Kovu's First Time
by JP

Night was falling on the Savanna and Kovu was hoping to spend his first night in the cave at Pride Rock with Kiara and the other lions of Simba's Pride. Kovu spoke up as Simba passed him, "Please simba ,may I sleep in the cave with you tonight?" Simba looked at him and snapped back "No Kovu you still have not earned my trust, and until you do so you will sleep out side." Kovu sighed laying down as the other lions entered the cave soon followed by Simba. Kovu gave a smirk and laid his head down and soon fell asleep.

The night passed on and Kovu awoke to find Simba standing there before him in the moonlight. "Simba what--" Kovu spoke when Simba stopped him and said "You want yo earn my trust? Then say nothing and do as I say.""Now follow me Kovu" Simba started up the path to the top of Pride Rock. As Kovu followed Simba up the path he noticed that Simbas large cock had unsheathed itself and was swinging in the cool savanna breeze. They reached the top and simba turned around and looked at the young lion. "Now kovu" simba spoke " tonight you will earn my trust, then and only then will you be able to take my daughter kiara". Simba moved closer to Kovu and gently rubbed up to him. Kovu now understood, to earn Simbas trust he would have to submit to the king and do what ever he had in mind.

Simba again made a pass at Kovu rubbing up to him and as he did so Kovu sniffed at Simbas backside, catching his musky scent. He knew what Simba had in mind and began to feel his own cock unsheathe itself also, Kovu was more than willing to submit to him. Simba probed Kovu's Balls and sheath licking them gently. Kovu gasped as he had never felt this kind of pleasure before. He looked at the King, Simba looked back and smiled "Now relax Kovu, you will enjoy this. now lay down and submit to your King". Kovu blinked and took a deep breath and laid down and closed his eyes and waited. Simba walked up behind Kovu and moved his head down to Kovu's tail, moving it aside with his muzzle. Simba then began to probe Kovus tail hole with his raspy tongue. Kovu let out a light moan and began to purr as Simba licked his most private area. Smiba took a deep breath, smelling Kovus wonderful male scent, This excited Simba even more and his lion cock grew rock hard. Kovu looked back and got a glance of Simbas cock in the pale moonlight. Simba moved over Kovu and lowered himself onto him. Kovu lowered his head and closed his eyed, he did not know what to expect. Just then he felt the tip of Simbas cock brush up against his tail hole. Kovu slightly frightened tried to move but Simba locked himself in place by grabbing Kovus hind legs with his front. "Relax" Simba said lightly. Kovu took a deep breath. Simba smiled and gently pushed his hard cock into Kovu's tail hole. Kovu winced in pain as Simba pushed all the way into Kovus backside. Simba moaned in pleasure and grabbed the back of Kovus neck with his powerful jaws holding him in place. Simba began thrusting hard into his young mate. Kovu moaned loud as his insides were ripped apart by Simbas large cock. Simba thrusted hard and soon felt his climax building, his barbs extended scraping the inside walls of Kovus anus. Kovu moaned wanting it to end, he felt Simba thrust deep and hard feeling the lions sharp barbs tear him apart. Simba moaned thrusting faster into Kovu and then with one final thrust he buried himself in Kovu, Lifting him off the ground. Simba roared loud as he exploded into Kovus tight tail hole. Simba fell onto kovu still fill him with his seed, licking him gently on the neck. "You did well Kovu, very well" Simba pulled out spilling some of his cum on the ground. Simba looked at Kovu "Now clean that up and go back down to Pride rock. Tell no one of this Kovu or I will Kill you and you will never be with my daughter. Do you understand?" Kovu looked up and nodded, he lowered his head and lapped up the pinkish mixture of his blood and Simbas cum. Kovu then laid down and cleaned his backside and then began to walk down. Simba watched and smiled. He thought to himself, "You will do just fine Kovu. You now have my trust."

With that simba laid down, tired he fell asleep.