Barbara - Chapter 36 to 38
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The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read this, then Don’t Read It.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This book is being posted now, in spite of the fact that Kathy Carlson is not yet complete. I had intended to add three chapters or so to Kathy, but that’s not the way it worked out. It’s long and getting longer. At any rate, here is another book that - hopefully - will tide you over.

Barbara Copyright © By Morgan, 1994, 2002. All Rights Reserved

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically written eight years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete references. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with it; it’s too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and in time follows Cynthia Martin by about 5 years. Because of the fact that there are other stories that overlap in time, some readers may find references to events they’ve never heard of. With luck, you eventually will.

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Chapter 36

Marty and Kelly were at their desks working when Susan Carlson and Mike Morris came into their office followed by King. Since the seven tigers had appeared at the firm offices, they often spent a lot of their time during the days with the very young children or in the school while their mistresses were working. They were always in the school during nap time where they took the place of the no-longer-used sleeping bags.

Now Ken and Andy always slept in each other’s arms while being held by Prince. Susan and Mike always slept the same way on King. Charley Conrad rotated and slept with a different member of his harem each day, while the remaining girls paired up or slept with Bobbie on one of the other tigers.

Kelly’s desk was closest to the door and she realized that Susan was crying while Mike was trying to suppress his own tears. When asked what was the matter, Susan said, “Miss Maguire, we need to be punished. What Mike and I just did was utterly inexcusable!”

“But what did you just do?” Kelly asked. Marty had stopped work and was now listening intently as well.

“Mike and I deliberately tortured King. We were supposed to be sleeping. I don’t know what came over us, but we decided we would pull out the hairs of his chest fur one by one, in a way to cause him the greatest possible pain. Can you imagine? Doing a thing like that to an animal as good and sweet and pure as King? An animal that saved your lives less than two weeks ago at great sacrifice to himself?”

She stood up as straight as she could and said, “Mrs. Conroy punished us, and then sent us out of the room to see our parents.

Then our mothers sent us down to see you. Since King is your friend and protector, you must punish us first.”

Then she looked at Mike and gripped his hand saying, “Ten of the hardest spanks you can manage for each of us,” Susan said. “I’ll go first.”

At that Mike Morris moved in front of Susan and said, “Please, Miss Maguire and Miss Bradford, I would like to accept all the punishment for Susan and myself. It was my idea–“

“It was not, Michael Morris! That’s a lie,” Susan exclaimed. “The idea was all mine! If anyone receives all the punishment, it should be me.”

“But, Sue,” Mike protested. “I just went along. I made no effort to talk you out of it...”

“That’s because you love me too much for our own good, Mike Morris,” she said softly. “You’re incapable of saying no to me about anything.” Then she glared at him, pulled down her pants, pulled up her skirt and went to lie across Kelly’s lap. Kelly was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do.

Susan looked up at her and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Maguire, really I am. I know how hard this is going to be for you.” Then her eyes brightened and she said, “But they better be hard spanks. If they’re not so hard that they make me cry out, you’ll just have to do them all over again. Clear?”

Kelly just nodded her head and then looked at the little girl’s bare bottom. Only then did she see that it was already bright red. When she mentioned it, Susan merely reminded her that Mrs. Conroy had already punished them. Swallowing hard, Kelly began to spank the girl as hard as she could. After three strokes, Susan rolled over and pointed out that she was using her wrist, rather than a full arm stroke. “Don’t use your wrist, Miss Maguire. You might hurt it. Now start over again at one.”

Doing what Susan said provoked involuntary cries with each spank.

When she reached ten and stopped, the little girl climbed off her lap, took her right hand in hers, kissed the palm softly, and then licked it. “I’m so sorry you hurt your hand on my hard little ass, Miss Maguire,” the little girl said tearfully.

Then she extended her arms and Kelly lifted her up to her lap. When she sat Susan down, the girl screamed and jumped up. Then she knelt on the chair straddling Kelly’s legs and began to kiss her all over, concentrating particularly on her eyes and lips. She concentrated on kissing away Kelly’s tears. Only when she moved her lips on Kelly’s did Kelly taste something salty. Pulling away, she found that the girl’s lip was bleeding. Susan just said that she had bitten it to keep from crying out while being spanked.

When Kelly grinned wryly at Marty and said that it looked like she was going to get to punish Mike, Susan pulled away and said, “Oh, no, Miss Maguire! I guess I wasn’t too clear. You each punish both of us!” Then she looked concerned and said, “But do you think ten apiece is really enough?”

Then she looked at King and said, “Isn’t there some punishment we can get King to inflict on us directly? He was the one we hurt, after all. When we asked him before, he just flat refused.”

At this point King entered the conversation. “Miss Susan, you and Master Michael are making me very angry! Hurt me? Utterly impossible. What overweening egos you two have! Do you honestly think that the two of you, weighing about ninety pounds total, could possibly hurt me, weighing 600? Actually, your little fingers pulling at my fur felt sort of funny. It’s not something I would like all the time, certainly, but it didn’t hurt.

“But now I am getting very angry! Why? Because of what you’re doing to my poor mistresses. Why are you mad at them? What have they ever done to hurt you? Yet you’re hurting them terribly! Why?”

Suddenly the little girl broke down completely. Crying her eyes out, she stumbled blindly towards the giant tiger. While sitting up on his haunches, King extended his paws, caught the little girl and pulled her close to his chest where he just held her tightly while he listened to her uncontrolled, hopeless-sounding crying.

Meanwhile, Mike was standing before Marty and said, “Please, Miss Bradford, as a very special favor - and I know I certainly don’t deserve one - please spank me as hard as you possibly can for as many strokes as you can bring yourself to do? Please? I know exactly what King means, and he’s right, of course, but I couldn’t live with myself if I stood by and watched Susan being beaten without ever suffering anything myself. I know how hard and painful it is for you to do, but please? As a very special favor?”

Marty was crying herself, but she just nodded her head. The little boy pulled off his pants and positioned his bottom where she could most comfortably hit it. He lay there silently while she beat him fifteen times. By that time she was crying so uncontrollably, she could do no more.

Then he took her hand and kissed it, then climbed on her lap to kiss away her tears all the while thanking her for the tremendous favor she had done for him. Then King growled, “That’s enough of that, Master Michael! Now get over here where you belong and comfort your love. She needs you so!”

Then King lay on his back while Mike took the still-crying Susan in his arms, then climbed up on the tiger’s chest while holding Susan tightly. He was kissing away her tears when King enfolded them both in his huge arms and began to purr softly.

“What do you think, roomy?” Kelly asked softly.

“I think it’s going to be awfully tough being a mother sometimes, is what I think,” Marty replied through her tears. “That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Imagine! Spanking an angel.” While she watched the children, now almost completely covered by King’s huge paws, she said, “What did you think?”

“King,” Kelly said, “please continue to hold and cherish those two cherubs. They have just given us another invaluable lesson in how to be a mother. I once watched one of the mothers crying her eyes out in the conference room while being held in the arms of another and being comforted. The woman was crying because she had just spanked her child while the other tried to comfort her and tell her she understood how hard and painful it was. I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen!

“Well, it wasn’t and it certainly isn’t. The mothers all know that it is essential for their child’s sense of security to know where the boundaries of acceptable behavior are exactly! Since children are always testing, that means they get spanked once in a while when they go over the line. Strange as it seems, it makes the child feel better. He or she feels more secure because he or she knows the boundary is real and it will be enforced, although they recognize how hard it is for their mothers to spank them.

“It truly does hurt the mothers far more than the children, but that’s a price of motherhood, I guess.” Then to the tiger she said, “King, darling, when the children calm down and we fix them up a bit, let’s take them back to their mothers, okay?”

Then Kelly had an idea. She whispered it to Marty who dashed out of the office and then Kelly whispered it into King’s ear. He smiled and communicated that it might work and was certainly worth a try in any case. When Marty returned, she had a large bowl of ice cubes. Then King told the children to take off all of their clothes and then bend over the seat of Marty’s now-vacant chair.

Although bewildered, the two children did exactly what he had told them to do. Marty then set the bowl of ice close beside the two children and King licked it. One reason a cat’s tongue is rough is to permit the animal to lap up water using its coarse surface to hold the water drops. After licking the ice to get his tongue cold with ice water on it, he carefully licked the fiery red bottoms of the two children.

Licking Susan’s small bottom first, the little girl exclaimed that it felt so cool and wonderful, but then she began to cry again. Although she obeyed him and didn’t move, she said, “Thank you King, for inflicting the harshest possible punishment on us. You’re making us - who tried our best to torture you - lie here while you ease the pain of your tormentors.

“Oh, King, I love you so much! But why don’t you beat me or claw me or something! Will you? Oh, no! Instead you’re being so wonderful by easing my own pain and making me feel so terrible while you’re doing it!”

The two children stayed bent over the seat of the chair while King continued to work until all of the ice was gone. By then the fiery red color had receded to just a bright pink. Through the entire time Mike had his arm around his love and tried to comfort her.

Kelly just shook her head and said, “Marty, I guess we really did hit them hard. Did you see how red their bottoms were, in spite of both having deep golden tans?”

Marty just nodded and clutched at Kelly’s hand.

Finally, King finished and told the children to get dressed. They were going up to see their mothers. However, first Kelly insisted on cleaning the children up and so escorted them to the Leper Colony shower-room. There, she and Marty first carefully washed their faces and then shooed them into the shower. The two young women just shook their heads in wonder as the two children so carefully soaped and washed each other’s body. Mike carefully washed Sue’s slit while she as tenderly cradled and washed his small penis and scrotum.

When the two children came out, Kelly caught Susan and Marty caught Mike and dried them off with huge terry bath towels that were bigger than the children. Then, wrapped in the towels, they returned to their office and watched as the children dressed. The women noticed how gingerly the children put on their pants but then completed dressing without further incident. Finally Susan stood in front of Kelly and gave her a comb and brush while Mike did the same thing with Marty.

When Kelly retied the big bow on Susan’s pinafore and had her glorious wavy hair styled the way she knew Kathy Carlson always fixed it, she took the little girl in her arms and kissed her. Holding the little girl tightly in her arms, she realized how incredibly sweet-smelling her little body was. Then she kissed her gently and could feel a river of the purest love, innocence and joy flow from the child’s lips to her own.

When she released the girl, Susan said softly, “Miss Maguire, may the Good Lord bless and keep you. May He make His eternal light to shine upon you, and may He bless you and Jim and your posterity, unto the end of time! Almighty Father, I ask this in the name of your Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Suddenly Kelly felt light headed and then felt a remarkable sensation in her loins. “What just happened?” she asked softly.

Susan gave her the most beatific smile Kelly had ever seen and replied, “Darling Mistress Maguire, God, our Almighty Father has heard my prayer and answered it. He has just blessed you and all of your eggs. You will give birth to the most beautiful, the best babies in the whole world! Miss Maguire, they will be God’s personal gift to you and Mr. Callahan.” Then the girl’s face clouded and she asked, “I hope you don’t mind?”

Mind?” she exclaimed. “How, on earth, could I possibly mind? But what you’re also saying is that God Almighty is blessing my union with Jim Callahan. You mean that too, don’t you?”

The little girl just nodded and said very softly, “Yes, Miss Maguire, He is. You will have a marriage filled with countless joys. You will achieve a level of happiness in his arms that is almost unknown in this world. Yes, Miss Maguire, God has blessed your commitment to Mr. Callahan and his commitment to you.”

Then the children, accompanied by Marty, Kelly, and King, went up the stairs to look for their mothers.

They found both Judy and Kathy in Kathy’s office. When the two mothers glared at their children, King quickly told his story. He ended by saying that the children had done enough damage for one day - although none at all to him. But they had already made life miserable for Mrs. Conroy, Marty, and Kelly, and there was absolutely no excuse for them to make their parents miserable, too.

With tears in the corners of their eyes, the two children asked their mothers for forgiveness. Kathy held Susan in her arms and then said, “My darling, you smell so wonderfully sweet and look so lovely, in spite of your spanking. What happened?”

“Miss Maguire happened, Mommy,” the little girl said. Then she told how Kelly had fixed her up and how Marty had worked onMike.

When she told her mother about asking God’s blessing for Kelly and Jim Callahan, Kathy asked about Marty and was assured that Mike had done the same thing for Marty and Mr. Garfield, and achieved the same result. “Mommy, they are going to be such exquisite brides and they are going to be so happy! Isn’t it wonderful?”

Listening to her daughter, Kathy was reminded of Joyce’s words: They always ask for other people, never themselves. Then she took her daughter in her arms, kissed her lovingly, and told her how thoughtful she had been and how proud of her she was.

Only then did Susan pull away and ask her mother if she could go down to Camp Pendleton for Thanksgiving and spend it with Mike’s grandparents. Kathy smiled warmly and told her that she and Mrs. Morris had been talking about it. Instead, her parents and the whole Morris family were going to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Carlsons. After Thanksgiving dinner, Susan could drive down to Pendleton and spend the rest of the weekend there. Susan was delighted.

When the children left the office to return to their schoolroom, Marty and Kelly exchanged glances. Marty nodded and Kelly said, “Kathy, since you’re having a big Thanksgiving, could Marty and I please come out to serve? We have completed all the courses and I believe we’re competent. We will be naked, of course.” Then she swallowed hard and said, “But could... would...”

“Let’s knock off the shit, shall we?” Kathy interrupted. Her head was cocked, her eyebrow was raised and there was a grimace on her face. Then she said with a warm smile, “The answer is yes. If I can, I will. Now what do you and your sister want?” Her smile became even warmer as she continued, “You and Marty now think of each other as sisters, don’t you? You’re so close.”

“Kathy, you don’t know the half of it!” Kelly exclaimed. “Ever since King has been with us, I have watched Marty standing with sweat pouring off her magnificent body while her loins spasm in ecstasy. At night, we sleep in each other’s arms while we’re both cradled in King’s huge ones. Whenever Marty moves, I feel her glorious tits move against mine and smell the marvelous fragrance of her natural body perfume. Kathy, I’m in heaven–constantly!” Then she blurted, “Could Don and Jim be your guests on Thanksgiving, too? Please?”

Before Kathy could open her mouth Marty had taken Kelly into her arms and was melting her lips on hers. There was an instantaneous two-way flow of the purest love. Then Marty whispered, “I adore you, too, sister. How do you think you make me feel? Darling, your body is so incredibly pure and sweet. And every morning I awaken in your arms while enveloped in your fragrance.” She smiled warmly and said, “Jim Callahan is an incredibly lucky guy! Imagine! Having you in his arms all the time. How lucky can a guy get!”

Kathy just feigned sadness and shook her head. When the two girls separated from their embrace she just said dryly, “As I said earlier, if I could, I would. Since we can easily handle two more, of course you can invite them.” Then she grinned and added, “You two will be doing all the work, after all.”

When Susan Carlson came downstairs early Thanksgiving morning, she was still rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She was still feeling wonderful because that morning, for the first time ever, her parents had allowed her to help with their lovemaking. Susan had placed her father’s huge cock at the mouth of her mother’s vagina while her mother was on her knees waiting to receive it. Now they were sleeping again with her younger siblings in the bed beside them. Since she was hungry, she had come down to fix her own breakfast.

Entering the kitchen, she was both surprised and pleased to find Marty Bradford and Kelly Maguire already hard at work. Both were naked and looked magnificent. Going up to Kelly she said, “Good morning, Miss Maguire! How are you this morning?”

Kelly spun around, startled, and then dropped to her knees to give the girl a kiss. When they broke the kiss, Susan slipped out of her bathrobe, turned around and said, “Miss Maguire, you gave me the best spanking I have ever had! Do you realize it was almost ten days ago, and my bottom is still black-and-blue? Just look.”

Poor Kelly was almost sickened by the sight of the still-so-painful looking bruises now showing all the colors of the rainbow. Then Susan added, “Better still, I can’t sit comfortably even now! You were just wonderful!” Then she grinned and said, “Boy! Your children are all going to be very good... Or else their bottoms are going to be very sore!”

When Susan ran over to the corner to give King a big kiss, Kelly interrupted her dinner preparations and fixed a breakfast for the little girl. Then, when she came over to the range to fix herself breakfast, Kelly just pointed to the table where she had just placed it.

Susan protested, but Kelly said, “It is part of a slave’s duties, Mistress Susan. And today you will address me as Slave Kelly, while my sister is Slave Marty. Okay?” After devouring her meal, Susan ran up to her room and returned moments later wearing shorts and a top so she could take King out for a run. Kelly grinned and said it was a good idea. It would get the big lug out from underfoot while she and Marty prepared the huge dinner.

At two o’clock, the first guests to arrive were General Jeffries and his wife, Susan. They were Judy’s parents and had driven up from Camp Pendleton. Stanton Jeffries eyes widened when the door was opened by a beautiful naked woman who was almost Judy’stwin.

“Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome, General and Mrs. Jeffries. I am Slave Marty and will be serving you today. Won’t you please come in?” Marty was wearing only her gold collar and a large white bow on the back of her head holding her ponytail together.

Shortly afterward, Mike and Judy Morris arrived along with Mike, Danny and little Gail. Again, Marty opened the door. Little Mike hung back in the hallway to thank Marty for the best spanking he had ever had. “If I weren’t all dressed up, Miss Bradford, I would take down my pants and show you...”

“Master Michael, you had better not!” she exclaimed with an eyebrow raised. “Besides, I already saw the bruises on poor Susan.” Then she added in a whisper, “And today I am Slave Marty! Hear?”

“Yes, Slave Marty,” he replied. “But you spank much harder than Slave Kelly does. My bottom looks much worse than Susan’s!”

When Jim Callahan and Don Garfield appeared, both girls were at the door to greet them. Seeing the naked girls in their fully revealed beauty, the men were stunned. “Kelly...” Jim began, “Kelly, I don’t know what to say! You’re utterly incredible!”

“One thing you can say is to call me Slave Kelly. That is my name today and is all that I may answer to. But why is your mouth open, Mr. Callahan? Haven’t you ever seen a naked slave girl before? Surely in Saudi Arabia...” Then she winked and grinned.

