Mating fun
© 2004 by Theo

The lion sat there watching his lioness masturbate. He was a full-grown golden brown male and he sat watching his mate closely getting herself ready for her mate’s massive cock. His mate was in heat and he couldn’t wait to get inside that sweet flap. His mate was a beautiful lioness, young sweet and sexy. He felt so hot and warm as the sun’s glow shined down on the savanna. She finished her task of getting ready and walked over slowly to her well-endowed mate. She started nuzzling his ball sac and licking his sheath. She could smell the scent of sex that hung around him his body. He moaned as she licked and nibbled his tender balls and pawed at his growing shaft. She finally made her mate’s large shaft fully harden but she kept licking his sheath. He purred as she took his whole length in her mouth. She started sucking making his breathing quicken and his blood boil.

With a free paw he reached down and massaged her clit making her moan with the pleasure. He got up and walked behind his mate sat down. He leaned over letting his warm muscular body rub up against her back fur. He pulled her closely letting his fully erect penis rub against her back. She felt his warmth and longed for him inside her. He rubbed and massaged her stomach making her wet and slimy inside her cunt. She pushed back letting her mate’s shaft come within an inch of her open clit. She looked back and saw his massive rod in all its magnificence and wondered how all that meat could fit inside her. He smelt so good to her as his smell of musky sex tickled her nose. She couldn’t quite place the feeling but she felt free of thought as she took more of the scent the radiated of his large rod. He shot a little pre-cum making the smell stronger. She felt a pressure she had never felt before but she knew what it was. She was about to empty all her juices all over her mate’s heavy dick and balls. She thought of how good she would please again when they met tomorrow. She thought about how tired she would be though and needed rest a long rest before tomorrow. She looked back at the size of her mate’s massive sweaty body wet and matted with the efforts of fucking his love. She saw him and swooned because her mate looked so sexy with his muscles bulging and his and his body rippling behind her. After a minute of deep thrusting he came. He got off his mate and aid to the side. After a short break he sat up and growled for her to come over.

She stood up and positioned her self behind him and started fondling his ball sack. She loved the feel of his winter coat against her soft stomach warming her up. She reached down between her mate’s legs and started pulling on his sheath. He issued a low growl as his sheath was rolling back and his sore red meat was showing. He shot a nice spurt of pre-cum which she used to lubricate his aching meat. She liked the way it throbbed and pulsated in her paw so she started stroking harder. He yelped as his sore rod was yanked leaving a tear in his eye. She pulled more slowly feeling her mate squirt more of his lubrication. He relaxed as his cock reached its full size again. He got up and mounted him self on his mate and began thrusting again. He decided to stick a little more meat this time as he thrust deep in her cunt. She moaned as her walls closed in around her his shaft letting her feel his pounding organ. She moaned as she neared her orgasm. Her mate was near to because he bit down on her neck and he started shacking violently. She yelped as her mate stuck every inch of his twelve-inch dick into her cunt. She felt him explode inside her shooting jet after jet of hot come into her. She tried to hold on but just as her mate so she came also sending shivers all down her and her mate body. Her mate licked him self clean of all the juice that he had on his swollen cock. After he finished he licked the juice from her cunt and every where else on her body. The sweet smell of her mate’s sex hung in the air as he laid down beside her. She cuddled close and smelt him over and over. She wondered how long he would smell this good. Her mate fell asleep around keeping her warm as she watched the stars. She fell asleep in his strong arms dreaming about tomorrow...