by DizkoDuck


Natasha, an attractive young woman no older than twenty-five, steps silently into the darkened cage via the door. Her bare feet alight silently upon the concrete floor of the 'cell' within. She steps forward slowly, and as she comes into view, her beautifully figured form is revealed in the dim moonlight and the warm night air. In her hands she carries a small glass jar, and her body is completely unclothed to reveal her sexuality to the chirping crickets and the flashing lightning bugs.

A low, rumbling growl slowly rolls free from across the cage. Resting quietly there, lays the-not-quite-asleep Timbo. This huge Siberian tiger would be a formidable match to any that may challenge him for food, territory, or even for mating rights to a female of his choice. His eyes watch Natasha enter, and a light flash of a grin seems to adorn his huge muzzle. He knows the female it seems, and he watches every step that she takes toward him, taking in every last detail. This is an interesting sight. He has never seen his owner like this, nor this late after the sun has gone down. Something is happening, something is going on. As curiosity rises within the male, he clambers to his paws and lets out an inviting purr to the young woman. She steps forward and slowly raises a shaky hand to brush carefully along the tiger's headfur. She pulls her lips up and offers him an inviting smile, before quietly speaking to him.

"Hello again, Timbo... Tonight I have a special surprise for you, my friend. I do hope you enjoy it."

As she finishes speaking with the feline, she lowers down to one knee, and softly begins to rub her hand against his furry chest. Timbo's eyes narrow at the delicate attention paid to his fur, and the soft tone of his owner's voice is more than enough reassurance to trust her intentions on this secretive midnight visit. Although he doesn't understand her speech, it matters not to him. The soothing tones of her voice makes him happy to simply be in her presence. She has always treated him wonderfully, always stroked his ears affectionately, and even fed him from a bottle when he was just a kit. She wasn't close enough to him to call a mother, but she was definitely the next best thing. However, now the relationship had taken a new height. This late visit had to have a strong purpose behind it, and soon he would find out precisely what it was.

Timbo's attention soon falls on the small mason jar that Natasha carries. The three-inch-tall bottle is filled about one-fifth of the way full with a clear liquid of unknown origins, until she slowly unscrews the top. As she pops off the lid, the heavy scent of a female feline in heat wafts right over Timbo's nose, and it causes his furry sheath to near instantly fill full of his slowly hardening feline cock. His muzzle quickly lifts and he tries to push his nose against the bottle. He tries to lick inside of the bottle, to get at those hot juices. He purrs and stands on all fours after a few moments, gently nudging at his mistress to try to persuade her to give him access to that hot, arousing fluid.

She grins softly and stands as Timbo does, and holds the jar firmly away from him as he tries to prod into it. She slowly lowers her head down to his, and gently kisses him atop the head as she whispers.

"You want to taste this, don't you boy... I know you like the scent."

She speaks to him in the same, soft, loving tone, slowly dipping her hand into the glass and coating her fingers with the slick solution. She kneels down to one knee, the tiger following her every move. She slowly gets down to all fours, and tilts her head slowly back to take a glance at her soon-to-be feline lover. She reaches back slowly with her still-damp fingers, and soon she dips her fore and ring finger right into the tender grasp of her tight pussy. She slides the combination of her two fingers deeply in and out of the tight embrace of her cunt, and slowly pulls each free to leave her hot folds glistening with moisture of those sweet pheromones.

Timbo follows her every movement and quickly dips his muzzle down between the vulnerable thighs of his mistress. His nose hovers just barely above her hot sex and he takes in sharp-panted breaths to scent that wonderful fluid. His entire body shivers in pure ecstasy as he now understands his mistress wants to mate, and she wants to mate with him. As he runs the thought of mounting this quite willing female through his mind, his tongue slowly snakes free to lick right across her soft labia.

Natasha shivers lightly and lets out a weak moan as her large, feline pet begins to carefully groom the extremely sensitive zone of her tight snatch. Her hands grasp at the ground below her as the tiger begins to lap more hungrily at those scented folds. Her eyes widen a bit, and slowly she crawls forward to an empty corner of her pet's cage. She makes her way onto a makeshift bed of large covers, and again assumes her position as the tiger continues. He follows her every move, not missing a beat as his tongue strikes and grinds against his newfound mate's clithood. A low rumbling starts to roll free of the felines chest as his sheath fills with the thickness of his full and ready feline cock. Timbo slowly lifts his head and snuggles the underside of his chin against her back, signaling his eagerness to mate.

