Barbara - Chapter 11 to 15
© By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved


The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read this, then Don’t Read It.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This book is being posted now, in spite of the fact that Kathy Carlson is not yet complete. I had intended to add three chapters or so to Kathy, but that’s not the way it worked out. It’s long and getting longer. At any rate, here is another book that - hopefully - will tide you over.

Barbara Copyright © By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically written eight years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete references. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with it; it’s too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and in time follows Cynthia Martin by about 5 years. Because of the fact that there are other stories that overlap in time, some readers may find references to events they’ve never heard of. With luck, you eventually will.

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Chapter 11

As Bobbie began to awaken from her sound sleep, she just stretched her muscles and realized she was in Kris’s arms. After only a single day, she realized that her new sister’s body was utterly perfect. She was beautifully muscled with wide shoulders, full breasts and a flat belly. Her very slim waist flared out smoothly to slim hips and very tight little buns, then flowed down to the most beautiful legs Bobbie had ever seen on a woman. As Bobbie was about to drift back into a deep sleep, Kris began to tickle her ribs.

Jumping with surprise, Bobbie tried to escape but found herself trapped in Kris’s arm while with her free hand she continued to torment her sister. Taken completely by surprise, Bobbie was futilely trying to escape the torment yet it never occurred to her to counterattack.

It stopped as suddenly as it began with Kris asking guilelessly, “Are you awake yet?”

“I hate you, Kris Bradley,” Bobbie said with a pout. “I was so warm and comfy and relaxed and wonderful... Then you have to go and wreck it!”

By this time Kris was kneeling on the bed with her weight back on her heels just looking at her sister. Without any reference to her attack she said simply, “Bobbie, I adore you. That was one of the best nights I have ever spent. You’re a simply scrumptious bed companion.”

Lifting her eyebrows she asked, “Would you like a reference? To whom it may concern? I would be happy to give you one.” Then she uncoiled and headed for the bathroom saying, “Get your ass in gear. It’s almost seven-thirty and you and I are playing tennis this morning.”

When they arrived at the court reserved for them, they found themselves on the middle court of a five-court layout. The other four courts were already in use. After volleying to warm up, the girls began to play. They were both very fast with very quick reflexes. Bobbie was stronger but Kris was more experienced. The first set went to a tiebreaker that Kris won, while the second set - also with a tiebreaker - was won by Barbara. As they took a break for some water between the sets, they realized that they were the only people playing on the five courts.

All of the other players had stopped their matches and were arrayed along the center lines of the two adjacent courts, just watching. Kris winked at Bobbie and said, “Come on, Sis! Get your fat ass in gear. The paying customers are waiting to see us perform.”

The last set lasted nearly an hour. On both sides of the net there were incredible saves, long rallies and ultimately, just great tennis. The tie breaker went to 15-15; neither could get the necessary two-point advantage to win. It was Kris’s turn to serve, but instead of serving she just dropped the balls and her racket and fell to her knees laughing and shaking her head.

By this time even her shorts were saturated with sweat and their tops - even after a change - were clinging to their torsos like second skins. “Want to flip a coin?” she called out. “I’ve had it.”

Seeing her sister on her knees, Bobbie sank to her knees as well.

Shaking her head wearily she replied, “I don’t even have the energy to flip a coin. Call it a draw?”

“Let’s!” Kris exclaimed. She tried to bounce to her feet but her knees gave out and instead she fell flat on her face. At first Bobbie thought she was hurt but then she lifted her face, now covered with clay dust, howling with laughter. The entire front of her tennis outfit was also clay-covered as the dust stuck to the sweat-soaked material. Bobbie thought for a moment about jumping the net but decided she was certain to go on her face, too. The two girls met at the net support and kissed warmly. As they did, there were cheers from all of the spectators who had just seen world-class tennis.

The two girls stumbled into the ladies locker room, took showers and then went to the dining room where they met their parents for breakfast. As they sank into their chairs Kris grumped, “Mom, she’s too damned good! I can’t beat her. I can scarcely win a point...”

“Bullshit!” Bobbie interjected. “Mom, Kris is unbelievable! Isn’t there anything she can’t do like a professional? Anything at all?”

Vangie kissed both girls and then replied, “I’m sure there’s something, Bobbie... It’s just that we haven’t found it yet. And you know something else? Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s going to be very significant.”

Insignificant?” Kris exclaimed. “Do you call the total inability to get a boyfriend insignificant? How incredibly selfish, Mother! Just because you spend every night in heaven in Dad’s arms, what about us poor unfortunates?” Then she smiled at Bobbie warmly and added, “Of course, last night was really great.

Bobbie makes a wonderful bed-mate. Now if only she had a big cock...”

Vangie was listening while she was slowly shaking her head from side to side. When Kris finished Vangie said, “What your sister doesn’t say is that she has dated more boys than any twenty girls alive.” Although her eyes were gleaming with humor she tried to look serious as she added, “Of course, it’s been one date to a customer. Your sister goes out with a guy, kisses him goodnight, and then kisses him off. No bells and no electricity, so no second date.” Shaking her head, feigning sadness, she added, “What a hell of a waste of manpower!”

Changing the subject she asked, “What are we going to do after breakfast? Play golf?”

When she heard Vangie’s suggestion, Bobbie’s heart leaped to her throat. First, she knew Tom’s father was the golf professional at Kapalua and she was afraid of meeting him. Beyond that, although she had been playing on a computerized golf trainer, she had never been out on a real golf course in her life. Unfortunately, before she could say a word, the others had unanimously endorsed the plan. Kris grabbed her hand and jerked her to her feet. Bobbie giggled as she was literally hauled out of the restaurant by her sister feeling like a rag doll as she even bounced off the chairs on the way out.

When they reached the pro shop Kris was still holding her by the hand as she led the way to the golf club displays. As they went towards the back Kris cried out, “Anybody home!?”

A tall, lean young man came out of a small office in the back and held his arms outstretched. With a cry of delight Kris threw herself into his arms and mashed her lips to his while Bobbie just looked on in amazement. When they broke the kiss, Kris grumped, “How is it that all the good ones are already married?”

Then with a quick grin she took the man by the hand and pulled him over to where Bobbie was waiting. “Mr. Conroy, I would like you to meet my new sister, Barbara. She needs a full set of clubs - expensive ones!”

Turning to Bobbie she explained, “This is sort of a Bradley CARE package - with all of his children, he needs the money.”

Jim Conroy was shaking his head while there was a wry grin on his face reflecting his reaction to Kris’s antics. He put out his hand and said, “Barbara Bradley, it is a real pleasure.” Then he looked at her quizzically and asked, “But where have you been hiding all this time. This is the first I’ve heard of another sister. I certainly know Cathy and Ken, of course, but Barbara...?”

Then to the two girls’ surprise he put out his other hand and was holding both of Bobbie’s hands in his. Looking into her eyes, there was a sudden flash of recognition. “Of course!” he exclaimed, “You’re Barbara Dawson! You have to be.”

The very worst of Bobbie’s fears were coming true. Suddenly she wanted to disappear into a crack in the floor. When she tried to escape, she realized that although he was not exerting any pressure on her hands they might as well have been gripped in a vise. Although he knew she wanted to flee, he didn’t let go.

Instead, he continued to stare into her eyes. In a bemused tone of voice he murmured, “They’re right, too. You’re exactly like Hank! My God!” he exclaimed, “I never would have believed it. We always thought that Hank and Sam were like peas in a pod, but compared to you, Sam’s not even close.”

While he continued to look into her eyes he said, “Kris, could you go and hit some balls or something?”

“You want me to get lost, is that it?” she said with a grin.

“Sure do,” he said, “and as fast as possible.” Turning his attention back to Bobbie he said softly, “Promise you won’t try to run away again?”

Her first reaction was to deny his charge but she was too honest.

With a little smile she just nodded once. While he continued to talk to her he idly started looking at various types of golf clubs. Turning his attention back to her, he asked her to stand up straight. Then he ran his fingertips lightly over her upper arms and shoulders.

When he realized the extent of her muscle development, he whistled softly and grinned. “Come with me,” he said. “We have to talk.”

Leading the way, he took her into his small office behind the shop and sat her in a chair, then sat down across from her. Jim went back to studying her eyes. “They are certainly right about you,” he said finally.

“They?” she asked, puzzled. “Who are ‘they’?”

“The two little angels who worship the ground you walk on,” he replied. Then with a little smile he added, “And please don’t pretend you don’t know who I’m talking about.” Then his face took on an overtone of anger as he continued, “That idiot son of mine really hurt you, didn’t he?”

“No!” she screamed. “No! Please don’t ever say that! If I felt I was in any way coming between you and your son, I would kill myself!” Then she began to cry as she added, “He’s so good!”

“So good he could torture you unmercifully for weeks?” he asked. “That good?”

She replied before the full significance of what he had said sank in. “He didn’t mean it, though! I’m just a prostitute, and prostitutes and sluts have no feelings.”

“I beg your pardon!?” Jim interjected. “My wife, Hank, is a prostitute and she certainly has feelings!”

At that comment, Bobbie’s jaw dropped and the shock stopped her tears. “Your wife is a... what?” she exclaimed.

“A prostitute, a whore, a slut... You know, all those good things,” he replied with a straight face.

“Why James Conroy, you should wash your mouth out with soap! Of all the nerve! My God! Hank Conroy is the purest, nicest, warmest...”

“How do you know?” he demanded. “You’ve never met her.”

“That’s true,” she admitted, “but I’ve heard so much about her, I feel like I know her. She is the warmest, most loving wife God ever put on this earth!”

“That’s true, too,” he said without expression, “but what’s that have to do with her being a prostitute?”

Bobbie was completely bewildered. The exchange had turned into the strangest conversation of her life. She tried to organize her thoughts and then said, “A prostitute will do absolutely anything, no matter how degrading, for money.”

“That’s Hank,” Jim agreed. “Absolutely anything! If she thinks I might derive some pleasure - sexual or otherwise - she does it... Regardless of what it might be, too.”

“But... But, a prostitute does it for money...”

“Hank has never had another job in her life. Where do you think her money comes from?”

At that point, Bobbie was dumbstruck. There was nothing more she could say. Jim picked up the thread and added, “I’ll admit that most prostitutes serve more than a single customer. Hank complains about that. She claims it’s my fault, and she’s probably right. First of all, we’re stuck out here in the northwest corner of nowhere. It’s not the greatest place to build a business like that. Secondly, she claims that I won’t give her the money she needs to advertise. That’s true, too. Finally, she thinks other customers wouldn’t appreciate it too much if she was constantly having to take a break to nurse a baby. Since they’re all mine, there’s not much I can say, but...”

He grinned but then became serious again. “We were talking about what my idiot son did to you. He tortured you, didn’t he?”

Suddenly, her emotional dam burst. “Oh God! I love him so!” she screamed. “Having to go down on him day after day... Having to lie in bed with him with my head on his shoulder while he cups my tit...” Then she held her head up straight and said, “But it’s all my fault! A slut has no feelings. I... I just imagined it all!” She screamed at him, “I am a slut!”

This was more than Jim Conroy could stand. When he had looked into her eyes all he had seen was what Kenny and Andrea and said he would see: the purest goodness and love. He realized that this beautiful girl was tormented by her love for his married son.

Although he didn’t know the content, he did know that Hank and Marie had had several very serious conversations beginning on the phone before they came out to Maui, and then the night before, they had talked until the wee hours. It was the first time in memory Hank had not come to bed when he did.

When she finally got into bed, she couldn’t fully control her tears. All she would tell him when he asked was it had to do with Marie alone and did not directly affect Tommy. Now this beautiful girl who was sitting across from him was about to come apart emotionally. Picking her up from her chair as if she were a feather, he sat her across his lap and hugged her tightly.

Then he said, “The worst of all was when he ran his finger up your slit and toyed with your clit, wasn’t it?”

“Sluts have no feelings!” she repeated with a wail.

“Which confirms what I’ve been saying all along,” he said softly.

“You aren’t one! If you have no feelings, why are you crying now?” Then he held her tightly and said, “I don’t know the details, Bobbie, but I do know it will work out for you very soon–it’s only a matter of days. Can you hold on? Do you want to?

Would you like to marry my son?”

When Marie had asked her at the party to marry Tom, she had thought the woman had a screw loose. Because it was in public with dozens of people watching she had agreed but certainly had not taken her agreement seriously. In fact, she had not spoken to Marie since - she had been totally wrapped up in her new parents; it had not been a matter of avoiding her. Now the father of the man she loved was saying essentially the same thing, but this time in a completely private setting.

“Of course I don’t want to marry your son!” she exclaimed. “He is already married to the most loving woman in the world - the woman who’s about to present him with their first child!” Trying to pull away she said, “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!”

“No, it’s not,” he said softly. “And I know you love Marie. I know you would cut off your arm before you would hurt her or allow her to be hurt. But Bobbie, you’re not being honest with me... Or maybe you’re not being honest with yourself. Which is it?”

Then he smiled warmly and added, “Bobbie, I am certain of one thing: My wife, Hank, will utterly adore you! And I’m equally sure you will love her.” Then he helped her to her feet and said, “Enough of this for now. Let me assure you I am going to fix my son for what he did to you. It was utterly inhuman! And Hank will be there to help me do it, too!”

