by Unknown Author


Cesar and Me

Hi, I am Christian Tenner and a wildlife photographer, living lonely in South Africa's Krueger National Park. My job is to document and to photographe the wildlife around me, but I have specialized in big cats within the past few years. Despite my knowledge and my experience with them, I had an incredible encounter two months ago. Thus, there is a lion I've called Cesar, a stately male lion to whom I have a special relationship.

One day, I was observing him and his pride of three lionesses and six cubs. I knew, it was a special event, cos one of the lionesses was in heat, so I neared her to photograph the maiting.

Somehow, I might have made a noise, though, halfway though their copulation Cesar raised his head disturbedly, left his mate and came toward me straightaway. I was afraid, he would kill me, instead, that happened.

Standing behind me, he jumped on my back and roared ear-shatteringly. His sharp cock touched my sensitive anus and penetrated me, causing a little pain, a rather stimulating one.

Then Cesar reached his orgasm, his semen streamed into me, and I felt our absolute unification. As fast as it had begun, it ended, when he withdrew his penis.

Luckily, it was mating season, and I was his new mate.

Cesar's Mate I

Hi, it's me again, Chris Tenner. Let me tell you my yesterday's experience.

It was the last day of Terry's heat. Terry is a lioness and the partner of the proud lion Cesar. Simultaneously, it was also my last chance to be mounted by him, cos I had been Cesar's mate for the entire mating season.

All I had to do, was to get a little bit of Terry's vaginal secretion by accompanying the local vet across the Kruger National Park of South Africa. I pretended to need that for my current documentation "The Mating Behavior of the Lion."

As soon as I had rubbed in her secretion between my buttocks, I took my camera and slunk to Cesar's pride. When I arrived, he was mating Terry passionately. Filming the scene, I imagined being her at that moment. My dream should come true much ealier than expected.

Suddenly, Cesar roared turning his majestic head into my direction. Was he smelling me' He was.

Although I was lying hired in high grass, he discovered me instantly. Prettily excited, I lowerred my shorts to give him direct access to my desiring rear.

Without hesitating, Cesar bent over me and penetrated my anus lustfully. Once inside me, he raised his tempo more and more: in and out - my God!

All may feelings were conctrated on my stimulated butthole. The tiny spines of his penis rubbed intensely against the inside of my bowels; the resulting sensation made me reach my orgasm. But he carried on: faster, harder, stronger. Each of my ergenous zones was being highly stimulated: rectum, sphincter, prostata and my testicles, struck by his heavy balls with each penetration.

After nearly ten seconds of ecstasy, Cesar came to his climax, shooting his hot sperm deep into me. I could not squat any longer and collapsed under.

The mating season is over now, but our relationship continues.

Cesar's Mate II

Yesterday, after telling you my last mating experience, I urgently set out to watch a number of antelopes, crossing my area. While filming them, I thought at Cesar, dreamed away.

All of a sudden, I got scared terribly; something was roaring close to me. I turned around and saw Cesar, standing behind me.

He roared louder and broke down. On his back gaped a horrible wound. Certainly, I concluded immediately, what had happened to him: another male, stronger than him, must have attacked his pride; both lions fought, Cesar got hurt and lost his family. I regretted him.

Then I ran to my rover, calling the vet. Fortunately, he diagnosed that Cesar's injury was not so bad, and we took him to the vet's lodge. Afterwards, I had lunch with him, and we talked awhile.

Tonight, though, I was a little worried about Cesar, but instead of phoning the vet, I directly drove to his estate. The poor animal had been anaesthetized and was sleeping deeply in an enclosure. He had visibly gotten much better than that morning I had met him. Lying the motionlessly, he looked so cute, so attractive.

Silently, I sat down. His backside was in front of me and those huge balls as well. I could not resist, touched them tenderly, caressed them, rolled them in my palms. They felt wonderful, like touchy creatures, so to speak.

In the meantime, I noticed his cock swelling. I did erect it. Naturally, I desired to caress it too, and is there a better method than fellatio'

So I lowered my head down to his erect penis and stimulated it as well as I could. In the end, I tasted his thick cum, enjoying that unique moment. At the same time, I heard him purring quietly, but it seemed like groaning.to me.

As my own stimulation had been growing for the whole time, I lubricated my cock with my saliva and inserted it lovingly itnto his anus. Despite the anaesthesia, his rectal muscles were working and squeezed my penis forcefully.

Never I had thought, that I would be able to mount a feline. That was my sexual and emotional climax.

"Alright there'" someone shouted thru the darkness.

"Alright, Doc," I confirmed, smiling.


Do you know Catty' Well, she is my little housecat. And do you want to know, what fun we have together' Okay, here we go!

Two days ago, Catty was lying in the yard. When she saw me, she came into. As usual, I picked her up, sat down on the couch and began fondling her. I remembered,...

It had been a cold winter morning. I had opened the door, and there had been cowering a kitten, horribly meager, half-strarved. Full of compassion, I had fed her and...

... kept her. Flashing back the past, my hand had been moving unconsciously down to her rear, and then, I brushed her tiny pussy. I got frightened. How would she react'

She did not respond, but continued purring calmly. I was relieved. Stroking her whole body, I touched her small clit again. How soft it was. Then I felt something amazing. I did not know, why, but the cute cat was exciting me.

Truly horny, I put her down, lay down too and started licking her vagina. Catty purred louder, so I intensified my fondness. Her pussy was getting wet, tasty somehow. Moreover, my tongue slowly pushed into her lovely vagina.

At the same time, she mewed emotionally. Thereby, I had brought her to orgasm. I joyfully retired my tongue, when she pissed directly in my face. A liitle unexpected to me, but that was just natural.

I knew, Catty accepted her new partner.

The Whaleshower

This is the story of the whaleshower, one of the oddest occurrances of my life.

It was in summer 1999. I had been instructed to produce a documentary about the mating behavior ot the blue whale that nobody else had filmed before.

Initially, I wondered, why they had chosen me, an unknown wildlife photographer. They explained, they counted on me because of my prize-winning work "The Mating Behavior of the Lion." I felt honored.

Consequently, I left my South African home, proceeded to Cap Town, where I embarked on board an exploring ship for the Antarctic Sea.

During the long expedition, I missed the wilderness with its animals and a certain lion called Cesar...

At the eleventh day, we arrived at our destination. There was a family of blue whales, passing the cold season, feeding for their way back, mating.

To realize my creation, I had to drive. Once in the icy water, the glittering underwater world enchanted me immensely.

Then came the whales: two males and a female. I heard them singing, my head got full of their echeos.

At once, the female expressed a penetrative sound, and the whales opened their fight for her.

Gigantic. Two blue whales, the biggest creatures on earth, were battling, pushing each other, till one won, and one lost. The winner was allowed to mate her, whereas the loser dived into the dark depth.

The mating began. The male's enormous penis erected, seeked for the female's genital slit, penetrated it. Both nestled together and perservered in that extraordinary situation.

Half an hour later, the happening ended, the female whale got loose, dived away. And I, I got it.

By documenting their copulation, I had been jealous of her; then, I desired to get him too. I neared him. His erotic organ was still erect: three meters of dark-red, stiff flesh.

As I reached it, I massaged its top. The colossus reacted instantaneously, singing a melodious song.

Who would believe it' I was having sex with a blue whale!

After a while of human stimulation, he cummed. At the next moment, a white mixture of water and sperm surrounded me; I was taking the whaleshower.

That was my chance. Hastily, I put off the mouthpiece of my aqualung and opened my mouth to swollow as much cum as possible. A whale of semen filled my throat, my stomach. I enjoyed it.

When the thick cloud dissolved, I perceived another huge body beside me; the female had returned. My goodness, she was going to crush me!

At the last moment before my imminent death, I saw her slit, put in my arm desperately.

She stopped. Utterly excited, I penetrated her vehemently. While she was singing her orgasmic melody, I took that new opportunity to insert my cock into her. Therefore, I came to my climax as well.

After the whaleshower, I cummed into the female blue whale.


After much fun we had had together, Catty disappeared.

One morning, when I had gotten up, the cute cat had gone, and I did not know, where. Maybe, she had died...

All the day, I spent in despair, worrying about my little lover.

In the late evening, I went to bed sorrowfully. Hopefully, she would reappear.

That night, I dreamed, Catty would have come back. She was alone, but there was...


I woke up abruptly. The full moon was shining thru the window, as I beheld two twinkling eyes, gazing at me straight. Those eyes seemed familiar. I tried to identify them and, indeed, it was her.

Nonetheless, she was behaving strangely, kept silent.

I astonished, "Catty'"

She nimbly jumped onto the bed, walked over the blanket, over my nude chest, stopped. Catty turned around and held out her rear to my face. Finally, I got aware of what she was demanding for.

During my cunningulus, I suddenly felt something moving under the blanket, between my legs.

Before I was able to rise, it was already licking my glans. I relaxed and carried on caressing my pussy.

At the moment Catty was having an excellent orgasm, she mewed, and the creature under the blanket revealed. It was another cat, a light-grey tomcat.

Following, they changed their positions: He exposed his erotic backside, while she flitted under the blanktet to my erect penis.

Just when my tongue touched the other cat's tender cock, he withdrew it surprisedly. Obviously, he was a newcomer.

Then, though, he got used to that special kind of stimulation.

In the meanwhile, I was getting hornier and hornier by Caty's fellatio. My groaning and his purring unified to a lustful climax.

Tom ran away as quick as he had appeared. Catty struggled up to me, and it seemed, as if she had arranged that satisfying catwork.

Diversity I


How do you do' I am fine, thanks. Since I know that Bill is a zoo too, our friendship has been improving esentially.

My last order has been "The Mating Behavior of the Blue Whale" that has impressed the orderers, especially the scene of the whaleshower. Some of them seem to be zoos like us, cos they sent me a message, asking for a zoomovie "On Safari."

Fundamentally, I consented, but on my conditions. They agreed. Now I am orderered to shoot the film. Although I have not finished it yet, I am more than optimistic after that beginning.

I intended to use diverse animals in order to create a work of diversity. Bill protested, cos he feared, I could abuse them. I suggested to assist me and to watch over my action. He refused again on the basis of his nightmare with the monkeys. Finally, though, I managed to persuading him.

As I am the better cameraman, I filmed, he acted. We began with lions. Being mated by Cesar, Bill started enjoying his role.

Thereupon, I inquired, "Are you ready for a bigger one'"

He affirmed promptly, not knowing, what I meant.

The next day, he was standing under a male elephant.

"Have a nice shower," I wished him, while masturbating the four-foot-long penis.

He looked at me misunderstanding, when a lot of sperm already squirted against his face.

We went to a herd of zebras. Bill picked out a male and caressed him. Seeing his horze-sized cock, he got scared.

"Er... do you really want me to...'"

I nodded. Hesitantly, he inserted the mighty thing into his anus, cried out. In further pain, the zebra pushed his whole penis into him.

He shouted, "Damn good, man, like an inner massage."

As the male came, he groaned.

"Chris," he requested, "I wanna have some active fun."

"You wanna some fun' You're gonna have some fun!"

There was a female chimp within Bill's enclosure. She had been hurt by a big cat, but she was already recovered approximately. My friend, however, was still anxious.

"Don't worry, she's harmless and in heat anyhow. Go to her, fondle her, mate her!"

Walking to her, kneeling down, licking her swollen pussy, he surmounted his angst and penetrated her. His subsequent orgasm made me horny; I looked forward to my turn.

Diversity II


For the next part of "On Safari," I wished to change some things: firstly, I took turns with Bill; secondly, I seeked for a new challenge, till I found one: a rhino.

"Are you sure of copulating with a rhino'" the vet informed doubtfully. "Shan't we look for an smaller species'"

I negated and prepared for my life's biggest cock.

Just when we were slinking to a drinking rhino, a ferret crossed our way. Forthwith, I told Bill to turn on the camera, seizing it carefully. The ferret opposed, till I began fondling its furry body. It held still.

My stroking hands reached ist genitals, and I discovered, it was a male. Feeling his sofr, tender nuts, excited me extremely. In cautiousness, I took them inside my mouth to make possible for him to sense my honest love.

He sqeaked silently, as my lips enclosed his balls, and my tongue gently rubbed over his scrotum's hairy skin. Suddenly, I came across a pliant thing above his testicles, his penis. At first, I tasted some bitter urine, but after licking it off, there was only his delicious, salty, creamy cum. I sucked him out. What a pleasure!

Bill propsed, "Now you've been amusin' with your little lover, so we can go then'"

"On the contrary, my old friend, I'm gonna continue with the rhino."

Self-confidently, I massaged the giant's sheath. His big cock appeared, and how big it was! Much broader than a human arm at least. I lay down to stick that vast organ into my rectum.

Pain. My bowels extended terrificly. By that stimulation, the rhino started pushin.

More Pain. Additionally, he commenced cumming; liters of his juice flooded me like an enormous enema. The pressure got intolerable. God, redeem me!

He did, made the rhino retire his penis, whereupon his semen shot out of my enlarged anus in a long jet.

Grinning, Bill commented, "You know, that which doens't kill us, makes us stronger."

Diversity III

The More the Better

The following morning, I had had recovered from the torture of the preceding day, as someone knocked at my cabin's door. There was beauty of a woman, greeting,

"Hi, I'm Caroline Ford from Ford Company. I'm your orderer and wanna take part in my film. By the way, you can call me Carol."

"Hi, Carol..." I was speechless.

Carol was mad. She had traveled thousands of miles only to participate in "On Safari," requiring to termiante wih an orgy. I recommended coyotes.

"And how many do you want'" I asked.

"The more, the better," she answered.

However, thanks her madness, we should get the best end you can imagine.

The same evening, we were waiting for the coyotes. I was handling the camera, Bill was holding the projector, and Carol was naked.

We heard a howl; the coyotes were coming. They smelled the nude woman on the ground, growled. She growled back, gripped one of them and put him under her. Besides, she grasped two other males.

It was a peculiar image: Carol was being mounted threefoldly: anally, vaginally, orally, shook by one climax after another. Each of them was having a lot of fun.

That was the zoomovie.

Double Joy

I was pretty concerned, cos Catty had been behaving disquietingly already for two days: My cute cat could not go, did not eat, nothing.

Before driving to Bill, the vet, I decided to take her temperature.

As I was cautiously inserting the greasy thermometer into her tiny anus, seeing, that she was obviously alright, Catty commenced purring unexpectedly.

What had I done for making her purr'

I guessed, it could have been the thermometer, exciting her innerly.

Carefully, I retired it a little, she purred louder. Moving the smooth thing forward and backward, her little body was shaken by her first climax.

I pulled out the thermometer wholly, but Catty mewed miserably, and I reinserted it.

Her joyful purring made me horny, reminding me of my speciality.

In passion, I bent my lightly opened mouth down to her small pussy, began sucking her out, whereas my tongue was licking her highly erogenous clit.

Catty's stretched vagina was secreting her aromatic juice, which brought me to a sensual orgasm, while she was enjoying her second one, more loving, more ecstatic.

Bill stated, "Chris, she's only a harmless infection, however, it seems, you've cared for her solicitously, haven't you'"


Tom's Reappearance

Returning with Catty from the vet, I smelled an expressive, urinary fragrance everyplace in my little cabin. As I am an expert in felines, I stated, it was a cat's fragrance, precisely, a tomcat's one.

Hopefully, I began looking for that cute intruder. Not much later, I found him cowering shily under my bed. Lean stature, light-grey, thick fur, green eyes: it was Tom, the same tomcat, that had fondled me one week ago.

Cautiously, I stretched out my opened hand to him, he bit me in his ignorant fear. I kept my lightly hurt hand staying in front of him to show him my harmlessness. And really, sniffing at it, he let me stroke his hairy head. Tom purred. Possibly, he recognized me.

Going on caressing him, my other hand tenderly grasped his neck, carrying him out of his hiring. I put him on my bed.

My hands massaged his front, my head moved to his back. Led by my feelings, my eyes closed, my wet tongue grazed his long fur, his retired penis, seeking for his tiny testicles.

As soon as I sensed his pea-sized balls, I encompassed them wholly, my mouth started sucking them, while my tongue turned up and down speedily, giving him an overwhelming sensation. Feeling his erecting cock touching the sensitive tip of my nose, I turned down, repeating my petting at his soft penis.

I loved the little spines at his glans, feeling like the stubbles at my chin. In the meanwhile, he was getting more and more excited, till he exploded in a shaking orgasm. His two-inch cock, pulsating in my mouth, pumped a fews drops of cat cum on my tongue, and I tasted that warm, salty, aromatic juice.

Tom nestled his head against my cheek, purring thankfully.


You are standing in the middle of the wide steppe, surrounded by thick, dry grass to the far horizone. In the background, you see high mountains under the blue, cloudless sky. The sun is burning at your skin, you feel the enhancing heat, sweat runs down your body. You look at yourself, and to your utter shock, you recognize, you are naked.

Before you are able to realize your embarrassing situation, something focus your attention. You watch the thicket moving on your right. Abruptly, it reveals. You are scared. Sharp teeth, clawed paws, orange fur, mighty mane: it is a lion.

In desperation, you estimate your possibilities: flight or perserverance. It is futile, you cannot escape. You hold still, expecting your inevitable death.

Frightful moments pass away, but nothing happens. Instead of killing you at once, the lion sniffs at you intensively, walks around you. While encircling, you look down, noticing the animal's considerable testicles, large, round balls.

Directly behind you, he stops, rises and springs at your back. You fall on your knees, sharp claws stab into your touchy skin. The lion roars so loudly that your ears are deaf. Then you sense his teeth biting into your neck; he is going to devour you, you think.

Suffering the pain of your bleeding wounds, you get excited by countless tiny spines grazing your tight anus. You guess, this is his spiny penis, penetrating you.

How arousing it feels! Your sphincter is being widened, the big, rough cock intrudes into your rectum.

And all of a sudden, you get aware that he does not want to kill you, but to mate you. Although you wonder, why he is doing this, you do not know it. All you know is, he is fond. His jaws are holding you carefully, his penis is moving sensationally, he raises your excitation to an approximate climax.