She takes the hint, and slowly lowers her body down against the covers, giving the male total access to her much smaller form. He steps over her in one fluid motion and quickly presses his muzzle right up against the curve of her neck. He rumbles out a steady purr as his body straddles hers, leaving his belly resting right against the perfect curvature of her pert ass. He opens his muzzle and engulfs her shoulder in its huge embrace, but the grasp is only light. He applies no pressure to the flesh that he could so easily tear to ribbons. His hips slowly lower, and the crowned head of his feline cock slowly slides down the crevice formed between the human's firm rump cheeks. The young lady bites her lip gently and slowly closes her eyes as she feels herself soon overcome by this huge, but quite gentle of a beast. Her tender pussy lips fill and flush with blood as her arousal starts to pang through the lips of her needy sex. Her head snuggles gently back against the huge feline's throat, and with almost a purring cry she growls out.

"That's it, baby... Go ahead..." she near whispers, "Fuck me, Timbo."

Timbo's body slowly starts to pull back and forth as he instinctively answers the urge that his loins are begging for. His slick, feline cock slowly presses firmly between that crevice, and the head of his broad, feline member slides right between the moist entrance of her female treasure; only to then slide harshly against her belly as his thrust misses its mark by just inches. A trail of slick, hot feline pre-cum glistens proudly against her stomach as the feline slowly pulls back for a second attempt. His balls swing slowly as his flaring, vein-gnarled feline cockhead meets the quivering lips of her accepting vulva. With a low growl, the tiger lunges forward to impale his young lover on the throbbing spike of his arousal.

A sharp gasp escapes Natasha, her body twitching violently, and then settling in slowly as she adjusts to the new and wild feel of her pet's thick, feline tool nestled warmly in the hot grip of her tight pussy. She bites her lip tightly and starts to moan under her breath. His le is met with the warm rush of her heated, natural lubricating fluids that flow freely within the walls of her snatch. Her hands grasp full fistfuls of the covers that support her beneath the large tiger, and she soon rocks her hips back to take every last inch of his surprisingly thick feline cock. His heavy, feline balls rest softly against her puffy folds, draping against her vulva like two ripe plums hidden within that silky-furred encasement of his ballsack.

Timbo pulls back swiftly and steps forward slightly with one of his hind legs as he thrusts yet again deeply into his mistress. His heavy balls hit against the wet folds of her quivering sex with a delicious sounding *shhhlop* sound, evidence of his deep penetration within his human lover. His eyes soon glaze over with primal lust, his back bowing up sharply as he settles into a quick, rhythmic pace, thrusting sharply into her tight, clutching pussy. His long, vein-coated cock knocks deeper into her velvety walls, touching spots she has never before felt touched. His deep, orange sheath bunches quickly out against the base of his shaft as he pounds his thick steel deeper yet, forming a ring of fur around the base of his shaft. With each and every deep, powerful thrust, Timbo's sheath rubs firmly against Natasha's clit, sending shocks of spasming pleasure throughout every muscle in her quivering body; all the while his hips thrust firmly against her hot baby-smooth ass.

Natasha's head swings off to the side as she feels the length of her pets rock hard catcock piston into the fleshy confines of her heated snatch. She licks her lips and closes her eyes tightly as Timbo steadily thrusts into her waiting sex, claiming her as his mate in this primal and erotic meeting. Her cunt starts to spasm in tight convulsions around the base of his thick vein-gnarled shaft, and soft pleasure-filled whimpers escape her throat as the tigers eagerness soon comes to a new height. She thrusts back hungrily, eagerly meeting his sharp thrusts with one of her own to send that wonderful piece of meat deeper into the hot wet grasp of her needy pussy. She tilts her head back, and snuggles up warmly against her mate's throat to purr out in encouragement.

"Ooohh god Timbo.. That's it baby... Ooooo!" She closes her eyes and continues to coo out her sweet nothing to her lover. "Mmmm... fuck me harder Timbo.. please." She bites her bottom lip. "Take your mate, my lover!"

