Barbara - Chapter 31 to 35
© By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved


The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read this, then Don’t Read It.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This book is being posted now, in spite of the fact that Kathy Carlson is not yet complete. I had intended to add three chapters or so to Kathy, but that’s not the way it worked out. It’s long and getting longer. At any rate, here is another book that - hopefully - will tide you over.

Barbara Copyright © By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically written eight years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete references. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with it; it’s too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and in time follows Cynthia Martin by about 5 years. Because of the fact that there are other stories that overlap in time, some readers may find references to events they’ve never heard of. With luck, you eventually will.

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Chapter 31

The next morning as Joyce Collier was emerging from a sound sleep, she stretched luxuriantly on the warmest, softest, most comfortable bed she had ever slept on in her life. Sensually, she moved her breasts on the bed and felt the most luscious sensation on her sensitive areolas. Finally, she realized that, although she was naked, she felt wonderfully snug and warm. Dimly she realized it was Saturday, the day she could sleep, so she just snuggled down against her pillow to go back to sleep. Then it began to penetrate her consciousness that there was no pillow. She just snuggled down and vaguely pondered the problem:

What happened to my pillow? she wondered.

Only then did reality begin to dawn: she wasn’t in a bed at all. Then her memory of the day before began to return, slowly at first, but then with a rush. She wasn’t in bed; she had been sleeping on Rajah! Opening her eyes for good this time, she wriggled up on his chest and whispered, “Hi! Are you awake?”

The huge tiger, keeping his eyes closed tightly, communicated, “No! I’m sound asleep.” Then he opened one eye and communicated, “Don’t you know, Mistress, that tigers need their sleep? I’m sleeping.” With that he slammed his eyelid shut and pretended to sleep.

“Oh, sleeping...” she mused. “I see...” With that she began to tickle the big cat’s ribs. Only moments later, the two were rolling around the floor with poor Rajah trying to escape Joyce’s furious assaults while at the same time trying to pretend he was sleeping. Finally, he gave up.

When he did, she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, kissed him softly on his cheek and said, “Good morning, darling Rajah. Have I told you how much I love you yet this morning?”

Following her kisses, Rajah found he couldn’t even pretend to grump. Instead he flipped her on her back and proceeded to lick her beautiful body. When he did, the events of the preceding night came back so she reminded him of his “punishment”. Spreading her legs wide, she raised her hips and said softly, “Remember, at least twice a day, whether you want to or not, you have to lick my filthy slut’s cunt.”

The huge animal, instead of going down on her succulent love box, stalked over her body so that he covered it completely. Then he lowered his head until his huge mouth was only inches above her face. “This is the end!” he communicated fiercely. “You have the loveliest, sweetest, purest sex in the world. On your honeymoon, Jack will drink at your source by the hour.

“Now I will not stand for it, do you hear? Joyce Collier is kind and sweet and good and... pure! You’re blessed by the Holy Spirit, Himself, okay? That is God Himself, in His third person, okay? Now that Jack is going to marry you and create an endless bliss, do you really want to wreck it? Do you?” he demanded fiercely.

“Darling Rajah,” she said, “my cunt is flooded with its juices and is waiting for you. Please? It’s clean and fragrant and nice. I think you’ll like it. Please?”

The tiger bared his teeth, let out a quiet but fierce snarl, and then to her utter amazement kissed her on the lips.

Then he looked embarrassed and Joyce asked what the trouble was. “Could... could... could you get me... something to eat?” he stammered. Suddenly, she was mortified. Realizing that the poor animal had only had two pizzas in the past twenty-four hours, it was scarcely enough to fuel his 600-pound body.

Jumping up, she grabbed a phone book, looked up the number and called the Los Angeles Forum. She reached Byron Crosby, the general manager of the circus. After receiving directions to her apartment, he told her a truck with Rajah’s food would be there in whatever time it took to make the trip. It would leave at once.

Before she even had the phone back on its hook, Rajah’s great tongue was working on her slit. Joyce lay down on the floor and raised her hips to assist him and then just enjoyed the marvelous sensations he was creating in her loins. Glancing down at his head and darting tongue she realized that she would have to warn Jack that, in all likelihood, by the time they were married her pubic area would be completely bare. In less than twenty-four hours, she estimated she had lost nearly half of her pubic hair, and the patch was significantly smaller in area than it had been at any time since she reached puberty.

After rendering her nearly unconscious with orgasms, Rajah did not quit. Instead he began to lick first one leg, then the other. When she reached down she realized her legs, which suffered from what one company referred to as “briar-patch legs,” were now as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Then he insisted that she raise an arm and licked first one armpit and then the other.

Just as he finished, the doorbell rang. Slipping on a terry robe she opened the door and saw two men standing at the door with a huge container of raw meat. Although Rajah was only fed once a day, that one meal was huge. Thanking them, she brought the huge container into the kitchen and set it down on the floor.

Then she made coffee for herself as she watched Rajah tear into the meat. Seeing his huge jaws move to masticate it and seeing his teeth ripping into it, it was all she could do to keep from laughing, remembering Nathan Wiesman’s accusation that the tiger’s teeth had been removed. She shook her head when Rajah finished his huge meal in less time than it took her to drink two cups of coffee.

Slipping into a tiny halter top and a pair of ancient Levi’s cut off at the thighs to make short shorts, she tied her hair back into a ponytail and left the apartment, still barefooted. Seeing that she was not wearing shoes Rajah insisted on carrying her on his back to the nearby park where she planned to run with him.

When she began to run with her smooth, long-legged stride and had already covered nearly a mile, the tiger who had been trotting at her side communicated, “One hundred yards? Two hundred on your best day? Ha!” She grinned, stuck out her tongue and kept on running.

The fact was that Joyce really didn’t like to run. To her it was boring, deadly-dull and lonely. Rajah trotting by her side changed all that. She could tease him and he could tease her back without her even opening her mouth. Rajah was a wonderful companion, she decided.

After slowing and finally coming to a stop, she announced it was his turn to work. He grinned as she lay on his back with her head on his. For the tiger the joy of being able to run free was priceless. Although his stride was so smooth that Joyce actually dozed on his back, he was moving at over twenty-five miles an hour and roaring past dozens of runners and joggers out for their Saturday-morning exercise.

Fortunately, Lieutenant Collins had had the foresight to alert police communications. As a result the officers were able to reassure the dozens of callers: “That’s just Miss Collier with Rajah,” they said. “He’s a wonderful animal, and a great friend of the police!”

After running for ten miles, Rajah felt better than he had in years. Since Joyce had fallen sound asleep, the tiger was standing at the apartment door when he finally communicated with her. Slipping off his back, she opened the door, then kissed him, and thanked him for the great run.

Back in the apartment she checked the time and found it was after noon. The meeting with the Animal-Rights activists was scheduled for the studios at two. First, she carefully groomed Rajah. As she was working on him he told her how much he loved her and how wonderful it was for him to run free through the big park, particularly with his beloved mistress on his back.

“And what do I do for the wonderful creature who saved my life?” she asked. “The wonderful creature who gave me the love of my life? What?”

“A kiss?” he asked diffidently. “A little one, maybe?”

In an instant she was bare and moving all over him kissing everything in sight. Finally, she gave him a kiss full on the lips and poured all the great love she felt for him into it. Remarkably, she felt the same great joy and purity that she received from Bobbie’s kiss.

Pulling away slightly she said softly, “It is the Holy Spirit in you, isn’t it, my darling? You’re an agent of God, aren’t you?” The animal’s eyes widened in surprise but then he just nodded once.

With that she went into the bathroom and showered. Coming out, she consulted with Rajah and decided to wear an outfit similar to what she had just taken off: Levi’s with the legs cut off and an ancient chambray shirt with its sleeves torn off. With the shirt tied just below her breasts and the Levi’s riding very low on her hips, there was a vast expanse of beautiful golden skin showing between. After tying her hair back in a ponytail, she spun around toward Rajah and asked, “How do I look?”

With great affection he replied, “Like you’re about... oh, fifteen. Of course,” he communicated with a wide grin, “like one of those early-developing ones with the big tits.”

With a sexy grin she faked slapping his face. After slipping into a pair of old moccasins, they left the apartment. On the way to the studios Rajah spent most of the time sound asleep. When she parked her van and got on his back for a ride to the studio, she teased him about sleeping all the way. Pretending to grump, he reminded her that he was a cat, after all, and cats spend a lot of their time sleeping. She giggled merrily at his reply.

The meeting was scheduled for a seldom-used studio that was kept set up for news-interview-type programs similar to Meet The Press. To avoid any possible misunderstandings later, the station management had insisted on its right to tape the entire meeting, although they assured the Rights people that nothing other than possible short clips would air without their permission.

Before entering the studio, Joyce gave Rajah another kiss to thank him for the nice ride. Opening the door, she found Jack sitting in a chair facing three men who, she assumed, were the Animal-Rights people. There were eight chairs arranged in a semicircle: Jack was sitting on one side with two empty chairs to his right and one empty one to his left. Across from him three of the four chairs were occupied.

When she entered the studio, all of the men rose to greet her. Rajah was pacing proudly at her side. Jack made the introductions: there was Jonathan Crawford, Homer Higgins, and Dr. Simon Cohen. He explained that Dr. Cohen claimed to be the greatest living authority on tigers.

While she was being introduced, Rajah had dropped down into his house-cat pose and just watched the proceedings with alert but friendly eyes. Turning to him she said, “Raj, these gentlemen are here claiming to protect your rights. Now greet them nicely, please.”

The huge animal sat in front of each man in turn and held up his right paw to shake hands. Instead of taking the proffered paw, the men backed up with Cohen almost falling over backwards when he backed into a chair.

Although he had communicated the comment, “What pompous idiots!” causing Jack, who had heard him clearly, to put his hand over his face to hide a grin, Rajah looked up at Joyce and pretended that his feelings had been hurt.

“I really don’t know why they didn’t want to shake hands, darling,” she said responding to his look. “But I’m sure they didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. They are your friends, after all. They’re here to tell us all the ways you and your friends have been abused.” Then with her eyes wide she asked, “Rajah, have you been abused?”

His real response was, “Whatever you want, my darling Mistress,” but that certainly wasn’t what she responded to.

Instead, she stamped her foot like a petulant little girl and exclaimed furiously, “That’s just about enough of that, Rajah Collier! I’m sick and tired hearing how Domino’s shorted you on pepperoni. Besides,” she added with a cute shake of her ponytail, “that’s not the cruelty they had in mind.”

Looking at the men who were now seated and looking at her with various degrees of amazement she asked, “It’s not, is it? Cruelty, I mean? Getting a large pizza with maybe a couple of slices of pepperoni fewer than there should have been really isn’t cruelty, is it?”

The men were baffled but Rajah played along perfectly, nodding his great head and looking triumphant. She looked at him and said peevishly, “Oh, okay! Maybe it was short a slice or two.” Then she wheeled on him and reiterated, “But it still isn’t cruelty, damn it! And if I hear one more word about it, you’ll never get another one, either!”

At that point Rajah dropped flat on the floor and looked up at her with his eyes pleading. Dropping to her knees, Joyce kissed the top of his head and said, “Okay, you big baby! I wouldn’t be that mean. I know how much you love pizza.”

Then she said, “Okay, I’ll order. By the way, darling, do you remember how Prince and Sasha eat theirs? They’ll be here any minute with Tom and Bobbie, so I might as well order for them, too.”

She rose and went to a studio phone but then stopped and wheeled around again. “Rajah Collier, are you sure!? You’re trying to tell me that Sasha has anchovy and peppers? A tiger, and he wants anchovy and peppers?” She shook her head and added, “If you’re wrong, young man, don’t come crying to me for protection when Sasha goes after your furry hide!”

So far the visitors were utterly baffled. First, Joyce looked like a teenager, not like the co-anchor of a major news show. Secondly, the whole exchange about pizza completely baffled them, but finally, it appeared that the beautiful young woman was actually communicating with a Bengal tiger which was, of course, utterly impossible. When she went to the phone, Dr. Cohen reassured his colleagues of its impossibility.

The episode with the pizza had not ended. When she called the local Domino’s, she insisted that Rajah’s pizza have wall-to-wall pepperoni. Then she ordered a sausage and meatball pizza for Prince and a anchovy and peppers for Sasha. She was assured that, like every other Domino’s in the region, they had been alerted to supplying pizza to the tigers and was told it was now the chain’s highest priority. The manager made no bones about the fact that Domino’s was receiving priceless publicity and would do anything to maintain its position as the tigers’ preferred pizza supplier. She concluded the call by asking if the delivery man could stop at a market and pick up ten gallons of lemonade and just add it to the bill. The manager instantly agreed.

Hanging up the phone, she joined the others in the semicircle. Instead of sitting in a chair, though, she asked Rajah to lie down across the front of it so she could sit on the floor and lean back against his shoulders. When he instantly took up the requested position, she sat down and decided the floor was too hard. Getting up, she asked the tiger to turn and lie down facing the camera, putting his back to the group. When he did that, she kicked off her moccasins and lay down on his back. Rajah held his head up high to provide a good head rest for her.

“Much better!” she sighed. Then after rolling over to thank him with a kiss, she looked at the men attentively and said, “I guess we might as well get started. It looks like Bobbie and Tom may have been held up in traffic. Now, gentlemen, what exactly are your complaints? But, by the way, aren’t you missing someone? Isn’t Mr. Wiesman going to be with us today? He is your president, isn’t he?”

Cohen was obviously serving as spokesman. After looking uncomfortably at his colleagues he replied, “He... he’s not feeling well today. His doctors feel he needs a complete rest. The poor man is so dedicated to animals, of course. Apparently he overworked.”

“Oh?” Joyce replied with concern. “Golly! He seemed fine at the circus last night. It must have been very sudden. What happened? How is he feeling?”

Looking even more uncomfortable, Cohen stammered, “It happened last night. Poor Nathan could only mutter a few words. But he did seem terribly distressed about something. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very coherent.”

Still resting against Rajah, Jack thought she looked incredibly beautiful as she had pulled up her long tanned legs slightly so they were bent at the knee. It was all he could do to keep from completely breaking down with laughter. He had never realized Joyce was as good an actress as she so obviously was.

With her eyes still wide she asked, “Words? What words? And what was he so distressed about?”

Having gone as far as admitting Wiesman’s problem, Cohen blurted, “All he said was, ‘Claws! Big claws!’, and ‘Teeth! Big teeth!’ As for the distress, he was constantly looking for paper and a pen. All we could make out were disconnected words. He said, ‘Apology! Write apology!’ Does that mean anything to you, Miss Collier?”

“Well, in honesty, it does ring a few bells. But we’ll get back to that in a moment. After all, we’re here to talk about the animals, not Mr. Wiesman. Now, gentlemen, shall we begin?”

Cohen appeared visibly relieved to change the subject. Taking notes from his pocket, he reviewed them to get them in correct order. But then he ad-libbed: “Miss Collier, what tranquilizer are you using on this poor beast? And where is his keeper? Frankly, I am amazed at your bravery, being so close to a wild animal like that.”

At the word “tranquilizer”, Rajah responded to an instant instruction from Joyce. Unceremoniously dumping her on the floor, in an instant he was looming over Cohen. His paws were on the armrests of Cohen’s chair and he glared down at him with baleful, gleaming eyes. He drew back his lips exposing his great teeth and released an utterly terrifying growl. Cohen turned white and just stared upward at Rajah who was now acting as menacing as Cohen believed all tigers should.

Meanwhile, Joyce ignored Cohen and Rajah as she got to her feet, said, “Ouch,” as she rubbed what she pretended to be a bruised bottom, then carefully brushed the dirt off her shorts. Going over to Jack she asked him if her hair was still together. As she did, they exchanged winks and Jack whispered, “Rajah is unbelievably good!” She just winked back and casually walked back across the circle to the terrified man.

Putting her hands on her hips she just sadly shook her head. “Oh, dear!” she said sadly, “I guess Mr. Wiesman didn’t deliver his message very coherently. You see, he had a problem last night. He said that these tigers had no teeth nor claws. That upset Rajah and his friends because they are all very proud young men - particularly proud of their appearance and bearing. Well, I guess from the comments you heard - you know: sharp claws, sharp teeth - that he was convinced on the point.” She grinned and added, “No pun intended.

“But anyway, he could have worked around that okay, but then he really tore it: He said these boys were druggies.”

She shook her head sadly and said, “They hate that. They really do. It gets them terribly upset. And then you go and do it again today.” Going closer, she casually peered around Rajah’s looming body and asked, “Dr. Cohen, does Rajah really look tranquilized? Right now? Does he really? Raj, are you tranquilized?” This time the tiger let out an earsplitting roar right in the doctor’s face, then changed the sound into the loudest, most menacing snarl anyone had ever heard.

While he was performing, Joyce was carefully studying her finger nails. As Rajah completed his roar she punched him in the side and complained, “Damn you, Rajah Collier! When you dumped me like that, I think you made me crack a fingernail. Just look!”

At that Rajah ignored Cohen and dropped off the chair back to the floor. Instantly taking his house-cat position he looked intently at Joyce’s finger tip. Looking remorseful and forlorn he moved his head forward and kissed her finger tip. “You kissed it, Raj, but you didn’t make it better! I’m mad at you.” At that the animal dropped flat on the floor and put his forepaws over his head covering his eyes.

Dropping down in front of him she communicated, “Darling, you’re utterly magnificent! This is an Academy-Award performance if there ever was one!” Aloud she said, “You big baby! Okay, I forgive you. Now give me a kiss and let’s be friends again.”

Saying she supposed she could mostly fix her broken nail with an emery board, she lifted his paw from his head and kissed him. Feeling her kiss, Rajah happily put his paws back on the ground and kissed her full on the lips. They were positioned so that the visitors could see the kiss clearly. The men were utterly stunned.

Just then, the door opened and Bobbie and Tom arrived, accompanied by Prince and Sasha. Joyce jumped up and rushed over to greet them followed by Jack Johnson and Rajah. While she was introducing the Conroys, Rajah was touching noses with each of his buddies. Then he led the way over to the semicircle where the three seated themselves side-by-side in their house-cat poses. Before the people moved away from the doorway, the delivery men from Domino’s arrived. There were three of them in uniform with one carrying the pizzas in a keep-hot carrier while the others carried bags containing half-gallon cartons of lemonade.

The arrival of the pizza recessed the session. Even though Tom was wearing a beautifully-cut suit and tie and Bobbie was wearing a lovely dress, they sat down on the floor with their great cats.

The animals curved their bodies so their masters could lean back against them while feeding them their pizza.

When Bobbie confirmed that, indeed, Sasha loved anchovy and peppers, Rajah caused Joyce to laugh by very cutely sticking out the tip of his huge tongue. She admitted he was right, apologized and kissed him, then continued feeding him his pepperoni and sausage with extra cheese pizza. And as usual, he gave her a very hurt look when she stole a bite. Water containers were found, filled with lemonade, and the tigers rapidly drank it all.

With appetites temporarily satisfied, Bobbie and Tom took seats beside Jack while Joyce had Rajah resume his supine position so she could again lie on his back. The other two tigers took position on each side sitting up alertly. When Bobbie teased Joyce, saying her posture and position were terribly unprofessional, Joyce looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, “Unprofessional? True. But very comfortable!” The two women just giggled.

Then Jack Johnson officially opened the meeting. He explained to Bobbie and Tom that the men from Animal Rights had a list of complaints. While he was going through his preamble, technicians were checking the mikes each of the guests was wearing. Cohen’s had been blown out by Rajah’s roar and needed to be replaced. Concluding his updating of the Conroys, he turned to the guests and said, “Gentlemen, we’re all ears.”

Then looking a bit chagrined he added, “However, I guess it’s only fair to remind you of the recent... incident... involving Dr. Cohen. It should be clear to you by now that there are certain things to which these tigers... react... violently. I do hope you will keep that in mind as you phrase your remarks.”

Cohen swallowed hard but began by citing his professional affiliations, university degrees, the titles of his published papers, and all the places he had visited. Concluding, he stated flatly that he was the world’s foremost authority on tigers.

“That was very interesting and impressive, Dr. Cohen,” Tom Conroy said in a conciliatory tone. “But tell me, how many tigers have you actually met?”

“Why... why... a great many,” he replied.

“And how many of those were in the wild or running loose?” Tom asked quietly.

“Well... why... none,” Cohen replied in a flat voice. But then he brightened and added, “But I have talked with hunters, trappers, villagers, tribesmen in their habitat... I have studied their spoor, talked with leading zoologists...”

“Have you ever slept on one?” Tom Conroy inquired innocently.

“Are you totally insane!” Cohen exclaimed. “Of course not!”

Turning to Joyce whose eyes were half-closed as if she were falling asleep Tom asked, “Joyce, how was it last night? Was Raj comfortable?”

Joyce rolled on her side so she could rub her cheek against the back of Rajah’s great head, evoking a delighted purr from him. Then she returned to her former position and replied, “Delicious!

Oh, Tom, it was everything I ever expected it to be and so much more! This morning I thought I was waking up on the most gloriously soft, warm furry bed. In fact,” she said with a grin, “Before I was fully awake I was wondering what had happened to my pillow. It wasn’t there, but I was still so wonderfully relaxed and comfortable.

“But the greatest was Rajah’s huge arms around me keeping me warm and holding me tight.” Then turning to Bobbie she said, “And darling, rubbing your nipples against his glorious fur... Yum!”

Turning back to Cohen, Tom said, “She did, Doctor. And Miss Collier is anything but insane!”

Looking at him pointedly, Tom continued, “And, Doctor, I would be very careful in your choice of words. As Jack Johnson has already pointed out, there are a number of words and phrases to which the cats react... somewhat violently. On the other hand, there is one thing to which Rajah reacts ferociously. That is anything he sees as an attack on, or a derogation of, his mistress, Joyce Collier, whom he adores more than anything in this world.

“In fact, there are two somewhat mutilated bodies lying in the Los Angeles County morgue right now. You see, two men attacked Miss Collier very late last night. It’s fair to say that, with Rajah present, it was truly a fatal error in judgment.” With his eyes locked on Cohen, Tom concluded quietly, “I do hope I have made myself clear?”

Hearing Tom’s words, Cohen turned white with fear. Clearly, he had understood. Trying to phrase his thoughts with great care he said, “Am I to understand that Miss Collier spent last night on that tiger’s back? In the position in which we see her now?”

“Of course not, Doctor,” Joyce replied softly, sounding half-asleep. Her eyes were again half-closed as she added sleepily, “I slept on his chest and belly. That’s where the most wonderfully soft, warm, white fur is. It’s where I can feel the steady beating of his great heart. And besides, while cats are limber, they’re not that flexible. How could he possibly have his arms around me holding me close when I’m on his back.”

“Were... were you dressed like that?” he asked fearfully.

“Don’t be silly!” she replied petulantly. “I was naked. How else could I fully enjoy the feeling of his fur? And besides Raj would far rather have his arms on my bare skin and feel it on his body than he would dumb clothes. Right, darling?” Not wanting to move his head and disturb his mistress, he just made a wonderfully agreeable, happy noise.

“But... but... I don’t understand. How can you control these wild beasts?” Cohen stammered.

“First of all, Doctor,” Tom replied, “you’re not the greatest living authority on tigers. Miss Collier is. It is fair to say that her acquaintance with the animals has been substantially more... intimate... than yours has ever been. Spoor, indeed!

“How does she control Rajah? She does not. He controls himself.

Why? Because for reasons of his own, he utterly adores her. As I said earlier, he will do absolutely anything for her, including gratefully offering up his life to protect her. There is nothing -- absolutely nothing! - that animal will not do for the woman he adores, Joyce Collier. As for Joyce, she refers to him as Rajah Collier: He is a beloved member of her family. She loves him and he knows it. And he responds to that love.

“For reasons of their own, these cats love us. They love my wife, myself, and the ten six-year-old children that my wife teaches. It is love, Doctor. That is all there is to it.”

Then turning to the tigers he said, “Prince and Sasha, since Rajah is... occupied... why don’t you do some things for these gentlemen? First, I understand there is some question about teeth and claws. Would you care to reassure them?”

The two great cats rose smoothly and stalked over to where the guests were sitting. Ignoring Cohen - Rajah had communicated his experience with the doctor - they took the same position Rajah had taken with their forepaws on the arms of the two men’s chairs. First they growled baring their full sets of teeth. Then turning their right paws inward they slowly extended their claws. The men watched with the same terrified fascination they would feel watching a cobra from the same distance. Fully extended, the great claws were over three inches long.

“Perhaps we file their claws to dull them,” Conroy suggested quietly. Do any of you gentlemen question their sharpness? Dr. Cohen, I understand you have a list of complaints in your pocket.

Since you are... more free to move than your colleagues, why don’t you check it? After all,” he said sounding very reasonable, “since KNBC went to all the trouble of making their facility available to us, and spent all the money to get a full crew in at overtime rates on Saturday, it would be tragic if you left and then found there were problems that you had forgotten to raise and hence were not discussed. Please check your list, Doctor,” Tom said with a note of steel in his voice. “Let’s avoid any future... misunderstandings.”

Cohen took the long list from his pocket but didn’t even glance at it. Instead he just said, speaking very rapidly, “We’ve covered all our points. We’re now very satisfied. Thank you very much!”