Rising to his feet he led her back out to the shop while he carried a large box with him. As if nothing had been said, he took her to where there was an assortment of golf bags and she selected one almost at random. Then very carefully he fitted her with three pairs of golf shoes and then announced that she was all set.

“But... but what about the clubs?” she asked, utterly bewildered.

“What am I supposed to put in the golf bag I just bought?”

“That was the easy part,” he replied. “They’re all in this box.”

With a grin he added, “This is actually a spare set of clubs I ordered for Kathy Carlson. Until I met you, she was one of only three women I ever met with the strength to use them. You know what?” he asked.


“I’m virtually certain you’re even stronger than she is... And believe me when I tell you that is really saying something!” Then with a warm smile he helped her pick out a putter.

Still bemused, Bobbie allowed herself to be led out to the practice tee. Jim teed up a golf ball, handed her the driver and told her to address the ball. When she gripped it, he frowned and adjusted her hands smiling as he did. Her initial grip had been almost identical to the way he remembered Kathy Carlson first holding a golf club. She hit one ball, then another, and a third. Finally Jim shook his head and asked, “You learned to play golf on a computer trainer, didn’t you?”

With a little nod and a rueful smile she admitted that she had never set foot on a real golf course in her life. “You found that you were spraying the balls all over the screen. Then you started easing up on your swing until you could control the ball, right?” he asked. Again she nodded.

“Okay, Bobbie, now really swing the damned club!” he demanded. “I want to see those muscles in your arms and shoulders really bulge. I want to see you really get your hips into the game–gorgeous hips, by the way,” he added with a wink. “Now do it!”

To her surprise, when the club made contact, there was just the sound of a solid click. Finishing her swing she looked out and was startled to see the ball still rising in the distance as it cleared the 250-yard target on the fly.

She continued to hit balls as he gave her a succession of clubs. They all felt the same in her hands and the ball was flying straight every time. “Okay,” he said, “Now you’re a golfer. As your teaching pro who spent years building your body and your swing, what do I get?”

“A kiss?” she asked diffidently.

Holding his chin Conroy pretended to be considering her offer. Finally he shrugged and replied, “Okay, I guess. But it better be a really good one!”

By now her shirt was soaking with perspiration but she moved close, took his face in her two hands and tipped his head. Then she placed her lips on his and poured out her love for this man who had fathered the man she adored. For a moment Jim kept his hands at his sides but then wrapped the troubled girl in his arms and moved his lips on hers. As he did he could feel himself being engulfed in the purest love and goodness.

Finally he eased away and said, “Wow!” Then he looked into her blue eyes and exclaimed, “My oldest son is a complete idiot! I think Hank and I will have to disown him. Girl, you’re incredible!”

To his amazement, Bobbie began to bawl. Diving back into his arms she cried, “Mr. Conroy, please don’t! Oh, God! Please don’t even think it!” Looking down into her eyes again he saw tormented pleading as she continued, “That’s what happened to me!

It’s the cruelest thing parents can ever do. Can you really understand what it’s like to be cut off from the people who brought you into this world? Can you imagine how lonely you feel?”

“They did that to you, didn’t they?” he asked softly. Then he added, “Bobbie, I’m terribly sorry. What I was trying to communicate was how disappointed I am.” With a little smile he said, “It would be far easier and less painful for me to cut off my own arm. I had forgotten for a moment that it actually happened to you, though. I’m sorry.” Then he added, “I hope those monsters get what’s coming to them!”

With that he picked up her bag and took her to where the golf carts were parked. Seeing Ed and Vangie Bradley, he greeted them like the old friends that they were. Then he said, “Vangie, I’ll tell you right now, you’re all in trouble. Even you, Ed! This girl may be even better than Kathy Carlson. Enough said?”

When he heard the words, Ed whistled softly and grinned at his new daughter saying, “It’s no more than I would have expected.” Then he asked, “But what are we playing for?” Then with a wry grin he added, “Vangie and I were going to give you and Imp strokes, but now? No way!”

Before Bobbie could even focus her thinking, Kris replied, “A Nassau for wishes! The winners get a wish each on the front nine, the back, and the match. Okay?” They grinned and shook on it.

Playing off the men’s white tees, it took three holes for Bobbie to get the feel of her new clubs. By that time the girls were down by one hole. Then she began to play par and sub-par golf. By the time they finished the front nine the girls were up by three holes.

As they walked to the 10th tee Kris asked Bobbie, “Should we claim our wish for the front nine now?” Bobbie had no idea what she was thinking of but agreed. At that point Kris grinned at her parents and said, “Okay, folks! Off with your clothes. You play the rest of the match naked.

Bobbie was amused as her mother just stuck out her tongue at Kris but then slipped off all of her clothes. After putting sun screen on Ed and making warm sexy noises as he put some on her, she stretched sinuously in the bright Hawaiian sun. “You know, darling, this really isn’t half bad.”

For her part, Bobbie was intrigued watching her new mother’s incredible body move. While they rode in their cart to Kris’s ball, she commented on Vangie’s beauty. Kris looked at her and asked, “Did you hear Mom speak of the woman who served as a wet nurse for Cathy?”

When Bobbie replied that she thought she had, Kris continued, “Her name is Colleen Callahan. She is an utterly exquisite auburn-haired Irish beauty. Anyway, I think she’s the one who really had the handle on Mom first. She said, ‘Vangie Collins, you’ve spent your whole life hiding what a wonderful person you really are - particularly from yourself. If you think your daughter, Cathy, is a wonderful person - and you certainly should - just remember she gets it all from you. And that particularly includes her coordination and athletic ability.’” Looking at Bobbie Kris added, “You know something? I’m sure she’s right. I just love to watch her body move. Everything she does is so smooth and flowing and graceful.”

“But why did you embarrass them by telling them to play nude?” Bobbie asked.

“Did you hear any complaints?” Kris asked. Then with an impish grin she said, “I guess that’s what I’m famous for. I order people to do things that deep down they would love to do. I just relieve their inhibitions. Does Mom look like she’s trying to cover her crotch and her tits while she swings?”

Bobbie returned the grin and shook her head. “As a matter of fact,” Kris said, “why should they have all the fun? Have you noticed - seriously - how much easier Mom is swinging now? How about if we do it, too?” With another grin she said, “Besides, Bobbie, you need it to get in shape for this afternoon.”

Bobbie looked at her sister with a question in her eyes. She didn’t understand the reference. “We’ll be babysitting,” she said, answering the unasked question. “And, of course, we’ll be on the nude beach. Normally, we’re about the only ones there, but with Ali’s whole crew it will be mobbed. You’re going to see some of the most beautiful people in the world - and they will all be making love, while you and I will be eating our hearts out!” The girls quickly slipped off their clothes, too.

Barbara really hit her stride playing the back nine. She shot a six-under-par thirty for the nine holes and shot an eight-under-par sixty-four for the round. The girls won the back nine and the match. When they went to the locker room to shower and change, Vangie tried to find out what the girls’ wishes were going to be. All Kris would do was to grin devilishly and tell her they would learn that night after dinner. As usual, she gave Bobbie no idea what it was she had in mind, but Bobbie had developed a respect for her sister’s creativity and didn’t even ask.

After showering, Vangie said, “Bobbie, I’ll even throw in a freebie. Get your trim ass up on this massage table. You worked pretty hard this morning.”

After the exhausting tennis match followed by the emotional meeting with Jim Conroy and then her very first golf match, Bobbie was both physically and emotionally exhausted. She smiled at her new mother gratefully and climbed on the table. As Vangie worked on her daughter’s amazingly powerful muscles she fell fast asleep.

It was an hour later when soft lips on hers awakened her. Blinking her eyes open she saw Vangie bent over her. Returning the warm and loving kiss she whispered, “Thank you, Mom. That feels so good.” Then tears appeared as she whispered, “I’m so sorry for being such trouble to you and Dad.”

Trouble? You?” Vangie exclaimed. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Darling, you’re an utter delight. You gave your father and me a real thrill watching you swing a golf club. My God! The power you have in your body is unbelievable! Particularly when none of your muscles show at all.

“Darling, we love you so very much!”

Chapter 12

When the two new sisters went down to the nude beach they were only wearing their white terry bathrobes. At the foot of the path Bobbie saw two children sitting and talking, appearing to be waiting for something or someone. A small head turned and saw the two girls coming. With a word to his companion Kenny Clifford started to run up the path towards them, closely followed by Andy Cartwright. Both of the children were naked but seemed totally unconcerned about their nudity. They moved as naturally as if they were fully dressed. When they came close, Bobbie dropped to her knees and held her arms outstretched. Both children ran into them and she hugged them both tightly while they kissed her anyplace they could.

Finally they parted and Kenny looked at Bobbie and asked, “Can we see now?”

“See what?” she asked.

“You!” they exclaimed in unison. “We want to see if you’re as beautiful as we think you are.” With a wry little smile Bobbie untied the cord of her robe and let it hang open.

“Oh, look!” Andy exclaimed excitedly. “Look what she did with her bush, Kenny. Do you like it?” The little girl lightly ran her finger up Bobbie’s hairless labia and then into her dense bush. Looking down at herself she said sadly, “I’m still utterly hairless, Kenny, and will be for years to come!”

To Bobbie’s amazement the boy took his niece into his arms and hugged her, then melted his lips to hers. Although they were just small children, their kiss was incredibly adult and passionate. When he released his hold Bobbie could see that Andy was crying. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asked in alarm. “And what’s this routine with Kenny?”

Andy smiled ruefully and said, “Kenny finally gave up, Bobbie. It seems he always knew he was going to marry me - I’m just the one with the big mouth. He knew it all along but never said a word to a soul until he told me last night.” She grinned at Ken and wiggled her bottom as he squeezed her ass cheek hard. Then she said to him, “Darling, that will feel so much better when we get older.” Then she started to cry again and threw herself back into the boy’s arms.

Bobbie and Kris looked on in wonder as the two behaved like miniature adults - which, in fact, is what they were. They could hear Andy wailing about having adult wants and feelings trapped in a child’s small body.

Then they heard Ken say, “Andy, how about me? You have a cunt that’s fully developed, even if you haven’t had a period yet. My penis is tiny and that’s all it will be for years and years.” Then he kissed her passionately and said, “My darling, at this rate we’ll be celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary before we turn twenty-one!”

The little group made its way along the beach to a place where a group of towels were already laid out. The two children insisted that Bobbie lay on her stomach while they put sun screen on her body.

At that point Kris put her hands on her hips and asked, “Hey! What about me? Don’t I count for anything?”

The children grinned and then went into her arms and kissed her the way they had Bobbie. When Kenny announced that he would spread lotion on Kris’s body “for old time’s sake,” she stuck her tongue out at him but lay down flat on another towel beside Bobbie.

As Bobbie lay stretched out, it was all she could do to control her giggling as the two children remarked on the two perfect young bodies they were working on. While they talked she could feel Andy’s small hands gently but very carefully spreading lotion all over her. At the same time Andy was bemoaning the fact that she would never ever look as good as Bobbie or Kris did.

Finally, Ken stopped working on Kris and said, “Andy, you miss the whole point.” Hearing his words both Kris and Bobbie rolled over on their backs to see what was going on.

“What do you mean?” Andy asked. She too, had stopped spreading lotion when she looked up in surprise at his comment.

“Andy, I would love you if you were 250 pounds and looked like a whale!” Ken exclaimed. “I really would!”

“You would!?”

“Of course! Andy Cartwright, don’t you know yet that we were made for each other? Where else are there two five-year-olds who have made over $5 million each on their own investments? Darling, we’re geniuses. It’s not something to be particularly proud of but it’s a fact. Besides, you’re going to develop into a perfect woman. I can’t wait until I’m mature enough to make physical love to you and with you.”

“Oh, Kenny, I love you so very much!” the little girl cried. Just then a shadow came over them and Bobbie looked up. She found Ali Clifford standing over them.

“Andrea Cartwright, did you spill the beans?” Ali demanded.

“No, Kenny’s Mommy. It was Ken,” the girl said with a sad little smile. “We thought it was all a big secret. It wasn’t. Grandmother, may I marry your son, Ken, when he’s old enough. I really do love him more than life itself!” As she said it, she ran to Ali’s arms with tears streaming down her face.

Ali picked up the little girl and held her close. Bobbie could see her whispering into the little girl’s ear and stroking her hair and body to comfort her. Ali then sank down to her knees and put the girl back on her feet.

Then her son looked at her and said, “Mommy, I know what’s been going on. Let’s face it: Andrea and I are very different from most children. I’m not saying it’s great - it’s not - but it’s a fact. Mother, I love her more than any person alive and I always will. I’m sure you know it, too.” The little boy was standing up very straight as he said, “Mother, I want to marry my niece - desperately. Can I? When I’m old enough?”

“Oh, my darling!” Ali exclaimed. “If she will have you...”

“Grandmother, I already said I want to marry him more than I want to live!” the little girl exclaimed. “He’s right, you know. We are different.” Then she looked very solemn as she asked, “But will I be worthy of him? Will I be attractive to him?”

