Heather goes on Safari
by Dukayn

Heather looked out at the plains of Africa as the Jeep trundled along on her exotic African safari. Her fiery red hair flew out behind her as she stood up in the back seat of the vehicle. A short distance away, she spotted a pride of lions lounging in the hot African sun, and she pointed for the driver to try and get closer to them.

Nodding, the driver turned the wheel and took the Jeep closer to the lounging cats. As they got closer, Heather noticed that most of the males were missing. The driver pulled the Jeep to a stop about thirty feet away from the group of lions. Whilst Heather puzzled over the fact that the males seemed to mostly be missing, she heard a roar from behind the Jeep.

Together, her and the driver turned around, and were immediately attacked by three of the males of the pride. Two of them attacked the driver, who was soon killed, and was starting to be eaten right in front of Heather's eyes. The other pounced on Heather, knocking her out of the Jeep and onto the ground of the harsh African landscape.

She oofed as the air rushed out of her lungs, and looked up at the snarling face of the dominant male, the pride leader. Thinking she was near death, Heather offered a quick prayer that it be quick and relatively painless. The lion, however, seemed to have other plans. He rolled her over with his huge paws, and called out to the lionesses. The lionesses came over and took Heather's arms and legs into their jaws, one on each limb, their teeth oddly gentle and not causing too much pain. The lion roared again, and the lionesses picked Heather up and started to move her to another location.

They traveled this way for an interminable amount of time, until they came to a shallow bowl between two low hills. Here the lionesses put Heather down on the ground. As soon as she was free of the lionesses' jaws, Heather rubbed those places where they had held her, and found that they weren't too badly damaged. She looked around her and noticed that it was getting to become night-time, as the temperature was falling with the setting sun.

As she sat there, rubbing her arms and legs, the pride leader came into the bowl, his huge yellow body and shaggy brown mane of hair intimidating. He went over to Heather and sniffed her, seeming to take in her fragrance, though she knew that was improbable. He sniffed up her arms, to her face, where he stuck his big pink tongue out and licked her ear. Heather flinched back from the lion's tongue, and this caused him to growl softly in his throat. Heather for some reason found this oddly exciting, and not nearly as frightening as she had thought it would be.

The adrenaline coursing through her body started to make her shake, making her lovely 34C breasts move enticingly under her gray tank top, worn with no bra. The lion proceeded to sniff up her leg as well, and as he got closer to Heather's crotch, she found herself getting excited. Smelling the scent of her sex through his sensitive nostrils, the lion sniffed closer and closer to the patch between Heather's legs. As he reached his target, he poked his nose between Heather's thighs. Heather at first recoiled slightly, but soon discovered that it wasn't that bad.

The lion continued to sniff up her body, moving up her stomach, and sniffing at her breasts. Heather's breathing started to become heavier, causing her chest to rise and fall more dramatically, so that every time she breathed in, the lion's snout would brush against her breasts. The lion moved back down her body, and seemed to decide that Heather's trousers were an obstacle. With a swipe of one huge paw, the lion ripped trough the denim of her jeans. He moved his head down and took the top of the rip of one leg and moved it down Heather's body, until it was completely off her, leaving that leg bare. He then repeated the process for the other leg, leaving only a small patch of denim over her crotch.

The lion took the top of her jeans in his teeth and began to pull down again, but encountered resistance in the form of Heather's hourglass figure, and, most importantly, her hips. Heather, not wanting to upset the huge beast, lifted her ass off the ground, freeing the remains of her jeans for the lion to pull down her body. Once the jeans were off, the lion removed Heather's black lace G-string with the same technique, and soon Heather was lying on the ground, naked from the waist down, the cold night air raising goose bumps on her naked legs and brushing lightly against her damp pussy lips.

The lion bent his head once more and sniffed at Heather's pussy, his cold, wet nose causing her to arch her back in pleasure. He then stuck his big pink tongue out and licked at her pussy lips, moving up and down her slit with long, wet strokes. Heather started to moan under his ministrations, and pushed against the lion's snout, wanting more. The lion stopped his lapping of Heather's juices and reached out with one paw, nudging her leg. Heather sensed what the lion wanted and with slow, languid movements, sat up, and rolled over, raising herself onto her hands and knees.

She could not see the lion now, so it came as a pleasant shock when she felt the lion's paws fasten on either side of her hips, and the head of the lion's massive cock rubbing at the entrance to her pussy as he mounted her. Heather arched her back, thrusting her pussy at the lion's 12 inch long, 4 inch wide cock. The lion moved forward and thrust into her, eliciting a small cry of pleasure as the huge cock stretched Heather's pussy walls. The lion then proceeded to push more and more of his monster cock into Heather's tight cunt, until he was fully embedded within her. He began to pull out of her, until she felt he would fall out, then he plunged once more into her tight passage.

Heather cried out with pleasure, and her breasts swung beneath her from the force of the pounding she was receiving. The lion kept thrusting in and out of her with a steady rhythm, and she started to cry out in pleasure with each thrust. Heather's breasts bounced and swayed violently beneath the fabric of her tank top as she moved her body in time with the lion's thrusting. Soon the lion began to lose his rhythm, and Heather knew he was close to coming, as was she. The lion's strokes began to get faster and faster, and soon Heather was lost in a red haze of passion, as she exploded into the best orgasm of her short sex life.

As Heather screamed out in climax, the lion also reached his peak, and roared out his pleasure as he exploded what seemed like litres of hot cum into Heather's pussy. Heather could feel the hot fluid pulsing into her, flooding her body, and seeping back out her pussy. The lion, spent, pulled out of her with a small pop, and lots more of the lion's hot cum flowed out of Heather's cunt with the release of the obstacle. Heather remained in the same position for a while, then moved around and bent her head to lick clean the lion's cum-coated dick, before falling into an exhausted sleep.

Heather now lives with that lion pride, the only human ever to do so. She spends her days with the lionesses looking after the cubs and staying with the little lions when the mothers go out to hunt. Her nights are spent with the males of the pride, fucking a different one each night, until it is back to the pride leader, then the cycle begins. And all the while all she wears is a gray tank top.