Jane and Wisdomm the tiger
© 2018 by Jane Applestock

Note: This story is presented from Jane's perspective. Special thanks to Wisdomm who accepted to participate as a character and make choices for the scenario ;-)

During a trip to Siberia, Jane, a 20-year-old woman, ran out of gas on a country road in the middle of the forest. With no telephone network, she decided to walk to the nearest town. She was far from imagining that on the way, she would make an encounter that would change her life.

wisdomm the tiger walking in snow

Indeed, as she was driving along the road in the Siberian cold, Jane heard something that sounded like an animal's moan. She penetrated into the forest to investigate the noise source, and saw a white siberian tiger with a paw caught in a poacher's trap. The beast roared as the woman approached, afraid of being cowardly killed by a human while he was immobilised and helpless. But he quickly felt that she had no bad intentions, she just wanted to help him. Jane came closer to the tiger, let him smelt her, and then softly caressed his back. After, she took a wooden stick in order to open the trap, and release him. First, the tiger was suspicious, and began to go away, but then he came back and jumped on the girl to hug her gracefully. However, Jane seemed worried about something else. The Siberian tiger thought that she was lost in the forest, and needed to be taken to the nearest human village. So, he grabbed the sleeve of the woman's anorak in his mouth, and took her across the forest to the outskirts of the village.

Before leaving, Jane made the beast sit down, and looked at his bloody left front paw. She wanted to heal the tiger in order to thank him, and said several times to the feline to don't move. Then she went in the city, and bought disinfectant, bandages and some meat in the first market she found. During this time, the big cat was waiting for her, hoping to see this nice girl again. He wished to live with her. Finally, the girl came back with a bag, cured the tiger's paw, and gave to him a piece of meat. Once done, Jane rubbed the animal's head, and returned to the village.

The beast went back in the forest, curious to know where that girl came from. Once he arrived at the place where he had been trapped, he followed Jane's trail with her scent. The tiger walked along the road, and found a car, where the olfactory trail stopped. Suddenly, an SUV arrived, and the beast hid behind a bush. Jane stepped out of the vehicle with two cans of gas, and thanked the driver who left. She filled up the tank, and as she was storing the jerrycans in her trunk, the animal jumped into her car, and sat in the back seat. Surprised, Jane stroked the beast, and decided to take care of the tiger. It will be her new pet, and she named it Wisdomm because it seemed very sweet and intelligent. Later, their relationship became so strong that Jane fell in love with the beautiful cat.

Day 1:
After a hard day at work, I'm finally back to home. When I open the door, I see that Wisdomm, my white Siberian tiger, was waiting for me to return, sitting on the carpet in the lobby. I approach him, and gently caress his head. However, he expected something else from me. Softly, he sniffs between my legs, then looks at me like a horny cat. I smile at him, kiss him on the nose, and I undo my jean's button. Excited, I quickly remove my tee-shirt and my bra, while Wisdomm use his front paws to pull down my pants and my underwear. Once done, I push him on his back, and start rubbing his chest, his belly, and then his underbelly.

Then, I lay down on him, and lick his lips, stroking him behind ears. The big cat start purring, and open his mouth a little to let me in. Slowly, I run my tongue between his teeth, rubbing his tongue. But as I can't go as far as he would, Wisdomm push his own inside my mouth, licking my cheeks, my palate, and turning around my tongue. He keep kissing me for a while, his front paws on my back, hugging me against him. His fur is so soft and hot… To finish, he push his huge tongue on the back of my throat, leaving some saliva that I swallow. Time goes by so fast and now we must to eat.

I make myself a sandwich, begin to cut the meat for my cat's meal, when suddenly, while I stand naked in the kitchen, I feel a lick on my pussy. He looks hungry, maybe he wants a snack? I take a piece of meat off the table and sink it into my vagina.

My white tiger feels immediately excited, and as a curious feline, he licks my fingers, and then my crotch. So I sit on the kitchen worktop, and open wide my legs. Wisdomm sits down and put his front paws on the worktop, run his rough tongue on my pussy lips, and finally slides it in my vagina. However, he doesn't get his food right away. He seems to play with his meat, rubbing my walls with his sandpaper tongue for few minutes, pushing it deep inside. I feel so good, and I can't control some vaginal contractions, making my lover even more excited. But he decides to get his piece of meat, leaving me as is. Well I finish to cut his food, and serve it in a bowl.

I look him eating, aroused by his little game. I would like to have more fun. I kneel behind my pet, and fondle his balls and his sheath. Then I unsheathed his cock, squeeze it in my hand, and begin to masturbate my tiger until he get hard. I don't want to waste his seed, so I have the idea to add some sauce in my sandwich. I placed it under his belly, and accelerate masturbation's pace. Nevertheless, he seems indifferent to my stimulation, and continues to eat quietly. Then I push harder on his tool, in order to increase the pleasant sensations. Suddenly, he spreads his hind legs and lowers his pelvis, stopping eating. Wisdomm make a pleasure growl, thrusting in my hand, and spurt his creamy semen in my sandwich. His penis throbbing and his balls twitching while he pump his load in my meal. I stroke him on the back to thank him for letting it happen.

Then I let him finish his bowl of meat, while I go to lie on the couch to eat and watch TV. My tiger joins me shortly after, and lies down all over my naked body, then turns to the TV to watch it with me. I put my arms around him, caress his chest, and rub him under the neck. He like it very well, so start purring and making nose sounds. We end the evening in front of a movie, me massaging him behind the ears. It is 10 p.m. now, time to sleep. I tap his butt to get him stand up, turn off the TV, and move to the bedroom.

There, I lie down in bed. Wisdomm arrives at the bed's feet, and slips under the sheet, but stop his head at my crotch. He seems to don't want to sleep now… My pet gives me slow tongue strokes, soaking my pussy lips with his drool, his tip sometimes penetrating inside. It make me horny! I lift the sheet to look underneath, and heard lick noises. He look at me with his beautiful blue eyes, filled with passion. I spread my thighs to encourage him to go further, but the tiger stop and hoists himself above me instead. He put his front paws on each side of my head, curves his back and press his furry sheath against my cunt. Then, Wisdomm push his hot dick in my vagina, contracts it with slow pulsations, and I feel it growing and stiffening inside. When his penis reach his full size, he start fast and powerful thrusts, like tigers do. That make me wet, my fluids serving as lube, allowing him to go deeper. About 30 seconds later, my whole body is traversed by intense sensations. Suddenly, my orgasm come. I curl my fingers, grabbing my pet's fur, and tighten my walls around his rod. I can feel his penis barbels massaging my uterine mucous membranes, it's so nice… My lover reach orgasm too, making a final thrust, slamming his balls on my butt. While I'm gasping, his cock pulse, throwing his lukewarm cum in my pussy, his big balls twitching at each spurt. I love my beast, and his seed flooding me is the best reward I can get. Finally, he lies on me, leaving his member dripping inside me, and we fall asleep together.

