Their Last Blunder
by Eagle_m-16

A story of two Cheetahs who seek revenge

Their Last Blunder

It would have been a nice day. But it wasn’t. This showed throughout the plains. The clouds were overcast, and the Sun was setting to a blood-red background. It would have been beautiful, but Eagle was staring at this sunset in hate, in anger. Endlessly toward the west, in sadness, in mourning. The breeze now swept the plain, moving the golden grass in a wave. His tail twitching, and his ears, golden like the rest of his body, hung back. He closed his narrow eyes, and remembered his children before the humans took their lives. He opened his eyes again. A mixture of rage and sadness rang through his expression. He was not alone though. His mate, Kitsune, who was behind him was also being vengeful as hatred went too through her mind. She was pacing in anger, and staring in sadness forever at the ground. With his cheetah instincts, Eagle looked at his mate

“We will kill them.” Eagle snarled, “it will happen tonight.”

“No matter what it takes, no matter the cost” Kitsune also said, growling.

“They will not get away with what they have done.”

Kitsune stared at Eagle and knew that he was feeling the same thing that she was.

“They have no idea ... but they will ... they will.”

Eagle finally looked away from the Sunset that has now gone to a deep-velvet red. He walked off of the rock on which he was standing. He walked toward his mate, and rubbed against her golden face.

“Don’t worry. Tonight, we will get revenge. We will taste their blood which now is running with the blood of our children. Tonight, we will get them. Tonight will be their last blunder” Eagle said, comforting kitsune.

“I know, my love. I know. This is why I love you” Kitsune said.

They both lay down. Ignoring all going on around them. They ignored the Gazelles grazing past them, they ignored a nearby lion. And even ignored the storm that was now closing in on them. But they stayed awake. Only when it began to rain, did Eagle and Kitsune make a move, but that was with a purpose. The purpose was to make their way to the human settlement. The home of the murderers of their three, healthy cubs. It was a fairly long walk, and their fur was now being matted with water. They approached a building that was surrounded by a wall. There were two men standing at the entrance. ‘Two should be enough.” thought Eagle.

“We need to keep low now. They are watching at the entrance. Watch their weapons. Let’s go.” Eagle said gravely, but with malice.

They now crouched and made their way slowly through the tall grass, glad that the rain now covered their sounds. They closed within 10 feet to the wall before they finally saw the outlines of these figures. The rain was still pounding down on their backs. Briefly, Eagle stayed glued to the spot as he stared into the eyes of these murderers. Their ugly naked, white faces. Their body in beige clothes. Holding their beloved weapons that made a horrible racket that still echoed in Eagle’s and his Kitsune’s ears when their cubs were killed

Eagle growled, signaling his mate to attack as well. The two men had sudden looks of terror on their faces, and scrambled to get their weapons. But too late. No sooner had one of them reached for their weapons, and hollered, then Eagle had his mouth closed tightly around his throat. His weapon went off, but Eagle was un-moved from his goal; to kill. Eagle gave one powerful close of his jaw, and crushed his victim’s throat. A sickening crack echoed through the night. And then he lifted his head and looked down at this lifeless body, now bleeding at his neck. He brought his head back down, and again closed his jaw around the Human’s face. For everything it was worth, revenge, hatred, anger, loathing, or sadness, he began mutilating this man’s face, and body, never eating, or swallowing, but making the blood run from every point of this corpse. He made sure that bone was visible, and that the guts poured out. He came back to the neck, brought his muzzle down to the neck and licked the blood up. Then he turned his head toward his mate.

Kitsune was still at her struggling human. She was causing as much pain as she could to this human before she put him out of misery. He was to her mercy. Her eyes filled with fire. They almost looked as dangerous as her mouth, which was crushing the neck of this murderer. He could not breathe. He could only struggle, reaching for his weapon to no avail. He could not holler. Only grab his throat, and make gagging sounds. Eagle moved forward and moved his muzzle above this human, He looked down and opened his mouth wide, stripped the fabric off of this human’s body, and took a chunk out his side. Blood spilt everywhere. And the human struggled even more. He was no match for the powerful jaws that were his mate’s. He swallowed this chunk of meat, and took another. Finally Kitsune closed her jaws for a final time. And that cracking of the neck was heard again.

“Sweet revenge.” Eagle smirked at Kitsune.

“Mmmm. Yes, my love.” and she too dove into the human’s gut, pulling up a fat chunk of meat into her mouth, chewing briefly, and then swallowing. Eagle moved his attentions back to the meal in front of him. Blood was still spilling everywhere, mixing into the puddles of water that had been caused by the rain. He moved his muzzle back down and tore into this flesh, as his mate had just grabbed this man’s intestine, and broken the membrane, it now dripped with sweet juices. Another muzzle dive into this lifeless body, was rewarded with more blood, more meat. This was satisfaction enough to make Eagle purr. The aroma of the blood filled his nose ... along with another aroma ... the smell of his mate’s heat. He drunk in the smell of these mixed aromas and purred louder.