You close your eyes, flex all your muscles euphorically, press his swollen cock.

In a wild orgasm, he roars satisfiedly, pumping his seed from his full balls into your empty bowels. As you open your eyes, the lion has gone.


Oh, boy, yesterday, I met a guy. Do you know him' However, he told me, he had been mated by a lion, Cesar maybe. That remained me of a dangerous issue long time ago.

At that time, I had been photographing a herd of hippos at the river Olifants close to Phalaborwa. It had been an amusing week by those portly animals.

The last day, I was going to intercourse with one of them as a culmination of my laborious work. I exactly new of my hazard's danger, but I thought, no risk, no fun.

The hippos were resting in the water, when I waded to them nakedly. I picked out a lonely female. To test her reaction, I inserted my arm into her large vagina. Without intending, I aroused her immediately, so she tightened her rear muscles, squeezing my arm. I groaned, but in pain.

As she relaxed a little, I pulled it out, making room for my penis. Her following contraction squeezed likewise, however, I enjoyed it. During five minutes, her powerful cunt pressed my relatively weak cock stronger and stronger, building up an unbearable excitement I unloaded in a cumming orgasm.

I had hardly recovered from my prodigious climax, when a furious male came running toward me, his mouth widely opened. Nimbly, I dived into the muddy water, before being crushed by the hippo.

I have had so much luck in that situation, that I will thank my guardian angel for all times.


At the end of a busy day, I was resting in my bed, my head lying between sleeping Catty and Tom. Feeling their warmth at my naked skin, I brushed my cheek against their soft fur. Catty began purring so harmoniously, that I fell asleep too.

Excitement. At once, I woke up by an exciting sensation, electrifying my whole body. I looked up, watching my clever cats sitting beside my towering penis. Digesting the astonishing situation, I lay back, tried to relax, let them fondle me.

Catty's ratherly rough tongue grazed my touchy glans. I started. Tom licked my right ball, then my left one, causing pure joy. His tender saliva made me realax, whereas Catty was driving me mad. A combat of emotions.

Lastly, her feigned savageness gained the upper hand and increased my arousal to the releasing orgasm.

When my hot fluid spurted out of my contracting cock, they got, what they wanted. Catty and Tom attacked my genital together, licked off my seed. My moaning turned into a wild cry.


I looked around. Where was I' The jungle was everywhere. I went forward across the thicket. I stopped. There was a, I could not believe it, dinosaur, a Brachiosaur, about one hundred feet long, lying on the ground in front of me.

Although I did not know, what to do, I decided to go on the same way. Not to waken it, I walked round the sleeping colossus. Passing its backside, I noticed a long slit between its hind legs. Abruptly, I had an unaware lust for its cloaca.

It was closed, but I opened it, inserting my two arms synchroniously. Firstly, I felt its inner walls: amazingly soft, wet, greasy. I got horny, and to satisfy my desire, I penetrated my erect cock into its hole.

As I was cumming, the Brachiosaur's orgasm came too. An inimaginable flood of semen flushed over my body, my head, my face, and thus the giant woke up, rose up to its fifty feet, trumpeted theateningly...

I awakened.

Power and Passion

I was walking across the steppe, looking out for Cesar, as I heard a far roaring about two miles away. What was that' I disquieted. Had something happened to him'

Concernedly, I ran to that place, whereon the lion wa lying quietly next to a dead buffalo. Cesar looked up, recognizing me, and kept on devouring his prey. I stayed in the distance privedently, cos I was not even allowed to annoy him, while eating.

Inbetween, I undresed entirely, waiting. When he rolled on his back to sun himself, I approximated silently, laying down beside him. We sunbathed for an hour or so.

Then I began petting his thick mane, moving down gradually to his exposed genitals between his spread legs. Fondling his hanging balls, I saw his red rock coming out of his sheath.

Abruptly, Cesar jumped up, growling arousedly. I fell down on the ground, my head straight under his penis. To calm him, I rose, sucking it impetuously. I had never dreamed of that he would have done the same, but he did.

Cesar commenced licking my cock. His stiff rod in my mouth, the lion's powerful tongue grazing my glans passionately made me cum in ecstasy.

Tasting my aromatic semen, he flooded my mouth with his. You cannot imagine, how I was enjoying swallowing his divine juice down my throat.

Licking off every drop of his sore penis, I rolled over like a lucky lioness.

Felidophile I

As a result of my knowledge of felines, I got the idea to create a photo series of India's catworld. Unquestionably, that plan harbored some problems, cos I had to spend all my saved money and my this year's time of vacation. Nonetheless, I set forth.

Two days later, my plane landed somewhere in the Indian nowhere. Easily, I took a cheap room in a small village near the jungle, engaged an experienced guide, and the next day, I began phtographing a black panther.

For the following weeks, I continued observing the proud male, also expecting an opportunity to copulate with him. One day, he encountered a female in heat, changing my mind abruptly,. Making love to her seemed exciting to me; I had not had any contact with a female big cat. But before, I had to forestall him. Once mated, her heat would be over, my only chance too.

Luckily, I achieved to take him off with a simple lure, to obtain a little bit of his scent, to get to her. I was anxious, and I was desirous, but my desire prevailed. So I lowered my head below her removing tail, smelling her heaty odor.

In my growing arousal, I bent over to her neck, snapped it and hold her fast, while my hornily hard penis entered her tight vagina. She started purring satisfiedly, maybe due to my soft cock, that is not as spiny as his one. On the other hand, her pussy was much smoother than a human one.

Shoving my penis fondly, I cummed very soon, very intensely. I withdrew, seeing a monstrous snake directly over my head. It bit me, I fainted.

Felidophile II

I woke up in a white bed two men were standing around.

One of them explained, "They've found you in the jungle, bitten by a venomous snake."

"I know," I whispered.

He continued, "What'll you do now'"

"I'll see," I swindled, knowing it concretely.

Ardently, I planned to get the king of the jungle: the tiger. Thus, I drove to the Sundurbans Reserve to encounter one of the two hundred and fifty-seven tigers, which lived there.

It did not last long, and I came across an adult male, marking his territory. As I was wearing the odor of a female in heat, he smelled that.

His striped head lifted, he stepped to me directly. Reaching my nude body, he thoroughly sniffed at me, whereas I squatted down, raising my rear to his sensitive nose. The tiger could not resist and mounted me straighway.

On the whole, he mated like each other big cat, but his teeth were sharper, his behavior fonder than the former ones.

Though, his thin seed flowing into my gutts, I got one of the most uncommon orgasms of my life as a felidophile.

In Need

At seven o'clock a.m., I was called for an ocelot in need. As Bill was sick, I had to drive outside the Park to the the Clarks.

Entering their spendid manor, Mrs Clark directed me to the meager ocelot.

I inquired compassionately, "What's happened to him'"

"We'd been missin' the poor thin' for a week or so, till our butler found him in the cellar, pitiful as he is," she sorrowfully reported.

"Is he yours'"


"Lady," I declared severily, "don't you know, ocelots is a protected species' You ain't allowed to keep him."

She looked at me helplessly. Mr Clark stepped into the dining room.

"He's ours, Sir," he insisted, "do what's needful and get lost!"

Even though I could have phoned the police, the Clarks were too influential. I decided to release him.

Ten hours later, I was lying in wait by the Clarks's house. As soon as they head turned off all lights, I broke into thru the dining room's window.

In the beam of my flashlight, I saw his colorful fur shimmering, took him carefully, went away.

After a couple of days, the ocelot had gotten strong again. Catty loved playing with him, I enjoyed his company and as an old felidophile, I found him rather erotic.

One night, we were cuddling together, my face got to his distinctive genitals. Smelling his bewitching scent, I desirously snapped his proportionally huge balls. He hissed uncertainly. I, however, continued sucking and licking them off more intensely.

Instanteously, the spotted animal commenced purring in arousal. His tough nuts were pulsating inside my closed mouth, whose white, soft fur was already wet by my spittle, shoved by my irresistible tongue.

Amid my highest feelings, his small cock grazed my chin, wherefore I let his balls be, dedicating exclusively to his rough stick.

Full of lust, I tasted the delicious bitterness and then that sweet aroma of his cum he ejaculated orgasmically.

"Mr Tenner, here's the police. Open the door, please!"

Quickly, I let him out in the darknes and let in the policemen.

"Good night, Mister, we're searchin' for an ocelot."

"I'm sorry," I stated, "I haven't seen it, but I can tell you somethin' explosive about the Clarks."

Cesar I

Cesar was growling arousedly. Two skillful hands were kneading each of his sensitive balls, causing a strong excitation deep inside him. As his cock had erected completely, and the human under him squatted on all four, he had to mate him instinctively.

Masterfully, the lion penetrated his partner's anus; all the spines on his glans made him thrust as powerful as he could. In a passionate climax, he cummed a lot of semen into Chris who was moaning full of satisfaction.

Thereafter, the man petted him lovingly, before they separated from each other.

Lonely, Cesar was striping across his hunting ground. At once, he stood still, smelling an invader, a lioness in heat.

Cesar II

Cesar roared. Walking faster, he tracked out the lioness soon. He roared once more, she stopped. Highly excited, he turned his subtle nose to her desirable vagina that was evading a heaty smell.

As she lay down willingly, raising her rear, he squatted down behind her, snapped att her neck, inserted his penis fondly. Several shoves later, they terminated their mating in a wild orgasm.

Thus, Cesar had deflowered Cesarea.


Cesarea was remembering her defloration, as the fond lion had bitten into her neck, had inserted his penis, had torn her hymen, paining a little. She had been jolly by his strength as well as the passion of her first, unforgettable climax.

Now Cesar and Cesarea was a couple, and their four cubs were sucking her teats.

Take Care, Cesar

Since Cesar had a family that needed him entirely, I had to say goodbye.

My heart broken, I set out to our final fusion. The majestetic lion mated me far more passionately than all former times we had made love together. His orgasmic roaring, though, made me cry.

"Take care, Cesar," I thought grivously.

The next morning, a loud shot started me up. I burst out of my cabin, ran to the near waterhole. Cesar was lying there, blood was runing down his back. He was dead.

Life Goes on

I was desperated. Cesar was dead. I gave up home, flew faraway to Alaska.

Here, in the everwhite Arctic, I began my existence in solitariness and despair.

For weeks, I did nothing else than wandering thru the snow, grieving for my lost love. The more time passed away, the less courage to face life I had.

Lying in bed in my cabin, I heard something scratching my door. It smashed in the wooden intrance, burst into.

The invader was a fully-grown polar bear, white as ice. I got up.

Actually, I should have withdrawn, though, I neared fearlessly, tired of life. What had I to lose'

Its mighty paw knocked me down. I tried to stand up, as the bear commenced growling threateningly. It came over me.

"C'mon, kill me! I don't care," I exclaimed, kneeling under it. Contrary to my expectation, his big, hot cock touched my cold anus. He shoved forward, penetrating me.

His loving warmth opened my stony heart, and our sensual climax changed my mournful mind.

Ever since, I am certain, life goes on.

Heat in the Cold

Cold was everywhere: in the woods, in the cabin, in my heart. I thought of Cesar, I thought of home. Nonetheless, I stayed alone.

Unexpectedly, my friend came, the polar bear. Did he want me to feed him or even to fondle him'

I checked it out, put the rest of my breakfast in front of him, took a step back, waited.

The snow-white colossus ignored my offer, walked toward me. I got at once, what he was demanding for, and I went to his side, friendly stroking his thick, rough fur.

Instantaneously, he started growling in enjoyment. Keeping on caressing the bear's large back, I unannouncedly grasped his huge, smooth, hairless balls. He could have attacked me for my bold grabbing, however, he did it not, but growled more excitedly.

I regarded that as a request for more, and bowed my head down. As my mouth sucked his hairy sheath, his big stick erected into my mouth, his pelvis began thrusting steadily.

His testicles in my hand and his cock in my mouth, I enhanced fondling, till the bear yelled orgasmically.

The heat of his climax melted me finally.

Caesar I

The polar bear gave me new heart, I returned home. Catty, Tom, Bill; almost all my friends but Cesar welcomed me cordially.

Though, it was just him I had been missing mostly. Standing at his grave, I could not help but weeping for my loving lion.

At that moment, I heard a roaring, the roaring of lion. It had been so long, since I had heard the last one. In longing expectation, I marched into the direction the sound had come from.

As I approached the location, I beheld Cesarea, Cesar's former mate, with her four adolescent cubs: two males and two females. They were playing in the barren steppe. Their image gladdened me. I wished, I slept with one.

Caesar II

Having come upon Cesar's family, my wish came true, although in an entirely different way.

The cellular phone bleeped.

Bill notified, "Chris, come here! One of the lion's badly hurt!"

Speedily, I drove to the vet. He informed, he had discovered the wounded male on his tour in a poacher's trap. Horrible.

With tears in my eyes, I saw that pitiful lion. The trap had crushed his right front paw. I prayed for not losing another friend.

My prayer was heard. After a couple of days, his grave injury was healed up, so that he could already limp around.

Even though his paw was irreparably mutilated, the lion had survived; that counted.

Everyday, I visited him, stirredly following up his gradual recovery. It was so sad and so delightful as well watching him sleeping, limping, eating, spurting against the bushes, his balls swinging with every step.

Thru the weeks, my longing for a lion returned. The day before his discharge, I entered his enclosure. Maybe, I had better waited a little longer, though, I thought, "Now or never."

The lion hissed, fell upon me, but when I turned around, and he smelled my odor of a lioness, he bent down his backside, till his full cock had slid into my fragrant anus. He shoved as strong as his father, and I began groaning satisfiedly.

A little while later, he approached his orgasm too; his fruitful semen wetted my dried intestine.

I christened him Caesar, Cesar's son.

Freedom for Kyle!

We live in the age of globalization, all people get nearer to each other for business, money, justice and liberty. So I have read in my favorite paper about Kyle Stevenson, a foreign correspondent of The Independent, sent to jail for life by a sexual offence with an animal, in other words, by zoophilia. Usually, I am not used to intervene into other person's affairs, though, if I hear of injustice towards us zoos, I guess I have the mission to fight for justice. Freedom for Kyle!

I traveled to Great Britain, visited him in the can. He looked depressed after such a long time in jail and warned me of the pitiless prosecuting attorney, however, I promised him to free him.

Kyle appointed me his attorney at his appeal.

"..or is there any comprehensible reason to doubt your judgement, my Lord' The defendant is convicted, guilty and condemned. That is enough; I consider this trial closed. We shall hear open cases, shan't we'"

"The public prosecutor is right. Mr. Tenner, nothing has changed since last time. All evidence still says against Mr Stevenson."

"I don't think so, your Honor... er, my Lord. In fact, I see his motive's evident: He's loved his dog. That's not wrong, but right. Here, in the UK, you may it call justice, but wherever you go, it'll be injustice to punish a guiltless man for love. Your Honor, in behalf of my client, I request you for a just judgement."

In the end:

"Mr Kyle Stevenson will be acquitted because he is innocent indeed. Even though I cannot reform our law, I can do my bit for global justice."

I kept my promise, Kyle was free.


Caesar was similar to Cesar, on the other hand, he was different from him. I tried to terminate comparing my mate with his father, however, I could not forget him till his son presented himself as the fondest allrounder.

Winter began, the dry season as well; every animal inside and outside the Park commenced its sheerly endless search for vital water, he too. I and Bill had been wishing any pride would take him up, but no one did so, and Caesar stayed a lonely lion. As he was helpless, he could not survive the drought, he would be damned to die a wretched death.

In that misery, I made a rather problematic decision: Caesar should stay by me. Albeit I was conscious of the conceivable consequences, and Bill objected to the handicaped lion's possible humanization, we also knew I was his last hope.

Caesar's incessant presence was a ceaseless seduction to me. When had I ever had the chance to get such an erotic creature as frequent as I desired' Though, I resisted, awaiting for the right moment.

In one of my rare brakes in shooting, I was going to make him happy. Caesar had just eaten and was dozing in the merciless midday sun. He recognized me as his mate, so I was able to carry out my resolution.

I own up not having considered the potential risks; at that moment, I was solely following my emotions. Without the least care, I lay down near him. He reacted abruptly. Caesar sniffed, yawned, got up, walked to my naked crotch, snapped at my genitals.

No, he did not tear them off, but licked off the meat cream on my bare balls. I groaned. Unannouncedly, his lips enclosed them allround and started pulling. My touchy testicles pained terrifically. Instead of screaming, I speedily lifted my head up to his distinctive scrotum, snapping at one of his delicate balls.

At the same second, Caesar opened his colossus mouth, growled pleasedly, moved on licking my hard cock. His rough tongue at my smooth glans making me hotter and hotter, I cracked his robust nut in my demanding mouth, as a sharp point slid out of his hairy sheath, his blood- red, spiny glans, the new object of my unrestrained desire.

Within several moments, Caesar's entire penis from its large base to its small top swelled by many times I cravingly pounced on, and for a short while, we were turning on each other passionately before he stopped fondling me cos he could not help any longer yelling insanely.

Then Caesar cummed. His divine semen shot into my dried-out throat. But I kept on, longing for more. I sucked him out.

Tireless Lioness

Prozoophilia. I guess Kyle has reacted a little too sensitively. They did treat him unfair, and he founded this organization with the questionable purpose to change the world. Even though my conviction is the same like his, our intentions are different. You may call me cowardly, but I prefer living inconspicously instead of risking to get caught.

Then Kyle requested me to help him find a new job. By my personal connections, I arranged his participation in an expedition for National Geographic and wished him good luck.

Meanwhile, it has happened as I and Bill have always been fearing: Caesar has gotten humanized. Now the dry season is over, and he is dependent on me cos of his handicap and my compassion. Fate is fate. I could not let him croak.

A few days ago, I returned from photographing a rare rhino subspecies. Caesar was resting in my cabin's shadow; beside him, there were two lionesses, Livia and Cesarea, his sister and his mother.

