Cleo, I miss you terribly!
by Alaska Simba

Cleo, I miss you terribly!

The Following Happened To Me Some Time Ago Before I Moved To Alaska. I Used To Live In Wisconsin Where They Had No Exotic Animal Laws. What Happened Was Not Planned, It Wasn't Even My Idea, But I Experienced Something Special That Will Be With Me Forever. Please Do NOT Attempt Anything Like This, Its Dangerous And Even If Your Prospective Mate Means You No Harm, Her Strength And Power Is Such She Could Easily Kill Or Maim You Without Any Intent! Her Instinct's May Simply Take Over Her Reason.

One Of The Nice Things About Wisconsin Is They Have No Exotic Animal Laws, You May Have Whatever You Wish As Long As The Public Is Not Placed In Danger. I Lived Way Out In The Sticks And I Prefered It That Way. My Closest Neighbor Was About A Mile Away And Was A Good Friend. He Bought A Lion Cub One Summer And Planned To Raise Her. Her Name Was Cleo, Short For Cleopatra. When He Got Her She Was A Bundle Of Fluff About 2 Months Old. She Was Smart And Very Inquisitive, She Was Curious About EVERYTHING!

My Friend Rick And I Visited Several Times A Week. Sometimes At His House, Sometimes At Mine. He Made It A Point To Bring Cleo Along When He Came Over, And I Encouraged That. His Property Was Located In The Mountains, And Even Had A Small Stream Flowing Through It, All Total He Had 80 Acres Of Homestead He Bought From The Old Timer That Originally Homesteaded The Area. The House Was Built From Wisconsin Spruce, Log Cabin Style, The Back Yard Was Completely Enclosed By Log Fencing, All Hand Made. This Place Looked Like Something Out Of A StoryBook.

Cleo Grew Up Around Me And Accepted Me As One Of Her Own, I Think To This Day, She Thought She Was A Human And Not A Lion. On Occasion I Would Get The Chance To Care For Her When Rick Needed To Leave For Personal Reasons, She Stayed With Me At My Home And Settled Right In. Cleo Would Sleep With Me On My Bed And Usually Snuggled Up Against My Back. This Was No Problem Since I Had A King Sized Bed, But By Morning All The Sheets Were On The Floor Wrapped Up In A Ball, Leaving Me Shivering In The Cold Of The Morning.

Cleo Grew Up Into A Beautiful Majestic Lady, With Just That Hint Of Danger That Makes All Females Exciting. Topping The Scales At 270 Pounds, She Was Formidable, But She Didn't Have A Mean Bone In Her Body. She Was Affectionate And Loving, But When 270 Pounds Of Lioness Rubs Up Against You, You Better Be Prepared. She Knocked Me To The Floor On More Than One Occasion.

At Two Years Old, She Was A Rambunctious Teenager, She Didn't Know Her Own Strength, At Times It Became A Bit Of A Problem. Over Time, And With Training She Got The Idea To Be Gentle With Her Human Counterparts And Could Even Be Trusted Around Children She Was So Gentle.

I Got The Call Early One Morning About Five AM. Rick Had Been Killed In An Automobile Accident Driving Back Home. Seems A Tree Fell Across The Winding Road Up To His Place, He Came Around The Corner Hitting The Tree And It Bounced His Chevy Suburban Down The Canyon. He Never Had A Chance.

I Immediately Went Over To Ricks Just As The State Police Were Arriving. They Did Not Know He Had A Lioness And I Got There Just In Time. I Don't Know What Would Have Happened If They Had Entered His Residence With Cleo Inside, But It Probably Would Have Been A Disaster! I Explained The Situation And The Officer In Charge Turned Pale! With Their Permission And Gratitude I Entered And Brought Cleo Out And Took Her Home With Me. Rick Had No Living Relatives And I Could Not Have Allowed The State To Turn Her Over To Animal Control As They Would Have Destroyed Her.

I Don't Know How Much Cleo Understood About This Situation, But She Seemed To Know Something Was Terribly Wrong. She Wouldn't Let Me Out Of Her Sight, Not Even For A Moment. She Spent Days Moping Around My House, Pacing Back And Forth. I Think She Was Looking For Rick, Her Master.

