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Jasmine walked down the corridor of the great palace in a huff. Her father had ordered her for dinner and had then informed her that she was to marry Prince Ali who was a sniveling snot for a rich boy. With this news, Jasmine had swiped her food off the table and went back to her room.

Jasmine opened the large doors to her room as her servants got out of the way afraid of her angry wrath and she slammed them shut. Jasmine then ran to her bed and flopped herself down onto the nice cozy bed.

As Jasmine wallowed in her misery, Rajah her faithful tiger was awoken by the loud nosies coming from the hallway. Rajah stood on his lumbering structure. He was 245 lbs and was long for a tiger.

Jasmine sighed as thought: 'Why do I have to get married, it's not fair!'

Jasmine felt Rajah nuzzle against her hand and she patted him along his neck and back. Rajah purred as Jasmine leaned over the bed and kissed him on the top of the head. Jasmine then lied back onto the bed and sighed and went back to her depression.

Rajah sensing this went around and put his head in between her open legs and meowed like a kitten. Jasmine smiled and she got to an upright positon and hugged Rajah's massive head pushing his nose against the fabric that hid her black pussy to him. Rajah replied with several licks to her unclothed belly which made Jasmine shiver because she liked Rajah's rough tounge running along her belly and face.

Jasmine said, "Too bad Rajah that I can't marry you. I'd love you with all my heart and have so many cubs for you." With that she scrathched behind his ears. As she was scrathing Jasmine noticed a long pick object poking out of Rajah's underbelly. Jasmine realizing it was his dick summed up that Rajah believed that she was already his mate.

Jasmine gently got Rajah to come onto her bed and she slowly took off her clothes like she always did when she went to bed. Rajah looked up and down her beautiful body and when Jasmine asked him how she looked, he stood up and licked her on the face. Jasmine with this action lied back bringing Rajah's chest on top of her and kissed him on the muzzle.

Rajah stood over her as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he did not need any order and he thrusted his 10" dick slowly into his mistress. Jasmine's face contorted into pain as he first entered her but soon she moaned after her hymen was broken. Rajah licked her face and chest as he slowly thrusted in and out of her body. Jasmine grabbed handfuls of his fur when she was brought to her first climax and continued to moan as Rajah continued to thrust faster and faster. Rajah soon ejaculated inside Jasmine and both fell asleep.