Timbo almost seems to understand this inviting pillow talk. His hips swiftly thrust up against his mates smooth and soft rump. His heavy balls swing back and forth as he thrusts, smacking up wetly against her vaginal folds with each of his precise jerking thrusts. His chest starts to rumble a low purr that just seems to increase the arousal and need of his whimpering mate. His eyes slowly narrow as he feels that ever present urge of release slowly starting to build down in the depths of his heavy swinging balls. His tongue extends to curl up over his lips several times and soon his eyes begin to narrow. His hips jump and pound forward, pistoning the length of his Rock-hard feline shaft into the quivering depths of his mate's spasming pussy. His balls tighten, and his cockhead showers her insides with hot gooey spurts of his lubricating pre-cum, which mingles with her own wetness. The sound of his thick shaft penetrating her tight snatch over and over reverberated in the night. That wet shlopping sound, followed by the hot smack of his balls against bare skin echo like an erotic orchestra as he takes this human, for a feline mate.

Natasha lowers her head down slowly and lets out a series of deep moans as her orgasm steadily draws closer and closer to its crashing peak. She bites her bottom lip and pounds herself furiously back against each one of her lovers passionate thrusts. Her eyes widen as she feels his thrusts gain in strength and speed, and she simply cannot hold the pleasure within herself any longer. She tilts her head back and lets out a loud crying moan as her tight pussy begins to spasm around the length of that throbbing and pistoning feline shaft. Her cunt erupts with the hot flowing juices of her seed, which quickly lubricates her lovers shaft and makes each of his thrusts just more warm, and just more wet. Her body trembles as she feels that tiger mate with her, making sure to hit his long cock against every bit of her sex he can hit it with. She whimpers loudly and starts to moan out pleasurably. "OOooo Timbo! Ooo ba.. ooogodbaby.. oooo fuckkk Timmmbo!"

Timbo's head slowly lowers down and his muzzle opens to engulf her shoulder within his tender embrace yet again. His eyes narrow, before shutting completely as he hears his mate cry to him in such a manner. His ears pin back tightly against his head as he feels that warm tunnel pulsing around the length of his veiny feline shaft. The tiny barbs that coat the head of his feline cock shoot outwards and pull very lightly against Natasha's tight inner walls, just increasing the stimulation for them both as the feline finally falls into the depths of a powerful orgasm. The warmth of his seed soon builds within the heavy swaying globes of his feline balls, and pulses up the length of his huge catshaft to spasm its way up into the hot embrace of Natasha's still coming pussy. He lets out a low pleasure filled growl as his cock empties his hot seed deeply inside his eager little mate. He does not jump away, like he would another feline, as he finds himself lost in the moment.

Natasha drapes her head down to snuggle warmly into the covers below her. Her body trembles and her hands and knees wobble weakly as she looses the energy to hold herself up after such an intense orgasm. Her body slumps down against the covers, and she just begins to moan steadily. "Timbo...Timbo....Timbo....timbo...." Her voice seems to trail off.

Timbo's eyes shoot open to meet the brightness of the early morning, and he hears that voice yet again, calling him. "Timbo!" His eyes open slowly, trying to adjust to the light around him. Small bits of crust have formed at the edges of his eyelids. He glances about startled for a moment ... where was his lover from just moments back. How he wanted to do that to her, again and again and again. He begins running the beautiful scene through his mind yet again, before slowly glancing down his body. He lays on the covers, belly up on his back. His cock stands proudly free of its sheathing. A long string of his feline pre-cum as formed, and left a small string dangling from the crowned head of his shaft, to the center of his belly.

Natasha calls softly again, "Timbo, breakfast time...." She blinks as she glances over to the tiger, noting his morning wood. She slowly grins and calls again.. "Lets go Timbo..." In the back of her mind, she idly wonders what a cat could dream about that would make him wake up with such a throbbing hardon... she chuckles to herself and pushes a plate off assorted raw meats into the cage.

Timbo slowly glances over to his owner, shooting her a soft grin as he slowly gets onto all fours. He makes his way over to his plate and simply looks up to his dream time lover. He lowers his muzzle and slowly begins his breakfast, and the start of his day....

Perhaps now we know what cats dream...