two volunteers who had tried it the first time had only recently been released from the hospital.

The second effort was made by Harriet herself along with a virile man - she had finally taken Marie’s advice to heart - but it had failed, too. Harriet and her companion were recuperating in a hospital, but there was evidence that Harriet’s mind might have been permanently affected. She was now on an extended leave of absence from the University where a rumor was circulating that now she wanted to go down on any man she saw. She wanted to live on cum.

Curiously, the same thing was true of Bobbie, herself. As she had been instructed, she had gone down on Tom in an effort to drain his balls - and had been uniformly unsuccessful. Moreover, it had become the worst form of self-torture she could conceive. With his exquisite body naked, she would be on her knees in front of him taking his huge sex into her mouth. When he asked her why she always had just the head of his cock in her mouth when he came, she had given him some double-talk. The fact was that she loved the taste and had found it was the best way to get it.

When she went down on Tom to worship his cock, her own cunt ran in rivers. She had gotten pretty good at keeping her legs tightly together to restrict her flow and channel what there was inside her thighs. The problem was that Tom preferred to be lying on his back on the bed. This made it doubly difficult for her: First, it put her cunt only inches away from the weapon she ached to have inside it, and second, it made it much more difficult for her to conceal her own cuntal flow. Now she knew with certainty that she was desperately in love with him.

At the same time Marie had become her closest friend and confidante. The third part of her rent had also turned out to be major problem. While she loved the taste of Marie’s succulent cunt as it gushed into her mouth, her position beneath her beautiful cunt left Bobbie’s eyes only inches away from Tom’s glorious cock as it moved in long strokes into his wife’s ass which now so easily received it.

The result was the same in every case. Bobbie would end the session being virtually incapable of controlling the writhing of her own pelvis as she sought some relief. The odd thing about it, the girl thought, is that Marie seems to know I’m in love with her husband. Not only doesn’t it bother her but for some reason she actually seems to like the idea.

Even worse, Marie had given firm instructions that she was to be naked at all times in the apartment. When she left on her first trip, she had asked Bobbie to share the bed with Tom to keep him warm. This, she found, she could not do. Although she molded her slim body to his - and found out how easy it was to fit herself to his length - she was instantly in an agony of wanting. Although she realized she could obtain some relief through masturbation, she wouldn’t let herself do it. The one thing that proved to be easy was accepting the punishment spankings. Again, Andy had been proven correct: every time Tom spanked her after that awful first time he had been very gentle. Bitterly, she now wished he would beat her unconscious.

The hardest part of lying beside Tom was trying to force her body to relax. It was impossible. Fortunately, Tom proved to be a very deep sleeper and fell asleep almost as soon as she finished going down on him. As soon as he fell asleep with her head on his shoulder, she would get up and go to the library. There she would read for most of the night until sheer exhaustion overtook her. For some reason, in spite of usually falling asleep after four o’clock, she was always awake in time to greet Tom at seven with a cup of coffee.

Her reading, she realized, was odd. The library was stocked with all the classics. Although she had always been a fast reader, with all of her practice, her eyes now literally flew across the pages. She had gone through the complete Count of Monte Cristo in only two nights. In just three months she had read most of the world’s classic literature. At dinner, whether with Tom alone or with Marie, they had incredible literary discussions. When they weren’t on literature, they were on science or politics or world affairs. It had come as a real surprise to Bobbie to find that she really was very smart.

Physically she had developed to a remarkable degree. Looking at her body in the mirror, she could see major changes. Her breasts that had been on the verge of sagging were now standing proudly upthrust and firm. The overtones of flabbiness around her belly, hips and thighs had completely disappeared. In its place now were the same hidden muscles that Marie herself had. She smiled wryly at her reflection in the mirror thinking about her muscle development. Now she was lifting weights midway between Marie’s and Tom’s. It was not that she wanted to do more than Marie–far from it. Rather, it was another effort on her part to exercise to the point of exhaustion so she could sleep. Ruefully, she admitted that her plan had backfired. Now, almost regardless of the demands she made on her young body, it responded and performed.

Academically, she was also performing brilliantly. Partly it was because she and Tom had adjusted their schedules so that they were mostly in the same classes and sections. She smiled to herself thinking of the debates that so often ensued in their classes with Tom and her taking on the professor on some element of political correctness.

She reflected that it was a tribute to their professors because, although their answers seldom followed the book or the professor’s position, they were so tightly reasoned, so well-supported and so well-written that they received A+ grades anyway. Several times they had been called in to see a professor because of papers they turned in. What was inevitably puzzling to the professor was that although their positions were identical, the wording of their two papers was totally different.

This amused Barbara because invariably she had typed them both on the computer - and debated Tom over his wording versus her own.

Several times she had thought about moving out of the apartment. Finally she came to the realization that she had the worst of both worlds. She utterly adored Tom but couldn’t have him. Worse, because she regularly took his huge cock in her mouth and drank his wonderful cum, she was constantly forced to live with the object of her sexual desire without being able to get any relief at all. At the same time she realized that she could still talk to him and see him. Since she couldn’t live without him, she recognized that, as bad as the situation was for her, it was the best she could get.

Just then she heard her name called and went out to the kitchen. Tom pointed to Marie and said, “Teenybopper.” Bobbie stuck out the tip of her tongue at Marie, then bent over his leg. Her head was to his right; it was her left cheek that was due to be spanked. This time, though, instead of spanking her quickly and letting her up - to go and drain her cuntal fluids that always flowed so quickly and copiously whenever he touched her - he just lightly ran his fingertips over her beautiful tight buns.

“Marie,” he called, “Come and see! Bobbie has such a beautifully tight little ass now. It’s almost a shame to hit it.” As he spoke he was running his hand between her legs. Although she tried to squirm out of his grasp, his right arm was holding her like a vise. Very gently he ran his finger down her slit and was surprised to feel how wet it was. Following his instinct, he focused on her love bud. With a scream, Bobbie let go a flood of cuntal juices as her hips bucked with a violent orgasm.

Marie had been in the kitchen and came in response to his call just as Bobbie came so violently. “Thomas Conroy!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing to that poor girl?”

Although he was amazed at Bobbie’s sudden reaction, Tom decided to continue to tease her lovely wet cunt with his fingertip. Even though her head was down, she managed to cry, “For the love of God, Tom! Please stop! Please...” Then she just broke down in uncontrollable weeping.

“Tom Conroy, let that girl go this instant!” Marie exclaimed. “You’re torturing her!”

He looked up at his beautiful wife with a hurt look on his face. “I am not!” he protested. “I didn’t even spank her. I was just stroking her beautiful ass like this,” he said as his left hand again just lightly stroked her sensitive ass cheeks. To his amazement Bobbie just cried harder. Although she was trying to speak, the sounds she was making were unintelligible.

“Why don’t you do something that won’t hurt her as much then?” Marie asked acidly. “Why don’t you just strip the skin off her back with a whip? I assure you, she would prefer it, and it would be much less painful to her than what you’re doing now!”

Tom looked at Marie, genuinely hurt. He didn’t know what she was so mad about, but it was obvious that she was. In fact, she was furious - it was the first time she had ever been truly angry at him in all the months they had been married - but he still didn’t know what he had done. It never occurred to him that Bobbie could possibly be attracted to him, let alone love him.

Utterly disgusted, Marie said, “Tom, let go of that girl this instant! My God! If your parents knew what you just did, they would disown you! Now let her go and get the hell out! And stay out for at least the next four hours.”

With a wry little grin she said, “Go play in the traffic or something. If you got bounced off the front of a Mack truck it might bang some sense into your thick head.”

Tom was so upset that when he released Bobbie, she just rolled off his leg and lay there in a heap on the floor, crying her eyes out. When he started to bend over to find out the trouble, Marie just pointed to the door and glared at him saying, “I’ll take it from here. You’ve done enough damage for one day. And don’t be in any rush to come home!”

As soon as he went out the door, Marie was on her knees beside the huddled girl. She lifted Bobbie’s head, rested it on her lap, and just lightly stroked the poor girl’s face. “You poor thing,” she murmured. “But it will be over pretty soon.”

As Bobbie’s eyes opened she was looking into Marie’s face. She saw love, great sympathy and something else she couldn’t recognize. “It can’t possibly be!” she wailed. ”I’m madly in love with your husband, Tom!”

“Of course you are, darling Barbara,” Marie replied quietly. “But the dumb lug is too stupid to know it.” Looking into Bobbie’s eyes she whispered, “I was right, wasn’t I? You would far rather be beaten to an inch of your life than have to endure his caresses in your cunt, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh God, yes!” the girl exclaimed. But then with a look of utter bewilderment she asked, “But how could you possibly know?”

“Because it’s the way I felt when I was with Ken Carlson, only your situation is fifty times worse than mine was. First, as big as Tom is, Ken is bigger. I’m not sure I could have physically taken him into me. Second, in our case there was a major element of gratitude... probably much more than love.”

Looking at the girl she said, “With you and Tom it’s the purest love, isn’t it? You utterly adore him.” With a rueful little smile she added, “And you refuse to relieve yourself. You know damned well I bought that vibrator for you, don’t you? Yet you refuse to use it. Why?” Bobbie looked at her in surprise, then just shook her head stubbornly.

Holding out her arms Marie said, “Come with me. I need to fix you up.”

Bobbie was still baffled but got to her feet. Marie took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. After pulling down the bed covers, she stripped off her own clothes and told Bobbie to lie back on the pillows. When she did, Marie, who was kneeling on the bed beside her, took the opportunity carefully to examine the girl’s body and found it was now utterly perfect. Then she lowered her head and kissed the girl on the lips with all the love she could communicate. As she did she began to stroke the girl’s body with a feather-like touch of her fingertips.

Marie began to concentrate on Bobbie’s tits. After teasing her nipples into full erection, she began to kiss and lightly bite them while her hands moved down to the girl’s thighs and finally stroked her labia. Returning to her lips, she now kissed the girl with a sense of great passion. Bobbie’s eyes widened as she felt Marie’s passion but then she just relaxed and enjoyed it.

Lifting her lips for a moment Marie whispered, “Remember the first time you went down on me and said you didn’t know how? Well I don’t know how, either, and I think it’s about time I learned!”

With that she scuttled down and knelt between the girl’s legs which she had spread wide. Lowering her head she began to tongue her slit. Then she stopped for an instant and placed Bobbie’s legs over her own shoulders.

As she knew it would be, she found that Bobbie’s cunt was as sweet as sugar. In no time at all in response to Marie’s oral stimulation, Bobbie was in orgasm. When she achieved it, Marie concentrated on maintaining the girl that way for as long as she could. She knew that the girl would ultimately lose consciousness, but found she wanted to prolong her orgasm for as long as possible. Knowing that the girl was verging on exhaustion and also knowing why she had been unable to sleep, Marie wanted her to be out for hours, if possible. She figured that the sexual stimulation coupled with her own exhaustion should keep her out for a long time.