Another shadow fell over the small group. It was cast by Connie Cartwright, Andy’s mother. “Mother,” Andy said softly, “I would like your permission to marry your brother, Kenneth, when I’m old enough. May I?”

“Of course, my darling!” her mother replied. “I know you’re a big girl contemplating marriage, but in the meantime, could you do me a big favor? Your brother didn’t drain my tit so...”

With a little squeal of delight the girl launched herself at her mother. In moments her mouth was locked over Connie’s beautiful nipple as she sucked the milk from her mother’s breast. Seeing her daughter, Ali smiled warmly and said, “Kenny, I need help, too. Your sister left a lot, too, so...”

“Mom, could Bobbie have it instead?” the little boy asked. “I think she needs to know what mother’s milk tastes like.”

Grimacing, Ali said, “Darling, does the cow really care who drinks her milk? I doubt it.” Turning to Bobbie she asked, “Want to try?”

“Oh, yes!” the girl exclaimed. Ali knelt down on the sand and Bobbie lay down with her back across her thighs. As she did she realized how incredibly beautiful Ali Clifford really was. Even now when completely nude she appeared to be only in her early twenties.

Putting her lips over the woman’s enlarged nipple, Bobbie didn’t know what to expect. When she sucked she was rewarded by the sweetest milk she had ever tasted. While her mouth was locked on Ali’s tit, the woman was caressing her hair and then her entire body.

As she did, Ali murmured, “Bobbie, you feel so good nursing at my breast. Is it okay? Do you like it?”

Without replying, Bobbie concentrated on draining the tit dry. When she finished the milk, she licked her nipple carefully and smiled up at Ali saying, “Ali, you’re delicious.” Then her face grew serious as she added, “You know, your husband said the happiest moment of his life occurred when you told him you were expecting a baby. Now I know why. You’re the most incredible mother in the whole world! He knew you would be and he was right!” Then with a grin she called Andy back to finish the job she had started.

As Andy smoothed the lotion into her tits she said to her mother, “Mom, isn’t Bobbie gorgeous? And just think! She’s only eighteen... And yet her tits are so full and firm.” Looking up at her mother she said, “I’ll bet her milk is going to be just like yours: so rich and warm and sweet! Her babies are going to be in heaven.” With the warmest smile her mother had ever seen she added, “The way I used to be... And still am, for that matter.”

Other people came down to the beach. Andy and Ken were joined by Susan Carlson and Laura Benson. The four found a stretch of beach and began to make a large sand castle with Kris and Bobbie just watching and making an occasional suggestion. Since it was the first time for Bobbie, she found the children remarkable.

Although they were all only five years old, they built a castle that was incredibly detailed. It would have been a credit to a sand sculpture done by an adult artist. At the same time the children got along so well together. Ken was pleased when Ginger’s son, Charley, joined them.

Looking at Bobbie, Kris grinned and said, “Isn’t this tough duty?

My God! All the work we do trying to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble...”

She just laughed. Then the children headed for the water. It was Bobbie’s first experience in the Pacific and she found it marvelous. It came as absolutely no surprise to see the children move in the water with an ease and grace that made it appear they had been born to it. Kris showed Bobbie how to body surf and the two girls loved it as their bare bodies rocketed towards shore on the crest of a wave.

At the end of the afternoon, the two girls were lying side by side on their towels soaking up the sun. Bobbie lazily stretched and could feel the effects of the sun on her body. “Kris,” she murmured, “I feel so sinfully languid right now. What a glorious day!”

Then she looked down the beach to where the children were now gathering up their things preparatory to heading back to the hotel and added, “I can’t believe those children! They are all little angels. And smart? My God, they are truly miniature adults. And they get along so beautifully together, it’s a wonder to see. But I adore Kenny and Andy! Those two are something else, indeed. Can you imagine what their children are going to be like? Good heavens!”

As they watched, the children started coming in their direction. At that point Ken and Andy, who were in the back of the group, stopped. Ken took Andy in his arms and kissed her. As the girls watched his hands roamed over her beautiful little body and squeezed her ass cheeks. Andy, in the meantime, was mashing her body as tightly to his as she could get and was also caressing him all over.

They eased out of their embrace and continued towards the girls hand-in-hand. When they got closer, Bobbie could hear Andy say, “Ken, it’s going to be so much better! When we’re older and do that I’ll be able to feel your cock getting hard as a rock to penetrate my insides. I’ll be able to excite my nipples by rubbing them against your hairy chest... It will be so great! At the same time my cunt will be running rivers against the hope that you will use it to sheath your cock.”

When they were almost up to the girls’ blankets, they stopped and kissed again. As she watched, Kris realized that there was nothing at all funny about the children or their behavior. Although they were very young, nothing about their behavior seemed at all strange. They are so natural, she thought, and their love for each other is so real!

That night, when they went down to dinner, they found a dance band playing in the dining area. When they finished their meal, Ed was pressed into service to dance with all three of the women with Vangie grumping at the girls, “Why don’t you get your own? He’s mine! I trapped him fair and square.” Bobbie said nothing but Kris reminded her of sharing while sticking out her tongue.

At the end of a dance set, the band leader picked up the microphone and said, “Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight we are very fortunate to have with us the country’s newest singing sensation, Kris Bradley. As I’m sure many of you know, Kris really began her singing career right here at Kapalua.

“When a task group with the carrier, RANGER, assembled in Pearl Harbor to move out to the Persian Gulf, stopped here at Maui, a group of flyers were here one night and Kris sang some songs. Fortunately, her singing was recorded on tape. It seems that the tape was copied, copied, and copied again. Every ship out there had to have one. Well, the result was that she recorded an album of the same songs that hit Platinum sales faster than any recording in history.

“If we play our cards right, maybe we can persuade her to sing for us, tonight. Would you like to hear her?” There was thunderous applause and Kris went up to the bandstand.

She sang five numbers from her platinum album to increasing applause. Then she said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I guess I’ve bored you long enough. Now I would like you to hear some good singing! Tonight I would like to introduce my twin sister, the Bradley with the good singing voice. Please welcome my twin, Barbara! - even if she is always stealing my clothes.”

Bobbie didn’t know what to do, but with the guests on their feet applauding wildly, she had no choice. Getting to her feet she joined Kris. At the mike she said, “Thank you, Imp.” Then she glared at Kris and demanded, “But what is this garbage about stealing your clothes!? Good heavens! You steal mine half a closet at a time.”

Then she took Kris in her arms, kissed her warmly and said, “...but I still love you anyway.” Then Bobbie sang a set of three songs - Kris provided the lyrics - and received a thunderous ovation.

When she handed the mike back to Kris, her new sister said, “Well, folks, what did you think? I’ll bet some of you thought I was kidding, didn’t you? Do you still think so? I doubt it very much. Isn’t she marvelous?” Again the applause rang out as the girls returned to their table hand-in-hand.

When they returned to the older Bradleys’ suite, Vangie looked at Kris and said, “While I would much prefer to forget about it, I think your dad and I still owe you a wish or two. What is it?”

Kris just grinned and said blandly, “Oh... nothing of any real significance. Mom, I just want you to go down on Dad. That’s all.”

“That’s all?” Vangie asked suspiciously. “I doubt that very much.”

“Well... there is just one little thing...” Kris said thoughtfully. “When he cums you have to shoot it all over your body - you can’t drink any... Oh, and you have to keep working on him until you’re completely covered from your face to your cunt.” Smiling brightly she added, “Aren’t we being nice? We’re not even asking you to cover your legs, too.”

“What a ridiculous waste of luscious cum!” Vangie exclaimed.

“Waste?” Kris replied with an eyebrow raised. “Don’t be silly! After you’re completely covered, Bobbie and I lick it off. Oh, and we want the sliding doors opened so it’s nice and warm. It will be better yet if his cum is mixed with your perspiration.”

“But what am I going to do for relief tonight?” Vangie wailed.

“Oh, Mother! What a silly question. After we’re finished, Bobbie and I will just go off to bed and you can have Dad take you as often as you want, wherever you want,” Kris replied loftily.

“But there won’t be any cum left!” Vangie wailed. Kris thought for a moment and then conceded that that could be a problem.

To Bobbie’s surprise - but not to Kris’s - Vangie then did exactly what Kris had told her to do. She was amazed as she watched her mother so tenderly caress Ed’s huge cock with her mouth, quickly bring him to orgasm and then spray the milky syrup pulsating from his cock over her body. She did it again and again, beginning at her neck and going down her body. When her body was completely covered, she worked on Ed to bring him close to orgasm, but then let it recede, only to bring him closeagain.

When Barbara whispered a question to Kris, the girl replied that her mother was working to make the last one, which she was going to shoot at her face, the biggest discharge possible. She succeeded perfectly. It shot from her hairline, over her closed eyes and covered her nose, mouth and chin.

At that Vangie lay on her back on the floor and said, “Darlings, your supper awaits!” For his part Ed collapsed into a chair with a beer to try to replace the fluids he had pumped over his wife and watched the two girls lick his syrup. Kris instructed Bobbie to begin on their mother’s face while she started to work on her hairless groin.

For Bobbie it was an incredible sensation to kiss her new father’s cum off her mother’s delicious lips. Finally the girls ended with each licking off one of Vangie’s tits.

At breakfast the next morning, Vangie said, “Thanks a hell of a lot, Kristin Bradley! After what you made your father do last night he collapsed after taking me only three times!”

Ed just rolled his eyes.

Late that afternoon, when Bobbie returned to the room from the beach, the red message light on the telephone was flashing. Calling the desk she found that the message was from Marie Conroy asking her to call as soon as possible. Returning the call, Marie asked to meet her privately as soon as she could make it. Tom had a late golf match with his father, so she wondered if Bobbie could meet her right away. Bobbie instantly agreed.

After taking a quick shower, Bobbie put on a pair of shorts and a tank top and went to Marie and Tom’s suite. When Marie opened the door, Bobbie took her in her arms and kissed her lovingly, realizing that she had missed the woman who she now considered her best friend.

She raised an eyebrow when Marie went to the bar and made two very large, very dry martinis and brought them to the table sitting in front of the suite’s sofa.

“But Marie,” Bobbie protested, “You’re... you’re so close to delivering, and...”

“And I need it - or soon will,” Marie replied. “The baby will survive a couple of drinks. And you better drink or I’ll drink yours, too.”

Sitting beside Marie on the sofa, Bobbie looked into her friend’s eyes and saw an expression different from anything she had ever seen before. She didn’t know what to make of it. Then Marie took a sip of her drink and said, “Thank you, dear Bobbie, for coming over so promptly. You’re making it as easy for me as you can.”

Then with a wry grin she added, “And it’s so typical of you, too.

In spite of the fact that I have done nothing but use and abuse you almost from the first day we met, you still do everything in your power to help me.”

Then she reached over, took both of Bobbie’s hands in hers and said, “It’s almost over now.” She paused and then choked out, “Bobbie, I’m dying. I will be dead in less than two months.”

The shock of Marie’s words almost caused Bobbie to faint. “But... but... but that’s impossible! You’re the most perfectly conditioned female...”

She stopped as Marie just slowly shook her head. When she was silent, Marie said, “I had it confirmed just before we came out. Bobbie, I have a congenital heart defect, apparently. My heart is letting go. It is something that never showed up on any test before. Maybe it has something to do with my pregnancy, or the physical strains from our honeymoon, or our lovemaking... I don’t know, and I don’t care to know.

“You see, I wouldn’t exchange one single thing Tom and I have done together for an extra fifty years of life.” Tears were flowing from her eyes now as she continued, “I said it at our Christmas party: I have enjoyed a level of happiness in Tom’s arms that no other woman alive could even dream of.”

Then, in spite of her tears, she tried to smile and added, “Except, dear Bobbie, now you can start dreaming, too! In less than two months, my darling, you will be Mrs. Thomas Gardiner Conroy! And I will be so incredibly happy and proud.

“Why did I ask you over? For a couple of reasons. First, I know the agony of wanting you have been living with. After all I’ve done to you, the least I can do is tell you that it’s coming to an end. Second, I want you to meet Tom’s mother, Hank. She is the only other person alive who knows what you do. I haven’t even told Celeste... although I’m sure she suspects. We’re so close, we share feelings, and I’m sure she has been feeling the vibrations - but I’m also sure she doesn’t know exactly what they mean.”

Marie sat up straight on the sofa while sitting on a crossed leg, facing Bobbie. She had another big sip of her drink and continued, “Hank Conroy is one of God’s perfect creations. She... she is my mother! I utterly adore the woman and I’m sure you will, too. She is Kathy Carlson’s adopted sister and one of Ali Clifford’s and Vangie Bradley’s closest friends. Do I need to say more?”

She snapped her fingers and added, “Oh! She is also Aunt Hank to Kenny Clifford and Andy Cartwright.

“Bobbie, she is at home waiting for your call. She told me that her husband - my father - Jim, utterly adores you already. She can’t wait to meet you.”