“Doctor, please!” Tom protested. “I must insist. That’s a very extensive list, and we’ve only talked about a couple of the items.” Then he brightened and said, “Perhaps you’re having trouble reading it. Even from here I can see that it’s typed, so why don’t we ask Jack Johnson to read it. Jack, would you?”

Before Jack could say a word Cohen fumbled with the sheets in his rush to put the list away again saying it wasn’t necessary.

“But I’m afraid it is,” Tom insisted. Then to the tigers he said, “Boys, do you think you could persuade the doctor to let Jack see his list?”

While maintaining their positions straddling Crawford and Higgins, they turned towards Cohen seated in the middle, put their heads almost against his terrified face and let out the fiercest snarls anyone had ever heard. Cohen’s hands were shaking uncontrollably as he held out the sheets in Jack’s direction, but not very far. He was so terrified that was as much movement as he could manage.

Going over to Cohen, Jack retrieved the list, returned to his chair and began to read it. As he did they heard Joyce in a half-asleep voice say, “Tom, please tell the boys to try to keep the noise down? They woke me up.” Tom looked at the lovely girl and grinned. She was not pretending. Indeed, she had been sound asleep.

“Boys,” Tom said quietly, “you heard your Queen’s handmaiden. She’s trying to sleep and you woke her up. Aren’t you ashamed?” With a single paw left on a chair arm for support, the two tigers both turned inward and put the free paw over their eyes indicating their shame. “No, guys, Joyce isn’t mad at you. She loves you both. She just wants you to keep it as quiet as you can from now on. Okay?”

The two paws came down from their heads, the animals nodded quickly and happily, and then returned to their former positions with their paws on the guests’ chair arms.

“I don’t know, Tom,” Jack said quietly. “After reviewing the list, we’ve covered some of it, but most of the items refer, in one way or another, to drugging the animals and crippling their claws.” He shook his head sadly as he looked at the visitors and added, “I’m terribly sorry, gentlemen, but that’s what is on the list. And it is typed on your letterhead, too.”

The three men all screamed at once. Using different sets of words, all babbled about how wrong they were about drugs. Absolutely no drugs.

“Well,” Jack said happily, “I guess we can consider that matter closed.” Looking at the men with steel in his eyes and in his voice now, he added, “We will, of course, get a retraction and an apology, won’t we, gentlemen? In writing?” The three men all babbled their agreement. “I guess that just leaves the claws problem. Do you have any ideas, Tom?”

“Jack, I’m afraid it’s time for show and tell.” Looking at the tigers he said, “Boys, you can get down now.”

Smoothly the tigers dismounted from the guests’ chairs, and returned to their former locations and sitting positions. Shaking his head sadly, he looked at Prince and said, “Prince, why don’t you demonstrate that your claws are, indeed, sharp. Since it was Dr. Cohen’s list, why don’t you use him as your demonstration subject?”

Then with a warm smile and in a low voice he added, “And Prince? Remember that Miss Collier is sleeping. She had a very long night last night and really needs her sleep, so try to be as quiet as you can, okay?”

Prince rapidly nodded his head and moved in a flash to a position in front of Cohen’s chair. Then he sat, cocked his head and seemed to be studying the problem the way a diamond cutter would study a raw diamond before making his first cut. With a small nod of his great head he extended his right paw with his claws fully extended. Cohen’s eyes were bulging with fright and his mouth was open wide in a soundless scream.

After carefully putting his middle claw behind the man’s collar–Cohen was fully dressed in a jacket and tie - there was a flashing movement and Prince was again just sitting with both paws on the ground. However, everything Cohen was wearing–shirt, tie, pants, underwear, and even his expensive leather belt–were slit from throat to crotch.

Exchanging quick winks Tom and Jack went over to the man and looked at him the way archaeologists might look at a newly opened tomb. “Good grief!” Johnson exclaimed. “Such precision! Tom, have you ever seen anything like it? So quick and smooth and painless?”

“You’re right, Jack,” Tom agreed, “And just look: There’s just this tiny red line from neck to groin. I don’t even think it’s bleeding.” Turning to Prince, he patted the animal’s head and said, “Prince, that was outstanding! I can’t tell you how proud I am! And you didn’t even make a sound. You were just plain great. Now, fellah, how about the right sleeve? Can you do that as neatly?”

Prince beamed at the praise from his king and master and nodded his head.

While he was moving back into position, Bobbie was struggling valiantly to keep from totally cracking up with laughter. Then she realized it was a problem Joyce didn’t have because she was now sleeping so soundly. She looks so beautiful and innocent and peaceful, Bobbie thought. As she watched, Joyce wriggled her bottom on Rajah’s back, smiled warmly and relaxed again in her sleep.

While his colleagues watched in horror and Cohen was paralyzed with fear, Prince slit one sleeve, then the other, then each pants leg in turn. Working on the pants, he even slit the man’s socks and shoes right to the point of their toes. In each case it took only a single swipe of his great paw.

While it was going on, after each stroke Jack and Tom carefully inspected the results. After his stroke on Cohen’s left sleeve, the two men heard an object hit the floor. Bending down, Jack picked up the man’s wristwatch and showed it to Tom. “Now this is real skill, Tom. You don’t get this from any old tiger. Just look! Even starting all the way up at the collar he maintained contact good enough to slit the watchband, too! Boy!” he exclaimed patting the tiger on the head, “Prince, you’re a real professional! I have never seen better.”

When Prince was finished, he returned to his position beside Rajah and sat down, while the two men continued their inspection.

Jack reached out and grabbed the man’s right lapel while Tom took his left. They just pulled gently and all of the layers of clothes came off, leaving the man bare. It was as if he was a cross-section cutaway: All the clothes were still on his back but there was nothing at all in front.

Turning towards Bobbie, Tom said with a broad wink, “Bobbie Conroy, have you no shame? Shouldn’t you go somewhere or do something... or something?”

She just looked at him with a completely bland look on her face, although her eyes were dancing with glee and just said in an utterly flat tone of voice, “No.” Tom almost cracked up.

Looking down at the material Tom said in a tone of some surprise, “Gee, Jack, the crotch is wet.” Sniffing the air he looked at Cohen with his eyebrow raised and said, “Dr. Cohen, I thought you were at least toilet-trained! The tigers are, after all, so shouldn’t you be?”

Cohen was now in a near-catatonic state and Jack told Tom that he didn’t think the doctor heard him. Furthermore, he really didn’t appear to be in any condition to agree or disagree to anything.

Tom shook his head but reluctantly agreed that he was probably correct.

Turning to the others, Tom said, “Gentlemen, it doesn’t appear Dr. Cohen is too coherent right now, so... What do you think? Do you think the cat’s claws are dull? That they have been mutilated? Anything like that?”

The men were utterly terrified. Each could see a single red line running continuously from Cohen’s neck, over his shoulder and down to his wrist. In spite of their length, on each side there had been a single stroke of Prince’s paw made at blinding speed. Babbling incoherently they agreed to everything and swore that a written apology would be delivered by noon on Monday.

Then Jack, taking a cue from what he learned Joyce had done the night before, said, “You won’t forget now, will you? You must know that these tigers have fabulous memories and are great hunters, day or night. They have heard your commitment and consider it to be a solemn vow.”

He shook his head sadly and continued, “I’m afraid your lives wouldn’t be worth much if - for any reason whatsoever - that letter does not arrive here in the studios by noon, Monday. You do understand, don’t you?” They both babbled but their heads were nodding up and down a mile a minute.

“Wonderful!” Jack replied. “Now that we’ve taken care of our business, may I offer you some refreshment before you leave?”

Instead, the men almost ran out of the studio carrying the limp and catatonic Cohen between them.

Jack Johnson turned to Tom with an expression of hurt in his eyes and asked, “Why didn’t they stay, do you suppose? We do have great refreshments ready.”

“Gee, Jack,” Tom replied, puzzled. “I have no idea.” Then he brightened and said, “Maybe they were late for another appointment?”

Jack agreed that they probably were. After all, he reasoned, why else would they leave?

“And besides,” Tom added, “I’m certain that Prince, Sasha, and Rajah will be very happy to help with the refreshments. Waste not, want not, after all.”

With the charade finally over, they just cracked up laughing, and their laughter awakened Joyce. When she asked where everyone was, Tom pointed to Cohen’s chair and said, “He’s not here now, but you can easily see where he was.”

There on the back of the chair was the back half of all of his clothing. He had been sweating so much that the moisture had almost glued the back of his clothes to the chair.

Chapter 32

With the Animal-Rights people out of the building, the studio crew came down from their working positions and a lovely buffet was laid out. Bobbie teased Joyce and Jack because it was composed principally of tea sandwiches - not the tigers’ favorite snack.

When the director came down from the booth, he was shaking his head. Expecting what Prince might do, they had the station’s highest-speed, ultra-slow-motion video tape machine rolling. A technician turned on a big-screen monitor and they gathered around to watch. The scenes were truly incredible because, even in ultra-slow motion, they could hardly see the tiger’s paw in motion.

Joyce, who had slept through the whole thing, whistled softly in appreciation. She gave Prince a warm kiss and thanked him for being so considerately quiet.

Then Bobbie went to him, kissed him warmly, and said, “Prince, you were so good! Tom and I are so proud, we want to do something special for you.” Looking into his eyes she asked, “Would you like to be our bed for our nightly lovemaking tonight?

Would you?”

Prince was almost overcome with joy. The idea of holding his king and queen on his body while their gorgeous bodies merged was almost more than he could stand. He understood it to be an incredible display of recognition that he felt he did not really deserve.

With her face close to his, Bobbie said very softly, for his ears alone, “You realize, darling Prince, that it will be very different from yesterday? Yesterday, Tom and I were just trying to mix his cum with my love juices as quickly as possible. Tonight... tonight we will truly make love. It will probably take a long time. We will merge our bodies repeatedly. Will you be able to bear all that weight for so long?”

“My beloved Queen,” Prince communicated, “if you should crush my body beneath yours, I would die at the utter height of ecstasy! I would have served as a true marriage bed for my most beloved king and queen.”

There was the warmest possible smile on the huge animal’s face as he continued, “Perhaps... perhaps you will be overcome with the power of your love. Then you might sleep on my body and I could wrap my arms around you to keep you warm and safe... Then I would truly be in heaven! And in the morning, when you’re still half asleep and still warm and snugly from my fur, to merge your bodies yet again...”

He sighed and Bobbie realized he was totally serious. The thought of their combined weight moving on his chest in frenzied lovemaking thrilled him - it did not concern him in the slightest. Bobbie said she would talk to Tom about it.

Rejoining the others, she was delighted to see Jack’s arm around Joyce’s waist while her body was as close to his as she could get. When she joined the little group of only Jack, Joyce, Tom and herself, Jack said softly, “This isn’t for public consumption just yet, but I must tell you two something, since you are Joyce’s best friends. She has consented to become my wife.”

Hearing his words, Bobbie shrieked with joy. Then she took Joyce in her arms and kissed her, letting the full power of her kiss with all of its love flow to her. Joyce was reeling when Tom repeated it with a kiss of his own containing a tremendous flow of love and the purest joy. When he released her, he placed her in Jack’s arms. Realizing her knees had turned to water, he put her arms around his neck and melted her with a kiss of his own.

As Joyce’s passion mounted, Bobbie squeezed Tom’s hand and said, “Aren’t they just beautiful? You can actually see the love and passion they feel for each other!”

When they broke their kiss, Joyce just snuggled her face into his neck and sighed. Then she looked into Jack’s face and said, “Darling, you’re wonderful! And you’re only human - unlike the god and goddess here.” Then she grinned and said, “Darling, I’m about to put your life and all my possible future happiness at risk. Jack, would you please give Bobbie a kiss on the occasion of our engagement?”

After giving her a puzzled frown, he took Bobbie into his arms and felt her just melt her body to his. When her most incredible lips met his, he suddenly felt for the first time what a man in an electric chair would feel. But rather than high-voltage electricity, it was the highest-voltage love coupled with a flood of pure joy.

When his legs buckled, Bobbie instantly shifted her arms from around his neck to under his arms to hold him up, but continued kissing him. Finally, Jack was a dead weight in her arms. After finally ending the kiss, she told Tom that she needed some help. Jack, at six feet two and 200 pounds, was a little heavy for her to hold up by herself. Grinning, Tom grabbed a chair, took Jack from Bobbie’s arms and eased him into it. Then he held him by the shoulders to keep him from falling over.

Dropping to her knees, Joyce held him and anxiously looked into his eyes. Although his eyes were open, they were unfocused and just staring blankly. Gently slapping his face she called, “Jack? Jack? Can you hear me? Jack?”

Slowly there were signs of recovery as he started to revive. Wheeling on Bobbie, Joyce demanded, “Now where in hell is the Consumer Product Safety Commission when you really need it? Damn it, Barbara Bradley Conroy, you should be banned! You should be declared illegal!”

“Me?” Bobbie asked with her innocence dripping from the word. “Joyce Collier, I’m a very happily married woman. Whatever is your problem?” Joyce just stuck her tongue out and laughed merrily.

Finally Jack looked up, shook his head and murmured, “Wow!” Then he looked at Bobbie, nodded his head rapidly and said, “They sure got it right, didn’t they?”

“Who got what right?” Bobbie asked, puzzled by his comment.

“The tigers, silly. No wonder you are their queen and Tom is their king, while poor Joyce is only your handmaiden. Woman, with what you unloaded in me in just those couple of moments, I will be spilling joy all over everything for the next six weeks, at least.” Now that his legs were back in working order he stood up, took both of Bobbie’s hands in his, and said, “Barbara and Thomas Conroy, I hope you will allow Joyce and me to consider you our closest and dearest friends.

“Last night, Rajah eloquently described Joyce’s role in life: to give birth to as many children as possible, to nurse them at her breast, to love them, care for them and teach them the basics. Then, when they are six years old, give them over to your care. Dear Bobbie, that is exactly what Joyce intends to do: to become a baby factory manufacturing raw material for you. Having experienced just one of your kisses, now I understand why that is the highest possible goal a woman could set for herself: to produce children good enough that you would accept them into your care.”

When he finished, tears were slowly flowing from Bobbie’s eyes while she had just been slowly but continuously shaking her head in negation. “Jack, I’m just a kid! The fruit of Joyce’s womb and your seed will be utterly magnificent little creatures...”

“...And possibly even good enough for you,” Jack completed. Then he smiled warmly and said, “Of course, we do have an inside track, I guess. Since Joyce swore to turn all of our children over to you for their education, that must mean that you’re agreeing in advance to take them.”

Turning to Joyce he beamed and said, “But then I knew I was marrying a brilliant woman! What a fabulous deal for us you tricked Bobbie into taking!”

At that point Bobbie had an idea. Knowing that Saturday was one of their days off, she asked them if they had any plans for the evening. When they just shook their heads, Bobbie said it was great; they were joining Tom and her for an engagement celebration! After ensuring that Jack had a dinner jacket - as news director and an anchorman, she was certain that he did–she picked up the nearest phone and called Ali Clifford. She explained the situation to her new Aunt Ali, who squealed with delight. Then Bobbie just stared into the silent telephone for a few minutes, not knowing what was going on.

When Ali came back on the line, all arrangements had been made. Bobbie was instructed to take Joyce to Henry Hall’s. Yes, it was Saturday, but he was coming in and would be at the studio, waiting, in twenty minutes. Bobbie was told then to take Joyce to the best shop of its kind on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It was a shop in a chain, owned by a company which was in turn owned by a company controlled by the Cliffords. “And, darling Bobbie, most of its stock that we don’t own, your parents do.” Finally, they were instructed to appear at the Clifford’s suite at the Beverly Wilshire at six-thirty - with at least two tigers, one of whom had to be that marvelous Rajah.

Grinning at the phone, Bobbie said, “Yes, ma’am, Aunt Ali, sir! I’ll get on it right away!”

After giving Tom and Jack their orders, she told Sasha and Rajah to join them and dragged Joyce by the hand toward the door. As she staggered along like a rag doll being dragged in Bobbie’s wake, she cracked up the men with laughter as she crossed her eyes and stuck the tip of her tongue out of the corner of her mouth.

After loading the two tigers into the back of Joyce’s van, Bobbie gave her directions to the Alliance Studios where Henry Hall had his salon. After greeting the two tigers and congratulating Rajah on his great TV appearance, Henry turned his attention to Joyce. He pronounced her tawny hair to be utterly magnificent, and then quickly styled it into an easy-care hairdo that caused her to gasp with joy. He told her that he had followed the normal Clifford & Jamison model: It had to look good when she was in bed with her man. She blushed, but then kissed him soundly.

Then they roared from the studio to the designated shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. After parking the van, they found they had a significant walk to the store. Joyce silently blessed Lieutenant Collins for obviously putting the word out to all Southern California law-enforcement agencies about Rajah. A street patrol officer politely saluted and asked if he could shake Rajah’s paw. He had heard about Rajah putting two dangerous felons down - permanently - and he wanted to shake his paw. The officer cracked up when, after very politely shaking his hand and feeling so proud hearing his praise, Rajah brought his right paw up over his right eye in a salute which the officer meticulously returned with a broad smile.

But the greatest pleasure Rajah and Sasha had was to pace abreast on the very crowded sidewalk, clearing a path for their queen and Rajah’s beloved mistress. Joyce squeezed Bobbie’s hand, grinned at her and whispered, “Isn’t this neat! Have you ever seen such looks on people’s faces?” The looks ranged from awe to sheer terror, but no one contested the tigers’ right to as much of the sidewalk as they cared to have.

Reaching the shop, it almost instantly became apparent that the word had not yet reached down from on high. Seeing Joyce dressed in cutoff jeans, the manager was about to order them off the premises when she saw the two huge tigers staring at her and thought better of it.

When Bobbie introduced herself as Barbara Conroy, the woman gave her a somewhat imperious, if blank, look as if to say, “So?”

Bobbie just said, “Oh, you will hear about us shortly. We’ll just wait.” A moment later, a young woman came running up to the manager with her eyes as wide as saucers. When Bobbie heard the girl say “headquarters,” she winked at Joyce and started to giggle when the manager fled back towards her office.

A few minutes later the manager returned. This time Bobbie could see that her hands were literally shaking with fear as she said, “Did you say your name was... Barbara Conroy?” Noticing the fear in the woman’s eyes, the two tigers moved between her and the women they would give their lives to protect.

Bobbie replied, “It certainly is. It’s the same name I gave you a few minutes ago, after all. What happened? Did the call from headquarters change your attitude? Did they tell you that Uncle Bill and Aunt Ali own most of this joint, and most of what they don’t own, my parents do?” With her eyes wide with innocence, Bobbie repeated, “Did they tell you all of that?”

The woman was so scared she could no longer even speak. With her eyes as wide as saucers all she could do was nod.

“That’s wonderful!” Bobbie declared. “Then can I assume that one of your saleswomen might be able to find a moment to help us? We really don’t have much time.”

Since it was already after four, the woman clapped her hands and ordered the doors locked to prevent any new customers from entering while leaving one clerk at the door to unlock it for customers leaving the store. Then she ordered all saleswomen not already waiting on customers to assist in satisfying the store’s most important clients.

Bobbie and Joyce were ushered into the VIP fitting room. They giggled together as they saw another nearly-naked customer being unceremoniously evicted as they approached, clutching an arm-full of clothing to try to cover her bare breasts. After stripping to their pants, they casually awaited the appearance of dresses to be tried on. Joyce had a difficult time controlling her giggling as she saw the eyes of the store staff bulge at the sight of such incredible beauty.

What followed was the funniest sixty minutes in the history of women’s-wear retailing. Bobbie told Sasha and Rajah to make themselves comfortable on the floor. The two tigers lay down with their bodies curved comfortably. As dress after dress was tried on, the animals made their opinions known: They shook their heads, or covered their eyes, or growled.

The girls were having a wonderful time teasing the tigers and frustrating the staff. Finally, Rajah beamed at Joyce when she tried on a magnificent green silk dress with a skirt made of layers of the same shade of silk chiffon. The green was a perfect match for the green of her eyes and went beautifully with her tawny hair.

When that was settled, Bobbie gave some fast instructions to the manager. Her eyes widened, but she dashed off to carry out the instructions. Minutes later, one of the women appeared with several jewelry boxes of different sizes. Bobbie opened each, glanced at the contents, nodded, and said, “Come on, Joyce. Let’s blow this dump. You’re the important one, after all. I’ll just wear my Clifford & Jamison standard.”

When Joyce shook her head, Bobbie explained that it was a model that the firm bought in gross lots. The size was always the same; only the colors varied.

When Bobbie asked about payment, the manager said it would be billed to the Cliffords from corporate headquarters at cost prices. Bobbie just nodded blandly at the news. Suddenly Bobbie snapped her fingers, asked Joyce her shoe size, and again a clerk dashed out. While they were waiting, Joyce was admiring her new dress and then looked at the tag hanging on it. The price was $10,000. She gasped and said she couldn’t keep it - there was no way she could afford it. All Bobbie did was to look at her quizzically and ask how on earth she could not afford it - it was a gift.

When she tried to protest, Bobbie told her to shut up. When she continued her protest, Bobbie imperiously ordered Rajah to shut his mistress up. Knowing exactly what was going on, the tiger just backed his mistress into a corner and held her there, while the dress was carefully wrapped and placed on a hanger in a heavy clear plastic garment bag to protect it.

Then telling Rajah to bring his mistress along, Bobbie rushed out. The tiger took Joyce’s hand between his jaws and hauled her out of the store.

Promptly at six-thirty, Bobbie rang the bell of Bill and Ali Clifford’s suite and then stepped back from the door. Bill opened it and found himself face-to-face with two giant Bengal tigers. One had a giant black bow tie around his neck while the other’s tie was white.

After looking at Bill, the animals’ eyes widened for an instant and they dropped flat on the floor with their eyes closed. ”Emperor?” Bill exclaimed. “Me? Young men, get up off that floor this instant!”

Instantly the two tigers jumped to attention although their eyes were still wide with awe. When Ali appeared a moment later, the poor animals were distraught. Every instinct said that they should prostrate themselves at the feet of their empress, but the emperor had ordered them to stand.

Ali took one look and exclaimed, “You poor darlings!” Then she put her arms around Rajah’s neck and exclaimed, “Rajah, you are a wonder! I adored you when I saw you last night on television. And your black bow tie looks so handsome!” Looking at him closely she added, “Your mistress loves you so very much, doesn’t she? She groomed your glorious coat so beautifully, it just glows!”

Poor Rajah was utterly beside himself with joy. The Empress had actually seen him on television, and even noticed how beautifully his mistress had groomed his coat. He almost fainted dead away with the praise.

Turning to the other tiger, Ali wrapped her arms around his neck and then kissed him lovingly full on the mouth. The power in her kiss almost knocked the poor animal over. Even though he was in a daze, he heard her say, “Sasha, thank you so much for taking such good care of my son, Ken. He loves you so very much!” Then she whispered, “He’s waiting inside with a grooming brush, hoping you will allow him to brush your beautiful coat. I hope you will allow it. Will you?”

Sasha could not have said no to any request Ali could make, even it was to jump out of a ten-story window. He communicated that the least wish of his divine Empress was his command.

For Jack Johnson, seeing the tigers’ instantaneous reaction to the Cliffords, and their behavior towards the tigers, told him all he needed to know about them. They might be very rich, but they were assuredly the most pure and loving couple alive.

Then he looked at Ali Clifford and did not believe his eyes. She couldn’t be younger than her early forties, yet she looked like she was not yet twenty-five. Moreover, the closer he looked, the better she looked, and the same thing was true of Bill Clifford who had to be well over fifty.

First, Ali greeted her newest niece and nephew with her warmest kisses. Then Bobbie said, “Ali, may I present my newest and best friend, Joyce Collier. I’m sure you have seen her often on the news.”

“Oh, Joyce! You look simply exquisite!” In addition to her dress she was wearing the most magnificent emerald necklace with a matching bracelet from Cartier, along with a pair of giant brilliant-cut emeralds set as ear studs. Ali just shook her head and said, “My darling, those jewels fade into insignificance against your love for Jack that is shining so brilliantly from your eyes. May I be your friend, too? Please? My son, Ken, hasn’t stopped talking about you yet. I hope you know he adores you.” Then she stepped closer and asked, “And may I kiss the bride-to-be?”

Joyce, too, had learned a great deal about the Cliffords from watching the behavior of the tigers coupled with her acquaintance with Kenny. In spite of that, though, she was overcome by Ali’s sincerely gracious welcome. Extending her hand she said softly, “Mrs. Clifford–“

“Kenny,” Ali called loudly towards the sitting room, interrupting. “Please bring me the large whip from our closet. We have another slow learner with us tonight.” She glared at Joyce and said, “Miss Collier, the name is Ali. It’s short, simple, and much easier to pronounce than Mrs. Clifford. Okay? Or do I really need to use the whip?”

“Ali, I can’t thank you enough for your gracious hospitality and very warm welcome.” Then her emerald eyes flashed green fire as she added, “But if I hear the words, Miss Collier, one more time I’ll get the whip! Okay?”