Suddenly she stopped and lifted her head to look at Bobbie. The girl’s eyes were closed as she just enjoyed the incredibly wonderful sensation, but she opened them suddenly when Marie stopped. “Would you like me to neaten up your pubic hair the same way as Kathy Carlson’s? I think you would look gorgeous. Besides, we’re going to Maui and you’ll be spending a lot of time on the nude beach...”

Because Bobbie was still in a sexual daze, she didn’t really hear what Marie had asked. She just agreed and closed her eyes again as soon as Marie returned to eating her cunt. In an instant, Bobbie was back in her continuous orgasm. Marie maintained her that way for over thirty more minutes. Finally, recognizing that the girl was effectively unconscious - all feeling was in her cunt and she was totally unaware of anything else - Marie bit her clit hard. Bobbie screamed and then fainted as her nervous system overloaded and quit.

Marie rocked back on her heels and just looked at the girl. Then she looked down at her own belly. Although she was in at least the seventh month of her pregnancy, there was only the slightest swelling in her abdomen coupled with significantly enlarged breasts and nipples.

Sighing, she got off the bed and got a pair of tweezers. Bringing over a high-intensity light, she began work on the girl’s pubic area, thinking how much easier it was because she was unconscious. She smiled to herself thinking how practiced she was now, having worked on Kathy, Hank, and others. She first pulled out the hairs beside the labia, then went to the perimeter pulling out all the hair except for her dense pubic patch above her slit. When she was finishing the girl was beginning to groan with the dimly perceived pain. Before the pain could fully register, Marie smoothed on painkilling ointment and smiled as the girl relaxed back into a deep sleep.

When Tom finally returned, Marie gave him her very warmest kiss, then told him to get some things together because they were going over to Celeste’s for dinner and would be spending the night. When he looked puzzled she said, “Tom, that girl is utterly exhausted. Tonight she is going to sleep in the bed... by herself! Okay?”

Tom just nodded, but still didn’t know what happened. Marie went into the bedroom, put more ointment on the girl’s pubic area, made sure she was well covered, and then carefully closed the door.

Although it was Thursday, USC classes were over and they were out of school for their Christmas break. It was ten o’clock the next morning when they returned to their apartment. Seeing no sign of Bobbie, Marie told Tom to stay clear of the bedroom, then quietly opened the door. By this time, just the slightest noise was enough to awaken the girl who had now been sleeping for over twenty hours. Her eyes blinked and then Marie found herself looking into Bobbie’s brilliant blue ones.

“Hi!” she said softly. “Are you ready to rejoin the ranks of the living?”

“What time is it?” Bobbie asked as she stretched luxuriantly. “I guess it’s time for me to make dinner, isn’t it?”

“No, my darling,” Marie replied. “It’s time for me to make brunch. You slept for over twenty hours. It’s ten o’clock Friday morning and we have an appointment at one. Now why don’t you take a shower and by then brunch will be ready.” With a warm smile she added, “Incidentally, do you like your pubic bush now? And for that matter, does the area hurt?”

Flipping back the covers, Bobbie looked down at her pubes and gasped. “What... What happened? What did you do?”

“I plucked it clean except for the small patch on your mons. Do you like it? My friends really like theirs better plucked,” Marie replied.

“It... it looks... kind of neat,” Bobbie replied. “But it hurts like hell!”

“Call me when you get out of the shower and I’ll fix you up,” Marie said. “And you certainly look a lot better after all that sleep. It’s just as well, too. You’re coming to the Clifford & Jamison annual Christmas dance tonight. Ali would kill me if you looked the way you did yesterday. Do you feel better now?”

“I feel marvelous,” Bobbie replied. She jumped out of the bed and headed for the bathroom while Marie left the room to prepare the promised brunch.

When they finished eating, Marie took Bobbie to see Henry Hall, Ali’s Academy Award-winning hair stylist. While they were driving over Marie asked Bobbie if she would mind having her hair cut short. “Bobbie, you have the most exquisitely feminine features. Henry has done it a couple of times before with utterly spectacular results - two of the women will be out on Maui, by the way. Want to try?”

Then with a grin she added, “Besides, if you don’t like it your hair will grow back to its present length in just a couple of years or so.” Bobbie shook her head, returned the grin and said she would. As she said it she realized that Marie’s hair was also short. It was still in the gamine cut from when they returned from their honeymoon.

When they returned to the apartment, Tom was waiting for them. After kissing his wife he looked at Bobbie and his jaw dropped. “My God, Bobbie...”

Her eyes widened and she began to cry. “It’s awful, isn’t it, Tom. You hate it, don’t you.”

“My God, no!” he exclaimed. “You look utterly magnificent! Except for my wife - and my mother on her best days - I’ve never seen a woman look so beautiful.”

Barbara beamed, then went and gave him a light kiss full on the lips which she instantly broke. The lightest contact was enough for her to feel the instant flow of electricity between them. When she glanced over at Marie, the girl looked extremely happy for no reason Bobbie could figure out.

Then Marie told Tom to take his shower, get his dinner jacket and other junk and take it all to the library because the girls would be using the bedroom and bath for at least the next four hours. Tom shook his head in feigned dismay but did as Marie asked. When he emerged wearing his bathrobe and carrying his clothes, Marie ushered Bobbie in and ostentatiously stuck out her tongue at Tom. Then she closed and locked the door, making as much noise as possible so he couldn’t possibly miss the sound of the lock.

After the two girls shared a shower, Marie led Bobbie to the massage table in the bedroom and proceeded to work on her muscles using musk oil as a massage fluid. When she finished the massage, she poured it straight in the val between Bobbie’s breasts and then down the length of her labia. After gently working it in, she helped the girl off the table. When she initially had difficulty standing, Bobbie was alarmed until she realized that Marie’s massage had been so effective her muscles were just too relaxed even to support her weight.

When Marie brought out a blue cocktail dress, Bobbie gasped. It was like nothing she had ever dared to wear before with a neckline that plunged to her navel and with no back at all. The back was cut so deep it revealed the beginning of the crease between her buttocks. Marie just said casually that it was the official Clifford & Jamison cocktail dress - the only variation was in color.

“I think we buy them by the gross,” Marie said wryly. “Always the same size - just an assortment of colors.”

Chapter 9

That night the party was in the restaurant above the Clifford & Jamison offices. The firm had taken it over for the evening. As they were about to enter, Marie looked at Bobbie and Tom and said, “We decided to take our chances with Alcoholic Beverage Control and let you two drink if you wish.”

Then she winked and said, “Bobbie, I’m sure you can hold it... But I’m not too sure about Tom.”

When they got off the elevator, Marie took a moment to check Tom’s appearance. Her heart rolled over as she looked at him in his dinner jacket thinking he was the most handsome man in the world. After straightening his tie, she lifted her face. Seeing it, he lowered his lips and without touching each other their lips merged in a glorious kiss. “Thank you, my darling,” she whispered. Then the threesome went into the dining room to meet the people, most of whom Tom had heard about but had never met.

While Marie was going through her customary greeting of Kathy Carlson - kneeling and kissing her feet - a girl came up to Bobbie with her hand outstretched. Turning to look at her, Bobbie was utterly stunned by her beauty. The girl was wearing a dress like her own and also wore her hair very short the way hers was now. Her most striking feature were her eyes - a vivid dark blue verging on purple.

“Barbara Dawson?” she asked. Bobbie acknowledged with a smile and took the outstretched hand in a very firm grip as the girl continued, “Hi! I’m Kristin Bradley. As the only unmarried teenagers around, I understand that we have been elected to babysit over the holidays.”

Kris extended her other hand and now was holding both of Bobbie’s in hers. She just looked her over carefully with an incredibly piercing gaze that seemed like it could penetrate steel. Finally, the girl just focused on Bobbie’s eyes. Then she grinned and said, “It’s tough, isn’t it, to be madly in love with a guy you can touch but can’t have? You’re the most incredibly beautiful girl I have ever seen. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together. Now come and meet my parents.”

Taking her by the hand, Kris led her to a corner where two young people were talking. When she came up to them, they turned and Bobbie stopped dead in her tracks. She found herself looking at the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The woman had brown hair and brown eyes, but her hair, worn very short in the same boy’s haircut both Bobbie and Kris had, was naturally streaked in colors ranging from platinum blonde to medium brown. Her skin was a warm vibrant gold and her figure was perfect.

She, too, was wearing the gown that Marie had referred to as ‘Clifford & Jamison standard.’ It highlighted the perfection of her body. Yet as Bobbie looked more closely at the woman’s beauty she realized that, as beautiful as her features and figure were, the real beauty was radiating from within.

“Mom,” Kris said, “I would like you to meet my newest friend, Barbara Dawson. Isn’t she gorgeous?” Then with a grin she added, “A genuine California blonde from USC.” Turning to Bobbie she said, “This is my mother, Evangeline Bradley.”

“How do you do, Mrs. Bradley,” Bobbie said extending her hand.

Vangie Bradley took the offered hand in a very firm grip. Still without speaking she extended her left hand and Bobbie took it as well. Meanwhile the woman was just studying her and ended her inspection by staring intently into her eyes - the same behavior as her daughter’s a few minutes earlier. Bobbie did the same thing and realized she was seeing in the woman’s eyes the same love and goodness she saw in Ali’s and Marie’s.

Still without speaking directly to Bobbie she turned to the tall man by her side. He was a somewhat older Tom Conroy, Bobbie realized. Although not quite as tall - he appeared to be about six feet two - he was as broad across the shoulders and as well-muscled. Like his wife, he had a deep golden tan. Vangie said, “Ed, buy her for me? Please?” Then with a vividly warm smile she added, “You don’t even have to bother with gift wrapping, either. I’ll just eat her here!”

Then she said, “How do you do, Barbara Dawson.” Then she looked at the girl and said, “I understand you and Imp, here, are going to be sharing a suite. I think it ought to be fun.”

Then to her daughter she said, “I told you that you’re sadly out of shape. This girl is going to trim your tight little ass and it couldn’t happen to a nicer girl, either.” Bobbie’s eyes widened at the comment because, with her body almost completely revealed it was obvious that Kris Bradley’s figure was also youthful perfection.

“But you can’t be Kris’s mother...” Bobbie stammered. “You couldn’t possibly have given birth...”

“You’re right,” Vangie said agreeably, “I’m not. Kristin is adopted.” Then her brows knitted and she said, “Technically it’s true, I guess, but the fact is she was a bridal shower gift to us from our children.”

With a warm smile she asked, “Bobbie, don’t you think it’s an original gift? You see, when my daughter married, she realized that I would miss having a teen-aged girl to hug and to love, so she and Ken made one for us. For a do-it-yourself effort, she didn’t come out too badly, did she?”