Seeing me coming, they sprang at me. Full of surprise, I fell down. Livia bent over the upper part of my body, Cesarea over the lower one. I foresaw their plan, lowered my trousers precautionarily.

At once, Caesar's sister turned around, bowed down her bottom to my face, invited me to caress her cute genitals. Doing so in growing lust, I suddenly spasmed by her mother's broad tongue licking fondly my touchy glans. It reminded me of Catty's rough tongue, however, that one was more than twenty times larger.

The quicker she licked my cock the faster I sucked her daughter's pussy. At the top speed, Cesar's widow sat down on my erect penis. I groaned, they growled, we experienced a threefold climax.

Whatever Caesar had told his relatives, I loved him for that.

In Heat I

As Kyle's first expedition was trying and failed, it was also his last one. He quitted. Without home, shelterless, ostracized by his people, Kyle came to South Africa where he hoped to find a new way of life. I received him.

"Cosy," Kyle complimented, entering my house.

"Thanks a lot," I responsed. "My home's your home."

He thorougly looked around. Beholding Catty sleeping on my bed, Kyle remarked amazedly, "My God, a moggie! Isn't it too dangerous for her here'"

I laughed. "My friend, realize that you ain't in Britain any longer but in Africa. Other countries, other manners. If it was too dangerous for my cat, she'd not be lyin' there, right'"

"Logically, Chris. Though, I wonder whether I'll ever be gotten used to this wilderness."

"Kyle, when I set out from home in Corpus Christi, I guessed as well the Kruger National Park'd been a no man's land. I mistook. Be optimistic, time'll tell," I made him clear.

It did not so. Kyle left cos he could not live in nature. That time, Catty got anomal: She rolled over the floor and began excreting in my cabin, although she had always been housebroke. I got that Catty was in heat.

Three days after its commencement, Tom appeared to mate her. In utter curiosity, I cowered into the corner, observing the feline couple executing its destiny.

Tom and Catty walked round in a circle, sniffing at each other's anus. Smelling her erotic fragrant, he started sniffing whereby his penis stiffened speedily. At once, he halted, sat down, raised his hind leg, licked his cock before he tried to mount her. She jumped away instantly, however, he kept on.

Five futile attempts later, he broke her resistance, Catty lay down. Skillfully, Tom snapped at her neck fure, held her fast, shoving his cock into her vagina. They were so beautiful.

All of a sudden, she mewed aggressively, and he escaped by a saving leap. Both retired for a little while, licking their genitals clean.

The same day, they copulated nine further times. I imagined being Tom...

In Heat II

I noiselessly creeped into the pleasant house, walked on my soft paws over the wooden floor. In the corner, I smelled the loving human and my mate in heat cowering on the ground.

Sensing her seductive odor, I moved to her attractive rear, my graceful tail extended upwards. She sniffed at my anus too, as I felt her breezy breath at my prepuce. My nostrils began flaring, my heart throbbing, my penis enhancing. Quitely aroused, I licked it which made me shake, but that was nothing comparing with mating my pussy.

I set to mount her. Just when I bent down, she sprang away. I tried again, in vain. After awhile, though, she stopped rejecting me, held still and let me thrust my rigid cock into her smooth vagina.

Immediately, my bursting balls pumped my fertile semen into her with an immense pressure. While climaxing, my spines erected, rubbing against her cunt walls. Abruptly, she miaowed angrily, turned around, attempted to scratch me. In the last moment, I got to safety.

Licking off my cum of my genitals, I looked forward to our next copulations.

Time After Time

Catty was pregnant. Checking her, Bill remarked cynically, "Bravo, Chris, in sixty-five days, she'll litter eight cute kittens. You'd better let me castrate her."

"Bill, stop jabberin' such nonesense!" I shouted. "I know what they taught you at university: You vets've to protect mankind from the animals' forbidding overpopulation but..."

"They were right. If we didn't inhibit animals from reproducin', they'd overpopulate," he decisively contradicted.

"..but as veterinary and environmentalist, you know that we ain't allowed to neuter'em. How'd you feel, if they cut off your testicles' Your attitude's arrogant. We mustn't sterilize other creatures nor hinder them from copulatin'; birth-control's sufficient."

I convinced him. Despite my successful persuasion, Caesar troubled me once more.

It was the beginning of the rainy season and the mating season. Whenever he roamed his hunting ground, he everywhere stumbled on odorous marks of heaty lionesses, arousing him unspeakably, however, none was willing to mate a prideless, handicapped lion. As I was his mate, I had to help him out. So I did.

As a year ago, I lay down on the ground, though, instead of Cesar, his son was going to make love to me. Caesar limped towards my butt, sniffd and licked my arsehole. I trembled.

Once on my back, I sensed his predatory teeth stubbing into my neck as fond as his father's, and he started shoving his sharp cock into my anus that flexed with each push. Just five wearing thrusts later, he roared orgasmically while lots of seeds were pouring into me.

Suspecting it was over, I had forgotten the feline intercourse's frequency. Caesar mated me time after time till the sun set.


"Don't you think Kyle's gone mad' Gettin' married to an animal's not normal to me, although I admire his charitable enterprise. Our recent conversation may help him out."

While talking to Catty, I fondled her allround. Certainly, I knew she could not comprehend what I said, but she did understand me, and moreover, we had a lot in common with each other, for instance, I and her had come home from a hard day in the wilderness. So we just wanted to relax.

I began nodding off, however, my skilled hands kept on working on my calmly pouring cat who was having a nap on my lap. After stroking her head for a long while, I chucked her under her chin which she loved most of all.

Next I used both hands and massaged her muscular back strongly down to her desirable rear before turning to her soft belly. As a human, Catty was ticklish there. Slowly, but steadily, my petting hands moved to her erotic abdomen.

In expectant anticipation, she invited me to caress her more intimately cos she removed her bushy tail. I did my best, rubbed her small vulva till she shivered in her pretty overcoming orgasm.

Forthwith, Catty was wide-awake; she got up, hunched her back, yawned, hasted to her kittens to suckle them.

Casually, I saw Tom stepping into my cabin, took him up and commenced pleasing him too. He liked it, though, as soon as I grazed his sensitive underside, he bit me. Ignoring his nervous overreaction, I continued.

Several snug minutes later, I concentrated on his awfully fetching genitals. Firstly, I tenderly squeezed his cute balls. With two fingers of my other hand, I masturbated his tiny prick, making him climax euphorically.

Full of excitement, I requested my loving cats to return my care.


When the Sunday service was over, I drove home. Entering my modest cabin, I met Bill sitting on a chair before my table, drinking a cup of coffee.

He greeted cheerfully, "Hi, friend, how's been the Mass'"

"Fine, thanks," I amazedly replied, "and why're you here'"

"Oh, I was just makin' my rounds, as I got the idea of droppin' in to look after Catty's kitties. They're all safe and sound, but what about you' You're lookin' depressed."

Thoughtfully, I explained, "This mornin', our priest's preached to us we'd to respect the Lord's commandments, though, that means I sin, if I make love to animals. The Holy Bible says and if a man lie with a beast,..."

"..he shall surely be put to death, I remember. You Christian zoos're in a moral dilemma cos your God forbids you to be what you are. So if you're religious, you're damned to live without animalsex."

"Don't blaspheme!" I reproved him and continued serverely, "I don't think so. In my eyes, you can believe and love animals."

"And how do you combine your view with the Bible'" Bill doubted sceptically.

I spoke, "The Lord's ways are unfathomable. Even though I'm not allowed to call his holy words into question, I'm certain he watches me, my thoughts, my deeds, my love of animals, and God sees that it's good."

"May he forgive you your sins," he wished me in sincerity. "I admire your religiousness, however, I don't understand your credo. Whatever you do, take it easy! Anyway, it's time to leave. Have a nice day!"

"God be with you!"

Zero Tolerance

She ran, she rushed, she chased her prey across the plain. The gnu ran too, Cesarea was faster. With a gracious leap, she plunged her sharp teeth into his neck's soft flesh, pulled him down, choked him. Subsequently, her entire pride gathered round the carcass and began devouring it, in particular the leading lion Julius.

Fully fascinated, I turned off my high-efficiency camera tht had filmed all the gripping scene. Though, Caesar roared ragingly at the sight of his mother, his brothers and sisters as well as his stepfather, his rival.

I considered: actually it was a shame: my Caesar, the king of beasts, the scavenger. He was fated to limp, depending at my mercy. I petted his huge head to tranquil him. He nestled up to me.

A sudden shot thundered over the wide land. Once more, a dreadful thought flashed thru my mind: poachers.

Horrifiedly, I starred at Caesar; he was unhurt. I hasted to the shot's origin and found a lacerated cat lying there dead.

"Catty, my God, not again!" I screamed, startling a hidden poacher who tried to flee away.

In his utter angst, he forgot his rifle. Zero tolerance. I picked it up, aimed, squeezed the trigger. The poacher fell down mortally hit.

What had I done'

The rangers alleged I had done the right thing, Bill judged it had served him right, but they were wrong. I had killed, my deed was unforgivable. Mourning for dearly beloved Catty and my unknown victim, I prayed the Lord might receive them kindly.

A Dream Comes True

Waking up, I was concerned about what I had dreamed. How come that such peculiar things were going on in my mind' Nevertheless, I had that urgent demand for doing so. Should I really make the dream come true' The answer was yes.

Right after breakfast, I went to Caesar who had just eaten up his meal close to my cabin. He greeted me with a well-disposed roar, and I returned by fondling his imposing mane. While he was nestling against my hairy legs, I eyed his dreamlike nuts. I was emtranced; on the one hand, I did know of his temper, but on the other hand...

"All or nothin'," I decided.

Lightningly, I snapped at his scrotum, held still. My trust in him paid, Caesar kept calm. His only response I recognized was his prick hardening promtly, when his blood commenced streaming into his erectile tissue. I dreamed away.

In the meantime, my thin spittle was warming up his solid testicles so that they softened slowly in my mouth. Sensually, I rolled them around, pushed my nimble tongue between them, feeling each single part of his tender ballsack: his great nuts, his supple epididymisses, his fine spermaducts. A half of every creature sprang there.

I started sucking, his hot testicles tightened, and his life-giving semen began moving thru his desirable genitals. What an experience!

The Call of the Sea

My mourning was deep, but I coped with it cos I had already experienced the death of a big love.

To digest my mental pain, though, I spent some time in Port Nolloth at the Atlantic Ocean. Scuba diving was one of my most favorite hobbies, and I did it as often as I was able to.

Diving thru a splendid shoal of tunas on a sunny winter morning in December, I heard a call. I listened: There was something calling for me.

Astonishedly, I surfaced and looked into the direction the voice stemmed from, however, up to the horizone, I could see nothing but the quiet sea so that I thought about what lay beyond it: Canada.

Albeit Bill was against my acute impulse to fathom the call's origin, my best friend lent me enough money for my flight to America. Led by my intuition, I reached Ungava Bay. There I heard the voice again, it was still calling me.

Without any idea of my behavior's sense or nonsense, I dived to the school of orcas singing their mating song. It was overwhelming watching those peaceful colossusses coming together to love.

Unannouncedly, such a huge body emerged from behind. Turning round, I starred straight into the black eye of a half-grown male. When he started singing, I recognized him involuntarily: That was the whale who had been calling for me.

He swam away and returned, showing me his white underside with his long genital slit. I grippedly gazed at his closed sheath that opened at once, as his gigantic, red nine-foot-penis slid out.

Awestruck, I approached the top of his erect organ, my bare hands encircled his vast glans, my tiny tongue penetrated his tender urethra opening. By licking the inside of his smooth urethra hungrily, I made him climax quite soon.

While he was singing orgasmically, I tried hard to swallow all his sweet semen. After drinking several pints, I let them stream out of his contracting cock. Eventually, they surrounded me like a clear cloud in the sky.

Do not ask me why the orca called me to satisfy him. I do not know it. All I know is it was heavenly.


I was naked, lying on a cold metal table; my hands and my feet were chained to its corners, forming an x. Bound, blindfold, mightless.

I saw nothing, but I heard a growl. Abruptly, I recognized that specific sound of two tigers surrounding me.

I had hardly enough time to realize my precarious situation. One of them walked to my feet, the other one to my head. I smelled they were male.

The tiger at the and of the table turned his head over my vulnerable abdomen, his terrific jaws encompassed my complete genitals. I held my breath in fearful excitement.

Just when I got aware of that he was sucking my dick, I felt the second tiger's sharp penis shoving thru my lips into my mouth. Although he enforced me to lick his spiny glans, I did it in mightful lust.

So it came that I was the one who stimulated them so wildly that we climaxed together. While taking the tiger seed desirously, I gave mine to them in return.

Awaking from my arousing dream, I wondered what an amazing imagination I had.

The Challenge

How generous to give me the money, how egocentric to leave me alone. Bill has ever been a mysterious man, but his late misbehavior has terminated our friendship.

Meanwhile, I have gotten over Catty's death at least, Tom has disappeared ever since.

In the last mating season, Caesar concerend me again. Due to his mutilation, he was incapable of gaining a mate, and even I could no longer act as a substitutor. I decided to challenge Julius.

Julius was the leader of the pride of Caesar's mother Cesarea and his sisters Livia and Agrippa. Neither me nor him were able to beat his stepfather, though, together we were strong.

At high noon, while his family was relaxing in a monkey bread tree's shadow we stalked them. Close to their resting-place, Caesar roared provokingly. Instantly, Julius sprang up, ran to his rival. Before both impacted on each other, I intervened by shouting loudly. Our hostile changed his direction and assailed me flashingly.

Totally shocked, I felt his sharp claws tearing my shirt, plunging into my chest. Opening his enormous mouth to bite thru my throat, Caesar drove his teeth into Julius's neck who lost and fled. I got up, looked at my bleeding wounds, already hearing him mating his mother in pint-up excitement.

The posterior challenge was to document Cesarea's pregnancy whose climax was her delivery three and a half months later that nobody had seen before.

As her labor pains began, I turned on my camera, focussing her tight vagina which was spreading little by little. After a while, a furry head slid out, her body followed and her two brothers as well. Three cubs were born.

Manual Pleasure

It is winter, it is the dry season, and it is getting warmer and warmer. If you live on the cold Northern hemisphere, I regret you honestly, although the hot wather, the drought and Caesar's enhanced responsibility for his pride trouble us daily.

Yesterday was a sunny day. At midday, I took a break between my sudorific observation of a great herd of gazelles. My lover was resting while his cubs Tanger, Gecko and Conda were scrapping briskly. Rather tired, I nestled against his velvety fur and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I felt his hard-on at my buttocks. Keeping my eyes closed, I excitedly touched his erect genitals. Sticking my smooth forefinger into his greasy anus, I began rubbing his solid prostata for awhile. Caesar commenced growling softly in his sleep.

Next my tender hand stroked along his muscular, most sensitive perineum. At long last, I reached his pleasurable purse that had tightened by his allround erection. After savoring his remarkable testicles sufficiently, I moved on to his thick penis complete with his stiff erectile tissue, his thin penis bone as well as his touchy glans. My fond fingertips grazed the tiny horn spines around his small urethra opening till his mighty reproductive organ started contracting, ejaculating white lion sperm.

Thereby my Caesar awoke, finishing the best break I had had for a long time.

Getting Caressed

Another hot winter day, Caesar and me were resting in the burning midday sun. Awefully done as a result of following a chasing leopard to film her, I was dozing, not noticing my lover coming over me and starting licking me off. I woke up, when his rough tongue crossed my bearded face, but I knew him exactly, pretended to be asleep, enjoyed his fondness. What I did not know was his true purpose. I had actually expected him to pet me just to awaken me, instead, he went on.

Having wetted my precedingly dry face, his large tongue turned downwards my nude body. He grazed my right nipple that erected promptly, and while stimulating my left one, all my muscles tensed in aroused anticipation. As the tender lion was tickling my touchy belly, I trembled inevitably, though, he must have guessed I was still sleeping cos he continued without the least irritation. By my delighting feelings, my soft prick began hardening. Caesar saw that and encompassed it with his enormous mouth.

I got cockeyed. My loving partner was sucking my excited genitals, his tongue was encircling my glans, his teeth were holding my nuts. Suddenly, I groaned aloud, my dick set to squirt my cum into his swallowing throat. Raising my head, he stared straight into my jolly eyes.

Getting caressed by Caesar was my best motivation for my impending job.


It is December 29th, 1999. In two days, the second millennium ends, and the third one begins. I am sitting here at my desk, gazing thru the window at the steppe, thinking about the past, the present and the future. This century has been a time of progress and misery. Countless humans died cos of war like my grandfather who fell in Europe, fighting against the Germans, during World War Two, on the other hand, we conquered the moon before the declined Soviets. Nowadays most people live in freedom, peace and democracy, but despite those advantages, we zoos are still discriminated that will change hopefully.

I apologize for interrupting my balance, though, Caeasar is just entering. Wow, he looks perfect. Whenever I encounter him, he mangages to seduce me. His august mane, his strong body and his genitals... divine! I fear my lover has captured me once more. Indeed, I cannot help caressing him.

Caesar, come here!

Imagine holding a lion's balls in your hands. I will tell you they feel wonderful: tender, soft, imposing. He starts growling now cos he likes being fondled in this way. Oh, he is spraying his smelling piss against my kneading hand. I guess he wants me to satisfy him completely.

Well, boy, here we go. Yuck, licking his bitter urine is not my cup, however, I am tasting his salty semen. He is coming.

This hast been great. My dear, he is sniffing at my cock, he is going to fellationing me. Yeah, it is undescribably exciting.. You see I have to finish, my climax is near.

We, Christian and Caesar, wish you a happy New Year's Eve.

God bless you in the new millennium.

Falling in Love

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one," I counted down hopefully. "Two thousand."

I hilariously drank with Leo to the third millennium, Caesar roared unsecurely, as booming fireworks lighted up the starlit sky. And there was her. Christina was a careful nurse from Krugerdorp, staying in the National Park for her short vacation.

