Lonka Series Part I - Growing Up
© by Cat lover

The sun was rising slowly into the sky over the great forest preserve where a young tiger left his den. His empty stomach was growling but he knew his mother and father wouldn’t awaken for another few hours. Around his den was a vast open field of tall grass with a great rock in the center. Another den lay close to his own where his best friend lives. They grew up together and were almost the same age. Both were twelve months old and very mature for their age. The little lion walked to the front of his best friend’s den and did the same low growl he did very morning to let her know he was there.

She ambled out of the cave quietly as not to wake her parents. She purred and nuzzled him when she saw him. He purred and nuzzled her in return and together they set out on their day’s adventure. Their favorite thing to do was to go and spy on the lions while they ate. They loved to watch them tear the meat up with their large fangs and swallow it down in large chunks. They set off down the hill toward the spot they always go to watch the action. They got within ten feet of the group of lions, which is as closest that anything has come within and survived. The two sat down at there favorite spot were it’s shaded and watched. They were deep in the moment when a large shadow came up from behind them. They turned a round very slowly and came face to face with the leader of the lions.

They stared deep into the jade green eyes of a full-grown male lion. He had massive rippling muscles all over his furry golden body. His sharp dagger like claws were extended and his sharp teeth were barred. The lion emitted a deep low growl that sounded like thunder that shook that shook the ground beneath their paws. The other lions that were feeding stopped to watch the scene. The tigers backed up slowly away from the massive lion and then ran as fast as they could toward their family’s boundaries. They were gone longer than they thought because both of their parents had already hunted for the morning meal and they were standing over the deer they had caught. The young tiger told his parents what had happened and his mother was very upset but his father was proud. Not many animals come face to face with a full-grown lion.

Later that evening the young tigers went to the large rock in the center of their field to watch the stars together. They sat on the rock and discussed the lion meeting. “Lonny”, she said. He just sat there staring at the setting sun. Lighting the sky with red, yellow, and blue colors. “What’s wrong Kona”, He said. I was just thinking about what we did today. “It’s a beautiful sunset,” he added. Lonny are you even listening to me. Yeah, I just don’t know what to say to you. “Your right this is a beautiful sunset”, she thought. They sat there for a few hours before Kona’s parents called. My moms calling me so I have to go. “Good night Lonny,” she said. Then she rapped her paws around his neck and she leaned over slowly and kissed him deeply and passionately on his lips before. She looked down and started to giggle before heading for her den. Wow, I think she likes me,” he thought to him self. He looked down and saw what she had giggled at. He had a bulge between his legs where his sheath is that he never noticed before. He walked slowly home to his den replaying the kiss over and over in his head trying not to look down at his new erection. He entered the cave quietly because his father was sleeping by his mother in the same corner he always slept. She went to the corner and sat down next to his mom. “Mom”, He whispered. Seeing the confused look on his face she knew something was troubling him. Mom she kissed me on top of our rock and then I got this. He opened his legs open so his mother could inspect his erection. That’s cute she cooed at him. Mom! His father began to stir and roll over. Will finish our conversation in the morning so we won’t wake your father. She rubbed his father’s stomach gently until he was snoring peacefully again. “Mom,” he whispered. When will this thing go away? His mother leaned over and took his small length in her mouth. He moaned softly as his mother sucked him very slowly until he was fast asleep.

“I cant believe you kissed him Kona’s,” mother said. I told you not to get to get carried away with him. Mom its O.K. How is it O.K. You should have waited. I couldn’t help it. He looked so cute just sitting there and it just happened. What if he doesn’t like you that way? He didn’t try to move so he must have liked it. That probably because you did it to fast. No, I kissed him really slowly and he liked it. How do you know that? Because he got hard mom. He did? Yeah, it was a cute one to. “Go to sleep,” her mother said.

Lonny and his mother were up early discussing last night’s events. His father had just woken up and his large erection was hanging down from his sheath. “Is he always like that in the morning,” he whispered to his mom. Lonny’s father was a handsome stripped tiger with sleek short fur and powerful leg muscles. His body was very muscular with muscles rippling every where. He had blue lake eyes and could charm a bird right out of its nest. He was huge but as gentle as a bear cub and that’s why he loves and respects his father. “What are you to talking about,” he said. “Kona kissed Lonny,” she teased. Really, so we have two love birds that live right next cave to each other. “Dad cut it out,” Lonny whined. She gave him a hard on she told his father. Did she really? Yeah, right on top of the rock in the center of the field last night. “Son, did you like it,” he teased. Of course he did or he wouldn’t have gotten hard.

“Good morning Kona,” called. Can I come in? Sure come on in. So how are you this morning Lonny’s father asked. I’m fine. She looked over the side of Lonny’s mother and Lonny was hiding there. Good morning Lonny,” she teased. Are you O.K? I’m fine,” he mumbled softly. You want to go sit on the rock for a little while. Aright you lead the way. He followed her out of the cave and noticed something he had never thought of before. He could see his best friends pink cunt clearly now as she walked towards the rock. He felt a little a little weird looking at her this way and he noticed that his sheath was rolling back exposing his penis. He ran to the rock and sat there feeling embarrassed that he got a hard on from starring at his friends pink lips. “Are you feeling O.K.,” she said when she sat down. “Maybe I’m coming down with something,” he lied. His shaft was almost erect and visible now and he hoped that his friend wouldn’t look down and see it.