Day 2:
I wake up in the morning, my white siberian tiger still on me, his chest at my head's side and his floppy dick in my pussy. I put a hand on the bed, near my crotch, and realize that sheets are drenched, our love juices having leaked from my slit all the night. As Wisdomm sleeps, I gently caress him on the sides to wake him up. He then gets up, removing his wet member from my clit, stretches his big muscular body, and lowers his head to lick my face. It's so cute… I kiss him on the lips, stand up, and go to the bathroom for a bath.

I fill the bathtub, then slip into the hot water. I wash myself, and as I clean my pussy, my tiger comes to watch me do. He seems to would like something… He looks at me and takes his tongue out of his mouth several times, to make me understand that he wants to take care of cleaning my pussy still full of our juices from the previous night. I immediately stand on my fours in the bath, and expose my wet sweet pussy. My lover inserts his big tongue in my hot spot, making me giggle with delight at each stoke, while he enjoys the rest of his own sperm mixed with mine. His raspy tongue is much more skillful than my fine little fingers to clean me up and make me come.

But even before we're done, someone knocks on the door. I quickly get up, go out of the bath, dry myself fast, put on a bathrobe, and I open the front door. My neighbour is standing there, holding his son's hand. She need that I take care of his 13 years old child today. She says I have to keep an eye on him at all times, because she doesn't want an accident to happen with my tiger. I nod and assure her that everything will be fine. She leaves, and I bring Owen in, her son, and then set him up at the table for breakfast. I serve us a bowl of milk with cereal, then I call Wisdomm to have him come and eat his chicken. But when the big cat enters the room, the child grabs my arm, obviously afraid by the animal. I reassure him, telling it is a kind tiger, then I bring the beast closer so that the boy can caress his head. He shyly touches his fur, and when done, continue eating.

However, I remember that I have an important meeting today, and I can't take the child with me at work. So, once my breakfast is over, I explain to the boy that he will have to stay with my pet today, and I show him what to eat at noon in the refrigerator. I'm looking at the time, wow, I'm gonna be late! I then run to get dressed, and before leaving, kiss Wisdomm on the forehead telling him to take care of the boy.

But Wisdomm don't want to take care of Owen, it is not possible to have 2 males in the same house. The boy approached to caress the tiger again, but the animal growled at him to frighten him, and show who is the dominant male. The child moves backwards, and then goes on the couch to watch a cartoon on TV. Nonetheless, the white tiger would like to scare him a bit more. He silently comes closer to Owen, crouching in the dark, and suddently jumps on the poor boy, roaring. Immobilized by the weight of the animal, the boy could do nothing, except smell the disgusting breath of the beast. Wisdomm raises his whisker pads to show the boy how big his teeth are, opens his huge jaws, and slowly licks the neck of the boy who closes his eyes in fear. Then the tiger lets the boy get up and run away, then chases him roaring through the house for an hour.

Exhausted, the boy collapsed to the ground, abdicating in front of the predator's vigour. He then let him rest, because it is soon time to eat, and he needs the boy to open the fridge for him so that he can get his food. A few minutes later, Owen goes to help himself to food, and when he opens the refrigerator door, Wisdomm puts his head between the boy's legs and grabs a freezer bag on the lower shelf. The big cat places himself in the child's field of vision, and shreds the bag containing his meat in front of his eyes. A shiver runs through the kid who looks him while eating. After the meal, the tiger still wants to scare the boy. The weather is fine, and that's good, because there's a swimming pool in the garden. The animal jumps on the kid, and takes off his clothes violently, then drags him by the arm before throwing him into the pool. As soon as the boy tries to get out of the pool, the tiger hits his hands with his paws to make him fall back in. But after a while, the boy starts to tire and swallow water. Wisdomm then jumps into the pool and pulls the kid out of the water before he drowns. The tiger then observes Owen's completely naked and exhausted body, and sniffs his genitals. The little human have so small balls and cock, and never experienced sex.

[begin of censored part]
Wisdomm would like to show how to have sex to the boy, however he can't fuck him, his asshole is too small and it may cause serious injury to the child. The beast sits down, takes Owen's hand in his mouth and place it on his stretched cock. Then, the tiger slides his sex between two claws of his paw over the boy's hand, then starts pressing it to show the kid what he wants. The poor boy begin to masturbate the big animal rod, moving up and down on the wet shape, and the siberian tiger lays on his back to enjoy the moment. Some minutes later, cloudy pre-cum spurts on Wisdomm's belly, who meows and licks his chest to incite Owen to taste it. The boy performs and licks the tiger's soaked fur, making a weird face.

But the animal want to have an orgasm, and the kid movements are too slow to trigger an ejaculation. Maybe he's more skillful with his tongue? The tiger raises his upper body and grabs the boy's head with his front legs, then places his rod between his lips. Owen open his mouth to let the cock penetrate, and when he close it, the tiger feel his teeth and roars to prevent the boy from scratching his tool. So, the boy just closes his lips on the shaft, and slides them on the barbed tip. But the boy seems to only concentrate his efforts on the upper side. Then the big cat put a paw on his head and push it to make Owen suck few centimeters more. Finally, he looks at the child and extends his U-shaped tongue out of his mouth several times, to encourage him to lick the underside of his dick. It's better now, and the animal penis starts to pulse. A first spurt of sticky cum floods the young boy mouth, who looks the tiger to get instructions. Wisdomm swallows his saliva, showing to the kid what to do with the salty fluid. The beast came, holds back from ejaculating everything at once, and wait the boy to swallow before releasing an other spurt. The tiger moans in bliss while the child works his tongue around his penis.

The big cat feels better now that his balls are empty. He lets the boy go, who will immediately rinse his mouth covered by sperm, disgusted.
[end of censored part]

Then, Wisdomm is going to fall asleep on the carpet in the lobby, while Owen locks himself in the bathroom. Later, I come back to home. I find my pet in the entrance, he looks happy, I can't imagine how good his day was. The boy unlocked the bathroom door, runs towards me and throws himself into my arms, sobbing. Maybe he is afraid of the white siberian tiger? "This is a huge animal, but he will never harm you", I say to reassure him. Fortunately, his mother arrives to pick him up.

After, I lay on my tiger, hug him and kiss his snout. I sit on his back, and I caress him from the top of his head to the bottom of his back, along his spinal column. He closes his eyes purring, enjoying my massage to the full. Then I scratch the beast behind his ears and under his chin, and finally, I lay on him again feeling vibrations in my chest. I rest on my lover for 15 min, taking advantage of his soft fur against me. But I'm interrupter by a phone call. A friend of mine, Elena, organized a party this night, and Wisdomm and me are convied. I accept his invitation, then I dress an elegant red robe with my sexy purple underpants, before going to my friend's house.