"Happy new millennium," she wished me in her high, lively, sexy voice.

We clinked glasses festively. So did my sly friend. The black beauty with her gleaming eyes looked deep into my immortal soul. I fell in love.

Unannouncedly, Leo remarked, "I'm sorry to say goodbye, but my needy patients're waiting."

He left us alone. All my good sense, all my discipline, all my logic had gone. I could not think clearly nor could I control my overwhelming feelings. My mind was empty. She had captured my whole heart by her irresistible charm, and her tremendous sex-appeal.

"Christy," I began cautiously, "what'd you say, if I admit that I've taken a fancy of you'"

"I know," the seductive woman cooly replied.

Although I wondered abruptly how that was possible, did it matter' Enamoredly, I embraced her, closed my eyes sensually, and let me lead by my magnificent emotions. Little by little, my opened mouth neared hers, our turning tongues touched each other's. Christina and me sank into the groundless ocean of heavenly passion.

A Good Morning Is a Good Day

I am sure you know those mornings in which you feel to tired to get up. You are lying in bed without the least lust, but to be honest, you are waiting for someone loving to wake you up. Then he comes, and you are ready for mastering the day.

So it has happened this morning: Opening my sleepy eyes, I could not help thinking at Christina, my dream woman, who traveled back to Krugerdorp tonight cos her vacation was over. Why should I leave my cosy bed, when my love was not there anyway' I was listless.

Amid my sadest melancholy, someone silently scraped my moderate cabin's closed intrance. My wooden door sprang open, my majestic lion stepped in. Caesar stalked to me, licked my weary face vivaciously and jumped onto my solid mattress; his clawed, tender paws on both sides of my naked body. To my utter astonishment, he reached out his furry, fragrant rear right into my sight, before my sensitive nose.

Needless to say that at such an enticing glance, I was no more able to withstand him. Joyfully, I fulfilled his clear request by sucking his flabby prick out of his soft sheath, and while his trained erectile tissue was hardening gradually, I let it be, turning to his relaxed balls I started licking impetuously.

Firstly, my poor lover only growled quietly, though, the wilder I caressed his touchy testicles the louder he roared till he could not restrain his unavoidable orgasm any longer so that he set to cum straight onto my hairy chest.

Pleasing my old buddy has given me enough kix to do my today's work. Or how do they say' A good morning is a good day.


A whole week lasted my longing for our reunion, and during that sheerly endless time, I kept dreaming of an illusive life with my dream woman. Finally, the decisive weekend came, I got into my rover, driving to my sweetie most fastly.

Christina greeted bewitchingly, "Come in, darling, the welcome mat's out."

I entered her luxurious apartment full of desirous love for her, although she did not care about me, but let me in my dreamworld. After finishing each of her tiring calls on her cellular, we started talking, I mean she started telling me her workaday routine that was nothing towards my adventures existence in the bush, however, I am a gentleman, so I listened to her, pretending my false interest in her presumptous chatter. I showed her total devotion, and that was my mistake.

We meanwhile emptied a bottle of white wine, of costly chianti and of poor champagne. She filled my glass again and again, stunning me more and more. By God, I had no idea of her real, ticklish intention, but when I was completely drunk, it was too late anyway.

Once more, she used all her lying charm to turn my head, luring me into her bed where she made with me will-less guy what she wanted. Even though I would not say that dirty Christina raped me cos I was so stupid to love her, I damn her for her untruthfulness.

The next morning, I got sobered by realizing that appearances are deceptive, as the sleeping slut beside me had exploited my affection. I swore at her mendecity and returned to my faithful lover.

Home, Sweet Home

Traveling is wonderful indeed, but there is no place like your home. Wherever I have been to on my manifold missions in all over the world, getting back has been the crowning of each of them.

You know I am a felidophile being fond of felines, particularly Caesar, and although I like all the other species as well, I must admit to have never had an intercourse with a canine till my yesterday's visit in Pretoria, at my good friend Kimberley and her dalmatian bitch Spot.

While we were talking about everything under the sun, the radio speaker in the background reported on a grave crash within her district and the badly hurt victim: her husband. In spite of my offer to support her at that hard hour, she persisted on going thru by herself. The only favor she asked me for was look after Spot what I did gladly.

Still admiring her splendid fur, she started sniffing at my crotch. As I could not withstand her sex appeal, nor wanted I her to fellatio me, I decided to response to her desire. I unzipped my jeans, kneeled down behind her; my hands moved under her belly, caressed her teats, and my urging cock penetrated her tender pussy. Instinctively, I began thrusting back and forth, rising my lust to my life's first climax with a dog.

It was marvelous. She and I, we enjoyed our orgasm a lot. And nonetheless, I am happy to be back at home where those live I love.

Go thru Life with Your Eyes Open

A good friend is the finest thing in life, someone once said, and I think it is true cos in defiance of all my individualism, I am glad to have a deep friendship to upright people like Leo I can talk to about everything imaginable. There are controversial issues, though, even we argue about now and then.

Last Sunday, for example, I and Leo went to the curch.

The missionary preached prejudices poisened our frankness, and when the divine service was over, and we were walking pensively from the mission to my house, he reflected logically, "The priest was right. Unluckily, all of us too often prejudge certain persons due to their own characteristics we disapprove of, so I rejected your unusual way of life without knowing you actually, and as the majority objects to zoophilia, I feel forced to deny my conviction."

"They oppose cos they're subjective;" I deliberately interjected. "If society were as objective as I try to be without any prejudice, everyone'd consent us. While discussing this important topic, I remember debating with Kyle, a British friend of mine, on your peolpe."

"My people'" Leo asked confusedly.

I clarified succinctly, "You know his father fell in the second World War wherefore he condems you Germans."

"But I've nothing to do with my forefather's deeds," he legally justified.

"Needless to say, man. And what shall I do' My grandfather was killed by the Nazis, both my great-grandfathers died in the fight against the Japaneses; I'd hate the half of mankind, if I shared his unchristian view. I guess you've to forgive."

"We've got the same opinion at least," my intelligent friend stated soothedly.

I added wisely, "Go thru life with your eyes open!"


El 21 de agosto de 1990 departí de mi lugar de nacimiento en los Estados Unidos de América a Sudáfrica, y desde entonces no había hablado ninguna palabra con mis padres. Quizá se pregunte, por qué abandoné mi familia. Le daré la contestación: lo hice para autorrealizarme.

Qualquier como sea, el 15 de enero de 2000, diez años después de mi salida, regresé a Corpus Christi para reunirme con Bill y Liz Tenner.

Llegando a nuestra casa, mi madre me dio las bienvenidas con las lágrimas en los ojos: "iNiño, estás de vuelta, gracias a Dios!"

Me besó tempestuosamente, aunque mi padre me saludó fríamente: "'Qué ha pasado que vienes acá'"

"'Dónde está Simon'", me informé sin responder a su pregunta reprochada.

"Tu hermano menor vive en México, 'sabes' Nos ha traicionado como tú, chico."

"No he traicionado a nadie", contradije enérgicamente. "Os salí por vuestra dureza de corazón. Ahora tengo una vida feliz en la libertad que necesito. Papá, mamá, quiero revelar mi secreto: soy un zoo."

"'Qué eres'", mi madre pregunté asombradamente.

"Es un zoofilio lo que significa que folla animales", mi padre explicó condenándome enfadosamente. "'Y tu cretino te llamas el hijo de un honorable militar estadounidense' iCielo santo!"

Me defendí resolutamente: "No me entenderéis nunca porque sois intolerantes."

Me despidí otra vez a la alegría de mi padre, y a la tristeza de mi madre. Que Dios les perdone.


On 21 August 1990, I departed from my place of birth in the United States of America to South Africa, and since then, I had spoken no word with my parents. Maybe you wonder why I abandoned my family. I'll give you the answer: I did it to realize myself.

However, on 15 January 2000, ten years after my leaving, I returned to Corpus Christi to reunite with Bill and Liz Tenner.

Reaching our house, my mother welcomed me with tears in her eyes, "Baby, you're back, thank God!"

She kissed me stormily, although my father greeted me coldly, "What's happened that you come here'"

"Where's Simon'" I inquired without responding to his reproachful question.

"Your younger brother lives in Mexico, you know' He's betrayed us like you, boy."

"I've betrayed nobody," I contradicted energetically. "I left you for your cold-hartedness. Now I've a lucky life in the freedom I need. Dad, mom, I wanna reveal my secret: I'm a zoo."

"You're what'" my mother asked astonishedly.

"He's a zoophile that means he fucks animals," my father explained, condemning me wrathfully. "And they call you cretin the son of an honorable, American soldier' Good heavens!"

I defended resolutely, "You'll never understand me cos you're intolerant."

I made my farewell once more to my father's happiness, and to my mother's sadness. That God may forgive them.


Am 21. August 1990 brach ich auf von meinem Geburtsort in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika nach Sudafrika und seit dem hatte ich kein Wort mit meinen Eltern gesprochen. Vielleicht fragen Sie sich, weshalb ich meine Familie verlie. Ich gebe Ihnen die Antwort: ich tat es, um mich selbst zu verwirklichen.

Wie dem auch sei, am 14. Januar 2000, zehn Jahre nach meiner Abreise, kehrte ich nach Corpus Christi zuruck, um mit Bill und Liz Tenner zusammen zu kommen.

Als ich unser Haus erreichte, hie mich meine Mutter mit Tranen in den Augen Willkommen: "Kind, du bist zuruck, Gott sei Dank!"

Sie kusste mich sturmisch, obzwar mein Vater mich kalt begrute: "Was ist geschehen, dass du hierher kommst'"

"Wo ist Simon'", erkundigte ich mich, ohne seine vorwurfsvolle Frage zu entgegnen.

"Dein kleiner Bruder lebt in Mexiko, weit du' Er hat uns wie du verraten, Junge."

"Ich habe niemanden verraten", widersprach ich energisch. "Ich verlie euch wegen eurer Hartherzigkeit. Nun habe ich ein gluckliches Leben in der Freiheit, die ich brauche. Papa, Mama, ich will euch mein Geheimnis offenbaren: ich bin ein Zoo."

"Was bist du'", fragte meine Mutter erstaunt.

"Er ist ein Zoofiler, was bedeutet, er fickt Tiere", erklarte mein Vater, mich zornig verdammend. "Und du Kretin nennst dich den Sohn eines ehrbaren, amerikanischen Soldaten' Gutiger Himmel!"

Ich verteidigte mich entschlossen: "Ihr werdet mich nie verstehen, weil ihr intolerant seid."

Ich verabschiedete mich abermals zur Freude meines Vater und zur Trauer meiner Mutter. Dass Gott ihnen vergebe.

Strong Caesar

Vodafone merges with Mannesmann, America Online merges with Warner Brothers, Daimler merges with Chrylser u the world economy is uniting which we call globalization but who does care about it if you live in the wilderness far afield from the stock market' I not, my commonplace concerns are caring for Caesar, my bare necessaties and documenting wildlife to remind the people out there that there is more on Earth than the stocks going up and down cos even though they say money makes the world go round, there is no world without nature. Living like me means enjoying the simple things u on condition that you have enough time to do so.

Sunday is the only weekday when I find the needful time for a complete recovery. This Sunday, Leo has invited me for lunch after Mass, however, I declined with thanks as I had other intentions.

I drove home. Stepping into my cabin, I beheld my lover lying tranquilly on my bed. He seemed to be asleep so I closed the door, avoiding every noise, undessed, nestled against his thick, black shaggy mane and his short, orange, velvety fur. Although I actually guessed I would take an afternoon nap with him, I was wrong. Crafty as he was, he just waited till I had nodded off, got up, lifted his bushy tail and spurted a thin jet of hissing piss in my direction. Its heavenly scent awoke me at once. Without opening my eyes, I flehmed, widening my nostrils to their limit to inhale as much seductive odor as I could. I was already breathing in and out deeply when I finally dared to look round. At the mere sight of his flabby sheath and his dangling purse, my mighty prick got hard as titan.

Caesar sprang onto the wooden floor, and me as well. He squatted down to the ground, I knealt down behind him. The aroused lion started growling agitately while I futily attempted to mate with him. As he recognized my initial problem, he raised his round rump, I seized his husky flanks and commenced thrusting forward. His dark-red asshole was tight but my stiff, smooth glans under my withdrawn foreskin forced its passionate way thru his flexed sphincter. Excited Caesar bawled ecstatically, and I retired my erect cock to shave it into his cute, soft arse again. In that magnificant manner, I kept moving in and out before I burst in a furious orgasm. Pulling back my pulsating penis, my cold cum dropped on his tensed balls.

I felt weary whereas my untiring friend stood up abruptly and mounted me there and then. Despite my energetic try to relax my touchy anus entirely, I began groaning in lustful pain when his stately organ invaded into my hot gut. And Caesar ejaculated, roared frantically, withdrew his donative dick whose sharp spines brought me to a second climax.

Half an hour later, he wanted me to intercourse renewedly. I anticipated it was mating season. Since then, we have been making love again and again.

Poetry I

I will present you with the poetic aspect of me as a varied author. Out of gratitude for all his love, I dedicate these three love poems to Caesar. I wrote them in English cos I cannot speak another language but my mother tongue. To enable my foreign readers to understand my romantic poetry, though, I asked my good friends Kyle and Leo to translate it into Spanish and German. I hope you will enjoy the following verses.

Broken Heart

There is a heart

Full of pain

Trying a new start

Although it is in vain.

This heart is mine,

And my start shall be with you,

But I do not know if you're in Upon Tyne

Or maybe in Peru.

I remember the time

When I met you;

You looked so fine,

And I kissed you.

I was in seventh heaven

Till you made me sad;

I saw the clock striking seven,

Wishing you were dead.

Now our love has fallen apart,

I am lonely to the core

With my broken heart;

Come back and leave me nevermore!

Good Friend

A friend is someone

Who is like no-one;

He understands you,

And he defends you.

It is a good friend

If he gives you his helping hand

To stay with you on bad days

When you want to go on his ways.

Your friend is the spring

Of your power and the string

Controling the puppets around you

Which are going to help you thru.

There are friends to talk to

Who you're looking forward to,

And there are others to love

You wish to fly with like a dove.

Actually, it does not matter

What gender it has cos it will shatter

Your fortune if you start prejudging

Take him as he is, or you'll keep trudging.

Hot Love

I am hot as a volcano

Belching smoke, lava, fire,

And I am a man from El Arcano

Erupting with the ultimate desire.

You must know

You are my love.

I swear I'll show

How I can shove.

For me you are an angel

On a white cloud

Playing the triangle

While I keep staring from the crowd.

When I start calling your immortal soul

You hear my echoes in your ears,

Then you come flying to your goal

Which is me to free you from your fears.

As I'm in heat as you're too,

We lie ourselves down with me above;

This way feels so very new,

And we therefore make hot love.

Lion Love

I love lions above all so it is no wonder that my permanent lover is Caesar. As you know, I am used to making love to him as often as I can, and every time we have sex together, it seems to be like the first one. Therefore, I will relate you our lust intercourse that happened two weeks ago.

It was one of my seldomly free days whereon I had the valuable time I needed to recover from the commonplace stress of my adventurous work. The night before, I had gotten back from my irritating reunion with my obdurate parents. Having slept thru all night, I woke up at midday, gaping drowsily out of the clean window: it ws raining cats and dogs.

"Such a monsume amidst the drought'" I stuttered aghast. "The greenhouse effect must be far more advanced than I assumed."

Still visualizing the curious phenomenon, my uttermost tireness began overwhelming me once more. I just wanted to turn over to sleep on as I noticed a huge creature on the opposite of my little cabin.

Caesar stepped to my messy bed noiselessly. Then a harsh lightning illuminated the semi-dark room, a rumbling thunder tore the peaceful silence, the invincible king of beasts shuddered terrifically, and I had a hell of trouble to tranquil him again.

When the heavy storm had ceased, he snuggled his furry flank against my hairy leg and walked to the opened door, rising his graceful tail upright and giving me a seductive sight at is prodigious rear: his relaxed anus, his dangling testicles, his supple sheath. His dreamlike glance reminded me involuntarily at deceased Catty whose fateful bereavement I had surmounted for long. Nevertheless I thrilled.

Finally, I could no more resist to caress him. I commenced licking his smooth asshole, no catching its moot smell and taste as his beaty was enticing my senses. Moving down his adorable genitals, he hornily sprayed his hot urine right into my swallowing mouth. Synchronously, I felt my hardest penis throbbing with each heartbeat.

I rammed my rigid prick into his aroused arse excitedly as never before, Caesar yelled madly when my tensed balls clashed wth his, I sensed a splitting ache searing my entire abdomen. To endure those unbearable torments, I drilled my sharp fingers into his velvety belly and started masturbating his rough dick speedily.

At the ecstatic end of our affectionate agony, I cummed cryingly while feeling his muscles contracting and his urethra ejaculating his divine semen. I broke down.

Regaining consciousness, he was licking off my pale face. Unspeakably satisfied, I opened my weakened mouth, stretched out my tender tongue and kissed Caesar intimately. We were one.

Thy Will Be Done

Sometimes I envy you, and sometimes I regret you but now I wish you not to be here cos we are having the flood. Although I have been living in South Africa for over ten years, there has never been a monsume like this. The natives even say it is the worst deluge for forty years.

Before the present rainy season, I traveled to New Zealand to visit a former friend of mine. I consulted Professor Spencer at his office at Auckland University.

"Chris," he exclaimed, jumping up from his desk.

"Shuddup, Aussie!" I scolded. "I'd thought we were friends till you pissed off to downunder. No reason, no message, and whenever I tried to mail or phone you, you didn't respone. Why'"

My funky buddy gulped and explained, "The issue's not as it seems. What might've made me give up my home'"

"I dunno."

"You're right, I was too cowardly to reveal you my fateful state. Well, while mating with the apes, I was infected with the H.I.V. which's broken out in the meantime. Chris, I have AIDS," he expounded.

I confess I firstly considered whether I had also gotten the virus.

