Dread’s Tiger Encounter
© 2005 by DreadTigress

Dread’s Tiger Encounter (Fantasy)

It was my second trip to the big cat rescue nestled among the hills in the southern Midwest. I had fallen hard for several of the tigers on the first visit, but had only managed to cajole the cat wrangler, Justin, into letting me pet one of the big males while Justin occupied the gorgeous cat’s head, letting Heathen lick his hands while he stroked Heathen’s face, Heathen rubbing vigorously with his sent glands, teeth flashing in the sun. Justin had let me stick a hand through the fence and stroke the silky fur on Heathen’s back. I had been in heaven then, and was terribly aroused by the entire photo safari experience, much to my surprise. Justin, who reads the moods of the cats and the people who pay to photograph them, read me well that day, and later said he could see the lust in my eyes the entire time we’d been around the big cats. So, we had played grab-ass, and he had had me flash my tits to a couple of mature tiger brothers, who are a bit kinky as tigers go anyway—one brother had mounted the other in front of me, and Justin and I broke any remaining barriers when he said, “Maybe you’ll get to see his cock.” I almost moaned in pleasure, and enjoyed watching the two tigers simulating sex. I had secretly hoped the tiger on top, Ozzy, who to my surprise was neutered, according to Justin, would actually penetrate his larger brother, Heathen, whose balls were swelling, and that I’d get to see either a hot session or a hot fight. But, they had stopped their humping game, and I had had to content myself with letting Justin squeeze and pull on my tits, which he did without hesitation when he saw the lust in my eyes as I watched the tigers, as there was no one around in the behind-the-scenes area where we were, and I had become hornier by the minute.

My time and safari had ended, with many satisfying pictures, and with my pussy so hot I thought I’d start humping the seat of the cart they sent to get us—a young woman with a sweet farm dog drove the cart, and I hugged the dog tightly on the way back to the main building. Justin and I had continued our animated talk after the intern dropped us off, and he asked if I was spending the night. I sorrowfully told him that no, I had stayed the night before, the rental car was expected back, and I was expected back home by nightfall to attend to my housecat. He’d told me he sure wished he’d met me the night before, or that I was staying, because he was turned on by my lust around the cats, and was packing plenty to please me—a fact I had already somewhat verified by grabbing his package after he’d grabbed my pussy while we’d been goofing around while photographing the tigers. I ached to have sex with him, and on top of it, I found myself sexually aroused by the tigers to the point I’d been horny for months afterward, and had hooked up with friendly people who posted links to where I could get a fairly accurate tiger penis dildo, even.

On this second trip, I’d planned things better. If nothing else, I would give Justin the night of his life, as some of the things I’d learned about tigers he certainly already knew, but my dildo, and the outfits I’d brought, would freak him out in just the right ways, I hoped. I’d booked my photo safari for the day I arrived this time, in the mid afternoon, and had booked the most remote of the handful of rooms that were for rent for the night, in a B&B setup. In fact, I’d rented the one that stood alone, where one or a small group could party a bit without waking the more conservative guests.