One arrived, she invites us in. Other friends are already in the main room. There are Alyson, single, Maureen and Paige, accompanied by their respective husbands, Shawn and Orin. Elena really know how to plan a party: she chose a good ambiance music, and placed a lot of beautiful coloured lights all around the living room. A large bowl of popcorn, crisps, biscuits, and various alcoholic drinks are on the glass table in the middle of the room. I present my tiger to my friends, impressed by the majestic beast, who sniffs them all to get more confident. Then, we talk between us about our work, life projects and other usual things. I start to drink a glass of Martini, and I participate to a quiz game, where we must to drink a shoot of Vodka at each wrong answer. I'm very bad at this game, and lose a lot, chaining drinks of alcohol one after the other. Fortunately, I'm not the only one.

After a while, to add some fun, our host put some viagra and LSD pills on the table. However, I can't get one, because I'm already completely drunk. But Wisdomm would like to try one, and give a lick on the glass table to get a viagra pill. Effects happen in few minutes, and my tiger's cock poke out, growing slowly until hard and full erect. Amused, Elena, Alyson, Maureen and Paige get around the animal to pet him and touch his hot member. My pet is happy with attention he receives, but when he takes a look in my direction, and gets angry at what he sees. Actually, trapped in a corner and too weak to oppose, Shawn is trying to fuck me when Orin, his pants down to his ankles, try to force me blowjob. Of course I don't want this to happen, I'm faithful to my tiger, but they are drugged and less drunk than me, which explains why they can't control their sexual desires.

Luckily, Wisdomm jumps from girls hands and comes to my rescue. My lover roars, catch Shawn and throw him violently on the ground, then he stands up on his back paws and brutally beat Orin hard on the face, before biting his thigh. Shawn stay unconscious and Orin, scared and injured, moves away from the angry tiger and leans his back against the wall. Now, it's time to punish, and show them how it feels… The big cat rips Shawn's pants off at the crotch with a claw, positions himself behind him and push his erected cock deep in his asshole. Then, he approaches Orin, dragging Shawn on the ground at the same time, and get Orin's penis in his mouth. They will see what is rape… My lover start to hump hard the first guy, and suck the second one. His fuck is so brutal that the wall of Shawn's colon tears, and blood flows from his anus. Orin is not spared either, the tiger sucks so hard that the sperm rises directly from his testicles to animal's tongue. While his prey's balls are empty, Wisdomm continues to aspirate, bursting the blood vessels of Orin's gonads and causing him intense pain. But it's not over yet. As he continues to dip his dick in Shawn's warm blood, the beast rubs his raspy tongue forcefully around Orin's penis, carrying away skin flakes as he passes. Once the flesh is exposed, its prey feels sharp burns and begins to scream. The tiger finally swallows the mixture of sperm and blood, then withdraws. The girls looked the whole scene, but seems to don't realize what's happened.

My lover cleans his genitals, then come to me. It's time to show what is the kind of our relation to my friends. He stands up and try to hug me, but I fall on the glass table because I'm too drunk to get his weight. He takes it as an invitation, moves upwards my back, and slides his cock under my purple panty to my cunt, keeping his back paws on the floor. Then he humps me vigorously, slapping his white balls on my ass. The head in the popcorn bowl, I can only feel his jerky breath on my neck, and hear his moans of pleasure. Excited by the view, Alyson goes back to my pet, and lick the cum dripping from my slit, as the feline cock when it moves back. At the same time, Paige and Maureen plays to masturbate themselves, rubbing their pussies with their fingers. But Elena, not as drunk as us, just realizes that a bestiality scene is happening in front of her. She is shocked more again when Wisdomm push his cock deep inside me in a final thrust, ejaculating with loud roars, while Alison licks the animal slimy seed leaking out of my vagina. The tiger finally withdraws, and lick me clean. Elena, traumatized, declares that the party is over, and requests us to go home. Fortunately, except her and my lover, nobody will remember what's happened this night.

After, my pet gets me on his back, and comes to the home. Tired, I fall asleep on the carpet in the lobby, and Wisdomm lays near me, his head between his front paws, closes his eyes to have sweet dreams.

Day 3:
The next day, I am woken up by strong tongue blows between my thighs. My tiger then lifts his head to look at me, his chin and lips full of blood. Panicked, I put my hand on my pussy to check for possible injuries, but I do not find any. Not feeling any pain, I realize that I had my period during the night, and that my pet, attracted by the smell of blood, took the opportunity to indulge in a treat. Aroused, I would like to give him a similar feeling. So, I move below him using my elbows in a 69 position. I grab his genitals in my hands, and pull to make him lower his hindquarters. I place my lips on the end of his sheath and push it backwards with a head movement, making the animal's smooth rod penetrate into my mouth. I'm surprised by the size of his cock! It is about 10 cm long, 15 if we take the sheath, and 3 cm wide. The tip, shaped like a bullet, is covered by small spines or hooks pointing backward on about 3 cm. I catch his hind legs with my hands, and start to suck him, curling my tongue around his dick, rubbing his barbs. While I move my lips back and forth on his tool, Wisdomm run his tongue through my vagina, making me wet. My animal is driving me to orgasm, and I want that he come at the same time. Just before the pleasure explosion, I increase my sucking speed, making the beast moan and the cock twitch. Finally, his hot rod straightens up, crushing my tongue against my lower jaw, and send copiously his white cum in the back of my throat. I enjoy each swallow of his cum as he swallows the mine. Then, I slide my lips a last time from the base to the tip, in order to clean the tasty fluid on his penis, and stand up. It was very nice! Our week-end begin well! I kiss my siberian tiger on the nose to thank him.

After this good moment, we take a breakfast, but I can't stop to think about how fun was our intercourse during the meal, and I would like to discover more of Wisdomm abilities. So, I decide to bring him to the sex shop. Once arrived, I ask the vendor about their bestiality items, and he drives us to a shelf with a lot of accessories. There are several animal dildos, furry fursuits, urethral catheter, electro-stimulation devices, straps and more… But my pet seems to be interested by candy g-strings and pussy balls, like a playful cat. I take these items, add 4 straps, couloured condoms and a dog penis shaped butt plug. It can still be useful. I buy these new toys, and we go home just in time for lunch.

After the meal, I would like to try some of the toys. I make my tiger lie on the bed while I undress in the bathroom, and put on the candy string. I come out of the room and throw myself on the big cat like a hungry tigress, then I ride on his back, rubbing my crotch in his fur. Surprised and excited, Wisdomm turns around, grabs me with his front legs and hugs me tight against his chest few seconds. Then, he rolls over himself to get above me, sits on my shins, place his front paws on each side of my pelvis, and lower his head to lick the candies. 2 minutes later, I can feel his drool running on my pussy lips, and then his teeth rubbing my crotch to eat the last sweets. However, some candies fell in my vagina during the operation, and the animal want them. He pushs his head hard between my thighs, forcing me to spread my legs wide, press his teeth against my slit and uses them as a retractor. To finish, he noisily penetrates me with his tongue, curls it inside to get the last candies, making me gasp. He would like to continue, but I have something else in mind.