Then I Got Another Call, This Time It Was From Ricks Attorney, Seems He Left Me His Homestead And Cleo. Now It Was Legal, And No One Could Take Her Away From Me Now. I Sold My Old Place And Moved Into Ricks. Going Through His Things, I Found Some Very Erotic Drawings Of Cleo, You See Rick Was An Artist, And a Damn Good One. The Drawings Showed Rick And Cleo, You Know, Together! I Know You Know What I Mean! I Was Really Shocked, But Didn't Assign Any Other Meaning To The Drawings. At Least, Not Then!

About Four Months Later, Something Happened! Cleo Seemed To Have A Serious Problem Anytime I Brought Female Company Home. I Think She Saw It As Competition. She Would Just Stare And Growl At Any Woman I Brought Home, She Never Did Anything Physical, But After A While, It Became Almost Impossible To Talk Any Of My Female Friends Into Coming Over, Cleo Made It Very Clear They Were Not Welcome! As A Result Of That It Had Been Some Time Since I Had Been With A Woman, And I Was Taking Care Of The Problem Myself, I Had Just Cum When Cleo Nosed Open The Door To My Bedroom And Pounced Upon The Bed. She Looked Down At My Hard on And The Cum On My Belly, Without Any Warning She Leaned Down And Licked The Cum Off My Stomach, Them She Moved To My Penis. She Licked And I Just About Lost My Mind. A Lions Toung Is Like Sandpaper, 80 Grit Coarse! I Pushed Her Away But She Wasn't Going To Have Any Of That! She Nuzzled My Hand Away And Licked Again, But This Time Very Softly. My Mind Was Whirling. I Wanted Her To Stop, But Then Again I Didn't. As She Licked At Me, Now Including My Balls As Well, My Resistance Began To Fade, Within A Couple Minutes I Was Harder Than Ever. I Wondered Just How Far She Would Take This.

After A Couple Minutes, She Was Lying Down Next To Me, I Took Notice She Was Grinding Her Hind End In Circles On The Bed, She Was Aroused And In A Big Way. Her Eyes Started To Glass Over, Her Breathing Increased, I Could Hear Her Hearbeat As She Lay Next To Me. Just Then She Stood Up, Stradled Me And Fucking Mounted Me With A Skill I Have Never Seen Before. She Guided Herself Perfectly Onto The Head On My Penis, And Before I Could React, She Moved Back And Took About 3 Inches Of Me Inside Her. I Don't Know What I Was Expecting, But I Was Surprised To Find She Felt Exactly Like A Woman Inside, I Could Tell No Difference. With Every Beat Of Her Heart, Her Vagina Would Twitch A Little, That Feeling Was Most Erotic, She Moved Back Again And Took Me About Five Inches Into Her, Another Thrust By Her And She Had Taken Me Right Up To My Balls!

I Had This Vision In My Mind Of How The Female Lioness Usually Takes A Violent Slap At The Male As He Withdraws. If She Did That When I Withdrew, She Could Easily Kill Me, Without Intending To.

The Head Of The Males Penis If Covered With Backwards Pointing Barbs, Its These Barbs That Cause The Contractions In The Female When He Dis-Mounts, That's What Causes Ovulation. They Cause A Fair Amount Of Pain And That Is Why The Female Swats The Male When He Dis-Mounts.

Her Eyes Were Glassed Over And Focused Somewhere In Space, I Held Myself Still, Not Knowing How She Would React If I Moved. After A Couple Minutes She Looked Down At Me With An Expression I Can Only Describe As, "Hey Stupid, How About Participating"

I Got The Message, After All, She Wanted This! I Placed My Hands On Her Shoulders, When I Did That She Lowered Her Head And Nuzzled My Hand. I Held Her Shoulders And Made My First Thrust Into Her. She Was Soft And Warm, If There Was A Difference Between The Way She Felt And A Woman, I Would Have To Say She Was A Couple Degrees Warmer Inside. She Was Wet And Her Vagina Clung Snug To My Penis As I Drew Back For My Next Thrust. I Held Her Tight, Raised My Hips And Thrust As Deep As I Could. She Leaned Her Head Way Back As I Bottomed Out. We Settled Into A Slow Steady Rhythm.

