by Tursi


"And make sure you watch after Kovu!" Zira wheeled away, stalking off on her daily rounds.

"Yes, Mother!" replied Nuka, beaming until Zira’s gaze was no longer focused on him, then falling into a dour frown. As soon as Zira was out of earshot the lanky adolescent glared down at the cub beside him.

"Out here its every lion for himself," he growls. "An Outlander doesn’t need anyone. Get used to it." He pushed himself to his paws and turned, starting off in the opposite direction that Zira went.

"Nuka! Where are you going?" asked the cub.

"Shut up, you little termite! Go play in the river." With that, the adolescent rounded a corner, and left the cub behind.

"Stupid cub," he muttered to himself as he walked. "The chosen one," he sang to himself, mockingly. "I’d be a great leader if she’d only give me a chance."

Though such thoughts were usually on the adolescent’s mind, they faded slowly as he reached the river, which separated the Pridelands from the Outlands. A crooked smile crossed his muzzle as he looked at the rich grasslands on the other side... and his ultimate goal therein. It was immediately broken by a frustrated cry from behind him.

"Nuuu-ka! Wait up!" It was Kovu, following him to the river.

Nuka hissed through his teeth, then leapt forward onto a log in the water. With a practiced series of leaps he crossed the river, disappearing into the grasses on the far side as the bewildered cub appeared on the shore. "You’re not supposed to go there," muttered the cub to himself.

Nuka watched briefly, hidden in the grasses, and sighed some relief, as the cub didn’t attempt to follow. "Stupid termite, maybe he’ll fall in the river and the crocs will get him." For a moment he felt bad for thinking that, then he turned around, his thoughts leading ahead of him to the Pridelands Savannah.

He knew he had to be careful, and his ability to move through the Pridelands undetected was a strange contrast to his usual awkwardness. And soon he arrived at the Pridelands waterhole - his original destination. Nuka had found his adolescence had brought an appetite that fighting with the lionesses in the Outlands couldn’t satisfy, not that he ever won anyway, but he’d found an outlet while spying on the Pridelanders. A flash of a swinging tail, an overly luxurious stretch from the right angle - it caused such feelings to rise up in him... among other things! The lionesses seemed to lounge around the waterhole nearly as much as Pride Rock itself - but it was much easier to hide at the waterhole.

"Damn!" he muttered to himself as he drew near his hiding place. No lionesses were in sight - some event had them all at Pride Rock. He lay down, grumbling to himself about his poor luck, but willing to wait in hopes of seeing something.

Some time passed before a motion caught his eye, and he looked towards it, holding his position. A lone lioness was approaching the waterhole, holding herself with comforted ease. Nuka’s breath caught in his throat - Nala, the Queen!

The lioness came right to the water, and Nuka grinned crookedly, his position nearly always downwind, and well secluded. He watched with rapt attention as Nala approached the waterhole, turning to face away from him as she lowered her muzzle to the clear water.

Nuka’s breathing grew deeper as he watched this, allowing himself to pretend she was crouching for him, catching ever-so-brief glimpses of her pink jewel as her tail swished lazily back and forth. He felt his groin begin to warm, then swell, his cock shaft slipping from it’s protective sheath as he turned carefully to his side. His forepaw slipped down his belly, beginning to rub gently, knowing he didn’t have long before she’d turn away again.

The lioness’ head came up, and she scented the air briefly. Rather than leave, as Nuka feared she would, she lowered himself to the ground, stretching out in the warm sun. The adolescent uttered a low murring sound, straining to see better as her tail stretched out, giving him a direct, if awkward, view of the female’s hindquarters. His paw rubbed along his shaft more quickly, caressing it’s curve and short length, his breathing quickening.

His rapid breathing halted abruptly, caught in his throat, as the lioness turned onto her back, spreading out under the warm sun. Nuka thought he would surely explode as he now had an unrestricted view of the Queen’s sweet bud, nestled in the finest of soft fur between such well-muscled thighs. The lanky young male could only take all this in for a few moments before he felt that he must take more appropriate action than a lightly rubbing paw. He stared at the sweet slit in the distance, so far and yet so very, very close! He drank in all the details with his eyes, then curled up upon himself, his muzzle burying itself in his groin, taking his cock into his own muzzle, short growls and grunts accompanying the rocking of his head and hips.

"Enjoying yourself, Nuka?" Nala’s voice was sharp and accusational as she watched from the edge of his hiding place. She’d been attracted by the growling sounds he was making, and watched for just a moment in amusement before interrupting.

Nuka snapped upright and immediately cowered, crawling backwards. "I didn’t.. I .. I wasn’t gonn.. I wasn’t... I didn’t see anything!" he stammered.

Nala looked at the lion, shaking her head. He had much of the same awkwardness that Scar had when he was younger, and yet Scar grew into a handsome enough lion. Nuka never had a chance, she thought, with Zira tearing into him all the time. And now, with him cowering before her like a trapped rabbit, she felt sorry for the young male.