I take straps on the bedside table, make him stand up, then I tie my thighs to the exterior side of his, I pass a strap around us, and then I tighten so that our bellies touch each other. My initiative aroused him, I feel his tip poke at my entrance! The tiger penis stiffens and slide in my wet cave, and once full erected, he immediately start to hump. As his balls are slamming on my butt, I have an other idea. I grab the dog dick dildo and sink it in my anus. Thus, each time my lover's balls hit the plug, that make it swing in my rectum. Hanging under the beast, I have nothing to do, except enjoy the moment of course. About 10 min later, Wisdomm roars and spurts his white tiger seed directly in my womb, giving me an orgasm. More, during his final thrust, his balls pushed the dildo knot through my anus, increasing significantly pleasure sensations. Exhausted, I undo the straps to rest a little before our next game.

Once rested, I look out the window and see my animal running and playing with a football. That makes me want to play with balls too! I take the last toy, 4 steel balls connected by a wire, and push them one by one in my cunt. Thanks to our juices, I don't encounter any resistance sinking these 5 cm diameter balls, but I have some difficulties with the last one, because they reach the end of my vagina and are poking at my cervix. However, I manage myself to bring it in also, causing some pain. At this moment, Wisdomm enters the bedroom and approaches his head to my pussy: he wants to play with me. My tiger passes a canine tooth through the ring formed by the wire, and suddenly pull the toy out. I scream as 4 cm of my vagina walls come out with. The beast, mindful and conscious of his stupid action, licks my exposed skin to put it back inside. Then, he cleans the secretions covering the pussy balls, and looks at my cunt. I see in his beautiful blue eyes that he have something in mind.

He licks and drools on his right front paw, in order to soak it completely. The animal pushs it hard against my slit, and twists it to penetrate me. Then, he slowly moves his huge paw back and forth, curling and spreading his fingers apart, like a cat pawing around. This is the biggest thing I ever had in my pussy! It is so enjoyable that I can't contain my gasps, my whole naked body is traversed by intenses spasms, and by a burning sensation. After, the tiger turns his paw upwards, takes out his claws a little, and scratches gently my walls. It is so hot! I can see the shape of his claws moving under my skin! I have a series of orgasms, and my pet continue until I am fully exhausted. He finally withdraws, cleans his paw and lies on the bed to sleep with me.

I wake up later in the evening, and order pizzas for dinner, chicken and curry for me, and 2 bolognese for my lover. They are delivered in 15 minutes to home. I'm surprised to see Owen when I open my door, he's probably working to make some money. I pay for the pizzas, and give him an extra tip. Happy, he thanks me, but suddenly freezes when Wisdomm approaches him. My pet licks his cheek tenderly, then returns inside with a satisfied look. It's weird, he's never done this before. Whatever! I'm hungry. The tiger eats his two pizzas plus half of mine, he's hungry too. After, I look on internet which movies are showing at the cinema tonight. There is Fifty Shades of Grey! I call my friends to invite them to the film session, Paige and Alyson agree to accompany us.

Arrived to the cinema, I'm meeting my friends in the projection room. It's a small room with about 60 seats, and there's no one but us. We sit in the first row side by side, and my animal lies on our legs, head on my thighs. During the movie, we don't stop to pet my white tiger, I scratch his ears, cheeks and chops, Paige caress his side when Alyson rub his hind legs. Occasionally, I kis him on the mouth. Wisdomm likes it a lot, and purrs softly when he exhale. But my lover is aroused by sex scenes at screen, and he wants to have some fun too. He rolls on his back, takes my head with his front paws, sticks it to his snout and slides his cat tongue in my mouth. I lick it, and swallow the saliva he carries in my mouth with his tongue. Excited, Alyson checks that we are alone in the room, massages the large furry balls of the beast, and then pushes her index finger into the sheath before turning it around his penis. Paige looks surprised by our initiatives, but she also wants to take an active part of our bestial game. She grabs the big cat tail and sinks it deeply inside her pussy, then moves it back and forth to masturbates herself. As I drink the tiger's saliva as it drools more and more, Alyson takes his finger out of the animal's sheath to lick it. The smell is so strong and the taste so wild that she can't resist plunging her tongue inside to get more. Wiped by a female tongue, my pet's cock hardens and comes out of its hiding place to enter my friend's mouth, who sucks it passionately. When my tiger cleans the back of my throat, our tongues intertwine in a perfect kiss. He stops a moment, blinking and panting, while he throws his gooey sperm into Alyson's mouth, who swallows it up tastefully. Paige have an orgasm shortly after, and his vaginal contractions are so strong that she can't pull the feline tail out. Feeling the tip of his tail getting wet while being tightly squeezed, the tiger takes the opportunity to shake it, increasing the duration of the girl's ecstasy. Fortunately, our bliss sounds are fully covered by characters one during their sex scene.

The films ends, and we finish by petting and hugging Wisdomm. Then we go back to home, and I collapse tired on the bed, where my Siberian tiger joins me. I'm glad that my friends accepted to share an enjoyable moment like this one with my pet, and I hope to have more.

Day 4:
Sunday morning, I wake up slowly next to my animal who is still sleeping, and I go to the bathroom to wash myself. I was so tired that I forgot to undress before going to bed, and now I smell the sweat. So, I remove my wears, and immerse myself in the bath. I stay in the water about 10 min when my lover comes in the room, and jumps with me. He can see that I'm a little foggy, and he wants to help me wake up with a big hug. He places his hind legs on my pelvis sides, arches his back and slides his penis through my pussy lips. I love him so much, and the feeling of his penetration is so good that makes me horny! However, I don't want to ease his task, and I keep my legs closed to increase friction. As I resist, that causes him some difficulties to move back and forth, but he solves the problem by raising his hind legs higher, on the side of my kidneys, to have more strength. My vagina is so tight that my tiger can't go as fast as usual, his speed is about one push per second, but he seems to love it. The big cat breathes hard and shows his teeth, closing his eyes at each stroke. It is at times like this that I realize how lucky I am, and I take the opportunity to contemplate the magnificent beast, while passing my hands over his muscular body.

All in a sudden, I feel my body burning with an incredible pleasure sensation. I moan while my vaginal contractions finish masturbating Wisdomm, who raise his head in the air, leaving a loud and long growl as he sinks his cock deeply inside me. His barbels unfold during the orgasm, preventing him from withdraw while his throbbing rod throws the animal semen in my womb. I take a look at my crotch, and see sperm streams being ejected from my pussy in the water as he cums. After, his dick softens and comes out of my cunt, releasing our fluids. It was so great! I grab his head against mine, and kiss my pet's cheek. Now it's time to wash! I drain the water from the bath, fill it again, and then I shampoo the tiger and myself. He licks the lather, but shakes his head, pulling out his tongue to try to get rid of the bad taste. He is funny, and that make me laugh. I rinse the shampoo, we get out of the bathtub and wipe ourselves with towels. My white tiger smells good now, and he rubs on me to show his happiness.