The girls took drink orders. When they served the drinks, they were sitting on a large tray sitting on King’s back. The huge animal glided so smoothly that there was not even a ripple showing on the surface of the liquids. Then Kathy Carlson announced that they would be doing something different for Thanksgiving. Believing that turkey was a bit overdone as the Thanksgiving main course, a menu had been prepared to give the guests a choice of entrees. She stressed that it was quite easy to accommodate multiple choices; a guest need not order only one item.

Then she gave Judy and her mother a tour of their new house–the Carlsons had been in it less than three months.

Although Ken Carlson had started work at a law firm following his graduation from law school, he found he much preferred the construction work he had been doing. Now he was a senior vice president of PHA Construction and had supervised the design and construction of their new house. Kathy’s tour began in the kitchen with its restaurant-scaled equipment. Judy’s eyes widened as she realized that it could easily handle multiple food orders for all of the guests and for many more people besides.

While the women were out of the room, Michael Morris went over to Ken Carlson and stood up straight in front of him. When Ken looked at him, it was apparent that something very important was on the boy’s mind so he was very serious as he said, “Hi, Mike. Is there something you wish to say to me?”

“Yes, sir, there is,” the little boy began. “I... I am desperately in love with your daughter, Susan, sir. My intentions are completely honorable. I wish to make her my wife.

But sir, first I need your permission to continue to see her now that you know that we are no longer just friends.”

The little boy swallowed hard and continued, “I am not presently employed, sir, and I know that counts against me. But I am getting a very good education and am working very hard. I am confident that I will be able to support Susan in the style to which she has become accustomed.” Then, with his eyes wide, he asked, “Mr. Carlson, may I have your permission to continue to see her?”

When Mike began his little speech, Ken instantly knew what he was going to say. Looking beyond him, Ken could see Susan standing behind him, wearing her very best dress and looking very scared and anxious. Mike was still looking up at him wide-eyed, waiting for an answer. Then Ken said, “Michael Morris, are you sure you love Susan?”

The boy replied instantly, “Sir, I love her more than life itself. I would cheerfully give my life for her.”

Ken looked at him thoughtfully and said, “Mike, I believe you. I really do.” Then he said, “Michael, your father is the most decorated man in the entire proud history of the United States Marine Corps. Your mother is my wife’s dearest friend. You’re the grandson of the most respected senior officer in the Marine Corps. Michael Morris, Jr., what more could I possibly say? Of course you may continue to see Susan, and Kathy and I can’t wait to welcome you into our family as our new son!”

Then extending his hand he asked, “Can we shake hands on that?”

The little boy took the hand and, in spite of the vast difference in sizes, managed to squeeze Ken’s hand firmly. Then he said, “Mr. Carlson, you have just made me the happiest man in the world. And sir, you commented on my family. You spoke of my father being the most decorated man in the history of the Marine Corps. But, Mr. Carlson, you’re the most decorated hero in the history of the United States in any service. I can’t tell you how proud I would be if you and Mrs. Carlson were to think of me as your son!”

At that, Ken lost control. Sweeping the little boy up in his arms he hugged him tightly and whispered, “Mike, Kathy and I love you and always have. You didn’t mention that I am already your godfather and she is your godmother. You didn’t mention that we have known you literally from the day you were born. You didn’t mention that your family is one of the very finest on the face of this earth! Now, since you’re still a few years away from getting married, could you still give me a kiss?” Mike melted his lips against Ken’s and then scrambled down from his lap.

Susan was still standing alone but looking so much happier now than she had been. Mike took her into his arms and just melted his lips to hers.

Jim Callahan and Don Garfield had not known what to make of the scene they had just witnessed, but when they saw the two children kiss, Jim whispered, “Don, this is no joke! Those kids are madly, desperately, passionately in love. Just look at them! They are small but their behavior is so adult. My God!”

When they broke their kiss, Mike took Susan by the hand over to his grandfather and said, “Granddad, may I present the love of my life, Susan Carlson? I have just received her father’s permission to continue to call on her, and it is my intention to make her my wife. I hope, sir, that we have your approval, as well.”

Stanton Jeffries took Susan’s hands in his and just looked into her eyes. There he saw what he expected to see: the purest love, joy, innocence and grace. In addition she was one of the most beautiful girls alive and today was so beautifully dressed. He slowly shook his head and saw fear and then tears appear in the little girl’s eyes.

Quickly he said, “Susan Carlson, my grandson has really said it all! Just imagine! As a granddaughter I will have the daughter of the greatest hero who has ever lived. Pleased? I am overjoyed! Do I approve? How could I not? There is no person alive I would rather see with my grandson than you.” Then he asked, “Could my brand-new almost-granddaughter give her granddad a kiss? Just a little one?”

With a squeal of delight, Susan hurled herself into his arms. While being held tightly in his arms, she placed her lips on his and proceeded to work them with all of the skill at her command to pour out the love she felt for him. By the time she stopped, Jeffries was feeling lightheaded and realized he had almost passed out.

Then Susan said softly, “General... Granddad, I can’t tell you how happy you have just made me. I know it will be years before Mike and I can get married, but would you mind if I think of you as my grandfather, now, anyway? You see, sir, both of my parents are orphans. I have never had any grandparents. It... It would be so wonderful if you would allow–“

Allow?” he exclaimed. Then, as his wife returned from her tour, he said, “Sue, guess what? We now have a brand-new granddaughter. I know how much you drool over the cute dresses they sell for little girls, and how you long for Gail to grow up so you can start buying some. Well, now you can, for your newest granddaughter and Mike’s future wife, Susan Carlson! What do you think?”

“Stanton Jeffries!” Susan exclaimed. “That was the all-time, all-galaxy dumbest question you have ever asked! What in hell do you think I think? I think Michael Morris, Jr., has just done the near-impossible. He will be marrying the finest girl alive in the whole world!” Then she reached out her arms and said, “Do you have a little kiss left for your grandmother, darling? Or are you all kissed out?”

Again Susan squealed and launched herself at the older woman. For the rest of the cocktail hour Susan just remained in Sue Jeffries’ arms and snuggled, hugged and kissed her. By the time dinner was announced, Sue was in a daze caused by the cumulative power of all of the little girl’s kisses that she had absorbed.

Jim and Don couldn’t believe the way their two girls were moving around so naturally. Moreover, in spite of serving on their knees and hence constantly popping up and down, they appeared tireless. When Kelly served Jim a fresh drink, she told him that, as slaves, they were completely available to the guests for any purpose whatsoever, except for vaginal or anal penetration. Anything else, though, was not only accepted, it was expected.

Jim’s eyes widened but he reached out a hand, grabbed one of her firm tits, squeezed hard and whispered, “Can I do that?”

When she felt his hand on her tit her eyes partially closed and there was a wonderful warm sound from deep in her body. “Of course, Master,” she replied. “Did you notice how my nipples instantly hardened when you did?”

“How about this?” he asked, squeezing one of her very tight buns hard. Again there was the warm sound. She told him it felt so wonderful and expressed the hope that he liked firm buns. “What about this?” he continued as he ran his finger up her slit. When he did he was surprised to find how wet it was. Then he slid it up her vagina and found it drenched with her cum. Removing it, he licked it off and said, “Yum!”

Again she said he was more than welcome, but then surprised him when she took a champagne glass from the tray on King’s back and gave it to him saying that love juices were particularly elegant when washed down with champagne.

In the meantime, Don had been doing similar things to Marty and had been receiving identical reactions. The two couples continued until Kathy asked in an acerbic tone, “Are you slaves here to serve the guests or to satisfy your own sexual appetites?”

Then she commented to the other guests, “You know, it’s impossible to get decent slaves these days. With that damned British blockade of the Slave Coast...”

While everyone laughed at her crack, Marty and Kelly laughed loudest.

When the two families with Jim and Don sat down at the table, Ken quietly asked if they could all join hands. Marty and Kelly knelt on each side of Kathy. With all heads bowed, Ken prayed, “Almighty Father, we gather here today as families and close friends to give thanks to You for all of Your works. We give thanks for our families, for our friends, and for our freedom to worship You and serve You in every way we can. We are gathered here today to give particular thanks for all that we have received in the past year from Thy bounty. We thank you, dear God, in the name of your Divine Son and Our Savior, Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.” There were quiet Amens from everyone sitting or kneeling around the table.

When dinner was served, it began with a magnificent assorted seafood cocktail, followed by a marvelous petite marmite. Individual entrees were then served, with Don Garfield having tournedos Rossini, while Jim had braised sweetbreads and calves liver, Basel style.

Marty and Kelly were watching anxiously from the corner as they tried their dishes, and weren’t sure when both men closed their eyes. Then Jim said, “Mrs. Carlson, I have never had better. They don’t make liver this good in Basel itself! And the sweetbreads! Utterly magnificent.”

Then he continued, “Kelly has been telling me that you’re the finest chef in the world. Well, I certainly believe it. But frankly, I didn’t realize it was possible to be so much better than whoever is in second place!”

Don immediately began to make similar comments about his tournedos when he slowed to a stop realizing that Kathy, sitting at the end of the table, was just sadly shaking her head.

“Thank you for the kind words,” she said, “but don’t direct them at me. Don, Slave Marty personally prepared your tournedos and, Jim, Slave Kelly prepared your sweetbreads and liver. You’ll have to complain to them, not to me. I had absolutely nothing to do with any of it. They even bought the food!”

Both men were stunned into silence. Jim was the first to recover his voice and said, “Good grief! Kelly made steak and eggs with waffles the first night and it was great. But this?” Turning to her he asked, “Darling, is this your usual? Honest?”

After first getting Kathy’s permission to reply she said, “Usually it’s better than this. I’m sorry, darling, but today I was so nervous, neither dish really came out the way I wanted it to. But I promise to do better in the future.” The men couldn’t believe their good fortune. With all of their brains and beauty, the women they loved were also spectacular cooks.

After serving the salad course, the two young women cleared the table before dessert. Looking at Judy, Kathy winked and said, “Judy, after working our fingers to the bone and slaving in the hot kitchen for days the way we did, I suppose we might as well finish the job and serve the desserts, too.”

Then she grinned and added, “The girls have everything ready–the pies are baked, the ice cream is ready, the cheese trays, the fruit...” But then her eyes widened as she added, “But we’ll have to carry them all the way out to the table by ourselves!”

Rising from her chair Judy pretended to stifle a groan and said, “I suppose so, dear Kathy. After all, a woman’s work is never done...”

Once in the kitchen Kathy told Marty and Kelly to get dressed instantly. Their slavery was terminated, forthwith! “And then get your tails into that dining room and into chairs next to your lovers, where you belong!” It took only an instant for the two girls to slip on near-duplicate white sleeveless silk dresses that featured their perfect figures.

After bringing out the array of desserts and setting them on a sideboard, Judy placed champagne flutes at the table and even included glasses for all but the youngest children.

When Mike asked his mother about it, she put her forefinger in front of her mouth and said, “Just pretend it’s ginger ale. Dad and I will never tell.”

Marty and Kelly were looking around wondering what was coming next. Their abrupt dismissal coupled with the order to dress and join the other guests had come as a complete surprise. When Kathy and Judy were again seated, Jim looked at Kelly and said, “Kel, I have something important to ask you. Am I correct in assuming you’re no longer Slave Kelly?” The girl just nodded and waited. “My darling, will you marry me?” he asked softly but loud enough for him to be easily heard by everyone.

Hearing his words King, who had been asleep in the corner, popped up and sat up beside the table watching attentively. Jim continued, “Will you be my wife and the mother of our children? Please?”

“Oh, my darling, yes!” she screamed exultantly, “Oh, thank you, dear God! Yes!” With that he took her into his arms and the two melted together in a sustained kiss.

While they were kissing, Don looked at Marty and said, “My darling, I so badly want you to marry me, too. But I have a serious handicap that Jim doesn’t. You see, I’m a Southerner.”

Marty didn’t say a word. Instead, in a powerful crystal-clear voice she sang, “Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten, look away, look away, look away Dixie land!...” Marty’s pure and powerful singing voice came as a shock to Don. After completing Dixie, without pausing she began to sing, “We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing. We chasten and hasten his will to make known...”

Everyone except the youngest children immediately joined in to sing the famous hymn of thanksgiving. When it was completed, she said, “Darling Donald, of course I will marry you. And I will rejoice if God blesses us by allowing me to become pregnant so I may give birth to your children. Oh, God, Don! Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed.

Then it was his turn to take Marty into his arms and melt his lips to hers. While they were still in their embrace, Kelly and Jim were easing apart. It was clear, when they did, that both were in a near-daze as a result of the power of the kisses they had exchanged. Jim fumbled into his pocket, took out a ring and slipped it on her third finger. “I hope you like it, my darling,” he said softly. “But it is so pale and drab against the brilliance of your emerald eyes!” Only then did Kelly look down at her finger.

When she did she gasped and exclaimed, “Jim! What have you done?

This is huge! It’s gorgeous!... Good heavens! It’s so big it would even choke King.” Reaching for him blindly - she was blinded by her tears of joy - he took her in his arms and concentrated every bit of love he could convey into his lips. Suddenly he felt her go limp in his arms. Kelly had fainted.

Don then did the same thing to Marty and achieved the same response. When the two girls began to recover consciousness, they were still in their fiances arms, but both men were laughing so hard they almost dropped the girls on the floor.

Glaring at Jim Callahan - or trying to - Kelly demanded, “James Callahan, what’s so damned funny?”

Jim was still laughing so hard he really couldn’t speak. Finally he said, while still chuckling, “Kathy, Judy, and Mrs. Jeffries, I think you all will appreciate this! Just a couple of weeks ago this woman in my arms was almost raped and murdered. She saw five men totally destroyed by a furious Bengal tiger.”

Turning to King who was listening attentively, he said, “King, I meant to mention it to you at the time: That was really not your cleanest, neatest set of kills. In fact, I guess I really have to say it: King, you really made a mess!”

The tiger put his paws up to cover his eyes and ears, pretending to feel ashamed. Everyone at the table howled with laughter at his posturing.

Then Jim continued, “At any rate, there were pieces and parts of bodies lying all over the place. I heard the reporting patrolman tell the dispatcher that he thought there were five bodies. Then, obviously responding to the dispatcher’s question, he said that he arrived at the number by counting the heads on the ground. Then he got violently ill just from looking at the scattered body parts.

“What does the love of my life do, when faced with the prospect of rape, murder, and then the bloodiest, messiest carnage you could imagine? Well,” he said slowly, “She really did turn the tiniest bit pale.”

Looking around the table Jim was nodding his head and repeated, “Honest, she did. She definitely looked a bit pale. Then tonight? Tonight I kiss her. She is in my arms and still sitting on a chair. What does she do? Of course she faints. She’s a weak woman, right? So of course she faints - when there is absolutely nothing at all for her to do except eat her dessert, but there’s no big rush to do that.”

By this time Kelly appeared to be so furious, emerald-green sparks were flying from her eyes. Just as she yelled, “James Michael Callahan–“ he took her in his arms and kissed her again. Initially her arms were waving in the air as she appeared to struggle. Then the waving slowed, then stopped. Then her arms came around his neck while their love just flowed.

“Don’t you dare say one little word, Donald Pierce Garfield, unless you want to have the shortest engagement in history–“ Then Don did to Marty what Jim was doing to Kelly and achieved the same result.

When they finally eased apart, all four were breathless. Kathy was looking at them with expressionless eyes and finally said in a completely flat tone of voice, “Are you done yet? Can we get on with it, or are we still going to be sitting around this table tomorrow morning?”

Ken winked and poured Dom Perignon for everyone, even pouring some into a soup plate for King. Raising his glass he said, “I would like to propose a toast: to two wonderful couples, Kelly and Jim; Marty and Don. May you be as happy in your marriages as we are in ours!”

Everyone drank after cries of “Hear! Hear!”

Then Kelly raised her glass and said, “I would like to offer a toast on behalf of Marty and myself to our best friend, our lover, our protector, and the best damned date-hound in the world. To King!”

Everyone drank the toast enthusiastically as well, although King dropped his head down to the floor in embarrassment.

Although King had been introduced to the Jeffries, he had spent the whole day helping the girls or staying quietly in a corner. He had said nothing. Now he communicated loudly and clearly to the momentary astonishment of Stan and Sue Jeffries.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to offer a toast, too. However, my remarks are directed at the two young men sitting across from me - the bridegrooms-to-be. I speak as the creature in this room who knows Martha Bradford and Kelly Maguire better and more intimately than anyone else here - particularly including the prospective bridegrooms. Gentlemen, you’re the most fortunate of men. I cannot begin to list the talents and accomplishments of these two young women. But for openers, you learned in just the last hour or so that each is an accomplished cordon bleu chef.

“Mr. Garfield, you learned to your amazement that Miss Bradford has a brilliant singing voice. She does. She is also an accomplished musician on a number of musical instruments. Mr. Callahan, Miss Maguire is, too. In fact, if there is an Irish folk ballad that she does not know, it would have to be terribly obscure. She can accompany herself on a guitar, a piano, or a number of other instruments. Her voice is probably a little better than Miss Bradford’s. Oh! She is also fluent in Gaelic, if you should ever be interested. They are athletes, scholars, comediennes... I could just go on. They are also the most passionate virgins in the world.

“As a word of advice, please spend every waking moment between now and your weddings working out. Otherwise...” King just sadly shook his head.

“You see, coupling their passion with their virginity, these two have been saving up. They are just waiting to unload. And you, sirs, I’m afraid, are their chosen victims.” King paused, looked at the men and looked sad for a moment.

Then he mused, “Why is it us tigers always get a bum rap? Before we attack we at least warn our victims with a roar, a growl, or a snarl. These women haven’t given you any warning at all. I haven’t heard a single roar.” Then to the two girls he asked brightly, “Mistresses, that is a question I never thought to ask either of you. Can you roar? Or snarl? Perhaps growl? Maybe even a sort of quiet one?”

When everyone around the table roared with laughter, King looked around with an apparently puzzled look as if to say, “What’s so funny?”

When the laughter died down, he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a toast to two of the finest young women in the world, my beloved mistresses, Martha Bradford and Kelly Maguire. My darlings, I rejoice in your happiness!”