"Bill, I had no idea. Forgive me," I besought. "If you'd entrusted you to me earlier, I could've helped you, however, it's too late."

The sick vet confirmed, "You say it. I was so naive to believe in my eternal fortune, and I'll pay for my irredeemable carelessness. These are the burdens I've to bear."

"How long'" I asked.

"Three months;" he murmured. "As your friend, I beg your pardon and implore you to fulfill my last will."

I approved, "What do you want'"

"I'm in love to a wombat. Alas, I can't see him no longer. Bid him my farewells."

"Thy will be done," I assured.

Bill gave me enough information to make out his lover. I flew from Auckland to Sydney. Cos it was a long way anyhow, I spent some time there, looking at the impressing buildings of the Olympic Games 2000. Then I rented a rover and drove into the outback. Nearby the town of Condobolin in which I stayed the next night I reached my destination.

A wombat is a three-foot-long, gray brown, shaggy marsupial. It is used to sleeping on the greater part of the day inside its large earth and chasing its prey at night. Bill's womat Tuft was an elder male. Lurking close to one of his long tubes' concealed intrances, I was certain he was asleep thus I crept into the black hole.

Amid the dark tunnel, I encountered the wakeful wombat I had started unintentionally. He bit me, I bit him back, he shrieked and ran away. Tuft was far faster than me, though, I caught him in his cosy cave where was no light so I trusted my touchy hands which began stroking him.

Just after a short while, he snuggled against my nude body, I rose as high as possible and shoved my stiff prick thru his thick fur into his soft arsehole. Ultimately, I cummed into him, making Bill's farewells to him.

Returning to Auckland, Bill had already died. I went home with the certainty of not having AIDS and having done his will.

The Flood

I am homeless. To make you understand everything, I will tell you the story of the flood from the beginning.

Tuesday morning, I woke up by the stormy rain pattering onto the wooden roof. It hit me like a belt from the blue when I noticed Caesar was not there.

"He'll be safe," I thought to calm down, walked to the sink and looked at the man in the mirror.

Ten years in the wilderness had changed me remarkably, and especially the last week had left its marks on my rough, furry, bushed face. Every goddam day had been a futile fight against the neverending deluge from the pouring sky, the sharp wind, the swamped river Olifants. Though I looked like Robinson Crusoe, I looked more natural than ever before. Pretty done, I gripped the washcloth and started cleaning myself as the boabab next to the cabin fell thru the wall onto me.

I regained consciousness an unknown time later. It was dark, wet and cold; heavy hailstones were rattling onto my bare skin. The tremendous tree trunk was lying on my limp legs. They were broken. With my last ounce of strength, I tried to move; a splitting pain rushed thru my weakened body. I prayed the Lord may help me and fainted.

So did he.

I opened my weary eyes, saw Leo over me and moaned, "Where's Caesar'"

"I don't know," my true buddy whispered. "Keep quiet, Chris, you're sheltered. I found you half-dead on Wednesday evening and took you to the missionary station. Don't worry, your wounds will heal, and..."

"Where's Caesar'" I repeated.

Leo narcotized me, and I fell asleep. Then, a whole month afterwards, I had recovered so far that I was able to drive with him to the place of my lost home. The flood had ravaged the land, his house was destroyed, mine had vanished.

And a miracle happened; Caesar was waiting for us in the scene of devastation. My sole lover had a guardian angel. The stone was off my chest.

Hard Core

The flood is over, though my healing has not yet ended. I am bed-ridden and living with Leo who has his cottage already reconstructed. He has promised to help me build a new blockhouse as soon as I have fully recovered.

Pretty lucky about his blessing indisguise, I spend the meantime in bed, at the veranda or on my wheelchair. Caesar appears to be also joyous that I am there all day to care for him, to pet him, to play with him. That reminds me of our Wednesday's erotic game.

Caesar was lying before my bed, Leo had just retired, and I was due to fall asleep. Scarcely had I gone to the dreamland when I felt a velvety thing slapping on my cheek. Before I opened my eyes, I widened my nostrils and smelled that unmistakable mixture of feline exhalation and sexual scent. Then I saw his black asshole as well as his closed sheath next to his flabby purse dangling above my head.

He was horny. I also sensed a certain lust but cos we had frolicked till the late evening, I was too tired. On the other hand, I would not disappoint my unique lovey. So I had three possibilities: I could caress him either anally, orally or manually.

I decided for the latter. Caesar was still squatting over my face as I lifted my right hand and encompassed his big ballsack. My fingers began kneading its manifold elements, namely his thin spermaducts and his soft epididymisses. Then they got to the hard core: his tremendous testicles.

After I had simply enjoyed holding his nice nuts, I squeezed them violently, and he roared arousedly. To finish him off, my left hand grabbed his swollen dick and started rubbing it back and forth.

Caesar climaxed, squirting his watery cum into my mouth. His vehement orgasm made him tranquil enough for a peacable night.


Some time after our frisky fuck, Caesar was going to surprise me. Monday morning, I awoke by feeling a cold breeze blowing at my naked belly. I wondered where the woolen blanket was, opened my sleepy eyes, saw my stately lion leaning on the wooden bed's lower end. Long before I realized what he was due to do, he bent down his furry head between my plastered thighs, stretched out his large tongue and started licking my bare prick.

I moaned, shivering with rising lust, when Caesar snapped at my touchy balls. I could have yelled at him then, though, I was numb, and I confided in Caesar not to bite off my hairy scrotum anyway. My blind trust in him got justified. He kept sucking the soft tissue around my hard testicles, my tensed nutsack relaxed but all of a sudden, he closed his deadly muzzle and pulled them up.

That was too much. I screamed and tried to wriggle myself out of my painful position, however, it did not work cos his sharp teeth were holding me tight. Just a I thought the terrific ache would drive me out of my tortured mind, Caesar let go of my blue balls. I looked at them, and they were unhurt. My imponderable lover meanwhile took my stiff cock between his wide jaws, giving me the ultimate kix to climax.

Life and Death

Owczarek panted, his seven-inch cock slid into me. Faster, harder, stronger. I groaned. The five-year-old, German shepherd went to the last extreme while mounting his human mate. All around us, the morning air was steaming. He leaned on my brawny back, blowing his hasty breath at my flexed neck, and thrusted his smooth prick in and out of my aroused ass that his black balls swung against my tight scrotum. Then Owczarek reached the turning point. He had a furious orgasm, his complete dick contracted, thin dog cum cooled my hot gut. Having slowed his shoving speed, I felt his expansive base swelling to four inches, stretching my touchy rectum to its utter limit. We were tied.

"Chris, where are you'" someone shouted thru the thick wood.

"Here we are, Leo."

The wealthy vet gave a little cough and apologized, "I'm sorry if I interfere..."

"You don't," I replied. "What's up'"

"It's time to leave," he reminded.

I inquired, "Where will we go'"

"To Oswiecim."

After Owczarek's mighty knot had shrunk, we set out. Leo and me were in Poland. A whole week before, my appreciated buddy had invited me to accompany him on an unique visit at his entire family. I would learn a lot about the Germans, he promised.

We took a scheduled plane form Praetoria to Prague, crossed the Czech-Polish border and arrived at the busy city of Gliwice. His Silesian aunt Magdalena welcomed us kind-heartedly but I just had an eager eye for her proud shepherd Owczarek. We had much fun together. When Leo suggested to proceed to Osciecim, I had not the least idea that we would go the hard way to the darkest era of German history. Oswiecim is Polish for Auschwitz.

Auschwitz was the biggest concentration camp of the Nazis. Over eight million people died there. They were hung, shot or gassed; a godforsaken place. I had read incredible stories about the devilish death factory, and albeit I knew they were true, I had never guesed to face the hellish holocaust one day.

Oswiecim is a tranquil town that conceals its horrible past. Driving thru the peaceful streets, I did not recognize what had happened there forty-five years ago. We reached the aweful concentration camp.

I was standing in front of the open gate with the sarcastic inscription "Labor makes free" and surveyed the brown, wooden watchtowers and the red, one-storied brick houses. All looked as though it had been abandoned yesterday. I entered the double-fenced-in area when my shocked gaze fell on a plain frame where regrettable prisoners had been hung up with contorted arms. With a dreadful fright, I fell backwards into the barbed wire. If I had done that five decades earlier, I would have died. In the meantime, however, the ten-foot-high fence was not electrified any more.

I asked, "How are you'"

Leo was speechless. Within the restored wardhouse, I fell silent as well cos there was, among other things, the cut hair of countless murdered deportees which would have processed into wooden cloth.

On the white wall of the medical ward, I saw terrible pictures of mutilated test persons and other heinous cruelties. I averted my loath eyes, casting a thoughtful look at the memorial cross consegrated by Pope John Paul the Second in 1982.

We got to the mass-murderous gas chamber. As I was in the cold, grey-tiled room, I heard the innocent souls crying manifoldly. Who could be so godless to commit those shameful atrocities'

Having left the cursed place, I inquired, "Do you feel responsible for this'"

"No," he negated, "I'm not responsible for my forefathers' irreversible misdeed but I bear the historical responsibility that the irredeemable holocaust will never recur."


We went by train from his aunt in Gliwice to his mother in Hamburg. All I knew of the city was a scene of the movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" and we had bombed it in World War Two. On the one hand, Hamburg ws a metropolis like Dallas, Cape Town, London and Prague, and, on the other hand, I was surprised by its variety when I found the botanical garden amidst the center with its Japanese yard to meditate.

One morning, we visited the zoo whose senior vet Leo had once been. Each animal we saw made me hotter and hotter. At midday, we left. I was feeling so horny that I would take the first creature I meet.

When he rung at his front door, Jauler was just waiting for him. Jauler was the Landmanns' black dane. Leo kissed his 96-year-old mother and asked her to leave us alone. Then he began caressing his lovey he had been missing so long. Looking at his dick sparkling white, I got a bit envious.

"I'd give everything to fuck this beatuy," I murmured.

"There you are."

I thanked, "You're that kind."

First and foremost, I minded my temper and sucked the dog's prick till he cummed into my mouth. Finally, it was time to work off my arousal. I seized his hips, he removed his tail, and I rammed my phallus into his arsehole. Jauler yolwed. I kept thrusting with mirth. He was holding still while my seeds shot into his bum. We were done.

A short while later, however, Leo, Jauler and me carried on mating to midnight.

In the Spanish Center

I was in Madrid, Spain's prodigious capital. The hospitable country was still condemning the detestable attempt of the Basque terrorist organization Euskadi ta Askatasuna (ETA) on two guiltless persons. I, however, loved having returned from my instructive tour thru cold, strict Germany to the subtropical climate. I used to live in.

My freak friend Kyle had suggested to meet in that exquisite city where he had worked for five months. Till he had flown from Lima to Barajas, Madrid's ultramodern airport, I checked in a cheap hotel in the old town, visited the world-famous Museum of Prado and strolled across the cose, restful park. Albeit there was also a splendid zoo to get to, I was not keen on watching unfree animals, and despite my original fears to be unable to communicate cos I could not speak Spanish, most corteous Spaniards understood me unexpectedly well. When he arrived, Kyle looked a lot better then the last time we had seen each other.

"Chris, have you just heard of ETA's distardly attack'" he asked.

I cursed, "I've read in in the Financial Times. How despicable is that'"

"That's so perfidous, isn't it'"

"It is," I retated a little mewed. "Kyle, how do you do'"

"You know I'm irate since they told me every twenty days dies out a human language. Do you Yankee think we must conserve them or shall we mix them to a common world language'" the committed environmentalist inquired

I expounded, "All languages on Earth are equal, and each of them, no matter how tiny it is, is worth protecting to preserve the local language itself and the worldwide diversity of languages. It's, otherwise, not only a question of preserving minor languages but also major ones. Small languages are the resource of global languages like English, Spanish or French. English, for instance, is nothing less than a fusion of countless other languages. Apart from its main sources, the Germanic and Romantic stem, it contains plenty of foreign words from American, Asian and African languages. Considering the options of a world language, though, I guess the way we go on is the best one imaginable: English is now the leading language in economy, business and culture; most people speak it as a first or a second language while they hold on to their mother tongue. And if we thnk about the future of our languages, we should never forget we bear the complete responsibility for their continuace as a speech can't survive without its speakers."

"I'm of the very same mind," he agreed. "Now I'll reveal the real reason for our present reunion."

We went to the partly rotten Prince Prio Station to the east of the city center. Even though I saw some people hasting in and out, it was evident, too, that the promoteristic building was almost abandoned. He led me to a hidden place barely eight hundred yards from the old, royal palace.

Hardly had I scaled the barbed wire fence when Kyle hissed, "Duck down!"

I cowered to the dirty ground but only a single car went by. Slinking to a rosty iron door, I wondered what might be the motive for his secretiveness. A few moments later, I got to know it.

"This is Enrique and Elián," he introduced. "I met them four years ago on a research into Madrid's poverty."

"Hola," they greeted, adding something incomprehensible.

Kyle translated, "The lads want you to have sex with their bitch. There you are."

The Briton pointed at the next room, I entered, a white whippet was sitting there panting, her tail was wriggling lively. She gazed into my eyes, it was love at first site. Looking at the filth around us, I remembered Bill. I hesitated.

"What's the matter, Chris'" my English friend shouted.

"I dread getting sick here."

He gave me a paper with the headline "Certificado médico," and everything was alright. Elián began grousing in Spanish.

"Hurry up!" Kyle interpreted. "He says they've spent all their welfare payment for that health certificate so show them what they've been longing for!"

Adventurous as I was, I took the chance. I unzipped my jeans, knelt down; my knees sank into the stinking mud covering the concrete floor.

"What's her name'"

"Amorosa," he informed.

Amorosa was standing still while I intruded thru her outer and inner labia into her wet cunt, turning down to her deep womb. When my hard prick grazed her tender clit, she shook, and her vaginal muscles tightened, pressing my shoving dick.

"Kyle, why didn't you make love to this pretty bitch," I groaned.

"I did," he answered. "Quicker!"

Fucking her ardently, I forgot the Madrilenian bums getting cockeyed by watching me. Enrique even grabbed his penis and started masturbating. I grasped her meager flanks, and then a wave of orgasmic contractions rushed my body.

I was so done that I let my cock stay in her sheath like a dog expecting his knot to shrink. Kyle mounted her following when I had withdrawn. I leaned against the wall and breathed a sigh of relief.


I and Kyle were going on the old town's silent streets. Having finished our stay at the Spanish center, we had taken a bus to the Andalusian city of Almería in which he had lived for a year.

"Kinda strange," I remarked, "we're stolling thru this peaceful town under the starlit sky while my home's flooded time after time."

"Are you in earnest'"

"In dead earnest. Hardly had we guessed the worst was over, the cyclone Eline started ravaging the land once more. Hundreds of people have already died, and there's no improvement in sight," I sighed.

The compassionate conservationist inquired, "What about your fellows'"

"Thank the Lord they're safe and sound: Caesar's been evacuated to Pretoria's zoo, and Leo's trying to save the other endangered animals."

"Do you feel guilty for not supporting them'" he asked.

I denied, "There's no room for self-reproaches. The first flood's shown we can't control the force of nature; it's all in God's hand."

"I don't thinks so. Now let's change the subject. Our neighbors have told me this morning that a mob of about five hundred angry farmers beat up a couple of African immigrants in near El Ejido."

"You see," I deduced, "here're racists as in the United States, South Africa, Austria and elsewhere. Mankind's used to fighting, and religion's a way to reconcile. Pope John Paul the Second, for instance, has gone on a pilgrimage to the Mount Sinai yesterday and met the Greek bishop Damianos."

"What does that have to do with war'" Kyle informed.

"The Catholic, the Protestant and the Orthodox Church have been discussing the Lord's message for a too long time. As we're communing together right now, communion's the first step towards peace, the reunification of Christianity and the pacification with the Jews and the Muslims:"

He commented, "Let's hope so but insofar as I see as a heathen, the Pope's the main reason for the division of the Christian Church, isn't he'"

"Though the Holy Father's the earthly head of Christianity to our mind, I'm sure we Christians will surmount that hindrance as well," I predicted.


There came a beige Spaniel from a nearby side street.

My concerned companion starred into my blinded eyes and admonished, "I warn you, Chris, that'll be a homeless stray."

When he lifted his hind leg to urinate, I noted his black purse dangling loose.

"C'mon!" I urged.

Sticking my stiff cock into his greasy asshole, Kyle knelt down so that the love-needing dog mounted him. Just before our common climax, two young Spaniards passed us. My British friend growled to them in Spanish, and they ran away.

"What have you said'"

He grinned, "I'm going to bite you."

The Rescue

Once come home from my refreshing vacation in Europe, I recognized the high water had flowed off the Kruger National Park. Although Leo had given his very best, it had been impossible to save all animals, and when he reproached me for having made vacation while more than sixty of them had drawned, I got a rather bad conscience. I realized I had let them down. To make up for my shameful misdeed, I decided to risk my life for nature there and then. I could not raise them from the dead but I was capable of rescueing other animals needing help.

South Africa had already surmounted the ravaging catastrophe while Mozambique was still flooded. Our air force was supporting our neighboring state by twenty-eight military helicopters; Britain, Germany as well as France would send further aid, and just my native country left the Mozambiquean people alone.

Me and Leo hired the grateful rangers' patrol helicopter and flew to the inundated Save Valley. Within the next three weeks, we rescued four hundred and twenty endangered creatures. The biggest one we took to the national veterinary station was a female zebra well advanced in pregnancy who bore her cute foal in flight.

Several days afterwards, we were transporting a male coyote. He was in such a nervous state that he started pissing in the expensive helicopter. I immediately began sucking his wet sheath, swallowed his tasteless urine, making him stop peeing cos his lean cock was stiffening. With a short, loud screech, the temperamental coyote climaxed and spurted much more spicy cum into my eager mouth than I had assumed.

Bringing back the dependable helicopter to its generous pilot, he was astounded by the dried semen on the cleaned floor.

I pretended, "A mad critter's held me its mate."

