Barbara - Chapter 26 to 30
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The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read this, then Don’t Read It.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This book is being posted now, in spite of the fact that Kathy Carlson is not yet complete. I had intended to add three chapters or so to Kathy, but that’s not the way it worked out. It’s long and getting longer. At any rate, here is another book that - hopefully - will tide you over.

Barbara Copyright © By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically written eight years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete references. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with it; it’s too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and in time follows Cynthia Martin by about 5 years. Because of the fact that there are other stories that overlap in time, some readers may find references to events they’ve never heard of. With luck, you eventually will.

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Chapter 26

Tom found her as she was making arrangements with the parents to pick up the children after they had lunch and ice cream. Leaving the courtroom with her brood gathered around her, she was stopped by two young women who she recognized from the night before, Joyce Collier and Ann Henry from KNBC, Los Angeles. Bobbie could see camera crews waiting in the background. Joyce, the senior of the two, said, “Mrs. Conroy? I’m Joyce Collier from KNBC and this is Ann Henry. Could you please give us an interview?”

“Not right now,” Bobbie replied, “but possibly later.” Then she smiled warmly and said, “I will make a deal with you, though. Why don’t you tell your crew to get lost or eat or something. Then you can join us for lunch with this crew of imps, and we can talk. And I’ll even buy. Is it a deal?”

The two young women immediately agreed and Joyce left to make arrangements with the crew. While she was gone Bobbie introduced Tom to Ann Henry. He was wearing his blue blazer again and looked incredibly handsome. Ann just looked at him and said softly, “Yum!”

“You don’t know the half of it!” Bobbie said with a giggle. If you think he looks good now, you should see him naked in bed–particularly if you’re horny the way I always am.”

Henry studied Tom and then looked closely at Bobbie. Although she had been in the courtroom for much of the previous day, this was her first chance to see Bobbie up close. Finally she said, “If I were a guy naked in bed and saw you standing there naked I would be afraid my cock would extend to hit the ceiling! Mrs. Conroy–“

“Bobbie, please!” Bobbie interrupted. “I’m certain I’m younger than you are.”

“Bobbie,” Ann repeated with a grin, “you’re the most magnificent woman I have ever seen. I was thinking what a stinking shame that Tom is taken, but seeing you up close, if you were wearing a muu-muu covering you from neck to floor and I was bare-assed naked, Tom wouldn’t even see me. And if you were naked? No man alive would see another woman!” Bobbie just grinned.

When Joyce Collier rejoined them, they went to a nearby ice cream and sandwich shop. Since it was still before noon, they were able to get four booths. When the children were seated - the hostess was astonished at the courtesy and manners the children all displayed - Ann Henry looked at them and giggled. “Well, I guess I know who’s who. Andy and Ken are sitting by themselves. Then, I guess, we have Mike Morris and Charley Conrad, each with his own harem.” She smiled very warmly and added, “God, they are all so cute!”

After they ordered, Ann congratulated Bobbie on the outcome of the trial and the brilliant accomplishments of the children. Meanwhile, Joyce looked like something was on her mind. When Ann finished, Joyce asked if, by any chance, they had seen the KNBC news the night before.

When Bobbie replied with a warm smile that indeed they had, Joyce returned the smile with a warm one of her own and said, “There appears to be some trouble.” After looking down at tabletop for a moment, apparently to gather her thoughts, she said thoughtfully, “Bobbie, this morning, I think you changed my life.

You see, I guess I’m what’s referred to as a female media personality.” With a very warm grin she continued, “That’s another term for a reasonably attractive face, good tits and a trim little ass. Nothing is expected to be between your ears, of course, except air.

“We have a whole litany of approved beliefs and positions. If you don’t learn the litany, you don’t survive, let alone advance.

I guess I learned it all in school and learned it well. Anyway, here I am. Then this morning in court I heard those children recite the Pledge. I have never heard it recited that way in my life before. Those children know it, they mean it and they live it!

“Walking over here you may have seen me talk to a number of the children.” To Bobbie’s surprise tears appeared in the girl’s eyes as she continued, “Without exception I was greeted with the most incredible courtesy and manners I have ever encountered in my life. I was treated like a lady! Me! A pushy media bitch with the all the ethics and morals of an alley cat! Hell, I’ll ball anything - male, female, or uncertain - if it will get me another ten seconds of air time.

“Then I look in the eyes of the children. What do I see? Exactly what you said that I would see when you were testifying this morning: the most incredible level of love, goodness, intelligence and... and purity... I could imagine. Bobbie, I can’t tell you how close I came to fleeing back to the station.”

While she was talking, Bobbie had reached across the table, taken the girl’s hand and just held it tightly. When Joyce finished, she looked directly into Bobbie’s eyes. After studying them for a few moments the woman began to bawl.

Since Bobbie was sitting on the inside of the booth, Tom instantly jumped up to let her out. Gently but firmly he lifted Ann Henry out of her seat on the outside and seated her where Bobbie had been, while Bobbie took her former seat. Taking the girl into her arms, Bobbie easily overcame her resistance and pulled her close, settling Joyce’s face in her shoulder - her head had been buried in the corner of the booth and she didn’t want Bobbie near her, let alone holding her. As she held her, she gently stroked the woman’s head and shoulders.

For Joyce Collier it was an utterly unbelievable experience. It was as if this beautiful woman was literally wiping away the hurt, the fear and the remorse with her fingertips. When she raised her head and looked at Bobbie, her eyes were wide as she breathed, “Who are you? You aren’t human. You must be an angel come to earth!”

Instead of replying, Bobbie turned the woman’s head, placed her lips on hers and poured out her love. If the effect of Bobbie’s fingers was powerful, it wasn’t close to the power of her kiss. Collier instantly felt a flood of love and joy pour through her body with increasing power. Then everything went black.

When Bobbie felt the woman go limp in her arms she just positioned Joyce’s head back on her shoulder and continued to hold her. Glancing across the table at Ann Henry she saw the girl’s eyes gaping wide with amazement. Bobbie heard sounds of the woman recovering consciousness. When she could feel that Joyce was recovered, she gently let her go.

After breathing deeply with her head down, Joyce sat up and looked across the table at her partner and said, “Ann Henry, I take back every cynical comment I have ever made. When you told me about the Holy Spirit descending on the class - Millie Flaherty’s comment from yesterday - I thought it was a hoot! Now, darling, not only is it no longer funny, I recognize it as the simple truth. And you’re rehired with a raise.”

Turning to Bobbie she explained, “I’m the bitch-in-chief at the station. I supply the new girls to whichever guy - or gal–wants one! I tell them who they are going sleep with. When one of the guys takes an interest in one of the new ones, I just ask him where he wants her to be and when, as well as what sort of performance he expects. The girl performs or she’s out.

“We never would have used Ann’s material last night except for the link to Andy, Ken and the tigers. We had to go with it. The reason she was covering the trial yesterday was that she is the newest in the department.” Looking back at Ann she said, “There is one condition on your rehiring, though: You’re going to have to beat me as hard as you can for as long as you can with whatever you can find that will inflict the greatest pain.”

Ann just shook her head and said, “Then I guess I can’t come back, Joyce, because I won’t do it. You know that.”

Tears started to flood Joyce’s eyes again and she just slowly nodded and said, “Yes, I guess I did know that. Darling Ann, the reason these children resonated with you is because you’re so much like them. Not nearly as good or as pure, but compared to me, you’re Snow White.” Then she extended her hand and said softly, “Shit, you’re rehired anyway.”

Joyce took a few more deep breaths, turned back to Bobbie and Ken and said, “Back to business. I got off the track. What I started to say was that I support all the Politically Correct positions... or did. If I really stopped to think about it, right now I doubt if I support any of them. But anyway, one of the ‘in’ things now is Animal Rights.

“Well, it seems that the Animal-Rights idiots are up in arms over last night’s circus performance. They claim the whole thing was a put-up job, that the tigers had been drugged after being savagely beaten...” She just shook her head and said, “I don’t need to finish. I think you can fill in the blanks... No! I’m certain you can, Bobbie, because you’re so incredibly smart.”

Bobbie saw real pain in the woman’s eyes as she asked, “Can we do anything to stop them? Gunther Gabel-Williams is truly a fine person but they are out for his hide - or his blood, anyway.”

To Joyce’s amazement, Bobbie replied, “Sure! And it’s going to be so incredibly easy, it’s ridiculous. But first, Joyce, what kind of guy is Jack Johnson? Whose side is he on?”

“Jack Johnson is the exception that proves the rule,” Joyce replied. “He does it all on sheer talent and hard work. He knows what goes on at the station and with the network but doesn’t play any of the games. At the same time he knows that he would be wasting his time to go on a one-man crusade against it.

“He’s a wonderful guy and has enough sense to recognize me for the piece of shit I am. The fact that he wouldn’t touch me with a ten-foot pole says all you need to know about his good judgment. He’s... he’s a bachelor and a truly wonderful person.”

When she looked up Bobbie saw there were tears in the woman’s eyes.

“And you love him, don’t you?” Bobbie said softly.

“Of course,” Joyce whispered. Then she threw her head back and said, “Someday he’ll find a fine woman. Like Ann, here...”

“I agree with your characterization of Jack, Joyce,” Ann interjected. “On the other hand, he’s too old for me and I have a boyfriend. Now if I could only learn to cook...” Then she said brightly to Bobbie, “But what’s your easy solution to the animal right’s problem?”

“We do it again tonight,” Bobbie replied, “with all of the idiots and their flunkies in attendance.” Their food had already been served so Bobbie looked over her shoulder to see how the children were making out. She smiled warmly when she saw Susan nuzzling Mike while Casey and Karen Chan, the other two girls in his harem, just smiled at them lovingly. She also saw that the children were being exemplary in their behavior and table manners. Then she asked, “Ann, what do you think of Susan Carlson and Mike Morris?”

“I think they are living, breathing dolls,” the girl replied. “But why do you ask?”

“Take a look over my shoulder and tell me what you think,” Bobbie replied. Ann did as she was asked and studied the scene for a few moments. Then her face fell and she looked so sad it appeared she was about to cry. “What’s wrong?” Bobbie asked, alarmed. “What do you see?”

With a broad grin Ann replied, “I see poor Charley Conrad getting stuck with five girls! My God, Bobbie, I know his father was a Marine fighter pilot and he is about six feet three and 220 or so. But still...

“Bobbie Conroy, you’re uncaring and unfeeling! You just sit there and allow that poor boy to be destroyed just to satisfy the sexual cravings of five young women! But such a harem! Can you believe it? A Eurasian, an Oriental, and the most gorgeous black girl in the world. And then there’s Laura Benson and that adorable Betsy Clifford–“

“But what a way to go,” Tom interjected with a sigh. “And besides, my dad was a pilot in the Air Force and I know that Marine combat pilots have a life expectancy measured in milliseconds, so what could he expect? I’m sure Charley and Ginger will understand.”

He shook his head and added, “But can you believe Mike and Susan?

Fathers with three Medals of Honor between them and about eight awards of the second-ranking medal? What will Mike and Susan’s kids be like?”

“The foundation of our nation,” Joyce interjected. “Its bedrock, along with Ken and Andy’s, and most particularly, yours! Your children are going to be beyond belief!” Then glaring at Bobbie she added, “And for that matter, Mrs. Conroy, what’s wrong with personal production? I heard something from you this morning about bellies rounding and feeling a tiny baby growing inside you. What’s your problem?”

“I’m trying, I’m trying!” Bobbie protested.

Then Joyce continued, “Bobbie, those were the most beautiful words about motherhood I have ever heard in my life. It made me think of myself and the thought disgusted me. Could you imagine a poor baby trying to grow in that cesspool of mine that passes for a uterus? Could you? Could you imagine a tiny baby trying to nurse at tits that have been mangled and abused for years?

“Those exquisite children came from the loins of perfect mothers.

They were raised from conception in conditions of purity and love. No wonder they’re so wonderful! Look at who their parents are and how they behave!”

“Promise me something, Joyce?” Bobbie asked blandly.

“Of course,” the woman replied. “What?”

“Promise to enroll your and Jack’s children in my school when they’re old enough. And thank you. I’ll remember yourpromise.”

Joyce was utterly stunned. When she recovered she asked, “And how does that happen? What do I do? Talk Jack into contributing to a sperm bank and then get artificially inseminated?”

Bobbie pretended to look puzzled and replied, “Well, you could do it that way, I suppose, but why would you want to? What’s wrong with good old-fashioned fucking? You know: You’re in bed with your husband, Jack, whom you adore. When your cunt is so hot it’s about to ignite your pubic hair, he enters you. When you pass out from a sensory overload due to the power of your own orgasm combined with his, the flood of glorious hot semen spurting into your vagina and uterus produces one of Jack’s sperm that finds your luscious fertile egg that is waiting for its arrival. Then nine months later...”

Bobbie’s face was so innocent as she concluded, “Isn’t it easier that way? It’s certainly a lot more fun.” When Joyce dissolved into tears again Bobbie took her in her arms, held her close and whispered, “Darling Joyce, that’s the way it can happen for you. If you will let me, I can help you make it come true. Interested?”

Joyce pulled away and just looked into Bobbie’s eyes. This time she just kept staring. Finally she shook her head and said, “Since you’re divine, Bobbie, maybe you can. If you can make that come true, there is nothing I will not do for you, ever, for as long as I live. And that is a solemn vow!”

Bobbie just grinned and said, “Let’s get the show on the road before the Munchkins get restless. Ann, are you coming, too?”

“Thank you, no, Bobbie,” the girl replied. “As much as I would love to, the circus is Joyce’s story. And I have to get back to the studios anyway to file my story on the trial. And with that in mind, is there anything you would like to say?” Bobbie just shook her head and said that the trial record and Ann’s own notes should be plenty.

After reuniting the children with their parents, Bobbie obtained permission from Ali and Connie for the kids to go out to the circus and participate again, if necessary. Acting on a hunch, she asked Ali if Uncle Bill could get tickets for all of the kids to attend the circus that night.

“Darling,” Ali replied, “after what those two imps did last night, they would give us the whole damned circus if we asked. Yes, we will get the tickets and I’m sure the kids will love it.”

Then after studying Bobbie’s eyes closely for a few moments she added, “Why is it that I have the unmistakable feeling that my newest niece has something on her mind besides glorious golden hair?”

Bobbie just grinned broadly and dashed off.

Chapter 27

When Bobbie and the children arrived at the circus it was still early afternoon. Tom had a couple of calls to make for PHA and had told Bobbie he would meet her at the circus later. In response to a strong suggestion Bobbie made to Joyce Collier, the woman was planning on making a stop on the way, too. On being informed of their arrival by a uniformed security guard, both Gabel-Williams and the circus general manager came running. When Gunther met Bobbie, he just stopped, whistled softly and murmured fervently, “You are the most beautiful woman alive!”

