Cat Fantasy
© 2004 by Tall Thin Jones

Don't try this at home! As far as I know this kind of cat doesn't exist. If it does exist I'll give you a lot of money for one!

Cat Fantasy

One night about ten years ago I went out in the back yard to look at the stars. There wasn't a lot of light out there, just enough to see shadowy forms at first. Two small dogs were copulating. On top was my neighbor's weiner dog dachshund. He was a neat little dog, small but tasty. We'd played before when he came over. I'd suck him, he'd fuck my mouth really fast and squirt a lot for several minutes, until my face was flushed. He was always really happy to see me. When I approached the happy couple he barely acknowledged my presence, and his new friend didn't move. She just purred away.

Purred? It was all I could do to keep from startling the two lovers as I swivelled my head and did a double take. What the hell? He had mounted a female cat, and was tied to her, and she was taking it all, and purring? I was a little afraid to get closer to the couple. If the cat was big enough for all that, it might be a wildcat. It might be tame. Even if it liked dogs, would it like me? Before I even finished worrying, I knelt down and held my hand close. A rough tongue reassured me that I was ok to be there. Nice soft fur, soothing rumbling purring. Was this a pet cougar? I had always wanted to play with a cougar, but when I ran my hands over that wonderful body, it was big, but it felt like a cat, not a cougar. Even though my eyes had adapted, it was still hard to tell exactly what I had here. I felt underneath the dachshund. He was firmly planted inside the cat. I could feel a knot just under the slick skin. I never thought a feline vagina could stretch so much without pain. Cat's aren't built for this.

Against my will I became more and more excited. I kept feeling up and down the divide between the cat's legs, trying to understand this thing by touch. What was the cat feeling? The purring only became softer and louder at the same time. It sort of caught its breath as I felt the soft fuzzy things I had not expected to feel. Something hot, a little rough and pointy grazed my palm. It was maybe an inch long. It was dripping. I took my hand away and tasted it. The taste was very interesting. I had never tasted cat sperm before. As a rule I didn't play with cats, but rules can change...

This was too hot for me. I had to do something. I knew that the dachshund was pretty big behind him, and he was pretty big for a weiner dog, because I had explored him gently with my fingers. I had never inserted anything but it felt loose and large. It looked like I was going to try. The dachshund looked over his shoulder at me and I swear he smiled and encouraged me. I had lube with me. Don't ask me why. I was between pets at that time and was pretty horny, maybe hoping to find something outside to play with. So I lubed his ass up, running my fingers around the inside of his hot rim. He just closed his eyes and laid his head down on the cat, anus spasming as if it were trying to suck my fingers in. I placed my head against his anus but didn't push. The spasms of his orgasm sucked me in slowly. I rubbed my hands over the soft fur of the cat, feeling the incredible muscles underneath, and over the dachshund's shorter fur. I felt the dog's cum leaking out of the cat's opening, and then I lost it. Just as I started cumming, he leaned back or I leaned forward, burying my cock about four inches in dachshund rectum. I hadn't even thought that I had been so turned on, but I had cum in less than two minutes, and after about three thrusts of actual penetration. I poured more and more semen into the dog while he finished with the cat. They separated from their tie just as I fell on my back and relaxed. Both my horniness and the strangeness of the situation had forced my sperm pump into overdrive. It felt like real power flowing through me into them.

When I recovered, I found the cat licking me clean. The tongue action was nice even if it was rough. He sat on my hand when I tried to pet him. Two fingers started to go into his rump opening. It was nice and hot,velvety, but I pulled away. I was regaining my sanity. It was one thing to do a small tough little dog, but I wasn't going to try a cat no matter what. They don't even seem to have thick enough skin, really. When I yanked my hand away, the cat stalked away as if offended, but he darted into the house when I opened the door to go inside. He started bumping his head against my legs and purring. In the light I could see that was black with greenish-gray stripes, and he had those tell-tale toes that look like thumbs. He was a Maine Coone Cat, a cat whose origin has always been a mystery. He had to be better than twenty pounds. He danced around the kitchen floor, raised his tail, showed me a winking anus that still dripped dachshund cum.