Bestiality I

To the Limit

The Pope excused for the historical misdeeds of the Catholic Church that day. I welcomed his speech although it did not help me with the disaster I was in. The flood had ravaged the land, my home was destroyed, thousands of animals had died. Leo was a vet, rich enough to have his cottage reconstructed while I had not those financial means for a new hut. I needed some dough, and where could I get it' I remembered how much many I had earned with Diversity. That was it. I would shoot Bestiality.

My suspicious buddy opposed, "Do you really mean to produce such an animal-abusing film they trade on the Internet'"

"Leo, you're rebuking like Bill but it's okay that you vets insist on the physical well-being, and to disprove your objection, I'll answer for the morality," I assured.

"How will you market the movie'"

"Via the Web," I argued. "We'll make all the profit this time cos there's no orderer taking ist proportion. Your only job will be to film me or vice versa."

"No way, Chris, unless you gave me a certain incentive," he required.

"Ten per cent."

The cunning German haggled, "Twenty."

"Alright," I agreed.

We were standing in the blooming steppe.

Leo shouted, "Action!"

I turned on the big faucet. The strong zebra neighed when the cool water began splashing into his tensed ass. His fleecy belly started bulging by the mighty enema. Quart after quart was filling him up for more than a minute. As about four gallons had squirted into him, he shuddered with oppressive pain.

Having turned off the sharp jet, I pulled out the enormous hose and plugged his puckered bumhole with my right hand, driving it into the shitty mass in his enlarged gut. My left hand moved to his white underside and began kneading his swollen stomach. A loud rumble sounded from inside. I rubbed him harder. My stretched arm turned around like a huge spoon stirring a thick mash. The poor animal, though, started cramping. I was sure he would not stand the horrible pressure for long. With a final squeeze of his tormented innards, I withdrew. A stinky sludge gushed out of his gaping butthole two yards away. The bushed zebra broke down.

"Equal rights for everyone!" the excited cameraman persisted.

I caressed his feeble prick till he had regained enough strength to stand up. The roused creature snorted and jumped at my brawny back. I fell on my horny knees. His vast dick forced its tough way into my shivering body, spreading my tight asshole wide. I cried out a bloody scream cos it was ages since such a monstrous bastard had fucked me. But he had as little mercy as I had had with him. The powerful zebra kept torturing my burning bum to his ecstatic climax.

While his sticky cum was mixing with the rinning blood of my inner wounds, I hoped my hellish agony would end then. Instead, he began spurting his hot piss into my aching intestines. As it could not flow backwards, it flowed forwards thru my defenseless body. My overwhelmed pylorus sprang open, and his filthy fluid streamed into my gurgling stomach. I was feeling as if it would burst at the next moment.

"The damn beast's killing me!" I yelled shortly before I fainted.

He did not. His violent cock retired abruptly. I was lying there for a long time. His reeking pee was spouting out of my raped butt.

Bestiality II

Faster, Harder, Stronger

"What are you gonna do'"

"I'm gonna fuck a whale," I stressed.

"You're mad!" he exclaimed. "Remember your former intercourses: once you were almost crushed."

"I have a guardian angel."

Leo reproved, "You risk your life."

"For the billionth time," I quipped. "No risk, no fun."

"Pride goes before a fall."

"If you say so," I shrugged off.

"You can't satisfy it anyway," he indicated, "unless you'll crawl into its ass."

"Lemme worry about that!" I hope you'll help me."

My true buddy affirmed, "I will."

It was pitch-dark all around us.

"I think we're not allowed to slip into Sea World," he admonished.

"That's right," I confirmed. "The night-watchman we've bribed has let us in."


"Be quiet! There they are," I hissed.

Leo began handling the infrared camera while I slunk to the stony edge fo the spacious basin. The curious creatures came swimming at once so I managed to stroke them. I put on the metal aqualung and dived in. They started scanning me. I listened to their clicking sonar, hearing their individual gender. A young female nudged my nude body. I admired her high grace although I could not see her. Grazing along her smooth underside, I touched her tender slit at last.

She began a loving song. I stretched my fond fingers and shoved them thru her powerful lips into her smeary cunt. The peaceful orca shook in rising lust. Whn I found her big, soft clit, I started kneading it. She froze. I speeded up till I had rubbed raw her flabby flesh. Her ardent excitement grew and grew without reaching a final orgasm cos I was just too small for such a colossal whale. To fufill our common wish, however, I made a virtue of necessity.

I took off the heavy equipment and strained both my brawny arms to spread her flexible labia as wide as possible. My slim body slid thru. I was in her gigantic vagina. She climaxed. I was going out of breath anyhow, and her tightening msucles were squashing me. My guardian angel saved my precious life. The aroused orca pressed me out like a newborn calf.

Bestiality III

The King of Beasts

I was taking a bath in the Olifants. Some buffalos were grazing on the fruitful bank, a family of hippos was sunning itself in the shallow water nearby, several alligators were swimming thru the streaming river around me but I did not mind cos I knew how to behave: just going with the flow. They were ignoring me. I let myself float along sprouting nature as I let things drift. My sore ass and my sore lungs had healed. I moaned, taking a deep breath and plunging to the sandy ground For a single moment, I was diving in godlike peace. When I rose to the glittering surface, I heard a rumbling roar breaking the heavenly silence.

"Someone there'" I shouted.

No answer. I went on land. All kept quiet. I looked around, and turning around my bare body, I saw it. What would you do if a colossal lion came leaping towards you, its wild mane flying with the sweeping wind, its deadly muzzle gaping wide' Would you hold still' Would you run away' I not. The beast of prey scorching to me would not harm me. It was Caesar.

He jumped at my husky chest, knocking me down. A harsh pain tore thru my tensed body. My convulsed gaze fell on his grim face over me. I saw his dark throat; I saw his dazzling teeth, closed my gleaming eyes, started licking his tasty tongue. The enticed cat returned and stuck it into my sucking mouth. We kept kissing each other for more than an hour. Then he let me stand up from the dusty ground so his swollen prick came into sight.

Without hesitating, I knealt down again, raising my enchanting ass. Caesar could not withstand. I felt him licking between my hairy cheeks, grazing my pulsating hole. The excited predator squatted down and began thrusting his tremendous dick into my raw butt. I groaned. His sharp spines opened old injuries. My strong sphincter started jerking, squeezing his hard shaft, which caused him to climax. He yelled. His spurting cum cooled my bleeding wounds.

I sprang up. Our horny looks met each other's, and everything was alright. I rammed my stiff cock into his loose asshole, full of lust and libido. There was no love like Caesar. He growled in a sudden flood of sweet feelings. My tight nuts touched his hanging balls, pressing them rudely. I speeded up and up and up till I cried out the twitching agony of a violent orgasm. Both I and he broke down at the end of our tether.

"Cut!" a deep voice called from a close bush.

"Leo," I blamed, "have you made him fuck me here and now'"

He grinned, "No pain, no gain."

Business before Pleasure

I earned enough money to build a new blockhouse by selling Bestiality via the Internet. Instead of resting, I did my job as on the good, old days.

Thousands of horny animals were gathering in the flowering savanna cos it was the middle of the mating season. I killed two birds with one stone, filming them grazing, chasing and mating. There was a young gazelle among all those herds which attracted my attention. She was trying to arouse a partner time after time but everyone avoided her for some reason. I began forming an emotional relationship to her little by little though the prime directive was not interfere into nature. Weeks passed without her having found a fellow. I was longing for the moment I would approach her.

She was leaping towards my hide. I held my brath. If she discovered me, it would be the end. She stopped nearby my location and flehmed. My smell must have irritated her. It was time to reveal, and I revealed. She stood still, wavering if she should flee or remain. I seemed to excite her somehow. She was staring at me while I went to her step by step.

Uncountable ideas were rushing thru my brain. I was thinking about how I could caress her best. She sniffed at my cock. That was it. I started stroking her fond fur. The heaty gazelle raised her short tail, exposing her alluring genitals. I had not seen such a cute cunt for ages. Her pink lips were pulsating. I knealt down, spat on my hand, put it into her black hole. She trembled. I opened my mouth and began licking her wet labia. She panted. I sucked her small clit. Her tender body tensed. She whistled in a shrill sound. My arm in her sweet ass, and my tongue tickling her flabby clitoris was driving her crazy. I speeded up to give her a last kick. She climaxed.

Chance would have it that my camera recorded our fuck. I will see what I do with that work.


"Come, baby, come!" I cried mad with burning lust.

He kept cumming, a sharp jet of juicy semen spattered into my sticky throat with every twitching contraction of his beastly dick. I greedily swallowed as much as I could even though my rumbling stomach was full of vicious seeds. To get more and more excited, he lowered his tensed rump further down to my sweating face. Having gulped another stream of sperm, his tasty fountain ran dry, and my weary lovey was due to stand up, but I did not let him go. Instead, I started sucking stronger while plunging my cutting teeth into his touchy cock. He abruptly roared in unbearably agony. Despite his hopeless writhing to wench himself out of my torturing bite, I tasted nothing but the delicate blood dripping from his erectile tissue. Whatever was going to happen, one thing was certain: I would never give up.

His desperated yells got ear-shattering when I intensified my rude sucking to the utter limit. I was going to suck the damn soul out of his racked body. To his final fortune, I did not need going so far cos Caesar climaxed for the tenth time with a stunning scream.

Both he and me were at the end of our tether so that all we could do was breathe hard. Rather bushed, my gasping lion squatted down onto my wet face, farting loudly right into my flehming nose. Stinky crap spurted against my hairy cheek, but that filthy smell made me hot, and I mean hot. It was just the first day of the mating season so I would get enough chances to fulfill my glowing desire.

I let him only a little while to recover before I began a new, lustful attack, I started licking the brown rim of his fully relaxed butthole. Its taste was godawful, but he growled arousedly. When I had cleaned the dirty skin around his reeking arsehole, Caesar tried to rise joltingly and without any clear reason as if something was urging him. Holding him tight, however, I saw his plicate sphincter opening and a stenching piece of thick shit bulging thru.

I got up on the spot and thrusted my seven-inch prick into the smeary mass, plugging his gaping anus. He winced terrifiedly and cramped his rectal muscles around my rigid penis. I was strainedly shoving it back and forth in his crap-filled bum whereas my bust buddy pressed with his last ounce of strength. At the moment as my creamy cum began mixing with his sticky shit, he pushed my spasming dick out of his large asshole, and a hell of his greasy excrements gushed onto my furry chest. I was looking like a muddy pig, but by my fucking horniness, I did not mind.

Caesar needed his full strength to force the squeezed crap out of his sore butt. His puckered arsehole was standing wide. I got a new idea: Instantly, I stuck my middle finger into his shitty anus. He held his breath in nervous expectation. I began turning my rough finger in his soft gut; my fond fellow liked it. Then I pressed together all five fingers to a pointed spike and penetated him further, his brawny body flexed, and when my bony knuckles fought their narrow way thru, stretching his feline sphincter to a tearing perimeter, he bawled wretchedly. But my flaming demand had no mercy; I pushed my clenched fist forwards till my lean shoulder touched his hanging ballsack. His six-inch-broad asshole was jsut bleeding when I opened my brutish hand, felling his stirring muscles tensing and loosing. It seemed as if his black hole was sucking my whole arm into the gurgling gutts of my beautiful beast. With a sudden jerk, I pulled it out of his tormented arse. He let out a last roar of excrutiating pain and broke down in absolute weakness.

My fainted fucker lay there motionlessly for a sheer eternity. I wrapped my tidy arm around his shaggy mane to kiss him forgivingly. Caesar opened hs huge muzzle, and I laid my bare head between his deadly jaws. He snapped.

Hunters and Prey

I was running for bare life. Thick brush barred my arduous way. I pushed it aside, gasping for stifling air. They were close to my raw heels. I heard them rustling thru deep undergrowth. My strong heart was throbbing in my tensed body bathed in cold seat. I looked on the left; I looked on the right, seeing nothing but the green hell. It was just a matter of time till the blood-thirsty prosecutors would trace out their defenseless victim. I speeded up for dreadful fear of death. Leaping over a streaming creek, a wide glade opened before my very eyes. I was saved.

The foggy moor lay there in peaceful silence. I walked out of the dark jungle and began wading thru sticky mud. All I was listening to was my splashing steps as a horrible creature sprang at my shuddering feet. They had caught me.

The dark-green velociraptor stared at me straight with its flashing eyes. I span around to burst back. There was a second one, and a third, and a fourth; I was encircled. Nearer they came and nearer. My nude body froze, my heart in my mouth. The greedy predators got so close that I felt their hot breath. I closed my scared eyes, awaiting my imminent death.

A long while went by without their final attack. I opened them again, and my aghast glance fell on the bloody killer's full rear. It raised its skillful tail, uncovering its small anus and its tight cloaca. The desirous dinosaur whistled with utter excitement.

I could not believe that she required me to mount her actually. My shaking hands gripped her brawny thighs. Her graceful body relaxed. I breathed in deeply and thrusted my stiff prick into her scaly slit. She twittered in a shrill voice. Her tender vagina flexed.

I realized another aroused raptor behind me. His hard penis invaded right into my free asshole. I moaned. He laid his scratchy claws on my bony shoulders, wheezing. I was mating with two horny velociraptors.

His rude cock rubbed my touchy prostata faster and faster to a violent orgasm. I started spouting my cool cum into the climaxing female. Her relieved fellow withdrew from my sore butt. I heard him hissing. He opened his mortal jaws and snapped at my hairy neck...

"Caesar's bite must've hurt you worse than I thought if you're having such awry nightmares," Leo worried, dressing my wounded head.

"Not in the least," I contradicted, "they were so fond."

Shades of Jealousy

"Drive on, lombard!" I yelled, blowing the noisy horn.

As though I had stirred up a hornet's nest, the nobby Mercedes in front of me hooted back, and the other stressed drivers joined in the chorus of horns which proved once more it was no use fighting fire with fire. On the other hand, I insisted that they clear the barred way. I and my reliable rover which had just been sold by BMW were standing in a godawful jam. How stupid had I been to go to Pretoria during the everyday rush hour' To pick up Kyle at the international airport. Maybe he had already landed. I pulled out my handy cellular to ascertain of my sexy idea and gave him a call but his line was busy. What a shitty situation! I could no help remaining. Those bungled Sunday drivers! Yet even I had not a license to kill.

I was about to honk again but in lieu of dissing them, I said to myself, "More haste, less speed."

And finally, the damn robot turned green. I tore on the straight highway thru a good many pretty kraals to my distant destination. There was a motley crowd on the spacious parking lot. I took off my silver shades to recognize my angry buddy.

"Where have you been' I've been waiting here for ages."

"The fucking traffic, you know'" I moaned.

"I see," Kyle commiserated. "Nice to meet you."

"The same to you. Get into!"

I drove us to my unpretentious blockhouse.

The rangy ranger commended, "Your new hut's really homely."

"What'" I blazed up. "I chose the best timber to... do you mean homey'"

"It's homlike. Where's Catty'"

"She's been murderered," I answered.

He continued, "And Cesar'"

"Also dead."

"All dead'" Kyle frowned. "Who's alive yet'"

I settled, "Be as it may, where shall we go tonight' To the saloon, to the disco, to the bioscope'"


"To the biosc... to the cinema, you know'" I made clear.

"To be honest," the halting Britain muttered, "I'd like to ask you that we visit the lions."

"Caesar's out, sorry. He'll be seeking for a heaty mate. Though, we can drive to Leo's."

I led him to the nearby cottage of the sleeping vet who, once woken up, let us into the fenced raising station.

I introduced, "This's the young breed of our endangered species. We'll set them free when they're old enough. Look over there! That's Cesarea, Caesar's mother. She was near at her time as she got hurt while hunting. Leo had to perform a Cesarean operation. They're all fine now. We'll care for her and her four cubs till her complete recuperation."

His shining eyes widened.

"We might as well make love to her if you desire to," I suggested.

"You first."

I began. The watchful lioness did not let me out of her bright sight. I unlocked the iron gate and entered her large enclosure. She knew me too well which served my blissful life. I knealt down. Cesarea lifted her long, lean tail. I seized her velvety flanks, stuck my hard prick into her tight cunt.

"Chris," he sighed. "I envy you."

"Why'" I panted, shoving back and forth.

"You lead a lighthearted life."

I hinted, "Appearances are deceptive cos all you see's my rare spare time. Comparing your residence in paradise with mine, I grudge you here and there... yeah!"

I climaxed. She roared likewise.

"Shall I then'" the doubtful environmentalist stammered. "Perhaps I ought to do it tomorrow."


Barely had he approached her, the savage predator started hissing at him. Kyle stood back.

"She's smelling your cold sweat. You should try her later indeed," I acceded.

"I want you to know..." he stuttered.

I looked up.

"I love you."


"I love you as well."

He smiled.

"Even though it may be another kind of affection than you fancy," I explained.

Kyle suspected, "What do you mean'"

"I love Caesar, God, Leo, my fellow-men..."

"That's all very well," he dismissed, "but what about us'"

"I can't, and I ain't wanna be your boyfriend. The Lord forbids homosexuality," I indicated.

"The Bible condemns zoophilia too."

"God knows how I love his creatures, and that's where I draw the line. I'd not ever marry to an animal," I countered, hitting his sore point.

"I appreciate," the disillusioned ranger cried, "I've been such a fool to fall in love with you."

Those had been his last words before he left. Love makes blind. I have broken his heart though I will pray that our friendship endure.

Telling you this story, I am sitting at my desk, a pen in my right hand, writing it on a white leaf. Caesar whom I am stroking with my left hand is squatting next to me. I am flying to Europe this evening for a religious reason. The wheather gets hotter every day cos the dry season has begun.

It is time to have a drink. I lay away my script and kneel down. He rises with anticipation. I crawl to his slack ballsack, sucking his august nuts. His hard prick swells. I lick it. My lovey climaxes. I swallow his fresh cum.


Pilgrimage I

Jacob's Way

I began wandering on Jacob's Way on March 28th, 2000. It was uncertain how much time it would take to cover the route of 438 miles. I was a holy pilgrim. God would bless me.