Bobbie greeted him warmly and gave him a loving kiss that sent him reeling. Then she said, “Sir, I have seen photographs of your wife and children, so I will take your comment as the highest praise. Clearly, you are used to sharing your bed with rare beauty!

Williams was genuinely puzzled. “Were you... were you raised on the Continent, by any chance?”

“No sir, I wasn’t,” she replied. “In fact, I’ve never yet had the opportunity even to visit. But why do you ask?”

“Because your words are so... polished,” he replied. Bobbie assured him that they were sincere and was pleased that he took them as the warm compliment they were intended to be. Then he said, “And your kiss: It is like Andy’s but with so much more power and maturity behind it. Bobbie, when she is your age, she will be the same.” Bobbie was then introduced to the general manager, Byron Crosby.

When Gabel and Crosby confirmed to her in detail what Joyce had told her at lunch, she explained her idea of doing another special show that evening and inviting as many of the professional skeptics as they could reach. Crosby trotted off towards his office to put the plan into action while Gabel took Bobbie and the kids to the practice ring where the tigers had already been released from their individual cages and were waiting.

Acting on a premonition, Andy Cartwright asked Gabel to be left alone with the great cats and asked him to send down Miss Collier and Tom as soon as they arrived. Although her remark injured his pride a bit, he had absolutely no compunction about leaving them alone with the tigers. He was certain that any friends of the children would be safe with them. At the same time, having experienced Bobbie’s incredible kiss, he suspected that the children wanted to introduce Bobbie to the tigers alone.

Whether from scent, sound, or instinct, the tigers were pacing their cage in eager anticipation of seeing Andy and Ken. The animals knew the children were in the circus and were coming to see them. When they appeared, the tigers let out the loudest roar Bobbie had ever heard or imagined. The sound was further intensified by the relatively confined space.

But the strangest thing was that the sound was an incredibly happy one and she realized that a happy roar was essentially a contradiction in terms. As the children headed towards the cage’s door, the animals instantly took up positions in a circle and sat up catlike with their tails around their forepaws. As the children were quickly moving around the circle to individually greet each of their giant friends, Bobbie moved closer to the bars to get a better look.

At that point the tiger, Sasha, saw her and let out a loud scream. Instantly, the other cats looked up and saw Bobbie, too.

The next moment the cats had jumped to the edge of the cage as close to Bobbie as they could get and prostrated themselves before her. They even closed their eyes, making themselves truly defenseless, since the great cats use their extraordinarily acute eyesight to hunt, rather than the sense of smell or some other sense. When the tigers’ eyes closed, the two children let themselves out of the cage, stripped off all of their clothes and went to Bobbie who was still watching the tigers in utter amazement.

“Bobbie,” Andy whispered, “Please don’t get upset or anything, but take off your clothes and come with us. Please?”

Without even thinking, she stripped off all of her clothes. After her six-month honeymoon spent without ever wearing a stitch, she was really more comfortable completely bare. Then looking at Andy she asked, “What, in Heaven’s name, is going on here?”

“We certainly didn’t know it would happen, but it’s really no surprise to Ken or me. You see, darling Bobbie, you’re their queen! Now it all makes sense. Ken is the prince, and I am the princess. You’re the queen and, of course, Tom is their king. Your subjects are waiting to greet you, Majesty,” Andy finished softly.

Then she added, “Bobbie, please do Ken and me a favor? When you go into the cage and look at the cats, don’t look at the animal. Look into his eyes and into his brain. Please?”

Although she had no idea what Andy was talking about, she followed the children into the cage and Ken barred the door. Then Andy announced in an imperious voice, “The Queen awaits the homage of her subjects!”

Prince was, as usual, the first cat in line. He sat upright in front of her and just looked into her eyes. Since the children were only about three feet tall, when the tigers were sitting like cats, their heads were at a level far higher than the children were tall. With Bobbie, their heads were nearly on a level with hers. Remembering Andy’s instructions, Bobbie looked into the cat’s enormous green eyes.

The first thing that registered was that, while every big cat she had ever seen before - either live at the circus, in a zoo, or in photographs - had green eyes that were as cold as Antarctic ice, Prince’s eyes were warm, loving and... worshipful. Looking deeper she could actually hear the animal telling her how much he loved her and was dedicating the rest of his life to herservice.

“Thank you, dear Prince,” Bobbie said softly. “My name is Bobbie, and I love you very much. May I give you a kiss?” Bobbie could feel the animal’s great heart heave in excitement: his queen had said that she loved him! The giant animal was utterly overcome with emotion. Moving close, Bobbie wrapped her arms around his huge neck and kissed him. As she did, she could feel his giant chest moving very gently from side to side exciting her nipples that were in contact with him. The feeling was utterly spectacular!

She repeated with each of the other cats and found that she no longer had to look into their eyes nor even look at them at all to hear clearly what each was trying to communicate. It was an utterly uncanny experience. After greeting the next-to-last tiger, Sasha, she looked at him in utter amazement.

With his eyes close to tears he was begging her to be allowed to lick her glorious slit - her sex that was so regularly penetrated by their king; her sex that would soon produce magnificent children as heirs to the realm!

All she knew about tigers was that their tongues were enormous in size and felt as rough as coarse-grade sandpaper. Nonetheless, she accepted his offer. First, though, recognizing the possibility that Sasha’s tongue on her sensitive clit could cause her to pass out, she ordered Prince and Rudy to take positions beside her.

Instantly she felt the intense pride that Prince and Rudy were feeling at being so honored to be selected as personal guardians of the queen! Prince took a position on her right and Rudy on her left standing at forty-five degree angles to her. The tigers then sat down in a way that permitted her to lean back and be supported by their backs as if she were in an easy chair. Both cats watched Sasha who was still standing in front of her with his eyes wide.

Bobbie spread her legs wide, held her head up proudly with her shoulders back, and thrust her full breasts up and out. Her nipples were now fully engorged and were vibrating with the tension she was feeling. Then with the greatest care, Sasha extended his tongue like a snake. First he licked each of her sensitive labia. The feeling was remarkable. It was remarkably sexy, in fact. Then his tongue darted out between her legs, wrapped up beneath her and licked delicately from beyond her anal opening, under her crotch and then gently parted her vaginal lips. When the rough surface of his tongue contacted her sensitive clit, she let out an involuntary scream of pleasure and released a small river of her orgasmic cream.

Meanwhile, Andy and Ken were standing well off to the side, watching. Although they had slept with Bobbie at school while she was naked, this was the first time either had seen her standing proudly naked since she returned from her honeymoon. “Oh, Ken!” Andy exclaimed, “I would give anything to look like that when I grow up! Isn’t she exquisite? Have you ever seen anything more beautiful or more primitive?”

Ken had his arm around Andy tightly. He pulled her close and she felt the wonderful sensation of his tiny penis against her loins.

They melted together in a passionate kiss while their bodies moved to create a wonderfully thrilling friction between them.

When Bobbie released, Sasha carefully licked up every succulent drop. Then he dropped flat on the floor and pledged eternal love and loyalty to his sacred queen. Having started, Bobbie continued until each of the animals had feasted on her love juices. By the time they finished Bobbie realized that all of the animals were emotionally overcome. Their experience of feasting on her body had been so emotionally overwhelming they were in a state of shock.

Bobbie herself was close to a physical collapse as well, having experienced a series of ten incredibly intense orgasms in a very short space of time. Recognizing the signs, the children led her out of the cage, and helped her to a director’s chair nearby. Once seated, Andy covered her with a white wool blanket while Ken dressed in a flash and then ran off for coffee.

Bobbie had closed her eyes and was breathing deeply to recover from her experience. When she finally opened them again, she found herself looking into Joyce Collier’s tear-reddened eyes.

“Hi,” she murmured softly. “Did you do what I suggested?” Having learned that Joyce was a Catholic, Bobbie had urged her to find a priest and make her confession.

“Barbara Conroy, you idiot!” Joyce exclaimed. “Can you honestly look at my eyes and still ask such a stupid question? Can you?”

Bobbie’s strength and youthful resilience, coupled with Joyce’s crack, restored her almost to normal. “Well, how should I know? You might have been peeling onions.”

Without saying another word Joyce sat down on Bobbie’s lap and proceeded to kiss her. To Bobbie, this kiss was quite different from the earlier one at the restaurant. Now everything about Joyce Collier was clean and fresh and new. There was a remarkable degree of purity, innocence, and grace in the kiss.

When she finally pulled back Bobbie said softly, “I guess it wasn’t from peeling onions, was it?”

“It sure as hell was not!” Joyce exclaimed. Then her face showed concern as she asked, “How was it? Did they hurt you?”

“Joyce, they cannot. It is impossible. You see, for some reason they consider me to be their queen.” Then Bobbie looked deeply into Joyce’s eyes and then smiled. “You feel a lot better now, don’t you?” The girl just smiled weakly and nodded.

Then Bobbie said, “Joyce, I have a theory, and it’s one reason I suggested that you go to confession. The theory is that the reason these tigers react the way they do to the children - they consider them to be their prince and princess, by the way - is because they are so clean and pure and close to God. Anyway, would you like a story? In fact, would you like to be in the story?”

Joyce looked deeply into Bobbie’s eyes, saw the incredible love always shining there, but saw something else, too. There appeared to be a deep affection for her rather than just the normally unfocussed love.

“You mean a real story, don’t you? Rather than my normal practice of stealing assignments and stealing stories?” She shook her head, grinned wryly and said, “Well, I guess there should be a new professional me to go with the new personal me.” Then she clapped her hands with glee and exclaimed, “Let’s do it!”

“Honey, I think you’ll have to start off naked,” Bobbie said softly. “Can you handle that?”

Cocking her head to one side, Joyce raised an eyebrow and said, “The girl who would do any filthy thing with anyone, anywhere? Bobbie, surely you jest!”

With that she began quickly to shed her clothes. When she was naked, she stood up straight and asked, “What do you think? No woman can ever be as physically perfect as you are but...”

Joyce Collier was twenty-eight years old, five feet seven inches tall with tawny gold hair - almost a match with the basic color of the tigers’ coats - and emerald-green eyes. Her body had an all-over golden tan, and her figure was magnificent with firm, full breasts, a slim waist that flowed down through trim hips and magnificent legs.

When Bobbie commented on her tan, the girl just shrugged and said one of the guys who had been fucking her early on in her career didn’t like strap marks and she had come to like being tanned all over, too. After rising from the chair Bobbie just stretched, revealing her own muscular development. “I didn’t know the half of it, did I!?” Joyce exclaimed softly.

Then Bobbie moved to the door of the cage, but stopped before opening it and looked at Joyce. “Honey, before you march in there, please recognize the risk you’re running. Remember that last night, when the imps were performing, there was not a single professional circus person in the ring. Not one! Even after watching the kids in the afternoon, there was no way any of them would be close to these cats without heavy bars between them. After all, these are the most dangerous wild animals in the world–and they are wild. They are not tame. Are you really sure you want to do it?”

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” the girl asked. “One of them eats me alive and then gets a bad case of indigestion. But I think he would survive. I doubt if eating me would kill him. Let’s do it!”

The big cats had gathered in a tight semicircle around the door with their eyes focused on Bobbie. She took Joyce in her arms, pulled the woman’s beautiful body close to her own and kissed her. She heard contented sounds from the cats and could feel their approval. Releasing Joyce, she opened the door and led Joyce by the hand into the cage.

“Boys,” she said, “this is my friend and handmaiden, Joyce Collier. I want you all to give an appropriate welcome to an important member of my court.”

Turning to Joyce she said, “Honey, focus on their eyes and try to see into their brains. If it works - and I sure hope it does–you’ll quickly understand what I mean.”

Once again, Prince took the lead. He went up to Joyce, sat on his haunches and raised his right paw in greeting. Suppressing the natural fear she felt at being so close to such dangerous animals, Joyce moved closer, took his paw in both of her hands and shook it. At the same time she was looking into his eyes as Bobbie had told her to.

When she did, she could see - happiness! “I am so happy to meet you, too, Prince,” she said. Then, after releasing his paw she went up to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. Instantly she could feel the flow of his love for her and felt the remarkable sensation of her bare body rubbing against the massive animal’s chest. Joyce decided that the sensation of his soft fur against her tits was wonderful.

One after another the big cats paid her homage. As they did, their thoughts became clearer and clearer. Good grief! she thought, I’m actually talking to tigers!

Finally it was Lester’s turn. After kissing him the way she had the others, she felt his love but with an overlay of wistfulness.

Focusing intently she realized that he was declaring his special love for her and wanted to be her personal protector.

“Are you sure?” she asked him. “You really can’t be serious. You want to serve... me?” Lester nodded his head and communicated that it was exactly what he wanted to do. She studied the animal intently. Then she said, “Bobbie, this animal wishes to serve me and I gratefully accept his service. But the name is wrong - I see it now. He has been Lester for several years, but his original name - a far more appropriate name, in fact - is Rajah. From now on, you’re Rajah!” At that the animal roared his approval.

Then he looked at her with wide eyes and a wistful expression. “Are you sure, Rajah?” Joyce asked. “No, you can’t,” she then stated firmly. “I’m not like your queen with loins that are clean and pure. Mine are like a cesspool, filled with deposits of filth. You’ll be sick! The answer is no!”

Bobbie was standing by the door with her arms around Ken and Andy holding them close to her body. “Do you understand what’s going on?” she asked in a whisper.

“Oh, Bobbie, it’s so incredibly beautiful!” Andy exclaimed, also in a whisper. “Rajah wants to lick her cunt and insists that its clean and fresh and wonderful. He’s pleading with her!”

Finally, Joyce shook her head, stood up straight, spread her legs wide and placed her hands on her hips. “You don’t know what you’re doing, Raj,” she said, “but don’t complain to me when you get violently ill!”

With her head up straight and her shoulders back, her full tits were quivering and her nipples were up-thrusting and distended. She looked utterly magnificent. As the animal moved close and extended his tongue, Joyce remembered that it would be like sandpaper on the most sensitive part of her body.

The animal worked his tongue on her outer lips and then licked into her slit, causing a small orgasm when his tongue touched her clit. But he kept working on her, occasionally extending his tongue so that it reached completely under her crotch and up past her anus. He just kept at it bringing her to ever more frequent orgasms each of which triggered a small flood of her vaginal juices. In the meantime, Bobbie left the children and came over to stand behind Joyce to provide her with the support that she was sure would be needed.

By now sweat was pouring from the woman’s body, she was screaming in ecstasy, but still she stood firmly upright. Finally, he penetrated her vagina with the tip of his tongue and triggered a vaginal orgasm which joined her clitoral ones. After licking up the last drop of fluid, he sat back on his haunches.

Although Joyce was visibly reeling by this time, to Bobbie’s amazement, she was still on her feet. After taking a few deep breaths she smiled warmly at Rajah, thanked him, but then ordered him to lie on his back. “I’m all sweaty,” she said, “and it’s your fault. Since I have to dry myself off with something...”