I showed up before check-in, and took a tour of the smaller compound, greeting various cats I’d met on my previous visit. There were lions, cougars, bobcats, a black leopard, and a newly acquired cheetah besides the many tigers. The ones I longed to see were up in the new, bigger enclosures on the hill. Finally, I was able to check in, and left the rental car in front of my room. I had told Justin what I was driving in a quick cell phone text message before leaving the airport. I was barely settled into the room when Justin appeared in the doorway and eased in, stealthily as it was daytime and all the young women who worked there were around tending to the big cats. With the shades pulled, we collapsed on the bed in a long, deep kiss, happy to feel one another’s bodies more fully already this trip than last. I had by now seen enough of the big cats that I was wet, and asked Justin if he had time for a quickie before he was missed. He grinned that wide grin of his, and assured me he wouldn’t be missed for at least a half-hour. I told him of the intense fantasies I’d had of both him and several of the tigers since my visit last year, and the bulge in his pants grew painful, so he released the 8-inch, very thick cock he’d assured me he had. Thank goodness, not another internet liar this time! While I licked and sucked his cock, he told me gently that he hoped I realized that those fantasies—at least the ones with a tiger—could never be realized because it would mean almost certain death, and certainly some amount of mauling. I surprised him by telling him I understood about the neck bite, and yes it would be fatal, and that yes, it was just a fantasy. That reassured him, so we undressed each other, him from his worn jeans and t-shirt, me from my tan lion t-shirt, khaki walking shorts, and panties. He sucked my breasts with a mock growl, and I laughed in glee. Harder! I urged him, and he sucked and pulled my tits a bit harder. Then he slid down, looked at me with his big blue eyes, and buried his head in my pussy. We’d talked enough on the phone that he knew I liked things a bit rough, so he ate me fiercely, giving me my first orgasm within a couple of minutes. As the waves subsided, I asked him to wait a second while I got something. I reached into my travel bag and unwrapped the simulated tiger cock dildo that I had ordered several months before (and had been playing with ever since), and handed it to him. Realization dawned on his face, as he turned it over and felt the curve and the spiky bumps behind the head, that it was not just any dildo, but one shaped to mimic a tiger’s cock. He looked at me with a mixture of lust, wonder, and even worry.

“Just stick it in my dripping pussy while you’re eating me, as closely as possible to how you’ve seen the tigers fuck. Again, he looked at me questioningly, because the dildo was large, and there were those wicked-looking spiky bumps behind the head. It looked and felt too much like a tiger’s cock to him. “Won’t that hurt?” he asked. “Only one way to find out,” I replied, while holding and fondling his balls. He broke into a mischievous grin, and said, “You asked for this,” then slurped my slit from my pussy to my asshole again, and abruptly plunged the unlubricated dildo to the hilt in my startled pussy. At least he knew the right angle to insert it. My back arched, and I could feel myself let out a sharp moan as the dildo invaded my depths. “A real tiger would be a lot rougher,” he laughed at my moans, and I ruefully agreed. Then, Justin started working it in and out at a frantic pace, making sure to rub the spiky bumps across my aching clit every few thrusts. I went over the edge in an orgasm pent up from months of fantasizing about this very experience. I hadn’t admitted this fantasy to anyone else, so I had never had anyone but myself work that tiger cock dildo in me. Justin quickly slipped on one of the Magnum (large) condoms I’d brought in hopes he was as big as he had said he was, and it fit nicely.

He worked my pussy a bit more with the dildo, while playfully flicking my tits with his other hand. Just as abruptly as he’d plunged in the dildo, he popped it out, spiked bumps and all, and plunged his cock into my waiting pussy to the hilt, and drove into me missionary style for a few minutes. Then, of one accord, we switched to doggy-style, so the thrusts were even deeper and more satisfying for us both. We both started to come hard, and rode out the orgasm together. Justin hurriedly cleaned himself off with a washcloth from the tiny bathroom, put his clothes back on and disappeared, saying he was due at the office, but that he’d see me for the photo safari in about an hour and a half.

I took a leisurely shower, but rather than quelling my lust, it intensified it, because now I knew Justin was good in the sack, and I hadn’t even been out with the cats yet. This day could only get better. I washed the tiger cock dildo and put it back in my bag, then I dressed in rugged boots, long pants, and a t-shirt with a tiger cub against a forest-green background, and grabbed my safari hat and digital camera, my credit card, and a few dollar bills for the water and soda machines down by the main building’s entrance, where I was to meet Justin for the photo safari. I walked up the hill to the main entrance, got a cold soda, then went in, greeted the intern, and started filling out the paperwork, including a release of liability that was so comprehensive that I chuckled quietly. If the poor young intern only knew what I’d like to do on that outing!