Now Barbara was totally bewildered. “Gift? From a married daughter? That’s impossible...! I mean... You can’t possibly be over twenty-five...”

Vangie yelped, took Bobby in her arms and gave her the most loving kiss the girl had ever had. Then she said, “I adore her, Ed, and I’m going to have her as my daughter.” Then she looked at the two girls and said, “Do you realize this would give us a matched pair? Of course she doesn’t have Imp’s ridiculous purple eyes, but that’s an advantage.”

Then she said to Barbara, “Why don’t we sit down and get acquainted.” Her eyes turned serious as she added, “You see, Bobbie, I’m very serious about adopting you. It’s an idea that first crossed my mind when Andy Cartwright and Ken Clifford couldn’t stop talking about you.”

While shaking her head, Bobbie allowed herself to be led to a table in the corner where they all sat down. Finally she said, “I still can’t believe it. Am I correct? Do you actually have a married daughter?”

“Sure do,” Vangie replied with a grin. “She’s married to my son.” Again Bobbie’s jaw dropped. She was stunned. “We fit right in with Ali’s extended family,” Vangie continued, “because we’re at least as weird as they are.”

Then she grinned and explained, “You see, Bobbie, before you start giving me a lot of garbage about how unworthy you are, let me tell you a little about us. First of all: me. I was born Evangeline Pierce and was the poorest excuse for a human being God ever placed on this earth. I spent my childhood terrorizing nurses and governesses and being thrown out of schools. I married Bill Collins when I was nineteen and then did about the only worthwhile thing I’ve done in my whole life: I gave birth to my daughter, Cathy. Of course, I immediately hired a wet nurse for her because, God forbid, I wasn’t going to have grubby little hands pawing my beautiful tits.

“Who do I hire? The widow of one of our greatest military heros–a man who earned the Medal of Honor and gave his life for our country doing it. Later I farmed Cathy out to a string of people so she didn’t interfere with my social life. Would you believe, I never even went to her graduation? Any graduation. Anyway, a few years ago Bill was killed in a plane crash. After sleeping with anything in pants - and a few in skirts - I heard of a very rich widower, Ed Bradley, who had a son. I conceived of the idea of a family merger. At that point, Cathy disappeared. There was no way she was going to have anything to do with an arranged marriage.

“Of course the same thing was true of Ed. His son, Ken, graduated from Yale, Phi Beta Kappa - that’s where Kris is now, by the way - and as a Baker Scholar from the Harvard Business School. Ed didn’t know any of that, nor did I know that Cathy was summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa and valedictorian of her class at Carleton College. Anyway, it seems that my daughter and his son met on their own, fell in love, and were about to be married when we learned about it for the first time.

“How did we find out? The same way most parents do, I expect,” she said with a quick grin. ”We see them on the national telecast of the Super Bowl! A funny thing had happened in the meantime, though. While Ed and I were spending a lot of time scheming to get our two children together to make a merger, we fell in love with each other. Curiously, as lousy and rotten as we are individually, together we seem to neutralize each other’s poisons. Anyway, Cathy and Ken were married and went out to Maui for their honeymoon. On the plane flying out there they meet a fourteen-year-old girl who was seventy-two hours away from death by starvation: Kris.

“About a year earlier Kris and her whole family were returning home from a night football game. A drunken driver ran a stop sign and broadsided their car. He killed her parents and her brother and put her in the hospital. We know that her family was very loving and very close. When she recovered consciousness in the hospital, all Kris wanted to do was to rejoin her family as quickly as possible... by starving herself to death. She had almost succeeded when she met our children. Ken and Cathy brought her back to life. Moreover, she claims that she is their creation, top to bottom.

“Then, while Cathy and Ken were on their honeymoon and putting Kris together, one of Ali’s daughters was beating me into shape. In spite of all I am, Ed still claimed to love me and wanted to marry me, so Kris was our children’s shower gift to us.”

Then with a broad smile she said, “Subsequently, I adopted Ken Bradley as my son and Ed adopted Cathy as his daughter. The reason is the same. I’m hoping to get Ken away from my daughter and get him into my bed, while Ed wants to trade me in for the younger, more athletic and nubile model - and is Cathy ever nubile!”

With a pout she added, “But it’s not working. All those two do is fuck and make babies.” Then she was transformed by the most vivid smile Bobbie had ever seen and added, “Of course our grandson, Ken, junior, is the most beautiful young man God ever created; our granddaughter, Krista, is the most beautiful little girl, and Cathy is about to hatch a brother or sister for them.”

“But you can’t...” Bobbie stammered. “I thought I understood it when you said Kris is adopted. That can happen, I suppose. But a grandmother! That’s preposterous. You can’t be even thirty.”

Turning to Ed again Vangie exclaimed, “Edward Bradley we have to have her! No one has flattered us so much in years.” Turning to Bobbie she said, “Darling, I’m forty-five and the love of my life here is fifty-one. Believe me when I say we are honest-to-God grandparents - not even that synthetic adopted stuff like Ali!

“I’m very serious, Barbara,” Vangie continued. “We would like very much to adopt you as our daughter. I think you will like Kris and I’m sure you’ll love Ken and Cathy. Besides, we really need a genuine California blonde in the family.”

“I guess I’m genuine, then,” Bobbie said. “Like most people in California, I’m from somewhere else.”


“A little town in Illinois that I’m sure you never heard of,” Bobbie answered.

“What town?” Vangie persisted.

“A little town north of Chicago called Deerfield.”

“Good heavens! That’s where Jan and Pete are. Have you ever heard of Janice and Peter Stewart? Illinois Technologies...? Although now it’s the Peters Drive Company...”

“Of course!” Bobbie replied. “My mother is in the Junior League and years ago she came back from a winter meeting raving about... Janice Stewart!”

“Jan is the one who beat me into shape,” Vangie said softly. “She’s one of Ali’s adopted daughters, too.” Then she raised an eyebrow and asked, “Since you’re from Chicago, maybe you follow the Bears. Maybe you’ve heard of Ken Bradley?”

Now Bobbie’s jaw dropped. “My God! The All-Pro wide receiver...

Married to... Cathy Bradley, the Pro Bowl kicker... Your daughter?”

“Sure is,” Vangie replied, “but as I said earlier, I claim no credit at all. It was all Cathy, by herself, overcoming nearly unbelievable handicaps - mostly me - to do it. Anyway, how about joining our merry band? I think we can probably support you... If you don’t eat too much, that is.”

While they were talking, other things about the Bradleys started to surface from Bobbie’s memory. One of them was that the Bradleys were nearly as rich as the Cliffords - certainly in the same league.

She shook her head and said, “I’m afraid it’s impossible. First, I have been disowned by my parents for being a slut and a whore.”

Looking at Ed she asked, “How would you like it if you went outside to pick up the paper and found Kris, here, naked on the doorstep covered with semen, and stoned out of her mind? That’s the way my father found me early one morning.”

“I would give serious thought to hunting down the beasts who drugged her and killing them all,” Ed Bradley replied coldly. She looked into his eyes and shuddered realizing he meant exactly what he had said.

“Moreover, we have just the guys around here who would love to help me do it: Bill Cartwright, another Medal of Honor winner from Special Forces; Ken Carlson, a double Medal of Honor winner from Army Rangers; Mike Morris, Judy’s husband, another Medal of Honor winner, served in the Marines with the Navy SEALS... Not only would they do it, they would delight in it. All that would be left of those butchers would be a few small scraps.” Looking deep into Bobbie’s eyes he said, “Do you believe they would do it?”

She shivered and said, “Yes, sir. I guess they would believe it, too.”

“Bobbie,” Ed Bradley continued, “I guess it’s a problem with having a few bucks: You can become known as a target. Bill Clifford and I handle it the same way: We make it painfully clear to anyone who gets such an idea that it’s not the brightest idea they ever had. In other words, we don’t offer free bites.”

Then he held out his arms and said, “My wife has been monopolizing things. While she’s been running off at the mouth, I need to correct something she said about herself. She would have you believe that she’s the personification of evil.” He smiled ruefully and said, “It’s so typical of her, too.” Then looking into the girl’s eyes he said, “I saw you looking at Vangie very carefully, Bobbie. What did you see?”

“I saw an incredible beauty,” Bobbie replied. “At the same time, as beautiful as her face and figure are, that’s the least of it. Her real beauty - and it’s in overwhelming abundance - comes from the goodness she radiates from within. Looking into her eyes all I see is goodness and love.”

Ed just nodded and stuck out his tongue at his wife. “I told you,” he said. “Vangie Bradley, you’re a god-awful actress. You can’t even play the part. Your goodness just shines through in spite of anything you say or do.” Then to Bobbie he added, “Of course in bed this woman is utter perfection. You see, I love a woman who’s nice and wet - and Vangie always is. Moreover, when she’s in my arms, in addition to the goodness and love, I get to see the most intense personal love for me coupled with a level of passion that’s beyond belief.

“Bobbie, this is the woman who wants to be your mother. In spite of the fact that she was half right - I really am a shit–could I have a kiss? Please?”

Bobbie rose from her chair and went to him. Ed swept her off her feet and sat her across his lap. Then he proceeded to kiss her thoroughly while he ran his hands lightly over her exposed body. His kiss is just loaded with pure love, Bobbie thought and then realized, September 11, 2001and it’s love for *me!*

She looked into his eyes and saw exactly the same thing she had seen in Vangie’s: incredible goodness and love. She pulled away and with a cute grin said, “But Dad, I hate to say this to my brand-new father, but you’re full of shit, too! All I see in your eyes is an incredible depth of goodness and love.”

Ed shook his head and grinned ruefully as she continued, “I can certainly believe what you said about Mom, though. I’ll bet she is passionate. On the other hand, even sitting on your lap I can feel your sex beneath me, so I’m also sure that your lovemaking must be pretty special! Does she retain consciousness when she cums with you inside her?”

“Hell, no!” Vangie exclaimed. “In fact on our wedding night I was out so long my whole damned family - Ed, Cathy, Ken and Imp here - all feasted on my cunt.” With a shake of her head and a wry grin she added, “Can you imagine using your cunt to provide a feast... for a family of four? Of course, to be fair, a lot of it - including all the nourishing part - was from Ed’s glorious cum inside me. Can you drown on internal fluids, do you suppose?” Vangie mused.

Bobbie just giggled, but she believed what she had heard was true. Her new parents - she was already thinking of them in those terms - were so madly, passionately in love with each other, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

When Ed finally released her, she found Kris standing over them looking down at her. “Is it my turn yet?” she asked. “Don’t I get to kiss my brand-new twin sister?”

