Lonka Series Part III - Kona's Night
© by Cat lover

Kona entered her cave and laid down beside her parents who were both sleep. She slowly nudged her father trying to wake him up. She knew her father was a heavy sleeper so she tried something more drastic. She started biting him on his sheath but not hard enough to hurt him just enough to wake him up. “That feels good,” he said still deep in his sleep. She bit down a little harder waking him up this time. “Kona why are you biting me” he complained. I need your help dad. “With what,” he groaned. I need you to teach me how to have sex. What, what do you mean. I want to learn how to have sex so I can do Lonny. You sucked his dick didn’t you? How did you know? He still have some of his come on your muzzle. She licked around and sure enough there was a big spot of come on her muzzle. Can you teach me or not? Yeah, I guess. “But you have to do every thing is say,” he said grinning. "O.K.,” she said. Sounds fair enough. Lets go out side to the rock so we don’t wake your mother.

First thing you need to know is how to kiss your tiger. He leaned over and kissed her as he would his wife. He tongue wrestled in her mouth and rubbed whiskers what seemed like five minutes before he would allow her to break the kiss. Well? “That was great,” she replied to her father. Wet and slippery. Now you kiss me. She kissed him exactly like he kissed her down to every tongue kiss and every whisker touch. Perfect, now that you got that out of the way we can get down to business. Next thing you need to know is how to stimulate your tiger. Did you get wet when you kissed him? What do you mean get wet? Did it feel like there was a whole bunch of water was in you? No. What about now?

He started rubbing his paw all over his daughter’s stomach making her shiver. Are you cold sweetie? Yes. He got up and walked behind his daughter sat down. He leaned over letting his warm muscular body rub up against her back fur. He pulled her closely letting his fully erect penis rub against her back. She felt his warmth and longed for him inside her. He rubbed and massaged her stomach making her wet and slimy inside her virgin cunt. She pushed back letting her father’s shaft come within an inch of her open clit. Her father knew what his daughter wanted and he was happy to comply. He started to slowly move up further so he could slide his whole length in any time he wanted but first he wanted to torture his daughter a little more. With a free paw he reached down and massaged her clit making her moan with the pleasure of having her father’s paw rubbing her opening He was now ready to start his daughter’s sex training.

He took his now wet paw and rubbed the juices down his throbbing shaft and just barely stuck the tip in. she moaned as she felt her father in her most special area. He slid a few more inches into his daughters wanting hole. He felt where a barrier formed making her cherry. “Hold on baby,” he said in his most sexy voice. Were about to start. With that he thirsted a few inches more of his meat into her cunt breaking her seal. She howled as her dad penetrated her cunt. He pulled out and let her regain her composure as blood leaked out. “Are you O.K.,” he said worriedly. He walked around to her front so he could inspect the damages. I didn’t push to hard did I? No, I’m O.K. I’m just a little sore. “You ready to fuck,” he said grinning.

She never knew how big her father’s fully erect shaft was until now. She saw his massive rod in all its magnificence and wondered how all that meat could fit inside her. He smelt so good to her as his smell of musky sex tickled her nose. She couldn’t quite place the feeling but she felt free of thought as she took more of the scent the radiated of his large rod. He shot a little pre-cum making the smell stronger. Her father bent over and stuck his nose in his daughter’s cunt taking a big whiff of her sweet sex. He stood up and she marveled at how large his balls were. She never noticed before but in the light of the moon her father looked really sexy. She was a little scared at first as her father got up and walked around behind her. He started licking her cunt from behind making her really hot and wet. He stood up and pushed Kona onto all fours and told her to stand still. Before she knew it her father was deep inside her.

“Dad,” She moaned as he began thrusting faster in to her cunt. After a couple seconds he managed to say what. “Your so big and your hurting me,” she whined. I just… trying to.. open you….up a little ..bit,” He said. Can you go just a little slower? “Hush” he said as he went a little slower. She looked back and she saw her dad and saw he had his eyes closed with a big smile on his face. Were walls were so tight to his swollen shaft. They kept closing and opening as he kept the thrusting for all he was worth.

Never had he dreamed that he would be fucking his daughter the way he was now. Her scent was so sweet and very similar to his mate’s scent. He had always knew his daughter was maturing but he didn’t know sex was already on her mind. He remembered when she was first born how cute and pretty she was. Now she was almost an adult with sleek gray fur and beautiful curves. He kept thinking how tightly his daughters vagina was closing around his shaft as if trying to milk him for all he had. He was careful only to give her how muck cock he thought that Lonny had because he wanted to make it were he could fit neatly in without complications. He felt a little weird being inside his pride and joy but he relished every moment of it. He felt the familiar build up he always had when he mated with his wife and he knew he was close to emptying his balls in his daughter’s thirsty cunt.

Kona felt a pressure she had never felt before but she knew what it was. She was about to empty all her juices all over her father’s heavy dick and balls. She thought of how good she would please Lonny when they met tomorrow. She thought about how tired she would be though and needed rest before tomorrow. “D-dad,” she panted out. He slowed his speeded thrusts so he could see what was wrong. “Da…She was cut short at the size of her fathers massive sweaty body wet and matted with the efforts of fucking his child. She saw him and swooned because her father looked so sexy with his muscles bulging and his and his body rippling behind her. “What, what is it,” he said exhausted. What am I going to tell Lonny tomorrow? I told him we were going to do it tomorrow. Just tell him…. You were so tired after sucking his cock you needed a rest. What does my mouth have to do with having sex? I guess your right. Um…. Tell him you were practicing on your father and he got carried away. O.K. By the time they finished talking his erection was shrinking and Kona was feeling a little empty.

“Hey dad,” she said with a sly grin. Remember when you told me I needed to know how to please my tiger? Yeah, I guess. Well all ready know. She stood up and positioned her self behind him and started fondling his ball sack. She loved the feel of his winter coat against her soft stomach warming her up. She reached down between her father’s legs and started pulling on his sheath. He issued a low growl as his sheath was rolling back and his sore red meat was showing. He shot a nice spurt of pre-cum which she used to lubricate his aching meat. His cock was far bigger than that of Lonny’s meat. She liked the way it throbbed and pulsated in her paw so she started stroking harder. Her father yelped as his sore rod was yanked leaving a tear in his eye. She pulled more slowly feeling her father squirt more of his lubrication. Her father relaxed as his cock reached its full size again. “Are you ready,” he said. He got up and mounted him self on his daughter and began thrusting again. He decided to stick a little more meat this time as he thrusted deep in her cunt. She moaned as her walls closed in around her father’s dick letting her feel his pounding organ. She moaned as she neared her orgasm. Her father was near to because he bit down on her neck and he started shacking violently. She yelped as her father stuck every inch of his twelve-inch dick into her cunt. She felt him explode inside her shooting jet after jet of hot come into her. She tried to hold on but just as her father came she came also sending shivers all down her and her father’s body. “Do you think your ready for Lonny now,” her father said. Yes. Her father liked him self clean of all the juice that he had on his swollen cock. After he finished he licked the juice from Kona’s cunt and every where else on her body. The sweet smell of her father’s sex hung in the air as he laid down beside her. She cuddled close and smelt him over and over. She wondered if Lonny would smell this good. Her father fell asleep around keeping her warm as she watched the stars. She fell asleep in her father’s strong arms dreaming about Lonny...

The end