Ali grinned and very cutely stuck out her tongue. Then she took Joyce in her arms and melted her with a kiss. The power of the love in that kiss almost flattened the girl. When she pulled away slowly she murmured, “Oh God! Another Bobbie! I’ll be killed.” Then she glared and said, “You, too, lady. You should be declared illegal. You and your niece, Bobbie, should both be posted as hazards to navigation or something.”

Again Ali stuck out her tongue and said, “I love you, Joyce Collier. Once again Bobbie has demonstrated exquisite judgment in her choice of friends.”

After Jack was greeted in a similar vein, they went into the sitting room. There they found Ken and Andy Cartwright shyly waiting for them. Ken was wearing a handsome short-pants suit, while Andy was wearing the most exquisite party dress Joyce had ever seen.

Meanwhile the two tigers were utterly overcome. They had been invited into the presence of the finest, purest people on the face of the earth. To make it perfect, Andy and Ken immediately started sneaking the most luscious snacks from the array of hors d’oeuvres trays and began feeding them. The animals felt as if they had already died and gone to heaven.

When little Andy saw Joyce, she made a beautiful curtsy and said, “Miss Collier, no woman has ever looked more beautiful than you do tonight! Yesterday, when I met you at the circus, I thought you were beautiful. But tonight...! Tonight you are so madly, desperately, beautifully in love! And your hair...! And your dress...!” The little girl was literally bouncing up and down with happiness and excitement.

Dropping to her knees Joyce asked, “Do I look pretty enough to kiss? Please?” When Andy kissed her, the power of her love and purity almost knocked Joyce out. Suddenly she realized it was identical to Bobbie’s but with not quite the power.

When the little girl backed away, she said softly, “May the good Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His light to shine upon you and bless you and your children and your children’s children, unto the end of time. Amen.”

Joyce was literally stunned. Andy had called down all the blessings of God on herself and her posterity, but more than that, when she said, amen, Joyce was overcome by the most amazing sense of goodness and well-being she could possibly imagine.

She said softly, “My darling Andy, thank you.” Then she shook her head and said, “You are so good, so sweet, and so pure, darling Andy, God listens to you carefully. I believe I have just received the blessings from God that you asked Him for. Andy, you are truly blessed!”

After kissing Joyce, Ken Clifford was introduced to Jack Johnson.

When they had shaken hands and Jack had kissed the little boy, Ken stood and just stared deeply into his eyes with a seemingly sightless gaze. When his eyes returned to their normal focus, Kenny was elated. “Mr. Johnson, you’re going to be so incredibly happy with Joyce for such a long time... And your children! They will add so much to your happiness. I am so pleased because you’re such a wonderful couple.

When they were finally all seated, Ali sat up straight, obviously embarrassed about something. Finally she blurted out that she and Bill had invited themselves to the dinner party. But because they were crashing, they were paying. Both younger couples indicated their delight. Then Joyce said that since they were on the subject of paying, to whom did she send a check for the magnificent clothing and jewels.

“Check?” Ali asked. “What check? For what?” When Joyce reminded her about the dress and jewels, Ali merely waved it away. “The dress, dear, is a gift to you from Bobbie and Tom in appreciation for the wonderful job you did to make their circus debut such a success. And yes, I know it has a big price tag, but we get it at cost.”

Then she frowned and said, “You know, at a store like that the markups are outrageous. As for the jewels, dear, they are a very small gift from Bill and me on the occasion of your engagement. I’m so glad they look so beautiful on you, too. Their color exactly matches your eyes and dress. I do so hope you like them!” Joyce could only nod her head vigorously. She was too choked with emotion even to speak.

The small group continued to converse while drinks were served. Joyce thought the two children were the cutest, best-behaved little people she had ever seen. They alternated between passing hors d’oeuvres trays and carefully grooming Sasha’s coat.

At seven, Ali glanced at her watch and looked embarrassed. She confessed that she had invited a few other people to join the celebration who should be arriving momentarily. When the doorbell rang, Bill went to answer it. He greeted Ed and Vangie Bradley who were standing at the door with Kristin behind them.

There were shrieks of pleasure as Bobbie leaped up and hugged and kissed her parents and her sister. She was complimented, in turn, by them on her brilliant job of teaching and her remarkable performance with Tom the night before at the circus.

Joyce watched in wonder as the two huge cats had risen and now stood together in front of the Bradleys, utterly overcome. Now the poor things were totally baffled. Tonight they had met their emperor and empress while in the company of their king and queen.

But now there appears another couple who are also imperial! They did not know what to do.

Seeing the tigers standing with their huge awe-filled eyes, Vangie rushed over, wrapped her arms around Rajah and kissed him saying, “Rajah, you’re even friendlier in the flesh than you were on television! And you were so good!” Then turning she said, “And you’re Sasha. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to meet you!” Ed Bradley also greeted the animals with great affection.

When Kris just remained in the background, Bobbie suspected something. After introducing her parents and sister to Joyce and Jack, she looked at her sister with an eyebrow raised and said, “And what, might I ask, is going on in my twin sister’s head? Beyond thoughts of what of mine she might steal this time, of course?”

Without replying to Bobbie, Kris dropped on her knees in front of Joyce and said, “Miss Collier, I saw that piece you did last night. Fortunately, I had the tape deck running so I was able to replay it over and over.”

With her brilliant near-purple eyes wide she continued, “When you spoke of unmarried women, you were talking about me! But I wanted to confirm a few things. When you lay on Rajah’s chest, I was certain that you really wanted to be naked. Was I right?” Joyce just smiled and nodded. “Well,” Kris continued, “I guess you know that I am now recognized on the street because I’ve done a little singing. But now that my film has opened, it’s getting much worse. I’ll be hounded! Then there are the idiot men...”

Wailing, Kris said, “Miss Collier, I desperately need a tiger! Can you possibly help me? Does Rajah have a friend, maybe, or...”

“First,” Joyce replied, “If you call me Miss Collier one more time, all your troubles will be over: I’ll ask Rajah to please take off your head! Understand?” Kris grinned and nodded. “As for a friend...” Looking at Bobbie, she asked, “Bobbie, there are only you and Tom, and you have Prince to keep an eye on your apartment. Do you really need two? Could your twin borrow Sasha, maybe?”

“Oh, Joyce, no!” Bobbie exclaimed with her eyes wide. “You’re just meeting her for the first time, so you can’t know. Do you know what you’re doing to poor Sasha? Leaving the poor thing alone with my twin? Good heavens, woman, we just got finished with the animal-rights people today. Do you really want to give them some major-league cruelty to scream about?”

But then Bobbie became thoughtful. Looking at Sasha she asked, “Sash, how much do you weigh?” The tiger answered that he was about 625. “Well...” she continued thoughtfully, “Kristin is certainly a man-eater. On the other hand she only goes about 120... And you’re 625... Possibly... Sasha, could you bear a trial, perhaps, with my sister?”

Without giving the animal a chance to answer, Kris untied the tiny silk cord behind her neck that was the only thing supporting the dress she was wearing and let it drop to the floor. Now wearing only a wisp of a lace bikini, she turned to Sasha and ordered, “On your back, young man!”

The tiger couldn’t believe his good fortune. The instant he laid eyes on Kristin, his heart had rolled over. Here was a woman who was the twin sister of his queen! In an instant he was on his back with his legs spread wide.

Climbing on his chest, she stretched out and immediately began to move her nipples on his incredible fur causing them instantly to harden. “Oh my God!” she screamed. “Oh, Joyce, he is unbelievable!”

Then she pulled herself up so that her lips were over his, lowered herself and gently kissed him. But instead of a peck, she kept her lips on his and just increased the intensity of her kiss.

The tiger was almost overcome. He instantly communicated that she was now his beloved mistress forever and he swore to protect her and serve her in any way he possibly could.

Looking deep into his eyes Kris asked softly, “Promise?” With his eyes wide Sasha could only nod. “Anything? Anything at all?” Again the huge head nodded. “Great! Now Sasha Bradley, your first task! Squeeze me to your chest with your greatarms.”

Quickly, she slid back down on the animal and relaxed as his great arms came around and powerfully, yet so gently, held her tightly. When he released her, she kissed him soundly again and popped to her feet.

As she very casually stepped back into her dress that had been lying in a heap on the floor, she said, “Mom, that is the most incredible sensation I have ever had in my whole life!” Then with a big grin she added, “Why don’t you and Aunt Ali try?”

That was all the invitation the two women needed. They, too, had seen Joyce’s TV bit and had been fascinated. Now, having seen the great pleasure he had obviously given Kris, the two women shed their dresses as quickly. Vangie Bradley flopped on Sasha while Rajah rolled on his back to receive his empress.

Seeing how milk-swollen Ali’s tits were, he was very gentle and didn’t squeeze, knowing how painful it would be for her. When she kissed him he almost passed out. Then she whispered, “Rajah Collier, you are unbelievable! You know that I am nursing my baby and my tits are full of my milk, so you were so careful not to squeeze me hard.” Then she grinned and added, “Well, young man, I’ll be back after my tits have been drained so you can really squeeze! Okay?” Like Sasha, Rajah was so overcome, he could only nod eagerly.

Meanwhile, Ed Bradley had pulled a chair up close to Joyce and Jack. With a warm smile he said, “On behalf of the Bradleys, I owe you a bunch of apologies. First, of course, for inviting ourselves and muscling in on one of the most personal and private occasions imaginable, your engagement to be married. Vangie and I will try to make that up to you both, somehow. Second, the... informality... of the female Bradleys. I suppose you noticed that it took a full half-a-second each for my wife and daughter to be bare? And I’m sure you noticed their innate modesty? The way they so cleverly cover their breasts and loins? For that, I apologize also. I hope we are not disturbing you too badly.”

Jack was holding Joyce’s hand and said, “Speaking for myself–but I am certain for Joyce, as well - there is absolutely no apology called for. I have been sitting here tonight in utter amazement. First, we are guests of possibly the richest family in the world, and are treated like long-lost relatives. Then you appear. Wealth in the same class as the Cliffords, and now related to them. But beyond that, a family with a record of personal accomplishments, starting with your son, Ken, your daughter, Cathy, Kristin, here, and now including your daughter, Bobbie, who’s the most gifted teacher on the face of this earth.

“But there is so much more! First of all, the reaction of the tigers: Joyce tells me that they are the agents of the Holy Spirit here on earth. Your daughter, Bobbie, and her husband, Tom, are their King and Queen. Then, when they meet Ali and Bill, they are meeting their empress and emperor. When you appear - and I know you already know this - they are beside themselves because you and your wife are imperial, too!”

Seeing that Jack was about to call him Mr. Bradley, Ed said, “Jack, the name is Ed! My wife’s name is Vangie. They are the only names we answer to, particularly to our closest friends. And it would be a great favor to us if we could allow ourselves to consider you two to be in that category.”

Jack just shook his head and continued, “Ed, that is exactly what I mean. You know, of course, that to the tigers, your rank in their hierarchy is a function of pure goodness - of sanctifying grace. The more a person has, the higher he or she ranks. With you and the Cliffords, the poor things almost had to create some special higher categories to put you into. And you apologize because your wife and daughter strip!

“My God, if this were a place on Sunset, they could earn thousands a week exposing those perfect bodies. Joyce and I have been hanging on to one another for dear life, just looking. Neither Vangie nor Ali look like they have reached the age of twenty-five, yet we know that both of them have to be well over forty. You and Bill Clifford look like you’re in your very early thirties, yet both of you have to be well over fifty! Frankly, we cannot imagine a family as good as your two. We just can’t.”

Seeing Vangie dressing, Ed said quickly, “I have one great favor to ask... Please! Please don’t say anything to Vangie about having more children. We have been trying so hard and praying to God so much... She sees Ali bearing the most beautiful babies in the world and wants so desperately to experience the same thrill... We’re still trying, but until she succeeds... It is the only reason she ever weeps - and now it happens every month when her period begins. She is really a wonderful person and I can’t bear ever to see her hurt. I know you’re both news people, but please?”

“I’ll join my prayers with yours that Vangie may succeed,” Joyce said simply but with her tears flowing. Then with steel in her voice she continued, “Ed, until just yesterday I was just a slut–a piece of filth that you would step over. But even then, and having no morals at all, I respected the privacy of my dearest friends. Until tonight, not counting Jack, I counted three adults: Tom and your daughter, Bobbie, and a colleague, Ann Henry. Now I am overwhelmed to hear that the Cliffords and the Bradleys want to be our friends, too.” She smiled warmly and added, “And, believe it or not, I know you’re sincere. I couldn’t possibly feel more honored than I do right now.”

As Vangie approached, there were tears in Ed’s eyes as he murmured his thanks. When Vangie joined them, she was ecstatically raving about her marvelous experience to Ed. Then she said, “Darling, I felt something different in my loins when I kissed him, honestly I did! Joyce, you said they are agents of the Holy Spirit. Is there a chance... is it possible... that I might get... pregnant?”

Joyce jumped out of her chair, went to Vangie and just held her tightly. As she did, she whispered that she would pray so hard for Vangie’s prayers to be answered.

While Joyce was comforting Vangie, Bobbie called Sasha over to her, then told Kris that she wanted her close, too. It was important for both of them to hear what she had to say. First, to Sasha she said, “My darling Sasha, I am so proud of you! You’re being so brave to allow my imp twin to be inflicted on you.” Then with her eyes wide she added, “There is one consolation for you, though. You see, Imp is an unpenetrated virgin. When you drink at her fountain you will be lapping up virginal juices! Will you like that?”

“Oh, my glorious Queen, I am so unworthy! I have already sworn my undying loyalty and obedience to your twin. There are no words to describe my happiness!”

Then looking at Kris with hope and shyness so obvious in his eyes he asked, “Is it possible...? Could you ever... Would you even consider... sleeping on... on my chest? Could you?”

“But Sash,” Kris replied pretending to be puzzled, “where else would I ever sleep? The opportunity to chafe my tits against your glorious fur? Do you think I would ever miss that opportunity? But what about you, my darling friend? How will you get your rest? I love you so much, already, and I need you so badly... I really do.”

It was immediately obvious to both girls that the words Sasha was hearing were so overwhelming in their impact on him, he was speechless. Finally, he regained his communication power and said, “My glorious Mistress, you mean... you mean you... care... for *me?* Mistress, with your glorious body resting on my chest I’ll sleep in a way I have never slept before. Just imagine! I’ll be able to move my arms and feel your body under my paws! I’ll be in heaven!”

“No, darling Sasha,” Kris replied softly. “I don’t care for you.

I love you! I adore you! Now would you please give your mistress a kiss before I pass out in anticipation? Please?”

The huge tiger was sitting up straight on the floor in front of Kris. He leaned his great head towards her and when she wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss her, he wrapped his huge forelegs around her and squeezed her tight. At the same time he felt the enormous flow of her pure virginal love while she felt the incredible love and adoration he felt for her. When they eased apart, both Kris and the great tiger were shaking with emotion. Each just stared with enormous love into the other’s eyes.

“If I could interrupt this love-fest for a moment,” Bobbie said dryly, “There’s something you should know, darling sister. In just a few days your lovely golden pubic bush will disappear and your mound will be bare. Does that idea upset you?”

Kris blinked to snap the spell of love that had her in its thrall and thought for a moment. Then she smiled warmly at Sasha and said, “My darling Sasha, it will be something of mine that I give to you with pleasure. It just means, after all, that if, by some miracle, I were to meet a real man, fall in love, and marry, my cunt will be bare and sweet and clean to welcome him inside. No, dear Sasha, I won’t mind it a bit. In fact, now that my sister has told me, I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to my changed appearance.”

Rajah had come up and was sitting alertly watching the exchange. Then he communicated, “Miss Bradley, there is something else you should know about Sasha. It might cause you to change your decision. And there are others of us for you to choose from, after all.” Looking directly into Kris’s eyes, with his own eyes wide, he said, “Miss Bradley, Sasha’s favorite pizza is... anchovy and peppers!”

Her reaction amazed him. Clapping her hands in glee, she exclaimed, “That’s wonderful! It’s my favorite pizza, too.” Seeing that Sasha suddenly looked glum, she asked, “What’s wrong, darling Sasha? We must be among the few creatures on earth that will eat that pizza, let alone love it. Now we can share!”

Rajah chuckled and replied for his friend, “That’s what’s wrong, Miss Bradley. You see, the rest of us have been certain that the reason Sasha developed a taste for anchovy and peppers is that no one else likes it or will eat it. Before, no one ever stole a piece of his the way my mistress always steals mine.”

But then he brightened and said, “But maybe that means that you and Sasha were truly made for each other! After all, my favorite pizza is pepperoni and sausage with extra cheese, and it’s my darling mistress’s favorite as well. Maybe liking the same pizza is the foundation for lasting happiness!”

Just then Connie Cartwright appeared with a baby in her arms, followed by her husband, Chip, with a little boy by his side who was holding his hand. When they entered the room, Ali, who was about to slip her gown over her head, stopped and reached out her arms.

The baby, six months old, smiled and reached out her arms to her mother. Carrying the gooing baby in her arms she came over to Joyce, knelt in front of her and said, “Joyce, I would like you to meet the youngest Clifford, Kristin.” Looking down at the baby in her arms she said, “Would you like to meet our newest friends, my darling?”

At that point the baby couldn’t care less about her mother’s new friends. All she knew was that she was only inches away from the nipple on her glorious tit. Ali just shrugged at Joyce and winked and then raised the baby up the necessary few inches. With a happy cry the baby’s mouth closed on the nipple and she began to suckle. While drinking her mother’s wonderful milk the tiny girl just stroked and patted her mother’s tit.

To Joyce’s surprise, Ali remained kneeling back on her heels before her. She said very quietly so as not to disturb the nursing baby, “I thought you and Jack might like to see a nursing baby up close. What do you think?”

“I think you have to be the most perfect mother who ever lived, is what I think,” Joyce replied in a voice scarcely above a whisper. Squeezing Jack’s hand she asked, “How about you, my darling? With help from God, in just a few short months that will be me. What do you think?” she asked anxiously.

“I think I can hardly wait, is what I think,” he replied in a voice as quiet as the women’s. Then he took Joyce in his arms and kissed her slowly and lovingly. They just held their kiss while each kept glancing at Ali with her baby.

After changing the baby from her left breast to her right, the baby continued to nurse but at a slower and slower pace. Finally, her mouth stopped moving as she filled herself up and just went back to sleep.

Connie had been keeping an eye on her mother and saw the baby fall asleep. Then she took the little boy by the hand and brought him to his mother. The little boy was handsomely dressed and was three and a half years old. After giving baby Kristin to Connie, Ali, still on her knees said, “Miss Collier and Mr. Johnson, may I present my younger son, Jeffrey? Jeff, this is Miss Collier and Mr. Johnson.”

In spite of his youth, the little boy extended his hand to Joyce and said, “Good evening, Miss Collier. I’m very happy to meet you. You are looking so beautiful tonight!” Then he ad-libbed.

With his eyes wide he said, “Will you give me a kiss? Please?”

Joyce scooped the little boy up in her arms and kissed him. When she did, she felt the same flow of the purest love that she had received from his older brother. In fact, Jeff was a duplicate of Kenny in a smaller form. When she released him, his eyes were wide as he said, “I love you very much, Miss Collier. Thank you for that wonderful kiss.” Then introductions were repeated with Jack. Again he asked for a kiss and told Jack he loved him,too.

Then Ali told him that she needed his help. She asked him to empty her right tit, but reminded him to save a couple of sips for his brother, Ken. Joyce and Jack watched wide-eyed as the little boy lay across his mother’s lap, locked his lips over her nipple and began to suckle. As he did she crooned softly to him and told him how proud she was of him and how the way he had greeted the guests was simply perfect.

When she complimented him, the couple could see the little boy wriggle with pleasure in his mother’s arms. When he eased away, he stood up on his sturdy legs and asked, “Mommy, am I being a good boy? Am I making you proud?”

At that she unleashed her sunshine smile and the boy simply glowed. “Oh, my darling son, you could not be better! Daddy and I are so very proud.” Then raising an eyebrow she said softly, “But are you too old now to give your mommy a kiss?”

The little boy yelped and dove for his mother’s arms. Then he put his lips against hers and poured all the love he felt for his mother into his kiss. For her part Ali concentrated all of the love she felt for her small son into hers. The power of her kiss nearly knocked the little boy out.

As they watched while still holding hands, Joyce whispered, “Darling, do you see what I see? That boy is getting Ali’s love at a level of intensity that would kill a grown-up. Do you realize what that says about the kind of boy he is? Can you believe what we are seeing?” Jack agreed completely and could only shake his head.

Then Ali said, “Darling Jeff, we have some other guests with us tonight.” She called Rajah over and, as the giant cat loomed over the little boy she asked, “Do you know what this is, Jeff?”

The little boy looked up at Rajah’s head and said with excitement in his voice but without a hint of fear, “He’s... he’s a tiger! He is, Mommy, isn’t he?”

“He certainly is, my darling. He is a Royal Bengal tiger and his name is Rajah Collier. Would you like to say hello?”

The little boy was not at all certain how he should greet a tiger, but he held out his little hand and said, “How do you do, Mr. Collier. My name is Jeffrey Clifford and I am delighted to meet you!”

Rajah dropped flat on the floor to bring himself as close to the little boy’s level as possible. Then he raised his right paw up to the level of Jeff’s and communicated, “It is an incredible honor and pleasure for me to meet you, too, Jeffrey. But because I am a tiger, you may call me Rajah, and I would truly prefer it.”

The little boy acknowledged the instruction and apparently saw absolutely nothing strange about communicating directly with the tiger’s mind. Then Rajah rolled over on his back and said, “Jeffrey, do you think you could climb up on my chest? Because if you can, I think you would like it up here.”

The little boy wasted no time. Using clumps of Rajah’s fur for handholds, he pulled himself up on Rajah’s loins, the low point of his body and then just ran up his body and flopped on his chest. Jeff squealed with delight as he ran his arms all over the soft fur and rubbed his face in it. Rajah, of course, was completely oblivious to any pain caused by the boy pulling his fur or running with his little shoes on his groin and stomach.

Then he looked up at Rajah’s face and said, “I love you, Rajah. But it’s time for me to go to bed now.” With that the little boy just rested his head on Rajah’s great chest and in just moments was sound asleep. Occasionally he would wriggle on the tiger’s fur and just sigh with pleasure.

Seeing her son asleep, Ali gently picked him up and carried him over to where Connie was still waiting. The girl said, “Mom, I really don’t want to say anything, but... are you sure you want to go down to the restaurant dressed that way?”

Ali looked down at herself and thanked Connie for mentioning it. Looking herself over carefully, she decided that Connie was absolutely correct: wearing her bikini certainly did leave her a little overdressed.

“Mom,” Connie said, “you’re too damned much! But Jeff’s screams of joy woke his baby sister up. Any ideas?” The baby was fussing because, although she was sleepy, having been awakened, she was uncomfortably between states of sleep and wakefulness.

“As a matter of fact, yes!” Ali declared. Taking the baby in her arms she went to Rajah who was now sitting up attentively at Joyce’s side and said, “Could I enlist your aid again? And could I introduce you to the youngest Clifford, Kristin? And could I apologize for her lack of social graces? So far we have been completely unable to teach her to make a curtsy.”

Rajah’s eyes widened with fright. “But Empress, what if something happens? Good grief! You would trust me with your only daughter!?”

Ali just pointed to the floor. Rajah rolled on his back and spread his legs wide. When Ali put the baby down on his chest, it was as if she were in a wonderful warm, furry playpen. Gooing happily now, the tiny girl crawled around the wonderful space, pausing occasionally to pull at a tuft of fur. If she moved too far down or too far up, Rajah positioned a great paw to stop her.

After a few minutes, though, her sleepiness overtook her. Finding what looked like a particularly comfortable spot on his chest, she curled up and went right to sleep.

When she did, Rajah, moving his arms with the greatest care used them to cover the tiny body. Feeling the new warmth, baby Kristin just snuggled deeper and sighed.

Ali, who had been watching carefully, motioned Rajah to lift his arms slightly. He did, and Ali quickly wrapped the baby in her blanket and whisked her off back to her crib. When she returned to the sitting room, still without taking the few moments to dress, she rushed right over to Rajah, hugged him as tightly as she could and kissed him with every bit of love she could possibly convey.

Fortunately, Ali was very athletic and had remarkably quick reflexes. She needed them in that instant to jump aside to keep from being crushed under Rajah’s huge body as he fainted dead away.

“A fine friend you are, Ali Clifford!” Joyce exclaimed. “Just look what you did to my friend and protector, Rajah Collier. I just hope you’re satisfied! It’s true with all you Cliffords, too. You have no consideration for others. You just go around kissing people and tigers and don’t even think for an instant about all the damage you cause! You’re selfish.” She nodded for emphasis and repeated, “That’s it! You’re selfish. You’re just so damned full of love, you have to get rid of it somewhere with no regard for the consequences.”

Dropping to her knees beside Rajah and ignoring any possible damage to her lovely new dress, she lifted his head and moved so that she could then lower it again and rest it on her lap. Ali just stuck out her tongue and began to dress.