Instantly and happily Rajah was on his back with his legs outstretched. Joyce lay on top of his chest on his silky white hair. Then, to Bobbie’s amazement and amusement, she languidly stretched and turned, using his fur to dry off her body. Then she rolled over on her back and wriggled to dry it off as well.

Finally, she said with laughter in her voice, “Rajah, don’t you like me? Aren’t you going to hold me tight?” The tiger lowered his forepaws and, with the greatest care, put his paw pads on her full breasts and gently pressed down. “Oh, you’re a tit man, too, huh?” she asked warmly. To her utter amazement, his huge paws felt wonderful on her breasts, but it had given her another idea.

Sensing her order, he released her and she rolled over. This time she raised herself up on her elbows and gently lowered her tits so that the nipples barely contacted his soft fur. Then she slowly rotated her body and used the contact exquisitely to excite her nipples. When she looked up at his head she decided she had never seen a cat look as happy as Rajah did at that moment. Stopping, she pulled herself up on his chest, wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed his cheek and just nuzzled against it.

As soon as she put her arms around him, he wrapped his forelegs around her and squeezed her tightly. “You’re wonderful, Raj,” she said softly, “and I love you very much, too.” They released each other and she climbed off him.

The others had been watching in amazement. Since they were waiting for Tom who had not yet arrived, they decided to wait outside the cage. Again to their amusement, Rajah refused to leave Joyce’s side and came out with her. When she collapsed into a director’s chair, the animal instantly lay down at her side. Andy and Ken served coffee that Ken had brought back in a Thermos bottle to Joyce and Bobbie, while he and Andy sat on the ground and drank Cokes.

“I hope it wasn’t too bad, Joyce,” Bobbie said softly. “I really don’t know how you could take so much without collapsing on the ground.”

“Actually, it was great. You know all those female complaints about insensitive men? Raj is incredibly sensitive!” Then she grinned and added, “And, as a matter of fact, that gives me a story idea. I think I’ll try to get a camera crew out here a little early tonight. As it is, we intend to have a crew present for the whole performance.”

Rajah had been trying to communicate with her so she looked down beside her and then exclaimed, “You want what? What is this, anyway? Blackmail? Just because you were a wonderful fellow...”

She shook her head and said, “Well, okay. But it’s just this once! For damned sure it better not become a habit!”

Turning to Bobbie she said, “Guess what my large friend wants? You’ll never guess! I’ll bet you ten dollars that you can’t!”

Bobbie gripped her hand, then shook her head and said blandly, “I can’t guess that Rajah wants a large pepperoni and sausage pizza with extra cheese from Domino’s? Why, on earth, wouldn’t I? It’s the obvious thing for a man to want after extended lovemaking, isn’t it?”

Joyce punched Bobbie lightly on the arm, grinned and said, “Damn you, Conroy, I forgot that you can read his mind, too!”

Then she pretended to glare at Rajah and said, “Now do you see what you did? Not only do I have to spring for your dumb pizza, but it just cost me an additional ten bucks to Bobbie!” She grinned and bent over to kiss his head when his reaction to her words was to appear to laugh.

Meanwhile Bobbie had gone to the cage and was talking to the other tigers. She laughed, returned to Joyce and said, “Guess what? It seems that the other guys think Rajah has a great idea so they want pizza at the show tonight. I’ll call Domino’s and see what kind of a deal we can get.” Bobbie called the store and ordered Rajah’s pizza.

When she told the manager about the evening show, she was referred to the zone office and then to the regional vice president. After reaching him and explaining who she was, what she wanted and why, the man was overjoyed. He had seen the news the night before and knew that there would be over 15,000 people in the Forum for the night’s show. The idea of a Domino’s man in full uniform delivering ten pizzas direct to the floor of the auditorium for ten tigers represented priceless publicity. He was confident that he could get one of Domino’s people to make the delivery, in spite of the fact that the circus people still refused to be on the floor with the wild tigers. “Hell,” he concluded, “if I can’t get one of our people to do it, I’ll do it myself. But someone in a Domino’s uniform will make that delivery tonight.”

Joyce found that she was feeling great affection for the enormous cat beside her. When the pizza was delivered, she teased him about having to feed it to him, too. To the animal’s great amusement, she laughed at him and stuck out her tongue when he objected to her eating a piece of his pizza. He protested that it was his lunch.

“But it’s a lunch I paid for,” she reminded him, “and besides, this is my favorite pizza, too!”

When Tom arrived, they quickly filled him in on what had happened and discussed what they would do in the show that night. They agreed that Joyce would act as mistress of ceremonies and narrator. Finally, Bobbie said, “Darling, it’s time for you to meet your subjects. You are their king.” From Tom’s first appearance, the tigers had all dropped flat on the floor and remained there unmoving in his presence.

Joyce’s eyes widened when Tom undressed and revealed his perfect masculine body with its large cock and heavy balls. He was the most exquisite man she had ever seen. The perfect consort for a woman as perfect as Bobbie, she thought.

The greetings the tigers had extended earlier to the children and then to Bobbie paled into insignificance compared to the way they greeted Tom. Their behavior was reverential. Following Bobbie’s earlier instructions, Tom, too, found that he could easily communicate with the great cats.

After the initial greeting, Bobbie looked at him and chuckled. “Darling,” she said, “I guess I was prescient, wasn’t I? How many times can you take me without stopping? I’m afraid it’s something we have to do.” The tigers had communicated the need for Tom to make love to Bobbie while lying on a tiger. There was more, but although they did not reveal it, Bobbie thought she already knew what it was.

While the children stood close to Joyce, who, like Bobbie earlier, had her arms around them and watched, Prince lay on his back and extended his legs to the sides as far as they would go. Bobbie climbed on top, lay on her back and spread her legs. Tom lay down on top of her, took her into his arms and their lips melted together in a kiss of mounting passion.

Meanwhile, Prince had closed his legs to hug them both. When Bobbie indicated she was about to wash away with her juices, Tom moved back and Prince instantly released his hold. When she positioned his raging cock, he eased inside and penetrated to his full depth in a single stroke. Bobbie gasped in joy at the so-familiar yet still-so-wonderful feeling.

Wriggling, she felt the marvelous sensation of Prince’s soft fur on her bare back. The animal seemed completely oblivious to the fact that he was now supporting almost 350 pounds of moving humans on his stomach. Rather, he considered it to be an incredible privilege to serve as their marriage bed. However, recognizing the great pressure on the cat, Bobbie and Tom coordinated their movements to speed his cuming.

When Bobbie felt the first wonderful spurt, she reached down and began to squeeze Tom’s huge balls in tempo with the contractions of her vagina, now in violent orgasm, too. When he had filled her vagina and uterus with his warm syrupy liquid, they found that Bobbie’s hunch had been correct. Easing off their warm furry bed, they stood erect with Tom standing behind Bobbie with his hands around her waist.

Joyce watched from the corner as Bobbie held her head erect and thrust out her breasts. Her legs were spread wide and she leaned back against Tom’s chest while she waited. To Joyce, it was the most beautiful and wild sight she had ever seen as Prince rose to his feet, approached Bobbie and extended his tongue. Penetrating her nether lips, he tasted Tom’s semen mixed with Bobbie’s syrup.

Then, when he tasted the magnificent mixture, he just collapsed on the ground in a dead faint.

The Conroys then moved aside away from the unconscious body and it was repeated with Rudy, Will, and finally Fred. By this time all the mixed juices in her vagina were drained, but four cats were unconscious on the ground.

They used King for their next bout of lovemaking. After Tom had cum again, the earlier experience was repeated: three more great cats were unconscious on the ground. When King collapsed, Joyce had quietly gone over to Prince to be sure the animal was all right. She nodded to Bobbie and smiled after she felt his great heart pumping in a very slow but very powerful beat. Making a thumbs-up sign she returned to where the children were waiting. Both of them were wide-eyed at the wild yet beautiful sight they were seeing. All three recognized it was something that likely had never happened before in all of history. They finished with Ferdie, Sasha, and Rajah, then stumbled out of the cage.

This time, recognizing the realities of the situation - all of them were safer with these cats than they would be in church–the cage door was left wide open.

Tom flopped into a chair and Bobbie sat down across his lap. “My darling, you were utterly magnificent,” she said softly. “Thank you for making me the happiest, most satisfied woman on the face of this earth.” Tom just held her tight and stroked her perfect body.

When they recovered, Bobbie looked at Joyce who was now kneeling beside their chair with her weight back on her heels and her back erect. “Why don’t you do this with Jack?” she asked innocently. “It really is a lot of fun!”

Joyce tried to grin but it was a weak imitation since tears were running from her eyes in a small flood. “It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, Bobbie. Now I think I know the difference between lovemaking and fucking, and I have never made love in my life. I just fucked.”

Chapter 28

Later that evening, when Joyce Collier came out to the edge of the ring and was caught and held in a spotlight, she was wearing a white halter top, a pair of white short shorts that featured her beautifully tanned legs and nothing else. Not only was she wearing no bra, she was not even wearing a bikini. Her feet were bare and her shoulder-length tawny hair was tied back in a ponytail and held with a big white bow.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome to the circus! My name is Joyce Collier, here on loan from KNBC for this performance. Tonight we have another surprise for you: Last night we featured Andy Cartwright and Ken Clifford who will be back with us again tonight. However, tonight we proudly feature Tom and Bobbie Conroy, the most handsome husband-and-wife team in the world, along with our great cats. Let me introduce them to you. First, we have Prince.” One after the other the cats came out, were introduced, bowed to the crowd and took up a position forming a circle in the center of the ring.

“Finally,” Joyce said, “Here is my friend, Rajah.” Looking at him she said, “Are you going to give me a kiss tonight?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed his soft fur and then positioned her cheek in front of his huge mouth. The audience, watching it in close-up on the Forum’s huge closed-circuit television screens gasped as the animal kissed her, then opened its huge mouth, extended its tongue and licked her face.

“Isn’t he neat!?” Joyce exclaimed happily.

Then she introduced Bobbie and Tom who came into the spotlight. Tom was wearing the smallest imaginable pair of white swim trunks. They were scarcely more than a cache sexe for his huge cock and balls. Bobbie was wearing the tiniest white bikini they had been able to find. It occasionally - but seldom - covered the top of her golden pubic hair. After extending their arms wide to acknowledge the welcome from the crowd, they took a few running steps and then, side-by-side, did a series of incredible handsprings that took them to the center of the arena.

While they were doing that, Andy and Ken came out and waited for the spotlight. They were dressed as they had been the night before: Ken was wearing only jockey shorts and Andy only a pair of white cotton panties with a tiny pink bow at each legopening.

When the spotlight came back to her, Joyce introduced Andy and Ken to wild applause, but then explained that they would principally be assisting tonight. When the spotlight swung back to the center of the ring, the children each took a small trampoline and positioned them on opposite sides of the arena.

Joyce announced, “Bobbie and Tom need to limber up a bit first–sort of work the kinks out - and I think the cats need a little exercise, too. What do you all think?”

Bobbie grinned as the cats got on their feet and again led by Prince, followed Tom to the side of the big ring. Once there, Tom began to trot around the perimeter pacing the cats while Bobbie paced the sixth cat in line, Charles. Tom kept lengthening his stride until he and Bobbie were both running at a four-minute-mile pace. The perfection of their bodies and their running form was apparent to the spectators as they ran by.

After completing a full circuit, Joyce announced, “Bobbie and Tom, that’s fine for you, but the tigers need some exercise, too.

Why don’t you let it out a little?

Bobbie gave a cheery wave of her hand and speeded up while Tom did, too. They were now correctly in position and each sprinted to a trampoline ahead of them took off, came down powerfully on the trampoline and were catapulted into the air. Once airborne, they did perfect double somersaults and came down with their feet perfectly planted on the back of a tiger: Tom on Prince and Bobbie on Charles. Prince seemed totally unaware of Tom’s 220 pounds on his back, let alone the shock of his landing, despite Tom’s best efforts to cushion it.

The instant the two had their feet planted, the tigers really began to run. Now they were bounding around the perimeter at nearly thirty miles per hour. Both Tom and Bobbie seemed completely unconcerned. After two circuits at full speed, when Bobbie approached one of the trampolines set at the center of the oval, she timed it perfectly.

Jumping off Charles, she landed hard with both feet on the trampoline and then used her great leg strength to shoot almost straight up in the air. She did a triple somersault with a twist, straightened out and landed perfectly with both feet together.

After extending her arms to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd Joyce announced, “She has to be good. Although I didn’t announce it earlier, Bobbie teaches first grade and Andy and Ken are two of her pupils. After all, someone had to teach the children how to do it. She really is good, isn’t she?” Her remarks were greeted with redoubled cheers.

In the meantime, Andy and Ken had brought out two sets of high-jump bars and positioned them flanking the center of the arena. Bobbie and Joyce joined them; what was coming required all four of them. Shifting from Prince to Rudy, Tom waited for Will to come alongside and then he continued to speed around the ring with one foot on the back of each tiger. When that was done, the remaining eight tigers took positions in a row in the center of the ring and sat down to watch. With the jump bars set two feet high and the sets ten feet apart, Tom told the tigers what he wanted them to do.

Coming around the end the two animals cut over when they reached the center and in a synchronized pace effortlessly leaped over the first bar, carried the intervening distance and then cleared the second. With the four people resetting the height of the bars and the spacing between them, they continued until they cleared a height of four feet and a horizontal distance of thirty-five feet. There were gasps from the crowd as they saw the massive animals bunch their muscles and appear to compress their bodies. Leaping, they fully extended their bodies as their enormously powerful hindquarter muscles shot them into space. For his part, Tom was astounded at how smoothly and powerfully the animals ran and how easy the whole thing was for him.

When he landed, he told the animals what a wonderful thing they had done and how proud of them he was. Back at her PA mike Joyce said, “Folks, on that last leap the bars were four feet high and the standards were thirty-five feet apart. Aren’t these animals wonderful? Have you ever seen such incredibly powerful muscles at work? Aren’t they just neat?”

The crowd responded with cheers. While Bobbie and the children removed the standards, Tom slowly made his way to the center of the arena, still on the tigers’ backs. When they came to a stop, instead of Tom jumping off, they lay down in unison so he only had to step off.

When Tom got off, he signaled to Joyce who said, “For some reason there are people who think these cats are drugged. How a drugged cat can clear thirty-five feet, more than four feet in the air, I don’t know, but I’m not an expert, either. The two tigers who just performed were Rudy and Will. Guys, let the people see the way big cats behave more often!”

With that the two cats jumped up so they were standing on their hind paws with their forepaws extended up towards the sky. With their massive claws extended they pawed the air and let out enormous roars that shook the huge auditorium. Then they calmly and quietly took their positions between Prince and Fred who had left an appropriate interval for them. The stark contrast between the wild screams and the subsequent docile behavior left the audience speechless.

“I hope you all got a good look at those claws,” Joyce said. Then she added, “That reminds me: I’m going to have to give Rajah a manicure pretty soon.” At her crack the audience howled with laughter and then cheered again.

