Mating with a lion
© 2009 by GryphonWings

Mating with a lion

Trish opened the cupboard and looked inside. Deciding on some toast for breakfast, she took out the bread and set up the toaster. It was Sunday, and she was home alone. Then again, she was always alone these days. Her boyfriend had left her two months ago and she had never really wanted another. She sighed, life was cruel sometimes.

Still, she had one advantage other people did not when it came to company. She turned to look at Leron as he padded into the kitchen. He was a fully-grown African lion, about a meter in height with a thick, healthy mane. Trish was extremely lucky to have him as a pet; her father had been a circus man and this was his most prized big cat.

She sighed once more, remembering her fathers accomplishments. Unfortunately, it wasn't his dangerous feline acts that killed him, but a car accident on the way home. The toast popped up and Trish put it on a plate, spreading some peanut butter on it's surface. Leron looked at her expectantly, big eyes gleaming in the morning light.

„I'll get yours as well, don't worry,” she told the hungry lion, turning back to the fridge. She was extremely lucky that her lion was well trained, she trusted him completely. She knew that he wouldn't hurt her, that was special enough. Her father had done a really good job with Leron.

Throwing some large hunks of meat to him he padded over and gulped them down quickly. One of the downsides of having a pet lion was that they tended to cost a lot in the food department. She watched him for a minute, before returning to her daily tasks around the house. Leron went and lay down in the sun near the window, closing his eyes.

„He's always asleep,” Trish sighed as she saw him, shaking her head. She knew that cats slept a lot, but Leron just seemed a tad lazy, even in his prime. He wasn't old, but he definitely wasn't young either. Still, when he woke up later she decided that she would play with him outside. At least she wouldn't be so bored, because weekends were quite sterile for her.

After cleaning the kitchen, she put her gear away and flopped down on her bed, slowly taking her clothes off. She hated to admit it, but she was sex deprived. A quick bit of relief and a quick nap would be the ticket. She spread her legs and slowly began to rub her clitoris, her fingers sliding across her pussy sensually.

She continued this for a few minutes, thinking of how her boyfriend left her. She distrusted men a little now, considering the state he had left her in. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a turn off, so she stopped her masturbation and lay there sadly.

„I'm never going to find a new boyfriend,” she sighed unhappily.

With a start, she realised the Leron was in the doorway. She patted the bed and he slowly padded over, hopping up with a quick motion. The bed creaked a little under his weight but held alright. Reaching out she scratched him behind the ears, which she knew he liked very much. Unusually, however, he seemed disinterested.

„What's wrong?” she whispered as he started to lick her fingers. She smiled, it was a little ticklish. He continued for a few moments before she realised it was the same hand she had inside of her just before. She wondered whether it was a coincidence. She found out very quickly.

In a swift motion he brought his head down to her wet pussy, taking a few sniffs. Trish looked at him, now a little unsure as to what was going on. Suddenly, he licked her, straight across her needy entrance. Trish gasped, shocked, she hadn't expected that. He went back for more, slowly working his long tongue into her snatch.

„Bad boy, what are you do… oh god that's good,” Trish moaned as he reached a sensitive spot. She tried to push his head away softly but her heart wasn't in the action, it felt too good to stop him. She thought about it for a moment, surely it couldn't be that bad to let him have a few licks.

Leron looked at her and she made her choice. Plus, she needed some sexual attention anyway. She spread her legs and Leron took the hint, pressing his rough tongue into her. He was pretty good at it, she noted.

„Mmmmm,” she grunted as he ran his tongue around her clit, making her shiver in delight.

„Oh Leron, it feels so good,” she moaned, stroking his head jerkily. His tongue was covered in a rough texture, which was making the experience all the more pleasurable for her. She rocked her hips a little, feeling a climax building. What was she doing, she thought? Letting a lion have oral sex with her.

„I am desperate,” she said, but somehow she didn't agree with that statement. Maybe she just liked Leron. All of her thoughts were put on hold as she hit orgasm. She shuddered and moaned, making Leron pull his head back to watch her. When she was done she lay back on the bed and looked at her feline friend.

„Thanks for that,” she said with a smile, „I really needed that.” Trish was about to close her eyes when suddenly, Leron put a paw either side of her body and looked down into her eyes. He had an odd expression and Trish tried to sit up, but she couldn't move past his heavy bulk.

