Lions are the best

My first animal experience was when I was fourteen, and I'll bet you won't believe me..

I was a curious female teenager who had the luck of growing up on a animal recovery reserve. This is a place where people all around the states bring abuse exotic animals to recover. My sexual interest finally found an outlet one day when everyone was gone. My parents had left on chores at town (one hour drive away) and all the other reserve employees had left to a convention in San Francisco. I was alone, and had about a four hour window.

I walked along the pens, at first I just wanted to examine the male animals' genitalia. It was at Tervor's cage I stopped. Tervor is a large male African lion we where raising for maybe one day release. Well, Tervor came up to the bars. I petted his thick mane, and trust me, lions do purr. I glanced to his hindquarters, but he turned away. He moaned asking me to come in and play, I am so glad I did.

I entered the cage unafraid, I had know Tervor almost all my life. I walked over and collapsed next to the creature. I rubbed my hand through his mane, and slowly down to his hindquarter. This was the first time I had ever really taken notice of Tervor's maleness. His balls were huge, how could he ever sit down?! I gently touch the large gonads. Tervor liked this because he started to purr. My other hand pulled down my sweat pants and underwear. Then Tervor's penis made an appearance. I stroked it, causing it to swell and swell. He whined as I brushed the barbs in the wrong direction. I eventually got on all fours and push my face into the cat's behind. This was the smartest thing I have ever do. In moments Tervor stood up and turn. He pushed me squatting into the ground as he tossed his golden furred leg over me. His front paws were laid on the ground tightly beside my young breasts. I thought he was trying to get away from me, but then I felt his hind legs grasping my haunches. He than entered me. He started with a slow gentle thrust that made me gasp. Slowly he escalated his thrusts, driving deeper and deeper into me. I could feel his balls gently bouncing against my crouch. The fur of his body tickled me, only adding to my growing elation. His barbs didn't really hurt, and tickled me inside. Then I remembered that male lions bite their mate. As if he heard my thoughts he arch down pressed his nosed into my neck an breath very deeply, but he never bit me. Tervor gently moaned as he mated with me. And just when I thought I couldn't experience more pleasure, Tervor tripled his efforts, thrusting amazingly slower and slower, deeper and deeper, as if he was trying to extend my wait.. Then he exploded into me, at the same instant waves of orgasms hit me. We pulsated together. It was strange having a animal easily triple my weight clinching in muscle contractions, whining like a kitten. He licked my pale skin in a kiss and dismounted me, I feel the kiss was because I hadn't turned in him like most lioness do.

Well fifteen minutes later he began to snuggle against me again. I was to tired to go again, so I simple batted his balls around in my hands. He became very aroused. I then got an idea. I pressed deeply into his hindquarter, stimulating him further. Just when he looked ready to mount me, I stood up and walked out of the cage. I figure if I masturbate sometimes when I was stimulated, why not Tervor. He gave me a glance, I was amazed at the emotion he showed. In his glance he said 'I know what you're doing, Anna. Alright, but you'll have to give me the next one'. With that said he walked over and crouched down over my sweat pants, which I had left in the cage. He squatted and pushed his balls and penis deeply into the old fabric. Opposite of what he hand done to me, he started slowly thrusting. And then he started to speed up. After a few seconds he looked at me, gave an innocent smile and ejaculated all over my pants.

Tervor and I mated one more time, and we parted for the day. It has been a year now and I mate with him ever chance I get, which isn't very often...