Lonka Series Part II - A father's bond
© by Cat lover

The sun had set leaving the stars to shine and glisten in the lonely sky as they set off for home. Lonny was very tired from his day’s ordeal but Kona longed for Lonny in her right then and there. Lonny reached his cave and stumbled in to where his mother and father were resting. His mother was sleep but his father was wide-awake. While Lonny was out having fun with Kona, Lonny’s father was busy tending to his mate’s cunt. He spent the time eating her out and then finished by putting her to sleep. “Hello son,” he said as Lonny lay down beside him. “You look beat,” he said. What did you do for the last hour? Kona tortured me. What do you mean tortured you? You know what mom does to you when you two think I’m sleep. She sucked your cock. Yeah, it was all right, very painful though. Was she not doing it right? No, she did it right I just wasn’t ready. Was it messy? Yeah, A whole bunch of white stuff came out and she swallowed it. Tomorrow she wants to have sex and I’m still sore. Can’t you just tell her to wait till after tomorrow? I already told her I would tomorrow and I have no clue how to mount or have sex. That’s O.K. son. I’ll teach you every thing I know by morning. He looked at his mate and smiled slyly at mate. “We can use your mother for practice,” he said.

What do you want to know first son? I want to know how to please her like she did me today. She rubbed my stomach and stroked me from behind and that felt really good. “Come hear,” he called. Do you know what this is he said pointing to his mates cunt? That’s were I put this isn’t it he said pointing to his sore sheath. “Yes,” he smiled at his son’s brightness to and eagerness to learn. I want you to lick it and see what happens. He was a little reluctant at first but complied with his father’s whim. He began slowly liking his mother’s cunt hoping he wouldn’t get in trouble if his mother woke up. His father sat there smiling so happy and so proud watching the two things he loved most. Lonny kept licking and was soon rewarded by his mother moaning and whimpering. His sheath was rolling back again showing the tip of his sore red penis. “Dad,” he muttered. There’s some juice coming out. “Taste it son it wont kill you” he teased. “Very sweet” he said with a ring of juice around his mouth.

O.K. son, stick your paw in it as far as you can. ”What,” I’m not sticking my paw in mom. If you want to learn the proper techniques then listen to me and stick your paw in her cunt. He did as he was told and stuck his paw in as far as he could. His mother moaned a little as her cub stuck his paw in and started moving his paw back and forth as his father commanded. Her cunt squeezed around Lonny’s paw like a vice as he rubbed his paws all around her inner walls. His mom started pushing pack on his paw making is paw go in further. His rod was semi hard now and his father could see his sore redness. “Wow son,” his father said starring at his son’s semi erect shaft. You’re really big for your age son. His father was beginning to grow between the haunches as his pride and joy paw fucked his mate. O.K. son you can stop. His father had just noticed that Lonny’s penis was dribbling pre-cum. Do you know what that clear stuff is coming from the tip of your piece? No, not really. “It’s to make you nice and slippery when you insert your whole length in,” his father informed.

Lonny’s father whispered instruction in his ear on what to do next. He turned a brighter shade of red as he positioned his self behind his mother as his father had asked. Wait son you can’t go in soft like that. Here let me help you. Tell me when your completely hard where you wont grow anymore. His father turned and walked around to get behind his son. Lonny noticed his father was rock hard and that his penis was fairly large. His father grabbed his meat and took a little of his son’s pre-cum and rubbed along his son’s long rod. He felt a little weird sensation of being massaged by he’s father but he didn’t care. His fathers stomach fur was so warm and occasionally his dad’s long hard stick would rub against his back. It felt so good to have his father’s hard rock against him, His scent was heavy and very musky and very pleasing and the rubbing made it a lot better. This smell turned Lonny on more than his father knew and Lonny shot a load of pre-cum that his father used to lube up his own rock and massage it. Lonny felt so close to his father and he had an almost faint feeling of want. He was now almost rock solid, which was the main initiative for his father. D-d-dad, he stammered out of his trance. “What is it son,” he said softly not stopping his paws from their exploration of his son’s cock. The experienced paws kept dancing up and down Lonny’s shaft sending large waves of pleasure down his spine. Lonny felt something warm and very wet slipping down his back and wetting his tail. Lonny knew his dad was close to coming and he didn’t want to loose the warmth and comfort he had against his dad’s warm and furry body. D-d-dad, I love you he managed to say through his moaning. He felt his dad quivering behind him and he knew he was close to shooting what gave him life all over his back.

Lonny knew how long it took his mother to clean the cum off his fathers base and fur when she sucked his dick. He didn’t want to have his father’s juice all over his back but he didn’t want to break the bond him and his father were having. Lonny thought quick and decided that breaking his bond with who he loved most wasn’t as big of a problem than cleaning his back. He knew his father would lay down and go right to sleep after he came. He swiftly tossed his father’s arms off him and turned around. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and took half of his father’s tremendous meat into his mouth. His father had no time to object because at that moment he blew sending all his hot seed down his pup’s throat. Lonny closed his eyes and swallowed all his father was unleashing down his muzzle. It tasted so sweet he noticed yet with a little pinch of saltiness. After a few minutes of constant coming his father’s dick started do shrink. “L-Lonny I’m sorry,” he managed to say after a second of catching his breath. I guess I got a little carried away with trying to get you nice and hard.