Rising to her feet again Bobbie went into the girl’s arms and received the most breathtaking kiss she could ever imagine. Then Kris said softly, “Welcome, Sis! I think we’re going to have a marvelous time together.” Then with a little yelp she added, “And guess what, parents? Now I’ll finally get some help in trying to spend your damned money!” Then she shook her head and frowned, “I don’t know, though. I don’t think Bobbie has what it takes to be a real Valley Girl. Do you?”

Bobbie was swept by a feeling of relief. Then her knees threatened to collapse beneath her so she dove for Ed Bradley’s lap. He gathered her into his strong arms and just held her tightly. Suddenly she burst into tears and started to bawl like a baby. It was as if a dam had burst. Ed just held her even tighter and held her head to his shoulder while he gently stroked her hair and the satin-smooth skin of her bare back.

As he did she felt comforted for the first time in years - it felt so wonderful just to be held. Slowly she regained control and her weeping stopped, but she just snuggled closer into his shoulder. Then she lifted her head and he gently kissed the tears away as he murmured, “Darling Barbara, your new mother and I adore you!”

Realizing that her tears had soaked the shoulder of his dinner jacket, Bobbie tried to get up to get a napkin to wipe it off. “Oh God, Mr. Bradley!” she exclaimed. “I’m so sorry! Can I...”

“I’m not sorry at all,” he interrupted softly. “Darling, there are few things a man likes more than to hold and comfort a beautiful girl. Barbara Dawson, like your new sister, you’re a delight to the senses.”

As she started to get up from his lap, she realized that Vangie was on her knees beside her whispering, “Do you feel better, darling? It’s terrible to feel totally alone, isn’t it?” Then she softly added, “Could I have a kiss, too?”

Reaching out, Bobbie hugged Vangie tightly and then started bawling again. Vangie just held her close and listened to the tears. When she finally ran dry, Vangie kissed her eyes gently and then melted her lips to hers. Then she finally pulled away and Vangie asked Kris to accompany her to the ladies room to make repairs to her tear-streaked face. In spite of the ravages of her tears, Bobbie was radiantly beautiful and happier than she had been in years.

While the girls were away from the table, Ed and Vangie talked to Ali about legal arrangements for Bobbie’s adoption. When the girls returned to the table, they spent the dinner time getting acquainted. Bobbie realized to her amazement that in just a few short hours she had come truly to love this remarkable family.

After dinner the band began to play big-band dance music. After dancing with her new father - she found he was a marvelous dancer - Bobbie found herself sought out by virtually all of the men present. A man who looked very much like Ed Bradley came up to the table and asked her to dance. He didn’t bother to introduce himself until she was in his arms on the dance floor.

Then he held her slightly away from himself so he could look directly into her eyes. After studying them for a few moments he said softly, “Kenny is absolutely right! You’re a truly remarkable young woman and I’m sure you’re going to be very happy with the Bradleys. They are now among our very closest friends and are delightful people.” He grinned and added, “Incidentally, I’m Bill Clifford, otherwise known as Ali’s husband.”

Again Bobbie felt foolish as her jaw dropped. Like Ed Bradley, Bill Clifford appeared to be in his early thirties with prematurely grey temples. “But you can’t... My God! What do you people do? You must have found the fountain of youth! You can’t be...”

“Fifty-two?” he interjected. “That’s how old I am. Of course between Ali, Kenny and the baby, they serve to keep me young. And unlike my child bride, I am - like Ed Bradley - an honest-to-God grandfather - several times over. All of my children - Jennifer, Bill and Brian - have children of their own now. I know you met Joan the day she delivered her little boy. Isn’t she a delight?”

Bobbie moved closer to him and murmured into his shoulder, “Mr. Clifford, you have to be so very proud! But how do you do it? How do you stay so young?”

“It’s easy,” he replied softly. “It’s all Ali. She’s...”

He stopped and grinned, then said, “I was going to say she’s the love of my life, but I stopped myself. It’s inaccurate. The fact is that she is my life.” He smiled warmly and said, “Bobbie, I can’t tell you what it was like that Christmas night when Ali told me she was going to have my baby. I was so happy I was afraid I was going to explode.

“You see, I always thought that the fruit of her glorious loins would be very special. Well, you’ve seen Ken and I think you’ll agree that he certainly is. Anyway, she keeps me young.”

Later, she danced with Ken Carlson and then with Mike Morris. While she was dancing with Ken, thinking about what Ed Bradley had said, she asked him about it obliquely. It turned out that he knew all about her history. She looked into his brown eyes and shivered.

He asked, “Did Marie ever tell you what happened after we freed Celeste and her? To the enemy, I mean?” Bobbie just slowly shook her head. “We killed them all. The ones who weren’t killed in our initial attack were hung from the scaffold that they had built for Marie and Celeste.”

Looking down at Bobbie’s face he said, “I would do exactly the same thing to those bastards who not only raped you but destroyed your whole life with your parents. Worst of all, they actually got you to believe that you were a whore.”

He finished with a note of menace in his voice as he said, “If I ever get my hands on any of them, they will be dead!”

At that instant Bobbie realized that she was not hearing a threat; rather, she was hearing a simple statement of fact. Then he added, “Bill Cartwright and Mike Morris desperately want to help, too.” Then with a mirthless grin he added, “Among the three of us we could handle a good-sized army.” Hearing his words she shivered because from what she knew of their backgrounds, Bobbie was sure they could - and probably would.

Later, when the band took a break, Kris grabbed her hand and said, “Come on, sis. We’re going to sing!”

Dismissing her protests that she didn’t know how, Kris led her to the bandstand where Celeste and Marie were waiting for them. Bobbie was utterly baffled when Marie gave her a song sheet and Kris sat down at the piano to play for them. To her utter amazement, she found she could sing - indeed, could sing beautifully. There was silence in the room as the four girls beautifully sang Christmas carols together. Bobbie was most surprised when Kris indicated that she had a solo to do and was astonished when she found she could do it. They all took bows to waves of applause.

Then Marie whispered something to Kris who smiled and nodded. Taking a microphone in her hand Marie said, “Ladies and gentlemen, a number of you have heard my sister and I sing together in the past. Tonight you heard us joined with the marvelous voices of Kristin Bradley and Barbara Dawson - who’s about to become Barbara Bradley. Anyway, you all know my background. You know how I was rescued from death by Ken Carlson and restored to life by him and his bride, Kathy.

“Tonight I would like to sing a song to the love of my life, Tom Conroy. In just a few short months he has given me a level and intensity of joy that puts me in Heaven. I would like to convey a little of the love I feel and the joy I experience in his arms.”

With that introduction she sang the most passionate love song anyone had ever heard. Marie had the most marvelous clear soprano voice that carried astonishing power coming from such a small body. When she finished, she just lowered her head. There was the silence of sheer awe for a few moments, then the room exploded with cheers and applause.

Standing there alone, to the surprise of everyone, particularly Bobbie, Marie addressed the group. “I would also like to take this opportunity to say a few words to you all.

“To begin with, how did my sister and I come to Clifford & Jamison? The answer to that is really very simple. First of all, the woman we adore more than anyone else alive, Kathy Carlson, worked here. You all know what I think of her: I literally worship the ground she walks on and kiss her feet whenever I see her. Then, of course, when we received the first William Harrison Clifford Fellowships to USC Law School from Ali, we thought she was a dream, so that settled it.

“After graduating, I joined the firm. The first day I was here, the woman I thought was the personification of everything beautiful and good turned out to be just Clifford & Jamison Standard!” The crowd roared with laughter at the remark.

“I’m really not kidding,” Marie protested. “Let me give you an illustration using another partner, Sandy Benson. Have you ever looked at Sandy closely when she’s in a courtroom trying a case? It’s... it’s sad... Well, it’s certainly unfair. First of all, there is the genius of her brain. She takes the most complex case and lays it out like the A-B-Cs. Then, of course, she’s so relaxed and fulfilled, she just glows. Instantly she has the attention and the admiration of the jurors.”

Looking around the room Marie asked, “Have any of you thought to time a Sandy Benson jury? I have. They’re typically out for only about as long as it takes them to write up their findings to report to the judge. Last week the jury came in with a finding for our client. Her daughter, Laura, was sitting like a little lady in the first row immediately behind her. When the jury was dismissed and court adjourned, Sandy picked up little Laura and gave her a hug and a kiss. Meanwhile the jurors were lined up for her autograph and to coo at Laura.

“You know something else? There’s never any second-guessing on a Sandy Benson jury. Not only do they find for her, but they are morally certain there could be no other possible finding. How would you like to try a case against her?”

With a big grin she said, “You know something else? She can lie like a rug! Awhile ago I know she had promised Laura and some of the other children that she would take them to the circus in the afternoon. Of course she had a trial scheduled for ten that same morning. Promptly at eight-thirty the opposing counsel called with an offer to settle.

“Do you know what Sandy did? She said she had absolutely no interest in settling. Her little girl was in the office all dressed up to see mommy in the courtroom, so she was sure he could see why she couldn’t possibly. Finally - with her tears flowing over the telephone wires - with the greatest reluctance she accepted a settlement at a figure only 15 percent higher than what she was suing for. ‘But what will I tell my little girl,’ she wailed. ‘She’ll be so disappointed!’

“She accepted it only when the other attorney pointed out that she had a fiduciary responsibility to her client to accept the offer. She hangs up and goes off to the circus with the kids. Everyone - particularly including Sandy and Laura - was wearing Levi’s that day. So much for legal ethics!” Marie concluded.

“Now wait a stinking minute, Mrs. Conroy!” Sandy protested, standing up at her seat with a broad grin on her face. “You don’t have a child yet so you don’t know. If you did, you would know how often they change their minds. I was certain Laura would much rather see an exciting trial than a dull old circus! So there!”

Marie giggled while she shook her head. “Anyway, I tried to figure out what made the firm work the way it did. The answer was simple. It turns out that these women have one priority: their husbands.” Looking thoughtful, Marie added pensively, “I’ll bet that’s why it took me so long to make partner. I didn’t have one!”

With a quick grin she went back to her story. “Realizing I needed a husband, I was facing a problem. Who would marry a beat-up little Asian? The answer came quickly: a young boy who I had seduced when he was only twelve and probably didn’t know any better because he was still a teenager: Tom Conroy.

“Anyway, this brings us to our role as wives. I learned about this from my mother - actually, I guess she’s my mother-in-law, but I always think of Hank Conroy as my mother and she only thinks of me as her daughter. Tom keeps me in a constant sexual daze. In return for this I sort of keep him on track, calm him down when necessary, kick him in the tail when that’s necessary... You know, keep him focused.

“That’s really what we all do with our husbands, I guess. They are the center of our lives, and we are the center of our families. We operate as the mainspring and the balance wheel while our husbands are our winding key. Without them, we are absolutely nothing. With them we can do anything - and often do.”

Looking around the room Marie picked out a young woman who had joined the staff in July, fresh from law school. She said, “Pam Collins, you’re new in the firm. What do you think?”