He looked at Kitsune again. She was still eating, with blood dribbling down her mouth in a very attractive way, and she too was purring. Ethereally drunken by this new smell, Eagle stepped forward, over the corpse toward his mate. Then, while she was still chewing her most recent intake of meat, Eagle moved forward and licked Kitsune’s jet-black lips, and began cleaning off her muzzle, stained with red blood. She moved her head forward, and leaned into Eagle’s licks. She then bowed her head down again, and took in more intestines. Eagle gave a low growl. Kitsune brought her head back up, with the intestines still hanging out of her mouth. Eagle opened his mouth and consumed the remainder of the intestines that hung from Kitsune’s mouth. Eagle looked into her eyes, deeply. The rain had slowed now to a drizzle.

“We should go now.” he said, “far away. There is no doubt that we will be hunted for this.”

“I agree, let’s go.” She replied.

They both made their way away from the human settlement, sure that the men would be checked on sooner or later. It took a lot of self control for Eagle not to attempt a sudden copulation with Kitsune, his thought process was slower, but common sense was stronger still. They would have to leave far away from their established territory. Even if it meant over-throwing another male for his territory.

They had been walking for an hour, and Eagle had kept from mounting Kitsune. However, the longer that Eagle walked along side his mate, the more his morality disappeared, the more his common sense was being clouded. Twice now, he fell to the side, almost jumping on top of her and wrestling her into submission. But at the last moment, he was brought to his senses, and ended up falling onto the ground.

“Love? Are you okay? We need to keep moving.” these words barely processed through his head correctly.

“Yes, of course.” he said, just distinguishing these words, “you’re beautiful.”

“Eagle, not now! We need to hurry up and go.” she said a little hurrying now.

‘She has no idea,’ he thought, his morality decreasing by the second, ‘I need her. . .’

He collapsed onto the soft, wet ground. With the rain now stopped, the humidity now carried Kitsune’s fragrance in heavier loads, further intoxicating Eagle.

“My love ... we need ... go . . .” Said Eagle, who wasn’t even up himself.

“I know. So let’s go!” Kitsune said, more frantically.

Suddenly, Eagle jumped up. His mind was now clear, and with a new goal; to mate. All rationality seemed to have ceased.

“EAGLE! NOOOOOOOO!” Screamed Eagle’s mate, as he jumped upon her, and pinned her down. He bit down at her nape hard, and kept his grip. She was now no longer struggling. Eagle got off of her anyway. He now moved to her rump, and sucked up that smelly fragrance. He then lowered his muzzle and extended his tongue to meet Kitsune’s slit which was now leaking her juices. She rolled over now, submitting to him. Eagle was now getting what his instincts wanted. Now, with the better access, he continued to lick at his mate, eliciting growls and purrs from her. Growls that could be heard deep in the jungle, for miles around. The pleasure mounted. Eagle could feel his mate’s body contracting beneath him. He could take it no longer. With her still on her back, Eagle moved forward on top of her. His nose to hers, he moved his cock around the jungle of her moist, matted fur. At last, he found his destination. He moved his member slowly into her depths. Her roar was so powerful, that it disturbed some nearby napping birds. Now he began thrusting into her. Lost in passion, his breath became ragged, and he began licking at her spotted face. She too was now lost in passion, and her mouth hung open. Eagle drank her breath in as well. It was too much. The pleasure that he was experiencing at the other end of her body was having effect in his head. He now bit down on her throat lightly as his cock started twitching inside of his mate, who’s vagina was rippling against his member, coaxing out his seed. It was all too much. Eagle roared even louder than his mate, with his mouth still closed around her throat, as he finally came into her. His balls continued to twitch, as did his member. She continued to squirm under him milking him for everything that he was worth. Finally, he lifted himself up. Almost immediately, Kitsune jumped up, and attacked Eagle, as he had caused her pain exiting out of her. Eagle was now on his back as Kitsune bit down on his neck. He was in no shape to fight back, so he just lay there. After a few seconds, she let go, realizing who she was biting, and moved back. She turned around, and walked about ten feet, bent over, and began cleaning herself of the leftovers of their encounter. Eagle sat up as well, and began cleaning his retreating cock. This was an experience that he was to remember. As he continued to lick himself, and his morality returned, he thought of his goals that were to follow these events. His first goal ... to overtake another territory, so that he and his mate may live in comfort knowing that they and their future family wouldn’t be bothered by the humans. But he now needed to focus on what was in front of him ... literally, that was his cock.

He continued to clean himself as he spurted again just thinking about his mate.