Then Joyce said, “You know, we really are kind of concerned about people thinking that these are not wild animals. Honest, they are. But more than that, there is incredible teamwork here. Now we have an idea we want to try. Okay, guys. It’s time to entertain the paying customers again.”

Responding to instructions given by the four other people, the tigers paired off and took positions spaced evenly across the long axis of the Forum. There the pairs sat facing one another. Then Joyce said, “Okay, guys. Let’s do it!”

At her order the great cats sat up, then sat on their haunches and raised their forepaws. Reaching out, each pair matched their forepaws, rested on the other, and began to rise, only ending when their bodies were fully extended to a height of over eight feet. In their present position, coupled with the deliberateness of taking their extended positions, their musculature was revealed in a way that people normally couldn’t see except through the use of ultra-slow-motion photography.

“Folks,” Joyce said quietly over the PA system, “These are big cats! Although we didn’t arrange to measure it, fully extended the way you see them now, they are reaching upward between eight and nine feet. Aren’t they just beautiful?” Again there was an enormous cheer.

Then Joyce said, “It’s now my great pleasure to introduce the rest of Bobbie Conroy’s first-grade class. She has certainly the smartest, and I’m sure the most handsome, group of young people in the world.”

One after the other each of the children was introduced. All of them were wearing only their underwear shorts, too. By this time the tigers were again arranged in their circle in the center of the ring. After each child was introduced he or she ran to the center. There the Conroys, along with Andy and Ken, introduced them to each tiger in turn. When all the introductions had been made, the tigers lay down flat and a child got on the back of each one. Andy made sure to be on Prince, while Ken was on Sasha’s back.

When each child was standing on the back of a tiger, the animals all smoothly and gracefully rose to their feet. While still in their circle, they moved to the edge of the arena floor and then started to walk around the perimeter. As they moved they began to accelerate. Soon they were running at nearly full speed, yet still maintaining their perfect circle.

“Now watch this,” Joyce announced softly. I think you’ll find it interesting and fun.”

In unison, the children stepped from the back of one tiger to the next. They kept on going, while moving faster and faster, until the children were running around the tigers while the tigers ran around the ring. When the children slowed and finally stopped, they were back on their original animals.

In the meantime, Bobbie and Ken had repositioned the trampolines closer to the perimeter’s edge. Now the tigers slowed until they were just trotting. Timing their approach perfectly, Tom and Bobbie sprinted to the trampolines, pounded down hard with their feet, shot into the air in perfectly coordinated somersaults and came down in the center of the formation of tigers with Tom on Sasha’s back with Ken, while Bobbie was on Prince’s back with Andy.

“Bobbie really isn’t in such bad shape for a school teacher, is she?” Joyce mused over the PA system. “If she worked on it for a few years she might be able to do some basic gymnastic moves.”

As the people laughed at her comment, Tom and Bobbie hoisted Ken and Andy up to their shoulders. As the tigers began to run again, the children just waved to the audience going by. At the conclusion, the other children left the floor, dressed and returned to their seats.

The final act for the first half was the pyramid of cats. This time, though, when it was completed, before taking his bow Prince stood up on his hind legs, clawed the air and roared. When he did, his forepaws were waving from about twenty-five feet above the floor. Coming down, he bowed followed by the pair below, the three below that, and so down to the base.

When they came down and began to take up positions in their circle, Joyce announced, “You’re all familiar with the line, ‘If you’re nice to people they will walk all over you?’ Well, guess what? It applies to tigers, too. Last night it was relatively easy. The boys had hot dogs and all Andy and Ken had to do was find out if they wanted mustard, relish, and how much. Tonight? No such luck! This afternoon I was suckered into buying Rajah a pizza, so tonight they all have to have them. Would you believe it? No two want the same thing!? It’s true.”

Just then a spotlight picked out a man in a Domino’s Pizza uniform with a stack of boxes. He gave one box to Joyce and then carried the rest to the center of the ring where the animals were waiting. The man’s eyes widened as Rajah came trotting towards him but then he relaxed as the tiger just passed him by to join Joyce.

Meantime, Andy and Ken had left the arena and now returned. Ken had two pails while Andy had one along with a stack of large water dishes. She put one down beside Joyce, filled it with lemonade, grinned, and then ran off to join Ken. While the Conroys and the children proceeded to feed the other nine, the spotlight was on Joyce with Rajah.

After he lay down, she sat down on the tanbark and leaned back against him. With her head resting on his, she took a piece of piping-hot pizza from the box and fed it to him. “Pepperoni and sausage with extra cheese, would you believe,” she said into her lavaliere mike. “But he’s really very nice, and he provides a very comfortable back rest.”

Now most of the audience was focused on the huge television monitors which allowed them to see a close-up of Joyce’s slender hand feeding pizza into the enormous mouth. When he finished the pizza - the audience howled when he gave Joyce a dirty look after she stole a bite - he drank his lemonade and then just looked at her with his head cocked. “Now you have to pay for it,” she said.

Rajah just grinned and lay on his back with his paws outstretched. “This is another thing these cats cannot or will not do, I’m told by the experts,” Joyce commented dryly as she climbed on his belly and then stretched out between his legs. She rested her cheek on his furry chest and commented, “This is heavenly! Rajah’s chest and belly are covered with an incredibly soft pure-white fur that feels so great!” she exclaimedsleepily.

Then he closed his paws over her and just hugged her tightly. Joyce then spoke with her voice muffled because her radio mike was between her chest and Rajah’s. She said, “Girls, do you ever feel that your guy is an uncaring creep? That he cares nothing about your feelings? That he can’t even keep you warm when you’re chilly, as we women always are? If so, you need a guy like Raj, here. Yum!” The muffled voice was greeted with laughter from everyone.

“Okay, Raj,” she said softly, “it’s time to go back to work.”

With that he spread his paws and Joyce got to her feet. The spotlight was still on her, as were the closed-circuit cameras. The TV screens caught the expression of puzzlement on her face perfectly. Then she brightened and said, “Isn’t that nice! You’re going to give me a ride to the center of the ring. Great.”

Joyce climbed on top of the animal and sat straddling his shoulders. As soon as she was settled, he got to his feet. But, instead of heading towards the center to join the other tigers, he headed toward the perimeter and began to move faster.

“Where do you think you’re going, young man?” Joyce demanded. Now there was some minor static because of her rapid motion. “I’m not in this show! I’m just a moonlighting TV reporter... Now come on!” she exclaimed with a note of fear in her voice as Rajah was now running at nearly full speed. Then he slowed and turned his head. “You’re crazy, young man!” she exclaimed. “There is absolutely no way you can get me to stand on your back!”

Then the camera caught a look of chagrin on her face as she said, “Rajah, you wouldn’t dare...” Then looking fearful she said more slowly, “You would, wouldn’t you.”

At that she knelt on his back and then stood up. As soon as she was upright, Rajah was running again, but at top speed this time.

“Darling Rajah,” she said, trying sugar instead of threats, “I’m only a reporter. I can hardly stand up in heels. I can’t stand on a running animal!”

At that point Rajah was at the corner of the Forum. But instead of continuing in his circle, he cut inside and headed at full speed for the circle of other tigers with the Conroys and the children standing inside. It was about twenty feet in diameter measured from the tails of the tigers all of whom were facing the center.

Joyce was still pretending to be fearful and screamed, “Help!” just as Rajah took off in a great leap with her still standing on his back. He landed absorbing the shock, while Joyce just bent her knees slightly to maintain her balance. Rajah slowed and turned his head to look up at her.

“Darling, that was unbelievable!” she cried, now out of her fearful role-playing. “Folks, what do you think of my little boy? Isn’t he neat?” she cried. There was a standing ovation as she was carried into the center of the tiger’s ring where Rajah lay down so she could step off.

Unclipping the mike from Joyce’s shirt, Bobbie said, “Folks, could we have a big hand for Joyce Collier? Isn’t she a trooper, though.” Looking at Joyce she said, “How did you know you could do it, honey? You never even rehearsed it.”

Taking the mike and reclipping it to her shirt she replied, “Bobbie, I didn’t know that I could, but I was a great tomboy when I was growing up. I had forgotten until this minute what great fun it was!”

Then Joyce went up to Rajah who was now sitting in his usual position in the tigers’ circle. Putting her arms around his neck she gave him another kiss. But this time Rajah raised his right paw, put it around her waist and pulled her to him tightly. She kissed him softly and murmured, “And I love you very much, too.”

While the focus was on Joyce, Bobbie whispered to Tom, “What do you think about Joyce and Rajah? Isn’t it neat?”

“I think I adore my wife,” he whispered back, “who appears to have saved another life - a life very much worth saving, at that. She has been really great in this show. As far as Rajah is concerned, she genuinely loves that animal and he absolutely worships her. He would give his life for her in an instant!”

With the show underway again, first, riding two tigers apiece, Tom had Ken on his shoulders, while Bobbie supported Andy, as they, too, jumped the remaining tigers who maintained their places in what was left of their circle.

Even as she was jumping, Bobbie could scarcely control her giggles. In response to her request, Rajah was lying down with his head up alertly while Joyce stretched out on his back, put on a pair of dark sun glasses, produced a book and proceeded to appear to read it, utterly ignoring the animals with their riders soaring directly over her head.

When the first round of jumps concluded, Joyce activated her mike, yawned loudly and said, seemingly to herself, “Well, I suppose it’s only fair. After all, they’re in the show and I’m not. They couldn’t allow the amateur talent to upstage them, I suppose.” Her crack triggered a wave of laughter in the audience.

After changing to a fresh pair of tigers, Tom and Bobbie rode off together on a single pair. After a single circuit, he lifted her to his shoulders. After the second circuit, she stood on his shoulders and held her arms out straight. From that point, the animals stopped running around the perimeter, but instead cut across and jumped the circle. The pair of tigers, with Tom balanced on their backs and Bobbie balancing on his shoulders, soared across the circle and landed perfectly. This brought a standing ovation as the tigers trotted around the perimeter again to receive their applause.

Joyce had returned to her original position beside the entrance and Rajah had walked over beside her. Suddenly a man wearing a business suit burst through the curtained entrance and screamed, “Stop the show! Stop it at once, I say.” Seeing Joyce standing nearby, he came up waving a piece of paper in a threatening manner. At his first move Rajah positioned himself in front of his mistress to protect her.

When he got closer, Joyce said casually, “Hi! I’m Joyce Collier.

Who are you?”

“My name is Nathan Wiesman, and I am president of the Southern California Chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. You’re abusing these poor creatures and we demand that you stop immediately! I have a paper here detailing our charges against you. If you do not cease immediately, first thing Monday morning we intend to be in court seeking a permanent injunction as well as personal actions against all of you for cruelty to animals!”

“In what way are we being cruel?” Joyce inquired. Then looking down at Rajah she asked, “Have I been cruel to you?” Then she appeared to punch him lightly and said, “There was, too, enough pepperoni on your pizza!” The crowd howled with laughter at her crack. “And besides, I don’t think that’s the cruelty he had in mind, anyway.”

While she was talking, two other tigers, Ferdie and Sasha, had quietly positioned themselves behind Wiesman. They were back to back with their hindquarters touching. Although he didn’t know it, there was now a wall of tigers more than ten feet wide immediately behind him.

“Your answer, sir?” Joyce persisted. “How have we been cruel?”

“You have drugged these animals, abused them...”

“Abused how?” she interjected

“Tearing out their claws! Extracting all of their teeth! Drugging them so they can only stagger around...” Hearing the comments, the audience began to howl with laughter.

“No teeth? Rajah, Honey, do you have any teeth? Would you show the nice man, please.” Rajah instantly stood up on his hind legs, clawed the air and roared. His perfect set of huge teeth was immediately apparent.

Wiesman jumped backward to get away from the rampant tiger but backed into Sasha’s side. When he looked around to see what he had walked into, he saw Sasha staring at him balefully with his huge green eyes while baring his teeth. The pudgy man screamed in sheer terror and backed up again, this time backing right into Rajah. The tiger just gave him a push and Wiesman fell to the ground.

“I think he’s safer there, too, honey,” she said to Rajah. Wiesman rolled on his back and looked up to find three Bengal tigers staring down at him.

The man screamed again but, amazingly, did not faint from fright.

However, Joyce could see his hair was literally standing up on end. “You know, Raj, I think he’s wearing too many clothes. Maybe that’s why he seems to be losing control. Do you think you could help him off with his clothes? He doesn’t seem to be functioning too well himself right now.”

Rajah placed one paw on the man to hold him down. Then he extended the claws on his other paw. Putting one claw under the man’s collar, he made a quick swipe and ripped all the layers of cloth from neck to crotch. Moving down on the man’s body he did the same thing on one pants leg and then the other. Then he did the same thing to each of the man’s sleeves.

By now Wiesman’s teeth were chattering in terror and Joyce could see that his crotch was wet. He’s probably shit in his pants by now, too, she thought.

At this point Rajah just looked down at the man and licked his lips hungrily. Then with a series of fast swipes, with his paw moving so fast the eye couldn’t follow, all of Wiesman’s clothes, now in shredded bits, flew off into the air in all directions. In just seconds, he was stark naked. Fortunately for his modesty and the sensibilities of the children in the audience, Joyce was positioned to block the TV camera’s view of his genitals.

“Now that you’re more relaxed and comfortable, Mr. Wiesman, why don’t you tell me again how we have abused these animals? And could you do it a little slower this time, please? I don’t believe the audience could fully understand what you said the first time.”

The man could no longer speak coherently. All he could do was stutter out phrases: “No teeth... No claws... Drug them... can’t move...”

“Oh, I see,” Joyce replied in her most reasonable tone of voice. “If Rajah has no teeth, he couldn’t possibly eat you, could he? And neither could the others.” At that all three tigers converged on the panic-stricken man. Joyce realized he was now literally scared stiff. He was unable to move as the tigers came closer with their teeth bared.

Rajah sniffed at the man and then looked up at Joyce plaintively.

“No, darling, I’m sure you’re right. I don’t think he’ll taste nearly as good as your pizza.” Rajah moved toward Wiesman, but again retreated. “Oh, Rajah! You big sissy! Just because he’ll taste rotten doesn’t mean he’ll make you sick. Just try. Please? For me? Just one little bite?” Putting her hands on her hips she glared at the tiger and said, “Well! If that’s all the thanks I get! Not even one little bite? Phooey!”

Again looking down at the terrified man, she said, “Well, you lucked out that time. As you saw, Raj and his friends flat refused. They all admit that they have eaten some awful-tasting flesh in their time, but they have to draw the line somewhere, after all. Mr. Wiesman, you may be happy to learn that they have drawn their line at you.”

Then she brightened and looked at Rajah again and said, “Raj, the least you can do is slice him up a little with your claws. That won’t kill you, will it?”

Rajah looked up at her - and at the TV camera beyond - as if to say, “I don’t like it any better, but I do love you and I did refuse to eat him, so...” With a smile he put a paw on Wiesman’s chest, and the other two tigers did the same.