The story goes that Apostle Jacob betook himself to northwestern Spain to convert the heathenish Iberians in 40. His sacred mission miscarried. He repaired to the Holy Land, in which King Herod had him beheaded. His disciples laid his dead body into a swimming metal casket. An angel sent it back to the Spanish northwest where Jacob found eternal peace. He got missing, got forgotten. The mere myth remained.

And as the legend has it, the saint should rise. The unbelieving Moriscos conquered all the Iberian Peninsula in the eighth century but the moutainous north. The withstanding Christians started reconquering it two hundred years later. Although they needed six centuries to reach their goal, they forced back the infidel occupants steadily.

An anchorite in the Gallician mountains had a vision one night, wherin an angel led him to the grave of the apostle. He discovered the metal casket with Jacob's relic. The place of the miracle was called Campus Stellae, which means Star Field. Saint Jacob appeared to the Christian warriors during the Battle of Burgos in 925 riding a white horse with a flashing sword in his hands to fight against the faithless hostiles beaten with his heavenly help. They called him morisco killer thenceforth. He became their patron, and his last home Christianity's third most meaningful place of pilgrimage.

The Spaniards turned Sanctus Iacobus into Santiago as they made Campus Stellae into Compostela by the time. I was on Jacob's Way to Santiago de Compostela. Thousands of people do the same every year. They march on this route for wanderlust, or they go on a pilgrimage as in my case. Pilgrims like me have to dispose of an applied card to spend the night at one of the twenty-three ecclesiastical shelters.

I had been wandering for two days as I began mounting the Pyrenees. It was raining all the time. My belief gave me strength to surmount every difficulty. I was climbing up a steep slope. A dense pine wood surrounded me. When I heard a nearby noise, I guessed it was just another man. But the slight rustling got closer. I stood still. It emerged from the trackless thicket: tremendous, powerful, threatening. A brown bear.

My last hour seemed to have come. I shuddered. The hunting predator approached his defenseless prey. I was afraid the hungry bear would devour me. He rose on his hind legs and roared. I closed my dreaded eyes, clasped my shivering hands, prayed.

A sheer eternity passed by. Had he gone' I opened them. My astounded look fell on the colossal creature lying on his stalwart back, its vast paws stretched out into the windy air, spreading apart the mightful legs, his thick dick stiffened. I got it. It was a horny bear.

I knealt down and started sucking his wet purse. His touchy balls were as big as those they play golf with. He growled. I turned upwards, licked his lilac piece of hard flesh. The excited beast trembled. I snapped at his tasty glans. He climaxed. Cold bear cum spouted into my thirsty mouth. I drank it to the ultimate drop. The fulfilled animal trotted away.

I stood up. Sticky semen ran down my beardy chin. I stared at my glittering scallop. Had it saved me' Marvellously enough, I felt like laughing. I laughed.

Pilgrimage II

Morning Meeting

I had left the hospitable hospice in pitch darkness. It was a cold morning. My leather coat was my only shelter against the frosty breeze blowing from the west. I was climbing up a rocky hill with my heavy boots stamping on uncountable edged stones. Reaching the carsical top at the very first daylight, I stopped in uttermost astonishment. The natural panorama around me was picturesque. I looked down over wide woods to the far horizone from which the orange sun was rising into the cloudless sky so beautiful and blue. There were three calm lakes at the even foot of the soft hill. Wonderful secretive fog was covering their still surface. A distant howl from deep withing the green forest tore the heavenly silence.

I arrived at the sunny shore four long hours later. The burning midday sun shining bright was sparkling in the shimmering water. I crossed it with dry feet on a small embankment going thru. Walking across the thick undergrowth harbored certain difficulties though. I penetrated it further and further without any reliable orientation. High trees in every way. At one point, I lost mine as well, and as if it had not been half enough, there was that ghostly howl again. I listenend up to it with growing worry. My muddy shoes began sinking into the wet ground. I knew of a good many shy wolves roaming the Castillan-Leonesian woods, but I also remembered their instinctive behavior to avoid men u as long as they were not hungry.

Someting growling in the thorny bushes behind me interrupted my sorrowful thought. I turned around and stared straight into the flashing eyes of a huge wolf. Its grey hair on the shaggy nape of its husky neck was bristled, its white teeth bared. It was hunting maybe. I did not hope so.

The carnivor creature, however, stayed in its well-chosen hide. I waded forwards with a watchful eye on it. It followed me keeping a constant distance of about six feet. I was feeling a little like a hurt prey being chased to the end of its tether. My tireless persuctor howled for a third time. I stepped into a hidden hole, fell flat into the reeking moor.

Hardly had I wiped the ropy mud out of my filthy face, I sensed the imponderable predator's sharp claws leaning on my husky shoulders. I could not do anything about it. The strong wolf started panting at my tensed neck. He pushed his hard prick against my drenched jeans. As soon as I opened them, an interracial intercourse began. I loosened all my frozen muscles to let his smooth dick slid thru my touchy asshole into my hot gut. His blunt glans rubbing against my big prostata made me moan. Just when my fucked body started cumming, my fucking buddy stopped thrusting. He climaxed. His cool semen spurted into my tightening ass, and his tremendous knot swelled. It went on enhancing more and more till I had gotten into seventh heaven where I remained over half an hour. The satisfied canine withdrew his slack dick too soon too fast. I threw a last look at him while he vanished into the pathles thicket. The horny wolf had given me back my missing orientation.

After further two hours of trudging thru the original wilderness, I reached a bendy road with a rosty sign which said, "Ponferrada 20 miles."

Pilgrimage III

At the Hospice

"Just look at you!"

The young nun opening the wooden gate found me broken down on the stony stairs. I could not stir any more. She gripped my limp arms, sat me up. I blinked at her. Her angelic face was the last thing I beheld before I swooned.

I lifted my heavy lids. My weakened body was lying in a hard bed covered by a woolen blanket. It was naked. I wondered what had happened to me while I had been sleeping. The immaculate sister came into the tight chamber. I reddened.

"Good morning, my son," she uttered. "I'm bringing you your cleaned clothes."

I murmured, "I thank you, Ma'am, how kind you are. A wakeful angel sent me to you."

"Your guardina angel."

Her black eyes were shining as the rising sun thru the small window. The blissful nun stepped out. I got up and dressed. It was just six o'clock. I pried open the thick door.

There was not any godless noise in the arched corridor. I slank across the venerable vault till I arrived at the closed intrance of the peaceful minster. A melodious plainchant was sounding from inside. I strode to a marbly font. My right hand sank into the holy water. I crossed myself, entered the splendid chapel.

The complete choir was singing. I knealt down on the brown pew behind it and began praying. Its harmonious song rose above my faithful whisper. The almighty Lord heard all of us. I crept out of the echoing house of God.

My uncertain way led me into the ancient hospice's inner court. A calm herd of white goat was grazing there. That was my unique opportunity. I took it, cast a final glance at the silent cloister.

The tame creatures did not care about me. I chose the only one in highest heat. Her fearless fellows were already pregnant. I stroked her pink cunt. She turned around her horned head, gazing at me. I was going to fulfill her visibile wish.

My stiff cock touched her tender twat, slipped in. The banged goat bleated. Her tensing lips squeezed my caressed member which made me shove stronger. I and her had a redeeming orgasm. The jolly animal walked forwards. My slackening dick slid out of her. I zipped my washed jeans.

The selfless sister was staring at me from afar. I saw her consternated countenance. She was speechless. I felt so ashamed that I did nothing but running away.

Pilgrimage IV

The Vision

Two heavy leather boots were wading thru dirty puddles. A splashing sound rose to my sharp ears. It was a rainy day like every humid day. I was striding thru narrow lanes. The down town was still calm at eight o'clock which was characteristic for Spanish cities.

I had better not dared peek at the dark windows. A heedless step, and my drenched shoe slipped on the wet cobblestone. I fell on my touchy elbow. The roused pain stunning my hurt body exceeded all know limits. I feared I had broken my tender joint.

It was aching, taking my hasty breath. I could not bear it any longer. My lifegiving heart was beating fast, cold sweat running down my hot brow. I gripped my left arm, turned it around. It worked. My shivering limp was just bruised. I kept grim sight of my holy goal.

Countless thick raindrops dashed against my distorted face. I got to a wide place. The monumental cathedral of Santiago de Compostela towered up on the opposite of it. I felt overwhelmed. Its three Baroque towers rose heavenwards into the grey cloudy sky. I studied its artistic facade. There was such a lot of sacred sculptures that I did not know where to begin. Hundreds of adorable statues were looking down on me. I watched Jacob's above the magnificent portal while walking across the deserted place towards the masterful house of God. The black lattice gate in front of its large stairs was locked. I wandered around the awe-inspiring church and stepped in thru an open side door.

The soothing scent of frank incense was filling the silent interior of the colossal cathedral. I worshipped each holy sacrarium, each sacred object. A light beam was shining thru a colorfully ornamented window illuminating a Romanesque column with a storny portrait of the holy apostle. His immaculate countenance represented the ultimate destination of every pious pilgrimage on Jacob's Way.

I put my bony fingers into the five deep dents on his granitic pillar formed by millions of godfearing pilgrims during an entire millennium. Strengthening energy began streaming thru my right hand into my bushed body healing my suffered wounds. I hove an earnest sigh of utter relief before knealing down on the wooden pew before the golden altar. My immortal soul got enlighted.

I fixerted the godlike saint's glittering sculpture whose heavenly splendor made me whisper, "Jacob, I'm praying to you at the third most significant sanctuary of all Christianity. You're the Lord's apostle. My holy mission's completed. I beseech you for forgiving me my human sins. You've the endless might to bless a godly man like me."

"I beatify you, Christian," he spoke. "Your true uprightness's proved me that you're worth perdoning. I'll test you though whether you're capable of withstanding worldly temptations. Stand it!"

"I'll prove my worth."

Someone unlocked the metallic portal. I stood up from my hard knees on my horned feet. A touristic group came in. I went out. The hellish rain received me. I tried to find a cheap vacancy. In vain. Every local hotel and even the ecclesiastical hospice was booked-up cos it was Friday. Good Friday on April 21st, 2000.

I wandered to the close bus station to wash myself, to clean my white teeth. There I saw her. A pretty girl of about twenty-five years. Her lean, gracile six-foot body was standing at the vitreous ticket office. I sized her up. Her long black hair, her fond brown skin, her fine soft hands, her small round breasts. Everything seemed so perfect. She caught me.

"Excuse me, where're you going to'" I stuttered.

The dainty beauty turned around her angelic face, stared at me with her twinkling eyes and whistled, "To Madrid."

"What do you want, Mister'"

"A one-way ticket to the Spanish capital," I grinned.

"I'm very sorry," the young cashier apologized, "the next bus's complete. You may take the following one at twelve o'clock."

My sweet dream burst like a shimmering soap bubble. I desperated.

"I've talked to an elder woman who canceled her reserved trip. Are you interested yet'"

"Yes, I am," I exulted.

The magic girl had gone. I walked downstairs to the busy platform. She was waiting for the regular bus at ten o'clock.

"You've got the last ticket," I addressed. "Thank God I managed to buy another one."

I engaged a fascinating conversation with her. Her civil name was Cecilia. The godsent grace coming from Mexico was studying a journalistic subject at the Compostelanean university. She was going to visit some old friends of hers in Madrid. I risked a random shot by accompanying her.

Cecilia lauded my advanced Spanish. I had been learning for the preceding three weeks. I spoke well enough to tell her how much I admired her.

"Do you really mean that'" she startled.

I kissed her.

A Neverending Night

"Let's go, you dirty whore;

I start raping you to the core;

Swallow my cum, my piss, my shit

Before I lacerate your clit.

Your blood's gushing to the ground;

I like its taste, I like its sound;

Cry for your mother, for your dead;

They won't help you cos I'll strike you dead. I'm a killer, a psychopath,

Shooting his thriller in a bloodbath;

Your throat gets ripped on the spot,

My knife cuts your pink twat.

I wanna fuck your corpse,

I wanna suck your skull

Found by the faggot cops

Above your gutted hull.

Look there, the devil's near;

Just a moment till he's here

To take your soul to hell

Much faster than I can tell.

And you're tortured all the time

As I commit crime after crime,

Your body's burning in infernal fire

While I satisfy my dark desire."

The screaming guitars were bleeding. Their ear-shattering sounds were my aweful vibrations. They captured my caught mind. My sweat-bathed body got shaken by the burning beat. I was in utter ecstasy.

Her glassy eyes were staring at The Necrophiles. She was on a hellish trip thru the godless underword of Death Metal. I had drunk a good many full glasses of white wine. My stunned girlfriend, though, had taken too much damn shit to keep anything in her enruptured mind but the hot music electrifying us. It was like an exploding orgasm, just better. After a hundred and eighty flaming minutes of acoustic terror, we jostled out of Real Madrid's overcrowded football stadium among a few thousand maddened fans.

Reeling to the nearest bar, I reflected how I could have gone so far. I and she had been sitting in a sunny café enjoying some more or less strong drinks. Cecilia suggested to visit The Necrophiles' current concert. I said yes cos I was into Straight Edge as well. Not to mention that I would neither resist any electric guitar nor any dazzling girl. She understated.

Once heard their satanic verses, I was due to leave the gay festival. My endless love for her held me. I listened to the marvelous sound wishing nothing less that Cecilia be lucky. She was highly lucky. As I had met her first, I would never have dreamed that the gracile beaty was a surprising beast. I loved her nonetheless.

An impacient saloonkeeper threw us out at five o'clock. We were plastered thruout. I dragged her to my central hotel. She could not find the right way to her waiting friends anyhow. I had barely unlocked the thin door, my devilish angel fell flat on my fleecy bed. I guessed she would sleep there in heavenly peace. Cecilia was slumbering. I lay myself down beside her, fell asleep.

Smooth lips soothed my searing pain. I woke up. She was knealing over me on all fours like a heaty bitch. My raw nipples were aching. Unbelievable, but true. My bity favorite had snapped at my furry chest. I thirsted for merciless revenge.

Her tender breasts were swinging in closest sight. I grabbed them and pulled her down. She shrieked. I buried my hairy face into her petite bossoms. Her cute hands stroked my blond hair. I began licking her hard nipples, sucked them with my entire power. Cecilia moaned. The last thing I remember is that I rammed my stiff prick into her wet cunt.


The evening sun was shining in the blue, cloudless sky. Bright beams were lightening the peaceful world. A slight breeze was blowng over the even plateau. The clear weather was spreading a fair atmosphere. Easter Sunday was a Christian day.

I smiled at her. Cecilia grinned back. She raised her tender arm, waved her white handkerchief. An ear-rending crowed was surrounding us. They were shouting for him.

Every Christian would delight in strolling thru the flowering park then, but those people there were different. A stately number of Catholic Spaniards preferred frequenting that violent spectacle. Europe's godliest people preserved Europe's cruelest tradition. The bull fight.

He came. The Cid. His fanatic followers hailed him. He was one of Spain's most popular matadors. Fifteen thousand blazing spectators in the overfilled stand of the Madrilenian arena and three million keen viewers sitting in front of their sacred television sets were looking at him. His splendid uniform gave him obvious proud.

My cute companion raved, "Cid, I love you."

I cast a jealous glance at her glowing eyes. He strode on the glittering sand before he vanished behind a wooden wall. A heavy gate opened, and a black bull stepped thru. The excited mob started yelling again. They grew silent. The solemn torero emerged, faced his animal enemy. He began.

His red cloth sank. The strong bull ran towards it. A mounted fighter attacked him from aside. His long lance bored into his stalwart neck. He bellowed. Both the Cid and the aggressive rider withdrew. A third involved man plunged his decorated spear into the foaming beast's lacerated flesh. The bloodthirsty matador let him suffer for a couple of harrowing minutes.

He approached his wounded victim. The weakened bull had hardly enough power to stir. His merciless torturer moved on irritating him till an opportune moment. He put on his silver sword and stuck it in. The hit creature broke down.

"Olé!" they jubilated.

My moralic limit was reached. I had visited the atrocious event with naive curiosity Never had I imagined how many Spanish citizens enjoyed watching a defenseless bull be agonized. God might forgive them cos they did not now what they were doing.

I saw the poor people gape at him. He vainly tried to stand up. The Cid pulled his mortal weapon out of his mangled back. He drew his golden dagger, stubbed him to redeeming death.

It was over I guessed. I was wrong. The ruthless torero having lost his former dignity cut off his right ear to keep it as a wretched trophy. They dragged away his mutilated corpse. The unconscious Spaniards were jolly.

I cried, "Murderer!"

Divided Opinions

I leaned on the gray balustrade, looked at the glittering Estanque. Its clear aura made me calm. It helped me get over the godless massacre. I watched the green rowboats swimming on the still lake. A tall, meager man was jogging on the opposite shore.

"Kyle!" I called.

The gay guy kept hasting without turning around his bold head. I began running to catch him up.

"Hey," I yelled, "stop!"

"Piss off, man!"

He stood still.

I inquired, "What's up with you' You're my friend."

"No more, you cut our bond," The resentful ranger hissed.

"Is that your only reason'"

"Can you see the lion statues over there'" he asked.

I grinned, "Aren't they sexy'"

"Hardly, those beasts attacked me the last night."

"They did what'" I queried. "Are you alright'"

"I am. It's unbelievable, isn't it'" Kyle ascertained.

"Yes, indeed. What a nightmare! I and Cecilia went to the bull fight yesterday."

He informed, "Who the fuck is Cecilia'"

"My girlfriend," I explained.

"Did you enjoy it'"

"Enjoy'" I reiterated. "How can you divert yourself observing a dastardly matador slaughtering a helpless animal'"

The convinced Englishman objected, "It isn't defenseless nor is he a coward."

"The bull's not any chance to escape death. And how would you call such a man'"

He declared, "He's a hero as that performance's an art."

"It's not an art, it's a game, a bloody game," I contradicted.

"Say what you want. You won't degrade the toreros."

