Cindy's Feline Sin
by Honey Moon

Cindy's Feline Sin

Cindy very carefully closed and locked her bedroom door. The thought of discovery was making her very nervous. "Don't be silly!" she scolded herself. "Nobody is even home right now!" Cindy had made a discovery of her own about a month ago. While surfing the net, she had come across a picture of a woman giving a blowjob to a large dog! At first this repulsed her, but the next day, she had gone back to the site! Now, her hard drive was packed with all manner of bestiality pictures. "Thank god mom has her own computer!" she whispered as she started her machine. She went into her secret file, the one she named, "Sailor Moon" just in case somebody did see her hard drive. She brought up her newest picture, the one she just couldn't get out of her head. Once more, just looking at it started her getting wet. Most of her pictures were of women with dogs. A few were with horses, but this was the only one she had ever seen, that had a cat licking a woman's pussy!

Cindy shut off the computer, and sat down to think. With shaking fingers, she took a small glass jar out of the pocket of her bathrobe. Cindy had just made some tuna salad to bring to work for her lunch break. This time, instead of draining the water down the sink, she saved it, capping it tightly, in a small mustard jar she saved just for this purpose. Cindy looked at the large orange and white tabby cat sitting on her bed. "Mommy has a treat for you today, Jake!" Cindy's mother often called herself mom, with respect to Jake, and Cindy had picked up the habit. She shook the jar, and smiled. "You're gonna love this!" Jake just looked at her, the tip of his tail twitching. Cindy took off her robe, and tossed it on her computer chair, revealing her trim 20-year-old body to the staring eyes of her cat.

The young woman picked him up, feeling his fur, soft against her bare breasts. She pressed her cheek lovingly against his. "You wouldn't bite me now, would you, Jake?" As if in answer, Jake purred deep in his throat, and butted his head against her affectionately. Cindy lay down on her bed, with her furry friend sitting on her tummy, and slowly unscrewed the cap on the jar. Jake loved tuna, and always tried to get some whenever she opened a can. With a little prayer that he wouldn't try to eat anything she really needed, she trickled just a couple drops of the liquid onto her already hardening nipples. Jake leaned forward, and darted out his tongue, lapping at the oily fluid shining on her breasts. "Oh God! Jake, slow down!" his raspy tongue curling over her swollen nipple was almost too much! Her body responded to this unusual stimulation though, and she felt herself growing even more aroused. Cindy stroked his fur as he licked, moaning with pleasure at his rough treatment.

"Jake," she whispered. "Mommy has something that tastes even better!" she held him with one arm, and drizzled more of the juice onto her body, this time directly onto her clitoris. "Please, please Jake, don't bite!" she breathed, as the cat zeroed onto the scent of his favorite food, and began to lick at the new supply of the tasty refreshment. "Oh yes!" Cindy cried, as his tongue probed her lips, and dragged against her erect clit. "T-that's right Jake! Just like that!" The young woman tried to add a little more of the tuna water on herself, but her trembling fingers dropped the jar. "No!" she cried in desperation, fearing he would abandon her for the spreading puddle on the floor. Cindy worried for nothing though. Jake kept on lapping; he seemed to like her fluid even better! He would curl his tongue deep within her folds, bringing more up with each probe, the point of his rough tongue flicking her clit with each repetition. "Oh Jake! Don't stop!" she panted. "Just, just a little more!" her orgasm hit her hard, and Jake didn't stop! Cindy thrashed all over the bed. She felt like she was going to lose herself to the power of her climax, but still, he wouldn't stop! Finally she managed to push him away, with arms like rubber, and held her hands over her sore little clit, to keep him away.

"Oh shit, Jake!" she managed to gasp out moments later. "No more today! You'll kill me!" Cindy giggled at her tiny lover. "Jake, you were fantastic!" Jake stood between her legs, trembling slightly, looking a little agitated. "What's wrong baby?" she sat up, and looked closely at her feline lover. Her eyes grew wide in wonder. She never saw anything like this before! Jake had an erection! "Poor baby! I guess my hormones smell familiar to you, don't they, Jake?" Jake started rubbing against her leg, not knowing what to do with a biped many times larger then himself. Cindy felt just awful. She wasn't expecting this! "I'm so sorry Jake! I don't know if I can do anything for you!" Cindy thought for a moment, and then slowly started to stroke his fur. "I guess it's only fair," she mused. "You went down on me, I think this makes it my turn!" Cindy climbed out of bed, and knelt next to it, carefully rolling Jake onto his back. "Just hold still, baby. Mommy will fix everything!"