Then Marie’s tears began to flow in a flood and she could scarcely talk, but she managed to say, “Bobbie, there is one final thing. It is all I am staying alive for, now. Each day I pray to Almighty God to give me just a few more days.” She controlled her tears somewhat and continued, “Actually, I guess I’m out of the woods right now. You see, I want to live long enough to deliver our baby. Since I’m well into my eighth month, the baby is viable, so now, even if I died, it could be taken by caesarian.” Now looking into Bobbie’s eyes she said, “This is my final request: Please take care of my baby? It will be so tiny and so alone! Please, darling Bobbie? Could you bring yourself to care for another woman’s child?”

Bobbie, who had been sitting facing Marie, was utterly stunned. At Marie’s final request, she lost the last thread of her control, began to bawl, and blindly reached out her arms to the older girl. Marie wrapped her arms around her, held her tight and listened to her tears.

Suddenly, Bobbie pushed away and her tears stopped. “I have it!” she exclaimed. “I have the answer! Marie, you have a dumb problem with your heart. Big deal! That’s easy to fix. I’ll give you mine!”

Then she looked at her and said, “But it’s going to be expensive, Mrs. Conroy. I’m not sure you would be willing to pay the price.” Marie was so stunned by what she was hearing she couldn’t say or do anything. Bobbie continued, “You will have to give me a kiss - a very good kiss!

“Oh, Marie,” she exclaimed happily, “I can see it now. We will be in an operating amphitheater on cots side-by-side. I will kiss you - and it had better be a good one, mind you! Then I will lie down, watch them anaesthetize you, put you on a heart-lung machine and remove your defective heart before my eyes.

“Then I will lie back, praise God, and feel the scalpel penetrate my skin, then feel the bone saw cutting my ribs, and my last thing will be the feeling as my beating heart is removed to save your life! It will be the most incredible moment of my life!” She smiled brightly and added, “Just think! I will have given the love of my life, Tom Conroy, what he wants most: The life and love of his beloved Marie! Oh, darling!” she exclaimed, “Isn’t that just the most perfect solution?”

“Yes, it is,” Marie said happily, “but not for the reasons you think. Barbara Dawson Bradley, what you have just done is to remove the last tiny shred of doubt. You will make Tom so incredibly, overwhelmingly happy as his wife! You two will be a perfect couple - truly a match made in Heaven!”

Bobbie saw the warmest, happiest smile she could imagine on Marie’s face as she continued, “’Greater love hath no man...’ Barbara Bradley, you were utterly joyous just now! Not only would you be willing to give me your beating heart, you would give it with joy! You’re God’s perfect creation. Andy and Ken knew it months ago, and they certainly were right.

“Darling, beyond the fact that I would not do it under any conditions, it could not be done. You see, whatever the weakness is, it is already spreading. It is now in all the veins and arteries entering and leaving my heart. My darling, even if they took out your heart, there is nothing in my body that it could be connected to. The aorta, for example, would just disintegrate. Then we would both be dead and where would that leave Tom?”

Shaking her head joyously she said, “No, my darling Bobbie, you are going to have to do what you swore to me that you would do: You must marry Tom within a week of my death.

“But what about... about my baby?” she asked wistfully.

“Darling Marie, I could not love or cherish an infant more.” Then she looked anxious and asked, “Are there pills or shots or something I could take to get my milk to flow? I would so want to be able to nurse it at my breast...”

“You really would, wouldn’t you?” Marie asked, shaking her head in wonder. “You would nurse my baby?”

“The baby born of my husband and my best friend on earth?” Bobbie asked. “You’re damned right I would!”

The next morning Bobbie made her way to Hank and Jim Conroy’s house, following Marie’s directions. After a short wait after ringing the doorbell, the door opened but no one was there. Entering the house anxiously, Bobbie found a naked young woman who was almost her twin standing behind the door. A baby about six months old was nursing at her breast.

In a whisper she introduced herself as Hank Conroy and invited Bobbie into the living room where she sat down on the sofa. As the baby nursed, Hank caressed it, whispered endearments, and loved it. After changing breasts from left to right the baby’s nursing slowed and finally stopped. It was sound asleep. Hank rose from the sofa, padded into another room and returned a few minutes later.

Again she sat on the sofa, patted the seat beside her and said, “Barbara Dawson Bradley, you’re just in time. I need you... to drain my tit.”

Barbara’s eyes widened but it was something she had done for Ali, too. Lying on the sofa with her shoulders on Hank’s lap she locked her lips on the beautiful nipple and began to suck.

As she did, Hank caressed her head and said, “How on earth did my idiot son, Tom, ever get so lucky? Girl, you’re unbelievable!”

Then she said softly, “Marie told me what you offered and I almost didn’t believe my ears. You’re willing to donate your beating heart to try to save her life! And she described how you were so happy describing the feeling of a scalpel cutting into your body and then breaking your ribs to reach your heart before cutting it free from this glorious body.”

Hank was silent for a few moments and then continued, “There are no words... There can be no words to describe your incredible goodness. Marie asked me to please try to approve of your marriage to Tom. Good grief, girl, how could I not? My son will be getting female perfection! And your sheer goodness is utterly overwhelming.”

Then she looked down and asked, “Do you like my milk?”

Bobbie looked up from Hank’s lap where her head was now cradled. She grinned and asked, “Do you bottle it and sell it? If not, why not?” Then she closed her eyes and sighed. With her eyes still closed she said softly, “I’m trying to figure out which is better: your milk or the way you caress me.” After a pause she continued, “There’s no answer. Mrs. Conroy, it’s your love, but there’s so much of that in your milk, too...”

“Come, dear Bobbie,” Hank said, lifting the girl’s head from her lap.

“Come where?”

“Up to bed with me. Your mother told me you’re the world’s best sleeping companion and I mean to find out for myself!”

When the two were lying naked in each other’s arms in the bed with the baby sleeping in a crib nearby, Bobbie marveled at how much alike Hank and Vangie were. Both had bodies like teenager’s yet both were - or were about to be - grandmothers. As she drifted off to sleep with Hank’s wonderfully fresh, natural perfume filling her lungs she marveled, “...And they both love me, too!”

Chapter 13

Instead of returning to Los Angeles for the start of the second term, Vangie and Ed asked Bobbie to join them in Chicago before going back to school. First, they wanted her to meet her brother and sister - the Chicago Bears were, as usual, still in the play-off hunt so Ken couldn’t get out to Maui - and second, to take care of a couple of details involving her adoption.

The nonstop flight from Honolulu to Chicago was a delight for Bobbie, as well. It was the first time in her life she had ever flown first class for such a distance. On the flight out to Maui with Kris - her first ever in first class - she had been so excited getting acquainted with her new sister, she had been oblivious to the flight itself.

This time she savored the food, the attention, and the overall level of comfort and service. The best feature, though, was after the luxurious meal service, when the cabin was darkened for the movie and she prepared to sleep, her new father ordered her to sleep with him.

After reclining his seat so that it was almost horizontal, Bobbie stretched out on top of him and then Vangie covered them both with a blanket. To her delight, the first thing her father did was to strip off her top. She fell asleep in his arms feeling his hands roam gently all over her upper body. As she drifted off to sleep she could never remember feeling so warm and snugly and loved as she did just then.

At O’Hare, the family was picked up by the Bradley’s chauffeur with their dark green Rolls-Royce limousine. Once seated and with the car moving so smoothly and quietly, her father opened a briefcase and said, “Darling, here are a few clippings you might be interested in. Why don’t you take a couple of minutes and read them.”

She looked at the first clipping which included a large picture and a number of smaller ones. The large one looked odd: it showed a number of young people, all with completely shaved heads and in handcuffs, being loaded into a sheriff’s van. When she looked at the smaller ones, she almost fainted: the pictures were her classmates who she now believed were responsible for her rape!

Then she read the accompanying story which told how the seven–four men and three women - had surrendered on rape charges. There were fourteen specific events charged but Bobbie’s was not listed. At the end of the story there was an unexplained comment that one of the girls and all of the men had mutilated themselves. When she looked up at Ed and asked about it, it became immediately apparent that he knew far more about it than was in the story.

Pointing to a picture of one of the girls he said, “This is the one who took your virginity. Since she did it with the middle finger of her right hand, she wanted to cut it off at the second joint and did. The boys for some reason were quite insistent on amputating the ends of their penises. I gather that, when they recover, a full erection will only be an inch or two long.”

“What happened, Dad?” Bobbie asked with her eyes boring into his.

“Why is it I sense the hand of Edgar Warren Bradley in all of this? What did you do? Or more accurately, since you’ve been with me on Maui while all of this has been going on, what have your people been doing? How did they get these people to mutilate themselves?”

“The girl was told that her choice was to cut off the end of her finger or lose her whole hand. There is a strange little machine–sort of like an electric guillotine - that she used. She put her finger in the hole, pressed a button with her left hand, and then put the stump in a pot of boiling pitch to cauterize it. The boys used the same machine to cut off the ends of their penises. Of course, first they had to insert plastic straws up them. When the ends were cut off, the plastic straws were sealed closed and then they cauterized the stumps, as well. When they heal, they will remove the straw and have penises that will be usable for urination, anyway.”

“What was their choice?” Bobbie asked with her eyes wide with horror.

“Having their penises and scrotums amputated. Of course they would have been provided with nice slits to use for urination... Very much like yours and your mother’s, in fact.”

Then with his eyes as hard as diamonds he said, “Pumpkin, don’t even think about it for an instant! The paper lists fourteen counts. We know of over thirty... besides yours! It seems that they decided you were a lot of fun, so they’ve been doing it ever since, with increasing frequency. They are sadists andsavages!”

“What is going to happen now?” Bobbie asked quietly.

“They will be serving at least twenty years apiece in the state prison. The guys will be going down to Joliet; I don’t know offhand where the girls go. Right now there are huge dildos stuck up their rectums. The women are wearing wide leather collars - you might have noticed them in the picture. There is a ring on them where their leashes will be clipped. These women will spend the next years as puppy dogs on their hands and knees, and kept leashed. It is also why they are totally hairless.

“They will be the playthings of some pretty tough bull dikes who really run the women’s prison. Similarly, the guys will be entertaining the toughest cons in Joliet for many years.”

“But... but what about the trial?” she asked. Bobbie was now pale in spite of her tropical tan.

“They will all plead guilty and ask - beg, in fact - for the maximum sentences. You see, they have been told that if they set foot out of jail or prison except while in custody, at any time for any reason in less than twenty years, they will be immediately dead! I guess they believe it now, although they didn’t at first. It was necessary to go backwards, day by day and hour by hour with each of them. When they realized that everything they had said and done - including the most recent rape - was on video tape, they decided that the safest place they could be would be in prison. For that reason they will not ask for bail nor post it if it should be offered.”

Turning to her he said, “Dearest Bobbie, I want you to know that Ken Carlson, Mike Morris, and Bill Cartwright all know what happened. Although they still feel a little cheated - they really did want to take care of it themselves - they believe that some semblance of justice is being done. Do you understand?

They really feel as strongly about this as they told you they did.”

Then after taking her hand and gently kissing it, he said, “Honey, that’s one thing out of the way. This evening we’re going to meet Cathy and Ken with their kids and have dinner. Tomorrow we’ll take care of the rest of it.”

Bobbie was overwhelmed by the reception she received from Ken, Cathy and their children. After nearly passing out with the power of the kisses she received from her new brother and sister, they stepped aside. Then the cutest little four-year old boy came forward to greet her.

He was like a smaller Ken Clifford but with gray eyes and brown hair. Diffidently, he extended his little hand and said, “Good evening, Aunt Barbara. I am your nephew, Kenneth, junior.”

Bobbie took his hand, shook it gravely, then swept the little boy up in her arms and just hugged him tightly. Then she howled with laughter when the little boy looked over his shoulder towards his mother and said, “Mommy, Aunt Barbara is messing up my clothes and I know how hard you worked to make me look handsome. You won’t be mad at me, will you?”

“My darling son,” Cathy replied with the warmest smile Bobbie had ever seen, “I dressed you up so she would see how handsome you are. Since now she’s seen you all dressed up and looking so handsome, right now I wouldn’t care if she ripped all the clothes off you to see you the way you would rather be, anyway: naked!”

Then the most beautiful little girl about two years old toddled over. “My name is Krista Bradley, Aunt Barbara,” the little girl said. “Would you give me a kiss, too?”

The evening with her new brother and sister was utterly marvelous. Only when they were getting ready to go to bed did Bobbie learn that Cathy was in the ninth month of her third pregnancy. Since it did not show at all, Bobbie said, “Golly, sis, it must be awful being pregnant and looking like a walking house. How do you do it?”

Cathy just grinned and stuck out the tip of her tongue.

The next day was Saturday and the limousine came around at ten. Vangie and Ed had not mentioned where they were to go and Bobbie had not asked. As it moved from one expressway to another, she realized finally they were on the Tollway headed north. It was the road to, among other places, Deerfield. The driver got off at one of the Deerfield exits and proceeded directly to Barbara’s old neighborhood, finally stopping in front of her former home.

Ed looked at her with love in his eyes and said, “Bobbie, I know this is going to hurt, but I really think it is something that should be done.” Bobbie was so choked up she couldn’t even speak. She just nodded once quickly and he opened the door.

