Lion in the dark
M/M, Semi-NC/NC-Rape, Humans/Lions/Deer
March 19, 2002 By SwampRat (cl) 1998, 2002 Gay Furry Association

Jebal threw his hat on the ground for the twentieth time that day.. "What Now?" he growled, exasperated. When he had taken the commission to build this damn bridge, he thought it would be a few months in the wilds, and back to the comforts of home. But Nooo - Some of the tribesmen had to wait until a certain hour to start work. Some would stop on the middle of Everything and huddle in a prayer meeting. And All had to be guarded so faction wars didn't burst out because somebody had red toenail paint and somebody else had blue. But something was different.. Something more important than the usual squabbles. He dusted his hat off and walked towards a knot of men chatting away in as many different languages as there were tribes.

"What is it..." The sound of his voice silenced everyone. 'Great. Someone got killed or maimed and That will be that for the day..'

"It is Johnathan.."

John had wandered off to take a leak, and vanished with a yell that brought half the camp running. All they found was lion tracks and some ripped clothes. So guards were doubled, a letter was written to the family and that was it. Now... "

"Is he alive?" The doctor who got there first nodded.

"Scratched to hell. Naked as the day he was born. But alive."

They got a litter together, and carried the poor man to the hospital. Work continued, much to the surprise of the foreman, until dusk when everybody was called in to the camp.

"So how Is he?" Jebal asked when he and the doctor were sitting by the fire, taking a warm toddy.

"It depends, I guess. He is in shock, and all the scratches were shallow, fairly well healed. There were bite marks on his butt, between his legs, and on his neck. And from what I can tell he has been repeatedly ravaged.. By a member of the feline family."

The foreman snorted and took a long drink.

"Come on now Doctor.. You don't for one minute.. Queer Cats?" Martin shook his head.

"I am only saying what the evidence points to. It sounds far-fetched to me too, but it wasn't that long ago we didn't believe Apes existed either."

The doc sighed.."I don't know what to say Jeb.. Both the scratches and the teeth marks are Lion-made. It was just toying with him and he escaped - maybe. But you know as well as I do man-eater's don't play like that. And when I examined him, there were large amounts of semen still in his anal cavity. Now, I am not going out and jerk-off a Lion to see if it is the same, but I bet you that one has been having it's way with the poor lad."

Jebal shook his head. If it had been Anyone but Doc or Mutumbo, he would have called them either crazy or telling tales. Doc didn't tell tales.. Not since his wife died of malaria out on the coast. He started laughing..

"You don't believe me?"

"No Doc.. It's the idea of you out in the grass calling 'Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.." The man sputtered, snorted.. Then started laughing himself.

"Could you imagine a picture of John on all fours, a Lion mounting him, one paw up as if to say - 'Look What I Bagged.' "

They both lost it, howling and kicking the dirt.

"Oh Man. I haven't laughed like that in ages.. Thank you Doc, you don't know how much I needed that." Martin nodded, then swallowed the last of his warm whiskey.

"I want to check on the Hospital, then turn in. See you later."

Jebal nodded and chuckled, but a part of him wondered.. Stranger things happened - he was out here in the middle of a jungle, with a bunch of Tribes who hated each other, trying to build a road so his Country could drive from A to B. He shook his head, looked at the cup in his hand, then tossed the contents in the fire and went to bed.


Maha-fi wore the tattoo of a lion's tail on his chest. It meant he had run down, wrestled with and humped a lioness.. In fact he had pumped his long black mambo into 3 female lions, as the scars on his body and the 3 lines at the 'base' of the tail showed. Not only must one do this without spear, shield or even loincloth, another must be present to watch the seed dribble out of the female.. Only Then did it count. There were only a few in his tribe who took Lions as their wives.. Fewer still who could make the feline females call for them in the night. and Maha Always answered their calls.. Now he wore a skirt and loin-cloth because many didn't want to See his gnarled, bitten, male-root, with it's bulbous end that made many a cat moan with pleasure. As he lay on his cot, he thought of the rumors going around camp.. A male Lion - No one in his tribe had mated with a Male.. It did not matter Who was on top, just to bear the scars of such an encounter..