Marty and Kelly blushed while everyone else enthusiastically joined in King’s toast. Then Kelly said quietly, “Darling King, we cannot ever thank you enough! For everything!” Then she asked with her eyes twinkling, “But could we sort of share custody when we’re married? Sort of spend alternate months? Even though we’ve only been together for just about a month, my darling, I’m really not sure I could live without you. You’re our love, and you’re everything Joyce Collier and Kristin Bradley said you might be, but so much more! Darling, we adore you!”

Chapter 37

It was the week following Thanksgiving, and Marty and Kelly had been doing some shopping for their upcoming wedding. They had decided to be married before Christmas and would honeymoon on Maui over Christmas and New Year’s. Although virtually the entire firm would be out there, too, it was the only place they wanted to go.

After the five-man attack on them, the press and the TV stations gave a big play to the young women and their protective tigers. KNBC, of course, had the exclusive because of Ann Henry’s arrival on the scene. However, when her footage aired, substantial portions were electronically obscured because three news people had become violently ill just viewing the unedited tapes.

It was now generally conceded that even the most dim-witted, ill-informed felons in the land knew of the dangers of attacking any woman accompanied by one of the Royal Bengal tigers. As a result the girls now took it for granted that they could go anywhere at any time, in complete safety. Now it was late–after eleven - and they were in a rather seedy part of the city.

It was, in a word, a slum.

As they walked along the sidewalk with King pacing ahead of them, they were engrossed in their conversations and didn’t notice that there was no one else in sight on the street. Coming to an intersection, they were waiting for the light when they heard a scream of pure terror that sounded like it was coming from a woman. Marty pointed to the right and the two women sprinted towards the next block.

When they reached the intersection with the parallel street, they looked down the block and were horrified. There was a black woman, absolutely naked, lying on her back in the middle of the street. Two young black men were guarding the block at the intersection to head off any cars that might turn into the street, while two others were in sight at the end of the next block doing the same thing.

Surrounding the woman were about ten other black men talking loudly as if they were bragging to the whole neighborhood. They heard one say, “Gloria, you’re not going to disappoint us like the last one did, are you? We have you figured for at least three rounds apiece, and we’ve only done one.”

Then shouting to the houses he said, “What’s wrong, folks? Have you called the cops yet? Because they won’t come! We own this city! We do what we want. Now we want to fuck the ass off this dumb broad.”

Then to the woman he said, “Give me your hand.” The woman slowly lifted her right hand. The thug took it and then stubbed out a burning cigarette in her palm. The girl screamed in pain while the man shouted, “See how environmentally aware we are? We don’t just drop cigarettes on the street. We put them out first.”

Then to the girl he said, “On your knees, bitch! I want to take you from behind this time.” The girl moaned but rolled over on her stomach, then slowly raised her body to a kneeling position with her knees spread wide and waited.

Marty looked at King who was looking up at her, while obviously shaking with rage. She said fiercely, “Get ‘em, King! And make a big mess!”

The huge cat was off with a bound. The two guards at the girls’ end of the street were standing close enough together that King could reach them both. Leaping with his paws out and his claws extended, he raked both men from head to waist but didn’t even slow down. The man who had been doing all of the loud talking had just dropped his pants and was taking his position behind the crying woman when, with a terrifying scream of sheer rage, King clawed him and took a huge bite from his neck at the jugular.

In the next seconds the girls, who were still standing at the end of the block, could only see furious flashes of gold and black as the tiger slashed and bit at anything within its great reach. In just seconds, all ten of the men were down and King proceeded to dismember their bodies with his slashing claws. The two men guarding the other end of the street had enough sense to run away as fast as they could while the tiger was occupied with his victims. Finally, with blood running in rivers towards the curb, King stood up on his hind legs, pawed the air, and let out a thunderous roar of rage and victory.

Now for the first time there were sounds of windows opening along the street and people began to look out. Most ducked back inside as quickly as they could when they realized that large pieces of bodies were lying all over the street.

Meanwhile, Marty and Kelly ran up the street to the naked girl who was still lying with her face on the street and her hips in the air waiting for the next vaginal assault.

“My God!” Marty cried as she realized that the inner surfaces of the woman’s thighs were bloody and blood was continuing to run from her ravaged sex. Dropping to her knees, she ripped off the windbreaker she was wearing, then gently lifted the woman from the street.

After slipping the jacket over her shoulders she took her in her arms and held her tightly. “You poor thing,” she murmured. “They hurt you so terribly!”

The woman lifted her eyes and saw Marty for the first time. “You’re a golden angel! And you rescued... me?”

“No, dear,” Marty said softly. “I didn’t. King did. If you want to thank someone, thank him.” By this time King had padded back and was looking at the woman with deep sympathy showing in his eyes.

The woman looked at the tiger and just managed to say, “Thank...”

when she lost consciousness.

“Can... Do you think... Will they be able to save her, Mistress?” King asked. “I tried my very best...”

“King,” Marty said softly, “you were utterly perfect! If anything happens to this woman it would only be because we didn’t get here soon enough. Darling, they did nothing to her -- nothing at all - from the time we arrived on the scene.”

By then the sounds of approaching sirens could be heard coming from all directions. In moments police cars converged on them from both ends of the block. Marty and the woman, along with Kelly and King, just stayed where they were, although they were now illuminated by the headlights of six patrol cars.

Only then did Marty realize she was kneeling in a giant pool of blood as she held the girl in her arms. Then she realized she really didn’t care. Nor did she care at all about the gore all over the area, nor about the body parts spread around the block. It did not affect her in the slightest. As she knelt in the street, she could hear more police cars arriving every moment, but she didn’t care about that either.

Then she said, “Kel, why don’t you take King home as soon as you can? I’m going to stay with this girl. Okay?”

Kelly started to protest, but just swallowed hard and nodded her head. When she looked up, Marty found herself looking into an array of drawn handguns. “Hey, guys! How about holstering the hardware and getting an ambulance here, fast? This girl has been raped by ten different guys. She’s bleeding profusely from her vagina and is in bad shape.”

Then her voice became harsh and commanding. “Get off your dead asses and move! She’s the victim, for Christ’s sake!”

Then she could feel the girl in her arms begin to regain consciousness. “It hurts...” she murmured. “Oh, dear God! It hurts so badly...” When Marty whispered in her ear that everything would be all right, the girl’s eyes cleared and she asked, “But you’re still here! Why are you here? Who are you, anyway? You’re a golden angel come to earth!”

“Honey,” Marty whispered, “my name is Martha Bradford and I’m as far from being an angel as a person could get. I am a lawyer. In most people’s regard, we rank right down there with skunks and sharks... But I think I’ve met much nicer skunks and sharks...”

In spite of her pain, the girl giggled. Then she managed to say, “You’re the funniest lawyer in the world.” After pausing to build her strength she added, “But lawyers aren’t supposed to be funny...”

Her voice faded and Marty was sure she had lapsed into unconsciousness again when she continued, but in a much weaker voice, “...or to be so beautiful. Miss Bradford, you’re an angel come to earth.” Again there was a long pause but she continued, “But why as a lawyer...?” This time Marty could feel her go limp in her arms.

Just then Lieutenant Collins appeared. “You again!” he said gruffly. “What happened this time?”

“Another rape, Lieutenant, but completed this time. This poor girl has been raped at least ten times. For God’s sake, where is the ambulance? We’re going to lose her!”

“In a moment, Marty,” Collins replied. Then he added, “What happened? Did you, Kelly, and King stumble across a rape in progress?” Marty just nodded quickly. “Well, I guess KNBC has another story. It seems the tigers take a dim view of raping young women - any young women!” Just then a patrolman came up and asked the lieutenant what to do about all the body parts. “Call Sanitation and have them get one of their street sweepers over here. Let’s let them take care of the garbage. It’s their job, after all.”

Before he finished speaking, an ambulance screeched to a stop with its howler still running. Two EMTs came running with a Gurney. After a quick check of the victim, one shook her head. They put her on the stretcher and ran with it towards their vehicle. Marty ran after them and jumped in the back just before the rear doors were slammed shut and the vehicle began to back up towards the intersection.

Once there, the driver wasted no time. Turning on every flashing light the large vehicle had, he hit the siren and roared off towards the hospital. Marty had one hand on a hanging strap while she held the girl’s hand with her other. Later, she was thrown toward the forward bulkhead when the driver slammed on his brakes and then backed fast into the receiving dock at the hospital.

The doors crashed open and a trauma team from the hospital took charge racing with the Gurney to the nearest emergency operating theater. No one took any notice of her as Marty followed along behind. She just stood at the door of the surgery and waited. After a while a doctor appeared and just muttered, “Oh, shit!” When she asked what the problem was he said that the girl’s blood type was AB positive and the blood bank was out of it. The girl needed blood, and needed it fast.

“Type me,” Marty said. “I’m AB positive.” In just minutes a technician had drawn a blood sample from her and raced for the lab. Minutes later the phone rang with the lab report: Marty was a perfect blood match.

Two hours later Gloria Smith opened her eyes. Looking up, she saw the very complex apparatus of a transfusion machine in operation. Looking to her left, she saw the same woman who had rescued her, now with a needle in her vein. Suddenly she realized that this woman was giving her her blood. Gloria wanted to stop the process but didn’t know how. Quietly she said, “Please stop this. Do you know how?”

Marty had her eyes closed as she felt her blood being pumped away. Already four pints of the approximately eight pints of blood in her body had crossed over and entered the body of the woman beside her. Although there was an IV tube entering her left arm to replenish fluids while her blood was drawn away from her right, she was feeling weak.

Hearing the girl, Marty opened her eyes and looked across the very short distance to the girl. “Yes, I know how. But no, I won’t stop the flow,” she said softly.

“But... but... how much have you given me?” Gloria asked.

“About four pints, I guess,” Marty replied softly. “I’m good for at least one more.”

“But... but... I heard somewhere that the body only has about eight,” the girl cried. “You have already given me half the blood in your whole body. What are you doing?”

“Trying to save your life,” Marty replied simply. “But I don’t have an awful lot more blood left to give you. What is your name, by the way? I suppose I should at least know the name of the woman whose life I am trying to save.”

Gloria told her and then Marty asked, “Please do me a favor, Gloria. Feel your cunt and tell me if it’s still bleeding.” Marty knew that the hospital had run an MRI on the girl’s abdomen and the results were very bad. The repeated rapes had horribly ripped up her insides. Gloria felt herself and then said quietly that she was still bleeding. The whole cot was already soaked with blood spreading from beneath her crotch.

“I was afraid of that,” Marty said softly. “You’re leaking it away a lot faster than my body can make it.”

Then she said, “Gloria, please do me a favor. Close your eyes and confess all of your sins to God. All of them. Please? For me?”

When Marty asked the girl what she did for a living she replied that she was a prostitute. Nevertheless, the girl did as Marty asked. So much time passed that Marty thought the girl had passed out again, but then her eyes opened. When they did, Marty could see they were wet with the girl’s tears.

“You are truly sorry for your sins, aren’t you?” Gloria said that indeed she was. “Well, here goes nothing,” Marty said.

Marty reached out her right hand, took Gloria’s left hand and held it in a tight grip. Then she said, “Oh God! Please help this poor woman. Although herself a sinner, she did nothing to warrant the pain inflicted upon her tonight. Please spare her life so that she may grow in beauty and grace and devote her life to glorifying Your name and all Your works. I ask this, dear God, in the name of our Redeemer, Your Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord. And remember, dear God, Your Son forgave the sins of Mary Magdalene who later became one of the great saints of our Church!

Dear God! Please help this poor woman! I pray, please! Amen.”

As she prayed she had been squeezing Gloria’s hand hard and held her eyes closed tightly. Opening her eyes she looked across at the girl and smiled. A golden glow was over her entire body. It grew in intensity and then began to shimmer. Then it began to pulsate like a strobe lamp. Finally, after a brilliant flash of intense golden light, it disappeared.

At the moment of the flash, she saw Gloria’s body go limp. Marty just smiled and increased the rate of flow of blood from her body to Gloria’s. Marty set the machine to turn itself off after transferring five and a half pints of her blood. As the transfer neared five pints, Marty could feel herself weaken and then she passed out, too.

Marty was awakened by the sound of voices around the beds. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw that the two cots were now surrounded by doctors. When the senior physician saw her eyes blinking, he glared at her. “Martha Bradford, what in hell were you trying to do? Commit suicide? Do you know you transferred over five pints of your blood to this woman? And you only have eight? What in hell are you living on?” he demanded.

“Hope?” she replied weakly. “Prayers?” Then she asked, “How is she, Doctor?” All he did was to shake his head sadly.

Then Marty said, “Doctor, please do another MRI on her. I’ll pay for it personally. Please! It’s very important.”

Although the doctor argued, Marty prevailed. The girl’s Gurney was wheeled out of the room and Marty dropped off again into a state between sleep and unconsciousness. When she dropped off, the senior physician ordered that the rate of flow of replacement fluid into Marty’s arm be tripled. The nurse just nodded and opened the necessary valves.

When next Marty opened her eyes, she looked around and found Gloria was again beside her although the transfusion equipment was no longer there. Marty had only a single needle in her left arm feeding glucose, she guessed. Looking at the girl she said softly, “Hi! How are you feeling?”

Instantly Gloria opened her eyes and looked at Marty. With an incredibly warm smile she said softly, “I feel like a truck ran over me!” Then she grinned and added, “Happy?”

At that Marty reached up, turned off the valve controlling the fluid, and then pulled the needle out of her arm. Gloria’s eyes opened wide with surprise as the woman sat up on her cot and then swung her legs towards her.

After quickly pulling tubes from Gloria’s arms, as well, Marty said brightly, “Okay, turkey! Off your ass and on your feet! We’re going to do some running.”

Are you crazy?” Gloria exclaimed. “Have you lost it completely?”

“Of course not,” Marty replied. “Looking at you it’s easy to see that you need more exercise. Now move it!” When the girl wailed that she had no clothes, Marty conceded that it created a small problem. Getting out of bed, she went to the closet and found her clothes hanging there.

“We’re all set,” she declared. “Here!” she said, “Wear these.”

With that she threw the girl her bikini and slipped on the Levi’s and work shirt she had been wearing the night before. She completely ignored the fact that the pants legs of her jeans were stained and stiff with dried blood from the knees down.

When the girl said it was indecent only to be wearing a bikini with a skimpy hospital gown, Marty reminded her that she had been a prostitute.

“But that was for money!” Gloria wailed. “I didn’t give it away.”

“Pretend you’re on the beach,” Marty said flatly. “You’re wearing the bikini and the hospital gown. Now move it!” Marty was at her side to catch her if she fainted but Gloria only shook her head and got out of bed. After making their way out of the hospital, the two women began to run barefoot in the park across the street.

As they ran - with Gloria protesting every inch of the way–Marty asked the girl about herself. She learned that the girl had been plying her trade when three guys had come up to her, met her price in cash, and led her away - to where seven more men were waiting. The first thing they did was to take all of her money - including the money that the three men had paid her–and drove to the block where she lived. That was where the rape had begun and it was where Marty, Kelly, and King had found her.

Then Marty learned that there was a hearing scheduled for ten o’clock that morning. Gloria was being brought up on her third prostitution arrest and was facing seven to ten years at the state prison for women. Suddenly Gloria stopped dead in her tracks.

After taking a few more strides Marty stopped and looked back at the woman. “What’s your problem?” she demanded.

“What are you doing to me, honkie? I can’t run. I don’t know how!” Gloria protested.

“It’s easy,” Marty replied casually. “Just put one foot in front of the other and keep doing it. You were doing fine. Now move your black ass! We have to get back to the hospital.”

Gloria just shook her head in amazement and started to run again.

Once back at the hospital, Marty made two fast telephone calls, then got on her cot and went back to sleep. With the combination of her blood loss and her exercise, she was asleep almost instantly.

When she awakened, Marty found the two beds were again surrounded by doctors. “What did the second MRI show?” she asked casually. The doctor just shook his head and said something was very wrong.

“You mean that she is fine. Her internal organs are all exactly the way they should be. And she is again an intact virgin. Right?”

“But how could you possibly know that?” the senior physician demanded.

“Because I made it happen, you idiot!” Marty exclaimed.

Then she flung the covers off her cot, completely ignoring the fact that she was stark naked, and said, “Gloria, move your fat black ass! We’re going to be late.”

“I do not have a fat ass!” the girl protested, but jumped off her cot, moving doctors out of her way as she did. The women ignored the medical protests and, utterly oblivious to the spectators, dressed in the same clothing they had worn earlier.

After getting into a taxi waiting at the hack stand in front of the hospital, Marty gave the driver the address of the Clifford & Jamison offices. Leaning back in her seat, she took the opportunity to study Gloria closely. Only then did she realize what a stunning beauty the girl could be. Her skin was clear, smooth and the color of chocolate ice cream. Her eyes were a brilliant warm brown while her hair was long, black and wavy.

Gloria did the same thing with Martha. She was utterly stunned at the incredible beauty of this golden girl sitting beside her. Then she said softly, “This has gone far enough, Miss Bradford. You have already saved my life, for which I should be very grateful. I wish I were, but I’m not.”

Noting the look of shock in Marty’s eyes she explained that, when she was sixteen - the oldest of five children, each by a different father - her mother had ordered her to get pregnant or get out on the street. Her mother had pointed out that Gloria’s friends had started getting pregnant at thirteen, and what was taking her so long?

“There are far too many fatherless black children,” she said simply. “I didn’t want to add to the number. Well, I got a prescription for birth-control pills, went out on the street and sold my virginity. That happened over three years ago and I’ve been selling my body ever since.”

Then she sat up even straighter on the seat and continued, “Do you know what was going through my mind last night while I was being raped?” Marty just slowly shook her head. “Oh, it hurt terribly, but I was exultant! Why? Two reasons: First, my miserable life was at an end. You see, Miss Bradford, what I always really wanted to do, beginning when my mother threw me out, was to commit suicide. But... but... but that was a sin I could not bring myself to commit. But those... those savages were doing it for me. The second? Like all macho black men, those idiots were using no protection. What I knew, but they didn’t - or didn’t care if they did - was that my insides were rotting with every sexually-transmitted disease known to man. Now do you see?”