I Figured I Would Cum Way Before She Did, But After A Couple More Minutes She Went Totally Rigid, Threw Her Head Back And Came Like Nothing I Have Ever Felt. Her Vagina Clenched Down On Me Like A Vise, Not Painful But Very Damn Hard. After A Couple More Contractions On Her Part I Thrust Hard Into Her, My Hips Raised And I Came Like Never Before, It Was So Powerful It Was Somewhat Painful. Just As My Orgasm Ebbed She Contracted Hard Again And I Actually Had Three Separate Climaxes One Right After The Other. I Have NEVER Experienced Anything Like That, EVER! I Was Totally Spent Inside Her. I Didn't Even Know It Was Possible For A Male To Physically Cum Like That. I Was On The Edge Of Consiousness, Aware Of My Surroundings And What Had Happened, But Totally Unable To Move. I Had No Muscle Control Whatsoever. After About A Minute I Regained My Composure, She Was Supporting Her Weight On Her Hind Legs And Front Paws. Looking Down Between Us, I Could See My Erect Penis Entering Her, And A Small Trickle Of Semen Running Out Of Her Vagina Down The Length Of My Penis.

I Leaned My Head Back, Still Holding Her Shoulders, She Lowered Herself Down On Me, Laying Right On Top, But Supporting Her Weight With Her Feet. I Could Hear Her Heart Beat, And Her Vagina Twitch In Time With The Beat. She Layed Her Head Down Next To Mine, We Both Fell Asleep This Way, With Me Still Inside Her. I Never Felt So Loved, So Safe, Or So Content In All My Life.

The Next Day, I Decided To Be The Aggressor, After All, It Was Only Fair. At About Five Oclock That Evening I Went Into The Grotto, Rick Had Constructed This Grotto Out Of Huge Rocks, Cement And Plants. There Was Even A Small Pumped Waterfall With A Small Pool At The Bottom. I Called Her To Me, And I Think She Knew Something Was Up, Sorry! Anyways, I Proceded To Talk Softly To Her, Stroking Her Ears, Neck And Chin. After A Short While She Layed Down, Rolled Over And Wanted Her Belly Scratched. I Started Under Her Chin And Took My Time, I Slowly Worked Down To Her Belly, Rubbing Her Soft Fur In Slow Soft Circles. She Reacted By Stretching Out, She Was Almost Five Feet In Length Not Counting Her Tail. As I Stroked Her Belly, Her Eyes Slowly Began To Close, Taking That As My Que, I Began To Move Down, Stroking The Insides Of Her Hind Legs And Only Letting My Fingers Occasionally Glance Across Her Labia. It Wasnt Too Long Before Her Breathing Got Heavy. I Noticed Her Labia Beginning To Swell And There Was Just The Hint Of Wetness Between Her Vaginal Lips. I Moved My Index Finger Between Her Lips And Slowly Moved It Up And Down Between Her Labia. The Tip Of My Finger Glistened In The Late Evening Sun. I Brought My Finger To My Lips And Tasted Her, Savoring Her.

Cleo's Tail Began To Twitch Now, Anticipation I Suppose. I Took Two Fingers And Not Entering Her, Just Made Slow Circles Right Over Her Labia. It Didnt Take Too Much Of That And She Began To Grind And Thrust Her Hips Back Against My Fingers. I Decided She Was Ready! I Moved Myself Down Below Her, And Began To Give To Her Orally. Her Reaction As My Toung Traced Its Way Up And Down Between Her Labia Let Me Know I Was On To Something. I Continued In A Steady Predictable Rhythm And It Wasnt Long Before Her Upturned Hind Feet Began To Twitch With Every Stroke Of My Toung! Her Scent Was Powerful, Female, Wanting. It Was Very Musky And It Turned Me On Like Crazy! I Continued Pressing My Toung Into Her Harder, I Was On A Search For Her Clit. I Didnt Know Where It Was, So I Tried Trial And Error. I Found Out To My Suprise Its Not In The Same Place As A Woman's, But Rather, Its About An Inch Inside Her Vagina. When I Hit IT, She Arched Her Back And Spread Her Legs Wide For Me. I Worked Her Clit For About Five Minutes When She Suddenly Arched Her Back, Let Out This Throaty Growl And Just Convulsed On My Toung. I Could Feel Her Contractions, Coming About 1 Second Apart. I Continued To Consume Her Through Her Orgasm.