We go take the breakfast, and once done we move to the garden to play a little. Firstly, I throw him a big plastic ball, and he jumps with his powerful hind legs to catch it in the air. He grabs it in his mouth and I run after to try to get it back. After a few pitches, I throw the ball in the middle of the pool, and Wisdomm jumps into the water to catch it because he likes to swim. But while I have my back to the pool and I least expect it, my pet grabs me by the ankle and drags me into the water with him. Good thing I'm naked, because I would have had trouble swimming in my wet clothes! I put my arms around his body and let him carry me in the water while he tries to catch the ball floating on the surface.

Then I do a few strokes and get out of the pool while my tiger tries to sink the plastic ball. A few minutes later, unable to drown the ball, he came out of the water and played jumping on me to make me fall. But I'm not letting it happen! I turn around and push him out of the way, and I put him on the lawn. There, he rolls on the ground, gets up, and sits down waving his front legs to touch my face. We have fun fighting for a quarter of an hour, each trying to gently hit the other's head while avoiding his blows.

To finish, he hits me a series of times, pushing me back. And as I try to escape on all fours, he climbs on my back to assert his domination. Once the fight is won, the beast wants to have a good time… He licks my neck and hair, and I lift my butt up so he can satisfy his desires. Wisdomm fucks me from behind on the grass near to the pool, his breathing gradually accelerates as he humps me, then slows down after his ejaculation. Satisfied, he leaps back to withdraw and lies on the ground to lick himself. I get up and go prepare lunch.

After eating, I decide to take my tiger for a walk in the park. I put a necklace on him and tie him up with a leash. I know he doesn't like it, and it's useless considering his strength, but it's mostly to reassure people who would run away seeing him unleashed. Anyway, once I get to the park on a place a little far away, I release him so he can let off steam. Happy, Wisdomm runs around me and rolls in the grass. I give him a belly rub when he stands up. He smelt something. My pet moves to a glade surrounded by trees where a deer grazes, goes behind it and crouch in a hunting position. Then, he runs and jumps on the deer which falls to the ground, caught by surprise. I see the tiger on his prey licking the deer's back, but instead of killing it, he lets the poor animal run away. He doesn't want to hurt it, not in front of me anyway. He comes back to me and I enlace my cat to congratulate him. He put aside his predatory instincts, or maybe he wasn't hungry. We return to walk on the trail a few kilometers, but after a moment, my white tiger moves away and disappears into the vegetation. He smells Owen's scent, and find him further in the forest, pissing hidden behind a bush. Silently, Wisdomm crawl in his back, and he suddenly jumps near him roaring. Surprised, the boy he jumps, pissing on himself and tries to kick the tiger, which cleverly avoids his leg and kicks him back in the face, causing him to fall into the brambles. A little embarrassed, he grabs the child's hand in his mouth and pulls him out of the thorns, and then leaves him to join me again. I wonder where he could have gone! We finish the walk and go home before night falls.

In the evening, I cook carbonara pastas to eat. My pet likes it a lot, with fresh cream and bacon. However, I realize that I don't have enough fresh cream for two. So I pour everything into my pet's plate, because I have an idea to resolve this problem. I give to him the huge plate of pastas, and while he is eating, I start to fondle his sheath and balls. Once he gets hard, I place my plate under his hind legs, then masturbate him gently, stirring his dick in the hot pasta. Quickly, my tiger's rod begin to throb and spurt his load in my meal. Now I also have fresh cream, I eat my plate of pasta, enjoying the sweet taste of the beast seed. It slips into my mouth by itself, it's a pure delight! After finishing eating, Wisdomm rubs against me and sits in front of his water bowl looking at me. He's thirsty and his bowl is empty. I kiss her on the snout, and take her bowl to fill it in the sink. It makes me think that I too am thirsty, and that I would like to drink a little milkshake… Maybe my tiger can help me? Well, I let him drink while I take a plastic straw from a kitchen drawer, and I kneel near my lover to make him lay back on the floor tiles. Then, I rub his lower belly and his sheath, push on it to lets his cock come out, and grab his tool firmly in my hand. I slide my hand from the tip to the base of his dick, and pull on the frenulum with my thumb, making his T shaped piss hole wide open. Wisdomm raises his head and looks at me, curious to know what I'm going to do next. So, I lick his glans, and push the tip of my tongue in his urethral orifice to leave some saliva. Then, I suck the straw and drool on it in order to lubricate it. Slowly, I insert the straw inside my tiger's penis. However, that is a bit painful for him, he makes little roars and tries to stand up, but I catch his hind legs to prevent him from doing so. I continue to sink the straw up to the prostate and stop. The animal cock stiffened during the process, and is fully erected, I can see his blood vessels pulsing! I place my lips on the straw end, and pump gently while rubbing his barbels with my fingers. The unpleasant moment become very enjoyable for my tiger, who spread his legs wide apart. My efforts are rewarded by the whitish fluid rising slowly into the straw to my mouth. I swallow a mouthful of cum, and I continue for a second one, my pet's cock twitch sometimes to send it faster. I massage his testicles throughout the entire sounding, and I clearly feel their volume decreasing. Wisdomm sperm is very pasty this time, probably because I've already masturbated him there are few minutes… But I like it more! His semen don't rise in the straw anymore, but I want a last mouthful. For this purpose, I press hard his balls in my hand, and I aspire with all my strength. The beast suddenly roars, and contract his belly's muscles, and a last stream of gooey cum fills my mouth. I remove the straw from his urethra by pulling it with my lips, suck out its contents, then swallow the yummy fluid. It is the best milkshake I have ever drink! Homemade and bio what's more!

Finally, exhausted by this new experience, we go to bed, where I caress my Siberian tiger until I fall asleep.

Day 5:
I wake up Monday morning, my arms wrapped around my animal, holding it tightly against me. He looks at me tenderly and starts licking my face, while his dick hardens and touches my thigh. I place my legs around him and roll at 90 degrees to put him on his back and find myself on him in a sitting position. There, I caress his chest and belly, then gently insert his penis into my pussy by shaking my buttocks on his crotch. He really appreciates the initiative and blinks to encourage me to continue. I then started riding him, jumping on him as if I were riding a horse, polishing his hot rod at the same time. Feeling his limb stiffen more, I accelerate the rhythm, tightening the walls of my vagina. It is very pleasant for the beast, which lets itself be done by rubbing its head on the bed cushion. I grab one of his hind legs and lick his paw pads, stick my tongue between his toes, then suck them off. Suddenly, the animal spreads its toes, then curves them by unfolding its claws, pushing a muffled moan. He reaches orgasm, his wriggles energetically, filling my vagina with his big cat sperm, while I keep moving my pelvis back and forth on his lower abdomen. I would like to have a few extra minutes with my pet, but it is already 7:30 am and I need to get ready quickly so I don't arrive late for work. Quickly, I jump over my lover, dress, fill my tiger's bowl and then run to work. A little surprised, Wisdomm remains motionless on the bed, then hearing the door slam, he lies down to sleep in.