„What's up, boy?” she asked, looking down.

Then she saw it. Leron's cock was fully erect, a bead of pre hanging from the tip. Trish gasped, the full implications of her actions now coming to her in full perspective.

„He wants to fuck me!” she though, panicking a little.

She tried to move out from under him but he placed a paw on her chest, holding her in place. She took another look at his package, he had very big balls and his cock was very pointy. It was very long too, a bit longer than a humans but about the same thickness. Barbs covered the tip, which made her a little anxious should he try to put it inside of her.

However, that did seem to be his intention. He dropped his weight onto her, careful not to crush her. She knew that he wouldn't hurt her, but now she was a little apprehensive. How could she stop this? Then again, did she want to? His oral had been superb.

„We can't do this, Leron, it's not right!” she told him forcefully.

He looked at her as if to say, why not? She shook her head, knowing she would never be able to overpower him or escape him. She just hoped that he wouldn't hurt her too much. Now that she knew there was no other choice, she found herself wondering how good it would be. He had her legs spread with his body, and he moved at little closer.

He thrust experimentally but only succeeded in poking her cheeks. The next trust was a bit high of its intended target. The third hit dead center. Trish cried out in pain as she was penetrated by her huge lion, hilting himself within her.

„Ahhh!” she exclaimed as his length was pushed deep into her body.

Leron looked at her, worried he might have hurt his mate. Once Trish had grasped back reality, she looked at him from between his front legs.

„Don't worry, you're just really big,” she told him, „go a bit easier, okay?” She couldn't tell whether he understood, but he pulled back out of her. She cursed herself for telling him to go slow, his barbs were dragging along her sensitive walls.

„That's so… oh god yes,” she moaned as he thrust back in, pinning her to the bed. She could feel the rumbling in his chest, the power of his limbs, the majesty of his position. She reminded herself that Leron was a lion and may be too much for her. Still, she wanted to finish it now that he had his thick rod inside of her.

„Mate with me, Leron. I want to you to take me now,” she pleaded. Leron slid out once more and slowly rocked into her, his pulsating lionhood slipping in and out of her wet opening. It felt a thousand times better than she had expected; he was really good at it. Every thrust made her mind slowly lose its focus, surrendering to her pleasure.

She could feel Leron's chest purring as he took her, penetrating her powerfully with his stiff meat. His length was very warm, she noted, which made her feel even better as it probed her deepest areas. Even if she wanted to stop now, which she definitely didn't, she couldn't anyway. Her big male lion was mating with her now, trying to release his seed into her.

„Harder,” Trish gasped, to which Leron gladly agreed. His cock slammed into her, sliding right down as far as it could go. Trish cried out in pleasure as he pulled out and repeated the action, fucking her with all of his immense strength. She wrapped her arms around his mane, moaning every time his wet tool entered her body. She could feel his big balls slapping her as he did.

They went on like this for countless minutes, fucking, mating, breeding or whatever it could be called. It was wild, that's what it could be called. Leron was growling in pleasure as he relentlessly rammed his thick lioncock into her pussy. His whole length was slippery with her fluids, but it didn't make his barbs any less enjoyable for her.

Trish wasn't going to be able to last much longer, not with his amazing pace and skill. She could feel her climax building, and knew she would have to surrender to it.

„Oh, Leron, I'm coming,” she moaned to her feline lover.

With a gasp of utmost pleasure she came, clamping down on his dick hard as her body shook with the pleasure of her orgasm. It was the most incredible feeling she had ever experienced, being brought to climax by a lion. Leron thrust into her a few more times, but her orgasm had been too much for him as well.

With a wild roar he came, hilting himself within her. They both cried out in unison as his thick, creamy cum spurted into her womb, filling her vaginal canal and leaking onto the bed. His cock twitched as ropes of his lion seed coated her insides, making Trish dizzy with excessive pleasure.

Trish was astounded by the sheer amount of lion cum that Leron was dumping in her. It leaked out from her vagina and dripped on the bedsheets.

„That was amazing,” she gasped, Leron purring in satisfaction above her. He pulled out of her, barbs scraping her sensitive walls one more time. His fluids dripped onto her legs as he dismounted.

Lying down beside her, Leron looked at his master with large eyes. She smiled and patted his furry mane, kissing him on the nose softly.

„Thank you,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

„You're welcome.”