James's First time

I always had been a zoo curious, I liked to read and watch each piece or material dealing about zoophilia inside and outside the web. My first time story starts in Cuernavaca Mexico, were I have a couture house and a special friend that happens to be a vet, He is also a zoo, and he love to have exotic pets, specially large felines since a decade ago.

I loved to visit him each time I went to Cuernavaca, Not only to see the animals he keeps but also to enjoy long conversations. He is a very intelligent man and have an extensive knowledge about felines. For many months that I visited him, I did not notice the kind of relationship he held with the animals he keeped, although he was obviously a zoo, because he is a good friend of my family.

With him I learned how to get closer to animals and how to keep a good relation with them, he also teached me to stay away from the animals that are dangerous, even thought all the animals he keeped were lethally dangerous. The tigers, the animal he liked most, is not dangerous to the people that lived with them since they were cubs, but they are lethal indeed to all kind of strangers even to the people that visits them regularly. My friend told me once that one of his tigers took a sofa from the house to the garden, and then later he closed one crystal door when a female tiger was inside the house, she just jumped through the door breaking it over my friend and falling on him, leaving him with a perforated lung and few broken bones they are indeed strong beasts. Lions are e more passive but still dangerous, in a tricky way, because they seem friendly in a second and in the next they are eating your guts. Even thought when they are feeded regularly and are used to human's and you are no longer a stranger to them, they donít (in most of the cases) attack you. Nevertheless I liked most the lions than the tigers because I can be with them.

One day that I visited my friend, he (in a not very disguised way) confessed to be a zoo, and that he knew that also I was one. That was very shocking, because you donít expect to get this kind of dialogs with a family friend that doubles your age. The he continued telling my how he noticed that I also was a zoosexual, he said that only someone that feel that kind of love for animals would spent his weekends just to be with the animals. When the shook was washed off, we continued talking about our feelings toward animals, then he did an offer that will be never forgeted, he offered my the chance to make love with one of his animals, I was complete shocked, I could not believe that. The choice was already maded; I would fuck with my favorite lioness, Sofia. She was really friendly with me and her shape, her fur, and her essence were sweeter than sugar. She was one and a half years old, I wanted to fuck her right away but my friend pulled me back to the earth telling me that big cats cannot be copulated when they arenít in heat, unless you want to end chopped inside a meat package.

My friend then called one of his employees ordering him to take Sofia into a separated pen. He promised me that when she reached heat he would call me.

The next days were like a burning hell to me, I wasnít able to think of anything else than that delicious lioness and me making sweet love, even when I was fuking with my girlfriend the idea resisted to leave. I visited the ranch of my friend once again hoping in vain that she had reached the heat.

A month since the promise, my friend called in the afternoon leaving an encoded message in the machine. When I returned home I heard the message. I went almost instantly to his home in the half of the time I regularly make. He welcomed me and guided me to the place she was, then he told me that he had administrated to her some kind of hormone derived from progesterone, that makes more marked her heat, because this would be her first time also. He also told me to play with her a while.

I was a little nervous about it, and also a little ashamed because he was going to be watching everything, but when I smelled her my mind went white. Let me describe her to you, she is a bit small in comparison to the other lionesses, her fur is golden brown, she got that beautiful emerald eyes, she is declawed and defanged, not because of my friend, but because a disposition of the municipio because labor problems, and she was very strange, she passed beside me rubbing her body against mine many times she liked me at any chance, in short she was overfriendly, after a while I naked my self and continued caressing her, when she looked my erect penis she was a little curious, but soon she returned to playing and rubbing sides. In moment she walked away and tilted her tail, leaving her opening exposed. Then she crunched to the ground and started growling. I walked to her on my four until I encircled her, lowering my body to reach her. Once there I proceeded looking for an entrance, as son as I found it I tried to insert my maleness into her, after a pursuing a little while the head of my penis touched with a soft wet and groove vulva, my mind went wild mad for a second until Sofia herself pushed backwards immersing my penis into a the tightest place it had been, the heat and the moist invited me to start a little ramming, I pumped slowly at first and the I could not resist to frenzy and continued ramming her vagina with a frequency I never though of being capable, this was the hardest erection of my life, Sofia was obviously enjoying, I could tell that of the way she was pouring, meanwhile her vaginal muscles were giving to my the greatest pleasure that I have be witness. She get her fist orgasm after only five minutes of pumping, the vibration of her thorax turned to a maximum, and her vagina attempted to crush my penis, I really worked hard to keep the intercourse going, I could hardly resist. The next ten minutes many orgasms arrived to her, the juices started to drip from her then on her last orgasm, I wasnít capable of resist it and I went through the most powerful orgasm I ever experienced to that point in my life followed by the ejaculation of what represent several ordinary loads, I felt her vagina sucking the seed that flowed spasmodically from me, after many minutes over her back, I feel to the ground, taking out my penis.

Then I raised and caressed her while we both were immerse in the most delicious dream.

Now I am frequently making love with her and the other two lionesses, I dot know how to thank my friend. I have tried fucking different species, mainly dogs and bitches, but there is no way to compare them to my experience with lionesses, in the future I will try with a female tiger, Rayitas who is only a cub now (and Iím visiting her as often as I can) But one day she will be ready.