A few minutes later, as she felt him start to move, Joyce held Rajah’s great head tightly. His eyes blinked several times and then opened. Realizing he was lying on his dear mistress’s lap and on her brand-new dress, he tried to jerk his head up but she held it down and stroked his cheek. Rajah was terribly embarrassed, but asked what happened.

Joyce whispered softly, “My darling, Ali Clifford happened. She was so incredibly happy and pleased with the way you handled her baby and allowed her to crawl all over you, she forgot herself.” She smiled down warmly and said, “Darling Rajah, what happened was that you got all of the love that it is possible for her to communicate, undiluted. I guess Bill Clifford can take it, and maybe Kenny can by now, but no one else can - not even a Bengal tiger!” Then she grinned and asked, “Do you feel okay, now? Feel like getting up?”

The animal quickly rose, and sensing his unhappiness at her being on the floor in her new dress, Joyce did, too. When she sat down again next to Jack, Rajah sat at her feet and looked up at both of them. “Mistress and Master-to-be, I can’t tell you how I feel at this moment. I now carry a level of love and purity that I never believed possible.” With his eyes filled with wonder he continued, “I have been truly blessed.”

Then he continued, “But Mistress, it was so wonderful! Now I have the merest hint of how happy I’ll be with a baby of yours crawling over my body. Now I have the confidence that he or she will enjoy it. I can be the playpen! Isn’t that wonderful?”

They both agreed that it certainly was.

Chapter 33

When the group finally adjourned to the Beverly Wilshire’s main dining room, they made a grand entrance. The group, now nine in number, was preceded into the room by the pair of immaculately groomed Bengal tigers. They paced majestically as they followed the maitre d’hotel to the Clifford’s table which had been set off by itself. A space, formerly occupied by three other tables, had been cleared to make service easier and increase their privacy.

As they moved towards their table Joyce, in a whisper to Jack, commented on how regal the tigers looked. He replied softly, “No, darling, not regal. Imperial!”

After they all had been seated, beluga caviar was served, along with Dom Perignon champagne. After everyone was served - even Ali was drinking on the occasion - Bobbie Conroy raised her glass in a toast. She said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I know that the men customarily offer toasts, but tonight is different. First, we live in a more liberated age. But second, I have known Joyce Collier longer than any of the rest of you. At any rate, I would like to offer a toast. To Joyce and Jack, along with Rajah Collier, of course: I would like to wish you the ultimate in happiness. I wish you a marriage as filled with love and blessings as that of our host and hostess tonight, William and Allison Clifford. If there is any ingredient missing - and I don’t think there is - it can’t have any significance for a successful marriage. The toast to our guests of honor? May your marriage be as successful as Bill and Ali Clifford’s!” With cheers the toast was drunk by the others.

Then Jack Johnson spoke softly but in a voice that carried to all the people around the table. “There are a couple of details that I guess we should take care of before things go much further.” Looking at his fiancee, he asked with a voice drowning in love, “Joyce Collier, will you marry me? Will you live with me as my wife? Will you bear our children, the fruit of our union? My darling, I love you with all my heart. Will you please sayyes?”

“Oh, Jack! Yes, yes, yes!” With the warmest, most loving smile anyone had ever seen she continued, “Yes, I will marry you; yes, I will live with you as your loving and obedient wife; and oh, yes!, through the grace of Almighty God, if it be His wish, I will bear your children! My darling Jack, I love you so much and I so desperately want to carry your children, I would delightedly give birth by myself, unattended, in City Hall Square! I would proudly hold up my infant, still wet from my womb, and shout, ‘This is Jack Johnson’s child! Isn’t he - or she - beautiful!’

Oh, my darling, you have just made me the happiest woman in the whole world!”

“Then, my darling,” Jack asked softly as he reached into his pocket, “would you wear this ring as a token of my pledge to you of all my love for as long as I live. Will you accept it?” He reached for her left hand and looked into her eyes for the answer he knew would be there.

“My darling, I will wear it for the rest of my life - till death do us part!” She could feel him slipping the ring on the third finger of her left hand. When he looked up, she looked down–and gasped! “But... but... but, Jack! It is incredible! I have never seen a ring like this! Never!” The center diamond in the engagement ring he had slipped on her finger was a perfect brilliant-cut stone weighing over two-and-a-half carats.

“And, my darling, there has never been a love like this, either!”

Then he looked at her and tried to communicate his love. “Joyce, darling, I am really so glad you like it.” Then he looked at her with concern showing on his face and said, “You really do, don’t you? You’re... you’re not just saying that to make me feel good? To avoid hurting my feelings?”

“You silly goose! It is utterly incredible!” Then she reached for him and they melted together in a passionate embrace. They were both breathless when they finally parted.

Jack shook his head to clear it and said, “Wow!” Then looking around the table he said, “I am now closing out the most incredible twenty-four hours of my life!” He looked at his watch, found it was eight o’clock, and nodded. ”Exactly twenty-four hours! You see, it was at eight o’clock last night that I saw the tape Joyce made with Rajah. Incidentally, KNBC is submitting it for an Emmy award, but that’s not the point.

“Viewing the tape, I saw Joyce say that she was planning on being a spinster. ‘How could that be?’ I wondered. Every time I saw her she was on the arm of another man. Of course, I fell in love with Joyce Collier the first instant I laid eyes on her and that was years ago. I so wished that I could be charming and debonair like so many of the men I saw her with. But then I saw the tape, and in it she said she planned to be a spinster for life!

“Then, just before our air time, she came into the studio grinning. Since I had already decided to make her the co-anchor on the show and had received the enthusiastic endorsement of management, I was utterly overwhelmed by her beauty and liveliness. But it only confirmed my earlier judgment. Because of the time constraints - the tape came back in the same chopper that brought her - I never saw her performance at the circus until it aired. Watching it, my heart turned over. She was so good, so full of life and full of fun! I was seeing a side of Joyce I never knew existed.

“Then we aired her tape with Rajah. As many of you know, when it ended, I asked her - on the air - about the special effects. That was not an act. I couldn’t believe that it could be Joyce with a real tiger! Then, as you all know, I met Rajah. After the show, we had a discussion about being co-anchor - she wouldn’t accept it - and a couple of other things.

“Then I heard Rajah tell her how he was going to express his love for her, but added it wouldn’t be nearly as good as if she were making love with the love of her life - me! When she jumped all over poor Rajah for blabbing - she already knew that he could communicate with me, too - I told her that I had loved her from the first moment I saw her. Then I took her in my arms and kissed her. I would like to be able to tell you that our first kiss was the kiss of my dreams. I would like to, but I can’t.

Never did I have a dream that good! Suddenly I was utterly overwhelmed by her love and her passion, and, I gather, she was overwhelmed by mine.” He grinned and added, “But never let it be said that Joyce Collier will disappoint her viewers! She had told them that she was going to be a spinster, so, by God, she was going to be one! Regardless!

“Anyway, between Rajah and me, we soon wore her down. She consented to be my wife.” Then he smiled and said, “I won’t bore you with what happened subsequently, except to say it confirmed me in my love for her, although at the same time causing me to wonder about her judgment when she consented to marry a jerk like me.

“What happened to cause all this to happen? Two things: Barbara Conroy and Rajah Collier. It was Bobbie who, in a matter of a few minutes, totally changed Joyce’s life. Because of Bobbie, Joyce renounced all of the idiots and wantons that she formerly thought of as her friends.

“Believe it or not, as late as eleven o’clock last night, Joyce believed that the number of her adult friends was down to just three: Bobbie and Tom Conroy, and Ann Henry, a KNBC reporter. Tonight, less than twenty-four hours later, she counts as her friends Vangie, Ed, and Kris Bradley, and Ali and Bill Clifford. That’s increasing one’s friends by a multiple of nearly three in less than one day! Isn’t my fiancee great?”

Then raising his glass he said, “Joyce and I would like to drink a toast to you, our newest friends. There are no words to express our appreciation for all you have done for us already.”

Then to Rajah, who was sitting alertly beside Joyce, he asked, “Do you agree, Rajah Collier? Will you join us in the toast?”

“Master Jack, I would proudly join you in your toast, but they didn’t pour us our lemonade. However, I would like to say that, in Mistress Joyce you’re getting a man’s dream come true. There are no words powerful enough for me to use to describe her love for you. You, in turn, will be the perfect husband for her. Then tonight, through Empress Ali, I learned that I could help with small babies! I can’t tell you how happy I am right now! As far as your new friends are concerned, I would drink anything to support that toast!

“Master Jack, what else could I possibly do when your new friends include two emperors, two empresses, and another beautiful young queen? Sir, your new friends are each worth at least 1,000 of any others! Now may Sasha and I have something to drink, so that we, too, can toast your health and happiness with my mistress, and toast your magnificent new friends?”

Bill Clifford had already called over the waiter whose eyes widened when he heard the owner’s request, but ran to do his bidding. A few moments later, the waiter returned with two stemmed shallow compote dishes which he filled with champagne and placed on the table in front of the tigers. Jack grinned as he watched the tigers, then raised his glass and said, “To our new friends!” He and Joyce drank along with Rajah. Then Rajah asked Queen Bobbie if she would repeat her toast to the couple so that he and Sasha could drink that one, too. She did and they did, along with everyone else.

The chefs at the hotel outdid themselves that night. Knowing that the food was for the owners personally, and knowing that they were entertaining very important guests, the dinner was spectacular.

By the time they finished eating, a band was playing for dancing.

Jack Johnson had always thought that his ability as a dancer was nonexistent - at best. Nevertheless, given the occasion, he felt that he had to offer. To his dismay, Joyce immediately accepted. When they moved out on the dance floor Jack found to his utter amazement that she was like a feather in his arms.

For the first time in his entire life, he actually enjoyed dancing. He almost fell over when the set ended and Joyce looked up at him with stars in her eyes and told him he was the finest dancer she had ever met. They stayed on the floor dancing - and melting each other with their kisses between numbers - until the band took a break.

The band was new to the hotel and the bandleader never read anything other than Variety. As a result, he did not know that the large table set off by itself was that of the hotel’s owners.

However, he did recognize Kris Bradley, and he had recognized Jack Johnson and Joyce Collier dancing together. Moreover, as one of the more than one million people who had seen the KNBC news the night before, he was surprised to see the massive diamond that Joyce was wearing on the third finger of her left hand.

When the band returned from its break, instead of starting right in on the next set, the leader took the microphone and said, “Ladies and gentlemen: Tonight I see we have with us in the room the brightest singing star in the country today, and, based on what I read in the trades, a certain star in films. If your applause is persuasive enough, perhaps we can get Kris Bradley to join us on stage this evening. What do you think? If you would really like to hear her, let her hear you!”

In an instant, everyone else in the large room was on his feet cheering and applauding wildly. Recognizing that any damage was already done, Kris rose to her feet, mentally called to Sasha and then walked to the stage with the tiger pacing proudly at her side. The bandleader helped her up to the stage while the tiger got up with effortless grace and then proudly sat down on the stage beside her.

After shaking hands with the bandleader and accepting his kiss, Kris adjusted the mike and looked out at the crowd. Then she said, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for that very warm welcome. However, before I sing a number, I would like to introduce my bodyguard, my friend, and my love: Sasha Bradley!”

Looking at the tiger lovingly she mentally said, “Sasha, I’ll bet you can be friendlier than Rajah was last night. Let’s show them!” Then aloud she said, “Sasha, would you like to wave to the people?” The huge animal then smiled warmly, waved his paw and blew a kiss to the people. Bending over just slightly - in his sitting posture he was more than five feet tall - she hugged and kissed him and told him he was wonderful.

Then to the mike she said, “Isn’t he a wonder? We’ll come back to him in a moment.” Then she sang her signature number, followed by two more from her platinum album.

After acknowledging another standing ovation she said, “Thank you all very much. But I really think you would like to hear some good singing. Well, it happens that the person with the real singing voice in the Bradley family is here with me tonight: my baby sister, Barbara. She is the real singer among the Bradleys but rather than singing for a living, she is doing something she thinks is more important than entertaining people: She is educating children. Perhaps you might recognize her better by her married name, Bobbie Conroy.”

The cheers and sustained applause indicated that they certainly knew of the trial and its outcome. Kris continued, “As I said, she considers it more important that entertaining people.” After pausing for a moment she continued, “Well, frankly, so do I! And, I understand, there are experts who rate her as easily the finest teacher alive in the world today and - possibly - the finest teacher who has ever lived. Please let me hear a great round of applause, and maybe - just maybe - we could get her up here, too, so you could hear a truly beautiful singing voice. Please?”

Again the applause and cheers roared out and did not diminish until Bobbie rose from her chair. Joining her sister on the stage, the first thing Bobbie did was to glare at Kris and say, ”Twin sister, what is this garbage I hear about being your baby sister?”

“But Bobbie, darling,” Kris replied blandly, “I checked the birth certificates very carefully. I’m nearly a whole hour older than you are.”

Looking out at the audience Kris added, “That about sums it up for Bobbie: she started off in life being late and she’s been running late ever since!”

Everyone howled with laughter including Bobbie who, nonetheless, pretended to strangle Kris. The two sisters sang several songs in a patriotic medley and then Bobbie sang a few songs of her own. Her singing voice was clear, pure, and very powerful.

When she finished, she was about to flee when Kris said, “Sis, I know you’re an amateur, but I would still think you would know enough to stick around for the applause.” Looking out at the audience she said, “Well, do you believe me now? Don’t you agree that Bobbie Conroy has an extraordinary singing voice?”

There was another standing ovation, the loudest of the night. Bobbie blushed when she saw Tom on his feet cheering louder than anyone else. Then Kris took Bobbie in her arms and gave her a wonderfully loving kiss.

When she eased away she said, “And I really do love my baby sister, even if she does always get so uptight when I borrow one or two of her dresses...”

Borrow?” Bobbie exclaimed. ”One or two? Good grief, sister, a few months ago I came back to my room and found half of my closet missing! And borrow? You still have some of my things you took five years ago!”

The byplay was, of course, a pretend game that Bobbie and Kris always played together. It was a form of amusement for them both, but their enjoyment ultimately depended on their believability. The fact was that five years earlier neither knew the other was even alive.

“Damn! Bobbie, I think you may be right. I’ll check my closet first thing in the morning. If I still have them, I’ll be sure to bring them right back!” Then, after a perfectly timed pause, she added, “They don’t fit anymore, anyway.”

Glancing down she saw Sasha’s eyes glinting with amusement. Kris realized suddenly that if a tiger could laugh, Sasha would be. She winked at him and formed her lips in a kiss.

Then, while Bobbie made her way back to their table, Kris continued, “At the beginning I said I would come back to Sasha. Well, I owe his presence to Joyce Collier’s marvelous piece on the news last night. In fact, I fortunately had the tape machine running so I was able to replay that bit over and over. You see, Joyce was talking to me! And what she said resonated like a carillon of bells.

“Single?” Nodding her head sadly she answered her own question, “Sure am. Likely to remain so?” Again her head nodded but with even more vehemence, “Sure am!” Then she shook her head and said, “Folks, I honestly don’t think there is a girl in this country who has dated more different men than I have. Frankly, the experience - so far, at least - has been sickening. I must have gone out with the world’s largest collection of creeps, dolts, and sex fiends.”

Then she looked resigned and continued, “Oh, sure, you can’t lose them all. Some of the guys were actually pretty nice. Those I kissed goodnight - and never dated again. Why? It’s simple, really: no bells, no second date. So far, no bells. So anyway, I am certainly the spinster Joyce was talking to.

“What else? Well, how about protection? Boy, do I need that! First, I mentioned some of the creeps I’ve been out with. Now I’m relaxed. Now I can have confidence that, with a guy trying to paw at my tits, when I say stop, he will stop. Or at least, if he doesn’t, he’ll never again use that hand to paw another woman - assuming they’re ever able to find the hand, that is. But there’s more. Being as objective as possible about myself, I’m really not the ugliest woman on two feet...” She stopped and just shrugged as the howls of laughter and hoots of derision from the audience drowned her out.

Continuing, “ I attract a whole bunch of guys on the street.

Then, since I got very lucky with my record and stupidly allowed my picture to appear on the jacket, that didn’t help much, either. And since my movie premiered, it’s been utterly impossible. Anyway, I’m confident that all of that will change, and change very quickly.”

Looking at Sasha who was sitting alertly by her side she asked, “Sasha, will you protect me from those creeps?” The tiger nodded his head eagerly. “But darling, what will you do if one of them is... persistent?”

Instantly, his huge eyes turned as cold as ice and he drew back his lips exposing his huge teeth. Then he let out the most savage snarl anyone in the audience had ever heard. It started softly but just steadily increased in intensity until it was echoing off the walls.

Kris shook her head and appeared unsure. Looking out at the audience she asked, “I’m not really certain. What do you folks think? Do you think Sasha adequately communicated the idea that he was... displeased? Do you? Are you certain the guy would really get his message?” Again there were hoots of laughter and the shouted assurances that anyone who didn’t get the message clearly had a fully-developed death wish.

“Gee, thanks, folks,” Kris said. “You don’t know how much more comfortable that makes me feel. After all, poor Sasha doesn’t communicate in English - or at least, not in the normal manner–and some people really aren’t too good at understanding nonverbal communication. But you’re all really sure?” Again there was laughter and this time she grinned, nodded her head sharply and said, “I am, too!

“Finally, of course, Joyce mentioned feelings and sensitivity. How are these for feelings?” With that she communicated to Sasha to face her. Still sitting attentively, he turned ninety degrees and looked at her with his eyes wide. Moving as close to him as she could get, she mashed her tits against the gloriously soft fur of his chest and kissed him. As soon as she did, Sasha sat up straight on his haunches, wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her body tightly to his. The intensity of his kiss caused Kris’s eyes to glaze. When she broke the kiss she had to keep her arms around his neck and snuggle her face against it while she regained her breath. Feeling her return to normal, Sasha gently released her and sat down again.

Facing the audience, Kris just took a very deep breath and murmured, “Wow!” Then she smiled warmly, shook her head and said, “If one picture is worth a thousand words, that one kiss is worth volumes! Girls, I think I made my point.”

When she asked Sasha to wave to the audience, he did in a manner as cheery as Rajah’s and then, overwhelmed with pride and love for his beautiful mistress, proudly escorted her back to her seat. He even pulled out her chair with his paw and seated her.

The bandleader looked over at the table and then said, “I guess it’s only fair. Since Kris has just been talking about Joyce Collier’s story and her reaction to it, now I see, sitting at the same table, Joyce herself, of KNBC, Los Angeles, and, I’m pretty sure the famous Rajah is with her. Joyce, would you please come up and say hello?”

Rising gracefully, she went up to the stand preceded by the tiger. After being greeted by the bandleader he looked down at her hand and saw the exquisite diamond on her finger. “Joyce,” he said, “like so many others in Los Angeles, I watched your news show last night and I, too, really enjoyed the feature you did with Rajah. But I distinctly remember you starting off by announcing that you planned on being a spinster for the rest of your life, the way I gather Kris Bradley does. Now I see a diamond on your finger big enough to choke a Bengal tiger the size of Rajah, here. What happened?”

Taking the mike she said, “Rajah happened.” Looking around the room she said, “Folks, Jack and I would consider it a great favor if things said in this room tonight, stay here. We would like to announce our engagement publicly on our show Monday night. Please?”

Then turning to the table she said, “Jack, would you join me?” Then to the people, as Jack made his way to the stage, she said, “As many of you know, this is Jack Johnson. As News Director at KNBC, he’s now my boss. Beginning on Monday night, for a while at least, he’s my co-anchor. And beginning as soon as we can make arrangements, and lasting forever, he will be my lord and master. He is and will forever be the love of my life.” After waving to the crowd and receiving its applause, Jack took Joyce into his arms and they melted their lips together in a passionate kiss.

When they broke the kiss, he stood beside her with his arm around her while Rajah sat attentively at her other side. Joyce began, “Folks, what happened, as I said a moment ago, was Rajah. You see, last night at the station there was a small... altercation. Rajah acted and spared me some embarrassment. Anyway, when the show ended, I reminded him that, since it had occurred so close to our air time, I hadn’t had the chance to thank him properly. Anyway, I gave him a kiss. Then this big blabbermouth says it was a wonderful kiss, but I couldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I would if I were kissing the love of my life... Jack Johnson!

“There were a couple of things I didn’t mention in my feature. One of them is that I can communicate with Rajah, and he with me, mentally! I won’t bore you with the details, but we had already learned that Rajah could also communicate with Jack. So when Rajah said those words to me, Jack heard them, too. Then it was all over!

“You see,” she said with tears now flowing down her cheeks, “until yesterday afternoon, morally I was a piece of filth! Moreover, Jack certainly knew that I was. He had never even asked me out, and I ascribed that to his judgment and good taste.

Frankly, when he announced on the air that I was his new co-anchor, I was stunned. You see, I was hearing it for the first time, too. As his co-anchor I’ll be sitting beside him at the news desk and I didn’t think he could bear ever to be that close to me.

“But back to my feature: the reason I said I was going to be a spinster was a Catch 22. I had made a decision to reform myself.

That meant dumping all of the filth with whom I had always spent my time. But it did something else, too. It reduced the number of my adult friends to only three - and Jack certainly wasn’t one of them.

“Moreover, you see, I had fallen madly in love with Jack Johnson the first instant I laid eyes on him years ago. So thus the catch: I could no longer stand even to associate with all the crud I had dated, and the only man I could ever love had the good taste to keep as far away from me as he possibly could. In fact, I was certain that he wouldn’t touch me with fire tongs! The result? Spinster.

“But Rajah, the big blabbermouth, blew it!”

Now showing great anxiety, she cried, “Now what am I going to tell my viewers? What can I possibly say to those single women who believed me? You tell me: What?” Then she put her arms around Rajah’s neck and put her face right in front of his and said in an accusing voice, “You did it! You got me into this! Here I was content: I was going to be a spinster, and live with you, just the two of us. Was that good enough for you? Oh, no! You had to go and wreck it all!”

Then she hugged him tightly and continued in the most loving voice anyone had ever heard, “You got me together with the love of my life! In less than twenty-four hours I have personally experienced a level of love and passion from Jack Johnson that I did not believe could exist in this world! Now I can look forward to becoming pregnant from his glorious seed, and giving birth to tiny babies. I can look forward to nursing them, nurturing them.... Damn it! Mothering them!”

She kissed him soundly and said, “And it’s all you! Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

Rajah moved back a short distance on the stage. It caused Joyce’s back to be partially towards the audience, but it positioned him so that while Joyce could see him, the audience could, too. He stood up, balanced on his hind quarters. Then he produced the cheeriest smile anyone could imagine on a tiger’s face, cheerily waved, and then blew a kiss with his paw. Then he just held his position, wide-eyed.

By this time Jack was close beside her. Taking the mike he said, “Thank you, Rajah. That was great!” Turning to face the audience again while turning Joyce with him he said, “Folks, what do you think? Should we be mad at Rajah?” Then after a pause he added, “With a cheery smile like that, could we be!?”

There were cheers from the audience and Jack checked his watch. Seeing that it was nearly eleven, he shook his head and said, “Folks, I would like to tell you to get out of here right now, go home, and watch KNBC’s Saturday Night News.”

He looked sad as he continued, “But I guess I really can’t. In the first place, it airs in less than five minutes and most of you couldn’t make it home in time. In the second place, Joyce and I are guests tonight of the owners of this hotel. We certainly couldn’t return their gracious hospitality by telling their paying customers to please leave.”

Then he grinned and said, “As a result, I guess it’s only fair for Joyce and me to fill you in on a couple of stories that you would otherwise miss. I’ll take the first, reporting on the meeting at our studios this afternoon with the Animal-Rights people who she mentioned on our show last night.

“Well, it seems the Animal-Rights folks were convinced that, first, the tigers were - Rajah and Sasha, please cover your ears–drugged.” To the vast amusement of the audience, the instant Jack gave his instructions the two huge tigers stood up on their hindquarters and covered their ears with their paws. They looked so cute doing it that even Joyce and Jack laughed.

Then shaking his head, Jack said, “Folks, the reason I asked is that there are a few things to which these guys react... violently! One of them is the word D-R-U-G in juxtaposition with themselves. Looking at Rajah again he asked, “Raj, you can’t spell, can you?”

Rajah slowly nodded his head up and down with one of his eyebrows obviously raised. At the same time he communicated and then Jack said, “The answer, folks, as most of you saw, is yes he can. However, he told me that he realizes I was just reporting the news and I certainly know better.”

Looking out at the people he said, “He’s right about that: I certainly do know better. Drugs? Utterly ridiculous. What controls these huge animals? Only one thing: love. There is an incredible two-way flow of love between these animals and some of us. I think it should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: Joyce Collier loves Rajah Collier nearly as much as she loves me! And I love him every bit as much as she does. Why he loves us, I can’t say. Ask him, and he might tell you. But it is a fact that Rajah adores his mistress. What you saw on the tape that ran on our show last night, and again on the stage here tonight, was real! These two adore each other.

“Well, back to our meeting. Rajah... persuaded... them that there were no drugs used. The second allegation was that their teeth had been extracted. Well, Sasha and Prince stood over a couple of the visitors and growled in their faces. That certainly made the tigers’ teeth clearly visible. All of them!”