She bent over him, and flicked the tip of his cute little cock with her tongue. Jake stiffened beneath her, and then calmed down. He knew something good when he felt it! Cindy was very careful; she didn't want to hurt him. She slowly closed her lips around this penis, and swirled her tongue all around it. She felt a little weird doing it, it felt more like she was sucking somebody's finger, rather then a cock, but Jake seemed to love it! His purr was a deep rumble; she felt rather then heard, as she began to slowly move her lips up and down his shaft. Cindy tasted his salty pre-cum, as it pulsed onto her tongue, in time to his heartbeat. Suddenly Jake started to get very vocal, yowling and hissing as she sucked his penis. Cindy almost stopped, and then realized it just meant Jake was getting close to cumming, the cute little guy was even beginning to hump at her mouth! Then it happened! Jake stiffened once more, and Cindy felt his warm seed flood her mouth. She was quite surprised; it was almost as much as a human! She paused just a second, then swallowed his offering, feeling delightfully wicked as the heavy cream slid down her throat. She giggled. "If you ever tell anyone, I'll never do that again!" Cindy looked at the clock. "Oh shoot! I'll never make it to work on time!" Cindy sniffed the air in her room. "Oh shit! It smells like sex and fish in here!"

She raced to the phone. "Hello, this is Cindy. I can't come in today, I don't feel well," she glanced at Jake, and had to choke back her laughter. He was contentedly licking at his own genitals, cleaning himself up. "Yeah, I'm sorry," she finally answered her boss. "I think it was something I ate." Cindy then frantically scrubbed her room, and then took a much-needed shower. By the time mom came home, everything was back to normal. Cindy kissed her mother goodnight, and went to bed early. Tomorrow was Saturday, and she had no plans. She was already hard at work, trying to figure out a way for Jake to be able to fuck her properly!

The next morning, Cindy awoke bright and early, and went down stairs to fix breakfast for her and mom. "Cindy, are you feeling better this morning?" The older woman asked, giving her daughter a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Um, yes mom." Cindy felt a little guilty about calling out last night. "Mom, I'm sorry, but I was just playing hooky yesterday."

"I thought so!" Cindy's mother brushed back her lovely daughters long red hair, so much like her own, and smiled at her. "Did you have a boy over yesterday?" Cindy just blushed; she couldn't trust voice to say anything. "Oh baby, It's ok, you're a grown woman now! I just don't want you to make a habit of calling out from work, every time you two get together, ok?"

"Cindy smiled at her mother. "Ok, I promise!"

After breakfast, over a cup of coffee, Cindy's mother talked about her plans for the day. "I know you'll like William, when you meet him, Cindy. He's such a nice guy."

Cindy giggled. "Mom! It's ok! I really don't mind if you go out on a date!" Cindy narrowed her eyes. "Are you two, um, doing it yet?"

Mom blushed. " Does it show?"

"Only that you've been very happy since you've been seeing him." Cindy was suddenly embarrassed. Jake was trying to get under her robe, right in front of mom! She tried to slowly push him away, under the table, but he was trying to get more of the new treat she gave him yesterday, and wouldn't be put off! Cindy jumped up. "Well, I better do the dishes!" she blurted out, and then nearly ran to the sink, with Jake trailing close behind. "Ouch! Jake, quit it!" Jake was trying to climb her leg, his sharp claws digging into her tender flesh.

"Jake!" her mother called. "You leave your big sister alone!" That was the joke mother and daughter shared. Mom loved Jake as much as she did, and really did treat him like a son. "Jake!" Mom called once more. "Go play with your toys!" Nobody ever believed Cindy about how smart her cat was. Right now she wished people could see him obediently go to the corner of the living room, and begin batting around his little rubber mouse. Mom joined her in the kitchen, and started drying the dishes. "I wonder what got into him?" Mom said thoughtfully. "It's not like Jake to get underfoot like that."

"Uh, I must have spilled something." Cindy said, sounding nervous. Maybe he's just hungry. When mom was in the other room, Cindy picked up Jake. "Please! Don't do anything like that in front of mom! I promise, as soon as she leaves, we'll have lots of time together!" The rest of the morning went by with no other problems. Before long, mom was getting ready to go. When the doorbell rang, Cindy let William in. She felt a little flutter in her tummy, mom certainly had great taste in men! She offered her hand, and William took it, shaking hands firmly, but with a gentleness that seemed so out of place with his muscular build. "Hi, I'm Cindy! Mom will be right out. Can I get you anything?"