Lonny looked down and noticed that his meat was fully erect and his balls were real heavy. All that time of warmth and security and a little stroking had made his shaft harder than earlier. “Its O.K. dad,” he said after licking all the juice from his father’s head and shaft. “I owe you one son,” he said. How about you tell Kona you’re too sore to come out and have sex. I’ll tell her you two can do it after tomorrow. O.K. dad, he said. In the mean time I need about a fifteen minute break so how about I show you first paw what your mom does to me when we think your sleep. O.K. dad he said with a happy face. All the rest of the night we can have fun. Tomorrow you’ll sleep in and ill have your mother let me have sex with her in front of you. Then by the time she comes to get you the day after tomorrow you’ll be ready. “Deal,” he said. Deal. Lay on your back and spread your legs.

Lonny another important thing you must learn is how to kiss. He leaned over and kissed kiss son deep and passionately on the lips letting his whiskers tickle his sons face. After about a few seconds he broke the kiss with his son. “So” he said. What did you think? That was good. O.K. son now you try on me. His father kept making Lonny kiss him until he finally got it right. “Good son,” he said with a smile. Now do you know how to get your tiger horny? No. His father looked a little startled after all the rubbing he just gave his son. O.K. son, after I start I’m not going to finish until I drain you of all your juices. His father lifted him to his haunches and started to massage his son’s neck. How’s that feel son. “Good,” he moaned softly. He continued licking his son’s nape making him squirm and then rubbing his stomach with his paws. He nibbled lightly on his son’s neck and then licking down to his back. He got down to were he pre-cumed on his son’s back before and started licking the mess of come and matted fur. He liked down lower and came right above the rim of his son’s hole. He liked around it teasing and tormented his son as his tongue got nearer and nearer to his hole. He liked the rim taking in what his son’s hole smelt like. Then he drove his tongue in causing him to howl out which woke his mother. “Tulk will you hush and go to sleep and stop playing with your-self,” she said with out turning over. They stood still until they could her hear peacefully snoring again. His father started to rub his stomach again causing Lonny to wag is tail which rubbed up against his father’s sheath causing him to moan aloud.

Lonny again had the feeling of security with his father and he started rub up against him making his father more erect. Lonny grabbed his father’s paws and guided them toward his waiting meat. His father was happy to massage his meat making a small spurt of pre-cum shoot on to his warm chest. He took his sons slippery secretion and rubbed it along his son’s hard long rod. It was pulsating in his paws making him harder than he’s been in a long time. All the while his sons tail was whacking his meat making him moan softly. “Son I have to stop” he said. “Why,” he whimpered. If I don’t stop now I won’t be able to suck your meat. Fine. His father walked around to the front of Lonny to inspect his son’s most prized possession. He fondled his son’s balls sending another spurt of come out on to his chest.

His father laid down low to the ground and started licking on his son’s shaft. He got his piece nice and wet using some of the cum of his son’s chest. He stuck the bulging cock into his mouth letting his tongue run over his head. He nibbled on his penis but not hard enough to hurt him. Lonny felt the same pressure he felt when he was with Kona but it felt real far away this time. He took great care into giving his son the most pleasure he’s ever had. He could feel his son shivering as he was getting closer to his climax. He took his son’s large erection out of his mouth. Lonny opened his eyes in time to see his father turn for the cave entrance. “Dad, where are you going,” he whispered I got to take a leak and I’m thirsty he whispered back. Play with your self to stay hard until I get back.

Lonny father left the cave to let his son cool down. He wanted to extend his son’s fun so he took a little stroll around his boarder. He never felt the kind of bond with his son that he felt now. He walked around for a good ten minutes before he went back to his cave He saw his son siting there massaging his swollen shaft. He knew that if he didn’t make his son blow soon his shaft and every thing else in his special area would be really sore when he woke up in the morning. Lonny he whispered, you ready for round two. His father got into position again and continued sucking his shaft were he left off. The pain was swelling up again and he was closer now. He knew in a little bit his father would get to see what his son tasted like. I hope I taste like dad did he thought to himself. “Dad he whimpered,” It hurts a lot down there. His father couldn’t talk for the seven inches of pounding cock that was in his mouth hitting the back of his throat. He started bobbing his head up and down faster bringing the surging pain into his abdomen closer and closer.

Lonny felt the same pain that felt as if he were about to explode. He closed his eyes and pulled his father closer forcing the rest of his nine-inch cock down his throat making him gag greatly on it. He held his breath and whimpered as he shot his load in his father’s muzzle. It seemed to take forever for him to run out of come but after a few minutes his broken dam turned into a small stream and then to a trickle. He took his shaft out of his father’s muzzle and laid down on his side. His father began cleaning his son’s shaft of all his fluids. He went over his entire body twice making sure he had got all his sons juices. He softly rubbed his son’s red furry stomach until he was fast asleep. The fun left his father horny for more action so he went over to his wife to have a little bedtime snack. After his little feeding he rapped his son in his huge paws and cuddled him till he fell sound a sleep.

The end

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