A gorgeous brunette rose to her feet and grinned. “Thank you, Marie. I’m glad you asked. I guess I joined the firm out of curiosity. You see, while I was in law school, Clifford & Jamison was the firm that none of us could figure out. First, unlike all the other top firms, you don’t recruit on campus. Furthermore, in spite of all the militant feminists on the law faculty, we never heard anything good about the firm in spite of it being all women.

“It became even more puzzling when, during my legal internships, I found that this was a firm that never lost a case! I became intrigued.” Turning to Kathy Carlson she said, “My first interview was like yours, I heard. I was interviewed by Ginger but all she could do was massage her crotch while her bare feet were on her desk-top. She was leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed, hoping I would just go away. Later I found that she had just given birth to her baby daughter.

“Anyway, I joined. Now I’m getting to be one of the crowd. I weigh about the same as I have for years, but it’s sure arranged differently. Like all the rest of the girls, I had to replace my wardrobe to accommodate broader shoulders and bigger tits. Tonight I’m wearing a dress I wouldn’t have dared to wear just nine months ago. It’s the firm’s standard party dress. Now my tits are big enough and firm enough to keep it together and it features my tight little ass.”

Turning to the young man beside her she said, “And, Gerald Smith, if you don’t stop squeezing my buns my love juices are going to be all over the floor and will ruin my lovely dress, besides!”

The good looking young man sitting beside her ostentatiously took one of her buns in his hand and squeezed. The people all saw the girl’s eyes half close as she relished the sensation, then she turned and lightly slapped his face.

“Furthermore,” she added, “that only comes when we’re married. No free samples!” she said raising an eyebrow. Then to the group she asked, “Why do you suppose men want to marry virgins? All they have to look forward to is a lot of blood messing up the bed. Maybe it’s AIDS or something...” she mused.

Turning to Ali she said, “I do have a bone to pick with you though, Allison McGrath Clifford! Why can’t we have a useful training program like the one at that dumb bank in Chicago? There the women learn valuable skills: how to go down on a man, how to take him in the ass, how to sleep on his shoulder while molding her body to his. They learn to cook, too, of course, but they also learn how to serve a formal dinner while they’re naked.”

Feigning anger she added, “And you own the damned bank, too, Ali.

What’s wrong with us? Aren’t we good enough? Pretty enough? Sexy enough? What?” With a quick grin she added, “It’s a violation of our civil rights. We’re... We’re being discriminated against!”

Ali turned to Ginger and said, “Partner, you’re in charge of firm training. What about it?” Ginger was laughing so hard she couldn’t respond. She just slowly shook her head as the young woman sat down again to cheers from the crowd, particularly from the younger associates.

Marie had been listening and laughing. When the girl was seated again she mused, “Why do we always hire comediennes? But I guess it really is a practical training idea.”

Then she became serious again and continued her interrupted speech: “This brings me to my husband, Tom. All I can say is no woman has ever had the love, the protection, the tenderness... the everything... that Thomas Conroy has given me. On our four-month honeymoon, repeatedly he literally saved my life. He protected me from danger. He warmed me at night by holding me close to his body in his strong arms. Sexually, he is unsurpassed. He puts me on his glorious cock as he would put on a glove - a tight-fitting one, at that.” She looked over at Tom and said softly, “No woman in history has ever had the happiness I have had with you and in your arms, my darling. No one! Ever!”

There were tears in the corners of her eyes now. Bobbie realized that, remarkably, her sister, Celeste, was standing in the rear videotaping the whole address. Marie continued, “This brings me to the present. You see, I had an idea: A football team - even the very best - has backup quarterbacks. There are a couple for Joe Montana and there’s one for Mike Cassidy of the Bears. They don’t play very often but the team can’t exist without one, because the starter can go down at any time. Well, if a quarterback makes a football team go, a wife makes a family go. Therefore, I came up with the idea of a backup wife. You see, that’s the role Barbara Dawson has been playing at our house. She didn’t know it, of course, but now she is a perfectly prepared backup.”

Shaking her head sadly she looked at the girl and asked, “Bobbie, would you please come up here with me?” Bobbie was stunned at Marie’s prior remark but did as she was asked. To Bobbie she said, “We’re going out to Maui tomorrow, honey, and you’ll be spending a lot of time on the nude beach. Would you mind stripping here, now?”

Bobbie was stunned but did as she was asked. In moments she was standing naked except for her pumps.

Looking at the girl Marie shook her head and grinned wryly. “You know - or maybe you don’t - that women are much crueler than men.” At that she quickly stripped off her gown and turned her back to the gathering and said, “Men did this to me. It’s sort of brutal and obvious.”

Pointing to Bobbie she said, “I did that to her.”

Everyone was looking at Bobbie with puzzled looks on their faces.

Barbara looked utterly magnificent - there was not a mark of any kind on her perfectly formed body. Marie said, “My ancestors would be delighted. You see, Asians are experts at all forms of torture. We sometimes respect it almost as an art form.

“Well,” she said as she started to weep, “they would be very proud of me. You see, I perfected the most diabolically perfect form of torture. I was able to get this poor girl nearly to destroy herself. How? It was pretty simple, really. All I did was make her spend her time with Tom naked. She slept with him when I was out of town, taking my place on his shoulder. She gave him the sexual release he needed to keep producing his normally copious quantities of glorious cum. Her release? There was none, of course.”

Again her voice broke. By now Marie was crying so hard she could scarcely talk but kept on anyway: “You see, she is one of God’s truly good people. She is a girl who was almost destroyed by some schoolmates who couldn’t stand the idea of a beautiful girl who didn’t believe in sex with anything in pants as a form of casual recreation.

“What did they do? They raped her. Worse, they did it in a way that convinced Bobbie that she was a whore and a slut. She is anything but. Those... creatures... had almost succeeded in getting this lovely girl to destroy herself. They did succeed in getting her own family to disown her and throw her out of her home. She lost her family! Worst of all, she actually thought her parents were being reasonable. How do I know all of this? From Ken Clifford and Andrea Cartwright, two of God’s most perfect creations. Their individual judgment is unerring. Their collective judgment is infallible. Their collective judgment? Barbara Dawson is one of God’s perfect creatures.”

There was a pause while Marie picked up a napkin from the table to use as a handkerchief. She needed emergency repairs to try to continue her narrative. With a toss of her head, she put her arm around Bobbie’s waist and pulled her close. The two women stood side-by-side, both proudly naked.

“This is the girl I tortured. How? By making her constantly make love to the man she adores - the man she loves more than life itself, but the man she cannot have. Why? Because that man is my husband, Tom.” Marie turned Bobbie towards her then kissed her full on the lips with all the love she could communicate. When she broke the kiss she whispered, “Bobbie, I’m so sorry!”

Then she looked back at the gathering. The people now were sitting in stunned silence. Never had they experienced anything even close to what they were witnessing.

Marie continued, “It’s mostly over now, though. You see, the culmination came a couple of days ago. One of Bobbie’s tasks is to take my punishment for me. I won’t go into detail except to say that Tom and I have a scale of punishments for various infractions - the most common of which is when I call him a teenybopper - but including other things as well. You see, I like to carry the marks of the person I love on my body. That’s why I’m branded, for example. Since I adore Tom Conroy, I love to have bruises on my buns matching his large hands.”

With a wry grin she said, “However, I don’t think that’s true of many people and it surely isn’t true of Bobbie. The first time he spanked her in my stead, he almost killed her. She was beaten unconscious but never made a sound. Why? Because she had agreed to accept the punishment and was merely living up to her agreement - at any cost to herself.

“At any rate - and this is due to Andy - Tom has gone easier on her since then. A couple of days ago she was bent over his knee to receive a spank. Instead of spanking her, though, he did something infinitely more painful to her: He stroked her buns and her slit.”

Shaking her head Marie said, “For this girl, taking the skin off her back with a whip would have been far more humane and far less painful. Instead, she had to accept intimate caresses from the man she loves, but whom she cannot have.” Shaking her head sadly Marie said, “My brutal ancestors were undoubtedly smiling at my sadistic creativity.”

“Is there more? Of course there is. First of all, Barbara Dawson is truly alone in the world.” As she looked around the room and an idea came to her. “You know what? Bobbie’s closest friends in the whole world right now are two five-year-olds: Kenneth Clifford and Andrea Cartwright. They know her, they love her and they want to help her.

“Me? I just want to use her.” Bitterly, she added, “And have I ever!”

Then she smiled warmly and whispered to Bobbie to get dressed again. In an instant, the two women had slipped on their gowns again. Marie was wrapping up her address. She said, “Tonight, Bobbie was rescued. I was utterly delighted to learn that she is being adopted as their daughter by Ed and Evangeline Bradley, two of the nicest people in the world. For the first time in years, poor Bobbie will have people who love her to confide in and to counsel with. Seldom has a person been so alone as this poor girl has been for the last two years.”

With a smile she said, “Well, now it’s over.”

Turning to Bobbie there was intense pleading in her eyes as she said, “Bobbie, I have one last favor to ask. And that’s in full knowledge of the fact that I have no right to ask for anything from you, ever. Nevertheless, Bobbie, if something happens to me I am begging you - publicly begging you - please to take care of Tom. He needs you so badly. Together, you will be incredible. Barbara Dawson, I am begging you please to marry my husband, Tom, as quickly as you can after I die. And I mean within the same week. Please? Will you?”

Bobbie was utterly stunned and shocked. At the same time she could see the most incredible pleading in Marie’s eyes. For some reason, her answer was vitally important to her. She slowly shook her head but finally just said, “Marie, if he will have me, I will marry him.”

“Oh thank you, my darling Bobbie!” Marie screamed. Then turning to the group she said, “Please remember what you have just heard.

If it should ever become a factor, I want you all to remember what I asked Bobbie to do, and what it is she has just agreed to do. Please also remember it was entirely my own idea. I will give you all my personal assurance that Bobbie had absolutely no idea of what I was going to say this evening. In fact, she had no idea I would say anything at all.”

Turning to where Tom was sitting, stunned by her revelation, she said softly, “Thomas Conroy, what are you sitting there for? Come up here and give your wife a kiss.” With pleading in her eyes she added, “My darling, right now I really need one!”

Tom came up and in an instant had swept his wife into his arms. Their mutual passion was visible for everyone to see as she melted in his arms. When their kiss ended, Marie spoke some last words, “In a few short weeks, I will reach the culmination of our life together when I deliver our child - the fruit of my womb and our love for each other. I really can’t wait.”

Barbara could no longer hold back her tears. She wept as she was reminded once again of the incredible depth of love Marie had for Tom and realized how futile her own love for him was fated to be.

Marie’s last words had made no sense to her at all. From her personal knowledge, Marie was the most healthy and perfectly developed specimen of womanhood in the world.