"No, I'm fine," he answered, staring at her. "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you're the spitting image of your mother!"

Cindy felt herself blush. Mom was the most beautiful woman she knew, and she always loved when people said she looked like her. "Um, let me go check on mom! I'll be right back!" Cindy forced herself to calmly walk from the room. "Mom!" she said quietly. "He's great!" Cindy giggled. "Does he have a son, or a little brother?"

Mom looked a little nervous. "Isn't he though? Cindy, would you mind if I, I mean, I may not be home tonight!" she finally managed to say.

Cindy hugged her mother. "Why would I mind? You just go have a great time!"

The two lovers were soon on their way. Cindy closed the door, and turned to find Jake watching her. "Ok, Jake! Today we'll try something I think you'll really like!" Cindy ran upstairs, with Jake close at her heals and pulled her computer chair away from her desk. She sat her sewing kit on end before it, and adjusted the seats height. "What do you think, Jake? This is the best I can come up with," she smiled at her little furry lover. "Lets get into the mood, shall we?" she quickly undressed, and lay on the bed. This time, she didn't need to put anything on herself. Jake seemed very eager to lap at her own growing moisture. "Oh yes Jake! That feels wonderful!" Cindy couldn't wait any more. She could see his erection already, and just had to have him inside her! Jake seemed disappointed when she got up, and moved to the computer chair. Cindy sat down, and spread her legs wide around the sewing kit. She reached over, patted the end of the kit. "You stand here, Jake. This should line us up pretty good!" Jake hopped right onto the kit, and started to lick her again. "No Jake! That's good, but I want more!"

She gently took his forepaws, and placed them on her stomach. Jake looked at her, and blinked his eyes. Suddenly, he seemed to get the idea, and started to thrust wildly against her! Cindy scooted closer to the edge of her seat, and leaned way back. "Hold on!" she gasped, as he poked her all over with his dripping cock. "Let me help you get it in!" she wiggled around, trying to get into a better position. She was just about to reluctantly give up, when he managed to find her opening, and stab hard into her! "Oh God, yes!" she cried. Jake thrust with amazing speed. In Cindy's humble opinion that more then made up for the difference in scale! "Oh Jake! Don't stop!"

She was getting so close, and if anything Jake was speeding up! She knew he was ready; once more he started yowling and hissing at her. His claws dug into her tummy, scratching her, but she didn't care! "Now Jake! P-please now!" Cindy was overcome with her rising passion, she knocked over the sewing kit, but Jake held on, laying on her, still thrusting, nothing was going to stop him now! Cindy cried out her release, feeling his seed pulsing deep within her. Moments later she looked down at herself. She had several little pinpricks in her tummy, each one oozing just a tiny bit of blood. " Think next time, I better put socks on you, or something!" she giggled.

And there was a next time, many next times. It became their routine, every time mom and William went out, Cindy and Jake would have fun together. This went on for weeks, until with a growing feeling of horror, Cindy realized she was late! "Something must be wrong, she said to herself. "I haven't been with a guy in over 2 months!" Just then, Jake brushed against her legs, purring loudly. Her heart felt like a lump of ice. "Oh God! T-that's impossible!" The next morning, Cindy drove out of town, and bought a home pregnancy test. She ducked into a gas station bathroom, and tore it open with shaking hands. "Oh no!" she moaned to herself, moments later. "I'm gonna have kittens!"

Cindy never knew how she made it home that day. She was lucky she didn't wreck her car! Cindy sat in her room, thinking. She knew she could end this pregnancy without anyone knowing a thing, but one look at Jake's cute little face drove those thoughts away. "Oh Jake, what am I gonna do?" she picked him up, and hugged his warm little body to hers. "I'm having your babies!" she whispered into his ear. Cindy could swear Jake understood her. He jumped to the floor, and walked circles around her, tail held high, as if to say 'You're my mate! Of course you're having my babies!' He circled closer, and began to rub against her legs. The proud little daddy was getting hard already! Cindy couldn't help herself, besides the damage was already done. Soon the two were once more making love.

Later that night, mom sat her down for a little talk. "Cindy, I have something to tell you. You know William and I have been seeing a lot of each other, right? Cindy just nodded. "Well, um, we had a little accident" Mom blushed, but had a satisfied little smile. "I'm going to have a baby!"