“Golly, you’re lucky, Mr. Wiesman,” Joyce said brightly. “They’re only going to claw you to death. They won’t even eat a little piece. And I’m confident that we’ll be able to find all the pieces - all of the big ones, anyway - to put in a box for burial. But then, they don’t have claws so they can’t possibly hurt you, can they?” Looking at Rajah and ruffling his thick neck fur she said, “You don’t have any claws, do you, Raj?”

With his paw on the middle of Wiesman’s chest Rajah extended his claws very slowly, exercising a degree of control no one even knew a tiger had. The claws reached Wiesman’s skin and went just beyond, pricking the skin at each of the five points. Then Ferdie, and finally Sasha, did the same thing. With his eyes gaping Wiesman saw a drop of his blood appear under each of the fifteen claws positioned on his body.

“Now, Mr. Wiesman, I think you owe Rajah, Ferdie, and Sasha a big apology, don’t you? You said they had no teeth. That made them feel very badly because they are really rather proud of their very strong and full quota of teeth. They don’t even have any cavities! Now, will you say you’re sorry and admit they have teeth? It will make them very happy.”

“Teeth! Have teeth!” the man screamed. “Big teeth...! Sharp teeth...! Sorry! So Sorry!”

“There, Honey, wasn’t that a nice apology? You should really let the man up now. No? Oh,” she said in a flat tone of voice. Then to Wiesman, “I’m sorry, sir, but that wasn’t quite good enough. It seems you really dug a pit for yourself. Rajah is even more proud of his claws than he is of his teeth, you see.”

Then she shook her head sadly and said, “But the real killer was to call him and his friends druggies. That, sir, I’m afraid, is unforgivable. Rajah tells me that the only drug he ever had was aspirin for a sore paw, and that was over two years ago. Sir, he and his friends are terribly upset.”

Then she snapped her fingers and said, “I’m terribly sorry to bother you again, Mr. Wiesman, but could you tell me the name of your next of kin? When Rajah... helped you undress... I’m afraid he got a little carried away. He was not nearly as neat as he usually is, so I can’t be sure we’ll find any of your wallet...”

“Please!” the man screamed. “Sorry! Beautiful claws! Alert! No drugs! Never any drugs! So sorry! No abuse! Beautiful, beautiful tigers...”

“There, Rajah!” Joyce exclaimed happily. “Wasn’t that a wonderful apology! And so heartfelt, too.” Joyce frowned at the giant tiger and said, “Darling, in Mr. Wiesman’s present condition, I really think that’s the best he is able to do.” She raised an eyebrow and said, “I’ll tell him.”

Turning back to Wiesman she said, “Rajah and his friends agree that your apology is the best they can get in view of your present condition. However, no later than Monday, they each expect an individual handwritten apology from you. That’s reasonable isn’t it?” Wiesman could only babble at this point. “Fine, Mr. Wiesman! Now would you like me to ask Rajah to show you out? The Forum is very large and we wouldn’t want you to get lost.”

Ferdie and Sasha walked around the man’s body and stood beside Rajah opening a path to the exit. When he realized he could escape, the man rolled on his stomach and then fled from the arena floor as if he had been shot from a cannon.

“Golly,” Joyce said thoughtfully, “I hope he doesn’t get hurt on his way out.” Then her attitude changed and she said, “Seriously, folks, I am sorry to terrify a well-meaning person. But they are so damned dumb, I want to scream! Let me ask you all, and ask you very seriously: Is there a person in the Forum tonight who thinks any of these animals have been abused?”

She looked completely around the stands and even asked that the houselights be turned up high to make it easier to see. With Rajah pacing at her side, she made a full circuit of the perimeter. There was not a single hand raised.

When she returned to her starting point and the houselights had again been dimmed, she said, “Thank you for your confidence, and let me explain something to you: These animals are performing for only one reason. That reason is love. It is the reason they performed the way they did last night, as well. You see, folks, we found out something very interesting today. We found out that Thomas Conroy is king of the tigers. Truly, he is. They serve him out of love and would cheerfully give their lives for him. Bobbie is their queen, Andy is their princess, and Ken is their prince. Oh! I’m the Queen’s handmaiden, but for some reason Rajah loves me, so he’s mine.

“Anyway, we were a little worried tonight. As I said earlier, When Tom and Bobbie are together, that’s about 350 pounds. That is a great deal of weight for a 600-pound animal to carry, let alone leap with. The tigers believed they could carry out the stunts and they were certainly right! They did and did it beautifully.

“Oh, one more thing. If I give the impression I am talking to Rajah sometimes, it’s only because I am. And, believe it or not, he is truly conversing with me.” Looking down at the tiger she asked, “Do you still love me?”

This time Rajah sat up on his hind quarters, wrapped both forepaws around Joyce’s body and squeezed. The sound of his fur moving against the mike on her chest was clearly audible as was the sound of two hearts beating now that the mike was in a tight space between them. Still holding her, he moved his great head down and kissed her solidly on her lips, then released his paws and settled down in a single smooth motion to his seated position.

Very softly but audibly she said, “I do love you, darlingRajah.”

Then addressing the crowd she said, “I don’t know for sure, but I think what Raj just did is an all-time first. He knows how human lovers embrace. Certainly he saw Andy and Ken embracing often enough last night. Well, he’s not human and certainly knows it, but he does love me - the dumb lug - and wanted to demonstrate his love in the best way he could think of. Isn’t he great!?”

There was a huge cheer and then it was back to the show. Because of the time lost with Mr. Wiesman, Joyce decided to cut right to the finale. It was the running pyramid of the night before but with Tom and Bobbie rather than Ken and Andy.

When they were in position and the four tigers on the bottom including Rajah began to move, Joyce commented, “Have you ever seen two more perfect bodies in your lives? In case you were wondering how one gets an overall deep golden tan like Bobbie and Tom, the answer is easy. You see, these two have only been married for about nine months. The first six months were spent on the most remarkable honeymoon a couple has ever had. On their wedding night, they dove off the side of a small boat and swam naked to a deserted island in the Hawaiian chain. All they had were three knives, some fishing line, a few hooks, and a few matches. That’s all! No clothes, no nothing. There they spent the next six months together.

“I’ve been thinking,” Joyce continued, “and came to the conclusion that it was a make-or-break honeymoon. If the couple truly loved one another and, even after constant intimacy for six months without another soul to talk to, could still talk to each other and were still in love, they were set for the rest of their lives. Otherwise, I’m afraid, only one of them, at most, would have come off the island alive.”

Then with a broad grin she concluded, “Since they’re both alive and thriving, I have to believe they are deeply, desperately, in love! And on them, doesn’t it look great!?”

There was a great cheer from the audience and the TV camera went in tight on Bobbie, now standing on Tom’s shoulders as the tigers ran the circuit at top speed. Glancing at a monitor to ensure that the camera was in a tight close-up on her face, she stuck out her tongue at Joyce while she put her thumbs in her ears and wiggled her fingers to make certain her meaning was clear.

Joyce cracked up with laughter and then said, “If you think I’m jealous of you Barbara Bradley Conroy, you’re damned right! You managed to marry a Greek god!” She shrugged and added, “Of course, he got a goddess out of the deal, too, so I guess it’s only fair.”

With the tigers still running, Tom helped Bobbie down to Prince’s back, then took her into his arms and kissed her passionately. The audience cheered when Prince, feeling the second pair of feet on his back, turned his head, saw his king and queen in a passionate embrace, and let out a happy roar.

After the tigers each took his bow, there was a repeat of the previous night but with Tom and Bobbie hugging while in the embrace of a big cat, rather than Ken and Andy.

Finally it was over and the three were standing together just outside the Forum’s floor. “Joyce, you were utterly sensational,” Bobbie said. “In fact, the whole damned show consisted of you and the big cats. I can’t thank you enough for helping out!”

“And I can’t thank you enough for letting me,” Joyce replied.

While she was talking she stripped off her shorts and top, seemingly oblivious to being naked in Tom’s presence, and quickly dressed in the clothes she would wear for the Eleven O’clock News. After asking them please to try to watch the show, she dashed out with Rajah bounding after her. A KNBC helicopter was standing by on the pad outside the Forum to fly them from Englewood to the studios in Burbank.

Tom and Bobbie moved quickly but she was not worried. She had remembered to set the VCR to record the news show in the event they were held up in traffic.

Chapter 29

Bobbie and Tom were delighted to find they had made it home with five minutes to spare before the eleven o’clock news. She decided to let the VCR record the show while she and Tom watched it from their bed. Bobbie finished shedding her clothes first, then pulled the bed clothes down to the end of the bed and flipped the pillows to the foot. She was lying with her chin propped on her hands when Tom joined her on the bed. They kissed passionately but broke their kiss when they heard Jack Johnson announce the news. The lead story was again the circus.

When the show opened, the camera was in a tight close-up of Johnson. He said, “Folks, in tonight’s feature story, there is a small embarrassment for KNBC. You’re going to see our star reporter and my new co-anchor, Joyce Collier, in a featured role.

Speaking personally and frankly, I don’t know what management is going to think nor do I care. I think it’s great.”

Then he said, “But because Joyce is so much a part of the story, even though it’s hers - and she did a brilliant job with it, by the way - I’m going to handle the narration to spare her some embarrassment.”

The show covered the great leaps and pyramids quickly, but Bobbie and Tom were both delighted and pleased to see that the real star of the show was Joyce. They chuckled at the exchange between Joyce and Rajah when she fed him his pizza and stole a piece–it even showed the look of hurt in his eyes. Then it showed her riding and leaping while using the tape of her comments while she did it.

They cracked up with laughter as the audience did at the show. “Isn’t she wonderful!?” Bobbie exclaimed. “Her timing is just so great!”

There was a beautifully cut scene of Wiesman’s visit. When he said, “No teeth,” there was a shot of a tiger with his huge white teeth gleaming. With the remark, “No claws”, they showed Rajah’s paw on Wiesman’s chest with the claws slowly extending. To the remark, “the tigers are drugged,” there was a montage of the incredible coordination of the animals working both individually and as a group.

When the take closed on Tom and Bobbie in passionate embrace, they cut back to the studio with a two-shot of Jack with Joyce sitting beside him. “Partner, that was utterly spectacular! And I mean it both as a piece of news film and for your performance. You were simply marvelous!” Then he asked her about Wiesman and possible further trouble.

“Jack,” she replied, “I can’t answer that. I can say from personal knowledge, though, that those animals are working from love. They simply adore Bobbie and Tom Conroy, Andy Cartwright and Ken Clifford. There is no doubt in my mind that any of those animals would cheerfully sacrifice his life in an instant to protect any of them.

“On last night’s show, Jack, you made a very perceptive comment about attending the circus and seeing the wild animal act. It was like the people who go to the Indy 500 to see the cars crash: people are waiting to see a big cat attack its trainer. The look in the eyes of those cats is baleful... almost evil. You feel that the animals bitterly hate the trainer but fear him. The fear outweighs the hate... but just! Jack, with these animals it’s totally different. You look in their eyes and see love and warmth. Honest, you really do.

“As far as future trouble, I don’t know. I certainly do know, though, that those cats have all their teeth, all their claws, and are certainly not drugged in any way. If there are more complaints, we’ll have to see. In fact, Jack, the animal-rights people will be here in our studios tomorrow, so we’ll learn what their complaints are then.”

She shook her head sadly and added, “I can see one coming right now: letting the tigers eat pizza. I know it’s not part of a tiger’s normal diet, but I’ll tell you what,” she said with a big grin at Jack. “I’ll let you tell Rajah! I’m certainly not going to. Besides, he’s a big baby! Did you see the film? The poor thing almost cried when I had one lousy bite! And it was a large pizza, too.”

The next segment had Ann Henry talking about the results of the trial and Jim Perkins’ comments, particularly including the possible need for vouchers if that was what would be needed to permit students to hear about God in school. Ann ended her piece by saying, “Millie Flaherty, who will be the new head of curriculum in Sacramento starting Monday morning, commented that the reason these children perform so well is that the Holy Spirit–the third person of the Trinity - literally comes down to that classroom and inspires those children. I certainly don’t know. I do know, however, that I have seen six-year-old children perform with a level of knowledge and understanding of our background as a nation that would put a graduate student in history to shame.

“I also know that on an objective test, developed and controlled by Educational Testing Service - the College Board people–Bobbie Conroy’s students went off the scale: a scale developed for use through college! And I also know that Bobbie Conroy personally achieved a perfect score - every answer was correct. It is an utterly unprecedented achievement for anyone.”

The camera went in close on Ann who closed by saying, “All I can say is that Bobbie Conroy will be in her classroom Monday morning and her students will be there with her. She will be happy, they will be ecstatic, and I will feel very good about the long-term future of our republic!”

“Thank you very much,” Jack said, “And I do as well. From what I have learned, Bobbie Conroy is truly a national asset ranking with the fathers of her students who are Medal-of-Honor winners!”

Tom pulled Bobbie close and told her that Johnson sure got that one right. Bobbie just snuggled closer.

After a commercial break, Johnson was on camera and said, “And now we have a special feature from my co-anchor. I hope you enjoy it. I know I certainly did.”

The screen went dark for an instant and then opened with a head-and-shoulders shot of Joyce dressed as she had been at the Forum: she was wearing white short shorts, a white halter top, a white ribbon holding back her hair in a pony tail and nothing else.

The camera came in close on her face and she said, “This feature is only for the women in our audience. Would all you men please go get a beer or... or something... while I speak to the women?

“This is particularly addressed to those of you who, like me, are single and over twenty-one... way over twenty-one. I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, I’m now resigned to being a spinster for the rest of my life.” With a cute little grin she added, “Isn’t that an awful-sounding word, ‘spinster’? Couldn’t we come up with something with a little more... Forget it, you get my point.

“Anyway, once I faced the idea of living alone for the rest of my life I got... scared! There are, after all, some things a man provides: security, for example. Well, I gave it a lot of thought and now I think I’ve found the perfect answer. My answer’s name is Rajah!” With that the camera pulled back to a two-shot with Rajah sitting at Joyce’s side with his tail neatly wrapped around his forelegs.

“This is Rajah!” she said. Then she looked down at him and said, “Say hello to all the nice people, honey. Remember, they pay me and I feed you, so be extra nice to all of them.”

Bobbie squealed as she saw Rajah smile, lift his right forepaw and wave to the camera. Then the camera pulled back to bring Joyce back into the frame.

“As far as vital statistics are concerned, Rajah is a Royal Bengal tiger. He weighs a little over 600 pounds - how much over depends on how much pizza he ate that day. He is in his prime. If he were human he would have just reached his eighteenth birthday.” With a sexy little grin she added, “Girls, wouldn’t you really love to have a sexy eighteen-year-old guy for your very own? Wouldn’t you? Now be honest!”