Later in the evening after dancing with Marie, Tom came over and asked Barbara Dawson for a dance without any reference to what his wife had said earlier. She felt as shy as a sixth-grader as she went into his arms. When she did, she instantly noticed how well she fit and how wonderful it felt. Moreover, she found that she and Tom moved beautifully on the dance floor together. As they danced, Tom asked her about his wife’s remarks. Bobbie just shook her head.

Then he said, “Bobbie, I think it’s the funniest thing I have ever heard! Just imagine! She thinks you love me. Actually, it’s not funny, it’s just plain dumb. The whole idea is ridiculous.”

Finally, the dance ended. This time he smiled fondly, took her chin and lifted it, then softly kissed her full on the lips. In spite of all of her efforts she could feel the electricity flow between them. When he let go of her chin, he whispered, “Merry Christmas, Barbara Dawson. May your life be filled with endless joy in the new year!”

Bobbie spun around and fled towards the ladies room. She didn’t want him to see her dissolve into tears. Kris Bradley saw what had happened and followed her in. Then Kris held her new sister tightly in her arms while Bobbie cried her eyes out.

As she held her, Kris murmured softly, “Oh God, my darling sister. Can there be anything worse than to be madly in love with a man who thinks your love is a joke?”

She caressed her new sister’s hair and said softly, “I love you very much, dear sister.”

Chapter 10

Barbara Dawson was sitting cross-legged on their king-size bed watching her new sister, Kristin, unpack. They had just arrived at the Kapalua resort on the island of Maui earlier in the afternoon and were settling into their suite. When Bobbie had asked Kris which bedroom she wanted, Kris had just marched her into the master bedroom and informed her that they were sharing it. “What’s the sense of having a wonderful brand-new sister if I can’t use her to keep me warm at night?” the girl had said with a quick grin.

Having only a few articles of clothing that still fit her reshaped body, Bobbie was just watching as Kris unpacked two suitcases and put her things away. As she did Bobbie noticed how beautiful all of her things were. Her clothing was tasteful, stylish and very understated. At the same time everything she had was so elegant.

Something had been bothering Bobbie about Kris for days now, ever since she had learned about her new brother and sister, Ken and Cathy Bradley. As Kris put things away she began singing softly to herself. Suddenly Bobbie recognized the tune and her mystery was solved. “My God!” she exclaimed. “You’re... you’re Kris Bradley!”

“Sure am,” Kris replied casually. “But what’s news about that?”

“But... I mean... You’re... You’re Kris Bradley, the singer!”

Kris looked at her sharply and said, “That and a buck-and-a-half will get you on the subway! Big fucking deal!”

“But, I mean... You’re famous!” Bobbie insisted.

“And Andy Warhol said everyone will be famous for two minutes. Those were my two minutes,” Kris replied. Then with a grin she added, “On the other hand, the CD ran for nearly sixty minutes so maybe I’m a little ahead of the game.”

Bobbie was staring at Kris intently. Now that she remembered the name, other bits and pieces from her memory were coming together.

Glaring at her accusingly she said, “You just completed a major film didn’t you? Your very first and you’re the female star! I read about it. I understand there are a couple of nude scenes that almost ignited the film.” Then Bobbie began to cry, got off the bed, retrieved her suitcase, and, even though she was now blinded by her tears, began to re-pack her things.

“Where in hell are you going!?” Kris exclaimed as she realized that Bobbie was packing to leave.

“I’m getting out of your life!” Bobbie exclaimed through her tears. “My God! What a family! In just three children we have an All-Pro wide receiver who’s also a Baker Scholar - and a Rhodes Scholar designate; the only woman in history to play professional football - and win the MVP award at the Pro Bowl–a woman who’s also Phi Beta Kappa, a valedictorian, one of the most brilliant bankers in the country, as well as being a world-class mother. Now I find my sister made a record that went Platinum in one of the shortest spans of time in the history of the recording business, a sister who’s the sweetheart of all our Armed Forces in the Middle East, a sister who has just stood Hollywood on its collective ear with the most sizzling screen performance in memory - in her first motion picture!” By now Bobbie had finished stuffing her things willy-nilly into her bag and was headed towards the door. Her parting words were, “What on earth could I possibly bring to this party?”

Kris’s first reaction to Bobbie’s tears was one of shock and dismay. Initially she was going to interrupt her but, when she saw the direction Bobbie’s comments were taking, she just let her talk. Kris was expecting her parting question. When she heard it, she was sitting on the bed with her knees up under her chin leaning back against the headboard. “Do you really want to know the answer?” she asked quietly.

Bobbie had almost reached the door, but Kris’s surprising response stopped her in her tracks. Wheeling around she dropped her bag and exclaimed, “As a matter of fact, yes!”

“Then strip and get your tight little ass into this bed beside me,” Kris replied. As she spoke, she was shedding her own clothes and then slipped under the covers. Bobbie looked puzzled for a moment but then did as she was asked. When she slid under the covers, her new sister was waiting for her and took her into her arms. Kris held her tightly and just breathed in the wonderfully clean natural fragrance of Bobbie’s body. After kissing her warmly, Kris held her closely and felt her firm tits mashed against another pair that were even more firm than her own as well as being very slightly larger.

Hugging Bobbie closely, Kris’s mouth was next to her ear. Whispering, she asked, “Do you remember Snow White?”

Snow White!?” Bobbie exclaimed. “What does an animated film have to do with anything?”

“A lot,” Kris replied. “Do you remember when the wicked queen asked, ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’”

“I guess so,” Bobbie whispered back. “But still, so what?”

“Well,” Kris replied with a grin, “Kenny Clifford is my mirror on the wall. While we were filming out here I spent a lot of time with Ali and her family. Like everyone else, I adore Kenny Clifford. Anyway, the very first time I met him he said I was the most beautiful woman in the world. It became our little private joke. Whenever I saw him, I would ask him and get the same answer - until a few weeks ago.

“Then when I asked, he said I was one of the most beautiful women. Well, I now know him well enough to know that he can’t lie. I mean it! He absolutely can not! So when he said it, I pretended to cry and asked who’s more beautiful?

“He hugged me while tears were flowing from his eyes. You see, he hurt my feelings - or thought he had - and that’s another trait he gets from his mother: He can’t do that, either. Anyway, his reply was Barbara Dawson. Then he proceeded to tell me about you.

“By the way,” she interjected, “Kenny uses a unique definition of beauty. Of course it includes physical appearance, but primarily it’s sheer goodness. That’s what he was really rating you on. Anyway, while he was in the middle of telling me about you, Andrea Cartwright comes and joins in. With those two little angels raving about you I knew you had to be very special.”

Pulling away slightly so she could look into Bobbie’s eyes she added, “And you know what? They are absolutely right!”

Then she fused her lips to Bobbie’s and worked them in the most loving and passionate kiss Bobbie had ever had. While she was kissing her new sister, her fingers were roving over the girl’s body caressing her magnificent skin. When she finally eased away, she said, “Bobbie, you’re exquisite! Can we take a nap now, together? Just like this?”

Bobbie reacted to the tender touch and responded by stroking Kris’s body at the same time. As she was held she could feel all of the accumulated tensions she had been feeling just disappear to be replaced by a feeling of wonderful warmth and lassitude. All she could do was to murmur, “Mm mm...” In just moments, the two girls were asleep in each other’s arms.

About an hour later, Kris was awakened by soft knocking on the suite door. Using the soft light filtering past the window blinds, she looked at her new sister in her arms. Bobbie was holding her closely to her body and Kris delighted in the feeling. The girl’s body was so warm and soft, yet firm, with skin like the smoothest satin. Since her hand was behind Bobbie’s neck, she gently stroked the girl’s hairline. As she did she was rewarded with a soft smile coupled with contented sounds coming from deep in her body.

Hearing the knocking at the door repeated, Kris carefully eased herself out of her sister’s embrace and padded out to the door. Checking in the peephole, she smiled as she saw her mother waiting patiently. Since she was nude, she stood behind the door and quietly opened it a bit allowing Vangie to slip inside.

Closing the door behind her, Vangie took her daughter into her arms and kissed her lovingly. Then she whispered, “Bobbie’s still sleeping, isn’t she?”

Kris raised an eyebrow and replied, “Yes, she is, but how did you know?”

“Because the poor kid has become an emotional basket case. You heard Marie the other night. She wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest. Your sister is madly in love with Tom Conroy. She goes down on him and displays her naked body to him. Can you possibly imagine what that does to her? Particularly since it would never occur to her to get herself off?”

Giving Kris another quick kiss, Vangie slipped off the terry robe which was all she was wearing and said, “Why don’t you go see your father - the key is in the pocket - or go play in the traffic or something? In other words, why don’t you get lost? I want to get to know my newest daughter!”

“Oh, Mom!” Kris quietly exclaimed. “Do for her what you did for me the night after my adoption hearing. She needs comforting so desperately!”

With a quick wink Kris put on her mother’s robe and slipped out of the suite. As soon as she left, Vangie padded into the bedroom and carefully slid into the bed where Kris had just been.

She smiled to herself as she felt Kris’s residual warmth in the bed and saw Bobbie’s hands moving, obviously searching for her recently departed bed-partner. When Vangie moved into the girl’s arms, she saw a lovely small smile appear and then watched as the girl sank back into a deep sleep with her body now tightly pressed against her own. As Vangie dropped off to sleep she smelled the wonderful clean scent of Bobbie’s body.

About an hour later, Bobbie slowly awakened. With her eyes still closed, she sniffed at the wonderful aroma of her bed-partner’s body - a natural fragrance that was so fresh and clean. Since her arms were around her, she gently moved her fingertips over her sister’s back while she gently moved her body against hers. The feeling, she decided, was delicious. Squeezing, she felt her tits mashed against another beautiful pair.

Then she moved her head slightly, put her lips against her bed-partner’s and kissed her lovingly. Her eyes opened suddenly when she realized the taste was different. It was only then that she realized it wasn’t Kris, it was her new mother!

Her eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Mother! But... but it can’t be you!”

“Why not?” Vangie inquired softly as she snuggled even closer to her young daughter.

“You... you’re too young! You feel exactly like Kris.” Then she wriggled her body against her mother’s and shook her head. “No you don’t. You feel so... so wonderfully warm and ripe, sweet and juicy...”

“Oh, shit!” exclaimed Vangie. “Not another one!”

Looking hurt, Bobbie asked, “Another one what?”

Vangie grinned at her then gently kissed her eyes, her nose and her ears, finally formed her lips to her daughter’s and poured out her love. Moving away slightly she explained, “That’s almost exactly what Kris said the first time we were together like this:

She said I was like a ripe pear! I’ll say to you what I said to her,” she continued with a wry grin, “You really know how to make an old woman feel good: comparing me to an overripe inanimate object!”

Bobbie’s eyes gleamed at her mother’s quip. Then she asked, “Mom, could I kiss you? Just once? Please?”

