In the Valley
by Tan

The two lions walked listlessly through the evening; the sun had only recently set, and the air was still warm with humidity from a full day of the sun's attack against the savanna. They followed an unmarked trail, a male and female, both adults, the male in the lead. His broad muscles rippled beneath his skin as he moved, as did hers.

The male's eyes scoured the valley's floor carefully as he stepped from the green hillside. His mane was well on its way to being full grown, and he flagged his tail behind him teasingly to the lanky female that followed. He had never been this close to a lioness in her season before, and by the way she had nuzzled his crotch and chin, it was obvious what she wanted.

Her scent was overwhelming. She was gorgeous: a long, broad tail...deep green eyes; and the scent of her heat made him want to mount her right then and there. She came close and began to sniff at his shoulder and groom him. Gods, that smell was crazy, like pure need given form between her taught legs.

His paws went to her sides, and he began to lick at her muzzle caringly. She purred in compliance and ducked her head down to his stomach in her grooming. Her lips played along his side until she came to his massive, feline shaft, hanging like a red rod down from between his two dangling balls. Her muzzle pressed up against his crotch and she started to lick his cock. Her rough tongue sent shivers of pleasure through his body, and he struggled to maintain balance.

He squinted his eyes shut at the throngs of pleasure rushing to each of his limbs as his sex was licked. She worked her soft pink tongue over his barbed head first, letting his musky taste fill her senses. Slowly the tongue curled around the beating organ and was drawn back up to the sheath and then over his testicles. She moved back over his head skillfully before taking him into her mouth and suckling him like a cub would its mother.

The male's tail began to lash behind him and over the female's head as she continued her sucking. The insides of her mouth were like the warmest jungle, massaging his throbbing tool between her cheeks and tongue. Slowly she pulled herself from between his legs and took a few, careful steps back, to watch the male's reaction.

He, in turn, nearly fell forward on his chest, barely managing to keep on all four paws. His eyelids were still squinted shut in a look of pure pleasure when the female made another approach. This time she ran her tongue across his muzzle in a playful, needy kiss. His eyes opened with a grunt and he let his tongue slide across hers. She took a teasing bound back away from the male and turned so that her pinkness was visible to him, her tail set to the side. Again the scent filled his muzzle, a primal wetness that tore away all thought except the task at paw: mounting the female, fucking her so hard she couldn't walk afterward, and filling her with hot white seed.

With three broad movements of his legs he had himself positioned behind her. She didn't struggle, although a small gasp was let from her maw at the male's eagerness. This was her first time, and wow...was he large.

The lioness raised her rump into the air readily as the male pressed his thick snout up between her thighs. She blinked when the first rush of euphoria came to her, his whiskers, tongue, and cold nose sending shockwaves up her sexlips. He thrust his tongue between the object of his attention, splitting her vagina like a gourd with the first lick. His tongue filled her and made her heat rise to the point of being unbearable. Her juices began to trickle along either side of his tongue, her insides tasting like the sweetest meat. How could this be that good?!

He pulled his tongue out and away from her slickened cunt; she reacted by looking over her shoulder with a sharp whine. She didn't want the sucking and licking to stop. The male stared back at her as he prepared to give her a lot more than just his tongue. He moved both his paws to either side of the female's chest. Her eyes widened as she got one last good look at his foot-long dick before it disappeared behind her flank. She turned to face the opposite direction and extended her claws to dig them into the ground in preparation.

The lion was burning up; he needed release, and it was only moments and a few pushes away. Letting instinct guide him, he bit down onto the female's neckscruff in a roughly erotic show of dominance. The lioness tried to roll her eyes back to see what was happening, but she was held firmly in place by the male's huge jaws.

With a rough push of his hips he was upon her, three inches deep before she could even blink. Her virginity tore open in a quick burst of pain only to be replaced by a feeling even more sexually perfect than that of the male's tongue. His broad cock seemed to swell inside her, and she used her claws to push back on the hunk of maleness. He continued his thrust forward, and with the combination of efforts, their slick sexes were pushed fully against one another. The male's balls slapped against the bottom folds of her sex lips, causing her to growl sharply in satisfaction.

He bucked against her in a return to the growl and began to pull his hips slowly back, and then slowly forth. His mane fell over his eyes to obscure his vision, but sight wasn't what mattered. The female clawed at the ground in a struggle to hold herself against the rapid, powerful thrusts of the lion. Her tightness surprised him; his entire length was eaten repeatedly by her waiting lips, which tightened against his tool with each full slam into her.

The lionesses' muscles ached with the strain of having to support the lion's weight, and the lion himself was quickly running out of breath. They both drove on, heat to heat, until it was obvious neither cold hold back any longer. The lion's thrusting slowed but grew more full...and the female orgasmed. A white light shot through her vision and she purrrrred in absolute ecstasy as her thick leonine juices spread out from her cunny for the first time, and over the male's penis, balls, and crotch.

The male blinked his eyes open as her juices soaked his already anxious cock and testicles. He roared out loudly as he came, his thick white seed splashing into the lionesses' depths in torrents. Their movements slowed while the male's thick semen shot forth again and again , much of it mixing with hers to drip down on the ground and their laps. A sweet scent filled the air, their mating juices mixing with the grasses in the early evening air.

The lioness, having had her first orgasm, fell forward as the male finished releasing his life-giving jism. He then rest onto her, purring, careful not to crush his mate underneath his mass. She turned her head up and licked at his cheek lovingly, and they waited for a short while...before starting again.