His friend nuzzled him under his muzzle the way she always did but this time it sent shiver up Lonny’s spine. “Are you cold,” she said. “Just a little bit,” he replied. She went behind him and rapped her soft paws around his waist letting him feel the warmth of her stomach. He grabbed her arms letting her paws free to explore his body. She enjoyed the coolness of his fur and started rubbing his stomach trying to warm him and cure his ailments. He started purring making deep rumbling sounds in his chest that vibrated to his throat. He looked down and noticed he had some clear liquid coming from the tip of his semi hard penis. Kona was enjoying herself slowly rubbing circles in Lonny’s now warm fur. Lonny’s Penis was dripping now with the clear liquid as it ran down the side of his shaft and into his sheath. Her paws were going down closer to Lonny’s awaiting stick making it really hard for him to sit still. Her paw was now a few inches above his now fully enlarged shaft.

He started squirming now but not enough for her to notice. He closed his eyes for the pleasure was unbearable. Kona knew what she was doing but wanted to tease him a little more before she grabbed the long and hard shaft. She sat behind him getting wetter and wetter at the thought of getting a hold of her best friend’s cock. She began to slowly lick and kiss his neck. He began to move about but she had him gripped strongly in place. She liked his nape slowly. Lonny was beyond him self and started moaning softly as she continued her torture. “Does that feel good,” she whispered in his ear. “Y-y-yes,” he stammered trying to hold on to any dignity he had left. He opened his eyes to look down and he noticed that whatever the liquid was it was running down the sides of his legs. It was warm and wet. He touched his painfully swollen penis and it squirted a little if the clear liquid on to his chest.

Kona’s paws swept over the secretion and slowly rubbed it in to his warm fur leaving his chest and her paw sticky. She moved her paw down and finally touched his throbbing organ. She liked how warm and hard it felt. Lonny moaned as she caressed his throbbing organ in her paw. Lonny squirted some more of his clear lubricant which Kona grabbed and rubbed on his length. She gently stoked his pulsating cock up and down being more aroused by Lonny’s consistent moaning. Her juices started to run down Lonny’s backside and socking his bushy tail with her sweet fluids. Finally she finished torturing Lonny and laid him down on his back. If you liked that then your going to love what’s next. With that she started licking Lonny’s piece making him shudder violently. She licked all down his head and his shaft. She licked of all Lonny’s juice that had ran from his tip. She went all the way down to the end until she saw his bulging sack that carried his to swollen balls. She began to lick these making him moan out loud as he shot another round of his clear fluid. She lapped that up and began to go for the prize.

Lonny had no clue what was going on. He smelt heavy musky scents that were coming from him that he never smelt before. He best friend in the world was going to suck his cock and all he could do was sit there and take it. He smelt her sweet scent and it floated all around him enticing him to urges he’s never had before. It felt like some ancient force had awakened in him telling him what to do. He had an irrepressible urge to mount his friend and deliver his seed. He had no clue how to mount or the right place to even stick his cock. All he could do was hope that she knew what to do and how to stop the urge to tie his knot he was having.

Kona didn’t know how to explain what she wanted to do to Lonny. All she knew is some way she would get him inside her even if it took forever. She never had that sexual feeling toward Lonny the way she had it now. She wanted to take his full length and have her cunt swallow down all his juices. Something about Lonny’s body had changed that she noticed. His fur was more full and his scent was getting heavier all the time. She noticed when she first saw his penis sticking out of his sheath. His balls sagged lower and his body was maturing. She knew what the feeling was at last. She loved him but she wasn’t going to tell him that yet.

She took his full length into her mouth and began to swallow him whole. He felt so good in her mouth. His cock rubbing over her flat teeth and her tongue softly attaching his treasure. He tasted so good to her and she was happy to have him in her mouth. Ever now and then Lonny would shoot a little of his liquid in her mouth letting her taste him more. If it were even possible the base of his penis began to grow. His knot was coming and he had the uncontrollable desire to tie. He felt a great big pain build up in his balls that shot up through his penis. He knew something big was about to happen and he got a little scared. His muscles began to tighten as his knot grew as big as it was going to get. The pressure grew to where he felt he was about to burst.

At that moment Lonny growled as loud as he could as the pain seared to a maximum. He closed his eyes as the pain made his penis feel like an explosion. He held his breath as a very sharp sting lit his entire body. He felt something move through him like water through a river. He pulled Kona tight as he shot blast after blast of his white-hot seed. The pain of him coming seemed to last forever. It was the most painful yet pleasurable experience he ever had. After five minutes of shooting his seed it fell to a small trickle. Kona greedily gulped all his seed till she had emptied his swollen balls. The pain had subsided in Lonny’s cock and Lonny tried to sit up. “No, don’t try to sit up yet,” she whispered. So he lay there and let her clean himself then herself. His body still rippled with waves of pleasure as he laid there thinking to himself.

“So how did your first cum feel,” she said. “It felt great,” he replied If you liked that wait till we have sex tomorrow. Lonny just sighed and relaxed. “I don’t even know what to do though” he murmured. Don’t worry ill teach you. Arms in arms the young couple both fell sound a sleep.


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