Justin arrived, and greeted me professionally in front of the intern. I told him how much I’d enjoyed the outing last year, and was hoping that some of the same tigers were available today. He played along, and said that yes, he’d remembered I had particularly liked some of the hand-raised tigers from a litter born there several years ago, back when the place was newly opened and one of their first rescues was a pregnant female tiger. I agreed, as we walked away from the intern, past the crowds in the compound, through a couple of locked fences, and finally back behind the bigger enclosures. We stopped at the first big enclosure, where two large lions slept in the midday sun, although it was a nice day with a cool breeze blowing. I was feeling more confident about the lions this trip, and they were both in a better mood than they’d been last trip. I happily took pictures, then we progressed along the big pens slowly, finally making our way to the enclosure holding Heathen and his brother, Ozzy. As usual, Justin greeted the cats, offering his hands to be licked and smelled, then stroking the big male tigers’ faces. Ozzy wandered off, but Heathen couldn’t seem to get enough attention. I stepped a bit nearer, but still out of range of Heathen’s paws through the fence, and gently reached around and took hold of Justin’s cock though his jeans. As I hoped, he was already partially aroused, and leaned back into me. He chided, “Are you trying to get me killed, woman?” “No, but I have a proposition for you,” I breathed in his ear. “Let me approach Heathen, and see how he reacts, and I’ll quickly step back if you or I either one detect that he's uncomfortable. If I can pet him like you just did, you can fuck me in the ass later.” Justin simply groaned deeply in his throat, and I gave his cock one last good squeeze before I looked around casually, and seeing none of the staff or interns around, quickly stuck my right hand down my pants and collected some of my pussy juices on my fingers without Justin seeing, either, as I was still behind him. With Justin watching both me and Heathen closely, I slowly came within striking distance of his massive paws, while he continued to chuff and purr simultaneously. While Justin watched closely, I slowly offered my left hand to the tiger. He sniffed with interest, stuck out his tongue to lick my hand, and happily rubbed his scent glands along my cupped hand, while I mentally marveled at the size of his partially exposed teeth, all the while talking softly and encouragingly to Heathen. Justin slowly relaxed, then let out an audible sigh as he could see that Heathen and I were getting along fine. Then, casually again, I let Heathen sniff my right hand, and he licked it even more fervently, after opening his mouth to catch the added scent with the scent glands under his tongue. It was a funny face, and even looked slightly threatening, but I’d been hoping he’d do just that, and was ready. Justin looked at me again, slightly amazed. I didn’t tell him I’d dipped those fingers in my pussy, but just let him think that Heathen was bonding with me amazingly quickly and deeply. The tiger rubbed his face all over my hand in pleasure, and as he licked the scent off my hand, even forcing my hand open wider with his nose as he roughly licked between my fingers, his cock started to protrude from its sheath. “You’re giving him a boner,” Justin softly exclaimed, as I continued to soak in the tiger’s attentions through the fence. As I started to pull my hands away, Heathen gently took my right hand and held it for an extra couple of seconds between his massive teeth. I looked deeply into his eyes and blinked slowly and subserviently, and Heathen returned the blink. I returned it again and looked away, and realized my hand was free, with shallow indents but no lasting marks. I stepped back a safe distance from the fence, and Justin turned to me, breath ragged, and asked how in hell I had gotten his cat horny like that. We both turned back to Heathen, who was licking his hard-on and looking at me, and a little bit reproachfully at that, as if he hadn’t entirely appreciated the tease. I dodged Justin’s question.