Jack shook his head, seeming to be puzzled. “I don’t really understand it, though. Those people seemed... Well, I have to say it: They seemed frightened. Strange, I admit, but they really did. And that was even with my fiancee sleeping on Rajah’s back at the time, too. Of course, Sasha and Prince were really embarrassed at waking her up with their loud growls.

“But Prince made it up to her. Their last complaint had to do with dulling or in some other way disabling the tigers’ claws. Well, do you know what Prince did? It was extraordinary! He undressed the expert, Dr. Cohen, that the people brought along with them.”

Jack frowned and shook his head in dismay. “It was a little hard on Dr. Cohen’s clothes, of course. You see, in just five swipes of his paw, Prince had him completely undressed. And I mean completely! I mean even severing the good doctor’s watch band with a single stroke of his paw that began at the man’s neck! I mean even slicing his socks and his leather shoes right down to the tips of his toes on a stroke beginning at his crotch!

“Well, it was a little disappointing, really. Prince’s demonstration convinced them that the tigers’ claws are sharp. The disappointment came when they carried Dr. Cohen out without even staying for refreshments. And Dr. Cohen didn’t even say goodbye.” Jack cocked his head and seemed to think for a moment, then added, “Of course, he was catatonic at the time, so I guess he really wasn’t capable of saying anything. We really couldn’t understand why he was, though. I mean... There were just these five neat straight red lines... And they weren’t even bleeding or anything.”

Jack just shook his head and said, “I wonder what happened to the poor man?” Then he brightened and said, “Well, it’s all over now. There will be a very detailed formal letter of apology to the circus and all the people involved delivered to KNBC before noon on Monday. I’m sure of that!”

He grinned and added, “How can I be sure the letter will be delivered? It’s easy, really. You see, Prince and Sasha were standing with their forepaws on the arms of the chairs the two men were sitting in. Tom Conroy pointed out to them that their appearance and their characteristic scent was now fixed in the tigers’ brains. And the tigers consider that a solemn promise is sacred - and they received a solemn promise that the letter of apology would be delivered before noon on Monday. All Tom did was point out that the tigers react... well... violently... to someone violating such a solemn oath.” Then he brightened and nodded his head. “But I’m sure we’ll receive the letter, so they won’t have anything to worry about.

“At any rate, while all this was going on Joyce was sleeping soundly on Rajah’s back. Why was she sleeping? Well, that’s a part of her story. Joyce?”

“Jack,” she began, “before I start on my story, I would like to address your question about poor Dr. Cohen: I think the answer is quite simple, really. I mean, you and Tom even said it yourselves: Not any old tiger could do what Prince did, right? I mean... it takes an extraordinary level of coordination and control, right? Well, we know any of our boys could have done it, but they don’t know them the way we do, so...” With eyes wide she asked, “What do you think?”

Jack snapped his fingers and said, “Damn! Joyce, I think you hit it right on the nose! Of course the poor man would be nervous...

Joyce, darling, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel to be marrying such a brilliant and perceptive woman! But now your story...”

“Well,” Joyce began, “it goes back to the story we ran last night. Folks, I have a confession to make: It was not complete.” She nodded her head and looked both sincere and apologetic as she continued, “That’s right. It was not complete.

You see, I neglected to mention that Rajah and I communicate mentally! It’s really great fun, too. This morning, for example, we were running in the park together, having a fine time teasing each other... without wasting any breath uttering a single word! It was so neat!”

She looked up at the ceiling as if she was reflecting on a point and then shook her head. “I guess my omission didn’t really matter, though. The two guys concerned hadn’t watched our show, anyway, so I guess I shouldn’t blame myself.

“You see, we didn’t wrap it up at the studio until two o’clock this morning. By then, I was so exhausted, Rajah carried me all the way out from the studios on his back - and it is a very long walk. Well, to thank him I told him to wait at the entrance and I would get the car and pick him up. Unfortunately, two men were lurking in the shadows by my car waiting to kidnap me. Their intention was to hold me for ransom. If the ransom was paid, I would be released... alive, but not unharmed. You see, the first thing they were going to do was to rape me. They would take turns and keep it up until they received the money. If they didn’t get it, they would continue until I was dead.” There were gasps of shock from the audience and sounds of disbelief.

Shaking her head she said, “I assure you, it was all painfully true. The two men were not the nicest people in Greater Los Angeles, either. One had three felony rape convictions and the other had two. Moreover, they were both out on bail while awaiting trial on two separate additional felony rape charges, each!

“At any rate, to carry out their plan they dropped a burlap bag over my head and then covered my mouth and nose with an ether-soaked rag. I tried to hold my breath but couldn’t possibly utter a sound. But I did mentally scream to Rajah for help.

“The way the police reconstructed it later, Rajah was sitting at the door patiently waiting for me to get the car and come back to pick him up, when he heard my mental scream. I do know one thing: the car was more than a quarter of a mile from the door, but Rajah covered the distance in just a few seconds. Well, he leaped with his paws out front and with his claws extended. He caught each man with a paw and ripped both of their backs with five huge gouges running from their shoulders through their buttocks to a depth of about three inches each. That was probably lethal. Take a ruler sometime, measure three inches in from your back and try to guess how many vital organs would be in those claw tracks.

“It wasn’t over, though. You see, Rajah had also received my mental message concerning rape. Lieutenant Patrick Collins of LAPD and myself discussed the matter later at his office. We concluded that Rajah does not like the idea of rape very much, and particularly dislikes it if the intended victim is me. Well, anyway, again from the police reconstruction, one of the man landed on his back. Rajah took a swipe at his groin with his claws. The bottom eight inches or so of the man’s groin, including all his sex organs, were detached. They landed about 100 feet away.

“The other guy apparently landed on his face. Well, Rajah turned him over... but not very neatly. He took a swipe at the man’s shoulder to turn him over and succeeded. Unfortunately, in the process most of the man’s shoulder was detached. Then with the man on his back, Rajah did to him what he had done to the other guy.”

She shook her head sadly and interjected, “I checked with LAPD about five-thirty this evening. Although they were still looking, they still hadn’t found the missing parts of the second man.” Joyce looked concerned and said, “Gee! I sure hope they do. Otherwise, can you imagine some poor soul parking his or her car, getting out and stepping on...” Shaking her head again, she added, “You know, that could really ruin one’s day.

“Anyway, when the police arrived the two men were lying in pools of blood, each about three feet in diameter, and were very dead.”

Then she smiled and said, “Now that is one point I did cover carefully in last night’s story, and it serves those guys right for not watching KNBC’s late news. And I certainly hope it serves as a lesson to all of you: Pay attention! Listen up! You may get important information. In their case, it might have saved their lives.

“You remember, I did stress that Rajah was a great bodyguard, and he even showed the viewers how he would react if I were threatened. I mean... they were warned, after all. We can’t be responsible if they didn’t pay attention or - horror of horrors!

∑ didn’t even watch us at all. Right?”

Turning to Jack she said, “And that’s why I was tired and took a nap at the meeting this afternoon. Okay?” At that there was a standing ovation while Jack again melted his lips to hers.

Later that night, Kris Bradley opened the door of her suite in the Beverly Wilshire and ushered Sasha in. The huge tiger paced through the sitting room and explored the other rooms, then quickly returning to her side. He looked up at her expectantly as she simultaneously untied the cord supporting her dress, allowing it to drop in a pile at her feet, while she looked through the phone book. Finding the number she was looking for, Kris called the nearest Domino’s and ordered an anchovy and peppers pizza. “The pizza is for the tiger, Sasha.

“And by the way, guys, from now on his name is Sasha Bradley. My name is Kristin Bradley and he will be living with me from now on. I’m staying at the Beverly Wilshire in Suite 1200 and will expect it, as usual, within thirty minutes. By the way, could you please pick up about three gallons of lemonade on the way, too? I’m sure you can find some at a convenience store.”

Adding the lemonade to the order convinced the duty manager that the pizza was really for one of the tigers. Moreover, he checked a little list that had been faxed in earlier in the day from the regional office. It contained the pizza preferences of each of the ten tigers by name. Sure enough, there was Sasha listed, and anchovy and peppers was what he ate. But the manager was concerned about his ability to deliver to a hotel. He pointed out that they were never allowed to deliver to the guest rooms because it took business away from the hotel’s room service.

Kris assured him that, since her aunt and uncle owned the hotel, she was certain it would be all right. As soon as she hung up, she called the front desk and told the clerk to send up the men from Domino’s as soon as they arrived.

By the time she hung up the phone, Kris had stripped completely bare. Now she stepped over the pile of her discarded clothes and just looked at Sasha. She could see the love in his eyes, but clearly he was as uncertain as she was. He had never encountered an adult virgin woman before and didn’t know what to do. Kris leaned back so her bottom was against the edge of a desk set in the middle of the room. Then she took her forefinger and ran it into her slit. After playing with herself for a few moments she was rewarded with some of her love juices. Using them to wet her finger she held it out to Sasha who gently licked it off.

“Do you like it, darling Sasha?” she asked. “I have no idea what it tastes like. Is it good?”

“My darling Mistress Kristin,” he communicated with all the love he could, “it is nectar! It is utterly exquisite! But... but do you want me to lick you? The way I did your sister, our queen?” He looked skeptical and added, “She is, after all, an experienced married woman. She regularly takes our King between her thighs, so... And Mistress Joyce was experienced with men, too, but Rajah almost rendered her unconscious. Might you not be hurt?”

Kris snapped her fingers and then cleared everything hard or sharp off the top of the desk, including its lamp and ashtrays. Then she measured the distance by eye and spread magazines where she estimated her head would land if she fell over backward. Then she spread her legs wide to expose herself as much as possible, after telling Sasha what she had done, and telling him that she expected him to cushion her fall if she fell forward. When he came close and gently extended his tongue, it made contact with one of her vaginal lips. He worked on it, then the other, and then used his tongue to separate the lips to provide his tongue access to her clit beyond. For Kris, who had never even masturbated, it was the most extraordinary experience of her life. Although she had never done more than kiss any boy once, she thought she was passionate, and so she proved to be.

In moments, her pelvis was involuntarily writhing and she was moaning with pleasure. When he triggered her first orgasm, she screamed and released a flood of love juices. Sasha was even able to form the tip of his tongue into a little point to penetrate the outer limits of her vagina. Since most of its nerve endings are close to the mouth, he was able to bring her to a massive vaginal orgasm, too.

For Kris it was like being in heaven. Although she constantly teased her parents, her sisters, and her brother, Ken, about it, the fact was she was being serious: Seeing the incredible passion they generated, she was usually left in an agony of unsatisfied wanting even after the few times her father or brother, mother or sisters would work on her cunt with their mouths. Never had she achieved a vaginal orgasm in her life. Seeing how joyous she appeared when he was able to penetrate her vaginal opening, that is where Sasha vowed to concentrate his attention. Soon her loins were moving by themselves in ecstasy while Kris was nearly unconscious. All of her feelings and sensations were concentrated in her loins. All she wanted was for the pleasure never to end.

Seeing that his beloved mistress was about to lose consciousness, Sasha eased off and concentrated on licking off every drop of precious fluid he could reach. When she was dry, he began to lick her legs and just watched her.

Slowly, Kris revived. Then she closed her eyes tightly, opened them again and said softly, “Wow!” Looking down at Sasha who was working on her beautiful legs she said softly, “Darling Sasha, I need to sit down. Will you sit with me?”

Instead the huge tiger lay on his back and spread his legs wide. Grinning, she climbed on top of him and just lay with her cheek against his wonderful chest fur. As soon as she did, he closed his forepaws around her and just held her gently. “Oh, my darling! This is so much nicer than just sitting.”

They just rested together until the doorbell rang. Kris got up like a shot, raced into the bathroom to grab a terry robe, slipped it on, and raced back to the door. There were two men from Domino’s waiting. One had the pizza while the other had a paper sack with the lemonade and a very large bowl in his hand. They brought the bowl, he said because they were afraid there was nothing in the room to pour Sasha’s lemonade into. When she went for her purse to pay them, they waved her off saying that the hotel cashier had already paid them and tipped them quite generously, too.

After getting a glass for herself, she poured lemonade into Sasha’s bowl and then into her glass. Then, after shedding her robe, she lay back against him as he lay curled on the floor and began to alternately feed a bite to Sasha and take one herself. Of course one of Sasha’s bites took almost the whole slice. After going through half the pizza, and after the tiger had refreshed himself with lemonade, she just leaned back against him and wriggled her back against his fur. Then she leaned over and kissed him solidly full on the lips.

Again relaxing against him she said softly, “Darling Sasha, this is absolutely spectacular!” Then with concern showing in her face she asked, “Darling, was it all right? Did you... did you like drinking at my fountain?”

“Beloved Mistress,” he replied, “Nothing could possibly be better! You are so warm, incredibly sweet and wonderful! No creature that has ever lived has enjoyed an experience such as I have just had.” Then more softly he said, “Mistress, is my information correct? Are you only nineteen years old?” She said it was true. Then he smiled warmly and said, “You see, I am the equivalent of nineteen, also. We are like two teenagers after some very heavy necking, relaxing by sharing a pizza.”

Then he looked puzzled and asked, “But shouldn’t we be drinking Coke or...”

Kris leaped over, wrapped her arms around his neck and just squeezed. “My darling,” she whispered, “I don’t know what to say!”

She paused and continued in an even softer tone of voice, “The only day to compare with this one was the day I first met my mother, Vangie Bradley. You see, I am adopted, as is Bobbie. Everything I said tonight was teasing - I don’t think I could possibly love anyone more than I love her - but we are, in fact, almost exactly the same age.”

Her voice broke as she described the day she first met her mother, Vangie. How, at the age of fourteen, after losing her parents and brother in a tragic automobile accident and after having her life saved by Ken and Cathy Bradley, she had stood in front of her in a christening dress and asked to be her daughter.

“My darling, I can’t tell you how I felt that day! You have seen my mother. You consider her to be an empress, and I can certainly see why. Well, Mom took me in her arms and just cried and cried. Then she said nothing could possibly give her greater pleasure than to be my mother.”

Kris had to stop for a moment when her tears overcame her as she remembered the day. Then she continued in a broken voice, “Sasha, from that day to this I couldn’t receive more love from her if I had been her natural daughter. Now I think of her as my real mother and I know she thinks she is, too.” Then she pulled back a little to look at him and added, “Until today, that was the high point of my life. My darling, I’m not sure that you have not made today even better!”

After leaning back against him in silence for a few more moments she continued softly, “Darling Sasha, I think you may be the best thing that has happened to me since Mom accepted me as her daughter. You see, now I’ll be able to date men and look at them objectively, without having a terrible itch in my cunt that I could never scratch. Now I’ll have you providing daily relief.”

Suddenly she spun around to look him straight in the eye and asked, “But can you drink at my fountain every day? Is that too much? Every week, maybe?”

“Darling Kris...” With his eyes open wide he looked at her and appeared close to tears. Then he stammered, “May I... Could I... Mistress, you’re so young and vibrant and beautiful, I think of you as Kris or Kristin. Could...”

“My darling, you may call me anything you wish. I like Kris best, but you could call me Kristin, if you prefer, or Hot Cunt, or Love Fountain, or Sexy Bitch...”

“Kris,” he continued, picking up where he had interrupted himself, “I could drink at your fountain every waking hour. I cannot tell you how much I love you, or how much I adore drinking at your glorious fountain! All day, every day... Is that enough to keep you... satisfied?”

Kris just wriggled with joy. Then she said softly, “Darling Sasha, I’m thinking of buying some very full skirts for a change, and wear them without a bikini. Then, when you accompany me out on a date, if he is a drip - and so many of them are - I could just spread my legs wide and you could be under the table drinking at my fountain and allowing me just to tune the dullard out!”

She spun around again to look at him and added, “Aren’t I terrible? But the idea of your drinking at my fountain while we are out in public excites me so! It would be so much fun trying to keep my face impassive while you’re causing my loins repeatedly to spasm in orgasm. It would be so neat!”

This time it was Sasha who moved. Swinging his huge head, he softly kissed Kris full on the mouth. She was astonished again to feel the surge of the purest love flow between them. It was the same kiss he had given her on the stage, but multiplied in its intensity. In its own way it was as thrilling as his tongue had been while working on her love box.

When he moved away slightly he could see Kris’s eyes were glazed with love. Then he said softly, “Kris, my darling, can you imagine what it would be like for me? To probe your sweetness with my tongue after parting your skirt and moving between your glorious legs? Can you? Now, my darling, let’s finish the pizza. Your bed awaits - and, of course, your bed is me!”

The next morning, as Bobbie slowly emerged from sleep, she felt strange. While for months she had always slept on her back with her head on Tom’s broad shoulder, this morning she realized sleepily that they were face to face and still locked in their embrace. Moreover, the bed felt so different. Moving slightly, she realized it was so incredibly soft and warm... and furry! Now wide awake, she realized that Prince’s fondest dream had come true: he had served as the marriage bed for his king and queen! For Bobbie, the sensation was utterly beyond words. Here she was wrapped in her husband’s arms while both were tenderly wrapped in Prince’s.

Looking up towards his head she saw that, although Prince had not moved a muscle, his eyes were open wide and he was just looking at her lovingly. “Oh, my dearest Queen,” he communicated, “was I satisfactory? You and my King certainly seemed to... enjoy yourselves... last night. And I was so happy that there was no holding back nor doing anything at all even to recognize my existence. You so wholeheartedly worshiped each other’s bodies.

“And then... then my greatest wish came true: you fell asleep in my arms! For me it was like dying and going to heaven... and I am still in heaven right now.”

Then he communicated softly so as not to awaken Tom, “And just think! There is still your wonderfully slow and luscious morning lovemaking yet to come!” He paused and very gently shook his head but in a way that transmitted no motion at all to his body. Then he added, “My queen, I have a conundrum. On the one hand, I am so eager for your body to be taken again. On the other hand, holding you both closely like this is so wonderful, and I can just savor with anticipation the glorious love that is to come! I don’t know what to do.”

“Anticipate, darling Prince,” Bobbie said softly as she snuggled closer to Tom and went back to sleep.

Prince just lay there with his eyes open while feeling the marvelous warmth of his king and queen lying on his chest. Then he just remained motionless and waited for what he now knew was certain to come.

Chapter 34

At eight o’clock Monday morning, Joyce Collier entered the Clifford & Jamison offices with Rajah padding along beside her. Following the instructions Bobbie had given her the day before, she found her way to the conference room that she had been told about. Opening what seemed to be the correct door, she stuck her head in and found Bobbie at the table talking to another beautiful blonde. It was Judy Morris, now stripped to the waist with a baby nursing at her breast.

“Hi, Joyce, you look great this morning!” Bobbie said in a voice scarcely above a whisper. Then she said, “Joyce Collier, I would like you to meet a dear friend, Judy Morris, with the youngest Morris, Gail.” With a very warm smile she added, “Unfortunately, she’s like Kris Clifford. She hasn’t learned how to curtsy yet, either. Moreover, you arrived at a time when she is apparently much more interested in her breakfast than in you.”

“Breakfast, hell!” Judy whispered with a grin. “That was hours ago. This is just a little snack.”

Joyce remembered that Judy was the mother of Michael Morris and married to a Marine hero. Just then a younger woman stopped to just look at the scene. Looking at her, Joyce was amazed to see that she was crying but for no apparent reason. Judy had just finished nursing the baby and now cuddled her in her arms. The child made a series of noises, all of which were different, but all of which sounded so happy. After telling the girl to wait, Judy carried the baby out of the room and returned alone a few minutes later.

As she strode across the room wearing skin-tight Levi’s and an unbuttoned work shirt now completely open in front, Joyce couldn’t believe her eyes. Here was a woman who was the mother of at least two children who appeared to be barely twenty-one. Her figure was utterly perfect.

Rejoining the group Judy said, “Marty, I would like you to meet a wonderful new friend of ours, Joyce Collier. And, although I’m sure you know Bobbie Conroy, I’m not sure you have ever been introduced. This is Martha Bradford, who’s normally found in the Leper Colony, downstairs.” To the girl she asked, “And what brings you up here this morning, Marty, and, more importantly, why the tears?”

Marty Bradford looked enough like Judy Morris to be her twin sister. Both women were five feet eight with golden blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes and perfect figures. The girl just shook her head sadly while her tears still streamed and said, “I came up for some coffee filters, to answer your first question. The answer to the second is the problem is you, Judy Morris!”

Me?” Judy asked in amazement. “What did I do?”

“What did you do, you ask?” the girl replied. Although she was still crying, she was obviously trying to smile at the same time.

“You married any woman’s dream of a lifetime, Mike Morris, for openers. You wallow in his love constantly...” Glancing at her watch she said, “It is now eight-fifteen, Judy Morris. How much time have you spent making love with Mike... in the last twelve hours! And I mean actively - I’m not even going to count the hours you were asleep with your body molded to his. How many?”

Judy licked her lips at the memory, shrugged, and replied softly, “Two? Three? Something like that.”

“And he took you all three ways, didn’t he?” This time Judy just nodded. “And early this morning while Mike was taking you again–probably after giving Gail her breakfast - Mikey and Danny came into your room, got in bed and watched their father making love to you, right?” Again Judy nodded along with the warmest smile Joyce had ever seen. “But don’t you see, Judy, that’s the problem!”

“I’m sorry, Marty. I don’t see. What is the problem? I don’t get it.”

“The problem is, Judy Morris, you make me feel so incomplete... so utterly useless! You have it all! You have an adoring husband, three children who you adore and who adore you... Judy Morris, you’re totally fulfilled as a woman! You really are. Just look at your children! Could you imagine any living souls better than yours? Take little Gail, for example. She can’t talk yet, but she doesn’t need to. She has the largest collection of happy sounds any of us have ever heard!” Pretending to glare at Judy she said, “I’ll bet you five dollars, Judy Morris, you have never heard Gail cry. Ever!”

Judy grinned, stuck out her hand and said gleefully, “Pay me! You’re wrong, smarty, so there!”

Marty found a five-dollar bill and was about to offer it when she said, “Wait! Before I pay, you tell me when and under what circumstances.”

“Ha!” Judy replied. “That’s easy. It happened when I spanked her. Boy, did she yell!”

“You? Spank that baby!? Utterly impossible,” the girl declared.

“I don’t believe it!”

“It was at the moment of her birth. I understand you need to spank the infant to get its lungs working or something. Anyway, I held her by her feet and gave her a good swat. I guess she has a healthy pair of lungs because she sure let out a scream.”

You?” Marty asked, still incredulous. “What was the doctor doing? And besides, how could you possibly do it when you were all doped up.”

Judy looked very cute as she gave a little shrug and said, “I guess we’ve mostly given up on anaesthesia. Hell, Marty, you know that when we’re about to deliver we look like most women do when they’re entering their third month. Delivery? One hard push and it’s all over.”

She grinned and added, “I’ve had bowel movements far more painful than my last two deliveries. Anyway, when Gail was born, the doctor - who has a wonderful sense of humor, by the way - gave her to me still wet from my womb and said that since I had done it all by myself to that point I might as well finish the job.”

“But don’t you see,” Marty said with her tears flowing again, “that’s the problem. Just look at you! Judy Morris, do you even own a bra?” Judy thought for a moment and shook her head. Marty continued, “Just think! Here you are, a mother of three, with a body that looks like it belongs to a very well-developed teenager. Who ever heard of a woman who has been nursing babies more or less constantly for over six years with tits that are still so firm, and with pectoral muscles so developed, she doesn’t need a bra even when her tits are loaded with milk? It’s unreal!”

Then she wailed, “Judy Morris, I would hate you if I didn’t love you so damned much. You’re so complete as a woman. And you’re an utterly perfect wife and mother to a husband and children who adore you. You feed on Mike’s love - you really need it to live. But then you amplify and focus his love for you on your whole family. That’s how you can give 100 percent of your time and attention to Mike, and still give at least 50 percent to each of your three children! And they’re still coming, aren’t they?”

“I certainly hope God continues to bless us,” Judy replied softly. Then with a wonderfully warm grin she added, “After all, it doesn’t make sense to stop when you’re on a winning streak, does it?”

Just then a gorgeous green-eyed brunette entered the room. The look on her face was one of overwhelming joy. Bobbie recognized her as the single girl who had made the funny speech at the firm Christmas party the previous year. Seeing her Judy called out, “Pam Smith, did what I think happened, happen?”

The girl came over to join them, utterly glowing with joy. “It’s happened!” she exclaimed. “God has blessed Gerry and me! I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!” Hugs and kisses were exchanged with all the other women rushing up to congratulate the girl on the wonderful news.

When the initial excitement abated, Marty shook her head and said, “But Pam, you’ve only been married for about four months!”

“I know, Marty,” the girl replied, “But you don’t always get pregnant on the very first try. Of course Gerry keeps my cunt pretty well flooded with his cum all the time, so in case there’s an ambitious little egg lying around somewhere, looking for some company...”

Then she looked at Marty and said, “But what about you? When are you going to start having children?”

Marty, knowing she was being gently teased, replied, “I need to be married first, turkey!”

“Oh,” Pam replied, apparently bemused, “I guess that’s right, too. Well, when are you getting married?”

“I don’t even have a boyfriend,” the girl wailed. “That’s the problem!”

