Jafars New Pet
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Jafars New Pet

"Aladdin will stop you!" Jasmine screamed as she struggled against her bonds. Though she would never admit it she was scared, her world was quickly falling away and now she was chained before her greatest enemies. In all her days as princess of Agrabah she had never felt so vulnerable as she did now. Jafar laughed, enjoying the sight of Agrabah's lovely princess splayed before him. Of all the victories he savored this day, seeing Jasmine bound before him was the most satisfying. "Indeed, your precious street rat has already been made a guest of Agrabah's new Sultan. He won't be able to save you this time."

Jasmine shot back a look of pure hatred at the usurper. His return had been swift and brutal thanks to his new powers. By the time the alarm was raised, the palace was in Jafar's hands and the palace guards were in his evil sway. Jasmine had been dragged out of her room by her own guards only an hour before and unceremoniously chained atop a table in the throne room.

"I have decided your fate, dear girl, and I shall enjoy having you forever at my feet." Jafar waved his staff over his prisoner, unleashing a wave of sparkling effects over her struggling form.

Jasmine had only a moment to ponder his meaning before she felt a strange sensation spread over her body. The feeling was strangely erotic, as if her entire body was being massaged, and she could barely force herself not to surrender to the wonderful sensations. Fighting her inner desires she forced her eyes open and looked down at her body, shocked at what she was. Her entire body was encased in a sparkling aura of released magic, below the shifting lights of Jafar's magic was a sight Jasmine would never have expected to see. Her entire body was being encased in a golden fur, save a lighter patch over her stomach and chest. Jasmine then had her attention turned to a strange sensation in her hands and watched in awe as they reformed before her eyes, her fingers drawing together as her entire hand quickly molded into a catlike paw. All Jasmine could do was watch in stunned silence as Jafar's magic finished it's work on her.

As the sparkling abated, Jafar signaled for the guards to release Jasmine. "Rise, my pet."

Jasmine was more than eager to comply, relieved to be free of the chains. She had no more than cleared the edge of the table then she caught sight of herself in one of the palace's mirrors. In base form she was still a well-formed woman, though she was clearly a blending of woman and tiger. Her fur covered from head to foot, with even a short layer over her otherwise unchanged face. Her head of hair was still black, in stark contrast to the golden fur over the rest of her body. Her ears had become pointed and feline and now poked out of her hair on both sides of her head. Another shock was the presence of two more pairs of underdeveloped breasts under her well-developed set. Jasmine noticed the final touch as well, a long tail descending between her legs, and now casually swaying behind her. The shock of the image of her new self stalled her for a moment before she went to turn to Jafar. As she did, Jasmine felt a strange need course though her. Her new paws acted without thought, moving to her harem top and pants, and quickly shredding them. Jasmine watched in horror as her clothes fell away. Almost as frightening was the feeling of relief and freedom that coursed through her as the shreds of clothing fell to the floor. She knew she shouldn't feel this way, but Jasmine couldn't resist the feeling that it was right for her to be naked like that.

"What have you done to me?" Jasmine cried out in dismay. She had no more than spoken those words when she kneeled onto the floor. She couldn't bring herself to stand again, all she could do was rest on her hands and knees and look up at the evil magician who had cursed her. "I have made you my pet, so that I can trust you to be at my side as I rule Agrabah. I am not without compassion however, as I will still allow you to play with your tiger as well." Jafar motioned to his guards as he studied his new pet. He had once pursued her as a means to attaining the throne, but she had spurned him. Now that he was firmly in control he had little need for her, but his desire for revenge was too strong to resist.

Jasmine was considering his words as she saw her pet tiger Raja being lead into the throne room. It was only a moment later that she realized what Jafar had meant by playing with Raja. "No, please don't make me do this." She pleaded.

"Oh, dear, I won't have to make you do anything." Jafar sneered in return.

Jafar had barely spoken when Jasmine caught a hint of musk in the air. She didn't recognize the smell, but she felt its allure. Almost instantly, she felt her loins begin to ache, and Jasmine began to realize the extent of Jafar's changes. The guards released Raja, and Jasmine felt her need grow as she watched her pet tiger pad towards her with steady determination. She couldn't believe the feelings coursing through her, but she couldn't deny them either. Jasmine couldn't help but turn her attention to Raja's member, dangling erect and ready between his legs. She surprised herself as she felt anxious anticipation course through her as she watched Raja's stiff cock come closer. Jasmine shivered with the thought of being split apart by Raja's cock. She had always thought Aladdin had been well endowed when he had plunged into her, but now she was looking at a cock far thicker and longer than her former lover and she could barely wait to feel it inside her. Her own body was aching with growing sexual need, and Jasmine turned her back to Raja, and spread her legs as widely as she could, presenting her dripping slit to her new mate, ready to be mounted. She didn't want to stop it, Raja's cock looked so hard and he smelled so good, she couldn't help but want him.