Marty was utterly appalled but said, “My God! You would be ending your life - something you had wanted to do anyway - but at the same time punishing your attackers from beyond the grave with the diseases that you knew they would get from you. Is that it?”

“Exactly!” Gloria exclaimed. “Do you know what else? Although it hurt so terribly each time one of those beasts took me, I rejoiced when I heard that they wanted to take me three times each. It would increase to a near-certainty the chance of them all being infected.”

“But what about school?” Marty asked. “You speak very well and your vocabulary is large. Why did you quit?”

“Because of the environment I lived in, I guess,” Gloria replied.

“Doing any work in school, let alone getting good grades - God forbid! - was for Oreo cookies. You were trying to be white–you weren’t a real blood!”

The girl was crying now but she still held her head up and said, “But I did like it! I loved school. There was so much to learn!” Then with a harsh laugh she said, “Do you know what I spend all my money on? All the money I make with my filthy cunt?

Books! I buy books... and I read them. Some - the really good ones - I read over and over.” Marty then learned that the girl had, in effect, given herself a Great Books education.

Then Gloria shook her head sadly and asked, “But what now?” Then she began to weep and wailed, “You’ve ruined my life, Martha Bradford! What am I going to do now? I... I can’t even go back on the street! I could barely bring myself to do it the first time when I was both innocent and ignorant. Now?”

She slowly shook her head and added, “And then there was what you did. Through you, Martha Bradford, God Almighty has forgiven my past sins! He did, didn’t He?” Marty just nodded. “Well, what now?” Then she smiled weakly and added, “Maybe they’ll let me work in the library at Tehachapi. I guess that’s the women’s prison I’ll be sent to.”

Marty did not tell the girl about the phone calls she had made. Instead, as the taxi pulled up to the curb at her office building, she gave the driver a bill and hauled Gloria like a rag doll behind her to the elevator and then to her own office. Since it was only a little after eight o’clock, Kelly had not yet arrived.

After ordering Gloria to take a shower and wash her hair in the Leper Colony shower, Marty ran up to the conference room, grabbed some clothes from the closet, and quickly returned to her office.

Stripping off her Levi’s and shirt, she padded into the shower and joined Gloria. After fixing their hair, the two returned and found Kelly and King in the office. Kelly just watched while shaking her head in amusement as the two women put on identical white sleeveless silk dresses over white lace bikinis.

As she dressed, Gloria realized that she had never touched, let alone worn, a dress as fabulous as the one she was now wearing. Then she caught a shoe box Marty flipped towards her and was amazed to find that the shoes fit. Then she was again hustled off, this time accompanied by King, down to the basement garage. In moments, they were on their way to the courthouse.

Checking the court calendar, Marty was delighted to learn that Gloria’s trial was scheduled before Judge John Callaway. She knew Callaway was now a very good friend of the firm’s. In fact, Marty had heard, his granddaughter was scheduled to join the school next term.

After escorting Gloria to the defendant’s table, Marty introduced herself to the young assistant district attorney who was prosecuting the case. The girl, Jane Carter, looked up in dismay. It was clear to Marty that the girl did not like the idea of trying the case against a Clifford & Jamison lawyer. Well, Marty thought, Jane is about to get a very pleasant surprise.

At the stroke of the hour, the bailiff called for all to rise and Callaway entered the courtroom. When the case was called, Gloria was asked to rise and Marty stood up beside her. Carter said that Gloria was being charged with common prostitution and was asked how did she plead. As the girl asked the questions she was looking around the courtroom to see if her witnesses were present. No Clifford & Jamison client ever pleaded guilty so she was going to have to try the case.

Moreover, she knew that against any of those lawyers she was terribly overmatched. Worse yet, she knew of Martha Bradford, by reputation, as one of the firm’s very best young trial specialists, rapidly climbing into the class with her mentor, Sandra Harris herself, who was spoken of in trial circles in hushed and reverent tones. Harris was the very best in the profession.

Then, to Carter’s surprise, instead of pleading her client not guilty, she heard Bradford ask the judge’s permission to approach the bench with the defendant.

Permission was granted and Marty said, “Your honor, my client intends to plead guilty to all charges. However, before she enters a plea, we would like permission to speak to you alone in your chambers.”

When Carter jumped to her feet to object to being excluded from any meeting, Marty gave her a warm smile and said, “Jane, I give you my solemn word we will say nothing to the judge regarding my client’s past offenses, or the offenses now charged. The meeting I requested involves only statements my client wishes to make to the judge, in private, regarding the future. Is that okay?”

Carter, hearing the intended plea, was in a state of near shock. She was about to make history. She was about to become the first attorney ever to win a case from Clifford & Jamison. “The State has no objection to any such meeting, Your Honor,” Jane said. “And Miss Bradford enjoys the finest reputation for personal honor and integrity in the entire bar, sir. I certainly accept her word.”

“Thank you very much, Jane,” Marty said softly. “Those are very nice words to hear.” Then she added, “There is one additional thing, though. Jane, will you stipulate that Miss Smith was the victim of a savage rape last night? That she was raped repeatedly and nearly killed?”

Jane said, “That is true, Your Honor. The State will so stipulate.”

“Thanks again, Jane,” Marty said, relaxing for the first time. Unfortunately, Marty did not realize the extent to which she had been running all morning on pure adrenaline. The least relaxation did her in. Before she could say another word, she crumpled to the floor in a heap.

“Call an ambulance!” Gloria screamed. “She’s dying! Oh, dear God! No! Please no!” Then to the judge she exclaimed, “I’m guilty as sin, Your Honor. Please just send me to prison, but get this girl to a hospital!”

Then, although nearly incoherent she said, “She has no blood! She gave it all to me! Less than four hours ago this girl gave me over five pints of her own blood! She doesn’t have even three pints left. She’s going into shock. Please help her!” she cried.

While she had been gasping out her story, she had dropped to the floor, lifted Marty’s head and now had it cradled in her lap. She could feel the cold clamminess on Marty’s face that came with the shock.

King had jumped up from where he had been lying under the table and was now standing beside his mistress. Communicating with Gloria - she was so shaken by Marty’s collapse, she didn’t even notice - he asked that Marty be laid across his body so he could carry her to the judge’s chambers to wait for help.

In moments, assisted by Jane Carter and the bailiff, they lay her across King’s back and went back to his chambers. After laying her out on the sofa, he grabbed a pillow and blanket from his closet. Callaway put the pillow under her head and wrapped the blanket around her.

Then to his surprise Marty’s eyes blinked open and she said disgustedly, “Well, that was a first! I apologize, Your Honor. My behavior was a disgrace.”

“Did you transfuse nearly six pints of your blood to this young woman, Miss Bradford?” Callaway asked sternly. With her eyes wide, Marty just nodded once. “Why?” he demanded.

“To try to save her life, sir. Gloria had been so savagely raped and beaten... She was bleeding to death and I was the only one around whose blood matched.”

Then she added, “Please cancel the ambulance call. I really am fine. What I guess I should have done is what I meant to do back at the office: Drink a gallon or so of orange juice. Could you get me some?” Callaway asked the bailiff to get as much as he could as fast as he could.

Then, with a quirky little grin Marty said, “Sir, I guess I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to tell you what I had in mind.” Then with a weak smile she asked Callaway to forgive her for speaking to him while still lying down. Seeing Jane Carter standing beside the judge she said, “I guess you might as well hear this, too, Jane, but I’m relying on your honor with regard to anything you hear.”

Then Marty told the judge about the events of the previous night: How she and Kelly had heard Gloria’s screams and found a savage gang rape in progress. She told of some of the leader’s comments suggesting that these rapes had become a modus operandi for the gang. She told how he had bragged about bringing the victim back to the neighborhood and the very block where she lived and then raping her to death while shouting to the neighbors exactly what they were doing.

“They were so confident, they dared the people to do anything or even to call the police!”

Then she told what happened at the hospital: How an MRI showed Gloria to be terribly torn up internally and how, while Marty was transfusing her, she was still bleeding heavily from her vagina. Then she looked at the judge and said, “Sir, that is when I asked her to confess her sins to God and, after she did, I prayed to God to spare her life. He did. Believe it or not, sir, Gloria Smith is again an intact virgin! Not only did God spare her life, he restored it.”

Then she told them about Gloria’s story of being thrown out of the house and choosing prostitution over breeding welfare babies.

There was a look of horror and pity on Jane Carter’s face as Marty told them of her reaction to her awful rape: How it would free her from life and, result in diseases ultimately taking their toll on her attackers.

“But sir, the Gloria Smith you see before you now is not the Gloria Smith who was a prostitute. Please don’t send this woman to prison. Instead, please put her on strictly supervised probation for five years.” Looking past the judge, she saw April Jackson standing at the doorway. “And, Your Honor, my choice for her probation supervisor has just arrived.”

When Callaway looked around he instantly recognized April Jackson as one of the mothers from the school. April shook hands with him and with Jane Carter, then ordered Gloria to stand up straight.

Marty, still lying down said, “Gloria, you asked me what you could possibly do now. Well, for openers you can be April Jackson’s maid. The pay is fifty dollars a week plus room and board. It’s quite a comedown from what you’ve been making, though.”

After telling April what Gloria had been through, she could see tears at the corners of April’s eyes. Then April asked, “Smith, yes or no. Do you think you’re good enough to be my maid? Do you know anything?”

“No, ma’am, I do not,” Gloria said simply with her head up straight. “But I believe I am intelligent and can learn quickly.

I will accept no money from you until I consider myself competent. I will also consider that I will also owe you an additional $300 a week for the room and board that I will not be earning. However, I would be proud to be your servant if you will allow me to try.”

“We’ll talk about the money some other time,” April said warmly. “In the meantime, if the judge permits, let’s get you home and into bed where you belong. Judge?”

“The State has no objection, your honor,” Jane Carter said. “But I would prefer that no plea be entered. I know it’s irregular, but could this case be continued for five years? If, at the end of that time, I see what I now fully expect to see, the State of California will drop all charges against Gloria Smith.”

Listening to the girl while she lay on the sofa, Marty’s eyes widened. “But why, Jane? Why would you do such a thing?”

“For two reasons,” the girl replied with her head up proudly. “In the first place, Martha Bradford, as a trial lawyer you’re so damned much better than I am, I’m not even fit to shine your shoes! In the second place, I’ll be damned if I’ll be a party to my colleagues in the DA’s office crowing about finally beating Clifford & Jamison, when the case is this one.

“You destroy the most vicious gang of rapists and murderers in the country, and then give nearly all of your precious blood to save a client’s life. Is that all? For Martha Bradford? Of course not! She persuades God Himself to forgive this woman her sins and restore her body!”

There were tears in her eyes and her voice broke but she said fiercely, “Separation be damned! If God Himself forgives this woman, who in hell is the State of California to continue its prosecution!?”

Then to Callaway she said through her tears, “I’m sorry, Your Honor. I’ll resign as soon as I get back to the office.”

“And why would you do that, Miss Carter?” Callaway asked with great warmth in his eyes. “Then you’ll miss the chance to beat Marty fair and square. And you’re the woman who can do it,too!”

Marty reached out her arms to the tormented young woman. Jane dropped to her knees beside the sofa on which Marty was stretched out. Putting her hands on the girl’s head, Marty pulled her face down to hers and then kissed her with all of her love flowing.

When she released the girl after a tremendous flow of pure love poured through her lips and her eyes were glazed, Marty said softly, “He’s right, you know. You will beat me.”

Callaway ordered the case continued for five years. Before she left, Gloria dropped to her knees, took Marty in her arms and melted her lips on hers. When they eased apart, tears were flowing from Gloria’s eyes and she said, “Marty, I owe you my life - such as it is - and everything else besides. Isn’t there anything I can do for you?”

“There sure is!” Marty exclaimed. “Get me my damned orange juice!”

Chapter 38

Marty Bradford and Don Garfield, along with Kelly Maguire, Jim Callahan, and King had just finished an early dinner and were returning to the Clifford & Jamison offices. For the two men it would be their first visit. The date was December 16, it was a Friday evening, and it was the night of a Christmas show that Bobbie’s children had planned and staged. Initially, it was going to be just for their parents. But then the younger children said they wanted to see it, too, as did the girls in the Leper Colony. Moreover, Joyce Collier had gotten wind of it and wanted a crew present to tape it.

The result was that the younger children had seen the dress rehearsal run in the afternoon while the evening performance was for everyone else. For Kelly, Jim, Marty, and Don, it was the beginning of an incredible weekend. Saturday night, the firm was having its Christmas party. As in the previous year, Ali had decided to take over the restaurant for the night and have a closed party. On Sunday, the two couples were being married, and then were flying out to Maui for their honeymoon. To his great joy and astonishment, King had just learned that he would be going with them out to Maui, too.

The two men whistled softly at the rich furnishings throughout the firm office as they walked through. The girls led the way to what was normally the classroom. For the evening’s performance, though, the partition separating the classroom from the adjacent playroom and nursery had been removed, opening a large area in which chairs had been set up for the audience.

Although Jim and Don were somewhat skeptical - the idea of seeing a show produced and handled strictly by six-year-olds didn’t thrill them - since meeting Michael Morris and Susan Carlson, two of the ten, they weren’t so sure. Certainly Mike and Sue behaved like no six-year-olds either had ever encountered.

They were even more impressed when they were greeted at the door by Betsy Clifford, acting as an usher. She curtsied to each of the men, then extended her hand and said, “Good evening, Mr. Callahan and Mr. Garfield. Welcome to our Christmas show. We are delighted that you chose to come.”

Then with the brightest, warmest smile she added, “And, sirs, may I please extend my warmest wishes on the occasion of your marriage on Sunday. Miss Maguire and Miss Bradford are such wonderful women! I’m sure you will be very happy.”

The girl just looked up at them wistfully and Marty said, “You won’t be able to attend our wedding on Sunday, will you, Betsy?” The girl just quickly shook her head, so Marty said, “Then that means I won’t get one of your delicious kisses, doesn’t it? May I have mine now? Please? And I know Don would love one, too. But I know something he doesn’t know. I already know how wonderful your kisses are. May I?”

The girl just beamed with pleasure. It was exactly what she wanted but didn’t dare ask. First Marty and then Don went to their knees and kissed the small girl. In each case she worked her lips on each of them trying to communicate all of her love and the joy she was feeling at the prospect of their happiness. Don almost fell over under her onslaught. It was then repeated with Kelly and Jim.

As they were being shown to seats Don whispered, “My God! Who is she?” Marty replied airily that she was just a little six-year-old girl, like all of the others - nothing special. Don just softly whistled.

They found themselves seated next to John and Kelly Callaway and her six-year-old daughter, Kirsten. Callaway grinned and said there were two reasons for their being there: first, the children had asked him to come; his decision had saved their school. Second, Kirsten would be attending it in January and was so anxious to meet her new schoolmates. As they waited for the performance to begin, they noted the three TV cameras spotted around the room ready to tape the show.

The show began with Charley Conrad coming out from behind a curtain with a large book. He said, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for coming to the Clifford & Jamison School Christmas show. We all hope that you will enjoy it.”

Opening the book he began to read, “The Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, according to Saint Luke, Chapter 2, verses 1 through 16: ‘And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed...’”

When he mentioned Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem, the curtain opened with Andrea Cartwright as Mary on the back of a tiger, serving tonight in place of an ass, being led by Ken Clifford as Joseph. While Charley continued his beautiful reading, Ken helped Andy down from the tiger’s back. When he did, it was obvious that her belly was distended in the last days of her pregnancy.

Don whispered to Marty, “I don’t believe this! Those costumes are miniature, but completely authentic! Who made them?”

“The children, darling,” Marty replied blandly.

As Ken helped Andy to a bed on the straw of a stable, she cried out. He helped her down and then lifted her skirts, obviously preparing to help deliver the child. Then all of the other children began to sing Silent Night, but first they sang it completely in its original German. They followed with O Holy Night, but similarly sang it first in its original French. The men couldn’t believe the incredible power and beauty of the children’s singing.

Meanwhile Charley continued, “’And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son,...’” At that instant Andy screamed in exactly the manner a woman would in the excruciating pain of childbirth. Ken reached between her legs, lifted up a tiny naked infant, and then spanked its bottom hard. The tiny baby was surrounded by a strange golden aura as he held it. When the infant screamed, Ken wrapped it in a diaper and so-tenderly gave it into Andy’s upraised arms. The girl parted the top of her dress and placed the infant against her breast.

“My God!” Don exclaimed. “That’s a real baby!”

“So was the Christ Child, darling,” Marty replied, still in a bland tone of voice. “But just watch. It will get better.”

Charley continued, “’And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them and the glory of the Lord shone round about them:’”

As Charley said these words, Mike, who, along with Susan, Betsy, and Laura, were playing the role of shepherds, were all bathed in a golden glow. Continuing, Charley read, “’...and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.’”

At those words the remaining children, including Ken and Andy who were now off the stage, began to sing, joined by the voices of Kris Bradley and Bobbie Conroy. The two women’s voices soared out majestically singing, ”Gloria in excelcis Deo.”

They sang The First No0/00l, and then Angels We Have Heard On High. Then as the shepherds moved toward a light - the star of Bethlehem - they majestically sang O Come All Ye Faithful but first sang it in Latin as Adeste Fidelis. When they sang, “...O come let us adore Him,” they had reached the stable. There the infant was lying in a manger wrapped in a receiving blanket while Andy and Ken knelt on opposite sides of his crib. When the shepherds knelt before the crib to adore the Christ child, the infant extended its arms to each side in blessing. Again there was a brilliant golden glow surrounding it, but this time it transferred to all of the others as well.

Then Charley Conrad, who had left the stage, reappeared dressed as a shepherd boy with a drum. While he played his drum beautifully, the cast, except for Andy and Ken, sang the ballad of The Little Drummer Boy.

He left the stage to great applause which was followed by sharp intakes of breath. Coming down the side aisle were three tigers, this time taking the place of camels, bearing the three wise men.

The gasps were caused by the children’s costumes. Karen Chan was wearing the most exquisite set of Chinese robes anyone had ever seen. Cindy Cartwright was wearing a Siamese costume, while Casey Jackson was attired as a Nubian princess.