One hour later, the tiger wake up and goes to eat. He wants to watch TV, however, he doesn't know how to use the remote control. He clumsily grabs the remote control with his front legs, and tries to press the buttons to turn on the TV, but his paws are too big to press them properly. After several unsuccessful attempts, the beast decides to use force: Wisdomm hits it until the television finally turns on.

The animal then lies on the couch to watch the program. On the screen, a woman gropes the balls of a German shepherd, pushes his sheath back to make his dick emerge, then passionately licks the limb before sticking it in her mouth. Then she moves her head back and forth to milk the dog, who is panting with excitement thanks to the pleasures given by her mistress. As the woman sucks the dog's penis to the knot, his balls start to contract, releasing waves of seed into her mouth. She tries to swallow in vain, and semen escapes from her lips, flowing on her cheeks and neck.

Aroused, my lover decides to continue watching TV for more zoo porn. During hours, girls fucked or sucking dogs and horses follow one another… Making the big cat's cock hard as a rock. Finally, Wisdomm goes outside, climbs over the garden's wall and walks in the city to find a dog. He would like to give me a dog as a present, in order to share some sexual pleasures like girls on TV…

With its hunting instincts, it doesn't take long for the white tiger to hunt down one of the many dogs lost in the streets. He calmly approaches, then grabs him by the neck without hurting the animal, before bringing him home. Once released, the frightened dog rolls into a ball in a corner of the living room. When Wisdomm walks towards him to rub friendly, the dog turns to a submissive position, exposing his male genitals. The tiger sniffs them, then licks his belly to show him that he doesn't intend to hurt him. Then, my big cat lies on the floor, waiting for my return.

Back to home, I discover my pet with a big doberman in the lobby. Before I had time to react, my tiger grabs me by the arm and takes me in front of the television, where a zoophile program with a dog is playing. It only takes me a moment to understand my lover's intentions: he wants me to bang a dog.

I find this idea very interesting! So I remove my wearing, helped by Wisdomm, and call the dog. Then, I rub him and touch his big balls and his sheath. The dog seems to like it. I look at the medal hanging from his necklace, his name is Morris. At this moment, I understand that he is a lost dog, and that I should call his owners to return him. However, I want to have a little fun with him before. I unsheath his cock, and smell the strong musk of a big male doberman. I put my hand around his tool and masturbate him until it was full erected. It doesn't take a long, and Morris starts to hump while my tiger, aroused by the scene, is circling around us. I get on all fours, and lets the dog mount me. He shoots his 20 cm long dick into my pussy, humping fastly as his precum fills my vagina. My pet stops moving, and sits down in front of me, his penis also erected, then he puts his head between his hind legs and begin to lick himself. The smell and sight of my lover's genitals, and the sound of his tongue wiping against his penis while the doberman knocks at my entrance make me horny as hell. The feeling of heat passing through my body becomes even more intense when the dog knot stucks between my lips, and his cum floods my vagina already full of our fluids, the semen flowing abundantly along my thighs to the floor. The tiger looks up, and seeing the whitish liquid flowing out of my pussy, decides to finish his fellatio. He swallowed his penis and sucked himself noisily until he ejaculated, making pleasure sounds. As I try to make Morris withdraw, my big cat slides his sticky tongue in my mouth and kisses me, letting me taste the fruit of his labor. I finally suceed to remove the huge dog member from my crotch, and lie on the ground. Wisdomm, thirsty, stuffs his tongue into my wet cave to clean me, licks passionately my vulva, driving me to an other orgasm. Then, he licks the puddle on the floor, made of mixed doggie sperm and my own cum, swallowing and blinking like he was drinking milk. It would be a shame to waste!

After a little rest, I stand up and dress up to call Morris owners. They come 30 min later to get their dog back, thanks me, and would like to reward me with money. Nonetheless, I don't accept: they ignore that Morris already paid me in kind. They leave us, my tiger and me go to eat, and then we go to bed. But I don't want to sleep right now. I just would like to hug Wisdomm, so I slide under his body and rub him. Firstly, he takes a humping position, then when he understands that I don't want sex, my pet lies on me, covering my whole body with his hot fur. He is so smart and nice… I scratch him behind the ears and under his chin, stroke softly his head and whisker pads, then finally I wrap my arms around his chest. The white animal puts his head on the pillow against mine, starting to purr while I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Day 6:
Tuesday, I wake up earlier, covered by my lover. I look at the clock: it's about 7:00 am, I have all the time to prepare myself before going to work. I caress Wisdomm to wake him, but he still sleeps soundly. I love him so much… I wouldn't want to wake him up suddenly. So, I slowly start to lick the side of his black lips, slide my tongue between them and push it inside his mouth to reach his teeth. Then, I rub my tongue on them, moving to the front of his mouth, insert it between the tiger's canines, and stroke his tongue with mine our noses pressed against each other. He finally opens his blue eyes, places his paws on each side of my head and firmly kisses me, purring loudly. I shake off from under the beast, and go to take a bath. However, our kiss aroused Wisdomm and he wants some more. While I'm washing, he enters the bathroom, turns around and puts his balls on the bathtub rim, his half erected cock pointing to my face. After a night without activity, my pet needs a treat… I put his scented cock in my mouth and suck my Siberian tiger from behind until his rod was fully extended. Then, I passionately rub my tongue around his glans, making the beast moan as I scrub his penis barbs. When the tiger is about to come and his tool is throbbing, I suddenly stop the blowjob, go out of the bath, dry myself and take a couloured condom in the drawer of the bedside table. Really excited, my pet follow me and lets me wrap his limb in the blue latex piece up to the level of his balls. I place myself behind him, wrap my arms around his hindquarters, grab the hanging dick at the animal's underbelly, and finish to milk him. Wisdomm makes hard thrusts to slide his long member through my closed hands, and then roars loudly as his twitching cock fills the condom. Once done, I crouch to check how much he produces, and see 1/3 of the condom filled with gooey tiger sperm! My boy made a good job, I will not waste it. I tie a knot around the open end of the condom, and I put it in my lunch basket, it will make an excellent dessert!

After this fun time, we go take a breakfast, and then I dress up for work. But at this moment, somebody knocks at the door. I open it and discover Alyson accompanied by a big male puma. She explains that she too wants to have a good time with a wild animal, and that I could guide her for the first time. Although she took a day off for her experience, I didn't. She looks sad, tells me that she rented Zak the cougar for the occasion and that she has to return it tonight, so I give in and let them in. The curious cougar is heading straight for Wisdomm, and sniffs him. My pet looks pretty happy that I'm leaving friends with him today, he'll be less bored! Before leaving, I put a written note with instructions on the living room table, so that she can try to have sex with Zak safely.

