Kovu & Simba
by Chaser Wolf

Kovu, Zira's son was named heir to Scar's throne. Zira was training him to overthrow Simba and take over as king of the Pride Lands.

Nuka, Kovu's brother, was merely in charge of protecting Kovu. He wanted to be king and felt he was better qualified. He was jealous that his younger, and much smaller brother was to be king. But he planned on getting something out of it.

Vitani was Kovu's sister. Also older than him but she was younger than Nuka. She always tried to get Nuka's attention when their mother wasn't around, but her older sibling was only interested in shaping Kovu into what he wanted.

Whenever Nuka and Vitani had to watch over Kovu, Nuka would take the opportunity to dominate Kovu, including using sexual tactics. Vitani was too scared to go against her brother despite her desire for him.

"Oh Kovu" Nuka said

"Yes, Nuka?" answered Kovu with a quiver in his voice.

"Come here and show me that you remember what Simba does to keep outsiders from his lands".

Kovu meekly walked over to where his brother sat on his haunches, he could see his brother's large erection swaying. Once in front of his brother he turned to face away, lifted his tail and awaited what he knew would happen, as it happens every time his brother 'teaches' him about Simba.

In a few moments he felt his young anus being rudely opened by the long, thick shaft. Nuka held onto Kovu with his front paws and brought him farther under his belly allowing more and more of his inches to enter. Then he began to thrust roughly and did not stop until he couldn't hold back any longer. With a final thrust he blew his load into Kovu's rear. As every time, once he pulled out Kovu would walk away with a funny stride. His brother always chuckled at the sight. Kovu always remembered the painful lessons and planned his revenge against the king of Pride Rock. Not knowing that his brother was the one he should exact his vengeance on.

It wasn't just being anally raped that he was made to perform. Nuka just as often made his brother, the would-be-king, suck his cock and swallow all that was fed to him.

Sometimes Nuka was caught in the act by their mother, but she never did anything to him so he kept it up.

Oh yes. Nuka may not be the next king of the Pride Lands, but he was going to make sure that he had something over his brother he could use anytime, even if Kovu became larger and stronger than him. Nuka continued doing this, even when his brother and Kiara were growing up and falling in love. As Kovu grew into adolescence and adulthood he still submitted to his brother as if he were still much smaller. But, even though he only admitted it to himself, when he became of age he began enjoying the feel of his brother's cock filling his backdoor with sperm. Sucking every inch of it to coax the juices out.

But he also longed to get revenge on Simba, for he still believed that he was merely being taught what Simba did to outsiders.

While Nuka had his fun, Zira trained Kovu to take over the Pride Lands. She came up with the plan that Kovu would make friends with Simba's daughter, Kiara, and thereby get close enough to Simba. Close enough to kill.

Kovu himself, had other plans. He would not kill Simba first. But first Zira had to be able to have her master plan in action. He had to be patient, and continue Nuka's lessons.

When Kovu was ready all the Outland lions inspected him and roared their approval. At the same time Kiara was going off on her first solo hunt. After she had left Pride Rock Simba asked his two buddies Timone and Pumbaa to keep an eye on her. Discovering them though she took off and was soon caught in the middle of the well placed brush fire set by Zira and the others. It worked and very shortly Kovu had rescued her and was allowed to follow them back to Pride Rock. Although he wasn't allowed to sleep with the others in the cave he accepted being made to sleep outside. He would bide his time and wait for his opportunity.

Simba had reason to worry. Kovu had been trained his whole life to believe Simba was his enemy. The next morning, when Simba was making his rounds of the Pride Lands, Kovu watched him and readied himself for the attack.

His chance came when he watched Simba stop at a watering hole to drink. Simba bent down to the water with his hindquarters up in the air. Kovu carefully padded in the tall grass until he was directly behind by a few feet. He then proceeded carefully until he was a mere couple of inches behind Simba.

He reared up, grabbed Simba around the waist and swiftly brought their hindquarters together, impaling the king on his shaft. At first Simba was startled, and was about to defend himself when he discovered it was Kovu, but changed his mind when he felt his anus being penetrated. He just stayed there in position, enjoying the unsolicited act. Kovu was enjoying it himself. Never had he ever felt his cock being gripped by such tight, warm and yielding flesh.