"I needn't to disgrace them," I rejected. "They debase themselves."

Kyle admitted, "I comprehend you honestly. Killing a creature and amusing yourself seems to be incompatible. It's a matter of opinion. You don't understand our Spanish mentality."

"I do get it. What I can't understand is you. Environmentalists like you've to curse cruelty to animals," I demanded.

"Why should I do so' If they abolished it, many distinct races of that cattle would die out, and the bull fight's a tradition anyway."

"They could preserve them otherwise instead of murdering thirty thousand of them year after year," I argued. "The Inquisition counted to culture as well as persecuting dissidents. You've to remedy violence against everyone."

He strengthened, "That's true."

"You're as rational as I guessed. I for one will do something about it."

"Whatever you do, I'll be with you. But before we take any action, I wanna know your vision of future English," the unweighable Briton insisted.

"Even though you're a little off-topic," I expounded, "nobody on Earth owns any language spoken on Earth. A language's a public means of human communication. Common people using it as a native or a foreign language have the biggest effect on its further development although even they have not the only right to develop it. English's a world language with more than 1.5 billion speakers and without belonging to anybody in particular. The Englishmen often claim to be the true owners of it, to speak the purest kind of English and so forth. They're wrong. The English language's the property of its numerous speakers in all over the world and their individual differences. We've British English, American English, South African English and many more that are all equal to each other, but to communicate worldwide, we need Standard English. The question whether future English will divide or unify is pretty easy to answer: it's probable that it go the same way as Latin one thousand five hundred years ago. American English, for example, has been developing its own words as well as a lot of grammatical pecularities within just two centuries of linguisting independence. Today millions of people speak English with a British, an American or an Australian accent; tomorrow they will have a national dialect; and next generations might speak a new variety of English. Standard English, on the other hand, will not spring from British nor from American English either. It's being created step by step by the people on the street speaking and changing it every day."

"It sounds plausible."

I implored, "Can you forgive me'"

"Okay," he acceded.

Everyone Can Change the World

It was a silent night. Two masked figures were slinking thru the pitch-black darkness. The huge building lay close. We reached its massive gate. It was shut. I took the heavy jimmy and started prying open the metallic padlock. A quiet click, it broke thru. Nothing held us any more.

"Gimme half an hour," I whispered.

He kept a watchful lookout as long as I would do my thorny job. I pushed aside the squeaking entrance, made a tight crack. A beasty scent wafted towards me. I stepped in. Eighty roused feet trampled on the hay-covered floor. I strode straightaway to the chosen creature in spite of not seeing anything. Its unmistakable odor drifted into my flehming nose. I touched it.

The rattled bull began shaking. He tried to rush at me. The narow trellis hindered him. I swore it was just a matter of time till I would set him free. The angry animal bellowed. I stroked his smooth back not to betray myself.

He stopped mooing. I sniffed at his stinking ass, grazing my fond hands down his strong thighs. His tremendous balls were swaying inbetween. I could not resist grasping them hornily. A mushy pat splashed on the concrete ground. I did not care. My whole attention was fixating on his best part.

I squatted down below his brawny belly. My bony fingers encirlced his slack sheath and rubbed it back and forth. His long, lean member appeared. The hot bull breathed faster. I led it into my thirsty mouth.

A last jet of bitter piss spurted out of his squeezed bladder when his abdominal muscles hardened. I spat it out to enjoy the sweet taste of his wet dick. My eager tongue wriggled around his touchy glans. He cummed with a lustful yell. I drank out his pumping nuts.

My tireless complice whistled, "C'mon!"

We were satisfied. I unlocked the rank stall, driving him out of the godforsaken barn.

"This beast won't die in the arena tonight."

"You're saving only one of them," Kyle objected.

I justified, "Each life's worth redeeming."

Poetry IV

I will tell you the seven romantic love poems I wrote in lonely nights on my blissful pilgrimage thru Spain in April 2000. They are about love, longing, lust and loneliness. I dedicate them to Caesar. To make my foreign readers understand their poetical message, I asked Kyle and Leo to translate them into Spanish and German.

Holy Pilgrim

The moon, a white disk,

In the sky of such a starlit night,

That illuminates me with brisk

And the country with true light.

I'm a holy pilgrim on Saint Jacob's Route From the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela; Whatever happens to me and my suit,

I'll go further to my fella.

Day after day, I've wandered this way

For more than four weeks;

Never I've stopped to mount any stray,

Always I've followed my fortune which seeks.

It's been a hard time

Of solitary and sadness,

But I'm fine

Without the least shade of madness.

I reach my mission's destination,

It's raining on and on;

Closing my investigation,

I get aware of what I've won.

My Caesar

You're my light in darkness,

You're my shield in bareness,

You're my redeemer from afar,

You're my Caesar.

I love you more than anyone else on Earth, I was the first one you saw at your birth, I've nothing I don't share,

I swear you I'll be there.

You've got the spirit to make me mad,

I care for you like your dead dad,

You're and stay the king of beasts,

I'll not ever dis you in the least.

You've saved my life so many times,

I'm crazy about feeling your spines;

Your mane, your balls, your golden hair,

My sole wish is to lay it bare.

We're a dream team

Forming a strong stream,

We'll live together

Till the end of our tether.

Pretty Girl

When I saw you at the station,

Could you feel my first sensation'

I truly fell in love with you

While asking you, "How do you do'"

They call you Cecilia, what a graceful name! Like a river of love thru the world of shame, And you're mexican,

I'll visit you if I can.

We talked about so many things;

I touched your hands, your precious rings; You kissed me much; four, five, six, seven; I was just in seventh heaven.

Finally, you gave me a sheet,

Your number with loving words to greet

Before you went away from me,

ever since it doesn't let me be.

I can't sleep, nor can I wake

Without thinking of your clear face that will make Me pray to the Lord for fulfilling my mere desire That I meet again your heart of fire.

Cruel Art

Noise, euphoria, sun and shadow

In the arena of Madrid,

Here comes the star from a far meadow

Of whom they all wanna get rid.

The strong bull is entering,

His invincibility has the effect

That his balls are swinging when he steps in, Everything seems to be perfect.

A matador armed to his teeth

Begins torturing his doomed victim,

He takes his sword out of his sheath

To do his job, to kill him.

His final cry goes to the sky

Before he dies;

Though cursing is a futile try,

I dare to rise.

Too many people love this bloodbath

To enjoy the utter, godless thrill;

They don't fear anybody's wrath

Nor do they know it's a work of the devil.

Lost Love

It's just six o'clock,

And the sun is rising;

I'm still struck by the shock

That you've been disguising.

I married to you four years ago,

We were a family, you know'

But time went by, and so

I guess it was nothing less than a poor show.

You've gone, gone far away

Although I wanna hold you now

So there's nothing more to say

Than I've gotta find you somehow.

Leaving the house, I look on the right

Cos it seems as if it's you;

Though there's nobody in sight,

Your eyes are shining thru.

Thank God, I see you down the street

Chatting with a guy I've never met;

I fall down to your tender feet

And make you get outta your pet.

My Guy

We're lying in bed,

Hand in hand, body to body,

The world around us is turning red,

Making love to you in the study.

I kiss you thruout from top to toe,

Stick my hard prick into your husky hole; Taking you is the best show

With the strong smell of your shitty sole.

And indeed, you're exciting me much,

Open your mouth, close your eyes,

Gimme now your tender touch

Start caressing me more till I rise.

Suck me, lick me, fuck me

With all your godforsaken force;

Step by step, you set me free

From my darkest, sexual source.

I cry to heaven at my climax,

An orgasm of violence;

Let's go then to the nearby Imax

To move on with the same sense.

Heavenly Queen

I'm crying an ocean of tears

With your picture in my hand

That frees me from my fears

Cos I wish you were my friend.

You're a heavenly queen,

Ruling a divine empire;

When he died, it could've been

You made him fall down the spire.

Listen up now, I'll admit

I'm afraid to reveal my true love;

Believe it or not a little bit,

You're as cute as a white dove.

It's high time to fly to your palace

Lying upwards in eternal heaven

From a book by Edgar Wallace

Who wrote it in Saint Devon.

Be it as it be, that's enough,

My strength is coming out;

Even though it's really tough,

I'll start without any doubt.

You Are Caesar

He welcomed me as I came back from my pilgrimage. Those four weeks had changed me. God had blessed my soul. I was a new man.

It was Wednesday midday. I had spent all morning with Leo who was glad to see me again after such a long time. The sun was shining bright on the savanna. I was standing at the window looking thru at Caesar dozing in my blockhouse's shadow. His husky body was lying on the sandy ground, his large chest rising and falling, his graceful tail stretched out. I cast a glance at his slack ballsack, adoring each of his huge nuts. They roused my lust.

I went out and knealt down next to him. He kept quiet. I opened my hand. Five fingers began kneading them. His heavy testicles loosened fully. Their soft tissue melt in my palm. I enjoyed that feeling so much. My lovey took a deep breath, springing up. I wondered what would have excitecd him. It was me. He growled in a violent voice, and I obeyed. His sharp teeth closed around my neck while his spiny prick slid into my asshole.

I moaned, "You're Caesar."


"Why are you so keen on balls'"

"You've hit my sore point," I confessed. "I like them as you're fond of teats."

"It's a fetish, isn't it'" he deduced.

"It's not a fetish. If I were a fetishist, I couldn't have sex without it. Nuts's nothing less than my preference cos I prefer making love to an animal with them."

Leo kept on concluding, "Are you into lions as they've got such a large purse'"

"You're wrong again," I grinned. "I love them for their pride, their strength, their grace and for their testicles as well. Don't you enjoy watching a striding lion's big balls swaying up and down'"

"I do so. Of course, I can't help admitting they're pretty erotic, but there's something else to point out, too: I'd rather compare their nuts with other species. Every male mammal's got a scrotum, and a dog's differentiates from a stallion's. To get back to felines, I'll tell you I'm most interested in their physiological developement which is similar to us men: a cub's testicles are as tiny as a baby's, but when he comes into puberty, and gets a mane, they begin growing to the stately size you adore."

"Alright, let's turn to practice before we get too theroretical," I terminated and opened the rising station's solid gate Caesar was lying in front of.

My German buddy did not response anything but shutting and locking it. I bent down beside him, lifted his husky hind leg. He rolled over on his broad back. I used both my middle finger and my forefinger as a pair of scissors to fix his slack ballsack. His abdominal muscles tensed up. I took them into my greedy mouth and started sucking them with an incredible lust. Caesar growled. I chewed them a bit with my cautious teeth pressing them more or less. My skilled tongue caressed his melting nuts likewise. How soft they got when I squeezed them once so hard that he received a violent climax.

Caesar, You Did It

Though the fruitful mating season was near to end, he had not gotten a willing lioness yet. The young mate Caesar had had last year had just found a healthy lion. They avoided him for his physical handicap. My lovesick buddy, however, was in a really bad state. I did my very best to excite him, but I could not give him his specific destination. To help him obtain a heaty predator, did not come into reasonable consideration cos I had gotten aware of that I was not allowed to interfere into original nature. Everything seemed as if Caesar would not mate in this imponderable year.

Appearances are deceptive. On a cloudy morning, I heard him roaring over the wide wilderness. What happened' I hasted out of my new blockhouse and did not believe my delighted eyes. Caesar was lying next to Gratia. I had seen her once with Bill. She was a seven-year-old lioness from the National Park's far south. God knew why she had had gone the long way. It did not matter anyhow. They had fallen in hot love.

I hurried back to take my documentary equipment. When I returned, Caesar and Gratia had already stood up. I did not dare approach them any further as they might have responsed unpredictably aggressive. After I turned on my film camera, I watched them mate.

She stepped ahead, he on her noiseless heels. Her lean tail raised. My aroused lovey began flehming. Her sexual scent made him mad. Gratia stopped, lay herself down. Caesar squatted down behind her. I zoomed on her relaxed cunt, her pink lips being spread by his swollen prick. He thrusted in and out. His slack balls swang back and forth. I hardly managed to withstand their most erotic fuck. Her violent snarl woke me up from my enticing daydream. My fond fellow jumped away while his climaxing mate rolled over, springing up as well. They licked clean their sore genitals and recovered for a little while till their following intercourse.

"Caesar, you did it," I lauded.

More Mare

Horses are noble animals. I admire their grace. They have the unique ability to cover their erotic rear with ttheir bushy tail. Their genitals are irresistable.

Though I had much experience in felines, I had too little in equines. I was sorry. The problem was that there were few of them around me. I had to do anything about it.

To fill in my shameful gaps, I drove to Richard Tshane, a renowned breeder in the western Park. I pretended to be looking for a heaty mare for a made-up raising project. He rejected at first, but when I added Leo had told me to do so, he led me to Alice at once. She was his best horse, and she was in utter heat.

"You may check her," Richard allowed. "I'll see you later."

"Take your time," I thought watching him haste out of the large corral.

Alice and I were alone. She came trotting to the wooden fence to sniff at me. Neither of us knew how to behave. I began stroking her velvety forehead bent down to my lifted hand. She seemed to gain my true trust. I petted her husky neck, her bristly mane. The young thoroughbred gazed at me with her twinkling eyes. I opened the shut gate, walked into the wide paddock.

She shrunk back uncertain of my rapid movement. I slowed down. Step by step, I neared her. Alice took new heart. She did not draw away any further but stayed standing there at the same place.

I touched her again. Her snow-white fur felt like a soft cushion of lush moss. I grazed backwards along her gray-spotted flanks. The strung mare turned around her pretty head glancing at me in agitated anticipation. Her stringy tail rose up.

My overstrained mind started swooning with the bewitching sight of her black ass, her black cunt. I loved her. She flashed, she pissed,. I got a stunning notion of her hot scent. Breathing it thru my flehming nostrils into my unfolding lungs, I became horny enough to begin.

Her puckered butthole pulsated. My finger, my hand, my arm slipped in. Alice trying to loose cramped. I sensed the pleaseant warmth within her hot body. Her strong sphincter tightened around my upper arm close to my tensed sholder. My skillful fingers started tickling her touchy innards. Her handsome lips spread apart. A stinking stream of yellow urine splashed out.

It was an evident sight of her high arousal. I let my lean limb buried in ropy horse crap, separated her swollen labia. Her pink clit came in sight. I licked it. She began shuddering. I got mad and drove her crazy .

The caressed animal approached her ultimate orgasm. I could not permit it. Not yet. I stopped sucking her wet pussy, withdrew my shitty arm. My bare feet sank into the steaming piss puddle, my hard cock slid into her smooth cunt. It rubbed her tender clit till she neighed. I and Alice reached a vehement climax.

The Girl of My Dreams

I took a relieving breath. She was lying in my strong arms holding her tight. I was sheltering her. She had been overpowering.

Her nude body cuddled mine. I felt her loving warmth making me hot. She began stroking my hairy chest. I worshipped her tender hands that grazed up and down my touchy thorax. My total devotion was meant for her. I gripped them with my horny hands, clasped her gracile fingers with mine and prayed to her godlike soul. I turned around, gazed into her sparkling blue eyes. She glanced back. We were one.

The heavenly sight of her angelic face enlighted my blissful mind. Her sleek, fair hair framed her colored cheeks. My mooning look fell on her pointed nose, on her pale-red lips. I kissed them. My wriggling tongue wound its smooth way into her wet mouth in which it touched hers. I withdrew. She sank into the fleecy mattress.

My flaming affection drove me on. I started licking her peaky chin and over her long throat down to her throbbing heart. She seized my husky hips. I encircled her petite breasts, sucked her hard nipples. She squeezed my loose rear. I was due to give her a magic climax.

"Take me one more time," she purred into my sharp ears.

Her sweet voice echoed in my dreaming head. I woke up with her pretty picture in front of me. Was it just an imaginary immage' Not in the least. I knew her too well.

She was twenty-five years old, four years younger than me. Her hight was five feet. She was as lean as me and dainty. I had met her five times in my Texan hometown. I was in love with her. She inspired me too write this romantic poem the same morning.


The Internet is my only communication medium in the wilderness. I heard nothing of the world's news during my pilgrimage. Nor knew I anything about the momentary state at home. Then hit me a belt from the blue. Zimbabwe turned racialist. The Zimbabwean president Mugabe dispossessed the whites and forced them to emigrate. Otherwise they would die.

I was terrified. My neighboring country began discrimating other human races barely five years after South Africa repealed apartheid. I worried about the further development though I just had enough trouble to care for. Caesar was going to become a father, Gratia was advanced in her pregnancy I had to document, and Leo needed my help at his raising station. He was the one telling me he was missing his friend Richard who had gone abroad to pick up a number of Turkmen. The horse raiser had not come back for eight days.

My buddy warned me against seeking for him. I opposed. Richard had let me fuck Alice. I was greatly indebted to him. He could count on me.

His wife gave me his destination. Her husband had set off for George Major's farm in Rutenga beyond the border. I followed his way with a bad forebading. They might have kidnapped him.

Reality was worse. A mob of farm workers was occupying the plantation I was nearing. They halted my rover, surrounded it. I got out. Two of them threatened me with their machetes. They made me walk to the owner's cottage. The rest started belaboring my car. I stepped thru the entrance.

"Mister Tenner, why are you here'" the held breeder asked me.

"I've come to save you," I said staring at his face turned into a mess. "What have they done to you'"

"We did what was necessary."

A soldier seized my shoulder.

He yelled, "Look at me! I'm a freedom fighter. You're a white man. I fought for our freedom twenty years ago. You've got our land."

"I've not anything to do with your civil war. My home's South Africa," I stressed.


The veteran ignored me. He kicked me out of the house. Hundreds of black people encircled me.

"How racialist you are," I reproached. "What has your dictator promised to you'"

They screamed as with one voice, "Mugabe's a gift of God. He was born to rule us."

The crowed pushed me closely. I glanced at my rover. It was wrecked. Their clubs, their cudgels hit my body. They trashed me.

George had been slain. Richard waa in the hospital. My bones were bruised. I realized nothing had changed at the beginning of the twenty-first century.