Looking at Rajah she said, “I mentioned security. Darling, show the people your nice teeth and claws.” Instantly, Rajah was rearing up on his hind legs with his forepaws clawing the sky. His fully-extended claws gleamed in the sunlight. At the same instant he let out a mighty roar. With his huge mouth opened wide the size and sharpness of his teeth became apparent. As quickly as he had leaped up, he was seated again.

“Thank you,” Joyce said, giving him a hug. Then the camera came in on her as she continued, “Security? How much do you need? Even here in Los Angeles where we have world-class muggers, can you imagine any of them in his right mind caring to take on Rajah? Can you? I certainly can’t.

“How about being at home alone in your apartment at night? Are you concerned about security? Maybe your unit isn’t on as high a floor as you’d like it to be? Rajah is your answer. Can you just imagine a burglar in your apartment? He has just unplugged your TV and is lifting it off the table. Then he feels Rajah’s warm breath on the back of his neck. Turning, he sees his huge green eyes gleaming fiercely. Then what?”

Joyce grinned and answered her own question: “Honestly, I don’t know exactly what would happen then. But I will double-your-money-back guarantee you: your TV will still be there.” Then she added, “Incidentally, although I haven’t had the chance to check it out myself, I understand that a tiger’s eyes glow in the dark. Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful feeling?

Looking over your shoulder and seeing these huge green eyes staring at you balefully.”

Looking at the cameraman, Joyce said, “Charley, go in tight on Rajah’s head. I want just a head shot so people can see his eyes. Raj, look at me. Do you love me?”

The camera caught the tiger perfectly and caught the look of warmth and adoration in his eyes. Then Joyce said, “Charley, hold that shot. Now, Raj, what would you do if you saw a man threatening me... he was going to hurt me. What do you do?”

There was an instant change. Now the eyes were as cold as Antarctic ice. Rajah bared his teeth and let out a deep-throated growl that was frightening in its intensity. “Thank you, darling,” Joyce said, then to Charley, “You can swing over to me now, Charley, and thank you.”

With the camera now in tight on Joyce she said, “Can you see any mugger in his right mind ignoring that? Maybe Rajah can’t speak English, but he certainly can communicate. Don’t you all agree?”

Then she smiled and added, “You know, I guess it’s a good thing that Los Angeles is so large in area. Because it is, if any mugger made a move against me it’s really quite likely that all of his pieces and parts would still end up inside the city limits!”

The camera pulled back and now Joyce was sitting on the ground using Rajah’s side as a back rest. “So much for security. What else? Well, personal things... Admiration, for example.”

Turning to the tiger she extended her beautiful leg and asked, “Raj, do you like my leg? Is it shapely enough for you?” The huge animal nodded his head and grinned. “Honest? Are you really sure?”

This time Rajah got up, came over to Joyce and began to lick her leg from her toes right up to her crotch, missing not a square inch. The sensation on her flesh was exquisite and Joyce sighed with pleasure. Then she said, “Guess what? There’s an extra added attraction. Don’t you absolutely hate to shave your legs? Isn’t it just an awful pain in the butt? Guess what?” Feeling her leg she confirmed what she had sensed and said, “Now it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom - and it was completely painless. In fact, it really felt pretty sexy.

“But it’s not all roses. After all, Rajah is a very big boy and loves to roam. He needs his exercise. You know... like walking a dog? But guess what? He even has advantages there, too.”

The camera pulled back and showed Joyce running with a beautiful long-legged stride while Rajah happily trotted along beside her. While still running she said, “Now if you’re like me, this is good for 100 yards, maybe. Two hundred yards on my best days. But then what? That isn’t nearly enough exercise for a big boy like this. So what do you do? It’s easy.”

The scene cut to Rajah bounding along at full speed with Joyce sitting on his shoulders. Then it cut to him still running while she casually stood on his back doing ballet movements. In the last cut she was lying on his back with her head resting on the back of his. The animal was still running at full speed.

While lying on his back she said, “This is really the way to get exercise. Tomorrow, I think I’ll bring my sun glasses and a book. And just think! My weight on his back is adding to Rajah’s exercise. Isn’t it neat?”

The camera cut to a tight close-up on Joyce’s face. She was exquisite with her golden skin, tawny hair and beautiful green eyes. “But now let’s face it, girls,” she said, “there are a few things to be said for men. But what? Well, I guess they’re pretty good on a cold winter’s night to keep you warm. Then, there are women who love the feel of a man’s hairy chest on their smooth skin. But you think that’s good?”

The camera pulled back and showed Joyce lying on her stomach on Rajah’s chest. His legs were still in the air. “A hairy chest? How about this? Girls, Rajah’s chest is covered with the silkiest, most luscious tight white fur you can possibly imagine.

I feel like I’m lying on a mink coat except his chest fur is so much prettier and softer than mink!

“What else? Sensitivity. Men are uniformly insensitive slobs. A woman wants to be held and comforted and made to feel secure. How about this?” At that, Rajah wrapped his forepaws around her body and squeezed her to his chest. As she writhed on his chest in ecstasy, the viewer could see her luscious breasts being mashed flat against his chest. All Rajah did was softly purr. “Isn’t this absolutely the greatest? Could there be anything better? Ladies, go find yourself a Rajah. I’ve got mine! Don’t I?” she asked looking into his eyes.

The animal loosened his hold and Joyce was able to squirm upwards. The last shot showed her kissing his cheek while his paws were again holding her tightly.

After going to black, the camera opened on a two-shot of Jack and Joyce. Jack asked, “How did you do that, Joyce? Those were the finest special effects I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I never even knew we had the capability.”

“What special effects, Jack?”

“Well, the tiger waving at the camera in the opening shot... the way he seemed to be kissing you... many of them,” Johnson replied.

“Oh... I see,” she replied. Then she said, “Raj, why don’t you say hello to all the nice viewers. Maybe they, like Jack, think you’re a special effect.”

Rajah had been lying motionless under the desk through the entire show. Now on Joyce’s command he smoothly came out from under the desk, rose, and put his forepaws on the desk-top and was now standing in the space between them. Then he raised his right paw, waved and let out a happy roar. In the confined space of the studio the animal’s roar almost blew out all themicrophones.

Then he looked at Joyce as she said, “Will you give me a kiss, now?” The animal leaned over and kissed her full on the cheek. She smiled warmly, kissed him and ruffled the fur on his neck. The huge animal purred loudly enough to drown out all the studio sounds.

In the meantime, Jack Johnson, seated on the other side of the huge animal was dumbfounded. “Good grief!” he exclaimed. “Do you mean to tell me that what we saw was not optical trickery? He’s real? This is Rajah!?”

“Raj, Honey,” Joyce said softly, “I would like you to meet my boss, Jack Johnson. In addition to being the anchor on the late news, he’s also the station’s news director, so be very nice to him. My job - and with it, the money to buy you food - is on the line. Now, will you please say hello, very nicely?”

The huge animal dropped down to the floor, sat back on his haunches and raised his huge right paw while he looked into Jack’s eyes with a very friendly expression in his own. Jack reached out both hands, took the paw and lightly shook it. Raj let out a very quiet roar of welcome and then took up his preferred position at Joyce’s side.

While the news show continued, Bobbie Conroy rolled on her side and pulled Tom close. “Darling, isn’t she neat? And wasn’t that a wonderful story she did on Rajah?” Then she frowned, shook her head and added, “You know, even though she played it with a very light touch, Joyce was being very serious. She does plan on being a spinster.”

Then she quickly told Tom about Joyce, how she was wildly in love with Jack Johnson, but thought of herself as a piece of filth. “So, honey,” she concluded, “she’s created a Catch 22: she can’t stand any of the myriad guys she could have, but feels totally unworthy of the only guy she will accept.”

Tom gently caressed Bobbie’s body while he reflected for a few moments on what she said. Finally he asked with a tone of sadness audible in his voice, “Darling, is there any way out of her trap?”

“Honey, I think his name might be Rajah,” Bobbie replied. They continued to play with each other while the news show moved to the other stories of this particular Friday.

After weather and sports, the camera came back on Jack and Joyce for the closing shot. Rajah was again standing between them. Joyce looked at him and said, “Now, Raj, look at me.” The huge animal turned his head. Even in profile it was clear that his eyes were open wide and concentrating on Joyce’s face. “I’m going to ask you to do something very important. You see, darling, my job depends on lots of people watching the KNBC news.

And if my job depends on it, your food does, too. Understand?”

The great head nodded rapidly up and down. “Great!” she exclaimed. “Now here’s what I want you to do: I want you to look right into the camera with the red light showing. Then I want you to give the camera your friendliest smile and the friendliest wave of your paw! I want the people to begin to think of you as Rajah, KNBC’s friendly tiger.”

She looked at him and asked, “Do you think you can do that for me?” Again the huge head nodded rapidly. Joyce wrapped her arms around his huge neck, gave him a loving kiss and a very warm smile. “Okay, Rajah! Let’s do it.”

Bobbie and Tom howled with laughter as Rajah squared himself at the table, formed the friendliest possible look on his face - it really did look like a smile - and gave a cheery wave with his right paw. Then he brought the paw to his mouth and blew a kiss to the camera. The broad smile was still on his face as the red camera light went out. At that the giant cat dropped to the floor, adopted his house-cat position with his tail wrapped around his forepaws and looked anxiously at Jack Johnson’s face.

Instead of reacting in any way, Jack spoke into the microphone, still active but now only in the studio, and used it as an intercom. “Mac, could you roll the closing again and put it on the monitor?”

A few moments later there was a tape flash and then it picked up with Joyce talking to the tiger. Rajah again stood up with his paws on the desk to be able to see the TV monitor. Then he just stared at the TV image intently, and to Johnson’s utter amazement, he could see concern in the tiger’s eyes. Then the tape reached the closing, the cheery wave of the paw, the grin and blowing the kiss. When the screen went black again, Rajah dropped off the desk and again stared into Jack’s eyes.

Johnson just shook his head and said, “I always thought Tony the Tiger was the happiest tiger around - and he’s a cartoon character. Guess what, Joyce? Tony now takes a back seat to Rajah, here, and Rajah is real!”

With that Jack reached out and hugged Rajah around the neck and said, “Boy, you were unbelievably good!” Then pulling back he looked into the tiger’s eyes and said, “Do you want to keep working here? With Joyce and me?”

Then Jack clearly heard Rajah say, “I sure do, Mr. Johnson! And that means I get to help my mistress, too. This is great!” There was a huge smile on the cat’s face and his head was nodding rapidly up and down.

Jack was stunned. He had communicated with a tiger!

Then Rajah communicated, “That’s because your heart is so pure, sir. People like you - and my mistress, of course - are the only ones who can.”

Listening to the exchange, Joyce had swivelled her chair around to face Jack, but now was slumped down in it as if she was trying to hide. Jack looked at her and said accusingly, “It was all real, wasn’t it? Every bit of it. He... he... he really did bawl you out for sneaking a bite of his pizza!” Then Jack started to howl with laughter. It was the funniest thing he could imagine.

When his laughter died down to chuckles, he heard Rajah say, “It was real, sir, but that was playacting. You should know, sir, that my mistress is welcome to eat anything - including me, if she should ever want to.”

Then Rajah added, “It was all real except for that Nathan Wiesman idiot. That was all my mistress. But it was so clear to my buddies and me what it was she wanted us to do that we just acted appropriately. The fact of the matter is, of course, we could have made a meal of him, including all the bones, in less than sixty seconds.”

Then he turned to Joyce and communicated, “But you were certainly right about one thing, Mistress. He really would have tasted lousy. It was all we could do to keep from howling with laughter. We have eaten some awful flesh in our time, but he would have been the very worst! But then you’re very perceptive, aren’t you?”

Changing the subject, Joyce said, “Jack, what was that idiocy I heard about me being co-anchor? I almost fell off my chair.”

“Idiocy?” Johnson said raising an eyebrow. “Look, Joyce, you’re one of the very best there is. That story you filed with Rajah here was one of the finest - and warmest - I have ever seen. We’re entering it in the Emmy Awards competition and it will be the grand-prize news feature. It’s a certainty.”

Tears came to her eyes and she just slowly shook her head. “I can’t accept the job, Jack, and I would like you to withdraw the submission. It’s all a fraud.”

“What do you mean?” he asked softly.

Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she said, “Jack Johnson, I am a piece of filth and we both know it. There is no way I belong beside you at the anchor desk. You own the news in Los Angeles. You’re the very best and you certainly don’t need me screwing up your show.” With her head up proudly, but with her tears now flowing in twin streams, she said, “I can’t do it and I won’t!”

Then she tried to grin despite her tears and added, “Besides, Sol is going to have me fired, anyway.”

“Sol Abrams couldn’t fire a gofer,” Jack retorted, “but why does he want you fired?”

“When I came in tonight, he grabbed me and said he wanted to fuck me after the show - fuck me in the ass, I think he said. I told him I was out of that business permanently and besides, he couldn’t get it up, anyway. The only way we could do anything the last few times was with me working on him with my mouth for hours. Anyway, that got him so pissed, he grabbed me and was about to slap me across the face.”

Smiling, she continued, “That wasn’t the brightest idea he’s ever had in his life. Rajah was there. For openers, Raj didn’t like what he said to me one little bit. But when he saw Sol grab me and start to move, it was all over.”

“What happened?” Jack asked quietly.

“Rajah clobbered him on the right shoulder with his paw. Fortunately for Sol, Raj kept his claws sheathed. If he had used his claws, swinging as hard as he did, he would have taken the shoulder off down to his waist.”

“Then what?”

Now Joyce giggled, remembering. Jack thought she was incredibly beautiful. He realized suddenly how beautiful she was and that she was wearing no makeup. Although her tear tracks showed clearly, there was no running mascara because there was none to run. Moreover, Jack thought, her giggle was the cutest sound he had ever heard. “I wonder what color his hair will be when we see him again?” she wondered.

“What do you mean?”

She grinned and replied, “The force of Rajah’s blow not only broke his shoulder in several places but dropped him to the floor like a stone. Anyway, when Sol looks up - he had landed on his back - there is Raj with his forepaw planted in the middle of his chest. His fangs were bared, his eyes were like green fire, and he let out the most deadly-sounding growl I have ever heard.

“Well, Sol looks at this, his eyes glaze and he faints dead away.

But then as we watched, his hair turned pure white. For a moment I thought Raj had frightened the man to death.” Then she reached out her arms and Rajah came to her. “That reminds me, darling, it was so close to air time I didn’t have a chance to thank you properly.” With that she hugged him and gave him the warmest possible kiss full on his lips.

Jack could feel the impact of the kiss on the tiger and realized the animal felt he was receiving the highest praise from the person he loved the most. Jack, too, could clearly feel the joy the animal was feeling. Then she added, “Later, my darling, there will be more.”

“You mean... you mean that I will be able to feast again on your exquisite cunt? I’ll be able to create joy for you? It’s not nearly as great as if you were in Jack’s arms, of course,” the tiger communicated. “But then you utterly adore him–“

“She what?” Jack exclaimed.