"This must be what Nuka felt during each lesson" he thought. "This feels better than I imagined".

A few minutes later he was drawn out of his musings by a deep breathy sound. He focused on it and soon realized that it was Simba and he was moaning in much the same way as Nuka did when he taught Kovu. Though Kovu never thought that someone would make such sounds while being fucked. He then noticed that Simba was actually pushing back quite powerfully every time Kovu thrust forward. It was as if Simba was trying to suck every inch of of his erection as deep into his royal body as possible.

Kovu lost interest in raping Simba at that moment. But kept fucking because he wanted to finish and shoot his load of lion seed into his enemy (which he was beginning to reconsider that Simba was his enemy). That and he was too into it and wanted to get off anyway.

How could anyone who enjoyed being mounted and fucked be an aggressive rapist? It just didn't fit. As he got closer to orgasm he stopped thinking about it and focused on what they were doing. He could feel just how tight yet accomadating Simba's anus was. The intense shivers it sent throughout his whole body as his shaft was at once caressed gently and gripped fiercely by the hot, moist orifice he couldn't deny. He enjoyed the feel of Simba's fur against his, the feel of their balls slapping against each other with every violent thrust from both. He delighted in hearing the older male's moans and sighs of pleasure, reveling in the knowledge that it was he who was making the king of Pride Rock quiver with sexual satisfaction.

And then, he could feel the juices that had been boiling in his balls start to make their journey rapidly toward his shaft. He noticed that Simba must be able to feel it too because he felt his partner thrust back against him even harder and felt his cock gripped tighter as if the king wanted to milk it all out. He couldn't help it, his body took over and he began thrusting faster and harder and deeper into the bowels of his partner. Moments before he finished he managed to whisper...

"I can't hold back. I'm...going...to...CUUUUMMMM!!"

The last word he drew out as his release became more and more imminent. He just barely heard Simba's reply, "Yes! Let it go in me!".

Then, he came.

He could feel his dam burst and it felt like a flood of juices were being drained from him as it had been his first orgasm with a partner. He could feel Simba's ass greedily working his cock trying to milk him of every tiny seed.

Upon his release he finally realized that Simba could not possibly be an enemy. No one could take that much and give so much pleasure could possibly be someone to kill.

After his balls were drained both he and Simba collapsed on the bank of the watering hole and just lay there still joined. After a few minutes Kovu's cock began to slowly soften and slip out of Simba's anus sending new shivers through his body. As his cock slipped out so did some of his sperm. He climbed off and Simba stood up. Kovu saw the small stream of jism and took a sniff. Then he licked from Simba's balls to Simba's anus collecting his semen and swallowing. Simba really enjoyed that and his body quivered.

"Can I do you now?" he asked.

When Kovu heard that he remembered all that his brother did and was unsure of Simba once again.

"I'm not sure about that" Kovu responded. "Every time my brother did that to me he was always rough. He told me that he was just showing me what you do to Outlanders you catch within your borders". Simba understood. "Did your brother also show you that I am often on the receiving end, as you just discovered? Remember, he doesn't live in the Pride Lands, so he doesn't know anything about me".

"Well, no. He told me that you forced yourself onto any intruders on the Pride Lands. Not only do you rape them, you also force them to drink your spunk".

"While I do enjoy an animal sucking my cock, it is always their choice. If they don't want to they don't have to. It is always an enjoyable experience with me. But while some don't like to suck my cock, all of them can't stand it if they don't get their cock sucked at least once by me. And I've never turned down the opportunity to suck anyone off, including zebras and others with large members".

He continued, "In fact, if you're up to it later on, I'll show you my oral talents".

Kovu's cock slipped out of his sheath at the thought of being sucked by the king.

"Definitely. But it will be awhile. That's the biggest load I ever shot and I think it will take some time to produce anything worth drinking".

So both Simba and Kovu layed down on the grass by the watering hole and talked. Both discovered that they were a lot alike. While they talked they were unaware that they were being watched the whole time by Kiara. She was shocked to see Kovu and her father mating, with her father acting like a female in heat the whole time. It also made her wet with arousal. As they talked she licked herself. Flicking her tongue as far into her cunt as she could, she masturbated till she came.