The next day things went on as if nothing had happened - The usual squabbles broke out, the usual grumbles about having to work with infidels, or strangers or people who died their toe-nails.. Maha-fi was one of those working in the brush that day. They wore long leather boots which itched and made one's legs hot.. But the scratches and gouges in the tough leather made by the thorny bushes they cut were More than enough of a reminder to keep them on. At the noonday break Maha felt something.. That same something that had kept his balls between his legs - A Lion was close-by. He passed the word that watch was to be kept and every man should have his canteen and sythe on him at all times. The escape route through grass sometimes as tall as a man had been ingrained in each of them, And they had the advantage of being able to wade through brambles that would rip an unprotected leg to shreds.

But it still wasn't enough when they came to a clearing and there he stood. A magnificent male lion in Full Prime. They bunched up like a herd of gazelle, staring at the creature in dread fascination. Maha-fi took a swallow from his canteen then handed it and his sythe to another.

"Go - Do not come back until nightfall." The others protested.. And were silenced with the wave of a hand. "If I am worthy, I will return and The Chieftain may make another mark on my belly - If I am Not..." They made blessings to him, each according to their religion and carefully made their way back, some relieved it was not Them who stayed behind to live or die by their might. But the dark-skinned man had No intentions of dying.. Undoing the skirt of woven grass he grinned as the feline's eyes went wide. He had not worn the hated loin-cloth, hoping for such an encounter..

He had rubbed palm oil into the skin until it shone, and now the gnarled root swayed, gleaming and slick between his legs.

"Do you want it? Does it make you wish to moan at night for me to come and shove it under your tail?" The lion snarled, but walked forward slowly, never taking it's eyes off the knobbed monster. At the last moment it leaped, and Maha laughed.. He was too wise to be caught so. Twisting his body gave the claws no chance to grip, the paws nothing to hold.. As it came down the man fell on the lion, adding his weight to it's own. The feline 'oofed', as it's muzzle hit the earth, tail already up for balance. Maha Pushed his slick knobbed head in before the male had a chance to recover, gripping the thick, dark mane and pulling up. The big feline roared it's displeasure, trying to to remove the hands that kept it from turning to bite or use it's forepaws..

A thrust brought a yowl.. Another and they were both moaning, the cat with his legs apart arching under the man who buried his face in the mane, working his fat snake around and in deeper.. They hunched together, balls rubbing erotically, bodies working in unison to get the most pleasure from their mating.. The lion roared again, his seed spurting out onto the ground. But Maha-fi just grinned, using the moment to bury his length to the hilt in the male-cat's anus. It mewled as he moved in and out in short strokes, teasing his new lover.. But this could only last a little while before both were eager to climax the encounter. The man humped and thrust his crotch into the leonine ass, balls lewdly sliding up and down his lover's.. The lion moaned and panted and dug at the ground with his forepaws, but gave every bit as good as he got, shoving his body back against the human..

This time they soared together in ecstasy, orgasms synced, nuts kissing as the sweaty sac's rubbed along each other. THey both collapsed on the ground, neither wanting to move.. Not wanting the moment to stop. As they lay together, another lion stepped out of the brush. His nose quivered with the smells of rut, and his large, pointed feline-cock snapped out. Paws slapping the ground softly the big male made his way to the couple, sniffing, then licking the dark butt-cheeks.. He rasped them, dug his thick organ between them to tease the fat pucker.. But he did not mount Maha-fi. Instead he moved around and sat, pulling on the smaller lion's mane. The man moved to a kneeling position, as he watched the red meat push into the lion's muzzle, it's owner groaning, and nuzzling his face.