“Oh, I see!” Pam exclaimed. “It’s like that old story: If I had some ham, I could have ham and eggs, if I had some eggs. Lady, do you have anything?”

“Hell, no!” Marty exclaimed dejectedly. “Of course not. If I did, do you think I would have been watering the carpet with my tears?”

Only then did she focus on Joyce. First she apologized for her tears and her terribly poor manners. Then she snapped her fingers and said, “But you’re on the Eleven O’clock News on KNBC with Jack Johnson! Oh, Joyce, we saw your show Friday night and it was utterly marvelous. Could you come down and meet the other girls in the Leper Colony?”

Only then did Joyce learn that the Leper Colony was the name given to a new lounge and conference room on the floor below and the offices around it. With the growth of the firm, Clifford & Jamison now occupied the entire 38th floor and half of the 37th. For the most part, the newest associates had their offices on the lower floor, and very recently, in response to their request, a new lounge/conference room had been built. Because all the girls were single, it had acquired the name - ostensibly because the married women claimed that if they had to continually associate with singles they might catch something and wind up single again, too.

But then Marty saw the beautiful ring on Joyce’s third finger and her face fell. “Oh,” she said in an utterly dead tone of voice, “that story was just to entertain the peasants, I guess...”

Shaking her head sadly, she continued, “But it seemed so real! Miss Collier, you really seemed so... so aware of the problems of a single girl...” Whatever she might have been intending to say just died off as she began to cry again.

At that point Bobbie Conroy spoke sharply, “Martha Bradford, it was real, damn it!” Then in just a few sentences Bobbie reviewed what had happened to Joyce in just the twenty-four hours following the telecast. “Honey,” she concluded, “when you saw Joyce, believe me when I tell you the situation for her was a hundred times worse than yours could possibly be! You see, for Joyce there was only one possible man for her, Jack Johnson, and she was convinced that Jack thought of her as a piece of filth–which, in fact, was exactly the way she thought of herself.” Glaring at the girl she said, “Now tell me you’re in that shape. I dare you!”

“But... but... but...” Marty stammered, “you mean it was all true? There really is a Rajah?”

“Martha,” Joyce said softly, “if there hadn’t been a Rajah, I would be dead right now or very close to it!” In the meantime Rajah had found a comfortable place under the huge conference table and had gone to sleep. “Rajah Collier, you get your large self out here this minute. There are some people for you to meet.”

Then to Marty she said with a grin, “This is a new one. Would you believe a 600-pound tiger could make himself disappear in a conference room?”

The tiger came out from under the table and then sinuously stretched his muscles. The girl gasped when she first saw him and then covered her mouth when he stretched his body to nearly nine feet in length. Then, in what appeared to be a single flowing movement, he came out of his stretch and ended sitting upright beside Joyce’s chair. She put her arm around his neck and nuzzled her face in it, then as his head turned she kissed him full on the mouth.

With a little grin she asked, “What’s the matter? Didn’t you get enough sleep last night?”

“As a matter of fact, no,” he communicated haughtily. “And it was all your fault, too, Mistress. It really was.”

“I kept you awake?” Joyce asked raising an eyebrow. “And how, exactly, young man, did I do that?”

“One of the world’s most beautiful women was lying naked on my chest. Her perfect tits were moving on my fur every time her glorious body moved. Then, whenever I moved my paws the tiniest little bit, she would stretch and I would feel more glorious sensations. Finally, there was the intense heat radiating from her loins - that certainly didn’t help, either.”

Nodding his head sharply for emphasis, he concluded, “And since the tits, the body, and the cunt are all yours, beloved mistress, it was all your fault. Right?” But then he leaned forward, kissed her full on the lips again and added, “But, of course, I love you more than life itself, so every movement of yours utterly thrilled me. And besides: I can sleep anytime!”

Marty Bradford just shook her head incredulously and said, “But... but... but I could hear him! How can that be?”

Joyce said, “Miss Bradford, what you just said touches on the primary reason I’m here today. You see, I have a theory that, so far, is holding up.” Turning to Judy she asked, “You heard him very clearly, too, didn’t you, Mrs. Morris? From the expressions on your face, you must have.”

Judy just nodded. She was puzzled but not nearly as amazed as Marty had been. Joyce, who had been about to tell them her theory, changed her mind. She said, “Well, we’ll see if it holds up. I’ll tell you about it this evening.”

When Bobbie assured her that there would be plenty of time to go down to the Leper Colony and be back in time for the beginning of school, Joyce rose and followed Martha Bradford down a new circular stairway connecting the two floors. Rajah padded down the stairs behind her.

Entering the smaller conference room, Joyce was immediately struck by a change in the atmosphere. Then she realized it was like a girls’ sorority, with giggles, laughter and general high spirits. Then she realized there was something else: innocence.

Mentally, she asked Rajah a question and he replied that, as far as he could tell at a glance, all of the young women were not only unmarried, all were still virgins. It turned out that her Friday-night show was the principal topic of conversation. The instant the girls saw Rajah, they hurriedly said hello to Joyce and then all crowded around the tiger. Every young woman there could easily communicate with him and they were all besieging him with questions. She managed to tell Rajah that she was going upstairs and would leave him with the young women.

Going back to the upper floor, Joyce found her way to the classroom and was standing in the rear as Betsy Clifford held the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of The National Anthem. Then Bobbie knelt on the floor. All of the children formed a circle with her and joined hands. This was one of the events Joyce was particularly interested in seeing. As she suspected, when Bobbie asked God to bless their work that day and help them to grow in wisdom to better serve Him, there was a soft golden glow, concentrated around Bobbie, but extending around the entire circle and including all of the children.

Seeing it Joyce suddenly felt small and insignificant. Good Heavens, she thought,

As time passed, Joyce could do nothing but shake her head in utter amazement. She couldn’t imagine as happy a group of young people anywhere else in the world. They went through history, geography, mathematics - already on algebra - and practiced their handwriting. Then Bobbie began teaching classical Greek, and Joyce was stunned. In about an hour they covered a term’s worth of work! But more importantly, they understood it! Then she joined the children for their daily visit to the healthclub.

She and Bobbie worked out on exercise machines while the children worked out on smaller models. It came as no surprise to see each child was an incredible physical specimen.

Moreover, all of the children were naked and seemed to take it completely for granted. When they finally went to the swimming pool, the children pounded up and down with the speed and grace of small fish. Bobbie, on the other hand, had the speed and power of a porpoise and seemed at least as much in home in the water as the marine mammal. Once out of the pool they all took showers.

Then, to her delight, Bobbie asked Joyce for her help in getting the children fixed up. Having heard from Ann Henry what happened in the courtroom, she was not surprised when five children lined up in front of her while the other five stood before Bobbie.

The first child was Betsy Clifford who was a living, breathing doll. The girl curtsied, introduced herself and produced a comb and brush. Very carefully Joyce brushed out and combed her hair, then straightened her clothing and retied the bow of her dress. Then she kissed the little girl, letting all of her love flow through her lips. Finally she told the little girl what a beautiful job she had done in leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Betsy just beamed with joy.

It was repeated with the next children in line. The fourth child was Susan Carlson; Mike Morris was behind her. As Joyce was making the part in her hair, Susan’s head jerked. Then the little girl turned around and said softly, “Please don’t, Mike. You know how much I love to have you squeeze my butt - it’s about the only part of me that is at all feminine - but I just can’t hold still when you do it. Poor Miss Collier will never finish. Please wait?”

Then she kissed him passionately. After easing out of the kiss the little girl grinned at Joyce and said, “Miss Collier, with luck that will hold him long enough for you to part my hair.” Then with the cutest little grin she added, “I really unloaded on Mike that time. He ought to be in a daze for at least two or three minutes. Is that enough time?”

Joyce just grinned and fixed the girl’s beautiful sun-streaked hair. When she kissed Susan, again she felt the flow of purest love.

When Joyce combed Mike’s hair and straightened his clothes it was the first time she had ever touched a little boy. He was standing up straight in front of her looking into her eyes. “You really love Susan Carlson, don’t you, Mike?” she whispered.

“I am the luckiest person in the world, Miss Collier,” he replied. “I have Susan’s love!” With his eyes large with wonder he continued, “Can you imagine? To have her arms around me and then put her lips on mine? That kiss she gave me a few moments ago was the very best ever. And she just gets better. And I have this to look forward to for the rest of my life! Golly, what more could there possibly be in the world? She is utterly perfect!”

Joyce looked deeply into the boy’s brilliant blue eyes. All she saw was the purest love, joy, intelligence and grace. “Michael Morris, Jr., Susan is getting the finest young man alive in the world, too. If you think her kisses are extra special, it’s because she knows how wonderful you are and wants to be very sure she doesn’t lose you.”

“Honest?” he asked. “’Cause that’s exactly the way I am with her, too. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I can do to make Sue happier. I don’t want her even to look at another boy.”

When Joyce kissed him, she got a jolt of pure love of exactly the same type she had received from Kenny Clifford. Then she looked at him and said, “Mike, you’re so cute, I can’t stand it! Now,” she asked impishly, “could I squeeze one of your buns? After all, you’re always doing it to Sue, and you’re not a sexist, are you?” The little boy just turned around and looked over his shoulder to watch her.

After she squeezed his bottom he smiled and whispered, “Miss Collier, if I had known you wanted to, I would have come to you when I was still naked. As it is, I wanted to take down my pants because it’s so much nicer squeezing a bare bottom - and it feels so much better, too. But since you just fixed my clothes so I would look perfect at lunch...” Joyce just shook her head and said she would be sure to let him know sooner the next time.

As they left the club to return to the office, Joyce just shook her head. The children were walking so proudly two-by-two while holding hands. Clearly, these children did not need constant supervision. Walking with Bobbie, Joyce held back a bit to let the children get well ahead. Then she said, “Conroy, I think I’m going to do an expose on you.” Nodding her head once sharply, she repeated, “That’s it! That’s what you need: You need to be exposed to the whole world.”

“Exposed as what?” Bobbie asked casually.

“Why isn’t it obvious? As the most overpaid teacher in the world! Jim Perkins was absolutely right.” Then her voice changed as she said softly, “Those children are angels! They really are. I just want you to know, Barbara Bradley Conroy, that this morning was the most beautiful and exciting I have ever spent. To have the opportunity just to watch you and those children was utterly priceless! I have never seen children work so hard. And they’re doing it because they love you and because they love their parents and want them to be happy and proud.”

Then she said, “Bobbie, I have another question, and even though it’s going to sound strange, I’m very serious. What are you going to do next year? You know, of course, that they are already nearly through with any high school’s standard curriculum in English and history.”

Glancing to her side Bobbie realized that Joyce was indeed being serious so she answered the question seriously, too. “Joyce, I’ve been giving that a great deal of thought. The advantage we have is the knowledge explosion. Back at the turn of the century it was still possible for a person to have been exposed to all of the accumulated knowledge in the world - or the Western world, anyway. That’s no longer true.

“But to answer your question, one of the things I intend to do, after really grounding the kids in the world’s finest literature, is to start reading trash. I want them really to see the differences for themselves.

“Then there is the whole world of science and advanced mathematics. There’s the field of law - most of their mothers are lawyers, after all.” Then she grinned and added, “I think there’s enough material to hold them for a couple more years.”

Then Joyce began to giggle and Bobbie asked her what was so funny. By now she was giggling almost uncontrollably but finally managed to reply, “I was just thinking how funny it’s going to be. These children will go on to the finest universities in the world and then go into class on the first day. They will look at the reading list, frown, and then tell the professor that they went through all of it when they were in the first grade! It will be utterly hilarious.”

Bobbie laughed at the thought, too, and then, commenting on Joyce’s original statement, reminded her that she had agreed wholeheartedly with Jim Perkins’ statement when he first made it:

Of course she was overpaid!

The children were waiting in a small group at the elevator bank and they all went up in a car together. As the high-speed elevator slowed for its stop at 38, Joyce heard what seemed like a mental cry. As soon as they entered the firm offices on 38 she heard Rajah’s scream for help. Now she realized that, although all the people in the firm had the capacity to hear the tigers, it did require tuning the brain in a fashion similar to tuning a radio to be able to hear it.

Bobbie heard his screams, too, and looked at Joyce in alarm. When Joyce told her that she had left Rajah in the Leper Colony, Bobbie grinned and said she thought he would probably still be alive.

After rushing down the stairs, she opened the door to the lounge and peeked in. All of the young women were now naked and Rajah was virtually buried under a mountain of nubile bodies. Only his head showed from under all the girls who had swarmed over him. Two girls, a blonde and a brunette, were standing side-by-side in front of him with their legs spread wide.

The brunette was saying, “Please, Rajah! Please drink at my fountain again. I’m sure that when you do me this time you’ll agree how much sweeter my cunt juices are than Karen’s. And besides: my cuming runs in such rivers! Please, darling Rajah? You can do it just once more. Please?”

Realizing his mistress had come to save him, the huge animal got to his feet from his supine position. As he did, he unceremoniously dumped about a dozen girls on the floor. Reaching Joyce he tried to hide behind her as he told her what had happened. “Mistress!” he exclaimed. “It was unreal... it was inhuman! They’ve been torturing me ever since you left. Making me drink at their fountains... All of them! I don’t think my poor tongue will be the same for weeks... Making me wash their legs, while I was being constantly assaulted. Do you know what they did? They used their own hair brushes on my coat!

I doubt if I have any fur left...”

Joyce wrapped her arms around the animal’s neck and whispered, “You big sissy! They are only girls, after all. They weren’t threatening you...”

“But Mistress, there are so many of them! I needed help so desperately!”

His words gave Joyce an idea. Glancing at her watch, she noticed it was nearly time for lunch. First, she asked the girls if they would like animals like Rajah and was almost deafened by their screams, “Yes!”

When she then pointed out that it was nearly lunch time, there was a very funny scramble as they all started sorting through the piles of women’s clothing now scattered around the room with clusters in each of the corners where their owners’ activities had landed them. Joyce shook her head in amusement as she realized that, without a single exception, these were the most beautiful young women she had ever seen. Each could easily win any beauty contest around.

When she asked how they would be able to sort out all the clothing in time, one of the girls stopped her search for a moment, shrugged and replied, “We don’t even bother. All we do is look for a top that goes with a bottom. Hell, one bikini is like all the others - it doesn’t really matter.”

With the cutest grin she added, “We’re always accused of being interchangeable parts - Clifford & Jamison standard - and I guess we really are.” With that she continued her rummaging while Joyce led Rajah up the stairs.

While making her way to Ali’s office she asked Rajah how he had come to be trapped. He told her that the door was always latched and he certainly didn’t want to break it down. And his dear mistress already knew that he had a difficult time turning a doorknob.

When she found Ali Clifford in her office and told her what happened to Rajah, Ali flung her arms around his neck, kissed him passionately and said, “You poor dear! What can I do to make it up to you? My lord, it was felony assault... In fact, it was attempted rape. One young man held hostage by fourteen oversexed, horny young women...”

Shaking her head she said, “Oh, the shame of it all...” Then she kissed him again and said with a cute giggle, “Dear Rajah, it appears you survived. There doesn’t appear to have been any permanent damage done... and your coat absolutely glistens. They’ve been brushing it, haven’t they?” He agreed and grinned back.

After telling Ali her idea, the woman wasted no time. She immediately picked up the phone and began to translate the idea into a plan and then the plan into action. She already knew that the previous night’s performance was the last one the circus had for the season and was the last for Gabel-Williams as well. When she reached him, she confirmed a suspicion: Because he had the only wild-animal act using tigers all of the animals were going to be consigned to zoos around the country and around the world. After explaining her idea, he was wildly enthusiastic. Arrangements were immediately made to bring all of the remaining seven tigers to the office that afternoon.

After hanging up the phone Ali thought for a moment, looked up a telephone number and placed another call. When Joyce realized what she was doing - ordering seven minivans to be delivered that afternoon - she just shook her head. Clearly, Ali Clifford was a brilliant woman who instantly thought through the entire process and then handled every detail.

When they left the office to go to lunch, Ali told her that she was in for a rare treat: Kathy Carlson was doing the cooking that day and she was - without any doubt - the finest cook in the world. Entering the room, she saw Kathy at what appeared to be an incredibly complete kitchen built into the wall of the conference room.

Four naked young women were beginning to serve. When she asked Ali why they were nude, she was told with a laugh that it was a part of the firm’s new training program. “You met Pam Smith this morning, I understand?”

When Joyce said that she had, Ali told her with a grin that it was all Pam’s doing: How, at the firm Christmas party the previous year she had complained that they were not taught anything useful - like serving a formal dinner nude. “She pointed out - accurately, it turns out - that when a girl learns to maintain her aplomb while serving naked, her self-confidence is strengthened to a degree that permits her to be comfortable - and look it - in any conceivable setting.

“It’s quite valuable, really. Moreover, when they’re serving while naked it’s far easier to critique their style. There are no clothes to hide poor posture, for example.”

After having her first bite of the food that looked so beautifully appetizing on her plate, Joyce put down her fork and exclaimed, “Ali, this is unbelievable! I thought the dinner served Saturday night was the finest food in the world, but... but it’s not even in the same class as this!”

“You’re right, dear,” Ali replied, “but then I warned you.” Then with a little giggle she added, “Incidentally, Michael Morris is going to be in heaven for the rest of his life. Susan is only six but it’s already clear that she has her mother’s talent for cooking. By the time they get married... Yum! She will probably be even better! Can you even imagine food better than this?” After agreeing that she could not, Joyce returned to the enjoyment of her marvelous meal.

After lunch, Joyce told Bobbie what she had found downstairs, triggering an explosion of laughter. Then Bobbie hugged Rajah who had looked hurt when she responded to his tale of woe with laughter.

Bobbie hugged and kissed him, then looked right into his eyes. “Rajah Collier, you’re a pretty good actor, aren’t you? Terrified? Abused? Hah!

“But don’t I look sincere?” the tiger asked. His crack caused Bobbie to howl with laughter.

Then Joyce told her about the plans for the other tigers. She agreed to come down with Andy and Ken to bring the tigers up in the freight elevator. “Good grief!” Joyce exclaimed. “Ali forgot something! She didn’t tell the building management. What will the owners say?”

Bobbie grinned and replied, “It’s the owner - singular. And she obviously loves the idea. Her name is Allison McGrath Clifford. Any more questions?” Then Bobbie explained that Ali hated to pay rent so she had done in the building what she and Bill had earlier done with the Beverly Wilshire: she bought it.

At three o’clock, the four of them were waiting at the building’s receiving dock when a tractor-trailer belonging to the circus was carefully backed into position. Gabel-Williams got down from the cab, greeted Bobbie, Joyce and the children, and then supervised the unloading of the great cats. Each was in his own cage and was delighted to be free. Before taking them upstairs, though, Bobbie carefully explained what was going to happen to them. The tigers, who were sitting in a semicircle in their house-cat positions, listened very attentively.

When the cats were all up on the 37th floor, Bobbie said to Joyce, “It was your idea, darling, so you take it from here.” Leading the way with Rajah at her side, Joyce opened the door of the Leper Colony. When she did, she found Ali already there waiting for them. She whispered to Joyce that she expected the subsequent scene to be very funny and so it proved to be.

The young women were naked again and were standing in a row in front of the window in nervous groups of two. Their eyes widened as, one after the other, seven huge Bengal tigers stalked into the room. Then the big cats paced back and forth in front of the women while communicating in a form unintelligible to humans. Although unintelligible, Joyce knew what they were doing and Rajah confirmed it: They were making their selections. Suddenly the pacing stopped and the cats sat down in a row facing the girls, spaced at the same intervals the girls were.

Marty Bradford and Kelly Maguire each had an arm around the other’s waist. It was for mutual support, Marty knew. Her eyes widened as she looked at the cat sitting opposite them. His green eyes were wide and he seemed to be looking at them hungrily -- Are we his next meal? she wondered. Then simultaneously the tigers got to their feet and covered the short space to where the girls were nervously waiting.

“My name is King,” the huge animal communicated. “May I have the pleasure of serving you? What are your names, Mistresses?”

With a great sense of relief, Marty wrapped her arms around the animal’s huge neck, kissed him and replied, “My name is Martha Bradford, but everyone calls me Marty. This is my roommate and best friend, Kelly Maguire.”

Kelly kissed him, too, and now both girls had their arms around the animal’s neck. Kelly was also five feet eight inches tall and was constantly teased about being the younger Ginger Conrad. Like Ginger, she had magnificent auburn hair, brilliant green eyes, a glorious figure and, like Ginger, the very rare complexion for someone with red hair, one that tanned. Then Marty asked, “Darling King, what do we do now? Do you know?”

“I think we get acquainted,” he replied tentatively. Then looking at each beautiful girl in turn - he already thought them to be two of the most beautiful girls in the world - he asked, “May... may... may I drink at your fountains? Please?” It seemed to be what all of the other tigers were about to do as well.

Just then Joyce said in a voice loud enough to get their attention, “Girls, I have news for you. I know you’re all intact virgins and I also know that the tigers are about to lick you at your source. You should know that in just a week or so they will have taken off all of your pubic hair. Since I see you all have the cutest little beavers - they are all beautifully plucked–are you sure it’s what you want? Of course, being virginal and pure, receiving your husbands with bodies utterly devoid of any body hair could be a major-league turn-on, but...”

Martha Bradford and Kelly had spent hours working on one another’s pubic area so Marty looked down at hers with some dismay. Then with a grin at her roommate she said, “Good-bye, beaver! It can always grow back someday, I suppose, if I want it to.” Then she said, “But Joan Clifford has always looked so darling...” Then to King she said, “My darling King, my love fountain awaits.” She spread her legs and then stifled a scream as she felt his tongue penetrate her vaginal lips.

As the tigers were finishing their first round of licking, the door opened. This time it was Kris Bradley with Sasha. The girls all gathered around, then sat on the floor while leaning back against their animals, and listened carefully as Kris began to tell them some of the things she had learned in the first thirty-six hours of her life with a tiger.

Joyce left the room with Rajah and rejoined Bobbie and her class.

At the end of the day, the mothers came in followed by the young women with their tigers, along with Kris and Sasha. Bobbie smiled and said, “This morning we started on Greek and this afternoon, on Latin. Well, the children decided that we should have a school song. They appropriated one and would now like to sing if for you.” The children lined up in two rows and began to sing the Latin student song, Gaudeamus Igitur. The mothers and guests were utterly thrilled.

Then Bobbie said, “I see that my thieving twin sister has joined us. And she can sing... at least a little. Kris, feel like singing?” The girl came forward with a guitar she had brought with her. In addition to having a fabulous singing voice, she could play a wide range of musical instruments with virtuosity, including the guitar.

Coming forward, she told the children that if she had to work, they did, too. The only way she would sing would be if they sang with her. What followed was an impromptu folk concert which ended with a beautifully moving rendition of Shenandoah. Then Kris stood up - she had been kneeling for the entire concert–and said, “It’s time for the Bradley with the good voice–Bobbie - to join in.” Having seen April and Ron Jackson enter the room she added, “And I would like Casey Jackson to join us. We are going to sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Casey?”

The little girl stood in front of the two young women and began to sing in a beautiful voice while her tears began to flow, “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord...” Singing softly at first and backed by Kris’ and Bobbie’s brilliantly clear voices, Casey sang. At the first chorus the remaining children came in. At the final chorus, everyone in the room was singing but still Casey’s brilliant voice, now filled with emotion, rose above them all singing, “Glory, glory, hallelujah...” When the hymn ended, Casey ran to her parents who she had seen standing in the back. To her dismay she found her father crying. She apologized for singing so badly it had made him cry.

Dropping to his knees Ron Jackson hugged his little girl and cried, “So badly? My darling, that was the most beautiful singing I have ever heard!” He kissed her tenderly and added, “Case, there is one thing of which I am certain: your grandfather in Heaven is smiling down on you right now! To hear his beautiful granddaughter singing our song of freedom with the beauty and power and emotion that you did... Darling, I have never heard anyone sing it better.”

The little girl just glowed in the praise from her parents. When she looked up at her mother, she saw the most brilliant smile on her face that she had ever seen.

April scooped her up and said, “My darling daughter, I cannot tell you how happy you have just made your father and me! I just can’t! But darling, there are no parents who have ever lived who could possibly be prouder of their child than we are of you!” The family left with Casey between them holding each parent’s hand as she began to bubble over while telling them what she had done in school that day.

When the school ended for the day, Joyce asked Ali if she could meet with the firm’s senior partners. For some reason Joyce felt that she should be particularly careful with her appearance for the upcoming meeting so she went into the ladies room, washed up and brushed out her hair. When she entered Ali’s office with Rajah pacing proudly at her side, the women were sitting around a table waiting for her.

There were Ali, Ginger Conrad, Kathy Carlson, and Sandy Benson. In addition, Joan Clifford, the firm’s director of administration, and Judy Morris, the director of operations, were there, too. Rajah’s subsequent behavior did not surprise Joyce in the least. In fact, it provided the last piece of confirming evidence for her thesis. Now she was certain that her idea was correct. On seeing the women arrayed around the table Rajah dropped flat on the floor, closed his eyes and just lay shivering with fear.

“Ladies,” Joyce began, “Rajah has just provided the last bit of confirmation I was looking for.”