I'm sure that even then I knew I was going to do something with him, sometime. It sure as hell wasn't going to be that night. I was out of cum. I checked and he wasn't bleeding from his doggie experience. I imagined that the dog's knot had forced him to cum, like my old dog's knot sometimes did to me. He tried to back on to me again but I shied away. Yes, I would feed him and water him. Ok, he could sleep on my bed. But I'll be damned if I will fuck a cat up the ass!

After pestering me for a while he went to sleep on the bed with me. The way the bed shifted when he moved around it felt like he must have weighed at least 40 pounds. I said to myself I didn't care if he weighed 400 pounds, I wasn't going to fuck him. That was a lie. If he had been a 400 pound big cat, I would have done him in an instant, and sucked him off afterward. I felt a little of my horniness return as I started to fantasize about making out with an 800 pound tiger, but I fell asleep.

As usual, the next morning I woke up with a woody and needing to pee. As not usual, this cat had placed one paw on my bladder and one paw on a thigh, and was rubbing his cheek against the head of my woody. Before he could make any more moves, I swept him off me and practically ran to the bathroom. When I was through, he wanted out. It was a little before dawn, dimly lit, about 5:30 am in September. For some reason the neighbor's dachshund was still out. He was horny again. He placed a paw on the cat's back, then a chin. The cat assumed the submissive posture, pulled his tail to the side and raised it slightly, and this time I got to see the dog's penis actually thrust into the cat. His little red weiner poked around his mark a few times. It then found the entrance, and started inching in with each push. The cat kept his eyes closed and I heard him purr, a deep satisfied throbbing. It was enough to get me throbbing again. I thought about going out there but it was getting too light. Amazed, I watched the little dog's butt going like a jackhammer, getting more and more of him into the cat. The knot was visibly swollen when it bumped against the coon cat's back door, then it popped in. I winced but the cat just caught his breath and let it out with that funny noise, hissing over the hard palate.

When they were through I was about ready to bust. I hoped no one saw me at the window stroking myself. I live out in the country so the neighbors aren't that close, but someone could have been walking by, to see the bizarre scene of a dog copulating with a cat while a human watched and stroked himself. When they were done the cat asked to be let back in and he repeated his "do me" dance of the night before. I wasn't ready for that, still. Somehow I put it away and went back to bed. Maybe the big male cat was offended because he chose to sleep on the ouch when I went back to bed. I let him out a couple of hours later, went to town, did the grocery shopping, and all the Saturday stuff. I figured he had wandered back to his owner after he had catted around.

About midnight I woke up with the cat on my chest. It was startling, but he wasn't the first cat in the world to get past a latched doggy door. In the dark his eyes seemed to glow green. His purring was warm, and when he saw me looking at him, it turned to hot and demanding. I wondered if I would even survive refusing him this time. That damned cat was going to have me, and no nonsense about it!

How had he had seduced the little dog the first time? The dog was a horny little guy so I'm sure the coon cat hadn't had to work very hard at it. He started to seduce me with a kiss. That kiss was intensely sweet and loving. We shared breath. He licked my nose and then my lips. I licked the stubbly fur around his mouth an tasted his slightly tart feline skin and fur. Then he surprised me by climbing on my face and slipping his penis between my lips. The little cat cock thrust in much further than I could ever have expected it to. There is no way it could have been four inches but it seemed like it. Seconds later he spurted his cum in my mouth. It was again slightly tart, slightly meaty. After he finished fucking my mouth, he laid on his side and licked himself. Then he looked at me. It was my turn, and no nonsense about it.

After he had seduced me for several minutes, I sighed and took the jar of lube from the bedside table. I was already hard, but I thought it was a good idea to lubricate myself thoroughly. I stroked myself while he rubbed his cheeks against my face. I loved his smell. I had a glass of water by the bed, so I used some of it to make the lube that much slicker. He decided that it was time, and started to back on to me. I barely got a hand in to lubricate the cat under his tail, then he almost swallowed three of them trying to back on to them. I almost let him. He felt so silky smooth. We both knew what he wanted though, and I let him do it. When he squatted and pushed, his paws flexing on my belly and chest, he found just the right angle and backed down my waiting cock, which was now dripping with anticipation. Oh my! I inhaled sharply, then let it out very slowly. If this wasn't what I was looking for, it would make me happily forget what I was looking for.

