Jade and Akbahl - Nightly Pleasures
© 2015 by amanimmortal

Jade and Ak'bahl (the panther god) – Nightly Pleasures

Through the haze of sleep Jade heard the whisper in her mind, calling her into the forest. As she blinked herself awake she lifted her head to look through the sheer walls of the tent and into the forest beyond. A deep, but distant, growl rumbled through the woods outside and Jade knew some kind of beast called her. The touch on her mind was playful but demanding, it would broach no resistance.

Jade and AkbahlHer panties flooded with her juice as the dominance of the beast flooded over her. It would come into the tent and take her if she did not submit to it. And somehow it knew she did not want that. She crawled from her sleeping bag, over her husband, and then quietly unzipped the tent. She climbed out of her nighty, leaving it draped over the mans sleeping body. She knew that it would only get dirty out there. Then, on her hands and knees she set out into the night.

The floor of the forest was soft with moss and grasses. Through the touch on her mind she knew that the beast in the woods wanted her to remain on all fours. It would stalk her through the night and take her when it saw fit, certainly not when she did. Her sex was leaking freely, coating her thighs. The need of the beast was palpable and it's mental dominance over her was driving Jade into heat.

She had made it some distance across the clearing when she felt more than heard something behind her. A sudden weight between her shoulder blades signaled that the creature was upon her. A large paw pressed against the back of her head, driving it into the dirt and causing her ass to rise slightly. A deep rumbling, unmistakably a purr, erupted behind her as Jade felt something wet and hot press itself against her sex. As the foot left her head massive teeth, wet and warm, clamped around the back of her neck holding the woman in place.

It was a massive cat behind her, Jade knew this now. It rumbled against her neck as it speared into her, filling her with it's massive cock. Withdrawing slowly, the spines that ran the length of it's member dragged against her insides. She was intimately aware of his size both as he thrust balls deep into her and when he withdrew, pulling her inside out as he did so. If she could have looked she would have seen the pink inners of her sex straining at her entrance to hold him inside her, only to disappear back inside as he fucked forward once again.

The cat came quickly, growling deeply against her neck as he did so. Cum spurted from him, splashing deep against her insides. Once she was full, it burst from around him, coating the fertile soil below them. Luckily for Jade this did not signal the end however, as once he was done cumming the cat happily started thrusting once again, this time taking his time building towards his orgasm.

She had the feeling that this feline would have her for many more hours to come…