Raja wasted little time in reaching his former mistress's new form. Jasmine was shocked and pleased as Raja's tongue ran over the length of her slit. A long heart felt moan escaped her lips as the coarse tongue explored her tender flesh. Raja spent several determined moments caressing Jasmine's mound, eliciting sounds of wonder and joy from her. Jasmine pushed her hips back against her tiger's intimate caress, taking care to extend the sensation for as long as she could. Raja was impatient to go the next step, however, and quickly moved to mount Jasmine's ready form.

Jasmine felt so strange in that moment as Raja's soft belly fur ran over her own fur covered back and his tiger cock gently tapped at her entrance. Her previous encounters with Aladdin flashed through her mind, the ultimately feminine feeling of being entered, of making love to a man face to face. This was different; she was an animal now, on her knees, her mate entering from behind. She couldn't resist though, she didn't want to, she was Raja's mate now, a tigress. As her folds parted to accept Raja's cock, all she could do was growl with satisfaction. She pushed back against the plunging hardness, helping to fill her animal need. Jasmine gasped as she became completely filled with Raja's cock, amazed at the wondrous feeling of completion she felt in that moment.

Her love making with Aladdin had always been careful, gentle and loving and Jasmine could remember the glories he had brought to her tender flesh. Raja was different, and so was Jasmine now, she reveled in the almost immediate thrusting of her pet within her. Raja was far larger than Aladdin, so much so that a small rational part of Jasmine realized Jafar's magic must have enlarged her pussy with the rest of her changes. She felt wonderfully full with every one of Raja's thrusts, and couldn't keep herself from thrusting back to extend her pleasure. The pace was furious, and Jasmine was embracing the awesome power of her new lover.

As they coupled, Jasmine's only sounds were of grunts and growls accentuating every filling trust of Raja's cock within her. It was only when Jafar lifted her head by the chin and looked into her eyes that Jasmine remembered what was happening. She couldn't stop however, the feelings of Raja's cock pounding insider her necessitated her own counter thrusts. Her humiliation was extreme, however, as Jafar smiled wickedly at her panting form.

Now that she was partially free of the spell consuming her, Jasmine was forced to endure the humiliation of her own animal passion driving her coupling with her own tiger. Her actions were beyond conscious control, reacting out of animal need, rutting against her new mate with uncharacteristic abandon. She couldn't deny the pleasure Raja was stoking inside her with every splitting thrust. All she could do was watch as she slid back into animalistic coupling with her new mate, a spectacle for not only Jafar but the palace guard as well.

Jasmine didn't know how long their coupling continued as she lost control of her thoughts again. It seamed an endless flow of animal pleasure, of raw sexual energy being built up within her. It wasn't until she felt a gushing of fluids within her that Jasmine was dragged back to consciousness. Her body tumbled into release as her mate planted his seed within her. Jasmine quivered with pleasure as she felt Raja complete his task, as she though to being mother to a new pride. She tried to dismiss the thought, but couldn't, she wanted a litter of cubs, and she knew Raja had planted them within her. Jasmine knew it wasn't right, but couldn't help feeling joy at the thought of being a mother to her tiger's cubs.

As her release subsided, and Rajah pulled out of her and laid down at her side, Jasmine felt her own fatigue take hold. Her wild coupling had left her drained, and before she could even consider other actions she pulled herself to Raja's side and snuggled into the warm and inviting fur of her new mate.

It was some time later that Jasmine awoke, cautiously pulling away from Raja's still snoozing form. She considered her new mate as she did so, amazed that she was so quickly accepting her new lot as a Raja's mate and soon to be mother of a litter of cubs. Jasmine could still scarcely believe that she was truly looking forward to having a little of tiny versions of her mate suckling at her teat. Neither could she believe that she looked forward to their next coupling. She knew wouldn't even balk at doing it in public in front of her father, Aladdin and anyone else who wanted to watch. Jasmine knew how strange and disturbing these thoughts were, but she could stop from thinking in just that way.

Jafar was at her side in a moment, smiling as he looked down upon her. Jasmine felt a new sensation course through her as she looked up at Jafar, and she realized with a new fear that it was subservience that coursed though her. She couldn't bring herself even to challenge him as she sat there, unable to even hint confrontation with one so innately superior.

Jasmine tried to rise to her feet, but she could get no further than her knees. As she looked up at Jafar, she felt a new need course through her, even though she couldn't understand it. Jasmine feared what new indignity she would be forced into by her new form and needs.

"I know what you need, my pet." Jafar smirked as he pulled a collar from out of a pocket.

As he reached down, Jasmine wanted to bite him, but instead found herself baring her neck so he could place the leather collar around her neck. She stayed like that for a moment until Jafar attached a chain to the collar as well. As much as she hated to admit it, Jasmine felt comfortable now, that it was wrong for her to not have on the collar and chain. She tugged at the collar with her paws in wonder, unable to even consider using her new formidable claws to cut into the relatively yielding material of the collar. All she could do was sit and consider her new fate. Once princess of Agrabah, Jasmine was now more than a cursed soul, awaiting a litter of cubs from her form pet tiger turn mate willingly chained naked and subservient at the feet of her greatest enemy.

The End

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