Then to Ali she said, “Would you please tell Rajah that it is all right for him to rise, even if he is in the presence of six empresses!” Ali’s eyes widened in amazement but she did as she was asked. With apparent reluctance Rajah rose from the floor and sat beside Joyce who hugged him and whispered that everything was fine.

Then she said, “You see, I have finally solved the mystery of Clifford & Jamison!”

Turning to Sandy Benson she introduced herself and asked, “Sandy Benson, I have a question for you. In what significant way could your life be better than it is right now?” Sandy was utterly dumbstruck by the question, but recognized that Joyce was serious. She sat and thought, then began slowly to shake her head.

“How could it possibly be any better?” Joyce asked. “You have a husband you utterly adore and who adores you. You have three children who would melt the hearts of a marble statue... What more in life could you possibly want? Oh, yes!” she added, “Health! Well, that’s part of it, too. You see, Mrs. Benson, while your driver’s license says you’re in your forties, the fact is you’re physically about twenty-two. Do you feel tired? Do you feel menopause closing in? I think not. Am I right?”

Sandy sat, stunned. What she was hearing made no sense at all, and yet... and yet she did feel better than she could ever remember feeling. Judy had mentioned Marty Bradford’s comment about not wearing a bra and Sandy realized that, in spite of her constant nursing, she didn’t ever wear one, either, nor had she ever felt the need for one. Finally she stammered, “But how...? why...?”

“Now I know the answer to that question, too,” Joyce replied with a note of triumph in her voice. “But before I answer it I would like all of you to strip naked. Please?”

The women did as she asked and in just seconds all of them were bare. Joyce stripped off all of her clothes, too. After forming them in a circle Joyce instructed them to look at one another’s bodies very carefully. While the women were certainly used to being naked around one another, they had really not looked carefully at one another in years. As they did, Joyce could see eyes widening in surprise.

“Now look at your feet, your elbows, your hands... Do you see any signs of aging? Ali, you’re the oldest. I guess you’re pushing fifty. Any signs of it? Drying skin? Wrinkles?” Of course there were none. Ali’s golden skin had the smoothness and softness of a teenager’s but without the pimples. Ali just shook her head in bewilderment.

“Last question,” Joyce continued. “Have any of you incurred any injuries after the age of... oh, let’s say twenty-five... that left a scar? How about you, Ali?”

Ali admitted that when she was making films she did many of her own stunts and wasn’t always as careful as she should have been. One stunt had resulted in a compound fracture of the tibia; the bone end had driven through her calf muscle and exited in the rear. When she turned her back so the others could see the scar and looked down, she couldn’t find it.

“How old were you then?” Joyce asked quietly. Ali, now in a state of near-shock, could only shake her head. Finally she remembered she had been twenty-three or twenty-four. “Don’t bother looking, Ali,” Joyce continued. “It isn’t there. Why? Because physically you’re not twenty-three yet!”

Then she moved on and asked, “Now, how about your husbands? Again, I’m going to pick on Bill Clifford because he has to be pushing sixty pretty hard. What about the love of your life? Does he have any trouble getting his cock up to enter you? Do you have to work on his organ with your mouth to help him get an erection?”

Ali just grinned wanly and replied, “It’s very hard, Joyce. Honest. Bill says that for him to get hard I have to be within 500 yards of him - or 1,500 yards if I’m upwind.”

“Signs of aging?” Joyce persisted. “Thinning hair? Receding hairline? Liver spots? Anything!?”

“Bill’s hair is very full and thick. In fact, I tease him about it. There are just the two small bits of gray at his temples. Physically?” She just shook her head slowly and murmured,”Yum!”

“That’s because he is no older than his late twenties,” Joyce explained. “My guess is between twenty-five and twenty-eight.” Then to Ali she said, “Darling Ali, everyone says you look younger and more beautiful now than you did when you were making films. Why? Because you are! We talked about being younger. What about beauty? You are much more beautiful because now you are fulfilled as a woman. Now you’re complete. You have a husband who you adore and who adores you. You have three of the most beautiful and loving children a person could dream of. Of course you’re more beautiful!”

“I could go over each of your bodies in detail, but I won’t,” Joyce said. “Instead, I’ll address the questions Sandy asked. How? Through the direct intervention of God in His Third Person, The Holy Spirit. After all, for God, the Creator of the universe, what I am speaking of is child’s play. Why? Because of who you are!

“I said that Rajah provided additional confirmation when we came into the room. Then you provided the final confirmation with your own bodies. But how did Rajah confirm The Holy Spirit? By treating you as the empresses you all are in his eyes. But what is an empress?”

She smiled warmly and said, “Before I answer that question, there is something else you need to know: Rajah and his friends are direct agents of the Holy Spirit on earth. Honestly, they really are. All of you can communicate with him, but the only people who can are those whose souls are as pure as snow! You women are so pure, when I came in this afternoon I looked and now realize what I was seeing.

You see, there is a golden glow over you all. You’re blessed by God Almighty! You’re among His perfect creations. Everything about you and your lives is a constant paean of praise to God and all His works. We speak of the Holy Family. You’re all members of holy families, you see. In every single thing you do, you’re receiving more blessings from God!”

She laughed and shook her head, then continued, “I started to see it when I first met Bobbie on Friday. Never... Never! do you think of yourselves. Everything you do is for someone else. Remember the greatest virtue, charity?

“This whole story - which, unfortunately, will never get out of the can - began with my idea to see how Bobbie ran her school. After all, I wondered, how can six-year-old children accomplish what these children have? The answer: the same one. This morning when Bobbie prayed to God for His blessings and His help that her children could continue to grow in wisdom and grace, The Holy Spirit came down upon them: Her prayer was immediately answered!

“So what did they do? Not a lot. They just covered first-year Greek this morning, and first-year Latin this afternoon. Along with the usual assortment of other course material, of course. The most important, by the way, is religion. You see, God is a very real presence to your children as He certainly should be. After all, where else in the world is there a school in which the Holy Spirit Himself works directly with the kids to help them to learn and understand?

“Then, there is the Leper Colony. Those are all adult women who are as pure and holy as your children.” Turning to Ali she asked, “The firm is growing. How much money is it making? And have you ever lost a case?”

“The answers are, yes, we are growing,” Ali replied. “In fact, we’re growing as fast as we can. By that I mean whenever a young woman comes in who we believe would fit in, she’s hired on the spot. Money? Too damned much! We’re drowning in it.”

Then she looked embarrassed and dropped her eyes. “The firm has lost only one case in its history: mine. That was when Sandy Benson sacrificed her career and was prepared to go to prison to lose the divorce action I had initiated against Bill Clifford. Of course, had she won, I would have been dead in just a matter of weeks.”

Then she looked up and asked, “Charity, again, right? Sandy acting solely in the interests of others and willing to sacrifice her own life in my interest.” She paused and then continued, “I think I heard it first from Mike Morris. Sandy insisted she was a shit and should never have been allowed to live. Mike said she was an utterly beautiful woman whose surface beauty was the least of it. Her real beauty is her incredible goodness shining around her.” Looking at Joyce she said softly, “The Holy Spirit, again?”

“Of course!” Joyce replied, exultantly this time. “You see, this whole firm and everyone in it is blessed but in different ways. I’ll bet that your girls turn out ten times the work in a fraction of the time of any other lawyers alive. Moreover, legal work of the highest possible quality to serve your clients! Right?”

“Damn!” Joan Clifford murmured, “And I always thought it was my great computer support.” The girl at five feet four was one of the smallest in the firm. Her body was that of a well-developed teenager with the perkiest tits Joyce had ever seen.

Now pretending to glare at Joyce she said with her voice completely flat, “Joyce Collier, I hate you!” Then she added with a very warm smile, “But I don’t know what to do now. You see, my daughter, Betsy, is convinced that you’re an angel come to earth. She simply adores you!” Then she sniffed and concluded, “And all you did was fix her hair for her, too! That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Hard?” Joyce exclaimed. “This has been the best day of my entire life! To be able to hug and kiss those children - your children - was inspirational. I kid Bobbie, but it’s not a joke. She is the highest-paid teacher in the world: She has the adoration of those children, all of whom are angels.

“But this brings me back to where I started: Barbara Bradley Conroy. Did any of you ever wonder how a girl, nineteen years old, could teach Greek? Latin? I asked and it came as no surprise to find out that Bobbie had never taken either one. How? One guess: The Holy Spirit come down with all of His power to bless her every endeavor.

“In the same fashion that he gave the apostles the gift of tongues - when people from all over the world each heard an apostle’s preaching in his own language - He builds on her goodness and adds knowledge and wisdom for Bobbie Conroy is truly doing God’s work. She is advancing those children in wisdom, love, kindness, grace... everything!”

Then to the astonishment of the women Joyce dropped to her knees and then prostrated her upper body on the floor, thanking God for his revelation and dedicating her body to His service. As they watched a golden glow appeared, first around her head and then slowly spreading as they watched to include her whole body. When she was completely encased, the glow began to shimmer and then pulsate with each pulsation brighter than the one before. Then after a momentary blinding flash, it disappeared.

Ali was first on her feet dashing to the side of the girl now lying unconscious on the floor. Lifting Joyce’s head she rested it on her lap and just held her tightly. A few minutes later after blinking a few times Joyce opened her eyes. “How do you feel now, darling?” Ali asked softly.

“Utterly filled with joy,” Joyce replied in a weak voice. Then she asked, “What happened?”

“Darling, the Holy Spirit came down upon you and said, in effect, that everything you have said to us this evening is the absolute truth.”

Only then did Joyce realize that Ali was kneeling upright and holding her head cushioned in her lap. She said, “Ali, you, of course, are the model for the whole thing. As I said before, I’m not sure you’re even twenty-one! And Bill Clifford is not yet thirty. Don’t you find him incredibly virile? When you carry your babies in your womb, do you feel like a middle-aged woman? Of course you don’t! Because you’re not! Good heavens! Seeing you with Kristin at your breast, with your tits so proudly free standing and self-supporting even with the weight of all your luscious milk... How can you look younger than you did in Vietnam nearly twenty years ago? It’s simple. You are younger. No wonder you can take your grandchildren out for ice cream and look like a teenaged babysitter! You might still be in your teens!”

Ali didn’t reply. Rather, she helped Joyce to her feet and then just looked at her partners. Without a word being said they all rose from their chairs, came over to Ali and knelt in a circle. Ali reached out to Joyce who dropped to her knees beside her. Then they joined hands and quietly prayed, thanking God for all of his blessings that he had been showering down upon them.

Rajah had been sitting silently in the corner watching. As they concluded their prayer a golden glow appeared in a circle and behaved exactly the same way it had behaved a few moments earlier with Joyce alone. It formed first around the women’s heads, then spread to include their entire bodies. It shimmered, then pulsated, then flared blindingly. He sat motionless and watched.

Minutes passed and then, one by one the unconscious women recovered.

Joan was sitting with her back to the sofa while trying to regain her wits. Nevertheless, her irrepressible humor came back first.

“Well, I have heard of news stories being confirmed, but this has to be a first...”

While the women were quickly slipping back into their clothes Ali asked Joyce to please stay for a few moments. There was something she wanted to speak to her about, alone.

When the other women had left, Ali motioned towards the sofa. After retrieving a thin file folder from her desk, Ali sat down beside her. Joyce was immediately concerned by the look of seriousness on Ali’s face, and her concern was not allayed by her first words, “Joyce, I... I... I don’t really know how to begin. You see, I’m undertaking a very unpleasant task for my sister, Vangie.” She shook her head and muttered under her breath, “Isn’t that just like a sister? Sticking you with her dirty work?”

Then when she looked Joyce straight in the eye, she could see tears at the corners of Ali’s eyes. She took a deep breath and bulled ahead. “Vangie needs a favor from you, Joyce. A very big favor! So big, in fact, that she didn’t have the nerve to ask you herself.” Then she just looked into Joyce’s eyes while tears began to stream from her own.

After swallowing hard, Joyce said softly, “I will do anything for Evangeline Bradley. Absolutely anything at all! What is it? Would she like me to be a surrogate mother? To have a fertilized egg of hers implanted in my womb? A... An organ transplant?” Sitting up straight she said, “I will donate my heart to her if it would save her life. For that, though, I would expect a large payment. I would demand a kiss. As we lay side-by-side on the operating tables I would want her to kiss me full on the lips just before the doctor opened up my body to remove my beating heart to replace hers. If possible, I would like it done without anaesthetic so I could feel my gift to the fullest!”

Ali could see the love in Joyce’s brilliant green eyes and knew the woman was completely serious. She would gladly sacrifice her own life if it would save Vangie’s. Now her tears were flowing in twin streams but she managed to say, “Thank you, Joyce. I’ll tell my sister what you just told me. But Joyce, it... it will be very hard for you to do. And I can’t... I can hardly bring myself even to ask...”

“I’ll do absolutely anything Vangie asks of me!” Joyce exclaimed.

“Absolutely anything! I swear it. Now, for heaven’s sake, Ali, what is it? Tell me!”

“You swear?” Ali persisted. “You’re absolutely certain?”

Ali could see tears in the corners of Joyce’s eyes now, too, but she was certain they were tears of frustration. Shaking her head and reminding her that she was sworn to grant Vangie’s wish, Ali reached into the file folder, removed a check and passed it to Joyce saying, “The favor she is asking, darling Joyce, is for you to accept her small gift on the occasion of your engagement.”

Joyce looked at the check, noted the amount and started to choke.

“But I can’t! It’s... it’s impossible! This is a cashier’s check for ten million dollars! I can’t! I won’t!” she exclaimed as she handed the check back to Ali.

Ali now had her hands behind her back and just shook her head saying, “Joyce Collier, you swore you would do anything Vangie asked. All she’s asking is for you to accept her little gift.”

Then Ali unleashed her sunshine smile and said, “Darling, the real reason she did not give you the check herself is that she and Ed are floating back to Chicago. Since the prevailing winds are in that direction, I’m not even sure they are bothering with a plane. You see, darling Joyce, this morning my sister called, so excited she could scarcely speak. She’s pregnant! Vangie is expecting a baby.”

Then she added, “Please don’t say a word to anyone. Right now there are four people alive who know: Vangie, Ed, you and me. They particularly do not want you to say a word to Bobbie or Kris. They want to tell their children all together at Christmas.” Looking at Joyce she asked, “You will respect their confidence, won’t you?”

Then Ali continued, “Is there a relationship between her blessed event and your gift? You bet there is! It was at your engagement party that Vangie lay on Sasha’s belly. She said she felt a strange sensation in her loins when the tiger held her and she is convinced that the sensation was the removal of whatever impediment had been preventing her from conceiving.”

Now with merriment in her eyes Ali said, “But back to your gift. Maybe... maybe, in view of its importance to the Bradleys, it’s inadequate. Is that it? Because if it is, I have the authority to have a new one issued. Would you feel better if it had another zero? Two? Perhaps you’re superstitious and would rather the number begin with a number other than a one?”

Joyce just shook her head with feigned sadness and said, “Allison McGrath Clifford, you’re a piece of work! You really are. Those tears: they looked so real! And the cracking in your voice–“

“Joyce, dear, I used to be an actress, after all,” Ali interjected, “and one must take advantage of the occasional opportunities that come along to try to maintain one’sskills...”

“Thank you, Ali,” Joyce said simply. “I will offer prayers of thanks to God for hearing and granting our prayers.” Then with a note of suspicion she added, “Is there anything else?”

“No, there’s not,” Ali replied with a grin. “Of course, there is something that affects me, the bank, and Bobbie, though. Vangie made me promise to offer the next senior jobs in our new bank out here to Cathy and Ken. She is bound and determined that her grandchildren - all of them - are going to be taught by Bobbie Conroy! And after what we learned from you this evening, I’m certainly not going to fight her on that one.”

After obtaining Vangie’s address and telephone number from Ali, Joyce kissed her softly. With Rajah pacing at her side she left the building in a mental fog. The events of the day had turned out to be as overwhelming as those of Friday had been.

Chapter 35

Ten days had passed and King had truly settled in with Marty and Kelly. They had just returned from the office to their apartment and Kelly Maguire, after quickly stripping off all of her clothes, licked her lips saying, “I’m first tonight.” Then to King she said, “My fountain awaits your pleasure, my darling!” The tiger lay down before her, raised his tongue to her labia and began to work on her slit.

Looking down at her loins across her flat belly she realized that she no longer had any pubic hair at all. Now, except for the hair on her head, her entire body was devoid of hair and as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom. Tonight, she vowed, she was going to maintain consciousness. So far, ever since the first afternoon, every episode resulted in Marty or her ending up flat on the floor, unconscious.

In an effort to retain consciousness, Kelly decided to focus her mind on other things, so she mentally reviewed the events of the last ten incredible days. Following their introduction to King the girls learned that Ali had purchased minivans for each pair of girls, claiming the vehicles were the minimum size necessary to transport a tiger.

Then Joyce Collier had asked Marty and her to come down to the ground-floor plaza for an interview. When they did, they found a KNBC camera crew waiting with Joyce. They were asked questions about their jobs - both were litigators working with Sandy Benson - and their trial records: neither had ever lost a case. (Even ten days later Kelly had no idea that their answers had helped strengthen the case Joyce had later made to the senior partners.) The interview ended with King and Rajah touching noses while Joyce wished them the same happiness with King that she enjoyed with Rajah.

Then Kelly gasped as the first orgasm took her. Sasha had told all of his friends how wonderful it was to try to form the tips of their tongues into pencil points to penetrate the vaginal cavity. King had taken the advice to heart and was now able to do it any time he wished. Kelly admitted to herself that each episode of lovemaking - drinking at her fountain, King called it–was better than the last.

Then she thought of the Eleven O’clock News they had seen their first night together. The news was the only show King wanted to watch so when he lay down in front of the TV set, she and Marty had laid down beside him. She remembered how everyone had laughed - including King - when the show opened with another cheery wave from Rajah.

After the headline news, the studio cut to a two-shot with Jack Johnson and Joyce Collier. He took her hand in his and then said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Joyce and I would like to make a very personal announcement. Late last Friday night, after our show went off the air, I received the most joyous news of my life: Joyce Collier agreed to become my wife! We are now engaged to be married.” Then looking at her he said, “Joyce?”

“Thank you, darling.” Then the camera came in tight on Joyce alone as she continued, “First, I want to apologize to all of you women who saw the show Friday. I want to assure you that it was all real: When the show aired I knew... knew!... that I would be a spinster for life.

“How did I know? Because there was only one man alive I ever wanted to marry: Jack Johnson. But I knew that he wouldn’t touch me with a ten-foot pole. Thus: spinsterhood. So what happened, you wonder? The answer:” The camera pulled back while Joyce looked down and said, “Rajah Collier, you get up here this instant! It was all your fault, after all.”

Again the animal put his feet on the news desk and looked into Joyce’s eyes while she looked into the camera and continued, “You see, Rajah kissed me. Then he communicated that he hoped I liked his kiss although he knew I couldn’t possibly like it as much as a kiss from the love of my life, Jack Johnson.

“You see, the problem is that Jack hears Rajah’s communications, too. Well, the next thing I hear are words I never thought I would ever hear: Jack said he loved me more than life itself, and had loved me from the first instant he saw me, years ago!”

With the camera again in tight on Joyce she continued, “So now I am the happiest woman on the face of the earth! And look what Jack gave me! Isn’t it gorgeous?” The camera came in tight on her slim hand with her diamond flashing under the studio lights.

Following the announcement there was a follow-up story to her original from Friday. Joyce announced the story of her attempted rape and its aftermath, followed by the trip to the police station. She even showed a letter that had been received at the studios at ten o’clock that morning from a William Smith abjectly apologizing for using unseemly language in the presence of a lady.

Joyce looked into the camera with her eyes gleaming and said, “Willie, I think this is a very thoughtful apology. More importantly, Rajah thinks so, too. But, Willie,” she added, “Your handwriting really needs some work!”

The next story was Jack’s on their meeting with the Animal-Rights people. When he finished, he produced two letters. One was from Nathan Wiesman. Although the hand doing the writing had been shaking so badly it was very hard to read, it was–unquestionably - an apology for his behavior at the circus Friday evening. The second letter - a series of three, actually–was from Cohen, Crawford, and Higgins. In them they stated that the tigers at the circus were the best, brightest, healthiest, best treated animals alive in the world. They were truly magnificent specimens of their breed.

Hearing the words, King purred and held his head up even straighter after first ensuring that both Marty and Kelly had heard the words and taken notice. Kelly had hugged him and assured him that he was the very best of them all.

After going on to more news, the last item was the story Joyce had produced that day. She and Marty both squealed when they appeared on camera with King. The segment closed with Joyce’s wish that they be as happy with King as she was with Rajah and showed a very cute shot of the two tigers rubbing noses.

With the camera back live on Joyce in the studio she had said, “Folks, one point to keep in mind with respect to that last shot: male tigers hate each other! Normally they wouldn’t be within fifty miles of another male. Yet these animals love each other. Honest.”

Then with a grin she added, “You have just met Martha Bradford, Kelly Maguire and their tiger, King. In addition, there are six more pairs of young women who also have tigers. So, if in the next weeks you see a pair of beautiful young women on the street–they are all outstanding beauties, by the way - just remember they are all friends of Rajah’s.

“Also remember, please don’t make them angry. It’s really not a healthy activity. In fact, sooner or later there will be a Surgeon General’s Warning: Making a Bengal tiger angry could be hazardous to one’s health.” Then she looked into the camera with a puzzled look on her face and asked, “I wonder where they’ll make us print it?”

Kelly and Marty had both applauded wildly when the closing shot showed Joyce melting her lips against Jack’s while Rajah stood beside them giving his cheery smile and wave, and then blew another kiss to the camera. Even King purred loudly at the sight.

Again trying to focus her attention away from her cunt, now moving with a life of its own - Kelly couldn’t count the number of times she had cum but already it had to be a number greater than ten and increasing fast - she thought about other changes in their lives. Her relationship with Martha Bradford, for example. While before they had been close friends, now they were closer than sisters.

Neither had been in her bed since the day King appeared. Now, every night when they were ready for bed, the girls lay on King’s massive chest, embraced, and then shared a kiss that kept increasing in its flow of pure love. While they were kissing, his huge arms would enfold them and, while still locked in each other’s arms they would fall asleep. To Kelly - and, she believed, for Marty, too - it was indescribably heavenly. The least movement caused her nipples to rub against Marty’s and stirred the glorious fur they were both lying on. The warmth of Marty’s beautiful body was reinforced by the warmth of King’s.

Then there was daily living. Ali had not missed a bet. Early the next morning, when she opened the door to pick up the paper, Kelly found it, along with a huge covered container of raw meat–King’s food for the day. Later that day they had found out that Ali had made arrangements for daily deliveries to each of the girls’ apartments. After having their coffee, she and Marty had put on shorts, put King in the van and driven to the nearest big park. There all three had run together until the women were tired. Then Kelly had gotten on King’s back and lay down while Marty sat under a tree and waited for them to come back while King had his opportunity to really run.

Now, although her head was reeling with dizziness, Kelly was still conscious as King licked up the last few drops of her cum. “I did it!” she exulted, “I didn’t faint! And, Martha Bradford, it was so scrumptious. Could a man possibly be any better?”

“Of course, Mistress,” King replied. “A man - the right man–can take you to Heaven in his arms. And if I have my way you both will soon have that experience. Then you may begin on your true mission in life: being loving wives and mothers.”

King’s eyes widened as he asked, “Mistress, my words did not upset you too much, did they?” Kelly assured him they did not.

After working on Marty - she did faint again - the two girls talked about what to do that evening. Ever since King had moved in with them, their lives had revolved around him. They really had not even left the apartment except for their exercise in the park and to go to work.

Finally Marty said, “Kel, let’s face it: Why did we get a tiger?

Answer: To be able to go to places where we have always been bothered by creeps, right? Well, how about if we try it again tonight with King?”

The girls grinned at each other and then shook hands. When it came to dressing, they decided to wear the Clifford & Jamison casual uniform: worn Levi’s and work shirts with the sleeves torn off. Around their necks they wore something new that Ali had purchased for everyone in the firm who had completed basic training: rebuilding her body to the firm model. It was a very heavy 18-carat gold slave collar with the C&J initials engraved deeply into the catch. In much smaller letters their names were each engraved on the backs of their respective collars.

They decided to go to Clancy’s, a bar with some good-looking guys and good music. After parking the van, they found they had a long walk to reach it. King paced proudly ahead of them and both women could feel the intense pride the animal was feeling to be escorting two women as beautiful as his mistresses.

Entering the lounge, they caused an immediate sensation. When King asked them where they wanted to sit - they decided on the bar - he paced to where he could see the bar, then decided which were the best seats there.

Going up to the two men already seated on them, it took only a very low growl to suggest to them that they had really wanted to stand anyway. Fear was obvious in their eyes as they paid their bill and then went down to the end of the bar as far from King as they could get. When a waiting couple made a move for the vacated stools, another low growl instantly convinced them that they really didn’t like that location at the bar at all.

It was all Kelly could do to keep from falling down laughing. Suppressing her giggles she said, “Marty, who would have ever believed it? After all, poor King can’t really talk, but he does seem to be able to... communicate... That’s it!... to communicate his wishes.”