They touched noses, then lips then tongues as they used the male between them, The big male cumming more often but also humping more randily.. The Man groaned as well, filling the hot lion-ass with his cum again. All that afternoon, the the man and the bigger lion took turns screwing the smaller male, until he was awash with semen.. Both his own and the other 2 males. At dusk the felines went in search of a drink and food.. Maha-fi crawled to where his skirt lay, put it on..

And That is how they found him - No scratches, a few bruises, and a pair of nuts that were not on speaking terms anymore. It took him 2 days to recover, adding another line to the ones on his belly, but this one went across not up and down like the others. And for once everything was quiet for almost a week.


Jebal went hunting for deer to help supplement the diet of his hands, and himself when he heard a commotion coming from the brush. Moving quietly, the man came upon a Scene he would never forget - A lion had taken down a buck.. A young one by the size of the horns, and they were struggling. 'Why doesn't it kill the poor thing and get it over with?' Then the pair shifted and he could See why.. The Lion was Raping the Buck! It held the bleeting male down and was thrusting it's hindquarters up and down.. A mis-thrust and the cock slid out, shoving down on the deer's rump. 'And Built too!' Teeth bit the bucks neck, and claws dug into it's sides as the long muscle poked around.. then found it's target, being shoved back in with fervor.. Balls slapping the poor male's butt, it snarled, then Roared, Blowing it's wad deep in the deer's guts.

They both lay panting, then the Lion started up again, pumping and thrusting and Jebal found himself with a hard-on.. Unzipping himself he grabbed his cock, unsure what to do, but Knowing he had to cum... A noise made him half-turn - Another Lion stood looking at him. The amber eyes slid down and narrowed at his crotch, a purr coming out.. If a lion could mince this one did, coming up to wrap lips and tongue around the male-meat, sucking softly then more hungrily as they both heard the other lion ejaculate again, this time the buck followed suit. The gun lay forgotten in the grass, Jebal gripping the lion's mane and humping his hips, moaning when the feeling got Too good and he filled the feline's muzzle with spunk.. All of which was swallowed, the raspy tongue coaxing as much out as it could from the straining dick.

The man's knees buckled and he fell, as a second and third orgasm lay waste to his nervous system. One last lick, then the lion turned his attention to the Buck.. Who bleated loudly, having his crotch cleaned, then warm lips engulfing his long, pointed deer-cock. The man could only watch as between the 2 horny males they fucked the poor animal to death - Literally! Jebal shivered as the struggles weakened then the deer just lay, taking the savage fucking and sucking until both males had enough.. He was in slightly better shape, talented lips and tongue taking him back in to harvest one last explosion of semen, the bigger lion looking on with amusement.. Then they sauntered off, and the man had his deer.. With a gallon of lion-cum in it's guts and some scratches in it's hide. Picking it up, he carried it to a tree, field-dressed it, and carried it back to camp, shaking his head whenever the others praised him for his work.. Although many wondered why there was no hole where the bullet had penetrated.


The feuds lessened and things were getting done, much to the surprise and delight of the Foreman, who wasn't about to ask Why... Until one day he came to the site early.. He saw the workers lined up in a row - And 2 male lions padding up and down in front of them, occasionally sniffing, and pawing at them.. Sometimes nuzzling crotches until one was chosen. This unfortunate would step forward, trembling, while the felines chose 4 others.. The rest carefully moved back, getting tools and supplies, Grateful to be spared.

"What The Hell is going On Here?" he growled.

Bad idea.. Amber eyes turned and one of them purred loudly, dismissing the man he was nuzzling on in favor of Jebal. A snort and the native fled to the worksite, busying himself.. But he still looked back every now and again. The others dropped their clothing and naked, were herded out into the tall grass where they disappeared.. Except for the moans and pants and gurgles.. Disbelieving his eyes he watched all this then went out after them.

"Hey! that's my work-force you are Fu.. Ooof!" He was suddenly on his belly, Teeth ripping through his shorts like they were thin cotton.