The cat did all the work. I had touched a female cat's vagina before. It had twitched rapidly on my finger before she pulled away. That felt nice. Now I knew what it was like on my cock. The coon cat sat on me, and danced with his paws while rocking left and right. He kneeded my lower belly, making me feel even more turned on. He spasmed his anus like the female had, twitching really fast for a few seconds, and squirting his cum onto my belly. Every time he rocked he backed up, until I was in him up to my pelvis. Inside he tightened and loosened upon me in several places, around my head, down my shaft, up and down, around and around, until the room was spinning and reality disappeared in a blinding light. I thrust reflexively and squirted into his dark passage. It turned me on even more to know that my cum had mixed with the dog's cum. When I came around, he still had my cock firmly embedded in him, flexing hard and squeezing the last drops out. I was painfully sensitive but I didn't want him to let go. He still purred, a deep satisfied rumble. I started to move but he pinned me down. We weren't through yet.

The cat closed his eyes, slowly waved back and forth, and twitched just once every few seconds. I had been getting soft, but I was hard again after just a few twitches. He sped up, got me hot again, then he slowed down, erotically torturing me with his talented rectum. This time I could even feel the heat of the mix of my sperm and the dog's. This went on forever and ever, getting better and better, until finally, I squirted a long, warm, wet slick load of semen into him again. He kissed me again while he was still firmly impaled on my cock, which made me realize that his torso was every bit as long as my own. We fell asleep together with me still squirting into him.

The next day I got a better look at the cat's equipment. This time he actually mounted the dachshund. They had both wandered into my house in the early morning, through the doggie door that the coon cat had worked open to get in the night before. The dachshund stood still as the cat mounted his back, nibbled his ears, and pretended to bite his neck in a submission hold. The dog looked very pleased with himself as he held his head aside. The cat worked his prehensile penis under the dog's tail while the dog held it aside for him. He found his mark and worked it in, seeming to slip an absolutely endless penis in that was as thick as my thumb. It wasn't as big as mine, but cat's don't have penises like that! He must have been the Iron Johnny of the cat world. How could he possible mate with his own kind? By the time the cat had buried himself in the dog, the dog panting and hanging his tongue out, I had pretty much lost my mind. The cat was still cumming and twitching when I slid into him from behind, although he had cum in seconds up the dog's back passage. I don't know when I had ever cum so much in two days. He backed on to me and swayed and rocked until I squirted into him again. Between me and the dog he was walking kind of bowlegged when left, and he had done me two or three times himself. I felt the bristles when he pulled out of me. They were just wonderful.

The cat did not return the following day, or the day after. I supposed that his owners had left town or locked him up or something. Then, the next Friday around midnight, I found the dachshund locked to my feline friend again. But it wasn't him. It was her. I didn't know what to think. The cat looked like him but was female, with a vagina that I later found out was very tasty, very muscular, and tough. Then he came out and greeted me. The two cats moved in with me, and I became their human lover and caretaker. I never found out where those cats came from. This is good because I never wanted them to leave me or be taken away from me. I never found anything else different about them, just that both had very large genitalia for their species. They were entirely feline but built more heavyset, the way dogs are. Eventually they had kittens, and these characteristics bred true. Every one of them was sweet tempered, kind hearted, and almost intolerably horny but very polite about it. Even more amazing was their perfect, perfect health and very long lifespan. In a few years the breed had seduced large numbers of lonely bachelors and horny housewives. Eventually the breed, all descended from my two, ran about 70 to 200 pounds, an average penis length of seven inches, large deep vaginas in the females, and they were very nearly indestructible. They never scratched or bit, either, but one man who tried to abuse one went to the emergency room with a knot the size of a goose egg on the top of his head. The cat involved just looked very innocent and tried to seduce the Humane Society people who took him in. When the cat was returned, he and his owner had a new understanding. Not one human has ever killed one of the new breed of cat on purpose. Come to think of it, there have been no accidental deaths either. After ten years none have died of old age or illness. Every one of thousands is still alive.

Geneticists investigated and found them to be cats, just cats, but with no damaging recessive genes or genetic flaws of any kind. Of course, the cats aren't telling. They seem to have made better people out of us, loving us out of our misery and into a better world.

This story was of course a fantasy. It would be nice to have something like this for real. Such cats are barely plausible, but cats have always been magical and full of surprises. If this surprise is coming up, I'm looking forward to it!

As always, Tall Thin Jones.