This was our last stop, so I took several pictures of Heathen licking his pink shaft with his impossibly huge tongue, bracing my still-shaky hands on the fence while snapping pictures. Satisfied with the day’s photo safari, I told Justin I was ready to go back. He looked deeply into my eyes and grabbed my breast, rolling my nipple a little roughly between his fingers. “We’re still on for tonight, right?” he asked with ragged breath and glazed eyes. “You bet,” I assured him with a big smile, and sensuously rubbed my ass against his bulge. “I’ll just shower and drive into town for dinner while you guys finish up with the cats for the night. Don’t worry; I remember what I owe you.” Buoyed by the reassurance, he walked me back through the locked gates to the public part of the compound, through the entire compound again, and back to the office to pay for the somewhat extended portion of the photo session. In the hall, with no one around, he leaned and whispered, “I should be paying you today.” “Maybe, but all the money goes to the cats, so I don’t mind a bit. Besides, I’ll get the rest of my money’s worth later, right?” I teased, gently rubbing my ass against his bulge again as he walked behind me, stifling a groan. He furtively pinched my other nipple before we got back to the office, and I happily paid the intern, trying not to look flushed with lust.

After returning, I did take a heavenly shower, but put my clothes in a plastic bag and tied it up tightly so I could hold onto the tiger scent. At the appointed hour, Justin showed up at my door, and as it was dark outside, he assured me he hadn’t been seen, wouldn’t be missed, and could spend the evening with me. He also asked again how I had won over Heathen so quickly, and this time I admitted what I’d done. He was beginning to get horny again. I’d lit a scented candle and put some grinding, sexy metal music on the speakers I’d brought along for my IPod. I’d also covered my tits and bush with honey dust, and had added some other oils here and there as surprises.

This time, we had all evening, but Justin was very horny, saying that no one had ever done what I did today, and since it had turned out ok, he was awestruck that I’d done it. I took off my leopard print robe, to show the nipple-less black teddy I was wearing, and the nipple clamps I’d attached shortly before he was due. He moaned involuntarily, and reached out hesitantly to touch my left tit. “Lick it,” I quietly suggested, and he swiped his tongue across my clamped nipple. I was the one to moan this time, but with pure lust. I could see that Justin was wearing a leather belt, and I slowly unbuckled it, looking deeply into his eyes as he tongued my clamped nipples. I slowly pulled his belt through the loops, then bent over the bed and asked Justin hoarsely to smack my ass with it, just hard enough to sting. He licked his lips, and said, “So this is the special outfit you brought.” “One of two, actually,” I said with an air of mystery, as his belt whistled through the air and slapped against my thin black panties. “Ahhh, that feels heavenly, I purred,” which spurred him on to more cracks with the belt, each a little harder than the last. My breasts were swinging wildly, as the clamps held on throughout the spanking. As an excuse for a wee break, I stopped Justin and took off my panties, then the teddy, and knelt against the bed again, wiggling my butt impatiently for another smack. Justin was freeing his cock from his pants, so I waited and watched while he took off his pants, then his shirt. His erection was nearly full, and I knew it would be a good night…I just wasn’t sure I could convince him of the final steps. He turned back to me, rubbed my stinging red ass, and gave me a couple more nice, stinging cracks with the belt. I rolled over to face him, and in a sex haze by then myself, dared him to lightly smack my clamped nipples with his belt. He bent down and slurped each nipple, making them wet and even more sensitive. Then, he lightly slapped his belt against one nipple, then the other. I gasped, and smiled widely at him. He smacked my nipples lightly, and when I thought I couldn’t take much more, I opened my legs. “Think you can hit my clit with that thing,” I challenged, while holding my folds open with my hands.