They sang We Three Kings of Orient Are and then dismounted at the stable. Each presented her gift and each was rewarded by the infant’s blessing. Again the wonderful golden light appeared. At that the curtain slowly closed and the room was left in darkness.

Then the curtain opened wide again with all of the children now together on the stage. Ken Clifford and Andy Cartwright were in the center and the girl was still holding the infant in her arms.

They all sang, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and then The Twelve Days of Christmas. Their singing was utterly magnificent.

After taking their bows, Andy carefully handed the infant to his mother and returned to stand beside Ken who was now obviously the spokesman. He asked that the houselights be raised and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so very much for your very warm applause. We appreciate it very much.”

Then he looked around and said, “Today is also the last day of school for us before Christmas, so it is the day for us to exchange gifts.” Turning toward the wing of the stage he said, “Mrs. Conroy - Bobbie - please come out here and join us.”

Reluctantly, Bobbie came out and stood with her pupils. Ken continued, “To whom would we present a gift? One person, obviously: our teacher, Bobbie Conroy. But what to give her? Well, we’ll see. Betsy?” Betsy Clifford gave her a beautifully decorated paper heart and kissed her. One by one, each of the children did the same thing. With the second, Laura Benson, it became clear that while each child presented a heart, each was different from the others and, although the audience could not see them in detail, each appeared to be a small work of art. In fact, each was a one-sheet scrapbook prepared by the child with his memories of the first few months of school and his or her personal tribute to Bobbie.

Finally Ken presented his and then said, “Bobbie, we have each given you a heart. They are our hearts. I suppose it isn’t very clear to you, though, just what it all means. Perhaps it would become more clear to you if you read each of them carefully, but you can leave that for a later time. What we are giving you, Bobbie, are our hearts... that is a call on each of us for anything we have, including our beating hearts to be transplanted into you. The only way we can try to communicate the depth of our love for you is to give you our lives. Darling Bobbie, we are yours - now and forever more. We adore you.”

Bobbie was standing in the middle of the children slowly shaking her head. “You can’t be serious! You just can’t be!” she exclaimed but even as she spoke she fully realized that they were.

Then she knelt down, gathered all the children around her and said, “A Christmas present? From you? What on earth for!?” Smiling the warmest smile anyone present had ever seen, she said, “For me, Christmas is every day! Can you possibly imagine the joy you give me every single day of the year!? I have the most wonderful children in the whole world. I am allowed to work with you and help you. I get to see you learn and understand and grow! I know your hopes and your fears, your joys and your sorrows. And yes, I even get to spank you once in a while. Then you climb on my lap, kiss away my tears, and hold me tightly.

“My darlings, that is utterly priceless! There is not a living soul who receives the love and enjoyment I do every single day!” Then she shook her head and said, “Darlings, I will accept only one thing from each of you: I will accept with all my love and deepest gratitude the love for me you expressed by the time you each spent and your beautiful work making me these hearts. I will cherish them always as a remembrance of the best class of students any teacher has ever had. Darlings, thank you so much, and now let’s all have a very merry Christmas!”

At that point all of the parents came up and stood behind their child as Bobbie introduced each one. Finally she said, “Folks, aren’t these kids wonderful? Have you ever seen better? Have you?”

As they were leaving to go home, Don asked Marty, “Hon, what on earth was that strange golden light? How did they do it?”

“Darling,” she replied softly, “I think you have just seen the secret of the Clifford & Jamison school. That was, I’m virtually certain, God Himself come down to join in His birthday celebration. Darling, it was really more of a re-enactment than it was a play. Honest, dear, what you saw was real!”

He looked at her and just shook is head. “Darling,” he said in an awe-filled tone of voice, “I think you might be right!”

It was early on Sunday morning - their wedding day - when Marty and Don, Kelly and Jim returned to the girls’ apartment with King pacing beside them. In spite of the importance of the day, and the very late hour, they all wanted to see the TV special that Joyce Collier had prepared using the tape from the previous night’s children’s show. Since they were just returning from the Clifford & Jamison Christmas party - the finest party any of them had ever attended - they had set the VCR to record Joyce’s show. Since they were being married later in the day and would then be leaving on their honeymoon, they all wanted to see the show before they left.

Ignoring the fact that they were all in formal wear, they flopped on the floor in front of the TV and used King’s huge back as a community pillow. Kelly had rewound the tape, then rejoined the others and hit the remote unit’s play button.

After a brief flicker the screen came to life. Timing had been perfect. The first frames were the end of the between-shows commercials. Then the scene opened on Joyce, wearing a gorgeous Christmas-red dress, with Rajah sitting alertly beside her. She began, “Good evening, and Merry Christmas to you all from KNBC.”

Turning to Rajah she said, “Raj, do you want to say something, too?” The huge tiger smiled and waved the way he usually did. Then he reached down with his paw, picked up an enormous Christmas wreath that had been on the floor but outside of the camera’s field, and put it over his head. Again he smiled, but this time from inside the huge wreath. Joyce kissed him soundly and said, “Honest, folks, this was entirely Rajah’s idea. He wanted to make a Christmas card to you from him!”

Then she said, “Tonight we are presenting a show that you do not expect and may not even believe after you see. Many of you may remember the trial a couple of months ago in which the State of California tried to close down a tiny school being run on the premises of Clifford & Jamison, a law firm in downtown Los Angeles. The State lost its case and the school is still in operation. It is very small. There are only ten students, all of whom are only six years old. Tonight, folks, KNBC is proud to present the school’s Christmas show. It has been produced, staged, and costumed entirely by the children themselves.”

From the vantage point of the expensive cameras, the four young people were now able to see far more detail than they could when they were present at the show. This time they could see the sweat on Andy’s face when she was in labor, and heard her scream of mixed agony and triumph when she forced the infant through her birth canal.

They could clearly see the incredible detail in the costumes the children were wearing. Marty and Kelly gasped as they realized that the infant’s scream when Ken spanked it was, in fact, the scream of an infant taking his first breath.

“My God!” Kelly exclaimed softly, “It’s even wet from her womb!”

The singing had been recorded and now replayed in startling fidelity. The foursome realized that they were hearing the finest religious singing ever - and the children’s love of God was very tangible. They were truly celebrating the birth of the living God, come to earth in human form.

In the scene with the shepherds, the singing of the heavenly hosts was ethereal and truly angelic. They marveled at the pure and powerful voices of Bobbie and Kris soaring to the top of the soprano range and holding notes for incredible periods. But suffusing it all was the ethereal golden glow over everyone.

When the picture cut to the crib scene they saw close up what previously they had only seen from a distance: the infant was smiling and blessing the children! Suddenly, Kelly moved back from King, knelt and prostrated herself saying reverently, “Christ has come! He has come to save the world!” The others did the same thing. Now it was so clear: Marty had been entirely correct: God Himself had come to celebrate His birthday.

The show closed with a scene obviously produced for KNBC. The children sang the Pater Noster, and then Ave Maria, both in Latin. Finally, Joyce introduced each of the ten children with their parents.

The closing scene cut back to Joyce standing alone with Rajah again at her side. She said softly and reverently, “I don’t know what you saw in your living rooms. I am a trained reporter and I’ll tell you what I saw. I have just witnessed the rebirth of Christ, Our King! If that offends any of you, I’m sorry. However, that is what I saw. Thank you for watching. Merry Christmas from all of us at KNBC, and good night.”

The screen went dark as the tape continued to run, now on still-blank recording tape. The four people just watched. Kelly was the first to move. She shut off the machine and said,”Wow!”

Then she looked at Jim and said, “Darling, if it wasn’t clear to you before, that is where our children will be educated. My role in life? It is to be a baby factory. That is all I want to do and all I ever want to be. I want to be your adoring wife producing children from my womb to know, love, and serve Almighty God. Darling, that is the limit of my ambition. If that is not what you want...”

“My darling, it is!” Jim exclaimed. “Oh, dear God, it is!”

Marty and Don had a similar conversation and then Marty said, “There’s just one small thing... You have seen us... all of us. But we don’t really know what we’re getting. Of course, when you hold me tight I feel a great thing bulging into me...” Then with a salacious gleam in her eye she said, “It will be later today when it’s for real, but right now could I just have a peek? Please?”

“Mistress!” King exclaimed. “What are you trying to do? I have managed to preserve your virginity until now, and I will not allow you to lose it just a few hours before your wedding...”

“Oh, pooh, King Bradford-Maguire! You’re an old fuddy-duddy. Besides, haven’t you ever opened at least one present before Christmas? Haven’t you ever sneaked a look? Can’t I even look?”

With that Marty dove for Don’s groin, unzipped his fly and reached inside. “Oh, God! I am blessed among women,” she exclaimed as she freed his now throbbing cock and his huge cum-filled balls. With the greatest gentleness she held them cupped in both hands. Don was so big it required both of her hands to hold him. Then she dove down and kissed the throbbing tip causing the immediate release of a small amount of cum. After carefully licking it off, she as carefully put his sex organs back in his pants, then pulled herself up to melt him with her kiss on his lips.

Then she sat across his lap and watched as Kelly did the same thing with Jim. When he was also zipped back up, Kelly’s eyes were starry. Suddenly Marty jumped off Don’s lap, yanked him to his feet, and started pushing him towards the door.

“Hey!” he protested. “What’s going on!?”

“I’m getting you the hell out of here so I can use what little is left of tonight for my beauty sleep. After looking at what I just found, it’s pretty damned clear I won’t be sleeping at night very much for a long time to come!”

To be continued...


It was five years later and John Callaway was in his chambers. Although he had returned to the appellate bench, by coincidence he was again serving in a special term of the Superior Court. He had just arrived, hung up his coat and was now checking his calendar. Seeing the notation penciled on it, he smiled. Today was the day Gloria Smith was to appear before him again. Just then, there was a knock on the door and he invited the visitor to come in.

The door opened and Martha Bradford Garfield entered his office with her huge tiger, King. Following her in were Gloria Smith, who had a baby in her arms, accompanied by a very large black man; then Jane Carter and finally, April Jackson. After they all took seats, Callaway looked at Jane and said, “Well, Miss Carter, what is the position of the District Attorney’s Office in the matter of The People vs. Gloria Smith after five years?”

“It’s Jane Barnes now, Your Honor. I just returned from my honeymoon.” Then she pretended to look hurt and added, “Doesn’t it even show...? But as for your question, I would rather Gloria tell you about herself and then I’ll give you the State’s position.”

“I’m sorry, Jane,” Callaway replied trying to look contrite, “but I thought that silly grin and distracted look was just the normal appearance of all young women working as prosecutors in the DA’s office.”

She grinned, pointed a finger at him like it was a pistol and said, “Bang! You’re dead, sexist!” Callaway laughed, then asked Gloria what she had been doing.

“Judge,” she said in a beautifully cultured voice, “I am now Mrs. William Carson. This is my husband, Bill, and my baby daughter, Martha. I’m sure it’s obvious who she is named after. In fact, I am delighted to say that Marty and her husband, Don, consented to be Martha’s godparents.” Sitting up even straighter in her chair she added, “I can’t tell you how happy I am that Martha was born before you send me to prison.”

Then she began her recital of events: “What happened over the last five years? Well, first I served a period of slavery to April, here. And when I use the term, slavery, I use it advisedly. Never has a human been made to work as hard as they worked me. And it wasn’t just April, either! It was the whole family. Do you know who was the very worst? Their daughter, Casey! She is a slave-driving terror.”

Tears came to her eyes as she continued, “That little girl - she was only six years old at the time - worked on me every single night and all weekend long. Do you know what she was doing? She was teaching me! Arithmetic, geography, history, English, religion... Handwriting! She made me shape letters hour after hour after hour until my head spun. But my writing did improve.

“Was that all? Don’t I wish! She taught me manners, deportment, bearing... Could you imagine being naked and just walking back and forth, back and forth while this little girl criticized everything about me? That’s what I did and that’s what shedid.”

Then she smiled warmly and said, “But whenever I was about to drop from sheer exhaustion, she would make me lie down flat on the floor. Then she would strip naked, climb on my body, hug me, kiss me all over, and tell me what a wonderful job I was doing. I would feel so wonderfully warm and snugly and be about to fall asleep. Was I ever so lucky? Oh... no! She would pinch my bottom hard, order me off my ass and back on my feet. There was so much more for me to learn and so little time for her to teach me!

“Why all of this work, you might ask. To fit me for my next job–a job about which I knew absolutely nothing. After eight months, Casey allowed as how I was ready. What did that mean? Ready for what? Well, it meant that I was prepared to be a lending officer in April’s bank. That was impossible, of course.

After all, I only finished the tenth grade. But did that slow down the little monster? Hah! Don’t be ridiculous.

“Do you know what she made me do, Judge? Can you possibly guess?

She makes me take a whole set of College Boards - the SAT’s and achievements.” Then her face fell as she added, “And I scored 800’s... on all of them! Is she finished yet? Of course not! Now I take the BSAT - the Business School Aptitude Test... and score in the 99th percentile.

“’But I’m only a partially reconstructed prostitute!’ I screamed.

Little Miss Monster then ordered me to strip naked and follow her into her room. There she made me stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at myself. To my utter astonishment, I see that I was naturally standing up straight with my tits thrust out, and my nipples were as hard as little pebbles.

“Then she reached under her bed and pulled out a scrapbook - or sort of a scrapbook - and made me follow her - still naked, of course - to the library. There she sits me down beside her and goes through the book with me after first putting audio and video tapes on the players. What is the book? To my astonishment, it is a before-and-after scrapbook of Gloria Smith. It turned out that the audio tapes were of me speaking. Everything about my voice had changed - particularly my vocabulary and sentence structure. My handwriting was now like Casey’s own. The video tape showed me serving at the table, exercising, and just sitting in a chair like a lady.

Finally she says, ‘Miss Smith, now you’re behaving like the real lady you have been all along!’ Then she throws herself into my arms and smothers me with kisses.”

Looking at Callaway she said with tears now flowing in twin streams down her cheeks and her voice cracking, “Do you know what she did then? She looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked, ‘Miss Smith, I hope someday you will be able to find it in your heart to forgive me for all of the things I have done to you. For all of the cruelty I inflicted on you, for all of the mean things I have done to you!’”

Gloria stopped to try to regain control and then continued, “All that little girl did - and she was only seven years old at the time - was to take a cheap whore and make her look like a lady–an educated lady - in eight months! Anyway, now I am a vice president at the bank, although with Martha here, and facing a long prison term, I’m sure that must now end.

“But are the Jacksons through with me yet? Have I escaped? Do they leave me alone? I should have been so lucky! After almost a year, I am introduced by Ron Jackson to Bill, here. Bill Carson, as you may know, is the free safety for the Los Angeles Raiders. He got to know Ron because both of them are perennial All-Pros and play against each other in the Pro Bowl. Anyway, Ron told Bill he needed to clean up his act and to do it he needed a good woman: me! Me, Your Honor? Can you imagine anything dumber than that? A partially reconstructed prostitute who couldn’t clean herself up, let alone anyone else, without being hounded twenty-four hours a day. But maybe Bill should tell you more, if you will permit it?”

Callaway said he was all ears and please to continue. Just then the baby in her arms became restive. Looking at him Gloria said, “I’m sorry, Judge, but it appears our little friend is a bit uncomfortable.”

She shook her head in feigned sadness and said, “She is a perfect example of what I was just saying. Casey made me over to appear to be a lady in only eight months, but I can’t even get our baby toilet-trained in three!”

Gloria used the washroom off the judge’s chambers to change the baby and powder her little bottom. When she emerged, the infant was wearing only diapers; Gloria had a sleeper for her to wear in a large bag beside her.

Before she could do anything, though, King communicated, “Mrs. Carson, would... could... would you put Martha on my chest? Marty’s children have always loved it, and I’m almost sure...”

Gloria pretended to glare at him and exclaimed, “King Garfield! I’m amazed. Just because you saved my life and personally eliminated the most vicious gang of sadists in the country in the process... I mean... Hell, my life certainly wasn’t worth much. But just for that, you want me to let you... with my_daughter!”_

Suddenly her expression changed totally. “King, would you like to eat her for your lunch? She is wholly milk-fed, so she should be very sweet and tender... Better yet, what about me? You’ve seen my milk-laden jugs - both, with all the milk in them, might make a nice snack for you, along with my baby. Or, you might enjoy my tits along with my buns. They’re nice and tight–there’s almost no fat at all - but I don’t know how they would taste. Perhaps a leg? Both legs? Darling King, what would you like?”

Then her expression changed again. She glared at him and said, “And what’s wrong with you, anyway? Are you a slow learner or something? How many times do I have to tell you that you don’t ask a Carson... You tell us! When you say jump, our only possible response is, ‘How high would you like me to jump, darling King?’ Clear?” Then she dropped to her knees, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“Gosh!” King complained after he recovered from the incredible flow of pure love and goodness from Gloria’s lips, “You have one hell of a nerve! I only want to hold your baby on my chest, but you have to almost kill me with one of your kisses first.”

Then he shook his head and said, “I guess it’s a good thing Bill is a pro football player, and a defensive back at that. They have to have a kamikaze complex to survive. I guess that must be why he’s still alive.”

Gloria couldn’t contain her giggles and Bill Carson laughed loudly. Then King grinned - or a tiger’s version of a grin–lay back and spread his legs. Gently, Gloria put her baby on his chest. The tiny girl happily crawled around it, pulled with both of her tiny hands at the wonderfully soft fur, and then just lay down on her belly and wriggled on it, cooing as she did. Then with the utmost gentleness, King enfolded her in his paws. In just moments the little girl was sound asleep with the most beautifully innocent smile on her face. When King just very softly purred, the baby seemed to love the sound. She wriggled her tiny body on his fur and then just totally relaxed.

“Thank you, Your Honor,” Gloria said softly. “Please accept our apologies for wasting your valuable time.”

Waste?” Callaway exclaimed. “Mrs. Carson, seeing your incredible love for your infant and seeing her incredible beauty and happiness are not, nor ever will be, a waste!”

Then he smiled and said, “Kelly has already given birth to one of ours! Can you imagine an old fart like me - already a grandfather to Kelly’s older girls - now a father again? And Kelly? She just seems to get younger.” He sighed and added, “And I don’t think we have stopped yet, either.”