After Vangie rang the doorbell and they waited for a few moments, the door was opened by Bobbie’s mother, Amy Dawson. In a fleeting glance Bobbie saw that Ed Bradley’s eyes were as cold as ice. When her mother realized who was there, she screamed for her husband, Charles, who came running.

Realizing it was the daughter they had disowned, his reaction was to try to slam the door in their faces but Ed had already placed his foot in the jam and said, “Mr. Dawson, that wouldn’t be the smartest thing you have ever done. My name is Edgar Bradley. This is my wife, Vangie, and our new daughter, Barbara. We have come to take care of a few matters.”

With ill grace, Charles Dawson invited them into the living room.

Once seated, Ed explained that they were adopting Barbara as their daughter. Since she had been disowned by them two years earlier and was now a legal adult, it really only took her consent, but to keep everything neat and tidy it would be a little neater if they signed off, too.

The two elder Dawsons quickly scrawled their names on the appropriate lines of a legal form Ed produced. Then he gave them a check which was for the total amount of money they had sent Barbara and USC for her college education. It amounted, with interest added, to nearly $40,000.

With the business matters out of the way Ed Bradley just shook his head and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Dawson, I do not understand you.

I cannot understand you! You gave birth to the finest, sweetest, most loving girl God has ever put on this earth... Yet you threw her out of the house! Why?”

“We would not have a slut living under our roof!” Dawson exclaimed self-righteously. “She is a slut!”

Vangie reached out to hold Ed’s arm and calm him down. She could tell that he was about to explode. With an effort of will he relaxed and then took a deep breath. “Mr. Dawson, your daughter was drugged and raped! Not once, but repeatedly. Do you recognize these people?” he asked, passing over the clipping Bobbie had seen the day before.

Dawson looked at it casually and then his eyes widened in recognition. “My Lord!” he exclaimed. “These are the girls who told us what Bobbie had been doing.”

“And those are the girls who did it to her!” Ed exclaimed. Indicating the girl who had lost part of her finger he said, “This is the girl who took Bobbie’s virginity... with her fingernail! She jammed her finger up Bobbie’s vagina while she was drugged and used her fingernail to break her hymen.”

Then he shook his head and asked, “But why, in Heaven’s name, did you believe them? Do you know anything about your daughter?” he almost screamed.

“Do you know that she was the valedictorian of her class? You may not because you were not at her graduation. You didn’t hear the speech she gave that day which was widely reprinted. Why was it reprinted? Because almost the whole audience was moved to tears, is why. What was her topic? How the graduates owe everything to their parents! That was a day when she could scarcely sit down. Why? Because you had beaten her so badly–after she had just been raped for the third or fourth time!”

He shook his head and said, “Bobbie has some wonderful friends now, I’m happy to say. One of them has some remarkable powers. She can probe a person’s brain and learn things that the person consciously has suppressed. For example, she learned that the day Bobbie was first raped and left unconscious on the porch, you beat her so severely she was left bleeding and unconscious on the living room floor!

“Was that all? Oh, no! You had told her how bad a beating you were going to give her. As soon as she could get up, she came to you and asked for the rest of her punishment. And yet this girl gave the most moving speech about love for parents anyone at that graduation had ever heard.

“Why didn’t you know she was incapable of doing what those girls said? Do you know how highly she is regarded by every single person who knows her? Do you know that the pastor of your church considers her to be a living saint? Do you know that for six years - going back to when she was a Girl Scout - she spent all her free time at an old people’s home?” Again Vangie reached over and put her hand lightly on Ed’s arm. He could feel her hand and at the same time feel a calming sensation flow through him.

Rising he said, “Thank you for your time. But particularly, thank you for your daughter - our daughter - Bobbie. She is one of God’s perfect creations and I am delighted that the savages are now on their way to long terms in prison. Those animals were so jealous of a girl for whom sex was something to be saved for marriage, not a form of casual recreation, that they raped her!

“They continued with their fun. And it wasn’t just once. They used drugs on Bobbie and actually got the poor girl believing that you people were being quite reasonable. She really did. You got her believing that she was a slut because that is all you called her from that very first morning. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson, your loss is the Bradley family’s gain.

“Last night Bobbie met her new brother and sister and niece and nephew. They all worship the ground she walks on.” With a warm smile he said, “Do you know what Vangie found when she walked into Bobbie’s bedroom this morning? She found her four-year-old grandson and two-year-old granddaughter in bed snuggled close to Bobbie while her arms were around them both. They said it was even better than snuggling with their Mommy - and if you knew how much they adore their mother, you would know what that comment really means!”

With that they got up and took their leave. Once back in the car, they did not head back toward the highway. Instead they moved in a direction that caused Bobbie to ask where they were going this time. Ed just smiled and told her they were going to visit some friends and this visit should be much more pleasant than the last one.

The limousine pulled into the snow-covered grounds of an old people’s home. Arriving, this time Bobbie was the first out of the car and ran up to the door with Ed and Vangie following right behind her. Once inside, Bobbie looked both ways and then went into a parlor to the right. There were five elderly women sitting patiently, waiting. Two of them were in wheel chairs.

Vangie and Ed held back and just watched as two of the women rose from their seats and greeted Bobbie with the warmest kisses the two had ever seen. It was as if they were welcoming a beloved granddaughter. In fact, they later found out, that was exactly what they were doing. Then Bobbie dropped to her knees and embraced a third woman who obviously had limited mobility and could not easily get to her feet. With the fourth woman, one of the two in wheelchairs, Bobbie stood before her with her hands moving with lightning speed. The woman beamed a happy smile and her hands began to flash, too, but not nearly as fast as Bobbie’s had. Vangie realized that the two were communicating in sign language.

Finally, Bobbie knelt beside a woman in a wheel chair. Looking at her quickly, Vangie thought that the woman had the milky pupils so often found with the totally blind. This time Bobbie gently took the woman’s left arm, placed a finger on her forearm, then quickly moved it up and down, tapping. The woman’s eyes widened and then there was a beatific smile on her face. Vangie could scarcely control her own tears as she saw tears of joy begin to flow from the sightless eyes.

She reached out her hands blindly, and Bobbie gently took the woman’s right hand and placed it on her left forearm. They could see the woman’s finger tapping rapidly. Then Bobbie knelt beside the wheelchair and placed the woman’s hands on her face. Gently, she moved her fingers over Bobbie’s face and then down to her body. When she withdrew her hands, Bobbie kissed the woman on the eyes, kissing away her tears, then her ears and finally her lips. It was a kiss that flowed with the purest love.

Rising, Bobbie returned to the third woman and said, “Mary, why don’t you take a little walk with me?” Helping the woman to her feet, she escorted her out of the room. Vangie followed them into the ladies’ room. There, with incredible gentleness and consideration, Bobbie removed her adult diapers, washed her, powdered her and put on clean diapers.

Helping her to her feet, she said softly, “That feels so much better, doesn’t it?”

The woman’s eyes were overflowing with love. Leaning a hand against the lavatory sink for support she looked at Vangie and said, “Is Barbara your daughter, ma’am?”

When Vangie said she was, Mary Stenhouse said, “Then you are truly blessed! Barbara is the finest, sweetest, most considerate person the Good Lord has ever put on this earth!” Taking Bobbie’s arm she hobbled out of the room and back to the hall. As she walked slowly she said softly, “Bobbie, you’re so much more gentle than the nurses. And you... you...”

Turning back to Vangie she said, “Have you ever in your life seen a woman with greater tact and delicacy than your daughter? She knows I have... problems. All she ever does is what she just did. She will say, ‘Mary, why don’t we take a little walk.’ Never, ‘Something stinks,’ or ‘Aren’t you even toilet-trained yet.’

“You know, I am sure, madam, how much such remarks can hurt–particularly when one knows they are true. Bobbie? We are always treated with dignity to maintain our self-respect. That’s one of the reasons we love her so.”

When they rejoined the others, Bobbie introduced her new parents.

Irma Quigley and Annabel Baxter were the two women who had risen when Bobbie first arrived. Jane Bentley was deaf and was the one to whom Bobbie had spoken in sign language. Harriet Tompkins was deaf, dumb and blind. They communicated by tapping in Morse code on each other’s forearm. After performing the introductions, ending with Harriet, the woman tapped out a request.

Turning to her mother, she explained that the elderly woman wanted to see her. Understanding exactly what was required, Vangie knelt down beside the wheelchair, lifted the woman’s hands and placed them on her face. Then she just knelt up straight without moving a muscle as the woman’s hands moved gently but carefully all over her face. She reached around and felt Vangie’s head and hair, then let her hands move down to her shoulders and her breasts. Still Vangie maintained herposition.

What followed next amazed Ed. Harriet placed her hand on Vangie’s left forearm and tapped. Vangie then responded to the woman. Harriet beamed with pleasure and then her finger started moving rapidly up and down. Vangie responded and then arose to her feet. When she turned, Bobbie could see that tears were streaming down Vangie’s cheeks. When she asked what the trouble was Vangie only said that Harriet wanted to speak to her now.

When Bobbie knelt beside Harriet and tapped her greeting, the woman told her that Vangie was indeed her true mother. She was a woman with the same grace and love and goodness that Bobbie herself had. When Bobbie asked her if she had said that to Vangie, she replied that she had.

Then Ed got to his knees beside Mrs. Tompkins. Since he didn’t know Morse code, Harriet communicated through Bobbie instead.

“Dad,” she said with tears in her eyes, “she says that you’re my true father in the same way Vangie is my real mother. She is so happy that my family has finally been reunited. She loves you very much and has a favor to ask you. She says that Irma can give you the details. Finally, she thanks you for humoring a worthless old lady.”

At that, Ed, moving with incredible gentleness, took the woman’s head in his hands and kissed her all over ending at her lips. When his lips were on hers he moved his on hers conveying all the love he possessed and finally allowed his passion to flow, too. When he finally pulled away, the woman looked like she had been hit by a truck. But she waved her hands excitedly and again Bobbie took her position beside her.

This time her finger was going much faster than it had before. “Harriet Tompkins! The idea!” Bobbie exclaimed aloud. Then she added while her finger was moving at lightning speed, “Good heavens! A woman of your age?” When Bobbie finally rose to her feet, Harriet was improbably grinning happily.”

“What did she say?” Vangie asked.

With a grin Bobbie replied, “The idea! Harriet said that Dad’s kiss got her cuntal juices flowing for the first time in more than thirty years. She wonders if she could borrow him from you for just a quickie. She says it’s really for old times’ sake–you really shouldn’t think of her as real competition.”

Instead of saying anything, Vangie dropped to her knees and rapidly began to communicate with the woman. When she stopped, the woman was laughing. It was the first sound she had made in years.

“What did you say to her, Mom?” Bobbie asked.

“I told him that your father’s cock was so big it would split her in two, but if that’s what she really wanted...”

“Then what did she say?”

With a broad grin Vangie replied, “Promises, promises! What a wonderful way to go!”

A nurse brought tea to the parlor, which Irma and Annabel gracefully served. When everyone had been served, Irma, who obviously because of her good physical condition and her faculties, was the spokeswoman for the group said, “We can’t tell you how wonderful we feel today.”

Then she looked at Bobbie with sorrow in her voice and said, “Dearest Bobbie, we will never forget the last time we saw you. It was the day you were leaving for school and you came to say goodbye. Bobbie, one of the things that often comes with old age is that one reads absolutely everything! Even the legal notices. You see, darling, the day before, we had seen a small notice in the paper: Charles and Amy Dawson legally disowned their former daughter, Barbara.

“You never said a word. There were days when you came to see us when you could scarcely move following one of your former father’s brutal beatings. You never said a word. A few days ago we saw where seven young people - four boys and three girls–were arrested on multiple rape charges. You visited us several times on days following your own raping - but you never said a word.

“We could never understand it, you see. We gathered from your former parents’ actions that they believed it to be your fault. Barbara Bradley, that would have been utterly impossible. You see, one of the facts of life that surfaces with aging is an ability - wisdom, perhaps - to see the real person beneath the surface. Beneath your surface - an intensely beautiful surface, I should add - it just gets better.”

Irma sat up straight, wiped tears from the corners of her eyes and changed the subject. “Bobbie, you didn’t ask about Minnie Houston. You have been around here long enough to know that when one of your friends is not here it is because she has left–feet first. And so it was with Minnie. However, Bobbie, when she died, she left her entire estate to you.”

Looking at Ed she said, “Mr. Bradley, the attorney for the estate is a very nice young man, John Stiles. He has been trying to fight off the vultures who are trying to break Minnie’s will, and he has fought for her wishes. Unfortunately, sir, he has not been paid and will not be until the estate is settled. He has a wife, three small children, and a mortgage. It is no longer possible for him to continue the fight against the other very well-financed, erstwhile heirs. Can you help him, sir?

“All of Minnie’s money is to go to your daughter, Barbara.”

Ed whistled softly when he learned that the estate was worth about $10 million.

Then Irma said, “That is what Harriet referred to as well. She is changing her will to make Bobbie her sole beneficiary.” Then the elderly woman grinned at Ed and said, “That’s unless you take her up to her room, of course. Your cock, sir, might outweigh the years of Bobbie’s kindness!”