With glazed eyes and an enormous erection, Justin took careful aim and slapped the very tip of the belt across my clit. I shuddered, and said that he should smack my clit good while thinking about how far out of bounds I had been when teasing Heathen with my pussy juices earlier. He grinned, but brought down the belt harder than before, and I encouraged him by keeping my lips held open and writhing on the bed, moaning for more. After a few minutes, I was bouncing wildly into an orgasm. Justin threw down the belt, and I deliberately took off one nipple clamp, then the other, letting the blood rush back into my nipples. With my nipples finally free and accessible, but raw and screaming, Justin sucked one and then the other into his mouth, clamped down lightly with his teeth, and pulled. My sensitive nipples flashed lightning straight to my pussy, and I quickly came again. Justin gently told me to turn over. “Ok, a promise is a promise. Do it,” I breathed. “Fuck my ass.” He quickly pulled on a fresh Magnum and poured some lube over his encased cock. Soon his throbbing cock was rubbing at my dark hole. “I’ve never had a woman let me fuck her ass before,” he admitted. “But I’ve been dying to try it.” “Just use lots of lube and please start slowly. You’re pretty damn big, and I’ve only had anal sex a handful of times,” I told him wryly. He poured some lube right into the crack of my ass, and rubbed it up and down, zeroing in on my tight asshole until he could slowly insert one finger. As it popped in, his bulging cock bobbed in anticipation. “Ready?” he asked. I’m never quite “ready” for anal sex, but I was so horny that I told him sure, even though I wasn’t really stretched out yet. He slowly worked his thick cock past my little brown ring, and we both released breaths we hadn’t realized we’d been holding. Then, he slowly worked his cock up my ass, as I moaned and squealed with each new inch. Finally, his cock was buried balls-deep in my ass. “Ok, please stroke slowly, but do it, I assented huskily, barely able to think with my ass full of his hard cock. He slowly moved his cock in and out, and finally I broke through the pain to pure pleasure, and urged him, “Fuck me in the ass; go for it, as hard as you want.” With that, he stroked harder and faster, his balls slapping against my still-red ass cheeks, and my bruised nipples grazing the comforter beneath us. I could still smell the heady scent of tiger all over our clothes, which were piled around us, and even in my hair, turning me on even more. I could feel him reach for something, and didn’t think too much about it, until suddenly the tiger cock dildo was reaming my pussy as his cock reamed my ass. I started to come hard, and screamed into the pillow as he pulled out the rough part of the dildo just as I climaxed, and drove his cock in harder. Then he shuddered and began to cum, and I rode out his orgasm, his cum spurting hotly into the condom in my ass.

Then he pulled out, and took off the condom, so I just had to suck the last of the juice out of his cock. He lay there looking at me, contemplating me, and said that anal sex had proved to be everything he’d dreamed it would be. He playfully tweaked a nipple, and electricity shot through my body.

I brought up my next subject carefully. I told him I had fantasized about Heathen, especially when he stuck that dildo in my pussy while pounding my ass. He grinned that delightful grin again, and said, “It’s great to fantasize about the tigers, isn’t it?” “Nothing makes me hornier, I replied, rustling around in my bag with a free hand. “So, what’s this “other outfit” you mentioned earlier?” he asked, his attention drawn to the bag. “It’s just more fantasy stuff,” I said, and started to dig through the bag. As I located my water buffalo hide biker chaps with my hand, I told him to shut his eyes, and he did. I quickly put on the chaps, my boots, my heavy leather motorcycle jacket with the thick, faux-fur ruff, and wound several long mufflers around my neck. I put on my old aviator-style leather hat, from back before the days of motorcycle helmet laws, and finished it off with a black muffler wound repeatedly around my head as well. I put on my heavy winter dress biker gloves, then stood on all fours in front of him, facing away, and said he could open his eyes. He looked me over critically from bottom to top and back up, and as I looked back at him, I could see him putting the pieces together. I was trying to bundle up safely enough to be fucked by a tiger! I heard a sharp intake of breath, and he reached out and felt of the thicknesses of all my various clothing layers. “This might work,” he said hesitantly. “Look, I don’t want to die, so I want your honest opinion,” I pressed. “I think your neck and head are still too exposed,” he finally said, but said he had something in the barn that should make the difference.