Then he looked at Gloria and said, “Mrs. Carson, there’s something I should tell you, I guess. You see, I remember so vividly that day five years ago when you came to see me. When you told how Marty had prayed and then God restored your body and even your virginity, I remember you looking at me and wondering what I could possibly be thinking.

“The answer? I knew it to be true. How could I know? Because just a few weeks earlier, two little children knelt on the floor right here by my chair in this very office and prayed for me. They really did. What were they praying for? They asked God to spare my life. You see, on that day just over five years ago, I had an inoperable malignant brain tumor. I had less than a week to live. Well, they prayed and I could feel the pressure recede in my skull. I had a CAT scan the next day and to the utter amazement of my doctors - but to no surprise to me - it was gone. Gone completely!

But did those little imps stop at saving my life? I should be so lucky! Oh, no! They had to roll back the clock, taking more than twenty years off my age. So our son, Ken, is their fault!”

“I never knew!” Gloria whispered.

“Almost no one else knows, either,” Callaway said. Then to Jane he said, “And I would appreciate it very much if you said nothing to anyone about this.”

Jane Barnes appeared to do a double-take, sat up straight and said, “I’m terribly sorry, Judge. I’m afraid my mind had wandered back to our honeymoon... and back to my bed this morning. Did you say something?” Then she just winked and grinned.

Bill Carson also grinned, shook his head and continued, “Anyway, sir, I would like to tell you about us now and then go back in time. Well, sir, today I guess I’m a force in the black community. I’m on more Boards of Trustees than I can count–fortunately, Gloria keeps track of them for me - and I guess I’m a wealthy man. That’s her, too. She has been my agent for four years, also.

“What makes it all go? She does. Whenever we go anywhere, I have a queen at my side. I’m sure that the only reason I’m on so many boards is that they hope that I will bring Gloria along to a meeting sometime.”

The big man sat up straight and said, “A big problem in the black community is the way we so often treat our women. That is never a problem with Gloria. The treatment she receives borders on reverential! They absolutely adore her and - I’m sure - wonder what she could possibly see in me. A question, I might add, that has occurred to me more than once, too.

“What does Gloria do for me? Not a whole lot. She’s my agent, of course, and I have the best contract for a defensive back–in the AFC, at least. Does she stop there? You jest! She goes over all the game films analyzing my patterns and forcing me to change them constantly. The result? My play and my stats keep getting better and my salary keeps increasing. When I tease her about it, she just says that she’s taking care of her meal ticket. Then she usually grabs at me and says she wants some of her fee paid... in cum!”

Then he looked hurt and added, “But it’s terrible, sir... It’s not right! You’re a judge. Maybe you can help me with equity. You see, sir, because I am highly paid, her agent’s commission is pretty big, too. But she only pays me five dollars a pint for cum! Does that sound like a fair price to you? But that’s how she insists on collecting her agent’s fee!”

Looking puzzled he asked, “Judge, does your wife do that?”

“No, Bill, she doesn’t,” Callaway replied seriously. “All she does is wrap her legs around my thigh and give me second-degree burns with her cunt. When I complain, all she does is raise her nose in the air and say I wouldn’t have the problem if I cooled off her love box enough with my nice warm cum. She says that if I’m burned, it’s my own fault.” Then to Jane he asked, “Does your husband complain about things like that, too, Jane?”

“Of course not!” she exclaimed. Then with a wonderfully salacious grin she added, “We haven’t gotten that far, yet. He’s still stretching my nether openings to fit around his marvelous cock! We’re working hard so that I will be able to take his huge cock inside me completely to its root in just one thrust.”

She grinned and added, “You notice my legs are spread wide–they’re not together in a nice, lady-like fashion? That’s only because they’re as close together as I can get them. The muscles in my thighs hurt too much to get them any closer together than this.” When everyone laughed, she looked puzzled and asked, “Why are you all laughing? I don’t think it’s at all funny.”

When she squirmed uncomfortably on her chair, Gloria commented that it does feel a little uncomfortable the first few times after you’ve taken your husband in your ass. Jane blushed red as a beet, but then grinned and said, “It sure does, doesn’t it?”

“Anyway,” Carson continued, “Let me contrast the present with the time I first met Gloria. Well, I was a real hot dude! I had more chicks than I could count. Ron Jackson introduced us and Gloria lost no time in telling me that she used to be a prostitute. She is such a... a... a...”

“...Great piece of ass is the phrase you’re searching for, darling,” Gloria interjected blandly. “I am a great piece of ass, aren’t I? Or a hot cunt? Or...”

Bill Carson just grinned and shook his head. “Anyway, I started to take her up to my room and she asked where I was going. When I told her, she slapped my face so hard, she almost knocked me out and stressed that the verb was ‘used to be’ not ‘am’! Back then I had all the toys: the expensive Porsche, the Rolex, the closet full of threads... They impressed all the chicks. Gloria? She just shook her head and pronounced them all a ridiculous waste of money. She made me give almost all of them up. Is that all? From her? Hah!

“Then she started asking about my education - my college degree.

When I said I was missing a few credits - only three and a half years’ worth - towards a valuable degree in Recreational Science, was she impressed? Hell, no! She just howled with laughter. Then she made me work.

“You heard her complain about Casey Jackson being a slave driver?

Well, believe me when I tell you that she learned her lessons well! Judge, she told you how Casey worked on her nights and weekends? Well, how would you like it every single day! Beginning at seven o’clock in the morning, yet! The first day, when I stumbled to the door I was naked. There she stood. She looked at me up and down, said she had seen all the naked men she cared to see for a while and threw me a bathrobe. Then she starts me working on my handwriting.

“Later when I got passionate and she did, too, we headed towards my bedroom. When she asked where we were going and I told her, she slapped me again so hard she almost took my head off! Then she tells me that there are no free samples and no test drives. If I want her in my bed I’ll have to marry her first. But before she would even think about that, I would have to shape up. Well, sir, she’s such a magnificent woman, she became the incentive. I ended up getting a real degree - in business administration–in a year and a half.

“Is that all? Hah! Right at the beginning - after howling with laughter at my agent’s contract - she became my agent. Then, working with April, she worked on my pass coverage. It seems that Gloria is a great passer and April may be the most gifted receiver alive. Anyway, although I’ve never been able to stop Gloria, no one in the NFL - with the possible exception of Chicago’s Mike Cassidy - is nearly that good.

“We were married almost two years ago. What did I get? Not much. You see, sir, through the grace of Almighty God, my wife is an unbelievable combination. She was both a virgin and an experienced prostitute on our wedding night. Her whole focus in life is to make my life happier and make our love life more thrilling. All I can say, Judge, is if she gets any better, I’ll be dead. I really will be.

“As it is, every night in bed, the first thing she does is to weigh my poor testicles in her hands and estimate how many episodes I might be good for. Then she proceeds to drain me absolutely dry! How?” Bill Carson shook his head in feigned sadness and said, “Judge, never marry a virgin ex-prostitute! You see, sir, that’s a major part of my problem.

“You see, after figuring out how many times she can get me to cum, she decides how she is going to do it. Can you believe it? She even makes me help in my own destruction! I really do. It is Gloria’s version of 1,001 nights! In The Arabian Nights, the princess had so many different stories that she told. With Gloria, there are at least that many different ways for her to use her body to make love.

“Do you know how bad it is? I’ll tell you how bad! In spite of being drained totally dry and being about to collapse from sheer exhaustion, I’m still shocked and disappointed when she just shakes her head sadly and says it’s all over for another night. The last thing she does before we go to sleep is to again cup my poor dry balls in her hands, kiss them, murmur, ‘You poor dear things,’ and then mold her incredible body to mine before falling asleep.

“Is there relief in the morning? I should be so lucky! Oh, no! It’s a repeat of the night before. She estimates how much semen I may have accumulated overnight and drains all of it before she will allow me even to get out of the bed!”

“But darling,” Gloria protested with a straight face and in a very reasonable tone of voice, “you know that I really only like nice fresh cum. And how else can I be sure it’s all nice and fresh?”

Bill Carson shook his head and said, “But anyway, Your Honor, I think you get my point. If you were to send her off to prison, I would be able to get some sleep. But what would I do for food? I forgot to mention that she is also a cordon bleu chef. What would I do for an agent? What would I do for a coach?” Then he began to cry but managed to say, “What would I do without the best wife our good Lord ever put on the face of this earth?”

At the sight of his tears, Gloria got off her chair and sat across his lap. Then, with incredible love and tenderness, she melted her lips against Bill’s in the most beautiful kiss Callaway had ever seen. He could hear her moan softly as Bill ran his hands over her magnificent body.

While they were engaged, he looked at Jane Barnes and asked, “Well, Councillor, what is the position of your office?”

“What can it possibly be, Your Honor?” she asked with a straight face. “Do you think for one instant I want to be responsible for causing a riot that would make Watts look like a three-year-old’s tea party? Bill and Gloria Carson are the most powerful forces for good in the entire black community. What he told you is the gospel truth: she is revered as a saint! Your Honor, Gloria Smith Carson is an exemplary member of our community. If it takes experience as a prostitute to become the woman she is, judge, I just might become one.”

Then she turned to Gloria and said, “There’s one thing we’re very interested in, though: the Black Doves. Could you tell me about it?”

Turning back to Callaway, Jane said, “Judge, this is something we heard about through the schools. We don’t know how it works–that’s what I would like Gloria to tell us - but I do know how it got started. You see, sir, she has been visiting every junior and senior high school in the city with a substantial minority student body. She addresses assemblies of girls when possible and the entire student body when it is not. First she introduces herself as a vice president in charge of a lending district for Bank of Los Angeles. The immediate reaction is that she’s an Oreo: black on the outside but white on the inside. Then she tells them that she had been a prostitute!

“That really gets their attention. She tells how she was raised on welfare and became a prostitute at sixteen and was raped and nearly killed at nineteen. Does she stop there? Gloria!? Hah! She tells these girls that she would have been dead pretty soon anyway had she not been gang-raped because of all the sexually transmitted diseases that were rotting her body.

“Then she tells how her life had been saved, her soul had been saved, and her body had been saved by a white woman and some black ladies! Then she challenges the girls to set an example.

She leaves a contact telephone number that any girl can call twenty-four hours a day.” Turning to Gloria she said, “That’s how it starts, but what happens then?”

Gloria was clearly embarrassed. She got off Bill’s lap and said, “There are a few girls who come by. I have been trying to do for them what Casey Jackson did for me. It seems to help a little.”

“Gloria Smith Carson, if you were under oath you would be in real trouble right now!” April Jackson exclaimed. “’A few girls’, you said? Last time I counted it was over 200! Ali Clifford told me how they were expanding their facilities to handle them all.”

Glaring at Jane she exclaimed, “My daughter, Casey, is involved nearly full time!” She looked at the judge with tears flowing from her eyes and said, “Judge, could you believe it? My little daughter - still only twelve years old! - teaches full time from nine to five at her school and then stays to work with the Doves often until one or two in the morning!”

Then there was incredible warmth and pride in April’s voice as she continued, “She will come home sometimes so exhausted, she just collapses on her bed and is immediately asleep without even being able to get undressed. I’ll go in and undress her. There will be little Casey, still almost asleep but with the most beautiful smile on her face telling me about a victory she achieved that day: getting a girl over another hurdle.

“And, Judge, your oldest daughter, Kirsten, is with her all the time! Sir, Casey is helping her people. What is Kirsty doing? She is just helping people! You wouldn’t believe the results that they have achieved.”

April sat up proudly and said, “Gloria’s program is considered by the bank’s owners to be the most valuable program we have ever had. They have ordered that it be expanded as far and as fast as the number of interested young women permit! Sir, that is the limiting factor! It’s not money or facilities or staff. It’s the number of young women our Pied Piper here, Gloria, can get into the program.

“And it is working!” Turning to Jane she said, “The name, Black Dove, comes from a little pin Gloria gives all the girls who work in the program and who have completed basic training. It’s a little larger than a fraternity pin, but similar in size and nature. And like a fraternity pin, it’s a form of identification. And also like a fraternity pin, it is always worn! It is a Picasso dove done in 18-carat gold but with the dove in black cloisonne.

“Now for young black women, wearing that pin is becoming a badge of honor! These are girls who have vowed to get an education and develop themselves as ladies. They are taught everything Gloria was taught, and more besides. For example, Gloria stresses that it is not only right but often necessary to dress inexpensively. It is never right to look cheap! So she spends hours on what clothing to buy and where to buy it.

“About six months ago, there was a disturbance on a neighborhood street. A gang of about twenty girls who subscribed to the old ethic - getting pregnant as soon as possible and going on welfare; sleeping with anything in pants as a sign of their womanhood - surrounded two of our girls late one night. We never really found out what they intended to do, but it wasn’t friendly.

“Well, two of the tigers suddenly appeared. One grabbed the leader while the other held back the remaining girls. In an instant he had used his claws to strip off every shred of clothing the girl had on, and asked one of our girls to strip, too. Then our other girl, acting on the tiger’s instructions, pointed out how utterly gorgeous her friend was and how relatively ugly the other girl was. Her posture was poor, her tits were small, her buns were fat, there was lard on her thighs... Then she asked, ‘If you were a man, which girl would you really rather sleep with?’

“Then she added that they received extensive lessons on how to make a man really happy in bed. When the second tiger roared, the rest of the girls scattered, leaving their leader just standing there, naked. Seeing herself naked next to our girl just caused the girl to burst into tears and crumple to the ground. Anyway, the next day the girl - her name is Mary Crimmins - phoned Gloria. Now she is one of our very best Doves! And she is ecstatically happy.” Turning to Gloria, April glared and said, “I think that was a more complete answer, don’t you?” Gloria just nodded.

Then Jane, who had been shaking her head in amazement said, “The State withdraws all charges against Gloria Smith Carson and my office will be petitioning the governor to grant her a full pardon to erase her prior convictions. That is the State’s position, Your Honor.”

Then she daintily stuck out her tongue at Marty and said, “Damn it, Garfield, you win again!”

Callaway was looking at the Carsons. When he heard Jane’s first words, Bill had again wrapped Gloria in a loving and then passionate embrace. He had only heard the first words and Gloria had not heard even those. So with concern in her eyes Gloria asked, “What now, Judge? What are you going to do? For how long will I be going to prison?”

“For what?” he asked. “You and Bill were... occupied, so you might have missed it: The State of California has dropped all charges. And, Mrs. Carson, the District Attorney’s office has filed a petition with the governor’s office requesting a full pardon for your prior convictions. Without charges, there’s nothing for me to do, is there? Now goodbye. But please don’t forget baby Martha - although she looks like she would be happy to stay where she is forever!”

Callaway shook his head and added, “My lord, I have never seen such a beautiful baby! You’re so lucky!” Then Callaway added with a grin, “With respect to plaintiff’s motion regarding the valuation of his cum, it is ordered that it be valued at $50 per pint, and such price will change in relation to any changes in the PPI - the Producers’ Price Index.” Looking at Bill he asked, “Happy now?”

“Yes, sir!” Bill Carson exclaimed. Then sticking his tongue out at Gloria he exclaimed, “Justice at last! And from a white judge, too.”

After futilely arguing with Callaway while vainly trying to maintain a straight face, Gloria addressed his compliment to her infant. “You don’t know the half of it, sir,” she said. “Bobbie Conroy has agreed to take her in her school when she’s old enough. Now I really have to get to work to be sure she’s adequately prepared. But I can’t wait to begin!”

She went to lift the infant from her “bed” on King’s chest. As she did, the baby awakened and reached towards her mother’s breast. Clearly, for the baby it was lunch time. After apologizing to the judge, Gloria intended to sit on his sofa and nurse her child.

But before she could take a single step towards the sofa, Marty said, “Wait one second, Gloria Smith Carson! What about my fee? After all, I saved your life. Now the charges have been dropped, but this has been one of my active cases for five years already, so...”

Gloria suspected something was going on but didn’t know quite what. All she knew was that she owed everything to Martha Garfield and would give her absolutely anything she might ask for. “What is your fee, Marty?” she asked softly. “I’ll pay it right now.”

“It’s your daughter,” Marty said with her face impassive. “Give her to me, please.” Gloria’s eyes widened but she just held out her tiny baby to Marty who had risen from her chair. Then to everyone’s surprise, Marty sat on the sofa, ripped off her shirt with one hand and placed the infant against her golden milk-loaded breast. The tiny girl gooed and then locked her mouth against the lovely little nipple and began to suck greedily.

Just then Bobbie Conroy entered the office with Marty’s youngest, a six-month old boy, Donald, junior, followed proudly by Prince who was with his queen. When she looked at Marty with a question in her eyes, Marty said very softly, “Gloria has big milk-laden tits. Let her feed Donny for a change. I don’t think it will kill him - or her.”

Gloria quickly stripped off her top, took the lovely blonde, blue-eyed baby in her arms and sat down on the sofa next to Marty. When the little boy locked his lips on Gloria’s nipple and began to pat her magnificent chocolate-brown tit, Marty said very softly so as not to disturb either infant, “I always thought Donny would prefer chocolate milk.” Then with her eyes wide she asked, “Yours does taste like chocolate, doesn’t it?”

Then Gloria grinned and whispered, “Look, honkie! You really started something, you know. Just because you’ve had milk-laden tits for nearly four years now... I mean! Baring your breast in a restaurant to put milk in your husband’s coffee? Really!”

“As a matter of fact, I like my coffee better that way now, too,” Marty responded, totally unconcerned. “But what will we do in twenty years or so when I stop having babies?” She appeared to think for a moment and then shrugged, “Joan will certainly have had her first baby by then and will have milk-loaded tits, I guess, so Don and I will just have to use hers instead.”

When the babies had finished nursing and were asleep in the women’s arms, Gloria asked Marty, “Could... would it be possible for Bill and me to see little Martha sometimes? We do love her so.” Then with an incredibly warm smile she added, “Marty, she’s going to be so happy in her new home! You’re such a spectacular mother...

“New home?” Marty asked. “What new home?”

“You will keep her, won’t you?” Gloria asked, suddenly concerned.