When Bobbie reminded Irma with a grin that she took naps with Harriet from time to time, Irma just looked at her and with an expressionless face said, “Barbara, it is not the same thing!” All the Bradleys howled with laughter.

The discussion continued and finally the Bradleys had to leave. The leave-taking was far happier this time than it had been when Bobbie had left for college. Ed promised the women that he would pay Attorney Stiles immediately for all of the work he had performed, and would assign his law firm to work with him on the Houston estate matter. He would also seek out the top experts to help Harriet draft an unbreakable will.

The three got back into the limousine and headed out towards the airport. Bobbie was sitting between her parents in the back seat. Vangie took Bobbie’s hand and promised her that the women would be well looked-after. “I’ll be going over,” she said. “And so will Jan Stewart and Cindy Burke.”

When she asked if Kenny and Krista would be welcome, Bobbie beamed and replied, “What do you think? Two little angels? Mom, I can’t tell you how much those women adore small children. And those two? They are little dolls! They would absolutely love to have them visit!”

Then Vangie said to Ed, “Darling, remember what the little angels said? That Barbara Dawson was an angel come to earth and we had to meet her? You know what? They didn’t know the half of it!”

Chapter 14

It was early in February when Bobbie got a call from Celeste Chan telling her that Marie was in the hospital and asking for her. Labor had begun and she wanted to see Bobbie desperately. The girl realized it was only four in the morning. After throwing on a pair of Levi’s and a work shirt, she shot out of her apartment–this was her own, one Vangie had selected for her - and headed for the hospital.

Arriving, she identified herself and, to her amazement, was immediately sent to one of the delivery rooms. There she found Marie lying on her back with a tiny baby in her arms.

As Bobbie entered she could see tears flowing from Marie’s eyes, but she had water - later she learned it was holy water - and was sprinkling it on the infant’s forehead saying, “I baptize thee in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Just as she finished, the infant gasped once and then was still.

“I was in time,” Marie said softly. Then to Tom, standing at the side of her cot, she said, “My darling, could we name him Tom? Please? I want to have a Tom Conroy beside me in Heaven.”

Then, even from the door, Bobbie could see the tears in Marie’s eyes as she explained to Tom and Celeste that the infant had been born with a dysfunctional heart. He could not live. “But he fought for life until he was baptized,” she said, “so he will immediately join God in Heaven and be with Him forever!”

Celeste was at the foot of the cot with tears streaming down her cheeks, while Tom was standing at Marie’s right. Bobbie was about to withdraw from the private family scene when Marie saw her for the first time. Only then did Bobbie realize how pale and drawn Marie appeared.

But seeing her, Marie brightened and suddenly there was an intense light - almost a fire - in her eyes. “Bobbie!” she cried. “You made it. Come and stand here beside me. Please!” Bobbie did as she was asked. As soon as she was within reach, Marie grabbed Bobbie’s right hand, held it, and then took Tom’s right hand, too. She put Bobbie’s hand in Tom’s and squeezed them between both of her own.

Looking down at Celeste standing at the foot of the cot, she said in a remarkably strong voice, “Dearest sister, you are my witness! You will testify, if necessary, that this is completely and totally my own idea.” Then looking to each side she said, “Now I am happy. The two people I love most in the whole world are finally together the way they should have been all along.”

Looking at Tom she said, “My darling, never forget what I said a few weeks ago at the Christmas party. If you have forgotten, Celeste has the tape and a copy in her safe deposit box. This woman, Barbara Bradley, is to be your wife before the week is out!”

Then she continued, “Tom, I told Bobbie about my problem when we were out on Maui. Do you know what her immediate reaction was? It was to give me her heart. Tom, my darling, she wanted to give me her living, beating heart to replace my damaged one! This is the woman you must marry! She is a perfect woman who loves you so very much!”

Then she looked into his eyes and asked, “Husband, when you kissed Bobbie at the Christmas party, what did you feel?” Tom just shook his head. ”What did you feel?” she demanded.

“I felt... I felt...” Pain was so evident in his eyes as Tom finally confessed, “I felt the power of her love. I felt electricity flow between us. My darling, I’m so sorry! I have always been faithful...”

Wonderful!” Marie screamed. “I knew it! I knew you had to! Bobbie Bradley’s passion would melt a plaster saint. Oh, my darling, of course you’ve been faithful. But now, my husband, take your new wife. Now, before I leave you all, I want to see you two kiss. Please! I must. Now! While you’re standing right above me.”

Tom leaned over across Marie’s body and Bobbie did the same. Their lips met over the woman’s body as she still gripped their hands. This time, when Bobbie’s lips met Tom’s, there was no holding back. For the first time she let all of her love for him flow freely. The kiss was something she had never imagined in her fondest dreams and in spite of living with him so closely for so many months.

For Tom the sensation was truly unbelievable. In spite of all of his love for Marie, Bobbie’s kiss had many times more passion and intensity than he had ever experienced with his beloved wife. Gently and then with increasing passion he worked his lips on Bobbie’s. When they finally eased away, their eyes were glassy and they could barely stand.

“Incredible!” Marie said softly. Then she gasped and said softly, “Oh God! Thank you so much.”

To Bobbie she said, “My darling, please give me a last kiss. There are only moments left.” Bobbie did, pouring out all the love she felt for this poor tormented young woman.

Then she quickly stepped aside for Celeste who spoke to her beloved sister rapidly in Vietnamese and finally with tears streaming from her eyes in a flood, kissed her twin goodbye.

Stepping back, she made room for Tom who took his wife in his arms for the last time and molded his lips to hers. As they kissed he heard a gasp and Marie went limp in his arms.

Scarcely able to see, Celeste reached out, tenderly closed Marie’s eyelids, and pulled a sheet up over her face. Then she stumbled blindly into Bobbie’s arms and held on for dear life as she poured out her sorrow in tears.

The three stumbled out to the waiting room. A waiting doctor went quickly into the room they had just left. Then they just dropped into seats in a corner of the deserted room with Celeste sitting between Tom and Bobbie. She looked down at the floor and then at each of them.

Softly she said, “Tom, Marie told me about this only two days ago. When she did, she told me what Bobbie had offered to do for her on Maui - donate her beating heart to her! She also told me, Tom, that you have been a perfect husband to her. In less than twelve months she believed she had achieved far more happiness in your arms than any other married woman would in forty years.”

Turning to Bobbie she said, “And in you, Bobbie, she found one of God’s perfect creatures! She utterly adored you. Believe me when I say that Marie died truly happy this morning. Why? Because her beloved Tom was going into the arms of a woman far better than she was herself. You, Bobbie, are the woman that Marie dreamed of for Tom but you turned out to be so much better than her wildest dreams.”

Then she sat up straight and said, “As the executor of my sister’s estate, my first duty is to make arrangements for your wedding which will be this Saturday on Maui. Do you both consent? Remember, Bobbie, you swore that you would. And you, Tom, remember, this is her dying wish.” The two just nodded quickly.

It was a Saturday nearly three weeks later when the Bradley limousine pulled up the driveway of the old people’s home followed by Ken and Cathy Bradley’s large station wagon. All of the Bradleys went inside followed by the chauffeur with his arms loaded with boxes. After greeting all of the women - Ed was astounded to learn that his wife not only knew Morse code, but in just a few short weeks had become expert in sign language–Vangie set up a VCR for the women.

Cathy knelt beside Harriet Tompkins, introduced herself as one of Bobbie’s sisters using Morse code, and then said that she was going to describe and narrate a tape Bobbie had made for them on her wedding day. Vangie did the same thing in sign language for Jane Bentley.

Ed started the tape and it opened with a close-up of Bobbie’s face. “Hi, folks!” she greeted them. “By the time you all see this I’ll be on my honeymoon with my husband, Tom.”

There were tears in her eyes as she told how she had met him and how his first wife, Marie, had so tragically died. Then she explained that she and Tom would be honeymooning on the same uninhabited island together for the next six months - until September.

Then she said, “This tape is being produced by my mother for you.

You see, in some societies the eldest women in the family prepare the bride for her husband on her wedding day.” With the warmest smile the women had ever seen she continued, “Well, I don’t have a grandmother... I have five! Irma Quigley, Harriet Tompkins, Jane Bentley, Annabel Baxter, and Mary Stenhouse, this tape is for you.

“Since you can’t be with me - I am now on the island of Maui, over five thousand miles from Chicago - I am using this tape. When next I see you, you can tell me all the things I didwrong.”

Then the camera zoomed out and there was a hushed intake of breath. Bobbie was standing in front of the camera totally naked. “This is what I am bringing to my marriage bed,” she said softly. “Do you think Tom will be pleased? As I said earlier, he has seen me naked often enough, so I think things will be all right.”

Then she padded into the adjoining bathroom and got into the shower. She carefully described how she was being so careful to wash her body completely with particular care to ensure that her vagina would be clean and sweet-smelling for her new husband.

For the next scene Vangie had preset the camera on a tripod and just let it run. Now Bobbie was stretched out on a massage table while Vangie, also naked, worked on her body. With her eyes closed, Bobbie described the marvelous sensations as her mother so-tenderly worked musk oil into her tits and then into her vagina. Then she rolled over and knelt on the table with her legs spread to expose her anus. Moaning with the sensation, Bobbie described how her mother kept working the oil into her ass and used her fingers gently to stretch her anal ring.

Finished there, Bobbie lay on her belly with her hands under her chin and just grinned at the camera. “Ladies, I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel right now.” Then she quickly rolled over, took Vangie’s hand and pulled her close. “Just look!” she exclaimed. “Look at my mother! Have you ever seen a more glorious body? Her tits are so wonderfully full and firm - she is just delicious.”

Then she rolled onto her stomach again and looked into the camera with a sad expression on her face. “Harriet, dear, I’m terribly sorry!” she said, “But I’m really afraid you’re overmatched trying to take Dad away from Mom!”

When Kris tapped out what Bobbie had been doing and what she had said, to the surprise of everyone the woman, although deaf, dumb and blind, started to laugh merrily. It was only the second sound anyone had ever heard from her since she had been in the home.

Relaying Harriet’s request, Kris asked that the tape be stopped for a few moments. Then she asked her mother to strip bare and for her father to take off all his clothes except for his pants. Instantly doing what had been asked, Vangie knew what was expected so she padded over to the woman’s wheelchair and knelt beside it. She knelt upright while the woman used her sensitive fingers again to explore Vangie’s face and head and then so-carefully to run them over her shoulders and tits.

There she stopped and cupped Vangie’s breasts in her gentle hands and then tweaked her nipples causing them instantly to engorge. As Harriet’s fingers moved over her body, Vangie realized that the older woman had a simply beatific look on her face. When the woman’s hands moved lower on her body, Vangie stood up and spread her legs wide. The woman’s hands continued to explore and there was an expression of pleased surprise on her face when Harriet realized that Vangie had no pubic hair.

Then the fingers explored her slit and Vangie’s pelvis shook involuntarily when she was overcome by a sudden orgasm triggered by Harriet’s teasing her clit. The woman caught Vangie’s juices on her fingers, then tasted them and smiled. Finally Vangie turned and felt the woman’s hands moving slowly over her tight buns and ending in her ass.

When she felt the lightest tap on her cheek Vangie turned and began to howl with laughter. The elderly woman was sitting upright in her wheel chair with her tongue stuck out. Vangie had never seen anything so cute.

She quickly got dressed again while Ed went through the same process. After carefully exploring the contours of his face and head, she moved her fingers carefully but gently over his torso with particular attention to his chest, shoulders, and upper arms. There was a look of sheer bliss on her face as she ran her fingers through the hair on his chest.

When her exploration was complete, instead of getting dressed, Ed lifted the woman out of her wheel chair, sat her across his knee and then hugged her tightly to his chest. As he did, he could hear the woman making wonderful mewing sounds as she just rubbed her cheek against his chest. Then, with her still sitting on his leg, he folded her into his arms and began to work his lips on hers in a kiss of the purest love, yet with passion in it as well.

When he finally released her and easily but gently returned her to her wheelchair, she just sat for a moment with her eyes closed but with a beatific smile on her lips.

After a few moments she opened her sightless eyes and waved excitedly. Kris dropped to her knees beside her and extended her left arm. As fast as her fingers could move, Harriet tapped out a message. “Dad,” Kris said softly, “Harriet says that now she knows what Heaven will be like. It will be regaining her youth and having a man like you holding her in his arms. She says that you are blessed among men to have a wife as perfect as Vangie–she does not believe that she could possibly be a grandmother.

“Finally, Mom, she admits to being overmatched. Harriet says she couldn’t compete with you if she were still nineteen. She says you are utter perfection!” Vangie then dropped to her knees, took the woman in her arms and melted her lips with a kiss.

When the tape rolled again, Bobbie put on the tiniest white lace bikini and followed it with a white garter belt. Then, while carefully describing everything she was doing and what she was feeling, she smoothed a pair of white stockings over her gorgeous legs. “Ladies, just a short time after I take these stockings off I’ll be welcoming Tom into my body. Do you think I can make him happy?”