Vangie’s eyebrows knitted as she pretended to frown. “Barbara! Really! I mean... Just because I’m mashing my bare tits against yours... Just because you’re grinding your gorgeous bush against my bare mound... I mean... Really! Aren’t you being just a bit... forward?”

“Yep!” Bobbie replied as she melted her lips against her mother’s and just poured out her love. As she did Vangie was holding her tightly and running her fingers all over her bare back. When her hand reached one of Bobbie’s bare asscheeks, she squeezed as hard as she could. Rather than make a sound, Bobbie just mashed her groin harder against her mother’s and made a deep sound of appreciation. When the kiss ended, the girl asked, “Mom, could I just look at you? You’ve seen me bare, but I’ve never seen you. I can feel you and you just feel scrumptious. Do you look as good as you feel?”

At that she flipped back the covers and moved her body away to get a good look. As she looked at her mother lying on her side with her head on a pillow, she just whistled softly. “Mom,” she asked, “are you as good in bed with Dad as it looks like you are?

My God! You look younger naked than you do dressed. You’re just unbelievable!”

Then she frowned, moved farther away from her on the wide bed and asked, “But how can you possibly stand to be so close to me? I’m a slut!” she wailed.

Grabbing the covers again, Vangie pulled them up over them both and moved close enough to the girl to take her again in her arms.

“No, my darling,” she whispered. “I’m the slut, not you. You have been tormented beyond human endurance both physically and psychologically. I did much worse things while stone sober. Incidentally, we have started the wheels turning to identify and punish the ones responsible for your degradation. The one thing I can promise you is that they will be very, very sorry!”

Then with a quick grin she said, “Come on! It’s time for you to take a shower and get dressed. We’re meeting in our suite in about thirty minutes for cocktails before dinner.”

After sharing a shower and admiring her new daughter’s utterly perfect body, Vangie gave her a massage with musk oil. When she finished and said it was time for Bobbie to dress, the girl began to cry saying that she really had nothing to wear other than a few pairs of jeans. “That’s what you think, darling,” Vangie said with a warm smile. “You’re wrong on two counts. First, we sent a ton of stuff for you on ahead of us. Second, you and Kris are nearly identical physically. I’ll bet there’s not one thing of hers that you couldn’t wear.”

“But, Mom!” Bobbie protested, “they’re hers, not mine. I couldn’t possibly–“

“What in hell is the use of having a sister if you can’t steal her clothes every day?” Vangie asked with a grin. “Besides, you can bet your last cent she’ll be stealing yours!”

With that Vangie produced a lovely sleeveless silk dress that fit Bobbie as if it had been custom-made for her. In fact, it had been. After putting it on, Vangie carefully brushed and combed Bobbie’s short hair. When she was finished she went to a drawer and took out a wide gold link collar that she fastened around the girl’s slim neck, then gave her a gold Rolex watch saying, “You better put this on yourself.”

Bobbie looked at it and gasped when she realized it was solid 18-carat gold. Turning it over she read the inscription and began to cry. It said ‘To our darling daughter, Barbara, from your parents with all of the love we possess.’

Putting it down on the dressing table, the girl just reached up for her mother with tears flowing from her eyes. Vangie took her into her arms and hugged her tight saying, “It’s such a little thing, my darling. There’s really nothing that your father or I can do to adequately communicate the depth of our love for you. But please believe me when I tell you it’s very real.”

Then she looked at Bobbie with a wry grin and asked, “Now, could you do me a favor? Could I borrow a bathrobe to get back to our suite? I gave mine to your sister.”

Bobbie frowned but her eyes were dancing as she replied, “Mother!

Really... I mean... Well, hell, if you just ran kind of fast...” She giggled as her new mother stuck out her tongue looking exactly like a thirteen-year-old doing it, then threw her a robe from behind the bathroom door.

Dinner in the dining room that night was also a different experience for the girl. First, rather than sitting facing each other across the table, her new parents were sitting next to each other at the square table. At first she was puzzled but the reason quickly became clear: They had a shared physical need to touch one another. She realized it was unconscious on both of their parts. Ed would lightly run his fingers up the inside of Vangie’s thigh, while she would unconsciously stroke whichever part of him was closest. At the same time the dinner was a delight. Bobbie just listened as the other three talked about an incredible range of subjects. She also found that her mother’s humor and caustic wit was concentrated on making denigrating comments about herself, her appearance, her lack of education–anything at all.

After dinner, as they headed back towards the senior Bradley’s suite Bobbie whispered into Vangie’s ear, “Mom, you’re so full of shit, it’s ridiculous!”

Kris and her father were in the lead and kept going as Vangie stopped short and wheeled on Bobbie demanding, “What did you mean by that crack, young lady?”

Pulling her mother towards her, Bobbie melted her lips to hers. Then she whispered, “Mom, you’re so brilliant! Never in my life have I heard such drivel! ‘Poor little me! I barely have a high-school diploma...’ Maybe that’s true, but you know far more than any Ph.D. I’ve ever heard of. And your head is screwed on straight, you exude goodness and love...”

Bobbie kissed her mother again and said, “Mom, you’re just great!

God, I love you!”

Vangie was looking puzzled as she looked intently into Bobbie’s eyes, searching for some sign of teasing. There was none. Then she murmured, “You’re serious, aren’t you? You really mean what you said?”

“Of course,” Bobbie replied simply.

“Oh, my darling daughter!” Vangie exclaimed, “I love you so very much!”

Bobbie soaked up her loving kiss, then kissed her lightly on the tip of her nose. Then they resumed their walk back to the suite.

When they arrived, they found Ed and Kris waiting for them. “Bobbie,” Kris said, “you already had a good look at Mom this afternoon. So tonight you prepare Dad while I work on our mother.”

Rolling her eyes she added, “At their ages, it takes a lot of preparation to get Dad’s cock up and to get Mom’s cunt in a receptive state, so...” As Kris took her mother by the hand, Vangie used her free hand to spank Kris’s bottom as hard as she could.

Kris wiggled her small ass and said with a wink, “Thanks, Mom. It’s not as good as a man’s cock, I guess, but it’s better than nothing.” Vangie just rolled her eyes and they went into the master bedroom together.

“What now?” Bobbie asked Ed. Clearly, something was expected of her, but it wasn’t at all clear to her what it was.

“Now you try to get me hard for your mother,” Ed replied with a wink. “It’s usually very difficult. For example, I usually need to be within about a mile of her. As far as getting her warmed up, she constantly teases me about her cunt dripping.” Rising from the sofa where he was seated, he asked Bobbie if she would like an after-dinner drink.

“Dad... I know this is going to sound utterly awful, but could I have a cognac? And a cigar? A light panatella, maybe?” she replied. As she said it Bobbie’s heart jumped to her mouth. My God, she thought, what is my new father going to think of me?

“What a wonderful idea!” Ed exclaimed.

After going to the little pantry built off the suite, he returned with two cognacs, two cups of coffee and two cigars. After setting down the tray, he carefully bit off the end of a very light panatella, lighted it carefully, checked to ensure that it was burning evenly and then passed it to Bobbie. Then he as carefully lighted a Corona corona for himself. After sitting down on the sofa he patted the spot next to him and asked, “Bobbie, will you join me?”

The girl’s eyes widened for an instant - she was unused ever to being asked to do anything - but she rose from her chair and sat down again beside her new father. When she did, he put his arm around her and gently pulled her closer. Turning his head he sniffed her natural perfume and said, “My darling Barbara, thank you!”

’Thank you’?” Bobbie exclaimed. “For what could you possibly be thanking me?”

“For being you,” he replied simply. “For being so sweet, so loving, so bright...” He turned his head to look directly at her and said, “For example, right now: you’re supposed to be preparing me for your mother. Curiously, you are. We just had a marvelous dinner and now I’m enjoying a beautiful cigar and cognac with my lovely daughter while I think about my wife. Just look,” he said as he pointed toward his crotch. “Am I getting ready for her?”

His pants were bulging and that gave Bobbie an idea. Carefully, she unzipped his fly and eased his cock and balls out from their confinement. Ed’s cock was semi-erect to start but it instantly responded to the beautiful girl’s caress and began expanding in both length and girth. As it did Bobbie’s eyes widened. Finally she said, “Dad, there’s no way Mom could take that inside her! You are gigantic!”

Rather that replying, Ed took a careful puff on his cigar and leaned back against the sofa. “Darling Bobbie, marrying Vangie Collins was the smartest thing I ever did in my entire life. She told me about holding you in her arms, so I know you know what her nude body is like. Actually, though, you’re right. I guess I do have a very large cock and your mother has a very small vaginal opening. Yet she is the wettest woman I have ever met. She wants me inside her so badly!” Then he looked at her and asked, “How should I take her tonight?”

“Does Kris ever... participate?” Bobbie asked.

“Good grief, yes!” he exclaimed with a laugh. “Whenever and however she can. But why do you ask?”

“Dad, do you feel like trying something a little different?” Bobbie asked. “Marie told me about something she did once with the Carlsons... It’s... Well, I don’t know what it is, but hearing her talk about it, it sounded like fun.”

By this time they had finished their cognac and cigars. When Ed agreed to try, she grinned and took him by the hand into the second bedroom. There she helped him undress. Although she had seen his bare cock, when he was naked Bobbie just softly whistled and said, “My God! Dad, you’re divine!”

Ed Bradley’s body was an all-over golden tan. He was lean and hard with heavy muscles in his chest and upper arms, tapering down to a slim waist and hips over muscular legs. By now his huge cock was fully erect exposing the massive size of his full balls. In an instant Bobbie had shed her clothes and had him climb on the massage table sitting in the room. While he was on his back she began to work musk oil into his shoulders and chest, then worked her way down his body, too. As she worked, his hands were lightly caressing her glorious body. With a gasp Bobbie leaned over the table and mashed her lips to his while she tried to crush her tits against his muscular chest. As he returned the kiss, Ed squeezed her ass cheek hard provoking a little yelp.

When she withdrew, tears were flowing slowly from her eyes as she whispered, “What an incredibly stupid idea this was! Dad, you’re so utterly magnificent! But there’s no way I can get any relief,” she wailed. Shaking her head with a rueful smile, she began to work on his cock and balls. As she did, she saw a little smile appear on her father’s face and she asked him about it.

“I was just thinking about your mother,” he replied. “God, I love that woman! I was thinking about last Christmas.” He smiled warmly as he remembered. “As usual, when I woke up, my arm was around your mother with my hand cradling her fantastic tit. At the same time I felt something strange on my cock. In order to lift the covers I had to let go of your mother.