“But it’s too early in the evening, and people are still awake. We’d have to wait a few hours,“ he said. I handed him his belt, and asked him to see where he could reach with it now that I had on chaps. He slapped at my clit and asshole repeatedly, until I was bucking in a multiple orgasmic haze. Then I sucked him off slowly, concentrating on his balls, the point where his dick joined his balls, then licked up the shaft and finally teased the hole in the head of his cock, which made his cock jerk violently. I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, and pumped slowly but firmly on the rest of his shaft until I felt him near to orgasm, and tilted back my head to swallow his salty cum.

I undressed, as I was getting hot in all the protective clothes, but it was good to know I could move around in them. We kept each other entertained for another couple of hours, until the only sounds were the periodic caroling of the lions in the night, the cats with enclosures nearer to my room walking about and playing with big plastic drums as toys, and the ubiquitous crickets chirping. Justin asked me if I really wanted to go through with it, and I swore to him that I did. I urged him to say that he had just happened to hear a commotion in Heathen’s pen and found me in there if we got caught, because I didn’t want to get him or Heathen in trouble.

I put on all the protective leathers and clothing. Justin led me to the barn, where he carefully fastened a heavy, double-folded horse blanket on top of the protective costume I wore, spanning my neck from the top of my head down past my shoulders. I was shaking with exertion and lust as we walked toward the tiger pen. My legs trembled a little as Justin walked up first, and greeted Heathen. Next, I greeted Heathen, and he seemed very happy to see me. Then, Justin let me through the first gate, locked it, and led me though the second gate, locking it behind us. I was face-to-face with Heathen, and he was once again sniffing, as I had intentionally not bathed since having our sex marathon, although Justin had bathed, so as not to smell like “competition.” I wanted for Heathen to get the idea. He sniffed my gloved fingers, then his massive head dropped down to my wet pussy. My knees about buckled with the first snort of Heathen’s hot breath, but Heathen was definitely interested. He forced my legs wider with his nose and mouth as I stood, and started to rasp his barbed tongue against my already tender clit. I couldn’t help it; I couldn’t stand after a couple of minutes of that, even with my fingers entwined in the fur just behind his head, so I let go of Heathen and sunk to my knees, ass carefully held still in front of the big tiger. He sniffed again, then started licking me from clit to asshole repeatedly, until I was about to scream with pleasure. I’m usually not a screamer, but this was one of the most intense feelings of my life, and it was all I could do to be quiet enough that we weren’t discovered. Gawd, that tongue was deliciously rough! Finally, Heathen, cock hard and wet in the moonlight, maneuvered on top of me, and put a furry front paw in the middle of my back to push me firmly to the ground, then he threw a front leg on either side of me. He lowered some of his weight onto my lower back and ass to hold me, pulling the tucked-in t-shirt material uncomfortably tight across my throbbing and sore nipples. I could feel him purring all through my body as his muscular hind legs walked up closer, and Justin quietly said that Heathen was rock hard and just inches from entering me. As the heat of his cock came close, I carefully guided the already-pistoning tip into my pussy lips with one hand. Heathen took a few pokes, then with a mighty thrust, the 500-pound animal was inside me to the hilt, his haunches bucking like a stallion. After the initial shock, I got as steady as I could on all fours, although a few times he lifted me off the ground with his wild thrusting, and I just gave in to the sensations. I was at the mercy of the great tiger, and my now feeble-seeming attempts at protection. I felt so full, and so controlled, but it was wonderful! I could feel him pant and growl a low but contented growl through my body, which made me feel as if we were one. He never stopped that awesome purr that vibrated through my body. The patch of his fur I could feel through the opening in my chaps rubbed away deliciously at my tender skin, while he jackhammered inside my throbbing pussy. I glanced at Justin, and he was watching us intently, cock in hand, quickly stroking himself to orgasm. Suddenly, I felt Heathen tense, and the muscles down my belly rippled as his hindquarters bucked impossibly fast, then he shot load after load of cum into my pussy. I nearly passed out, before I remembered the neck bite, and managed to present him with the rolled horse blanket around my neck and head. Thankfully, he mouthed it for awhile, then roared a mighty roar of domination, and slid out of me with a pop, the spikes like those on my dildo scraping deliciously but agonizingly across my pussy lips for that brief second, making me bite back another scream. Then, Heathen sprang backwards off me with a roar, and I quickly rolled onto my back and playfully rolled around on the ground belly-up like a kitten, as I’d seen female tigers do in videos I’d watched in case this day ever came. Heathen stayed back, so Justin held out a hand and carefully helped me to my feet as Heathen licked himself clean. When Heathen saw me standing, he walked over and leaned against my leather-clad legs, tail curling away from his asshole, still purring. I fondled his massive head as he flicked his rough tongue over my bush again and chuffed happily. In turn, I ran my hands down the length of his long, heavy tail, letting the end snap through my hands. Then, Heathen curled up and yawned. I was really shaky on my feet from exertion by then, even though the actual sex act had only lasted maybe 20 seconds or so, but it was the longest, most delicious and terrifying 20 seconds of my life. I was also nearly immobilized by my extra clothing. Justin wrapped an arm around my waist, and quickly helped me out both gates before Heathen was ready for another round. Justin quietly explained that tigers can go about every 15 minutes for hours and hours, but he and I both knew I couldn’t, and I didn’t dare tempt the fates again while I was so exhausted. Justin carefully locked the gates behind us, and we slowly walked back to the barn, where Justin removed the horse blanket and I unwound all my head and neck protection. Clad in just a t-shirt, the chaps, and boots, I found a bag in which to carry the rest of my clothes, especially my heavy leather jacket, which seemed no worse for having had Heathen’s huge paw in the middle of the back, and we quietly made our way back to my room.