At that Irma Quigley cracked, “If he’s alive, the answer is yes! And if he hasn’t been dead for more than a month, it’s still yes!”

Finally the tape showed Vangie dropping the beautiful white wedding gown over Bobbie’s head, fixing her very short hair and then putting a diamond necklace around her neck and enormous diamonds in her ears. After stepping back to ensure that Bobbie looked as beautiful as she could, Vangie lovingly kissed her daughter on her wedding day.

The next scene was taken immediately following the wedding. Bobbie now looked radiantly happy as she stood beside Tom with his hand around her waist. “Ladies, this is my husband, Tom. Now I am Mrs. Thomas Gardiner Conroy, and I couldn’t be more happy.”

Then she named the women and said, “Tom, please say hello.” Tom, who had been carefully briefed by Bobbie, had personal words of greeting for each of the five elderly women. Each beamed with joy as they listened.

When the tape ended, Vangie put the wedding video on. The women watched it with interest. Irma Quigley asked that it be stopped at the scene with the wedding party at the altar. In response to her questions Vangie identified everyone: Celeste Trang Chan, Kenneth Clifford and his parents, Ali and Bill; Andrea Cartwright and her parents, Connie and Chip; the entire Conroy family with Tom’s older sister, Samantha, looking gorgeous as one of the bridesmaids, and finally the entire Bradley family, all of whom were present at the home. The tape continued and finally came to an end.

Reaching into a box Vangie said, “Bobbie has a gift for each of you.” Then she gave each woman a duplicate of the bride’s bouquet and said a formal wedding picture of the bride and groom would be delivered as soon as they were ready. Finally, they served champagne along with wedding cake they had brought back from Maui with them.

“Well,” Vangie asked when they had finished, “what did you all think?”

“Only Bobbie! is what I think,” Irma said firmly. “Now you see why we love her so.” Then she continued, “I don’t really know quite what to say right now.

“You see, being stuck here all the time and not needing much sleep anymore, we read a great deal, and we read a great many different things. As a result, I recognize those people at the altar with Bobbie and Tom. For example, that was William Harrison Clifford, one of the richest men in the world, with his beautiful wife, Allison. I noticed how proudly their son, Kenneth, served as the ring bearer.

“Then I recognized Constance and Charles Cartwright as one of the richest young men in the world and saw their utterly gorgeous little girl, Andrea, carrying the bride’s bouquet. I conclude that from both their roles in the wedding and the expressions of happiness and pride on their faces that the children played important roles in the event taking place. Am I correct?”

Vangie nodded and explained how the two little children were, for a time, Bobbie’s only friends in the world.

Then Irma said, “That brings me to you, Bradleys. Vangie, before your marriage you were Evangeline Pierce Collins, the wealthiest woman in the country. And you, Edgar Warren Bradley, have wealth on a scale to compare with the Cliffords.

“Is that all? Oh, no! You see, we read the sports pages, too. That’s where we first met your son, Ken, and daughter, Cathy. Entertainment? Kristin, Bobbie’s twin.”

Looking at Kris fondly she said, “And, Kristin, you are Bobbie’s twin. I think you have some feeling for the adoration we feel for Bobbie, so I hope you appreciate the full significance of what we’re saying to you.”

Then she slowly nodded her head and said, “There is God’s justice in this world, sometimes. You people are worthy of Bobbie’s love–and she is certainly worthy of yours! We could not be more proud nor happy than we are today. Thank you all so very much!”

By the time the Bradleys left two hours later, the elderly women’s eyes were alive with joy. Little Kenny and Kirsten were so loving to them. Perhaps the high point was when Cathy stripped off her top and nursed her tiny infant at her breast. For a short time she knelt beside Harriet’s wheelchair while the woman ever so gently moved her hands over the nursing infant’s head and then felt Cathy’s beautiful breast as the baby drew nourishment from it.

As they were about to leave, Vangie was saying goodbye to Harriet who asked, “When are you going to have more children of your own?

You really should, you know.”

Sadly, Vangie tapped out her response, “Dear Harriet, Ed and I are trying as hard as we can.”

The woman replied that she would pray to Almighty God to bless their remarkable union.

Chapter 15

On the night of their wedding, Celeste was again at the controls of the powerful cruiser taking Tom and Bobbie to the island where Tom and Marie had been so happy. Kristin Bradley, who had served as her sister’s maid of honor, accompanied them on the trip. Nearing the island, Celeste throttled back and the fast boat slowed and came down from its step. Cautiously she eased it ahead to where she knew the cut was in the reef that almost completely enclosed the tiny bay.

Finally in position, Celeste hit the anchor switch and they heard the sound of the anchor hitting the water followed by its chain. After embedding the anchor, she cut the engines back to their slowest idle and left the helm.

Realizing they had arrived at their destination, Kris took Bobbie in her arms and asked softly, “Dear sister, are you sure you will be all right? You’re bringing nothing with you.”

Bobbie was standing on the deck proudly naked except for a belt around her waist. “Kris,” she replied, “if I don’t make it, I will have died happy. I will have spent the rest of my life with the love of my life. If it turns out not to be as long as I would like, eternity is a very long time. Then I will be sharing Tom with Marie in Heaven, forever.”

There was a lump in Celeste’s throat as she realized that Bobbie was unwittingly repeating almost exactly the same words Marie had said nearly a year earlier.

Taking Bobbie in her arms, Celeste kissed her with love and affection, then gave her a small waterproof package. She said, “Bobbie, this is your wedding gift from Marie. There is a note from her inside. She prepared it for you a week before she died, knowing without asking that this is the way you and Tom would spend your honeymoon.”

Then she looked anxious and said, “Please open it and read her note as soon as you get to shore, but before Tom takes you in his arms. It’s very important. Please?” Bobbie immediately agreed and strapped the pouch around her leg.

In spite of honeymooning in the same way and at the same place, there were immediate differences. While Marie had been nearly reverent in her approach to it, Bobbie began with fun and joy. When she and Tom were ready to dive in, she grinned and said, “I’ll bet I beat you to the beach!” When Tom accepted her challenge with a grin, she asked Kris to give the starting command.

The two were poised on the gunwale side-by-side as Kris said, “Take your marks...! Get set!” But before she could say another word, Bobbie hip-checked Tom off balance causing him to fall into the water beside the boat. Then Kris shouted, “Go!” and Bobbie launched herself into the water in a perfect racing dive.

The two women on the boat were hugging each other while they howled with laughter as Tom recovered and then set out in Bobbie’s wake. “He’ll never catch her!” Kris exclaimed. “Good heavens! Just look at her go!” Bobbie was moving through the water like a porpoise, with all of the grace, power, and speed of the marine mammal.

The two women were still giggling as Celeste activated the switch that hauled up the anchor cable followed by the anchor itself. After securing the anchor at the bow, Kris rejoined Celeste in the cockpit as she engaged the clutch and began to power away back towards Kapalua. As the boat left the beach behind, both girls felt much better. They realized that Bobbie’s joyousness and the trick she played on Tom made them both feel better about their prospects for the next months.

When Tom waded ashore looking sheepish, Bobbie jumped to her feet, ran to him and said, “My darling, I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

“No,” he said. “I won’t. There are two reasons: First, you aren’t sorry at all. Second,” he added with a grin, “there’s nothing to forgive you for. Who would believe a naked girl would give a guy a hip check just as a race is about to start.”

He took her in his arms and held her tightly. “Bobbie, I adore you. I really, honest-to-God do!” Then he looked at the pouch in her hand which he recognized as similar to the one Marie herself had on their honeymoon. In fact, it was the same one.

While she had been waiting for him, she had read Marie’s note. When she did, tears came to her eyes because when the note had been written, Marie knew her death was only a few days away. In it she said that she had been spending all of her available time praying to God for his support and to please make her death as painless for the others as could be.

Then she said that the other thing she had prayed for was the restoration of Bobbie’s virginity. “I told God,” she wrote, “that you had been raped and ultimately persuaded that what were, in fact, a series of rapes, were acts of your own free will. Since you lost your virginity to crime and the acts of savages, I pray that God will answer my prayer and restore what is rightfully yours - and Tom’s.”

Hand-in-hand they moved back on the beach to the tree line. Finding what looked to be a comfortable piece of sand, Bobbie carefully spread the little piece of linen and then placed her body appropriately over it. With her thighs spread wide, her hips raised, and her eyes gleaming she said, “I’m ready, husband.

My darling, please take your wife.”

“But darling,” Tom protested, “I have to get you warmed up first.”

“You’ve spent the last five months warming me up, turkey!” she exclaimed. “Now, if you want to come back with me, and don’t like the idea of me spending the next six months alone with just your corpse for company, get that huge thing in my cunt where it belongs this instant!”

Tom grinned and dropped to his knees between her widespread legs.

It was near sundown, with the sun dropping fast towards the horizon. The result was to cast the beach into shadows but, through a quirk, a ray of sunshine shone brilliantly on her gorgeous face like a spotlight.

“You’re beautiful!” he murmured, and then placed his throbbing cock close to her vagina. With a cry of wanting, Bobbie placed it where she wanted it and then felt the incredible sensation she had dreamed of for so long as it began to penetrate her insides.

Remarkably, after entering just a short way they both felt resistance. Taking no chances, Bobbie wrapped her powerful legs around his hips and squeezed, forcing his cock to drive deep into her. For an instant she felt the shock of pain and then he was all the way in. There followed slow, rhythmic strokes as he just slowly moved in and out to almost his full length with each stroke.

For Bobbie, it was heavenly. It was all she had ever dreamed, but the reality was so much better. Soon she reached an orgasm, then another, and then a third, each more powerful than the one before. Finally Tom had her where he so often had had Marie: in continuous orgasm. Bobbie just screamed with joy as her husband thrilled her with sexual sensations. Finally, she could feel him near his inescapable release. When she did, again using her powerful legs, she pulled him to her so that every millimeter of his huge cock was inside her as she felt his cum pour into her, flooding her insides. With a loud scream of the purest joy, she fainted.

Recovering, she found herself resting against Tom’s shoulder. Then he showed her the little piece of cloth she had placed under her crotch. It was now blood-red and soaked through with her virginal blood. “My darling, Marie’s prayer was answered. God did restore your virginity.”

Then to his utter amazement, Bobbie began to weep uncontrollably.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” he asked, really worried now.

“What will you do tomorrow?” she wailed. It was only then that he saw her eyes gleaming with suppressed laughter. “You only make love to virgins, and I’m a virgin no longer! Since there are no other women here, where will you find another one?”

Tom thought for a moment and then snapped his fingers. “I’ve got it!” he exclaimed. “We’ll be environmentally aware! I’ll recycle a slightly used one!” They both began to howl with laughter while they hugged each other tightly.

As the days and weeks passed, Tom realized that he had no sense of the passage of time. While with Marie there had always been a lurking sense of foreboding and danger, with Bobbie there was nothing but fun and joy. He found Bobbie’s humor and good spirits to be both infectious and irrepressible. In just a matter of a few days he had not only taken her in all of her openings, she took him everywhere in her body with ease and great joy.

Less than a week after landing, Tom was awakened by Bobbie pounding on his shoulder. “Tom! Get up!” she demanded. “We’ve got a million things to do.”

“Oh?” he asked, “What? Let me see your list.”

Bobbie pretended to search in the sand but then suddenly stopped, wheeled on him and started pounding on his chest with her small fists. “Damn you, Tom Conroy! It’s all your fault. We lost the pencil so I can’t write out my list... so... so... I forgot what was on it.”

With that, her playacting stopped as suddenly as it had begun. After a lingering passionate kiss, she just snuggled close to him and murmured, “I’m going to think hard. Maybe I can mentally reconstruct it.” Tom put his arm around her, held her close and just listened to the wonderfully happy sounds coming from deep in her body as she went back to sleep.

Bobbie’s strength, jungle skills and agility amazed him. After a little more than a month into their stay, Bobbie had constructed an elaborate network of woven vine ropes that covered the tiny island. She called it her Tarzan rapid-transit system. After spending days braiding vines into rope, she climbed trees all over the island to hang them in appropriate locations.

One day after it had been in place for about ten days, she teased him saying that if he wanted a kiss he would have to catch her first. With that she went off, swinging from one rope to the next. Tom went after her but realized after about twenty minutes he had no hope of catching her. When he was able to get close, Bobbie, while appearing to be going for a rope in front of her, would spin her body in the air like a cat and grab another rope ninety degrees away from her previous direction.

She would dart among the trees like a water bug. It was only when she tired of her game - and wanted Tom’s kiss badly - that she allowed herself to be caught. But never did she admit that she had let him. Instead she maintained that he was too big, too strong, and too fast for her. Tom just kissed her lovingly while knowing the truth.

Her period also resulted in teasing. She insisted that it was their calendar. “How else can we keep track of the passage of time?” she asked.

The only change it dictated in their behavior - Tom was convinced that Bobbie didn’t know what pre-menstrual syndrome was–was to keep her out of their lagoon. Tom pointed out–wisely, she thought - that letting her blood flow in the water wasn’t the smartest thing they could do. However, when a shark found his way into the lagoon, she was having her period and put the fact - and her vaginal discharge - to use. By now they had identified all of the currents in the bay. Bobbie dove in at a location where she knew her blood would drift towards the shark and reach him after passing a coral head.