“Oh, shit!” Joyce exclaimed bitterly. Glaring at Rajah she said, “Dummy! He can hear you, too, you know! Why couldn’t you keep your big mouth shut!” Rajah dropped flat on the floor and covered his head with his paws, showing Joyce the shame he was feeling.

Then Jack said, “How about if we go back to my office for a few minutes? The crew is about to throw us out of here, anyway.” Reluctantly, Joyce followed Jack out of the studio. Rajah, instead of walking proudly at Joyce’s side, slunk along behind with his tail dragging the floor.

Chapter 30

Reaching the office he had as the station’s news director, Jack closed the door and took a seat on his sofa. Joyce sat upright in a small armchair and just looked at him with dead eyes. When he looked into her eyes, Jack’s heart sank. Although he knew she was in great emotional pain, he wanted to confirm some things.

Then he looked at her and said softly, “I love you desperately, Joyce Collier. I always have and I always will.”

Hearing his words, Joyce’s heart leaped. It was utterly impossible but it was happening. She was hearing the words she dreamed of from the only man she ever wanted to hear them from.

Rajah’s demeanor changed dramatically, as well. Communicating, he nearly screamed, “He loves you back, Mistress! He loves you back! Oh, that’s so wonderful! Soon you will be married. Then, after endless hours of the most marvelous lovemaking, one of his sperm will find one of your magnificent eggs. God will bless it, and a new soul will have been conceived. It will grow and ripen in your glorious womb and then appear as a tiny boy or girl. You will love it, cherish it, caress it and, most of all, nurse it at your breast.

“You will feel the indescribable pleasure of a tiny baby drawing its perfect food: your gloriously rich, warm, sweet milk directly from your perfect tit, accompanied by all the love you possess. Then you will raise it in a home filled with the incredible love for each other that you and Jack share. You will teach it about God. You will train it in manners, and courtesy and consideration for others.

“Then, when it’s six years old, you will bring the boy or girl to our Queen, Bobbie, who will continue to build on the foundations that you and Jack have created. Then you will return home to the child’s smaller brothers and sisters. You will be the finest mother in the world and you will truly be our Queen’s handmaiden.

After all, what greater service could you perform for your queen than using your glorious body to produce children to bask in her love?

“Can you imagine your joy in seven years or so in another circus when one of the beautiful children skipping across the backs of myself and my friends is a son or daughter of yours? A child filled with the Holy Spirit? A child who God Himself, acting as the Holy Spirit, will guide and protect? What could possibly be finer? And it’s happening, my darling Mistress, because Jack loves you as much as you adore him. Isn’t that wonderful?”

By the time Rajah finished his communication Joyce was weeping uncontrollably. She was disconsolate because, although the scenario he described was what she wished for in her wildest dreams, it could never happen. Suddenly she felt herself being lifted out of her chair and taken into Jack’s arms. His lips met hers and melted. Although she tried to keep her lips pressed tightly together, she couldn’t. She felt her lips soften and then part as he worked his lips on hers. A flow of love between them grew in seconds to the volume of a river flowing in two directions at once.

Moments later, she was consumed by passion and could feel electricity between them that was overwhelming in its intensity. Meanwhile, Jack just moved his hands over her back and body while, involuntarily, she stroked his. Meantime Rajah had just seated himself on the floor and watched with the happiness growing inside him like a flood.

When the two eased apart, he saw new tears in Joyce’s eyes as she said softly, “Jack, how could you? How could you bear to touch–least of all, kiss - a piece of filth like me? You’re so pure and I am so rotten...”

“You’re a dream come true,” he replied softly. “I said it before, darling, and I’ll say it again: I have loved you from the first moment I saw you.”

“How could you possibly, Jack?” she wailed. “You saw what I was and knew what I was doing. Can you imagine telling a girl, two days on the payroll, to take Sol in her ass that night or clean out her desk right then? Can you? I did, you know.”

“And you made a perfect confession today,” Rajah quietly communicated. “If God Himself forgave you your sins, can Jack do any less? Mistress, God Himself told you, ‘Your sins, they are forgiven. Go forth and sin no more.’

“Leaving that priest, the Holy Spirit came down upon you. Right now you’re as clean and pure as Bobbie or Andrea Cartwright.” Suddenly, Rajah’s attitude changed dramatically. He communicated, “Now strip off your clothes so Jack can see what he will be getting and so I can have the reward I earned by clobbering that idiot, Sol Abrams! Now!”

“But... but... but Jack will see...”

“What half-a-hundred or so other guys, most of whom you couldn’t stand, have already seen,” Rajah interrupted. “Besides, since you will not allow him to make love to you until you’re married, prudence suggests that he have a look at the physical perfection he will have sharing his bed when he does. Now do it!”

In an instant Joyce was out of her clothes and resting her bare bottom on the edge of Jack’s desk with her legs spread wide. When Rajah moved into position, she ruffled the fur on the top of his head and said softly, “I love you dearly, you big lug! But now I find out you’re a bully, too.” Then she smiled warmly and said, “Well? What are you waiting for? My cesspool awaits.”

Before moving, Rajah looked up at her with enormous love in his huge green eyes and said, “No, Mistress. A veritable fountain of purity!” With that his tongue darted out and he concentrated on getting her love juices flowing freely.

Taking advantage of Rajah’s preoccupation, Joyce renewed her objections. It turned out to be funny as some of her best speeches were interrupted by her involuntary gasps, shrieks of ecstasy, or moans of pleasure caused by the tiger’s very talented tongue working on her loins. “Jack, this is one of the things I was thinking about but did not include in my story tonight,” she said and shrieked as her loins shook in orgasm. Catching her breath she added, “But I can’t marry you. You and I don’t agree on the time of day, let alone anything else.”

Jack was still rocking from the sight of Joyce’s naked beauty. She was everything he had ever thought but so much more besides. He just shook his head and replied, “That won’t work, Joyce. Two days ago, maybe. Tonight, no. You have packed it in totally with the PC folks. If anything, you and Ann Henry are even more disgusted with the situation than I am.”

Finally, her last line of defense: “Jack, I can’t marry you. I won’t hold you back professionally. They’ll want you at the network in Washington or New York. I can’t leave Los Angeles. You see, I solemnly swore to Bobbie that she would have any children of mine to educate. As long as she’s here, I have to be here, too. Not only can you not stay, you shouldn’t. You’re the very best and deserve the professional recognition that’s finally coming your way. I won’t hold you back. I won’t!”

Now Joyce had confirmed what Jack had suspected all along: he was hearing her last futile efforts before she bowed to the inevitable and agreed to become his wife. But playing the game he looked up at the corner and looked pensive.

Then with a grin he said, “Good try, Joyce, but no sale. First, I’ll go to Washington when, in the immortal words of a former Soviet leader, shrimp learn to whistle! Let’s not hold our breath, shall we? You say you need to stay in LA. Well, darling, I want to. I want to spend a lot of time with you and those scrumptious little children that Rajah so eloquently described.”

Looking at her quizzically, he interjected, “Darling, did you know that Raj could be so eloquent?” She grinned wryly and just shook her head, then let out a shriek as her loins convulsed in another massive orgasm. “And by the way, are you always this passionate or are you just showing off?”

“I never had an orgasm in my life before,” she gasped, “until my darling worked on me this afternoon.” There was another quiet moan as she was hit by another small orgasm and then added, “Now I think I can get off with you just looking at me.”

“But back to your comment,” Jack continued. “First, I don’t want to leave. Second, we already own the time period and the news in LA. And when the rating books come out for this week, they won’t even be able to find our competition in the numbers. Finally, with you and Raj at the news desk, we’re going to be flying. Darling, Los Angeles is a giant market - the second largest in the country. And at the rate New York is dropping, we’ll be number one pretty soon. The top news show in the top market isn’t shabby. I’m paid pretty well and you will be, too. We’ll have more than enough money to buy a big house and start filling it up with kids.”

He looked at her with great love in his eyes and added, “You want a whole bunch, don’t you? The reason you cracked up when Rajah made his speech was that he was describing your dream of a lifetime, wasn’t he?”

Joyce was concentrating her attention on Rajah’s head and his tongue still working on her loins. ”Wasn’t he?” Jack exclaimed.

“Answer the question!”

“Yes, damn it! Yes he was.” Cradling her tits in her hands she said, “Jack, can you imagine the feeling of a baby girl or boy drawing its sustenance from these breasts?” Looking up at him she said, “There’s one condition. I am not a career woman. My ideal career is to be your wife and concentrate on making you the happiest man in the whole world. My body will be available to you any time, any place, for any purpose. Then giving birth and raising those children Rajah so eloquently described... I can’t wait.” Then looking at Jack with all the love she could convey she said softly, “Jack, I give up.”

Then she looked down where Rajah was licking up her last succulent drops. Again she lovingly tousled his head and asked softly, “Have you finished drinking at my fountain? Can we go home now?”

The great cat looked up at her and worshipfully communicated, “Mistress, I cannot tell you how happy you have just made me. I cannot tell you, believe it or not, the joy you just created in Heaven!”

But then he grinned and added, “But there is one more thing, Mistress. You owe Master Jack - he will be my master when you’re wed, won’t he? - one more thing. He saw the tape and its closing scene, but not the scene you really wanted to shoot. Will you show him now? Please?”

“Oh, you!” she said, feigning exasperation, and then kissing him quickly on the top of his head. Then she raised an eyebrow and added, “I’m waiting.”

The huge tiger flipped on his back and spread his legs wide. Joyce dove between his legs and landed with a flop on his chest. His forelegs came together while she moved her tits with their now-so-sensitive nipples in small circles on his soft white fur. Rajah used his legs to hold her tight while she pretended to fight him to have more room for her movements.

Then she gave up, stretched out with her cheek on his chest, and just savored his wonderful softness and warmth. “Mmm, mmm,” she murmured. “My darling Rajah, this is heaven!”

Looking up at a wall clock she saw it was almost two o’clock. Suddenly, the effect of the day’s physical activity and its series of emotional shocks hit her like a ton of bricks. Joyce was utterly exhausted and close to physical collapse. Sleepily she said, “Raj, let’s go. If I don’t move this minute, they’ll find me like this, bare-assed, tomorrow morning still in your arms. Let’s go home, shall we?”

Reluctantly, Rajah released her and she staggered to her feet. As she sleepily sorted through her discarded clothing and began to dress, Jack nodded toward Rajah and said, “But what about him, Joyce? Isn’t your landlord going to have a bird? Won’t you be evicted?”

“Nope,” she replied with a sleepy grin. Then she rummaged through her purse, found a piece of paper which she gave to Jack, and then continued with her dressing.

Jack looked at it and laughed. It was a permit to have a cat in her apartment. On the line that said, “Cat’s name,” was written “Rajah.” On the line asking for “Cat’s description” was the word, “tiger.” He realized that, when Joyce had applied for the permit and the question of description had been asked, she had casually replied, “tiger.” The agent naturally assumed that she was describing a tiger-striped house cat, but notwithstanding, it was all completely legal. Moreover, the permit ran with the duration of the apartment lease and any subsequent renewals.

As he returned the permit to her, he reflected on how naturally she moved. When he commented on her grace, Rajah communicated, “Master Jack, my mistress is an incredibly beautiful woman with a magnificent body, as you could see. Believe it or not, she has embarked on a program to make herself even more perfect for your eyes. Sir, I think some work is in order on your part.”

With a grin Rajah continued, “Indeed, self-preservation requires it. If you do not improve substantially, she might kill you with her lovemaking, and we certainly can’t have that, can we?”

Jack grinned but realized that Rajah was both very serious and giving very good advice. He vowed immediately to start making regular use of the facilities at his health club.

Joyce was now fully dressed, but was literally reeling with fatigue. After Jack tenderly kissed her goodnight, Rajah volunteered to carry her through the sprawling building and out to her car. Sleepily, she grinned at Jack and said, “See, darling, he’s even better than a car. He can move nearly as fast, but he can also move indoors and even navigate stairs. Isn’t he neat?” Then she peered at Rajah owlishly and asked, “But can you babysit?”

“I cannot nurse a baby,” Rajah replied seriously, “But I can entertain them and - most certainly - protect them!”

“I am certain of that!” she replied sleepily.

She was on his back but was now so tired she couldn’t even sit upright. She looked like a rider asleep in the saddle. To her surprise Rajah trotted through the labyrinthine corridors of the sprawling studio building with no direction from her, in spite of this being the first time he had ever been in it. When she commented on it, he told her that cats had an extraordinary sense of place and direction. By this time of night, the building was nearly empty, or, in view of its 24-hour operation, as empty as it ever was.

As they passed the guard at the door, she called out sleepily, “G’night, Charley.”

He replied, “Good night, Miss Collier,” without looking up from his newspaper and thus did not see that she was riding on the back of a Bengal tiger.

Once out the door - Rajah even handled that himself because it had a stampede bar - she got off his back and said that since he had been such a wonder carrying her all the way out of the building, she would get the car and come back to pick him up. Rajah grinned and sat down on the sidewalk to wait for her. As she walked towards her parked car, she was glad that it was a minivan. Taking out the second seat allowed Rajah to lie down in the center of the vehicle and thus spread his considerable weight among all four wheels.

In spite of the fact that there were only a handful of vehicles left in the sprawling parking lot, she noticed there was another car parked close to hers. They were almost the only pair of vehicles left. Because of her fatigue, her brain didn’t register any possible danger lurking in the darkness between the cars. She just wanted to get her car moving and get back home.

As she started to unlock the driver’s door, a dirty burlap bag was dropped over her head. Two men had grabbed her from behind. One held her tightly while the other held an ether-soaked cloth to her face. Although the cloth was outside the burlap bag, the bag’s weave was so coarse that the anaesthetic fumes easily penetrated. While trying not to breathe she could hear the men gloating: They would rape her in any event; if KNBC paid their ransom, she would be released. If not, they would keep raping her until she was dead.

With her face covered tightly with the ether-soaked cloth, Joyce couldn’t make a sound, but she mentally screamed to Rajah to save her.

The tiger was looking around the area curiously and patiently waiting when he heard his mistress’s mental scream for help. In just two bounds he was running at over forty miles per hour towards her car. Although Joyce and her assailants were in the deep shadows between the two cars, with Rajah’s superb night vision they might as well have been standing in the sunlight. Once he knew the situation, he changed course and used one of the cars to conceal his approach.

When he reached the corner of the car, he crouched and sprang. This time there was no holding back. With his enormous claws fully extended, 600 pounds of furious tiger ripped open the backs of both men simultaneously. Having struck, he let out a mighty roar of rage. The last mental communication from his mistress had mentioned rape. One of the men was on his back on the ground staring up, petrified with fear, at the blazing green eyes above him. There was a quick swipe of Rajah’s great paw followed instantly by an agonized scream from the fallen assailant. Where his crotch had been there was now only a large hole with blood flowing from it in a small river.