Cindy was happy for mom, but couldn't help herself. She burst into tears. "Oh mom! I didn't mean to, but so am I!"

"Oh Cindy!" her loving mother held her tight, and rocked her like when she was a little girl. "It's ok! I'm here for you baby!"

"You aren't mad at me?" Cindy managed to whisper.

"Heavens no, Cindy! This is wonderful! I can help you, and you can help me!"

Weeks passed. Cindy was alarmed at how fast her belly was growing. She could tell mom was concerned, even though she didn't say anything. She was only five months along, and she was big as a house, while mom just had a cute little tummy. Mom and William got married, Cindy was glad, she really was, but how would she explain when her babies came?

"Earth to Cindy, come in!" William smiled at her. "Thought you wondered off there, kiddo," he said kindly. "Am I boring you that much?"

"Sorry William! You aren't boring me!" Cindy loved his house, especially the veterinary hospital he had set up in the basement. She loved helping out there, and had even quit her job, to help clean cages, and things like that, while mom learned how to be his assistant. Cindy gasped; her stomach had been upset all day. "William, do you mind if I go take a nap? I'm not feeling that well."

"Sure, you go ahead, I'll finish that up."

Cindy didn't even make it to the stairs, when her water broke. She looked down at herself in horror. This was her biggest fear. She had only made the usual 5 1/2 months, for a cat!

William stabbed the button on his intercom. "Cathy, you better get down here. It's time!"

Cindy panicked as William helped her sit down on the floor "No! I have to be alone! Please go away!"

Mom had run down the stairs, and soon had her arms around her. "Cindy, calm down, every things going to be fine. William could you get the car, we better hurry to the hospital.

Cindy screamed. "I can't go there! Please don't make me!" her upset stomach was getting worse, a much sharper pain. Now she knew she was feeling her contractions, and they were getting closer together.

William pulled off her wet panties. "Honey, I don't think there's time! She nearly fully dilated!"

William picked her up, and gently placed her on his large examining table, then calmly scrubbed his hands. It wasn't a long labor at all. "Come on Cindy, push! You can do it! That's it! I see the head!" suddenly William was quiet, his eyes grew wide as he helped the newborn into the world, followed by his brother, and two sisters.

Mom held her hands tightly, as Cindy cried. They all heard her four kittens meowing their protest at this cold new place they now were exposed to. "Oh mom! I never meant for this to happen! Please forgive me! I'll find an apartment or something. You never have to see me again!"

"Oh my poor baby!" Cathy held her close, as William quietly cleaned up the kittens. "I guess I have to tell you my little secret now. Do you remember when I gave you Jake, as a kitten? You were only 5 years old at the time." Cindy just nodded. "Didn't you ever think it was odd, that he's almost 15 years old, and still looks and acts young?"

Cindy looked at her mother. Tears forgotten in her puzzlement. "I, I never gave it much thought."

"When your father died, I was alone for so long. Every night, while you slept, I would stay up long hours, missing him. That's when I first heard the nose at the window. A stray cat started to visit me, and every night I would feed him, and talk to him. One night, he was hurt, must have been in a fight, or something. I took him in, and he sat still, while I checked him over for wounds. As I ran my hands over his body, I noticed he was beginning to get aroused. I was curious, so I began to lightly stroke his sheath. Before long, he was fully erect. I don't know why, but this excited me tremendously. It took some effort, on both our parts, but soon he was in me, fucking me like crazy. I never saw him again after that, he mad his conquest and was gone, but he left me a little surprise. Almost 6 months later, I had a litter of 6 kittens. I gave 5 away, but couldn't part with Jake, he looks just like his father! So, you see, Cindy. I can't be mad at you! If anything, I'm mad at Jake. He should know better, knocking up his sister like that!"

Cindy looked at William, expecting him to explode in anger at his new wife. Instead, he blushed, and smiled at her. "Don't worry about me, honey. Your mother and I met through the internet. I've been making a study of cross-species fertilization. It's much more common then you would think. I'm trying to pinpoint a cause for this, it should be impossible, but in the cases I've seen, the women involved were all natural red heads!" he smiled at his blushing bride.

"Best of all, Cindy," her mother concluded. "He's the only vet I ever heard of, who is willing to perform a vasectomy on a dog!"

Cindy smiled tiredly. "Wow, a dog would be nice! I hope Jake won't be jealous!" she muttered, as she drifted off into a much-needed sleep.