"Hey!" a snarl and a slap on his exposed ass told him to be quiet. Then a raspy tongue slid across his already sweating flesh. Paws pulled what was left of the short-pants down so Both cheeks could be washed, the tongue dipping in between them..

"I.. I.. Ooooohhh..." The big head pushed his legs apart and tongued then sucked his nuts in, making him hard in minutes. Jebal shivered, trying not to enjoy what was happening to him, but as his cock was stroked to full hardness, he found it harder and harder to resists the amorous advances of the feline.

As the tongue again dipped between his cheeks, finding his puckered hole, he heard movement.. One of the workers was crawling towards him.. The man's eyes went Wide seeing his boss get tongued by a Lion and froze.. Then they both heard rustling and the frightened man moved off at an angle giving Jebal a very good look at his shiny ass.. Then a tawny form appeared and the worker shreaked as he was mounted, the foreman watching a big, red cat-cock pushing against the dark cheeks, then shove inward, the balls obscenely sliding up and down the sweaty fleshy mounds as their owner pushed the crescent male-meat in to the hilt.

The other Lion moved off him, and rolling onto it's back, lifted it's maned head to swallow the semi-hard man-cock. Jebal thought now would be a good time to get back to camp, while he could.. But strong hind legs gripped his sides and as the lion curled up he found himself with a lapful of horny cat-ass! He really wasn't sure he wanted to do this but the tail slapped his nuts and the bony rump pushed and shoved until it found what it wanted and the man found himself sinking into the hottest ass he had ever been in! Mind it Was the first time he had buggered anyone - But that didn't count. Especially when the hips wriggled and the warm tunnel Squeezed him so tight he damn near came right then and there..

He tried not to watch the cat-cock stuffing the wriggling man in front of him or hear all the moans and pants and gulps as the leonine under him swallowed a wad of cum.. Then the native was falling to the side, spent completely, still being sucked on until a soft cuff from the Dominant one made the subordinate stop. Both hind legs were wrapped around his waist and he was still being worked on by the hot, tight hole as the bigger one 'grinned' at him then left.. To return with another native who looked at the scene with horror.. But he too was made to kneel and as paws gripped his ass roughly, moaning as his cock vanishing to the hilt in the panting muzzle while a large crescent of male-meat shoved into his sweaty butt.

Then things got hazy as Jebal came into the lion. He closed his eyes, and barely held on to sanity.. Then he wasn't sure as he opened them to find a dark-skinned butt pushing itself along his pole. The worker was too busy gulping lion-cum to say much about it, as the bigger one had his head in it's paws and was face-fucking him. The smaller one was between his legs, sucking his nuts then moving to suck the native's.. A hard push made his dick slither downward.. and be engulfed in warmth, lips and raspy tongue making him cum harder than he ever had before..

Another hot native butt was wriggled against his reddish/white rod of dick-flesh but this time a paw made sure it entered it's target, making both humans moan and wriggle as the Lions went at each other for a while.. then returned to continue with their human lovers. By the time the sun went down, the Foreman had orgasmed more times than he had in his entire Life! Oversexed didn't begin to describe the 2 lions who ravaged his men.. He made it back to Camp and a cot and slept like a dead man. To find the railroad finished, the men most eager to get the Hell out of there and a commission waiting for him.

Seems there was a Place in the Americas where a bridge needed building.. And the crew was being ravaged by Wolves. Since he had done such a bang-up job Here, would he mind terribly going There? He shook his head. Wolves... A knock on his door-flap.

"Come.." He winced just thinking about that word.

Maha-fi stood in the flap, grinning. "Boss go to New Place. Do Blackdogs. Maha want more tattoo. Go with. Show Blackdog mambo. Get more lines of Pride."

Jebal thought about it.. Then laughed. Much more of this and he would be looking for a place to settle down. Someplace quiet, where the animals Didn't leer at you from the brush... Or maybe where they All Did.

The End