Sure enough, when it did, the great beast sensed it and began to move slowly towards the blood’s source. When he passed the coral head, though, Tom was hidden behind it, waiting. A slash with his great knife and the huge fish was dead. This one was smaller than Marie’s - only 1,250 to 1,500 pounds.

The episode of the shark was not yet over. After skinning it and cutting out a few steaks, they buried the rest of the carcass. Tom still couldn’t face the thought of eating shark meat. But when Bobbie asked for the shark’s belly to use to make some things, he teasingly told her that it was his - if she wanted some shark skin, go get her own shark. After spending hours and days scraping, scrubbing, and ultimately tanning the skin, she rolled it up and gave it to Tom, still not saying anything.

Then several days later, Tom realized that Bobbie wasn’t around. Initially, he didn’t think anything of it - she often spent hours on her “rapid-transit system” as a form of exercise. But then he started to worry. Even though she moved through the jungle with the quickness and quietness of a cat, normally he would hear at least an occasional sound. This time there was nothing. Then he saw movement at the cut in the coral reef. It was Bobbie, swimming slowly and pulling something very large behind her.

He ran out into the water to help her and realized she was towing another Great White shark. When they got it into shallow water and both were standing, Bobbie started to use every obscenity she could think of - and all were directed at herself.

He howled with laughter when he finally learned the story: She had swum nearly two miles out into the channel looking for a shark, finally found one and killed it. The reason she was so mad at herself was it was only after she killed it that she realized she had to tow the huge dead thing a mile and a half to get it back to shore.

“I should have let it chase me into the lagoon and then killed it!” she wailed. “What an idiot!”

After tanning the skin of her latest kill, Tom was amazed at the way she worked with it to create various articles including a handbag, a briefcase, belts and even shoes. In almost all cases she left the pieces cut and sized, just waiting to return to civilization where they could get the heavy thread, needles, sole leather, frames, and so forth, required to complete them.

To Tom’s amazement, Bobbie also proved to be an incredibly skilled hunter. Together they were so effective that after just a few days they had to reduce their hunting; they had far more food than they could eat and had no way of preserving it.

Late in the first week, while he was holding her in his arms, she began to berate herself. When Tom asked she said, “Darling, I’m an idiot! Of course I can hunt, but look at what I’m missing. Marie lived for five days on your glorious cum alone. Why did I have to be so stupid?”

The outcome of it was that from then on Bobbie would carefully cup Tom’s cum-loaded scrotum and refer to its contents as her emergency rations.

Her hunting was incredibly efficient and deadly. Once her rapid-transit system was in place she would soundlessly move through the jungle while watching for wild boar - an animal at once plentiful and wary - their favorite food source. Spotting one, she would quickly get into position and then drop from the trees like a great cat. Her knife would flash and then she would carry the carcass back to their camp. As Tom thought about it, he realized that she was, indeed, like a great cat. She could move as silently and with the same feline grace and quickness. And she was at least as deadly.

As the weeks went by, Bobbie wanted to put more sport into the process - she didn’t want to feel like a worker in a slaughterhouse. Her aerial stalking had become just too efficient. Since she and Tom had been running for fun–occasionally they would run around the entire circumference of the island, a distance of about fifteen miles - both her speed and endurance were remarkable. The result was that she began to hunt the boar by chasing them through the jungle on foot. After just a few more weeks she became as efficient running down the animals as she had been stalking them from the air.

But the biggest difference between Marie and Bobbie was in attitude. While Marie had been almost reverent, Bobbie was joyous. Tom realized that he had never had so much pure fun in his life. They would play in the lagoon by the hour, chasing each other, splashing each other, and ducking each other. The most common sounds on the island were Bobbie’s merry laugh or cute little giggle. He found he utterly adored it.

Moreover, Bobbie had the most incredible sense of him and his moods. If he was happy she would inevitably do something to make him happier still. If he was at all down, she would instantly cheer him up and kid him out of it.

But there was so much more. In spite of her incredible beauty, she seemed to grow even more beautiful by the day. One day he looked around but couldn’t find her. Moving quietly through the jungle he found her on her knees by a still pool fed by the waterfall upstream. He watched silently as she used the pool as a mirror while she carefully trimmed her short golden hair.

While Marie had just hacked at her hair to keep it short so its movement wouldn’t scare off the fish, Bobbie used her “mirror” and a knife carefully to trim a few hairs at a time to maintain the beauty of her hairdo. Still hidden, he continued to watch as she took two small shells and then used them as tweezers to carefully pull out stray hairs from her mound. Bobbie even used very fine sand to smooth her legs and eliminate any trace of stubble, using the sand almost like sandpaper.

Tom melted back into the jungle leaving her alone without revealing his presence. He was awe-struck as he realized it was to make herself even more beautiful in his eyes.

That evening as she prepared their dinner - she was roasting the loin of a boar - he looked at her closely and realized how incredibly graceful, feminine and beautiful she was, regardless of what she was doing. Then he realized something else: Frequently he would come up to her and find her with her back against a tree and with one knee drawn up so that her leg hid her beautiful cunt.

Without seeming to be aware of his presence she would take a deep breath causing her breasts with their tiny coral nipples to stand up proudly. At that instant he realized that, although they were both always naked and naked bodies are basically not very sexy–as nudists discovered long ago - she would always arrange to appear as sexually arousing as she possibly could.

After a short time on the island, Tom found out that Bobbie had spent two whole days before their wedding looking at every hunting knife available. The one she ultimately selected was razor sharp and could, in fact, be used to shave him. When he asked her about it she had just grinned and said that first, she preferred him clean-shaven, and second, she didn’t want him to return to civilization with a deep golden tan all over but with a white neck and cheeks. From then on she carefully shaved him several times each week.

Most thrilling of all was their lovemaking. Tom was utterly overwhelmed at Bobbie’s inventiveness. There was no possible way of making love that they didn’t try at least once. Moreover, however she took him, it was invariably the perfect way for the day and for his mood.

Now months had passed and Tom was just lying on the beach with Bobbie’s head resting on his belly. In that position her tits were in easy reach of his hand and he so-gently teased her nipples into full erection. Again sensing his mood, Bobbie just lay still as her nipples extended out from her tits until they were both like small pencils.

Sensing that Tom just wanted to see how big he could get them, even though her love juices were running rivers because she so wanted him to take her, she did not move.

“My darling,” he said softly, “you’re utterly perfect! When we were married, I couldn’t imagine a woman being more beautiful than you, and yet now you’re so much more beautiful, I can’t believe it. Honey, why do you do it?”

Realizing that he was not asking a rhetorical question she replied softly, “To maintain your interest, my darling.” Then she turned her head so she could look at his face and added, “After all, since I am no longer a virgin I must do something to keep you coming back to my cunt.”

Tom just shook his head and ran his fingers under the incredibly beautiful crimson coral necklace she was wearing. He realized that, if it were ever to be sold, it would be worth a fortune. First, crimson coral rarely occurs in nature. Bobbie had spent weeks going over virtually every square inch of the reef and carefully cutting out every scrap of crimson coral she found. Then she had spent days drilling a hole through the exact center of each piece and finally, using a small length of their fishing line, carefully threaded the pieces into her necklace and a matching bracelet. Incredibly, the crimson of the coral exactly matched the natural crimson of her lips.

“Are you happy, Bobbie?” Tom asked softly.

“My darling, I am the happiest woman on the face of this earth!” Again she looked at his face and said, “You know something? I’m really not looking forward to rejoining all those idiots at USC this fall. Are you?” Tom just shook his head, continued to caress her breasts and then fell asleep.

The two were awakened with a start by the sound of an air horn. Jumping up, they saw the motor yacht positioned at the cut in the reef. Bobbie looked at him and said, “Do you really want to go back? Can you believe we’ve been here six months already?”

Tom took her in his arms and melted her with a kiss. Then he replied softly, “No, my darling, I can’t believe it’s been six months. Going back? My feelings are mixed. But on the other hand,” he continued with a big grin, “I guess we have to. There’s a good chance I’ll have another brother or sister to get to know!”

She grinned back and said, “I bet you five dollars I beat you to the boat. And I won’t even cheat this time, either.”

He shook hands on the bet and ran for the water. Bobbie waited for him to dive in and start swimming before she even moved. Then she sprinted for the water, dove in, and powered her way towards the boat. She overhauled him when he had covered only one-third of the distance and just continued to pull away. By the time he pulled himself over the gunwale, Bobbie was wrapped in Kristin’s arms and the sisters’ lips were melted together in a loving kiss.

After kissing Tom, Kris said, “Why don’t you make yourself useful while I try to figure out how to make this thing work? There’s beer in the refrigerator. Why don’t you bring up three?”

In spite of her words, Kris expertly flipped the appropriate switches while Bobbie went up to the bow to secure the anchor when it was raised. Then she rejoined the others and savored the ice-cold beer.

After getting the cruiser underway and then up to its cruising speed, Kris looked at the two and just shook her head. “You two should be declared illegal! Never have there been two people who look more beautiful than you do... Nor two people who are more in love.”

When they returned to Kapalua, Bobbie was delighted to find that her father and mother were on the island, too. Vangie quickly explained that the NFL was cranking up a new season already so Ken and Cathy couldn’t get away. She was also astonished at how gorgeous Bobbie looked and how perfect her hairdo was in spite of being alone for six months. Then she explained how they were going to vacation for a week “while you and Tom recover from your ordeal.” When she said “ordeal” Vangie crossed her eyes and everyone howled with laughter.

The first time Kris and Bobbie played golf against Vangie and Ed it was far worse than it had been the previous Christmas. Now Bobbie was powering her drives 270 yards off the tee, and had to ease her swing to keep them that short. Hitting on the practice range, she was regularly hitting her drives beyond the 325-yard boundary of the range on the fly. At the same time her sensitivity was so acute, her short game and putting were better, also. The result was a near-course-record sixty and the demolition of her parents. Kris licked her lips and said she would put her mind to the challenge of coming up with an appropriate bet for their parents to pay off on.

Dinner with the Conroys was utterly wonderful. Neither Hank nor her oldest child, Samantha, would allow Bobbie near the kitchen, so she spent her time with her younger siblings. All were utter delights. At dinner she was intrigued to learn that Jim’s scars had disappeared and with them all traces of his war wounds.

When Bobbie exclaimed that it was such wonderful news, Jim grumped and asked, “What’s so good about it? Now there’s no more reason for Hank to go down on me.” He explained how Hank would massage the scars on his groin and, because of their proximity to his cock, would inevitably end by taking him in her mouth.

Hank just grinned - and looked like a teenager doing it - and said she would think of something.

The days provided Bobbie with her first real opportunity to get to know her new sister-in-law, Samantha. She learned that she had just graduated from USC and was trying to figure out what to do next. Bobbie also learned that Sam had been the undefeated captain of USC’s NCAA-championship women’s tennis team and was ranked in the top five among amateur women nationally. Like her mother and Bobbie herself, Sam was an incredibly beautiful blue-eyed blonde.

Knowing Sam’s background, it was with trepidation that Bobbie agreed to play singles tennis against her. When the match was played, it ended up with a gallery of several hundred people watching the match. In the end Bobbie decisively defeated her 3 6, 6 4, 6 2, and 6 0. The last set was characterized by a whole string of Bobbie’s service aces - and snapping of the strings on two of her rackets with her incredible power.

On their last day on the island, Bobbie and Hank played golf against Tom and Jim Conroy. At Hank’s insistence, the two women played naked. With her mother-in-law standing naked in the bright sunlight, Bobbie just shook her head. Here was a woman old enough to be a grandmother - she grumped that Sam wasn’t getting off her dead ass to produce a grandchild for her - but who looked like she was in her teens. In fact, Bobbie and Hank looked like twins.

In the match Jim played brilliantly - he said his game was better than when he played on the PGA tour before going to Vietnam - but it wasn’t good enough. Again Bobbie shot a sixty to his sixty-four. When Jim took her in his arms after the match, he kissed her lovingly and said, “God, I’m a great teaching pro! Look how good you are and I’m the only person ever to give you lessons.”

Bobbie just nuzzled into his neck and whispered, “And you’re the best damned father a girl ever had!” Then pulling back to look at him she asked, “I have utterly marvelous parents, and I know you know that. Nevertheless, could I have two sets? Would you be my father, too, and Hank be my mother? I just can’t possibly think of you as in-laws. I just love you both too damned much. Please? May I?”

Jim’s eyes just widened and he told Hank what Bobbie had asked him. Both senior Conroys kissed her with all the love they possessed and welcomed her into their family as their newest daughter.

Hank Conroy had the last word. “But... but... Oh, hell! Who cares what they say.”

When Bobbie looked puzzled, Hank’s eyes were wide and guileless as she said, “But Bobbie, you know how narrow-minded some people are. There truly are some people who will get upset at the idea of your father and me allowing you to marry your own brother.”

When they kissed their parents goodbye at the airport, Bobbie crossed her eyes and said in a flat tone of voice, “Oh, boy. Now we can get back to civilization. Isn’t that wonderful?”

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