"Nuka," she spoke more softly. "You aren’t supposed to be here. You know the penalty for coming to the Pridelands."

"No! I, well, I was just chasing some field mice," Nuka explained absently, looking for an exit, "and they ran all the way here, and I didn’t notice until just now! But I’ll go!" He began to turn, to slink away.

"Wait," called Nala, a sly smile creeping across her muzzle. Thoughts unbefitting a Queen crossed her mind... and yet, what would be the harm? "I interrupted something. Let me help you finish it."

"What?" asked the lion, his expression dropping. To stunned to be confused or even afraid, he simply refused to believe he heard correctly.

She leapt at him, knocking him over onto his side, lying across his midsection. She grinned up at him even as he looked back with wildly frightened eyes.

"Simba’s off with his friends," she explained, "and Kiara is off playing. Grown lionesses need to play, too. Let me show you our games, and maybe you won’t need to sneak around here anymore."

With those words Nala’s muzzle went between the young lion’s hind legs, nuzzling at his sheath to coax his retracted shaft free again. Nuka moaned in pleasure and disbelief as she licked lightly around his sheath, over the short, coarse fur.

"I see you’ve groomed one area quite well," she teased, her rough tongue dancing over his cock’s tip as it quickly returned to it’s earlier position, poking out above his belly. "That’s it," she purred deeply.

Nuka gasped, his breathing quickly growing rapid and short. He was so close before she interrupted him, and now this! It was beyond the young lion’s belief. He uttered a long, whining growl as she licked along his shaft, ejaculating spontaneously along the side of her muzzle as she reached his base, a series of shorter jets wetting his belly after that.

"Oooh, Nuka," crooned the lioness, purring as her tongue came around her muzzle, cleaning the thick fluids from her soft fur. "You were almost done already, weren’t you?"

The adolescent panted slightly, nodding. It was already more than he had ever hoped for, and yet it wasn’t over yet. His eyes went wide as the Queen turned around, crouching low.

"Come on," she said huskily, a sweet, inviting smile crossing her muzzle, her tail flagging for him. "I’m not in heat, so there will be no cubs. But that doesn’t mean I can’t teach you everything."

Nuka rolled to his paws, staring intently. The object of his wet dreams, now only inches in front of him. He studied the tight little circle of pink, darker inside than out, and now slightly swollen. There was just a hint of wetness between the dark lips, nestled between such luscious, creamy thighs. He couldn’t resist, and pressed his muzzle against it, his tongue darting out for a taste.

Nala gasped, not expecting this from the young male, and a deep purr formed in her throat as his tongue sought out the lioness’ sweet honey. He wasn’t disappointed, as she quickly increased her wetness, the sweet musk of her juices coating his tongue and muzzle. It took very little until he was fully erect again, his shaft jutting out from between his thighs and dripping his own precum onto the grasses.

He drew back abruptly, and Nala glanced back at him, rocking her hindquarters from side to side anxiously. She needn’t have worried, the adolescent couldn’t hold back any longer, and his body came down on her heavily. She held her position with easy strength - the thin lion was markedly lighter than Simba. And while he wasn’t as well equipped, she still gasped to feel his penetration, the young lion’s cock slipping smoothly inside her.

"Kings!!" hissed Nuka, already panting heavily. "It’s so warm! And.. I never imagined it’d feel so good!" The sensation of the lioness’ tight vulva wrapped around his cock was nearly enough in itself to bring him to orgasm again, and yet he fought to hold on. He rocked against her slowly, although his pace increased rapidly.

Nala purred, enjoying the young lion’s enthusiasm and raw energy. It was almost like her first time with Simba, except now she knew how to squeeze at just the right moment, and how to angle her hips for the best sensations. Her eyes closed and she uttered a low moan, taking all the pleasure she could from the adolescent’s motions, knowing he wouldn’t be able to take her for long, and excited by the risk and naughtiness of the situation.

The sound of the lioness beneath him, the scents of her musk, the beautiful touch of her fur - all these things drove Nuka into overload, such that as he reached his peak, he was sure he would pass out. He made barely a sound as he climaxed, shooting his seed again, this time deep inside Nala’s pussy, the entire world spinning around him in a dizzying way that left him unable to remain on his paws, collapsing atop her until he finally began to come down.

Several minutes later, Nuka withdrew from her, and stood next to her, awkwardly uncertain what to say. Nala gave his cheek a little lick. "Go home now," she told him. "And no more sneaking back here. Okay?"

The adolescent nodded dumbly, grinning from ear to ear. He turned and began to jog back towards the Outlands, as Nala watched him leave. It was fun, Nala thought, if not completely satisfying. But Simba could take care of that before Kiara came home. She smiled widely, turning back towards Pride Rock.