Kiara's Secret Friend

Simba looked up at the bright moon and called for Kiara his daughter again. "Kiara its time to go to sleep". Off in the distance the little cub came running up and ran in to the cave at pride rock. "Kiara when I call you ,you need to come ok?" Kiara looked at Simba and said " ok dad I'm sorry." Simba smiled. "It's ok, now lets get to sleep." The Lions of pride rock soon were all asleep.

Kiara awoke and felt the need to pass water . She headed out of the cave, Simba woke "Kiara where are you going" he spoke softly. "I'm going to go pass water daddy." Kiara whispered as she left the cave. Simba nodded and fell back asleep. Kiara walked to the bottom of Pride Rock and sniffed around for a place to urinate, as soon as she found her spot she lifted her tail and crouched down and let the warm stream of fluid flow from her vulva and on to the ground. As she finished a little of her fluid dribbled down her belly. Kiara sighed and laid down on her back to clean herself off. Kiara looked at the wet fur on her belly and started licking it with her raspy tongue. Her rough tongue brushed her belly fur clean , she then licked lower cleaning off her vulva. Kiara liked the feeling of licking her most private place. It made her feel warm and made her vulva tingle. As Kiara was licking her self she noticed a different taste and smell coming from her vulva, it was kinda sweet and salty, she also noticed that it was becoming kinda wet, but not from her own mouth.Kiara felt really warm and kept licking, her vulva never felt this good before. All of a sudden a noise startled Kiara, and she jumped to her feet looking around. the noise was coming closer and Kiara was curious. From the dark came a small animal, at first it looked like a small hyena but then she saw what it was. A young wolf pup came walking around through the tall grass and was supprised by Kiara. "Hi!" The pup stopped in his tracks, with a frightened look on his face. "w-who are you?"

"I'm Kiara, um what are you, and why are you here?" Kiara asked. The wolf pup spoke up "My name is Kotie and I am a wolf.I was traveling with my family and got lost, its been so long sense I have seen them, about 12 or 13 moons ago." Kiara worried that her father might hear or smell her new friend wanted to get out of there. "come on I will show you my secret hiding place.Kotie nodded and followed Kiara away from Pride rock. As Kotie walked behind the little lioness he noticed her scent, he had never smelt anything quite as wonderful as what was coming from under Kiara's tail. He looked up and watched as her tail swung about giving him a brief look at her still wet pinkish vulva. He felt a wonderful feeling back between his legs as his sheathed cock started to grow slightly. He remembered what his father told him about females and about mating, and that he would soon be feeling the need to mate. Kotie wondered if the smell and the sight of the small lioness in front of him was doing this to him.

Kiara stopped in some very tall grass. Kotie stopped and sat down. "Well here it is." Kiara said. "Thanks, but u-um can I ask you something?" The pup sputtered. Kiara nodded. "Were you getting ready to mate? I smelled your scent and saw that your vulva was really wet." Kiara supprised at the question blinked. "Um, I was just cleaning my self when you showed up, but sometimes I get really wet and let off a scent cause it feels really good to lick myself." Kiara glanced down at the pup and saw his pink member poking out slightly. "Is that because of me?" Kotie nodded, "Yeah you are making me feel warm between my legs." Kiara smiled slightly, proud of herself for making a male feel this way. Knowing this turned the little cub on even more than before. Kiara mustered up some will and asked the pup something that she had never asked for before. "Um K-Kotie, do you want to mate with me?"Kiara said. Kotie's ears perked up at the question. "Really? You want me to mate with you." Kiara nodded and gave Kotie a lick on his muzzle. Kiara looked at him "My daddy told me all about it so I know what to do. Do you know what to do?" Kotie nodded. "yeah, my Dad told me too." With those words Kiara walked over to the wolf pup and rubbed her body up to his. As she passed by him he stuck his nose under her tail and inhaled deeply. Her scent smelled wonderful to him and he felt his cock harden a little more. She stopped and raised her rump up in the air moving her tail to one side. Kotie walked up to her and gave her wet vulva a gentle lick with his smooth doggie tongue. Kiara gasped as she had never felt anything like this before.He kept licking loving the taste of the little lioness.

Kotie now felt the need coming from his cock. He moved over Kiara and lowered himself slightly till he could feel the cubs backside with his cock. He thrusted slowly trying to find his target. Kiara felt his cock poking her and moved slightly so that he could find her waiting virgin hole. Kotie thrusted again and Kiara moved just right and he felt his cock slide into her. Kiara gasped in slight pain and closed her eyes, as Kotie slid slowly past her hymen until he was fully in her. As the pain went away Kiara started purring as Kotie started thrusting in and out of her. He panted hard his hot breath on her neck made her feel good. Kiara felt Kotie get bigger inside of her and moaned loud and her very first orgasm hit her, she squeezed hard on Kotie and he thrusted faster and faster lifting Kiara off the ground slightly with every hard thrust. He soon felt the need to push hard into Kiara. With his front legs he grabbed her tight and with one big thrust forced all of his cock into the lion cubs vagina. Just then Kiara felt Kotie get very big. Kotie stopped humping and held Kiara to him tight. His knot swelled up and locked the two together. Kiara gasped in pain and tried to escape but could not, Koties knot had tied them together. Kotie gritted his teeth and exploded into Kiara's womb. Feeling this felt a second orgasm hit her milking Koties cock of all his seed. Kotie climbed off and turned around. "W-wwhats happening Kotie?" Kiara asked. "Were tied, this is to make sure no other wolf can mate with you. it will get smaller soon." Kiara was getting use to his size and came again and again, causing Kotie to spill more and more of his seed into his first mate.

After a little while Kotie softened and popped out of Kiara spilling a little cum onto the ground. the two collapsed and fell asleep. Kiara awoke to her fathers calls, and got up she looked around but Kotie was no where to be seen. she sighed and ran back to Pride Rock. On her way back she thought to her self that she will never forget the cute little wolf that took her cub hood.