“When I did, she pretended still to be asleep but rolled over on her stomach. Looking down, what did I see?” He shook his head and grinned broadly at the memory. “I saw a red ribbon around my cock and balls along with a little tag. When I took it off to read it, what did I see? It said, ‘To Vangie: Merry Christmas! These are all you said you wanted.’ Then I looked at your mother to say something and what did I see? There on her ass was a red and green bulls-eyes done in greasepaint centered on her rectum. Red and green lettering on her back said, ‘Open me first’ with an arrow pointing down to the target.

“Well, I lightly smacked her bun and she instantly pulled her knees up under her to raise her ass for me to enter. After spending gallons inside her, we both collapsed and she ended up on her back. What did I see then? The same green and red greasepaint on her lips along with a note on her cheek saying, ‘Open me second.’ I’m appalled because I had just taken my cock out of her ass, but all she did was to form her mouth into a large O.

“I spent in her mouth after she so carefully licked me off. Later when I asked her she just shrugged and said anything on it was hers anyway, so how could she possibly mind?” Shaking his head he said, “Can you believe her? Anyway, as you noticed your mother has a bare mound. There was the third bulls-eye and a note on her belly saying ‘Open me third.’ So I took her again. Keep in mind that it was Christmas morning and we still had not said one word to each other.

“Well, as usual, your mother passed out with her cuming and regained consciousness in my arms. Still without saying a word she flips back the covers exposing her whole body. There on her thighs was another note. It said, ‘Now you’re on your own!’ At that she just giggled.”

Looking at Bobbie he asked, “Can you believe it? She got up in the middle of the night and did it all, including writing the note on her back using a mirror. Of course the bed was a wreck with red and green greasepaint all over everything, but we both just howled. Then your mother gave me the most passionate kiss I can ever remember and thanked me for being able to take her three times in quick succession.”

Ed shook his head and said, “You should know how awful I was, Bobbie. I can’t count the number of women I took as mistresses in my life. I dumped them all - or almost all. One of them, Jane Edwards, who’s still my secretary, dumped me. She’s a wonderful person and realized our relationship was going nowhere.”

A tear came to his eye and he said, “To show you the kind of girl Jane is, she contacted my then wife and told her please to be good to me. She didn’t want to take me from another woman - and would not. Jane broke it off. There was only one other - a beautiful girl. She left me because I wasn’t attractive enough for her.”

He grinned and continued, “Guess what happened a couple of weeks ago? We were in New York staying at a suite in the Grand Hotel Hyatt. Anyway, who should I see in the lobby but my former flame.” He shook his head and interjected, “I guess she always was a bitch. It really came out clearly that evening. She came up to us in the lobby and introduced herself to Vangie as my former mistress. Looking at me she whistled softly and said I had certainly improved - so much so that she would now take me back!”

Looking at Bobbie he asked, “What do you suppose your mother did?”

Bobbie’s eyes were as wide as saucers seeing the whole event in her mind’s eye. All she did was slowly shake her head.

With a big grin he said, “She invited her up to the suite. When we got there, she stripped off her own clothes and said there should be a competition because after all she was my current mistress.” With a grin he added, “She never bothered to mention we were married, though. Later, she said it would have spoiled it all if she had told her.”

Again he shook his head. “Anyway, to the girl’s intense embarrassment, Vangie stripped her, too. Then she just worked over the poor girl. You would have howled! It was sad, really. Your mother is so incredibly beautiful that the comparison was utterly awful. She pointed out that the woman’s thighs were heavy, her ass was too soft, her tits were starting to sag, her posture was terrible, her bush spread all over her crotch. Then she turns to me and says, ‘But Ed, you’re the one who counts. What do you think?’

“Before I could say a word, the other girl had picked up her clothes, slipped into her dress, and fled out the door carrying the rest of her things in her arms. Your mother just watched her go with a feigned expression of bewilderment on her face and said, ‘Why didn’t she wait for an answer, Ed?’”

He shook his head and said, “The fact is, Bobbie, that your mother is a perfect female.” Then with a grin he asked, “What do you suppose your mother did the next day with respect to the girl?”

Bobbie thought for a few moments while she continued to run her fingers over her father’s magnificent sex. Then she said, “I’ll bet she wrote her a letter of apology. Did she?”

“Already you know your mother too well,” he replied with a grin. “You’re right, of course. She avoids hurting anybody’s feelings if she can possibly do it.” Then looking down at his rigid cock with a drop of fluid on its tip he asked, “Am I ready yet?”

Bobbie just rolled her eyes, licked the drop off his tip and held her hands out to him. When she led him into the next room, she found Vangie lying on her belly with her chin in her hands waiting for them.

With a wicked grin Bobbie asked, “Mom, your arms are pretty strong, aren’t they?”

“I guess so, dear,” Vangie replied, puzzled.

“Because I have an idea. It was done by Marie and her sister with Kathy and Ken Carlson. Want to give it a try? I warn you, though, for it to work you have to be able to support all my weight on your back. Are you willing to try?”

Grinning, Vangie exclaimed, “Let’s!” Then she looked at Bobbie and asked, “What do we do?”

With a broad grin, Bobbie arranged the people on the bed. First, Kris lay on her back. Then Vangie knelt over her with her love box right over Kris’s face while her ass was up in the air. Then Ed took his position behind her and probed at her ass, entering her easily. When he did, Bobbie lay on Vangie’s back and raised her legs, wrapping them around her father’s neck and offering her cunt to his mouth.

Bobbie thought for an instant and then reached down. As she had correctly estimated, she could reach Vangie’s beautiful hanging tits and cup them in her hands. With a collection of giggles they all began to work on the sex within easiest reach of hands or mouth. Vangie’s tongue began to work on Kris’s love box when the girl elevated her hips as much as she could to make her mother’s job easier. For her part, Vangie lowered her ass to bring her cunt into easier reach of Kris’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Ed began to lick Bobbie’s soaking wet box and then squeezed her lovely full tits. The foursome kept moving as the sexual tensions mounted. Finally, they all came essentially together. Bobbie was the first to pass out followed almost simultaneously by Kris and Vangie. Vangie passed out when Ed came in her ass at almost the same instant Kris bit her clit.

The combination of sensations did her in. At the same time, she bit Kris’s clit causing her to pass out, too. Ed was the only one left conscious. He lifted them up and lined them up at the head of the bed with Vangie in the middle, flanked by her two daughters.

After washing, he returned to the bedroom and made room for himself next to his wife. As he settled in, her eyes fluttered and then opened. Se looked at him, smiled warmly and said, “It was great for me, darling. How was it for you?”

“Well,” he replied, trying to appear thoughtful, “it was... okay.” With a satisfied nod he repeated, “Definitely okay. I get to ream out the most gorgeous ass in the world. Meanwhile I’m eating one of the sweetest cunts in the world - almost as sweet as her mother’s - and get to squeeze a pair of youthful tits...” Nodding rapidly he repeated, “Okay!”

“Youthful tits?” Vangie asked, raising an eyebrow. “What’s wrong with mine?”

“Not a thing,” Ed protested. “It’s just that yours are mature and ripe...”

At that Vangie hit him hard in the shoulder saying, “That’s about enough of that, Edgar Bradley. I’ve already heard once today how I’m ripe and lush and wet and sweet... You know? Just like an overripe pear?” With that Ed took her into his arms and melted his lips to hers.

They were still in each other’s arms when the two girls recovered consciousness. “Can you believe it?” Kris asked in a loud whisper to be sure her parents could hear. “Necking? At their ages? And after fucking like rabbits for hours?”

She spanked her mother hard when she could hear them both giggling like school children without breaking their kiss. After the spank Vangie just wiggled her small ass in appreciation.

Finally they broke the kiss and Vangie asked, “Did you hurt your hand?”

“As a matter of fact, yes!” Kris replied. “Your ass is too hard.”

“Good!” Vangie exclaimed, sticking out the tip of her tongue. “It serves you right for such an unprovoked attack.”

Looking at Ed, she caressed his sex which now was semi-flaccid. As she did it quickly returned to its fully-erect state. Looking at him lovingly she asked, “You’re good for one more anyway, aren’t you, my darling?” Instead of replying, Ed took her in his arms and melted his mouth on hers. While his lips were busy on her mouth, his fingers were lightly stroking her beautiful bare mound and sensitive clit.

As she spread her legs, she said with a little grin, “Darling, I hope you don’t mind if you’re cheated out of your midnight snack?

Our new daughter needs some of your nutrients...”

While Bobbie watched in awe, her mother folded her legs at the knees and extended her feet back under her rump. Jack-knifed the way her legs were, her cunt was elevated from the bed and Ed easily entered her. As they moved together, Bobbie realized that both of her parents had bodies that seemed almost twenty years younger than their ages.

In a short time Ed had Vangie in continuous orgasm. The woman was screaming incoherently for the most part but once Bobbie could make out, “Fuck your wife! Oh God, Ed, rip me in half... Please!” The woman was in ecstasy, with her pelvis jerking in constant spasm, while her father just continued to move in and out with full strokes.

After minutes she could see his cock begin to throb with his cuming. When it started, he buried himself to the hilt and Vangie screamed as she felt the hot cum flood her insides. “It’s so good!” she screamed and then her body went limp.

After resting on her body for a few moments, Ed rolled off and said to Bobbie, “She’s all yours.”

“But Dad, I don’t understand. She was supporting a lot of your weight on knees that were doubled over. The pain must have been incredible. Why did she do that?” Bobbie asked.

“To try to ensure that she kept all of it inside herself for you,” he replied simply. “But you’re right, Pumpkin. I’m sure it was excruciating. But to your mother that counts for nothing if she can give pleasure to someone she loves. She loves you desperately, Barbara. I hope you enjoy your snack.”

Moving between her mother’s widespread thighs she lowered her face to the woman’s still-elevated pelvis. She found it was like drinking from a bowl filled with succulent fluids. Her father’s syrup-like cum was diluted with her mother’s delicious juices. Using her tongue and suction from her mouth she found the taste sensation incredible. To her amazement, while she was bent over her mother, Kris had slithered under her and was tonguing her cunt as her father caressed her firm tits and teased her nipples.

As she was finishing her mother her own passion had risen. When Kris bit her clit she passed out.

A few moments later she came to finding her head pillowed on her mother’s abdomen and could feel long fingers stroking the back of her neck and her shoulders. Looking up she saw the most loving look on her mother’s face. “Did you enjoy it, my darling?” Vangie asked quietly.

Realizing her mother’s legs were still doubled up, Bobbie jumped up and moved up beside her mother. With a flip of her hips and lower body Vangie straightened her legs while breathing a sigh of relief. After kissing Bobbie warmly, she said, “I’m getting too old for these contortions. I’m not as supple as I used to be.”

“Mom, I couldn’t have done for thirty seconds what you did for over thirty minutes!” Bobbie exclaimed. “Too old? Bullshit!” With final kisses the girls left the suite and returned to their own. They were giggling because they had only slipped on their dresses and were carrying the rest of their things down the hall.

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