Alyson reads the paper:

- Firstly, be close to your pet. Remove your clothes and caress him until he becomes confident.

My friend executes the step, undresses, and moves to the couch, a more comfortable place than the ground. Then, she calls Zak, who immediately jumps on the sofa with the naked girl. Alyson start to rub the big cat on the head, the neck and along his backspine, making small circular movements in the soft fur. The puma seems to appreciate, and lies on his side.

- Secondly, try to arouse him by touching his lower parts, hind legs balls and sheath.

So, she slowly runs her hands in the animal's fur, going from his chest to his underbelly, and then rubs the sheath. However, Zak is a bit suspicious and anxious. He doesn't know what the girl wants, but she is touching his private parts and he doesn't want to be injured. The puma wiggles and pushes my friend with his hind paws to stop her. Hopefully, Wisdomm moves his head over Zak's belly and licks it, like to say him to relax before the pleasurable moment. Reassured, the puma doesn't shake his feline body anymore, and lets the girl massages his genitals. After few more strokes, his penis tip pokes out of the furry sheath, followed by a big scent of male cat.

- Thirdly, get him used to your touch, make him feel good. Rub his rod softly and masturbate him.

Alyson proceeds, pushes the sheath backward to let Zak's cock out, and handles his tool carefully, like it was a pen. She is very impressed by the animal member. It is much thicker than she thought, and its tip is covered with small white splinters about a millimetre long. To the touch, the body is smooth, warm and wet, and the tip appears rough, as if sprinkled with small eyelashes. As the puma's cock hardens, she decides to start the handjob. Wisdomm was right. My friend's stimuli are becoming more and more pleasant for Zak, who can't help but spread his hind legs to let the human hand slide up and down on his dick. To make the moment even more enjoyable for the beast, my tiger looks Alyson and pulls out his tongue quickly into the air several times to encourage the woman to suck the tasty rod. So, the girl puts her lips on the glans, and lowers her head to sink the puma's penis inside her mouth. It is very intense for Zak now, who have involuntary contractions of stomach muscles, purrs and exhales loudly in appreciation. The puma closes his eyes, overwhelmed by the delightful feelings while my friend moves her head up and down. During this time, Wisdomm licks Alyson's cunt to prepare her for his mate, taking advantage at passage of the delicious juice that oozes from her pussy.

- Fourthly, lets him fuck you.

The naked girl crawls on all fours and present herself to the puma, making circles with his ass. Zak jumps on her back, excited, and take a mating position. It's the first time that a human wants to have love with him, and this one is so nice with him… Usually, humans use Zak for events like weddings or birthdays, but this time, it is to give him pleasure and love like never before, and he really wants to stay more with this girl. The big cat fucks my friend passionately, and bites her neck gently to don't hurt her. The spiny cock sliding in her vagina make Alyson to have several powerful orgasms, and she groans as Zak makes his final thrust, sending warm spurts of his feline cum deeply in her. Then, we can't hear any sounds, except those made by the cum pumped into the woman vagina, and the tiger's tongue running on her thighs to get the fluid flowing on them.

- Finally, thank him with a big hug!

They stay some time without moving, then Alyson turns around and grabs the cougar that snuggles in her arms.

At lunch time, I'm worried about what's may happened at home. I don't want to find my friend dead, so I call her to check if all is right. I am relieved when she picks up her phone and makes sure that the morning went the way she wanted it to. I then invite her to help herself in the fridge and feed the two wild animals, then play with them in the garden. Meanwhile, I eat my meal, not forgetting to enjoy my milk dessert, although it is even better when it comes out lukewarm of its owner's penis.

Alyson spends his afternoon playing with big cats, stopping occasionally to pet them. Zak is so cute, and he seems to enjoy their games, as the girl who would like the day to never end. When I come back to home later in the evening, I find them all tired in front of the TV. We talk about our day, she tells me how much good his first time was with the puma, her feelings and sensations. We eat together, but before my friend goes to take Zak to his owner and then go home, Wisdomm jumps on her back and looks at me while waiting for my approval. I smile and nod my head to my animal, who then starts mating. Seeing the disappointed look on the cougar's face, I stand next to Alyson in the same position as her, and invite the animal to share a little pleasure with me. He doesn't wait a second longer to climb on top of me and to fuck me as my tiger do. Even if my lover's cock is a little longer and bigger than the puma's one, Zak barbs are more protruding and easily stimulate my vagina walls. I come the first, followed by my mate, and then by Wisdomm and Alyson. It's a real symphony of moans, growls and roars. Then a huge silence. My friend and I look at each other and laugh, it was so fun! We both turn around and rub our respective pet, and finally Alyson gets dressed and leaves with Zak.

Before we go bed, I decide to give a body massage to my white tiger, in order to relax him. I make the animal lie down on the bed, on his back, place myself above, and start to caress him. I gently rub his belly, gradually moving up towards his chest, then under his neck where I scratch him harder. Next, I do the opposite by going down to his hind legs, sliding my hands firmly along his muscular predator body, and around his genitalia. I massage this area for long minutes, rubbing from time to time the inside of his paws and dabbing his big balls. Wisdomm loves it, and purrs loudly, making the whole bed vibrate. Finally, I gently move my hands towards his front legs, then grab them and put my fingers between his claws, as if he were a human. I lie on my lover, and fall asleep without even realizing it, warmed by his thick soft fur.

Day 7:
I wake up on my tiger who is still sleeping. He is dreaming, and makes quick moves, curling his paws sometimes. I take a look at his crotch, and see his cock throbbing, being suddenly hard, and then soften again. I put my lips on his sheath's tip, and wait for other erections. Each time he gets hard, the tiger's penis slides inside my mouth, and I rub my tongue on it to have a taste. But Wisdomm doesn't seem to feel it, so I let my tiger to sleep. I take a shower, and then go to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast and my pet's meal. However, as I filled his bowl with meat, the big feline came into the room and jumped on me, tackling me on the dining table. He looks totally freaked out, I've never seen him like that before! His hind legs on the ground and his front legs around my chest, the beast quickly pushes his penis into my vagina without any preliminaries, and fucks me as hard as he can. Totally surprised, I don't know what's happened to my lover, he makes love to me as if his life depended on it. Actually, Wisdomm had a bad dream where he can't feel anymore sexual pleasures. Worried, he wanted to have sex with me in order to check if the dream was true. Fortunately for him, it was just a bad dream. My tiger has a powerful orgasm, lifts his head up, clenching his teeth, while his slimy seed fills my pussy. Although he is relieved, I didn't have time to enjoy the pleasure as much as he did. I then wrap my legs around the panting animal, and tighten my vagina around its stick to convince it to lead me to orgasm. Realizing my desire, my white tiger humps me for about 15 min, driving me to three delightful orgasms. He finishes by licking my face, and holds me tight against him. When he withdraws, I squeeze my lips to don't let our juices escape from my pussy. I don't have enough time to take an other shower, so, I place Wisdomm's bowl between my thighs, and let the whitish liquid flow over his meat. Then, I open wide my legs to let my pet lick me clean, and finally I get dressed, kiss my lover and go to work.