“I mean, you’re not going to give her away to someone else, are you?”

“Of course I am, silly,” Marty said. “I’m giving her back to you!”

“But your fee...? I mean....” Gloria was now totally bewildered and just shook her head. “I don’t understand.”

“I just collected my fee,” Marty said softly. “My fee was to be able to nurse baby Martha just once.” Then while she fumbled for her purse she asked, “But how much do I owe you for Donny’s lunch? I guess twenty bucks or so...”

“Do you have a fully developed death wish, lady?” Gloria demanded. “To achieve that wish all you have to do is try to give me one cent! Pay me for nursing Donny!? You have to be insane. You can’t believe how proud I felt as he emptied my tit thinking, ‘I am feeding one of Martha Garfield’s children from my own body!’ I can’t tell you how wonderful that thought was or how physically wonderful his little mouth felt on my nipples.”

Then she just whispered, “Darling Marty, I adore you. All I owe you is my life itself, my marriage, my child, all the happiness I may have on earth, and my eternal life in Heaven. That’s all.”

As she and Bill started to gather up their baby’s things preparatory to departing, Bobbie Conroy left the office for a moment and came back with a Bengal tiger that had been patiently waiting in the hall. She said with a smile, “Don’t forget your new friend.”

The Carsons’ eyes widened when they realized that they were receiving a tiger of their own. Bobbie said with a smile, “As you may know, Gunther Gabel-Williams has been acquiring every male Bengal tiger he can find and sending them to us here in Los Angeles. At any rate, this is Ching.”

Turning to the tiger she said, “Ching, these are your new masters, Bill and Gloria Carson and their baby daughter, Martha. You will be living with them from now on to protect the family and their home. What do you say?”

When the tiger heard the news, and then looked into the souls of the Carsons, he dropped flat on the floor, closed his eyes and communicated, “You are my king and my queen! I am the most fortunate of tigers to be selected to serve a royal family - one with the most handsome king, beautiful queen, and incredibly beautiful baby princess! I swear to serve you in any way possible unto death.”

Bill and Gloria were just stunned. Then she ordered Ching to sit. When he did, she gave the baby to Bill to hold and then went to Ching, wrapped her arms around his great neck and kissed him with all of the love she could communicate through her lips. The flood of love was more than the animal could take. He fainted and almost took Gloria down with him.

King and Prince, sitting in the corner together, were delighted and amused at what was happening. Clearly, Ching was a perfect match with the family. When the huge animal finally recovered and sat up again, Gloria tried to apologize, but the animal wouldn’t hear of it. With his eyes wide and flooded with his love for her, he said, “I have felt the love of my Queen! For me! I cannot tell you how joyous I feel.”

There was a general exchange of kisses all around, and the Carsons left, along with Ching and April Jackson. Then Marty Garfield took Jane Barnes in her arms and said, “Why, Jane? Why did you do it? Why did you drop the charges? You could have won this case five years ago.”

Jane displayed the warmest smile Marty had ever seen and said, “But I did win! We claim to try to rehabilitate criminals, but we just don’t know how. But now just look at Gloria Carson! Of course, she never was a criminal, really.”

She grinned and added, “But for the statistics, she looks just like one. How could there possibly be a better person than she is? Could there be? Marty Garfield, I did win! And I won big.”

Then she added softly, “But without your tiger and nearly all of the blood from your body - my God, woman! We almost lost you, too - she would be turning to dust in a grave somewhere.”

She grinned, stuck her cute nose in the air, and said, “Besides, I did, too, set a record! I’m the first DA in the State not to lose to Clifford & Jamison. I didn’t win, but not losing is a first in itself! Martha Bradford Garfield, you’re a truly wonderful person, and I’m very proud to be able to tell my friends that I know you.”

“Jane Carter Barnes, I would be much happier and much more proud if you allowed me to refer to you as my friend. Would you be my friend? I would be so proud if you would be,” Marty replied quietly.

“Your friend?” Jane screamed. “Oh, Marty! I love you so and always have. Never in my life have I been so honored!” Then, with a very plaintive look on her face she asked, “If you’re my friend, could you... would you... kiss me?”

“Oh dear!” Marty said with her eyes wide, “Are you one of those?” Then she unloaded all of the love she could communicate through her lips. After a few moments she felt Jane go limp in her arms.

When Jane slowly revived with the most brilliant smile and glistening eyes, Marty stuck out the tip of her tongue and said, “Didn’t lose to Clifford & Jamison? Lady, you sure as hell just lost to me!” Marty gathered her things while Jane cuddled with baby Donny.

Then the three went off with King to have lunch, leaving Bobbie and Prince alone with Callaway. “So how is my favorite teenybopper?” John Callaway asked Bobbie with a grin.

“Jack Callaway, you stop that this instant! I’m... I’m a matron,” Bobbie said with her nose in the air while desperately trying to suppress both her smile and her giggles. “I am about to have a baby - any day now.”

“Golly, what happened to the old-style pregnancies? You know–when the expectant mother looked like a small house?” he asked innocently.

Quickly unbuttoning her chambray shirt, Bobbie ripped out the shirttails and spread it open wide. “Just you look, Jack Callaway!” she exclaimed. “See how swollen my tits are? And... and... and it’s getting really hard to button my Levi’s, too!”

“Golly!” he exclaimed with his eyes wide. “You must be about ready to deliver if you have a problem buttoning your jeans... But, Barbara Bradley Conroy, I would consider it a personal favor if you would kindly button your damned shirt! How do you suppose it makes me feel to look at possibly the most beautiful pair of tits God ever put on a woman when Kelly isn’t even here to... to help me.”

She grinned but buttoned two of the buttons. Then she looked at him closely and shook her head. “I see another change in you, Jack: no glasses.” Then she looked closer and said, “It hasn’t stopped yet, has it? You now look more like about... oh, twenty-two or twenty-three.”

Callaway pretended to frown and then just grinned and shook his head, “You may be right. You wouldn’t believe what Kelly and I have done three times in the last two weeks...”

“Pulled an all-nighter?” Bobbie inquired blandly. “Yes, I’d believe it. Particularly since Kelly called me after each one, just before she fell asleep,” she added with a big grin.

Over the intervening five years, Kelly Callaway had become one of Bobbie’s best friends. She had come to love the beautiful girl and utterly adored having first Kirsty, and then Jamie in her school. She knew that Jack’s driver’s license said he was fifty-nine years old, but for him the calendar had been running slowly backwards ever since the day Andy and Ken had saved his life with their prayers. His reaction to her response was just to grin.

“And what about the annual courthouse softball game?” Bobbie asked innocently. “Have the clerks and bailiffs - or for that matter, your fellow judges - figured it out yet?” She grinned and continued, “Just imagine! A fifty-nine-year-old judge pitching!? And firing the ball so damned fast the other folks couldn’t even see it?”

Callaway just grinned and pointed out that Eddie Feighner was still pitching softball in his sixties.

Bobbie just politely stuck out her tongue and continued, “But Kelly in center field... She was utterly spectacular! Could you believe the way she ran down that fly ball and caught it as she dove while running straight away from the plate?”

“Bobbie,” Callaway said with a warm smile, “that was one of the best nights of my life! When we went home after the picnic, I just climbed in the shower with her and washed the dirt off her magnificent body. Then I carried her to bed and asked if she knew any more tricks.”

“And?” Bobbie asked.

“She sure did!” he said with a grin. “That night when Kirsty came in asking about dinner, her mother just gasped between orgasms that she and Jamie would have to fend for themselves.”

He shook his head, remembering. “Do you know what that girl did then? She came over, got on the bed, and just put her hand lightly on Kelly’s loins while I’m fucking her and she is in continuous orgasm. Our little teacher said, ‘Golly, Mom, I never knew a woman’s pelvis could move in so many different directions at the same time.’

“Then she just got off the bed and left the room, carefully closing the door behind her.” He just shook his head and said, “God, I adore that woman!”

Then he said, “Speaking of baseball, should Kelly and I plan on another trip to Williamsport this summer? Are you planning on defending your championship? And by the way, that was really a dirty trick you pulled on those poor kids from Taiwan last summer!”

As a part of their physical education, Bobbie’s original class had organized a Little League baseball team the previous year. Being the children they were, they went all the way and won the Little League World Series, demolishing a very good team from Taiwan in the final game. The team was a record-breaker for the Little League in a great many ways. First of all, few championship teams - teams that made it to the finals in Williamsport, Pennsylvania - had any girls on them at all. Those teams that did have girls seldom let them play when the chips were down. However, the Clifford & Jamison Tigers - that was their team name - had only twelve players, eight of whom were girls. The pitchers - there were only two - were Andy and Ken.

Ken was a power pitcher, while everyone teased Andy about being the junk girl. She had an incredible variety of pitches ranging from curves and sliders, to a knuckle ball and even including a sneaky fast ball she threw from time to time. But with her variety of pitches she had incredible control. She could put any pitch she threw within an inch of where she wanted it as it crossed the plate. Ken had a very hot and moving fast-ball coupled with a fast curve, a slider, and a devastating change-up.

He, too, could put any of his pitches exactly where he wanted it.

Betsy Clifford was the catcher. In addition to everything else, she had her mother’s exuberance and indefatigable sense of humor.

Regardless of the game situation, she could be relied upon to come up with a joke or wisecrack to relieve any tension. Kirsty Callaway played shortstop teaming with Karen Chan at second base to form a spectacular double-play combination. Laura Benson played third and Cindy Cartwright played first. Mike Morris was normally in left field while Chuck Conrad played right. (For the last few years, Charley had been using the nickname, Chuck, to differentiate himself from his father.) Finally, Casey Jackson, the fastest person on the team, covered center field.

The remaining players who could - and did - play any position at all, including pitcher - were Susan Carlson and the newest member of the class, Sean Cavanaugh, the son of Kevin and Kelly Cavanaugh, who had been sent by his parents in Chicago to live with Bill and Kathy Cartwright in order for him to be able to go to Bobbie’s school.

The game against the Taiwan team was really won before the first pitch when the two teams met each other. First, the Taiwanese were astounded when they were greeted by all of the Tigers speaking perfect Chinese. Then, when Karen Chan met the team’s star pitcher who was scheduled to pitch the game against them, she wrapped her arms around his neck, burned his lips with a kiss, and told him how handsome he was, all in his own native dialect. The combination of her exquisite oriental beauty coupled with the power of her kiss left the poor boy in a daze.

Furthermore, before the game began, the two teams were lined up along the baselines with the Americans lined up between home plate and first base with Prince, serving as the team mascot, sitting up proudly at the end, while the Taiwan team lined up on the third-base line. To the visitors’ astonishment, all of the Tigers joined in singing the Taiwan national anthem in Chinese and stood at attention as the flag of Taiwan was raised on a flagpole beyond the centerfield fence. Then they remained at attention and fervently sang The Star Spangled Banner as the American flag was raised on its own somewhat higher flagpole.

Nevertheless, the game had been very hard-fought. In spite of Andy’s pitching skill, the Formosans had excellent batting eyes and very quick reflexes. They were able to adjust to her pitches and succeeded in hitting her. But they were not a match for the reflexes or speed of the Tigers. The last straw was when the Taiwan power hitter really tagged one of Andy’s pitches and drove it to deep center field. However, Casey was off at the crack of the bat and positioned herself at the fence. Then with an incredible vertical jump with her glove extended as high as she could reach, she caught the ball in the webbing of her glove just before it went over the fence for what would have been a three-run home run.

For the young men from Taiwan, their incredible experience was not yet over. At the conclusion of the game, each Tiger sincerely congratulated each member of the Taiwan team on brilliant play and outstanding sportsmanship. At the Little League banquet that night with all of the parents present, James Chan, Karen’s grandfather, was sitting with an executive of the Taiwan Little League. After the speeches - with Karen, speaking on behalf of the Tigers, congratulating their opponents - the Formosan introduced James Chan as the owner of the company in Taiwan that sponsored the team and employed the parents of almost all of its players.

Chan rose from his seat and in his native Chinese congratulated the boys on representing their country and their families so well. He said that bonuses would be paid to all of the factory workers to congratulate them. Then he said with a smile, “As the owner of the company sponsoring your team, I was extraordinarily proud. Unfortunately, I was unable to cheer for your team today.

You see, my granddaughter, Karen, plays second base for the Tigers, so... But since I’m sure your families are very important to each of you, I’m equally certain that you understand!”

The boy who had pitched for the Taiwan team turned bright red when he heard Mr. Chan’s words. Only then did he realize that the girl with whom he had fallen madly in love was the company owner’s granddaughter! Then he wanted to hide under the table when he looked at Karen and found her looking at him. Seeing that he was looking at her, Karen smiled very warmly, licked her lips and winked. Then she formed her lips into another kiss.

Answering Callaway’s question, Bobbie shrugged and nodded. “I guess we’ll be expected to defend our championship,” she replied.

“And this year, with the kids a year older...” She just shook her head and said, “Jack, do you know what they have their hearts set on doing?” she asked rhetorically. “They want to play the whole season without giving up a run, if possible, and at the very least, not losing a game!”

With a warm smile she added, “I don’t know what we would do without Kirsty, by the way. She is utterly incredible at shortstop! The range that girl has! And her ability to fire the ball to first from anywhere, regardless of her own position. Jack, you and Kelly must be very proud!”

Callaway grinned and nodded, then said, “Speaking of Kirsty, what exactly happened over that long weekend she spent with you and Casey? She has flat refused to tell us and whenever Kelly or I ask, she just looks embarrassed. What did you do?”

Although Bobbie tried to dodge, as an experienced trial lawyer and jurist, Callaway wouldn’t allow her to deflect his question. Finally she said, “Jack, please promise you won’t say a word? Not a single one? Without your promise to tell no one except Kelly - and then only after getting a similar promise from her–I can’t say a word. Honest! I promised the girls.”

When he promised, she said with a wry grin, “That was the weekend the three of us got our doctorates in education. It was funny, really. We spent the weekend studying that garbage and then took the writtens on Monday and orals on Tuesday. It was really funny–particularly your daughter. In her orals she would give a book-perfect answer to any question and then proceed to explain why the question and answer were both utter garbage.” Bobbie went on to explain that, since they were now teaching so many students, including the Black Doves, she had decided that they should have teaching credentials - such as they were.

“You know, Jack,” Bobbie concluded, “I think you will particularly appreciate the final crack that Casey Jackson made while we were on our way home. I’m sure you remember Roberta Kramer from the courtroom? Well, anyway, Casey said, ‘Bobbie, now I know what happened to Kramer. She actually took all that garbage seriously and it fried her brain! Sort of like freaking out on LSD, or something!’ At any rate, your daughter now has a D.Ed., but please don’t ever let on you know. She’s really ashamed of it, actually.”

“What’s going on at the school now?” he asked after chuckling at Bobbie’s story. “What are your older kids doing?”

“Well, let’s see...” Bobbie replied. “You know about Kirsty, of course, and Casey Jackson. They are both the most incredibly dedicated and effective teachers I have ever seen. Incidentally, Kirsty is getting her Ph.D. in history - all European and American, all periods. Casey is doing the same thing in English.”

Then she grinned and said, “Perhaps the funniest thing is Chuck Conrad and Karen Chan! He really fixed her little red wagon!” She told the story of the two young people - one of the last of the couples to pair off in the original class. Both were now licensed architects and professional engineers. Chuck had degrees in civil and structural engineering, while Karen had advanced degrees in structural engineering and art.

“Although Chuck had fallen in love with her - and she with him–she would never admit it. All she ever did was tell him that he was too big for her and the wrong race. But then, when he would be working at his big drawing board, she would strip, lie across his work and tell him to stroke her bottom... or her clit... or where her tits were just starting to form. After he did what she asked - and he always did - she would melt him with a kiss and then say that she couldn’t possibly love him.

“Professionally, the two became an unbelievable combination. They designed the PHA Project, the most successful and largest project ever done in Southern California and rivaling New York’s World Trade Center and London’s Canary Wharf projects in scale. The multi-building center was a smashing success from the very beginning.

“First, the whole center had an airiness and lightness of appearance that belied its incredible structural strength - it was designed to withstand a Richter force eight earthquake. But it was when the first tenants moved in that its real beauty emerged. Karen had done an unbelievable job of creating vistas of all kinds that repeatedly confront a person walking through. Each was unique and each was breathtaking in its beauty.

“Incidentally,” Bobbie said, “it has become a major investment for Ken and Andy, too. They’re cleaning up!”

To further his relationship with Karen Chan, it was the Little League World Series that provided Chuck Conrad with his inspiration. Karen and Cindy Cartwright had spent hours with the other kids teaching them Chinese and Taiwanese, and then working on their pronunciation and speech patterns.

Of course, being the children they were, they also learned how to write Chinese in the ideograph symbols using the tiny Chinese brush. When the children returned from Williamsport, Chuck had gone to Los Angeles’s Chinatown where, he knew, James Chan, Karen’s grandfather, had his office. Mr. Chan was the most powerful Chinese in Los Angeles and possibly in the entire state of California. The people surrounding him were very protective so it was only when Chuck addressed them in perfect Mandarin that they notified Mr. Chan.

Never had they encountered a Westerner who could speak more than a few words in their language, and those few were usually spoken badly. Chuck was different.

When he was ushered into Mr. Chan’s presence, Chuck greeted him with the most profound Chinese formality. The most-conservative Mr. Chan was impressed. He was even more impressed when he learned that Chuck was the son of one of the name partners in Clifford & Jamison, his daughter-in-law’s law firm.

Although he was only twelve years old, Chuck was starting to grow rapidly and it was apparent that he would be a very big man. Like his father, he had black hair and brilliant blue eyes, and was already very handsome.

Standing up as straight as he could, he told Mr. Chan that he was desperately in love with his granddaughter and wanted to marry her. But he made no secret of Karen’s opinion, nor of the myriad ways she would sexually tease him. In response to Mr. Chan’s questions, Chuck told of the design of the PHA Project, and how well he and Karen worked together.