She Was A Bit Oversensitized Right After. She Moved Away When I Tried To Continue To Give To Her Orally. I Suppose I Know Why, Right After I Have An Orgasm, I'm Kinda Sensitive To Touch Myself.

I Gave Her A Couple Minutes, Until She No Longer Moved Away From My Touch. I Moved Above Her, Looked Into Her Eyes, And Face To Face, Entered Her. She Tensed Her Body As I Entered. I Could Feel Her Tighten Around Me. I Waited For Her To Relax Her Muscles And I Moved Deeper Every Time She Did. Within About A Minute, I Was Inside Her Fully. I Supported My Weight With My Arms And Began To Take Her. I Started Out Slowly. Her Vagina Would Twitch In Time With Her Heart Beat, And I Paced My Thrust's In Time With Her Heart. Her Breathing Increased, Both In Speed And Depth. Mine As Well I Suppose But I Was A Bit Preoccupied To Notice. I Thrust Into Her As Deep As I Could, Maintaining My Pace, But There Was This Overpowering Urge To Speed Up. I Fought It For As Long As I Could But After About Five Minutes I Could Hold Myself Back No Longer. I Arched My Back And Let Fly, Full Length Thrust's, Fast And Hard. Her Eyes Were Glassed Over Again Like Before, So I Knew She Would Be Cumming Anytime, Her Hind Feet Were Twitching In The Air, Her Tail Slapping From Side To Side. Suddenly She Arched Her Back, Her Vagina Clenched Down On Me And That Was It! I Thrust As Deep As I Could, Holding Myself At Full Thrust Inside Her. My Testicles Were Pulled Up Tight Against My Body, And Pulsed As I Came Inside Her Filling Her With My Seed. My Orgasm Seemed To Last Forever.

I Laid Down On Top Of Her All The Way, And With My Arms Around Her, Rolled The Both Of Us On Our Sides, With Me Still Inside Her. Cleo And I Just Laid There, With My Arms Around Her. She Spoke To Me With Her Gaze, Looking Straight Into My Eye's. We Didnt Just Have Sex, We Made Love. And Not Only Did We Just Mate, Now We WERE Mates!

We Made Love Again That Evening In About An Hour, And After, I Consumed Her Orally One More Time. Her Musky Scent And Taste, Along With My Seed Was Very Arousing. I Spent The Next Half Hour Giving Her One Orgasm After Another. Her Endurance Was Much More Than Mine, But I Dont Think There Were Any Expectations On Her Part, And She Seemed Quite Satisfied.

We Became Lovers After That, We Mated Just About Every Single Day, Sometimes Twice A Day, We Also Had Sexual Marathons Too, Where We Would Mate For Hours And Hours, Our Record Was Six Hours Straight!

Any Human Female I Ever Had Sex With Always Wanted Something From Me, Cleo Just Wanted Me! I Never Loved Anyone Like I Loved Her, When She Passed At 9 Years Old, I Was Lost. I Have Never Loved Since, And I Suspect I Never Will. When You Experience Love Like That, Nothing Else Seems To Compare.

I Had To Lease The Homestead, Her Presence Was Everywhere, I Could Not Sleep In Our Bed Without Crying, I Had To Move Out Because The Constant Reminder Was Making Me Suicidal.

If There Is An Afterlife, She Will Be Waiting For Me, I Feel It, I Know It. When My Time Comes, I'll Not Be Afraid, I'll Look Forward To It, But Not For Awhile I Hope.