Justin was beside himself. As I peeled off the chaps, I could see that he had another massive erection, which seemed like a lot of erections in one day and night for a guy who appeared to be nearing 40. Still, I could tell the scene he’d just witnessed had given him a raging hard-on yet again, and he held me and fondled my tits as we lay on the bed. “Could you handle just one more fucking in that hot pussy tonight, do you think, or are you too sore after Heathen,” he asked, a hopeful note in his voice. I thought about that big tiger fucking me, and that I had survived it, and felt my pussy growing wet again. After all, Heathen had fucked me hard, but not for very long. “Sure, I’m game,” I responded languidly.

So, Justin donned a Magnum and fucked me slowly and deliberately, pushing his cock in up to the hilt, then pulling it almost fully out again. My whole body felt limp. Justin told me to slowly describe exactly what it had felt like to have Heathen’s cock in my pussy, and as I told him of the wondrous experience, reliving it in my mind and body as I told it, I came to my final thundering climax of the night as Justin pistoned happily inside me and came just after I did, with my sore pussy reflexively clamping and releasing his cock. It was the first time in a long time that I could remember cumming so many times in a day that I couldn’t even keep track.

Justin cleaned up and kissed me goodbye for the night. We’d see each other again in the morning after I checked out, he said. I fell fast asleep, naked, with the moon streaming through the windows, and slept hard until morning. Once I awoke, sore but still sated, I showered, then packed up and drove back up the dirt road to check out. Sure enough, as I was finishing checking out late in the morning, Justin caught me at my rental car, and gave me a little stuffed tiger out of the gift shop. “His name is Heathen Justin. I hope you’ll remember us both.” “I’ll do more than that,” I answered. “I’ll be back next holiday. If you can find a very cool, understanding friend with a digital video camera, I bet we could make enough money off the sales of the video to build at least one new large enclosure for your cats.” I left him with that thought, as some tourists had come too near for us to continue, and I looked him full in the eyes as I said goodbye and thanked him for a wonderful couple of days. With my legs still shaking a bit, and my pussy, tits, and ass still throbbing, I drove back through the countryside, and as I approached the city, my mind was still back with Justin and Heathen. The heady smell of the big cats filled the rental car, which caused me to chuckle appreciatively. Already, I could hardly wait to go back again.


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