The second man was on his face and screaming when Rajah used the claws of his great paw to flip him over on his back while tearing off most of his shoulder in the process. With another swipe of his paw he ensured that the man, if he lived, could never rape anyone ever again.

Then, with huge bounds he raced back to the studio entrance and roared as loudly as he could. The scream of the enraged tiger was loud enough to awaken the dead and easily loud enough even to penetrate the building’s soundproofing. The guard came running followed by Jack who was leaving the building himself. Seeing Jack, Rajah lay down and communicated to him to get on his back and to tell the guard to call for the police and an ambulance immediately.

After quickly giving the orders to the guard, Jack got on Rajah’s back while the guard ran back to place the calls. In just a few moments they were back to where the three were lying. By now there were large pools of blood around each of the two men.

Dropping to his knees, Jack gently removed the bag still over Joyce’s head and held her in his arms. Although her respiration was slow, it was strong and regular. Getting a whiff of ether, Jack instantly knew what happened. He just held his love in his arms and waited. While he did, he looked around and saw in the light of a high-mounted floodlight what looked like a small, bloody sack. Looking at the men on the ground he realized it was probably the sex organs of one of them lying on the pavement where they landed after Rajah’s ferocious swipe.

Feeling movement in his arms, he looked down and saw Joyce’s eyes fluttering. Lifting her up in his arms he placed his lips on hers and kissed her. Initially there was no reaction, but then he tasted her lips and felt her return his kiss with intensity that increased with each passing moment. When it was so strong as almost to knock him out, he gently released her and looked down at her face.

Joyce’s eyes were now open and filled with love. She murmured, “It was worth it if an attempted rape always ends like this. Does it?” Then she looked at him with all the love her expressive eyes could communicate and said, “I adore you, my darling.” Then she jerked up and said, “Darling, we have to call the police! Those men are vicious and need to be stopped...”

Jack just held her tightly, slowly shook his head and said, “Sweetie, don’t worry about a thing. Rajah has taken care of that already. He stopped them... permanently!”

As she tried to look he held her tight and said, “Please don’t look! Rajah did not... restrain himself... this time. Honey, he really made a hell of a mess.” Then he added, “But I’ll tell you one thing: Even if they live - and I don’t think they will–they will never rape anyone, ever again. Ever!”

“You mean...” she whispered.

“I mean that Rajah heard you mention rape. I guess we could safely say that the rape of his beloved mistress is not his favorite activity. Darling, he was very angry.”

Then he grinned and added, “See, my darling! This is what happens to people who don’t watch the late news on KNBC. If they had, they might have known what they were getting in for. As it is, I think we have the ideal follow-up to last night’s story.” He kissed her solidly and said, “It’s yours to do Monday night, okay?” She grinned and nodded rapidly. “And that’s an assignment from the guy who’s now your boss, but also soon to become your lord and master. What do you say to that, wench?”

Joyce just snuggled in his arms, smiled sleepily and whispered, “The wench wants to be sure that her lord and master will beat her regularly. Purely in the interest of good order and discipline, of course.”

Then with the purest love in her eyes she asked, “Will the lord and master allow his wife a flour sack to wear? There will always be one small child pulling at my skirts, another nursing at my breast, while a third grows in my belly, but will there be a skirt for the oldest at home to pull on? Please?”

“You will maintain it well? You won’t need another for at least ten years, will you?” She shook her head while trying to stifle a grin. He replied judiciously, “As a sign of the great love I have for my worthless wife, she may have a flour-sack dress!”

“Oh, Master, you’re so good to me!” she exclaimed softly. “But you do spoil me so! Just imagine! A new one in only ten years.”

Joyce shook her head in feigned amazement.

Then looking up she saw a pair of giant brilliant green eyes staring at her. They were, in fact, luminous in the dark. “Come here, my darling,” she whispered. Rajah padded over and gently placed his head on her lap. “My darling, thank you!”

Then while she was tousling the fur on his head she said, “Damn it! I knew I forgot something in that story tonight! I forgot to mention our ability to communicate without making a sound. Thank you, darling Rajah, for saving my life!”

The huge animal lifted his head and kissed her softly on the cheek, then communicated, “It is the last time I will ever allow my mistress to go out into a dark parking lot late at night alone. I am mortified that such a thing could happen to my beloved mistress. I need to be punished for my negligence, Mistress, and I shall concentrate on what the most appropriate punishment might be.”

“Your punishment is not up to you, it is up to me,” she replied haughtily. “And I already know what it shall be.” She put her hand on his head and said, “Are you prepared to hear your punishment?”

His eyes were wide as he slowly nodded his head. “You are sentenced to work on my filthy cunt with your tongue for thirty minutes a time at least twice a day, every day until I am married! Do you accept your punishment?”

“But Mistress, that is not–“

Do you accept your punishment?” she demanded imperiously. “Yes or no?”

“Yes, of course–“

“Then the subject is closed,” she interrupted. Then in the most loving tone of voice the tiger had ever heard she said, “Dear Rajah, you are my protector and my love!”

The sound of approaching sirens had been growing louder. As a police car turned into the KNBC parking lot, its siren scream reached banshee level. Jack told Rajah to lie down so he could rest Joyce against him while he went for the police. She lay with her back against his shoulder and her head resting against the animal’s neck. While relaxing against him, she could hear the incredibly deep purr the animal made reflecting his happiness at having his mistress so close.

The driver of the first police car to arrive saw Jack waving and swung over toward him. Stopping the car, he turned on his spotlight to illuminate the scene. What he saw in the bright light caused him to vomit on the spot: Where the sex organs of the two men had been were now only two gaping bloody voids. There was a pool of blood almost three feet wide and still spreading around each man. His partner grabbed the car’s emergency kit and raced to the two men. A quick check revealed neither had a pulse - both were dead.

Taking two paper blankets from the kit, he spread one over each body. His eyes widened as he saw a blood stain appear and slowly spread on the white paper where their groins had been. A few moments later, two more police cars appeared along with an ambulance. The patrolman who had checked the bodies told the EMTs that it looked like they needed a morgue wagon, not an ambulance, but an EMT checked anyway and then just shook his head.

An EMT came up to Joyce who grinned and said, “Pardon me for not getting up, but I’m tired and I am too comfortable right here.” Only then did the woman realize that Joyce’s back rest was a reclining Bengal tiger. Seeing the girl’s eyes widen, Joyce said, “Please don’t be concerned about Rajah, here. He’s really a very docile fellow, as long as one does not upset him. Unfortunately, the two late departed over there did.”

Then she told the young woman about the attempted rape and how Rajah had saved her. Then she said, “Jack won’t let me look, but he said that even if they lived they would never rape anyone else again. Was he right?”

The EMT had recognized her and said, “Miss Collier, a guy would have one hell of a time committing rape if there was nothing at all except a bleeding void where the bottom eight or ten inches of his groin used to be. Do you get my message?”

Rolling over to rest her cheek on Rajah’s jaw, she caressed him and asked, “Did you lose your temper? Were you angry?” The EMT’s eyes widened when the tiger vigorously nodded his head.

“Does... does he understand you? Really?” she asked.

“He certainly does!” Then the woman’s eyes widened even more when Joyce told her that her scream for help had been mental. With the cloth pressed to her face she couldn’t make a sound. “But he certainly did hear me.” The woman was pale and then left suddenly when she realized there was blood and bits of cloth and skin on both of the tiger’s forepaws.

At that point, a detective lieutenant of the Los Angeles Police Department came over. After pulling back the blanket covering each face, he came over to Joyce and introduced himself as Lieutenant Patrick Collins.

Having checked the bodies, he had recognized them and told Joyce that each man was out on bail for no less than two separate rapes each. Moreover, one of the men had three felony rape convictions while the other had two. Then he shook his head, grinned and said, “I guess it goes to show what happens to people who don’t watch the news on KNBC. If they had been watching, they would have known about Rajah. Is this him?”

Rising to her feet she said, “Rajah, I would like you to meet Lieutenant Collins of LAPD.” In an incredibly graceful motion the huge cat changed in an instant from his supine position to a seated one directly in front of the officer. While looking at the officer with friendly eyes, he raised his right paw.

Collins took the huge paw with both of his hands and shook. As he did he noted the debris on the ends of Rajah’s paws around his claw sheaths. “How do you do, Rajah?” he said. Then he added, “However, young man, I think you should clean yourself up a bit now. Some people might get upset at the... souvenirs... on your paws.”

Then he murmured, “My God!” as Rajah, looking very embarrassed, dropped to the ground and immediately started licking his paws clean. To Joyce he said, “He really understands, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, Lieutenant, he certainly does. And, as you can see, you embarrassed him. But, really, it wasn’t his fault.” She went on to tell him what the tiger had been doing every moment since the attack. She concluded by saying, “So you see, sir, it was really my fault. He considered it to be more important to act as my back support than to clean himself up.” Then, with a warm smile, she asked, “Can I interpret your prior comment to mean that you did see our news show?” When the officer said that indeed he had, she said, “There was one important thing I forgot to mention: I can communicate with Rajah mentally.” Then she explained how this ability had saved her virtue and probably her life.

Dropping to a crouch the officer stroked the tiger who was still absorbed in his cleaning. “Rajah,” he said, “Miss Collier said tonight that you were a single girl’s friend. Well, young man, you certainly are!” Then he apologized for causing Rajah any embarrassment. When he dropped down beside him, Rajah had stopped his washing and attentively looked up. Now the tiger responded by smiling happily and then returned to his cleaning.

Checking his watch, Collins realized it was almost three o’clock.

He asked Joyce if, in spite of the hour, she could come down to the station so he could fill out some forms and close the case.

“It’s the most open-and-shut case I have ever seen,” he concluded. “Two rapists who should never have been allowed back on the streets in the first place definitely pick on the wrong girl.” Sleepily, she agreed.

Getting in her minivan finally, she followed the officer’s car to the station. Jack insisted on coming along, too, in his own car.

Entering the station behind the lieutenant at three o’clock on a Saturday morning, Joyce found that it was full of people wearing handcuffs, standing around waiting to be booked. Since most were decidedly antisocial but, at the same time, knew their constitutional rights backwards and forwards, they normally harassed complaining witnesses like Joyce with lewd remarks, catcalls, and anything else they could think of at the time. Because of her overwhelming beauty, the remarks directed at her were all lewd and obscene.

One big man wearing handcuffs made a particularly obscene remark before he saw Rajah. The next thing he knew, he was flat on his back with both of Rajah’s forepaws and over half of his 600-pound weight pressing on his chest. If that was not bad enough, Rajah was peering down at him with baleful eyes, while emitting the most frightening growl the man had ever heard. The growl alone silenced all of the people in the room including those in the holding cells.

Lieutenant Collins doubled over with laughter. “Willie,” he said, “it’s about time! You know your rights - you’ve been here so often, you certainly should by now - but this time you picked the wrong young woman. This is Miss Joyce Collier of KNBC, and the Bengal tiger standing on your chest is named Rajah.

“Willie, I think you should apologize to Miss Collier–abjectly! You see, the reason she’s here at such an ungodly hour is that she was attacked tonight. There were two guys: five felony rape convictions between them, plus awaiting trial for two more rapes, each! Willie, they are now on their way to the morgue. It really wasn’t very pretty, either.

“You see, Rajah heard his mistress mention rape. Well, sir, where their sex organs used to be there was only about eight inches of... nothing! Nothing except blood that had pooled out on the pavement about three feet. Of course, that may not have been the cause of death. You see, both guys also had their backs opened up with five deep gouges - oh, about three inches deep–running from their shoulders down to their asses.

Looking thoughtful, Collins ruminated, “You know, I’ll bet that if we measured the width between those gouges it would match up pretty good with the spread between the five claws on each of Rajah’s forepaws.” Looking down at the man he said harshly, “Willie, don’t you think you should apologize? While you’re still alive?”

With Rajah’s great weight crushing him, the man could scarcely speak. Nonetheless, he managed to gasp, “Ma’am, I’m terribly sorry! Never again... So sorry...”

“Rajah,” Joyce said quietly, “I think that was a very polite apology, don’t you? And besides, he’s going to give us a wonderful written apology by noon Monday that we can read on the air Monday night. Isn’t that nice of him?” Then glaring at the man and speaking with steel in her voice she said, “You are going to give us an apology in writing, aren’t you, Willie?”

Then, looking thoughtful, she added, “And Willie, if you say you will, you really should. Rajah has been staring at you for a while, now. He has memorized your scent. Willie, if we do not receive a lovely written apology at our studios in Burbank by noon Monday... Well, I really can’t say how safe you would be within say... 3,000 miles of Los Angeles.”

Smiling, she added, “Although Bengal tigers prefer to hunt during the day, they are extraordinarily capable at night, too. Tonight, for example, although those two guys thought they were hidden in the shadows, to Rajah they might as well have been in broad daylight.” Again with steel in her voice, she asked, “Will we see a lovely handwritten apology by noon on Monday, Willie? A nice, complete, very sincere one?”

As Rajah lowered his head and sniffed as if to memorize his scent, Willie, his eyes now wide with sheer terror, stammered, “Written, sincere... Yes, ma’am! For sure! By noon in Burbank... KNBC... Sorry! So sorry!”

When Joyce softly told Rajah that Willie was going to be good and he could let him go, the tiger glared at the man, growled, and, seemingly with the greatest reluctance, got off his chest. However, before removing his second paw he drove it downward with all his strength. Willie’s forced exhale was audible throughout the large room while his loss of oxygen, on top of the prior restriction caused him instantly to lose consciousness.

Unconcerned, Rajah padded after Joyce to the Lieutenant’s office.

Meanwhile, the guests awaiting booking just silently looked at the now-unconscious man in awe. At that point, when Jack arrived and asked directions to Lieutenant Collins’ office having made a stop for gas, no one made a sound.

When he reached the office, Joyce had just finished her statement and signed it. Tiredly she asked, “Is that all, Lieutenant Collins?” When told it was, she slumped and Jack caught her before she fell on the floor. Now that the rush of attack-triggered adrenaline had dissipated, her sheer exhaustion again hit her with overwhelming force.

The lieutenant arranged for a squad car to follow Jack. He would drive Joyce’s minivan back to her apartment where they would pick him up and bring him back to the station to retrieve his own car.

Rajah followed closely, with worry showing in his eyes, as the two men carried the unconscious girl out to her van and stretched her out on the back seat. Rajah got in immediately to ensure that she didn’t roll off.

Once an officer and Jack got Joyce into her apartment, Jack assured him he could take it from there. Once in her bedroom, Rajah communicated a request that Jack undress her completely which he willingly did, revealing again the full beauty of her body.

Then Rajah lay down on his back and Jack gently laid Joyce on top of him. As he turned off the lights and prepared to leave, Rajah assured him it didn’t really matter if he locked the door or not.

Having seen the by-products of Rajah’s rage earlier in the evening, Jack was certain it was true. When he left the room, Rajah wrapped his forelegs around his love and went to sleep.

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