Chaos Kitty

Chaos Kitty

"Chaos... kitty kitty kitty..." Chaos picked up his ears. A few more calls and he opened his eyes to look at his owner. Anitta knelt on the floor by the cat, feeling so wicked and nasty. With her index and middle finger, she scooped out some of her pussy juices and held them out to the cat. He immediately picked himself up and started lapping at her fingers. Rasping noises and Anitta's panting were the only sound for the moments it took Chaos to clean off all of the juices.

"Good Chaos. Yes, you're such a good kitty..." Anitta scooted herself forward, spreading her knees and raising off her knees, until her crotch was positioned over the tom's head. "Come on Chaos... Here's more for you..." She was tensed in this position, bent back just slightly with her hands on the bed behind her, supporting. Chaos purred and stuck his face into Anitta's cunt making her tense more, before he finally lapped at the slit several times.

"uuuuuhhuu-uh-uh! Oh good good kitty!" Anitta was practically whimpering. "My sweet baby cat, lick mommy's pussy..." She did whimper when the cat's excited lapping brushed her clitoris. Chaos's tongue was much smaller than the others that had been down there, but its rough scratchiness on tender, sensitive skin was exquisite. And he kept lapping rapidly, like at a bowl of milk. Anitta did sob after several minutes of the torture. If she hadn't urinated earlier, she would lost her bladder right there. Chaos was getting aggressive, pushing forward with surprisingly strong muscles. His muzzle was damp and he was salivating a great deal. The pink, flat tongue darted in and out like a spring-loaded toy. There was little penetration but its scratchy surface slipped over Anitta's outer lips, the inner lips, and occasionally her clit. Her muscles were starting to tremble from holding herself in this squatting position "Y-y-you're mommy's *best* kitty! Uhhuh! Oh God!! Please, please, please, pleasepleasepleeeeezzzeeee..." Anitta couldn't stand it anymore. She nudged her cat's head out of the way and stroked her clit several times to bring herself off. Chaos, not to be rebuffed, started licking at her hand and consequently her clit. Anitta screamed one syllable and started bouncing herself up and down on her knees as she came, startling Chaos away for the moment. After a minute, she stopped coming. And started crying. "Oooohhhh... Puh-poor fluuhffy... Oohhhhhh!!" Slumping forward, Anitta relieved the loss of her favorite childhood pet with unexpected intensity. Her first climax, at 14, had been when playing with herself while Fluffy lay purring beside her head on the pillow. She had always thought of the cat as the one to first bring her towards the realm of sex, in later years. Grief over Fluffy's death and then misdirected guilt had formed a barrier over the memories. And some sort of shame about the effect the cat had had on her. "Mrrreeoow?" Chaos cried, sensing a disturbance in his owner. Anitta sniffled and picked up the cat, cuddling him tightly. She kissed his forehead and said "You're so sweet. Yes you are!" She smiled as he started purring. His fur was damp all over his face. Anitta stood up and then sat on the bed, cradling the cat in her arms. Chaos's gold-brown eyes were part-way open, looking at Anitta. She petted him and hugged him, just enjoying the feel of his warm, soft furred body against hers. After a while, she laid back and let Chaos curl up on her tummy and relax.

The weight felt good, but the soft fur against her naked skin was even better. Chaos's body rose and fell slightly with Anitta's own breathing. She had opened her legs a bit to allow the heat of her cunt escape freely. Getting easier to accept it, she thought. You're a pervert. She smiled a bit at the thought, then stroked Chaos gently from head to tail tip. Carefully, than, she took his tail and brushed it against her crevice. The fur tickled at first, but then it got wet and tickled a bit less. Chaos had opened his eyes again and was looking a bit surprised. His tail-tip was being introduced into his owner's crevice, pushing into her inner sanctum. "Good kitty," Anitta reassured the cat, petting him with her other hand. "I just want to see how it feels..." The hair on this thin, fleshy intruder was being matted back while Anitta shivered at the sensation of fur inside her cunt. Several inches were now inside her, not filling her up but making her very warm and gooey. Then, apparently annoyed at the abuse of his precious tail, Chaos gave a little growl and flicked the tip. Anitta gasped and jerked and Chaos whipped his tail away entirely, making her gasp again. "Oh wow," Anitta breathed. "If only..." She imagined a guy with a long, thin cock that could wiggle and twitch inside her. Then she imagined Chaos sliding his whole tail in her and she moaned. Chaos had climbed off Anitta's tummy and was cleaning his tail eagerly. In the position her was in to do this, Anitta saw his little red cock again. "Oh poor kitty. No one to fuck, just like me." She felt a bit guilty about this, as she should have had the cat fixed months ago. He hadn't even been allowed out to find some friendly little pussy. Nasty chills slithered up Anitta's spine. She leaned forwards and flattened herself out on the bed, facing her cat. "Good kitty," she said. "Sweet kitty..." She placed one finger under a furry ball and hefted it. Chaos's cleaning action slowed a bit. Anitta carefully brushed his cock tip. It looked almost like the end of a ball-point pen, with the point retracted. She could see now that a thin, clear fluid leaked from the tip. "Do you want it bad, Chaos?" Anitta giggled. "Mommy will make you feel better." She used her index and thumb of the right hand to pull back the sheath of the penis, revealing its short length. Strange little hairs were visible near its base. Chaos had stopped cleaning all together and slowly laid back on his side. Anitta used her right index finger to stroke his penis, which quickly soaked the finger tip. She was afraid to taste the fluid but she was very excited about it. What did kitty cum look like? she thought. She stroked the quivering, dripping cock, which was very hard, admiring its flaming red color and the bevel point of it. "merrrooowww," Chaos exclaimed. Anitta could see his breathing was faster by the rise and fall of his sides. She experimented a bit and found a remarkably sensitive spot that made the tom make funny noises every time she rubbed it. He wasn't purring now but his tail was starting to whip back and forth.

"Good kitty, it's ok, you'll feel allll better in a bit." Anitta was sliding her legs open and shut behind her, squeezing out pussy batter that stained her bed sheets. Her pinky on her left hand stretched out to poke the tiny, swollen testicles. "Allllll better," Anitta panted. She leaned forward a bit closer and watched the red cock intensely. Chaos was making a sort of growling-purr noise and whipping his tail all over. Then he stiffened and Anitta wished she could come at the same time as whitish fluid dribbled out of her kitty's cock, onto her fingers. She could feel the twitches in the tiny fur-bag as semen was pumped out. Chaos gave a loud yowl when he came, then scampered away from Anitta.

"It's ok Chaos," she said. "We can play some more later..." She took her right hand, wet with the tom's spunk, and rubbed it between her legs. It was her imagination, but it seemed her cunny burned where the fluid brushed against it. "Such a sweet kitty," she whispered, cupping one breast as she diddled herself to another come.