While they lay there Timone and Pumbaa sauntered up. Well, Pumbaa at least as Timone was riding on his neck.

"Hey, I'm glad you guys showed up. I want you to meet Kovu.

"Kovu, this is Timone the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog. Both of them are outcasts from their families and even other animals. Timone was too hyper for his slower family, and Pumbaa was too, well, gassy. I met them when I was still a cub. I learned their way of life and enjoyed their company. I grew through adolescence into adulthood while with them. They have lived together by themselves for years before I met them and when I became old enough they taught me another part of their "Hakuna Matata" way of life.

"In short, they are the ones responsible for my enjoyment of other males. Without Pumbaa's help I doubt I would have been able to take you inside me so easily".

"You mean, that you and they have done it with each other? I didn't think warthogs got that large" Kovu responded.

"No they don't" Simba replied, "But he introduced me to other animals that are. So are you ready to have me suck you Kovu?" In reply Kovu merely stood up and showed them all his impressive erection. Simba stood alongside the other male, his head right by Kovu's leg and his body was very close to Kovu's head hoping that the other male would work on his after a while. He began by licking the tip, then he dragged his entire tongue from the base all the way back till it flicked off the tip causing Kovu's body to quiver with excitement. Kovu never felt so good, save for when he fucked Simba. Before he knew it the other male had taken his entire length and was sucking on it, he could feel the king's breath blow warm against his balls. As he was being worked on he marvelled at Simba's talented mouth. He felt the throat suck like a leech. The tongue swirl, caress and tickle. And Simba's lips gripped and stroked him near the base. He thought he wouldn't last long. But Simba knew what he was doing and would make it last longer than Kovu imagined.

Watching their pal and his new partner was getting to Timone and Pumbaa. Pumbaa swiftly mounted the lion king, whose tail instinctively moved out of the way. Kovu got as close a view as one can get and was amazed at the look and size of the warthog's erection sliding in and out so easily. He was enjoying the sight of pig dick roughly fucking lion ass.

Then he felt something invade his own rear end. He couldn't pull away without scraping his shaft on Simba's teeth so he carefully looked over his shoulder and discovered Timone was fucking him. The meerkat's cock was clearly smaller than his brother Nuka's, and the pleasure he was getting from his dick being sucked made the fucking all that much more enjoyable. So he let the male keep going. Timone was taking his time. His thrusts were much slower, more relaxed, and was feeling quite nice. He felt that having his cock sucked by Simba was also making him more receptive. He was so into it that he decided to just let Timone do him. Kovu then decided that he wasn't just going to stand there. He began licking Simba's anus while Pumbaa's shaft pumped in and out giving them both an extra amount of pleasure, then he would lick and suck on Simba's cock (since it was conveniently out of its sheath already). And began alternating between them.

Half an hour later he felt Timone's cock quiver and pulse and could feel the meerkat's cum jet into his rear. This sent him over the edge and he released his sperm down Simba's throat. This made Simba squeeze his anus upon Pumbaa's shaft and the warthog gave in too and was filling Simba's rear with his own jism. Which set off Simba, and luckily Kovu was back to sucking his cock. Kovu got a mouthful and then some of the royal seed. Kovu tried to swallow it all but some escaped.

As Pumbaa dislodged Kovu licked the warthog's cock and Simba's anus to get a taste. Simba turned around, and upon seeing his sperm along Kovu's muzzle he licked it off affectionately. Timone, however, decided to continue riding and Kovu just let him.

Ever since then Kovu has been an accepted member of the Pride Lands, and another of Simba's many secret sex partners. Kiara never told of what she saw. Later on Kovu found out about Rafiki, that crazy baboon. It turns out that he's not so crazy. Rafiki had taught Mufasa about sex and would have done the same for Simba, if things hadn't happened the way they did with Scar. But then Simba probably wouldn't have met and gotten together with Kovu. So Rafiki doesn't mind. He gets to join in with Simba and his partners now that he's back to lead in his father's place. And there will be a whole new generation of lions to teach soon.

Until then, everyone will be enjoying each other as often as they can. Simba has introduced Kovu to many more animals. Kovu now enjoys getting fucked by large animals, his favorite being a zebra, but still prefers his friends.