Then with her eyes wide she asked, “What do you suppose it is?” Then she snapped her fingers and exclaimed, “I know! It must be our collars, right? That’s why those guys were so eager to give us their stools and why that waiting couple weren’t interested in them, either.”

With her eyes bright but with her expression bland, Marty agreed that Kelly must be right. It was the gold collars they were wearing.

Now that they were seated, the two girls ordered beers and then wondered what to do next. Meanwhile, King was sitting, looking over the crowd, totally unconcerned - and apparently totally unaware - of all the eyes focused on him.

He communicated to the girls, “What’s wrong with these people? Do you suppose they’ve never been to a zoo? They act like they’ve never even seen a Bengal tiger before.”

Kelly assured him that it was a reflection of the decline in the American educational system. They probably had never visited a zoo, and, worse yet, may never have even heard of a Bengal tiger, let alone seen one. King smiled happily and agreed that was probably the answer. He asked them if any of the guys looked interesting, but the girls both just shook their heads.

At that King rose to his feet and began to pace around the club. He looked at each man but was looking for a certain thing: an aura that told him the man was pure of heart and thus might be a candidate to meet his divine mistresses. He was amused to see the people part to let him pass as the Red Sea parted for Moses. In the farthest corner of the room he sensed something and went closer.

He found two men sitting at a tiny table barely large enough to hold their two glasses. Although they were seated, they seemed to be large enough and their features were regular enough that his mistresses might find them interesting. Moving through the crowd he reached their table, sat down across from them, and just looked at them politely.

The two men were Don Garfield and Jim Callahan. Their conversation stopped as the huge tiger sat down just a foot away from them. Garfield swallowed hard and with his voice cracking said weakly, “Hi.”

Then he almost passed out when he distinctly heard, “Hi! My name is King. What are your names?” Garfield stammered out introductions and then King said, “Since your table is so tiny, may I assume you gentlemen are here alone? You do not have dates?”

When assured that they did not, the tiger smiled - to Don Garfield, it really looked like a smile - and said, “Wonderful! In that case, I would like you to come with me to meet my mistresses.”

Then King backed up a short distance to allow them room to get out. Don and Jim looked at each other, swallowed hard, and agreed they had no choice. Neither wanted to provide an early snack for a tiger. When they were on their feet, after leaving money on the table for their bill, they followed the tiger to the bar. There was no need to push their way through the crowd–the normal way of getting around in Clancy’s - because the people parted leaving the widest possible space as King approached.

Kelly’s eyes widened as she saw King return. In his wake were two utterly gorgeous young men each about six feet three. “My God!” she whispered, “What did King do this time? It looks like he manufactured a couple of dates for us.”

Marty didn’t answer. Instead she just murmured, “Yum!”

Returning to his mistresses, King sat up attentively and looked at the four young people. Garfield and Callahan were so scared they didn’t notice anything except the back of the tiger leading the way. Only when he sat down and looked at them attentively did they look at anything else.

When Don Garfield saw Marty, he just gasped and said softly, “My God! Who are you? You... you’re not human! You’re a goddess come to earth.”

Marty stood up and extended her hand saying, “Hi, my name is Marty Bradford. Who are you?”

Garfield just shook his head. Then with a wry grin he said, “I don’t know. I used to know, though. In fact, I used to know it as well as I know my own name.” Then he grinned broadly and said, “Hi, Marty. I’m Don Garfield and I can’t tell you how happy I am to meet you!”

When he was introduced to Kelly he said, “Oh, shit! Here’s where Maguire and Callahan retire from the conversation and just talk to each other in Gaelic for the rest of the night.” Then with a broad grin he asked, “Well, Callahan, are you happy now?”

“How could I possibly be happy,” Jim replied. “I’m having the best dream of my life and everyone knows you’re only happy when the dream is over.” Then to Kelly he said, “Kelly Maguire, you’re the most beautiful thing the Good Lord ever put on two feet!”

Kelly frowned and said, “Bradford, I don’t know about these guys.

I just found out that poor Jim Callahan here is disabled... Oops! I guess it’s ‘differently-abled’ these days, isn’t it? Anyway, he’s blind!”

“Blind, am I?” he demanded. “Well, maybe that’s because we’re so far apart.” With that, to his amazement and to Kelly’s, he took her in his arms and kissed her. Instantly there was a flow of electricity, joy, and the purest love. As he held the kiss, Kelly’s lips began to flow with passion that burst over him like a crashing wave.

“My God!” he murmured softly as they parted slowly, “Who are you?

Who are you really?” Kelly assured him she was just another worthless lawyer.

The sudden kiss and its aftermath convinced King that he had made a good choice. At least Kelly seemed delighted and he had seen the flow of passion between the two young people. When Garfield made a move towards Marty she just held up her hands and said she was driving. They might try later.

Deciding that the two men would be joining his mistresses, King looked to their right and left and selected two men sitting to their right. A very low snarl quickly convinced them that they would be much more comfortable someplace else, too. Kelly just shook her head. After she and Marty moved down one stool, the two men took stools flanking them.

Kelly had finally recovered from Jim’s kiss but her eyes were still shining. Looking at King she said, “Darling, for this I have to do something extra special.” Then she snapped her fingers and called the bartender over. She told him to call the nearest Domino’s and order a large pizza with extra pepperoni and extra cheese. “Tell the guy it’s for King.”

Then she asked, “Do you serve lemonade here?” When told that the bar did, she told the man to make about a gallon and put it in a bowl on the bar. Although the bar did serve pizza of its own, it was a bar pizza that was closer to cardboard than it was to food.

And with King staring at him, the man was not about to argue about ordering a pizza from Domino’s.

When he came back with a huge bowl of lemonade, Kelly and Marty moved their stools aside to give King room. Effortlessly, he extended his body upward and then rested his paws on the edge of the bar while he very neatly began to lap up his lemonade. He just took a couple of sips and then said he would leave the rest until his pizza arrived.

The man from Domino’s presented the pizza to King with great ceremony. He placed the box on the bar but left it with its top closed and covered. Then he asked King to get up on his hind legs to see. When the tiger did what was requested, the man lifted the paper covering the top of the box. There was a large seal on the lower left corner.

Kelly read it and began to howl with laughter. The center of the seal was a very happy smiling tiger - Rajah, she thought. Around it was written the words, “Domino’s: By appointment to their majesties, the Royal Bengal Tigers, purveyors of pizza.”

While the girls got acquainted with the guys, they continued to feed pizza to King. As usual each girl got a hurt look from the tiger every time they stole a bite. With a grin at Jim Callahan Kelly said, “I would give you a bite, too, but I’m really not sure how King would react. He might open your belly up with a claw and take it back!”

When he finished his pizza, King smiled appreciatively. By now the noise of the club was getting to the young people, so Kelly and Marty enthusiastically accepted the men’s invitation to have dinner.

The guys knew of a good restaurant just a couple of blocks away. With King pacing alongside, the foursome walked along the sidewalk. Don Garfield was both surprised and pleased when he reached for Marty’s hand and found that she took his eagerly. Her hand felt so smooth and cool and wonderful. As they walked Garfield wanted to shake his head in utter amazement. First, at six feet three, he was used to having to take mincing steps when walking with a woman. He realized Marty had beautiful long legs and a naturally long stride, too, so she easily maintained his natural pace.

When they were about halfway to the restaurant, Marty suddenly stopped. Since she was holding his hand, she stopped him suddenly, too, causing Jim and Kelly to almost walk into their backs. She said, “Shit! Kelly already knows, so I might as well end the suspense and find out, too.” With that she put her hands behind Don’s neck, pulled his head down and began to kiss him.

The kiss began with a flow of pure love and electricity but then–as had happened with Kelly and Jim - there was an increasing flow of pure passion. Don was initially shocked and his hands were at his sides. Then he put his arms around her and held her.

As their passion mounted, he pulled her closer until her breasts were being mashed against his chest. All it did was to evoke wonderfully warm, happy noises from deep in her body.

Then Kelly, not being one to waste an opportunity, did the same thing with Jim Callahan. Their kiss, with nothing to distract them, was far better than their first.

Meanwhile, King had stopped, too. When he saw what was happening, he just sat up attentively and waited while feeling his mistresses’s wonderful sensations. As he watched he felt warm and wonderful; Marty and Kelly were such wonderful girls and deserved the love now flowing to them.

When Marty broke the kiss, she just nuzzled her face into Don’s neck while he continued to caress her body. “That feels so wonderful,” she said softly. “Please, Don, don’t ever stop!”

Then, having recovered from her emotional shock she pushed away, grinned and added, “Except to eat, of course!” Then she surprised him again when she said, “I hope you and Jim have a lot of money or a lot of plastic. I’m starving to death, and Kelly is, too!”

Reaching the restaurant, again King caused a sensation. By now, though, the tigers were widely known in Los Angeles, even if not yet widely seen on the streets. In addition to KNBC, there had been major newspaper features on them as well. They were immediately seated, with the women and King being treated as celebrities.

When the waiter came to take their dinner order, Don found that Marty had not been kidding. She and Kelly both ordered huge meals and then proceeded to eat every scrap of food that appeared. Finally he just shook his head in amazement and said, “Marty, where on earth are you putting it all?”

Patting her flat belly she said, “Right here, of course. Where else would it go?” Then she told him how, in addition to running with King every morning, they had heavy daily workouts in the health club. She did not tell him of the physical results of King’s drinking at their fountains twice a day, though. She concluded by saying that the result of all the exercise was very healthy appetites.

While eating, the girls learned that the guys had started an investment management company with just the two of them. They were growing rapidly because their investment performance had been outstanding.

When Kelly mentioned that they worked for Ali Clifford, both men whistled softly in appreciation. “From everything we hear,” Don said, “she is the very best there is! And I guess she’s running nearly twenty billion now between the Clifford money and money she runs for friends.”

He shook his head and added, “That is really big time! My God! To get the results she does, running the amount of money she does, is utterly incredible. Good results when you’re running a few million isn’t really very hard. But twenty billion? Wow!”

Kelly asked them where they had met since Don was from North Carolina and Jim was from South Dakota. The two men looked at each other and shrugged. Clearly, they were going to reveal something that they feared would endanger their budding relationship with the two young women.

Don nodded and Jim blurted, “We met in Kuwait during Desert Storm.” He sat up straight but his face was impassive as he added, “We’re both majors in the Reserves. We commanded M1A1 heavy tank battalions and our two units were deployed side-by-side on the line.”

Kelly and Marty were impassive as they learned the guys had fought in the war. Then they reacted in an utterly new way. The boys had been used to trying to hide their military careers because previously it had always resulted in the women recoiling in horror.

This time the two women jumped from their chairs, sat across the laps of their respective men and melted their lips together. The kisses were the very best yet. When Kelly pulled away she whispered, “Thank you, darling. You were utterly wonderful! We were so very proud.” Then she looked at him with concern in her eyes and asked, “Were you wounded or anything? Did you get hurt?” When he assured her that he didn’t get a scratch, she kissed him again lightly and returned to her seat.

“I don’t understand you two,” Jim said, now utterly bewildered. “You’re like no women Don or I have ever met.”

“It gets worse,” Kelly replied wryly. “You see, Martha Bradford and I are untouched virgins. Can you believe it? Two women, twenty-five years old, who have never been in bed with a guy?”

Then she swallowed hard and continued, “It’s obvious that you two were reluctant to tell us about Desert Storm. I suppose you’ve heard all the garbage about militarists, and the rest of that shit. Well, I suppose I might as well tell you our ground rules, too. That way we can just split the check and go our separate ways.”

Sitting up straight in her chair she said, “Jim, anything goes except penetration. You’re welcome to roam your hands anywhere on or in my body you would like. And in spite of being virgins, Marty and I are certain that we are both intensely passionate. Our love juices can flow like rivers at flood stage. But we don’t give test drives. I’m afraid if you want to find out what I’m really like in bed, you’ll have to marry me first.”

Then with a little grin she added, “Oh! And be prepared for a very sloppy wife screwing up the honeymoon by soaking the bed with her blood on the first night. Yuck!”

“I am, too,” Jim said so softly she scarcely heard him.

“Am too, what?” Kelly asked, not believing she was hearing what she thought she was hearing.

“A virgin,” Jim said. He sat up straight and looked at her with his embarrassment causing him to blush as red as a beet.

“Me, too,” Don Garfield said. “I guess you think we are the weirdest turkeys you’ve ever hooked up with.” To Jim he said, “Partner, let’s bail out of here before we end up looking like total idiots.”

When they moved their chairs back from the table preparatory to leaving, both girls jumped. Plopping onto Jim Callahan’s lap, Kelly wrapped her left arm around his neck while with her right hand she hurriedly unbuttoned her shirt down to the waistband of her Levi’s.

The girls’ sudden movements had attracted the attention of nearby diners until King’s eyes grew hard and he let out a quiet but threatening low-pitched snarl. Instantly the people who had been looking at the girls found other things to occupy their attention.

“Jim,” Kelly whispered in his ear, “I can’t wait any longer. Please run your hands over my body. Please? Feel my tits. Are they big enough? Firm enough? Too firm? I so hope you like small nipples. Mine are really tiny but I think they’re sort of cute. Do you like them? Please look and feel, then tell me!” Then she pulled her shirt wide to expose as much of her chest as she could one-handed.

Callahan’s big hand reached out and enveloped her left breast, then he used a finger gently to stimulate her nipple. In an instant, it became as hard as a little pebble and began to protrude from her tit.

“Oh, darling,” she breathed, “your hand feels so good!” Then she giggled softly and added, “There’s something else I forgot to mention: I don’t even own a bra... No! That’s not true. I guess I still have a few left over from before I joined the firm... But they wouldn’t fit, now, anyway. My shoulders are broader and my tits are much bigger.”

She grinned and said, “You know, I may try one on someday when you come over. I think the thing would just disintegrate.” Then an expression of concern returned to her face and she asked, “What do you think?”

“My darling,” he replied softly, “I think you’re just perfect! That’s what I think. I forgot your questions, but it doesn’t matter. Even if I had written them all down, I’m so dazzled by your incredible beauty I couldn’t read them anyway. Do I like firm tits? Hell, yes! Small nipples? Yours are so cute I couldn’t imagine anything being nicer. But your skin! It’s like golden satin.” Then he looked into her eyes and said, “You’re golden all over, aren’t you? There are no marks anywhere, are there?”

“And except for the hair on my head, I am totally bare, darling,” she added. Then she told him about King and what he did for Marty and her. Finally she said, “And, of course, that’s how I know that I really am passionate and can - and do - cum in a flood, while going off like a rapid-fire cannon.”

Finally the girls got off the men’s laps and returned to their own seats. But their only concession to modesty was to tuck in their shirt tails while refusing to button a single shirt button, thus leaving their bodies bare in a wide swath running from their necks down below their navels to their hips. When asked by Jim, Kelly just replied that her nipples were covered so what difference did it make? She daintily stuck out the tip of her tongue.

Then she motioned to a waiter and ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon along with four glasses and a soup plate. He came back and poured the glasses. Then she poured some into the soup plate sitting between Marty and herself. Raising her glass she said, “Guys, to us! And to two wonderful guys... And the wonderful guy named King who found you for us!” With that the two girls drank while the men just smiled shyly.

Then Jim raised his glass and said, “To the girls of our dreams... But speaking for myself, I never in my life ever had a dream this good!” Looking to King he said, “Will you join us in this one, big fellah?”

Forgetting how King had introduced himself, the men recoiled when they heard King clearly communicate, “Gladly!” Then he added, “I cannot tell you how happy I am tonight nor how happy you two are going to be. These two women are as close to utter perfection as God has ever created. They are brilliant, athletic, funny... But I could go on and on. There is so much more. Let me only say that the height of their ambition is to find men to whom they can give their undying love and for whom they will, through the grace of Almighty God, bear many children.

“These children, you see, will become the focus of the incredible love they share with their husbands and will honor their parents and the love they receive from them by developing in wisdom and grace to bring credit on the parents they love so much. Gentlemen, to Martha Bradford and Kelly Maguire, two of God’s most perfect creations.” Then he carefully licked up some of the champagne from his soup plate.

After drinking the toast Callahan asked softly, “Was that true, Kelly? What King said about your role as a wife and mother?” She just nodded her head while looking down at the table. “You mean that two girls with absolutely everything... With faces and bodies any man would kill for, with law degrees and brilliant careers, want to be wives and... and mothers?”

When she raised her head and sat up straight he could see her eyes glistening with tears but she ignored them and said, “Darling, King was absolutely right, of course. My highest ambition is to give birth and nurse babies at my breast. To love them and nurture them. To teach them about God. To give them all of my love.” She was silent for a moment and then said, “It’s all true, Jim. I’m sorry if it offends you. Maybe you were right. I guess we should be going.”

Callahan just slowly shook his head and then looked down at the table himself. Then speaking slowly and softly, even cultivating a Western drawl, he said, “Kelly, Don and I have talked about it.

It’s why I had been thinking of going back to South Dakota. There are still a couple of girls left back there who want to be wives and mothers. They ain’t terribly bright, o’ course, and their looks ain’t great, but...”

He just shook his head in utter disbelief and said, “But here in Los Angeles? Gorgeous, brilliant, professional women? Utterly impossible!” Then he looked straight into her eyes and said, “But it happened, didn’t it? That’s really the way you are, isn’t it?”

With a sigh of relief she grinned and said, “It’s the way we all are, darling.” Then she quickly told him about the Leper Colony and more about Clifford & Jamison. The foursome sat around the table talking and finishing their champagne. It was only when some lights were turned off that they realized they were the only customers left in the restaurant and the manager was waiting to close.

Sheepishly, the men paid the bill and left a big tip. It had only been after Kelly’s threat to ask King to explain the advantages to him that he grinned and accepted her money to pay for the champagne.

Upon leaving the restaurant they realized they had quite a walk ahead of them. It was several blocks back to Clancy’s and their van was parked several blocks beyond that. The two couples walked hand-in-hand, totally absorbed in one another. There were so many things that each wanted to ask the other about subjects ranging from politics to sports teams. They were utterly enthralled to find that their mate - and each already looked on the other in those terms - felt the same way they did.

Realizing that they wanted privacy, King was hanging back to keep out of their way. Suddenly five men leaped out from a dark alley and surrounded the four. Two of the men had guns while the others were brandishing long knives in their hands. The apparent leader - one of the two with guns - said, “I guess I’ll just shoot this dude here to show the others we’re serious. It will sort of get their attention.

“And girls, while I do that, why don’t you both just strip? Then you can lie down on the sidewalk, spread your legs wide and wait for the fun to follow!” With that he aimed his gun at Don and started to squeeze the trigger. The weapon was a double-action revolver. As the hammer came back towards its firing position, King leaped. In an instant he was 600 pounds of unleashed fury as one of his paws with its claws fully extended came down in a flash across the man’s wrist. A moment later there was a shot when the gun, with his detached hand still around it, hit the sidewalk and fired.

The second assailant fired at the golden fury and his bullet grazed King’s skull just before he was savaged by the tiger’s claws and then ripped by his great teeth. The other three–gang members all - let their gang bravado get the best of their common sense. Instead of fleeing, the three attacked King with their knives. In seconds, all three erstwhile rapists had been ripped to shreds.

Jim Callahan’s heart turned over as he held Kelly tightly in his arms. Although she was pale as a sheet, she did not avert her eyes. Instead she looked impassively over the human debris King had strewn around the area. He could feel her swallow hard and he realized in an instant why. Not a single body was intact. In one way or another King had ripped huge chunks out of each of the men. Obviously, they were now all dead.

The great animal had been cut twice and the bullet crease in his skull was making him dizzy. “Are you all right, my darling mistresses?” he asked woozily.

When they assured him they were not even scratched, the great animal fell to the sidewalk unconscious. As the girls dropped down beside him with Don and Jim, they could hear the sound of approaching sirens. While they couldn’t see everything - King was lying on his side and they couldn’t move his huge bulk–they did see the bullet crease on the top of his skull between his ears and a couple of knife cuts that, although bleeding, did not appear too serious.

Three police cars pulled into the curb with their blue lights coloring the neighborhood. As had happened with Joyce in the KNBC parking lot, the first officer to reach the scene took one look at the carnage and became violently ill. His partner, still in the car, radioed for a big ambulance and the morgue wagon. He explained the need for a large vehicle because one of the tigers was down, but only after spreading pieces of the attackers all over the sidewalk.

Barely able to control his voice he told the police dispatcher, “I think there are five bodies, Sarge. I get the number by counting heads. Beyond that there are just pieces all over the place...” Then he cut off his transmission, opened the cruiser’s door and vomited onto the street too.

Minutes later, an unmarked cruiser pulled up along with a KNBC mobile unit that had picked up the call on the police radio. It turned out to be a camera team with Ann Henry, returning from a late assignment. By this time Don and Jim had put their coats over the girls’ shoulders and were holding them tightly to control their shivering.

With the camera rolling to record the incredible carnage, Ann came up to the foursome and introduced herself. She, too, was pale as a sheet having seen the mess, but she said, “Well, here’s another good reason for watching the KNBC news. These guys didn’t pay attention.”

Looking down at King, she could see his chest moving in and out. His respiration seemed strong. Kneeling quickly, she felt for his great heart and, when she found it, could feel it pumping powerfully. Standing again she said, “I assume that this is one of Rajah’s buddies. Which one is he?”

As Kelly answered her questions, they were joined by a plainclothes officer who introduced himself as Lieutenant Patrick Collins. He had looked over the pieces on the sidewalk and asked, “Did these clowns threaten rape?”

When Marty told him about the late leader’s instructions: strip, lie down and spread their legs; Collins just shook his head. “I guess these were what the schools refer to as slow learners. I thought Rajah had done a pretty good job of communicating the idea that the big cats get upset at the idea of rape–particularly when their mistresses are the targets.”

Then he explained that he had covered the earlier case at the KNBC studios. When the ambulance arrived, two EMTs quickly checked the victims and then looked over King after being assured by the girls that they would be perfectly safe. With the help of three police officers, they were able to get King onto an oversized Gurney and get him into the ambulance.

The lieutenant drove the four young people to where their cars were parked and then led the way to the hospital where King was being taken. The girls arrived just in time as King was beginning to recover consciousness. He was about to growl, wondering what had happened to his mistresses, when they appeared and reassured him.

With the girls beside him, he told them that there was just the skull crease and the two knife cuts. The cuts were sutured and bandaged by the doctor while he merely put an antibiotic on the bullet crease to guard against possible infection. Then he asked with a grin if King had Blue Cross.

The girls simultaneously reached for their checkbooks and asked how much they owed and who was to be paid. “I’m just kidding, girls,” the doctor said holding his hands up in protest. “This one is strictly on us and it is a real pleasure.” Then he added, “There are too damned many rape victims brought in here. I think your large friend here might persuade at least some would-be rapists to look for some other form of recreation.”

By the time they finished at the hospital and then finished with the police, it was after three. Don and Jim insisted on following the girls to their apartment to help with King. When they entered, Jim let out a low whistle. It was the most tastefully elegant apartment he had ever seen and he said so.

Then Kelly Maguire realized what time it was and offered to make breakfast for them. Even though they had eaten a big dinner, that had been over six hours earlier. She began to make a huge breakfast of steak, eggs and waffles while the others moved to put King to bed.

That provoked a flat refusal from the huge cat. “I saved you from one rape tonight, Mistresses, but my task now is much more difficult. Now you have men that you invited into your apartment. Messrs. Callahan and Garfield, you’re the very first men to be here, ever. But it’s much worse, you see. These are two men you already adore. My task now is to save you from yourselves!”

The four howled with laughter. When the breakfast was served, again the men looked at the girls in amazement. The food was superb and they said so. The girls just cutely stuck out their tongues and said the food should be good: They had been taking lessons from the world’s finest cook for almost a year and a half!

After cleaning up the kitchen, the girls stripped off their shirts so their men could really see them. Standing up straight with their young breasts so proudly upthrust, they were utterly magnificent. Then Kelly snapped her fingers and ran from the room. A few moments later she came back with a wrinkled bra in her hand. She had found it at the bottom of one of her drawers.

Jim couldn’t control his laughter as Kelly made a series of very funny faces as she strained to get the bra on. First, her breasts completely overflowed the cups; apparently she had gone from an A cup to a C. Finally, stretching the bra’s elastic to its limit, she managed to attach the hooks.

Then, when she said, “At last!” and took a deep breath, it exploded. In addition to the elastic snapping, one of the shoulder straps ripped off, so the remains were just hanging on her left shoulder. She took off the remains and gave it to Jim saying, “You can keep this with the souvenirs of your other conquests.” Then she looked at him with her eyes wide and said, “But gee, Jim, did you have to rip it off my back? Couldn’t you have just un-clipped it? Or were you really that... eager?”

The other three dissolved in laughter. Kelly added to it when they noticed the puzzled look on her face as if to ask what was so funny?

After a period of necking on the sofa, the men reluctantly left after exchanging addresses and phone numbers. That night, for the first time since King arrived, the girls did not sleep on him. Instead, they put him in the middle of their large bed and the two women snuggled close on each side. In moments they were all asleep.

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