The tiger benefits from its morning to rest, then wakes up in the afternoon hungry. Entering in the kitchen, he smells the good scent of meat mixed with woman secretions. The beast devours its meal covered with white fluid, enjoying the taste of each bite. Once her meal is over, Wisdomm licks her lips and whiskers soaked in the viscous liquid. Humm, It's so yummy! That makes him horny, and without realizing it, he gets hard. It is only when he sits on the sofa that he sees his penis erect, which is waiting for him to satisfy himself. The tiger then begins to rub his paw gently on his dick, shaking it in all directions. It's far too difficult to masturbate like that. The big cat then uses his second leg to grasp his member and shake it vigorously from top to bottom, as I would if I were there. Once sufficiently excited, the animal has fun getting closer to orgasm, then stops, waits a little, and starts again to enjoy the maximum of the pleasant sensations that masturbation provides. But after an hour of play, the sensations fade, and Wisdomm decides to finish his wank with an orgasm. He slides his penis between the fingers of one of his legs, presses hard when he pulls out his claws to massage his testicles, and licks his glans as if it were a lollipop. My tiger finally reaches ecstasy, roaring as his sperm drips abundantly along his cock, soaking the fur on his paw. Satisfied, he cleans his wet parts and his genitals, leaving no trace of his lonely pleasure.

Before I come back to home, I go to the animal's rescue to see Paige, my friend, and talk a little with her. She tells me that they just recovered a new dog named Koda, abandoned by its owners. I can only imagine how sad he must have been when he found himself alone… Actually, Koda awoke within the small room. He looked around, not fully understand why he was there. He had a family at one time, a home, a large fenced in back yard. Koda was an 36 kg dog, half husky, half wolf. He was around three years of age. He was happy and he believed that his family was happy with him. There was a man and her mate. They had two young ones, somewhere in their late teens. He did take note in recent days that the woman of the house showed signs of being with child. She was close to giving birth. The next thing Koda knew was he was taking to a dog park, for a run. And run Koda did, the dog park was bigger than the back yard at home, but he loved the scents from the other dogs. After a few minutes of checking the area out, Koda started looking for his owner, and that was when he realized, his owner was gone. And so was the truck that he drove.

Koda doesn't know what he did wrong. He was a good dog. Maybe his owner's mate though that having a half wolf around a newborn was not such a good idea. The next thing Koda knew was that someone showed up and called him to them. By that time Koda was hungry and thirsty. And the newcomers seemed to be nice, so he went with the newcomer. Koda was taking to a new place. Filled with cats and other dogs. He was put into a small cage and given food and water. Last night was his first night in this strange place. He was a bit dirty and in need of a bath. He was awake early and kept an eye for someone to come along and give him the loving and affection that he craved.

Seeing him, I decide to take care of the poor dog for the night, and give to him a good bath and some attention.

Arrived at home, Wisdomm greets me by licking my face. He looks happy that I've brought a new companion with me. However, Koda seems a little feared, and as the big tiger come to him, he lies down in a submissive position. My pet accepts the dog, and would like to lick him, but he is very dirty and smells a lot! My tiger makes a grimace that make me laugh. So, I take him to the bathroom and put him in the water. I remove his collar, where we only can see a medal with his name, and begin to wash him. I rub the husky forcefully to clean him, and as I move my hands under his belly and sheath, I notice that his cock is poking out. Well, I focus the cleaning on his sheath, making him very hard. Maybe he would like some more? I place my head under the dog's belly, open my mouth and give him an oral. Koda really find it exciting, and precum leaks from his penis tip. It is the first time that somebody give to him a sexual pleasure. I feel so horny that I undress and jump in the bathtub with him. Seeing my wet pussy, the dog put his snout between my thighs. It smells so nice! Koda would taste it and lick me, rubbing his wide tongue on my lips, stroking my clitoris, and then he slides it into my wet cave. The dog loves the taste, and licks me wildly to orgasm. After, Koda moves up over me to take me in a missionary position, and start his humping in the water. I lift my midsection up to allow him to penetrate me, a scream comes out of my mouth when he inserts his penis in my vagina. It is bigger than I thought! But my position is not very comfortable, and Koda have some troubles to knot me, so I turn over and lets him mount me in a classic canine style. I is highly better now, and the husky doesn't take a long to cum inside me, driving me to a second orgasm. Hot spurts of liquid slowly fill my womb, and I make little moanings while he gasps. His dick is so huge that I can't withdraw immediately, and need to wait about 10 min to free myself, letting our sticky fluids flowing in the bath. Wow, it was nice! That made me hungry! I finish to wash the dog, and I go to prepare the evening meal.

After eating, my tiger would like to have some sex with me too, so he sits next to me while I do the dishes, then meows. I look at him and see his rod stretched out in the air, waiting to be stimulated. What a little naughty boy! I crouch and sink Wisdomm's cock in my mouth, forcing him to remain sitting down. I get on all fours to be in a better position, and intensify my blowjob. He loves it so much! I can feel his penis twitching on my tongue as I slide my lips up and down his shape. My pet put his front paws on my head and purrs, indicating that I am doing my job well. Aroused by the sight of my butt raised, Koda doesn't take a long to jump on my back and fuck me again. He liked his first time and wants to renew the experiment. It's enjoyable, and my favourite moment happen. Wisdomm's gooey spurts of cum fill my mouth slowly, while the dog's pounding lead me to a fantastic orgasm. Few seconds later, it's Koda's turn, who pump generously his hot seed in my tight pussy. I swallow my lover's sperm, then wait a moment to lets the husky withdraw. I pet them to thank the two animals, and to make them understand that I'm happy. After, we go to the bed, but I'm not tired yet. I want to have an other mating before to sleep. In this purpose, I climb on my Siberian tiger while he is on his back, riding him. Koda also have some energy left, join us on the bed, and push his dick in my vagina along the tiger's one, making me lie on the beast belly. 2 cocks in the same hole? It promises to be interesting… Wisdomm seems to appreciate it. He have nothing to do, Koda's humping make that his penis is masturbated by the one of the dog. I feel their hot rods growing in my cunt, widening it. They become so big that I can feel every pulsation on my internal walls, squeezing their limbs. Suddenly, the two animals gasp and close their eyes as huge sperm streams flood my womb. I put a hand on the four balls to feel them twitch, pumping warm semen in my body, dilating my lower abdomen. It is perfect, and I dream that will never stop. We mate like this during 2 hours, each of us reaching several orgasms, until we finally all fall asleep, tired by these wonderful experiences.

END (for the moment)