Finally he concluded, “Sir, I adore your granddaughter and wish to marry her as soon as I can. I know that in China young women are known to marry at the age of twelve. Although I do not want to marry her just yet, I do want to marry her as soon as possible. Based on our success in working together, I am confident that I will be able to support her in the style to which she has been accustomed and, at the same time, can, in working with her, design and build structures that will reflect honor on the Chan family. But, sir, I need your help.” Then he explained what he wished Mr. Chan to do.

The older man could scarcely control his laughter as he listened to Chuck’s plan. Finally he agreed and said, “Charles Conrad, Jr., in you my granddaughter may have met her match! Moreover, young man, you have a truly Oriental deviousness which I much admire. I will do what you ask and make all necessary arrangements.”

They agreed on the following Sunday afternoon. On the selected day, Celeste Chan told her daughter that it was a special Chinese holiday - Karen never thought to ask which one - and it was imperative for Karen to dress herself in her finest Chinese robes. They were celebrating with her grandfather. Celeste, her husband, John, and Karen all had priceless antique brocaded-silk robes reserved for only the most special occasions.

It was apparent to Karen that the day was truly special when her grandfather’s chauffeur appeared with his enormous Rolls-Royce limousine to drive them downtown. When they arrived, Karen greeted her grandfather with all of the appropriate ceremony as did her mother and father.

Then they went into a small room where they all knelt on the floor. James Chan was on one side of a very low square table with his son and daughter-in-law to his right and Karen to his left. Then James clapped his hands once, sharply, and an attendant ushered Chuck into the room. He was also dressed in magnificent antique Chinese robes that the elder Chan had loaned him. Dropping to his knees, he bowed until his forehead touched the floor. Rising to kneel upright and speaking perfect Mandarin he said that he had come to ask Mr. Chan for his granddaughter’s hand in marriage.

While the visitor was being shown into the room, Karen had her eyes downcast towards the table top as she had been taught to do.

But when she heard Chuck’s voice, she jerked up and looked at him in shock. In spite of her grandfather’s sharp words, she continued to stare at Chuck.

Then her grandfather said, “Mr. Conrad, already you see the great problem we have with my granddaughter - the reason why I have been most reluctant to inflict her on any young man. You see, sir, as much as it distresses me to admit it, she is terribly willful and disobedient. Only the strongest man can handle her and obtain the obedience that any husband has a reasonable right to expect. Can you do anything with her?”

“Yes, sir,” Chuck replied. “I believe I can.”

Then rising to his feet he used his strength to lift Karen up and carried her back to where he had been kneeling. Then, following the careful instructions he had been given, he slowly stripped off all of her clothing. All the while Karen was crying and her arms were flailing wildly but futilely in the air. Her parents continued to kneel and watch impassively until she was finally stripped naked.

Then Chuck put her over his knee and began to spank her as hard as he could twenty times. Although Karen cried out at each blow, she never moved her body. Then he ordered her to orient her body over his knee in the other direction and she did while tears continued to stream down her cheeks. After twenty more spanks he released her and held out his hand. Karen kissed it and apologized for hurting it with her very firm ass. Then, in response to additional instructions she knelt down in front of him, prostrated her body and begged him for forgiveness.

Chuck accepted her apology with a very sober look on his face and then told her to rise. Karen did and just remained standing up straight before him. As she did, her parents and grandfather could see that her buns were now crimson and were about to turn black and blue. Then, with the greatest care, Chuck dressed her again in precisely the way she had appeared when she had arrived.

Then he told her to kneel beside him and prostrate herself before her grandfather and beg his forgiveness for her prior disobedience. The girl did it instantly.

“Sir,” Chuck asked, “is that sufficient?”

“Yes, my son, it certainly is,” the elder Chan replied. “Now we must talk of a dowry.” Chuck’s eyes widened when James Chan said that, because of Karen’s strong will and disobedient tendencies, the dowry offered was ten million dollars.

Chuck managed to control himself and said merely that it was sufficient. Then Chan said, “You have the family’s permission to wed Karen. It is done!” Then he again clapped his hands and champagne was served to seal the engagement. The champagne was followed by a multi-course Chinese banquet.

On the way back to their home, her parents refused even to discuss with Karen the subject of Chuck and her engagement. It was a done deal. So the next day - Monday - Karen went to see Ginger Conrad in her office. Closing the door, she began to tell her of the events of the previous afternoon.

She wailed, “Mrs. Conrad, my family says I must marry Chuck! But I’m so scared!” Then Karen told her that she was afraid her vaginal opening would be too small for Chuck - that he wouldn’t fit.

“My darling,” Ginger said, “mine is very small, too. Come and see.” The two were sitting side-by-side on Ginger’s sofa. Quickly slipping off her Levi’s and bikini, Ginger spread her legs wide. Then she invited the girl to put her finger in her vagina, reminding her that, not only did she receive Charley several times every day, but she had given birth to four children. The girl did as she was asked and found that Ginger’s vaginal opening was still small and very tight.

Then Ginger said, “My darling, Charley loves me this way. Although I am very tight, I’m also very wet. Now, can I see how you’re made?”

The girl slipped off her own Levi’s and bikini and spread her thighs wide apart. To her amazement, her own vaginal opening was no smaller than Ginger’s. When Chuck came into the office later, he found his mother lying naked on her sofa with Karen. The woman and the girl were sound asleep while held tightly in each other’s arms. Chuck just sat in a chair and read a book while he waited for them to awaken. When they did, he pointed out with a grin that it was sort of funny for a girl trying to avoid marriage to flee naked into the arms of her futuremother-in-law!

Then Ginger said, “Karen, I cannot tell you how happy you make me! Of course, your mother is one of my law partners and I have known you literally from the day you were born. You and Chuck are the most incredible team of architects in history! Don’t you think you could live with him?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Karen said softly. “Provided he continues to maintain good order and discipline in our household, of course.”

Then looking at Chuck she said with her eyes gleaming, “My darling, I still cannot sit comfortably and probably won’t be able to for at least another week. The spanking you gave me yesterday was the very best I have ever had in my whole life!”

Rising from the sofa still naked from Ginger’s arms, Karen went to Chuck and he melted his lips to hers. The kiss they exchanged caused Ginger to be overcome with happiness. As they remained in a close embrace, Ginger saw the golden glow appear over them. As she had seen it when Joyce was in Ali’s office, it began to pulsate and finally there was a burst of golden light that enveloped the two. Both fell to the floor, but still in each other’s arms. Ginger dropped to the floor on her knees and thanked God for the blessings He had just bestowed on her son and daughter-in-law-to-be.

“So, at any rate,” Bobbie concluded, “That is another problem solved.” Then she grinned, shook her head, and added, “You know, Jack, it’s really funny. Chuck really knows how to handle her. Karen still teases him by stripping, climbing on his drafting table, and asking him to do something... oh, like stimulating her clit. And Chuck always does it, still.

Only now, when he has satisfied her, he just points to his leg. Karen then bends over and he gives her a number of spanks appropriate to whatever it was she did.” Bobbie shook her head and said, “I really don’t know how Karen does it, though. Chuck really hits hard. Notwithstanding, when it’s over she sits across his lap - how she can sit on those terribly bruised buns is beyond me - melts into his arms and they kiss.”

Shaking her head she added, “The last time was really funny. When it was over, Chuck accused her of being a masochist. All Karen did was to hug him even tighter and remind him that it must be genetic. Her mother and her late twin, Marie, always did the same thing.

“Actually, though, I guess it is really a small world. You see, Jack, a part of the success Chuck and Karen have had is due to Sean Callahan and Cindy Cartwright... and Betsy Clifford!” When Callaway asked what she meant Bobbie explained, “A major part of the attraction of the PHA Project is the incredible appearance of structural lightness coupled with unprecedented structural strength. You see, Sean is now both a metallurgist and a metallurgical engineer, while Cindy has advanced degrees in both organic and inorganic chemistry and chemical engineering. Those two kids are truly unbelievable! Would you believe they take nothing for granted? Absolutely nothing at all.

“Sean has developed entirely new high-strength alloys and even new structural shapes. Cindy has developed an entirely new formula for concrete and even improved on the formulation of the glass! The result is that the materials these kids have come up with permit Chuck and Karen to use their designs. Taking the tallest building in the project, for example, using conventional materials, it literally could not even support its own weight. And yet in almost every case, the new materials are cheaper -- and that’s on a per-ton basis, too - than those they replace. And with the designs, they use far fewer tons. The result? A bill of materials that costs only a little more than half of what similar-sized structures would cost.

“By the way, it is a small world. You see, most of the special steel is fabricated by Chicago Steel. That’s the company that Sean’s father runs and which Casey Jackson’s grandmother and Cindy Cartwright’s parents own! At any rate, the West Coast steel mills all said the alloys couldn’t be produced so Chicago Steel did it. Actually, in spite of transporting it nearly 2,000 miles, the cost of the construction steel was still much cheaper.

First of all, there was much less of it in weight, but beyond that, they put together some special trains to haul it all out here.”

She grinned again and shook her head. “Then, of course, there’s Betsy Clifford - along with Laura Benson and Susan Carlson. Betsy developed some incredible CAD software - that’s computer-aided design. I have no idea how she does it, but she programs the plans that Chuck and Karen come up with along with panoramic photographs of the surrounding area. Then the girls ‘walk the corridors.’ As they do, they see on this large computer screen exactly what a visitor would be seeing when the building is complete. If a vista is attractive, they do nothing.

If it’s not, they decide what to do with it. You see, in addition to Laura’s law and Susan’s military strategy, both are very talented artists and art historians.

“Military strategy?” Callaway asked. “That’s news to me.”

“You know Susan, Jack,” Bobbie replied. “She hides her light under a barrel - or under Mike Morris’s body, anyway. But she has just been asked to serve as the senior consultant to the Department of Defense and the joint Armed Services Committees of the Congress. How that happened is a funny story, too.” When he asked her about it she told what she had seen and learned.

“Jack, you know the backgrounds of those two kids,” she began. “Well, she and Mike were both doing doctoral work in military history and strategy. Susan was scheduled for her orals first, and was up against some real fogies on her panel. At any rate, they discussed a number of battles and in each case, regardless of the actual outcome, Susan maintained that the outcome could have been different, and there were better tactics available for both sides. There she was, sitting there in front of the panel, a little girl only ten years old. It seems that she had told both her father and her grandfather what she was intending to do.

So when the panel was about to flunk her cold and dismiss her, the doors in the back of the large room were opened. What do you suppose happened then?”

Callaway just shook his head. “The most remarkable contingent of men marched into the room. There were forty of them, all in their army dress blues. There were four officers, the lowest ranking wearing the single star of a brigadier general. The officer in command was a lieutenant general. Every single enlisted man was a senior master sergeant. Well, Ken Carlson was sitting in the first row of spectator seats - there were only a handful of people there, of course.

The general in command marches over to Ken, gives him the most meticulous salute you have ever seen, and reports, ‘Alpha Company, First Ranger Battalion, reporting as ordered, Sir!’ Then he marches back to the head of the formation - the men were formed up in three platoons - and commanded, ‘Alpha Company... Report!’

“What followed was the most remarkable thing anyone has ever seen. You see, the unit was Carlson’s Rangers, reformed to help Ken’s daughter. When they were all formed up in their dress uniforms, you could see all the medals these men were wearing. There was not a single man without at least three medals for wounds in action or bravery in combat. When they reported, each man introduced himself by name and rank... but not their present rank, their rank in Vietnam. The examining board was dumbfounded when these men proudly introduced themselves as privates and corporals, then listed their decorations. Among forty men they had fourteen Medals of Honor! And that’s not counting Ken’s two.

And it just continued. The generals commanding platoons announced themselves as second lieutenants while the lieutenant general claimed to be a first lieutenant.

“But that wasn’t all. When they finished, the rear doors opened again and a senior group of forty Marines appeared. They formed up next to the Rangers and announced that they were an element of the First Marine Reconnaissance Battalion. Their commanding officer reported to Mike Morris. Then Mike just nodded to Ken Carlson who approached the table where the examining board was sitting. He told them that, with his daughter, Susan, commanding, the two units were prepared to take on any armed force of divisional strength... and clean its clock!”

Bobbie grinned and said, “I was there, of course. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Here these academic strategists and historians were just sitting there, utterly dumbfounded. They didn’t know what to do! Finally, they felt they had no other choice but to accept the offer.

“The exercises were run at Camp Pendleton and up at Fort Ord. It was the most incredible thing imaginable to see these two kids–Susan and Mike - run these battles. The teamwork between the two was unbelievable! Mike was in nominal command. He has an incredible feel for combat. Susan would just watch, ask a few questions, and keep her eye on the developing battle. Don’t ask me how she does it - or ask her, for that matter - because I don’t know and don’t think she does, either. But somehow she senses the moment when the enemy is a bit confused and a bit uncertain. She unerringly identifies the weakest point and hits it with everything she can send in. The result was the same every time: The enemy force sags, then breaks, and finally crumbles. And keep in mind, this is a force of fewer than 400 against sixteen to twenty thousand!”

Bobbie grinned and concluded, “Anyway, after doing the same thing six different times, the examining group decided she and Mike did know something about strategy and tactics and awarded them both their degrees!” Then she shook her head and said, “Those two kids are utterly unbelievable. What do you suppose they did that night?”

Callaway grinned and replied, “I know what they did. I just don’t know where. They had a sleep-over - they spent the night in each other’s arms. Right?”

“Of course you’re right,” Bobbie replied, “But how did youknow?”

Just then the door to Callaway’s office opened and his wife, Kelly, came in followed by Andy Cartwright and Ken Clifford. “And to what do I owe this honor?” Jack asked with a grin.

Kelly had slipped off her moccasins and was taking off her Levi’s. After slipping them off along with her bikini, she unbuttoned her shirt and then went to where he was sitting behind his desk. “Darling,” she replied, “I had lunch with the Munchkins and you know how horny it makes me just watching these two. So...” With that she unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock that was already fully erect and then bent over his desk with her back towards him. Callaway easily entered her, causing her to moan with pleasure as she felt his huge cock penetrate her vaginal sheath.

Then with the cutest grin as she supported her chin on her hands, she said to Bobbie, “Don’t let me interrupt anything. Just continue your conversation, please. Jack can easily do two things at once, as long as one of the things is fucking me.”

While he moved inside her and felt the glorious sensations from his imprisoned cock he said, “And what caused you to associate with the imps? After all, I do have other things to do... I think. Damn it, Kelly, you have to knock off this shit!”

As he said it, Kelly let out a low scream as she reached her first orgasm. Then she replied, “Jack, darling, I’m just getting even! After spending the last hour and a half watching the imps all over each other like tents, my cunt was running rivers. And then I realized this will cause them to eat their hearts out. Right, kids?” she asked with a grin in their direction.

Ken was sitting on one of the side chairs and Andy was sitting across his lap. They were locked together in a passionate embrace when Andy moved back the tiniest bit and asked, “Darling, did you hear something? Is someone speaking to us?” Ken just shook his head once and pulled Andy’s head down again. Just before her lips locked on his again she murmured, “I didn’t think so.”

Bobbie just looked at the young couple. Both Ken and Andy were now twelve years old. Andy had reached puberty and her body was beginning to take on a womanly form. Already her legs were long and beginning to take on their ultimate shape. Although her tits had not yet formed, her nipples had grown and her areolas were beginning to form around them. Now she was five feet four and still growing. Bobbie estimated that she would be at least five feet eight like her mother before her growth stopped. Ken had not yet reached puberty but was only a short time away. The fact that, for the moment, Andy was taller than he was, not only didn’t bother them, it was a source of amusement.

The Callaways concluded their lovemaking and Kelly reluctantly got dressed again, although she refused to button her shirt. Sitting next to the kids she tapped them on their shoulders and said, “You can come up for air, now. The fun is over... at least for a while.” The two parted and both grinned at her. Although they had stopped kissing, Andy was still sitting comfortably on Ken’s lap and just nuzzled his neck.

“You still didn’t tell me why you were lunching with the imps,” Jack Callaway said. “And don’t tell me you paid...?”

“I cannot tell a lie, John Callaway,” Kelly replied. “I did.”

“But... but why?” he asked pretending to be puzzled. “I mean... all they did was save my life, make me younger, get me a wife I adore... But I already bought them a lunch. Hell, and it was only five years ago, too.”

“Jack, darling,” Kelly replied in her most-reasonable tone of voice, “that’s true. You did. But on the other hand, they have been babysitting for us... I guess forty or fifty times. And we haven’t been paying them... And besides, they really don’t eat very much. Mostly, all they do is neck.”

“Kelly Callaway!” Jack exclaimed. “Are you trying to tell me that... that... those uninterrupted petting sessions count as babysitting!? Darling, please!”

“But honey, they are there at home, after all. Isn’t that what counts? And besides!” she said firmly, “Your life is worth at least two lunches to me. Maybe even three! So there!”

The two young people were howling with laughter by this time at the little skit Jack and Kelly had played out for their benefit. At Kelly’s last words, the two started to applaud and exclaimed, “Bravo! Encore!” To finish it off, Jack and Kelly stood side-by-side. While Jack executed a deep bow, Kelly performed a perfect court curtsy. When they were again standing, they simultaneously stuck out their tongues.

Finally, Jim asked Bobbie what she was going to do about a vacation with the baby coming. She told him that she and Tom were going to continue their practice of returning to their island. They had gone at least once a year, every year since they were married. “Jack,” she said, “if I didn’t experience it myself, I would never believe it. You see, even though I’m convinced that it is impossible for Tom and me to love each other more than we do, each time we go to the island, our love for each other increases!”

Then with the warmest smile he had ever seen she said, “I guess there will be one change, though. From now on, we’ll be bringing Prince with us. We’ll need a babysitter, so...” Then she grinned, hugged the tiger tightly, kissed him soundly on the lips and said, “He has promised that he will only hunt his own food. He will never provide us with any.”

Then she looked at Jack and said, “I do have one question, though, that concerns you as parents of a couple of my students. Actually, it’s in reaction to a question Kirsty first raised.” Holding her head up straight she said, “If you and the other parents don’t object, I plan on delivering my baby on the floor at school, by myself.” She grinned and added, “I guess it’s the ultimate in sex education. What do you think?”

Think?” Kelly replied. “Only Bobbie Conroy, is what I think! Darling, it just might be super!”

The End... for now.

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